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    \ OMAHA DAIL E'l E.
The MaoMne-Maflp. Candidate
Decides to Face the
Music ,
"Come , Lot Us Reason To
gether" on the Fatal Ef
fect of Disunion.
A Comprehensive Review of
the Situation in the Hin-
piro State ,
Together With an OutHn rf
the Policy Ho Would Car 7
Out , if Elected.
The Impossibility c f Choosing
Another Man Compels-
Him to Acccp1 : .
Hepburn DooHnr-s to 33o
torod Far Conrc98iuiin- (
A Gloomy Prospect For the Bosses.
Folder's Ziotor nf Acceptance.
Special Dispatch to Tut UEK.
NEW YOHK , October 2. Judge Fol-
cer , the nominee of the recent repub
lican convention for governor of this
atate , has written a letter accepting
the nomination. Ho says :
The canvass In the party for dele-
Bates to that convention has seldom
been equalled in earnestness and ac
tivity and in fullness , freedom nnd
publicity of preparatory discussion ,
The attention of republicans every
where was fully aroused. Their prim
ary nicotines were hold in accord with
long established usages , aavo in an ex
ceptional locality or two where modern
have for some time existed which , if
not acquiesced , have never been reso
lutely rebelled against and changed ,
These primaries wer.i attended in un
exampled numbers and justly ex
pressed the sentiments of those who
attended them , The delegates chosen
to the atato convention represented
the views and opinions of their respec-
/ tiv ? constituencies as fairly and fully
< fas those of conventions which preceded
it. The methods of the convention
when assembled , were in accordance
with precedent , free from violence
and clamor , soiatu and deliberate.
There is naught
that will warrant the assertion that all
done in Us meotingu was hnneAt and
above board , and that the results did
not flow from conscientious and duti
ful convictiomi nnd actions of mem
bers. This is plain from the fact that
when a decisive vote was reached ,
though there had been deej , fooling
and there was great disappointment ,
there was no hesitation in yielding
unanimous acquiescence , and a motion
. to that end was made by ono and sec-
V ended by another of the prominent
members , who had hoped and labored
for a different end. Their pirty and
public rank , and their character and
qualities forbid the idea that they
would have submitted to or winked at
vicious or even irregular practices in
their opponents. It would seem , ns
thus considered , that the conclusions
reached by the convention were enti
tled to the sanction and support of the
republican party and the approbation
of the public. Yet it would bu idlu to
affect not to know that the public
mind-is stirred by reports of doings in
which the convention os a body had
no part doings of a quality which
honest and high minded men cannot
appsovo , and
No ono claims , no ono believes , I
had lot or part therein or previous
hint or suspicion thereof. I scorn an
end to bo got by * ny such moans. I
will not undertake to measure the
truth of all these reports , that of one
is beyond dispute , nor will I argue
whether or not the results reached by
the convention , or any of the pro
cesses toward them , were shaped or
. .affected thereby. The facts are pub
lic and every ono may form his owii
judgment. But there is growing
thereout a practical question and
it is brought to me for answer.
Persons , aomo holding official rela
tions with the republican party , and
all in good standing in the community ,
have asked me to
They express confidence in me , and
fully acquit me of participation in
a knowledge with that which they
hold will justify the action they de
sire acts conceded or alleged to have
boon done upon which they base their
request. They also concede they were
wholly acts of others than mo. I have
deliberated and anxiously considered
the matter , have weighed the reasons
which they present , and forecast the
consequences. The matter has two
aspects , personal and public. As to
that personal , I raado no indication of
willingness to be a candidate until
after I had been named in the press
and talked by men in that connection ,
and it is apparent that I should bo
brought before the convention. I
tJun said if there was a fair degree of
concurrence in my nomination ,
but that if another was named I should
nut bo sorry and if I waj named I
would not bo glad , I have eyor been
of that miu'f. I am of that mind now.
There arc those who were members of
that convention who know that in the
week of its sitting I rnado an effort to
have the nomination of another
Vrought about , as I sought not the
I lamination. I was not glad when it
r. umo to me , as I could have always
o win and could now see it go to another
si ilthout ono twinge of rogrot. I have
w > peraonarroasou why I should not
nt fata it with alacrity , but the matter
is not solely or chiefly personal. It
has a wider and vastly
In my judgment , for any ono placet
as I am at this time to decline the
nomination , would produce an utter
colhpso ot the republican party. .
Those who urj > mo have not , I conceive
ceivo , run out that net to do certain
consequences. It would bo to leave
the patty on the eve of a highly Itn
portant election withotn a candidate
for the chief ofllco in the atato. It is
so far impracticable as to be almost
impassible to name another person for
thooflico who would bo lilioly to meet
with pirty acceptance. What man of
Hullicicnt state repute to bo an accept
nblo and strong candidate , and of the
f.ciiBibililies that go with self-respect ,
would bo nillini ; in such circunv
nUticcj to accept a late nomination
r.iul .ako
No niAii of another kind would
tnoet the demands of the party or
cauld hope for popular fuvor or enter
the Held with a reasonable prospect of
succosa. Moreover it is phjsically
impracticable to put up another candt
date , I say to the men who propose
this thing to mo "Come , let us reason
together. " Suppose thatlluve do
cliuod , how will you have ix now nominee
ineo selected ) The convention has
adjourned sino die ; its powers have
been spent ; it has dissolved into its
elements. Can it reassemble with any
prerogative that will insure regard to
itsiloingff Iti the state of Pennayl
vania that wns ono of the questions in
the turmoil of the repubhcpn party.
It had no solution. If it should reai-
somblo would you abide by what it
would do ? You say that you would
not. It empowered the state committee -
too to fill any vacancy on the ticket.
Would you have that committee ,
"No , " you say , "for that committee
is the outcome of the same convention
which brought ycu forth , and which
convention you repudiate. " There is
then but ono other mode that is , a
convention of delegates freshly chosen
according to the usages of the party.
The tirau left for that is at moat but
about a month. Moat persons are
Familiar with the processes to compre
hend that to gel together from differ
ent parts of the state , members of the
state committee must mnko a call for
such state convention , to semi abroad
the fact of the call to counties and as
sembly districts , to convene the com-
mittcss thereof from the homes of
many which the telegraph does not
reach , to send abroad a call for dis
trict conventions to weekly nowspa-
papers , usually the only alternative in
the rural parts of the state , to call the
town caucuses in those partly by the
same mode , would require so much
time that election day in early No
voniber next would dawn with most of
the voters without any knowledge of
what man wus the candidate { < f the republican
publican party , and without ballots in
their hands with his name upon them.
that declination by mo is not to utterly
allay factional jealousy , distrust and
strife ; that it will not do to give or
leave ground for the allegations or be
liefs of an ill advertised convention ,
or "snap caucus ; " that for ultimate
harmony or oven sullen acquiescence
there must be orderly and decorous
and well proclaimed proceedings , and
then figure out the lapse of time the
different processes above stated will
take , nnd see if it is practicable by i
now convention to sot a now cindl
data before the people. It Is my
honest and sottlou condition that it is
not. For mo to decline then is to
leave the republican party without a
candidate , and the practical result of
that is not only the certain election
of a democratic governor , but it is
of the republican party with all tbo
adverse consequences , state and na
tional to flow thorctrom. The responsibility
sponsibility for such u result is too
great to put upon ono man. I have
naught to say for myself. I make no
plea for myself. If I am defeated and
it bo n disappointment , ic will not bo
the first that has mot mo. If I am po
litically ruined , as cyiupathizingly
said to mo , and it works u narrow , it
will not bo the first that has entered
ray soul and left ita fangs there. Be
result what it may to mo. It will not
take the responsibility of breaking up
the orgunizition und destroying the
republican party of the state of
Now York.
at the coining election it must be an
act of omission of the republican
voters , I can go down bravely with
the party that has favored mo and
which I love , aorono in the conscious
ness that no act of mine has wrought
rueful ruin. Circumstances have
forced mo so far , it would gladden me
now to bo a candidate of a united and
coaloua republican party. It would
be my aim , if elected , to be a repre
sentative of the whole party , sub
servient only to my duty to bo chief
magistrate of the whole people , un
moved by appeals of faction , unans
wered by appliances of private In-
: eresta , acknowledging no claim of
nero partisanship , looking supremely
for the good of the commonwealth.
Thus far I have assumed that the
predictions of my interlocutors of dis
aster are well founded , I do not con
cede that thorn is no need of doleful
apprehension , The issuoi are of too
; rave consequences , too serious for
present disappointment and even
righteous indignation to lead to per
sistence in
Republican will reflect , and reflection
t > y allowing what will come of demo
cratic success will turn aside disaster
by prompting to united and vigorous
action. I therefore accept the nomi
nation and await the result of the can
vas without perturbation. "
Mr. Folger then announces that ho
is in full accord with the resolutions
} f the convention , Of civil service
10 saye : "There is no reason why the
nlnor offices of the government should
x > given to relatives or friends , or de
pendents or objects of sympathy of
* . . .
those who hold positions of iniluonc
near the appointing power or hnvi
friendly relations therewith ; no re a
son why the privilege should not besought
sought by merit on equal terms. There
is need of legislation to romovn some
obstacles in the way , and some revisIon
Ion of the rules already adopted to
render them loss scholastic and more
practical. "
that in the treasury department at
Washington promotions has been made
from merit nlono , _ as shown by the
records ot the service and evidence ol
head bureaus , nnfi no ono has been
taken from without nnd put in place
within it over the lands of those nl-
ready in the government employ , save
in a few confidential positions.
Tlio judge pronounced for the right
of municipalities to direct their own
affairs , that it is local self-government
and for economy In expenditures of
public money. The judge adds ,
"There can bo no question that the
artificial water ways of the state should
bo preserved. They are the means of
competition with other bidders for the
carrying trade of the nountruud
must be kept up therefor , nut in the
hands of private puMuiis or corpora
tions , winch are apt to act chiefly for
their own benefit , but
where they cm bo managed for the
public interest , to prevent , to protect
and to abito the rigcr of private ac
tion. The tendency of business af
fairs nowadays ia to aggravation of
capital and in ita use of repressing in
dividual or weaker enterprises. It is
well therefore that the state with its
aggregate power should retain and
maintain a means so patent as the
canal regulating the carrying trade
through the state , so that individuals
and companies ot slender means may
enter into competition with those of
greater power and enforce , as far as
nay be , equal and reasonable facilities
of carriage.
Judge Folgor in closing his letter ,
says , "I believe that my principles of
iction will bo commended to good
tense. I stand upon them , and on
; hem ulono , as the roneon ' why I am
Before the people of 'the state ns a
candidate for the chief magistracy. If
: hey are approved if my public lite
of twenty years nnd over gives cause
: o believe that I will honestly keep on
their furtherance I do confidently
expect that disappointments will be
forgotten , that the causes of rcpul
aion will not lead to abandonment of
political tics , and that united and liar
monious action will bring about the
result that will keep the state of Now
York in accord with the majority ol
ber sister states on the great quoa
tions of national policy. "
Hopbnrn Declines
Special Dltpntcli to TliE Krr
NEW YOKK , October 2. A. B.
Hepburn writes declining the nomi
nation for congressman at largo.
upon the letters of Folgor and Hop-
burn ;
The Tribune says : "Tho man on
the Saratoga ticket whom nobody ob
jected to and with whoso nomination
everybody was satisfied , finds the scan
dals of the convention too heavy
burden and refuses to stand under
them. Hepburn's letter is modest ,
manly and consistent. Ho makes nc
reflections upon the convention
tion that nominated him for
congressman at largo , but frankly says
circumstances have como to lighl
since which prevent republicans from
regarding its action us authoritative ,
lie is unwilling to hold the nomina
tion under such circumstances , and so
withdraws. Ho stands all the stronger
gor for this with a great majority ol
republicans , Mr , Folgor is not un
willing to hold the nomination under
such circumstances Ho accepts , and
writes two or thrco columns to tel
why. A case entirely clear could
have been stated in shorter space.
The Herald says : The letter woulc
have been shorter If Mr. Folgor had
not felt it necessary to attempt to
justify to himself and to his friends ,
as well as ho could , his acceptance ol
the nomination , which ho admits , per
sons of "good standing" in the com
munity and some "holding official re
lations with the republican party , '
urged him to decline. Instead ol
taking their sound and hnncsl
advice , Mr. Folger has chosen to ac
cept thu nomination , and a largo par )
of his present letter is naturally taken
up with a discussion of the question
whether the receiver is really as bad
as the thief. Wo w ish for his own
otiko ho had taken their advice and
declined the nomination , which , as
they saw and as ho sees , and as every
3110 in the state sees , was procured for
liim by the most contemptible fraud
and forgery. One wrong necessitates
another , and the men who compassed
Mr. Folgor'a nomination against the
will of the convention will not stoop
at trifles to secure his election against
the voters ,
The World says ; Mr , Folger invites
republicans of New York to move on
to battle under his banner to the in-
ipiring strains of the Dead March in
ijiul. Three points of atato policy on
which Folger dwells most earnestly
and intelligently in his remarkable
.otter are the nucossity of local self
government In our cities , towns and
tillages , the importance of remitting
x ) primary meetings of the people the
choice of dek-gatos who are
.0 represent the people in
: ho organization of political
parties and the duty of economy in
idminlatration of our ulato and local
affairs. As those throe points happen
to be the cardinal features of demo
cratic policy , which Orqver Cleveland
stands pledged to carry into effect ,
respectable republicans may contem
plate with equanimity the gloomy
nrty prospects which their candidate
infolds to them. _ _
Nonrly u Miracle
K. AnenitU Hall , JJinghamton. N. Y. ,
writes : ' 'I guttered fur neveral month *
with a dull pain through left luiig and
thouldera. I hut iny i > trita , appetite and
color , and could with difficulty keep up
all d y. ily mother procured some liuu.
JOCK lii.oon liirmu ; I took them an dl-
ected , and have felt no pain uloce first
week after usinK them , and am now quite
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to Visit the Mammoth Establishment owned
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SpecUl Disputehcs to Tim Dr.r f
VASlHNaTON , October 2. Four mil
lion four hundred thousand dollars ,
now gold certificates , were sent to
Now York. They were of the denomi
nation of $100.
The secretary of war awarded con
tracts for levee work on the lower
Mississippi river , to cost $1,143,824.
Secretary Teller to-day rendered a
decision respecting the right of mill
owners and residents upon minunl
lands of the United Status to cut w"0'i
and timber from such lands withlr.
the lines of mining claims regukrly
located and possessed under 'OCA !
laws and customs aud lawa oi'"tho
United States governing such claims.
The secretary holds that locators of
mining claims , so long as they comply
with the law governing their posses-
siciii are invested by congress with
the exclusive right of possession and
engagement of nil surface included
within the lines of their location.
This right amounts to property cap
able of being enjoyed or transferred ,
subject to all ordinary rules govern
ing the enjoyment of all other prop
er ly , separate and separable from the
fee of land. It may consequently bo
protected in the courts , and it is the
duty of the possessor to care for hia
own If trespass bo attempted by stran
Interest bearing debt , principal ,
81-121,341,350 ; interest , 812,21,7J2 ! ) :
debt on which interest had ceased
since matured , principal , $15,050,020 ;
interest , $515,030 ; debt bearing no
interest , principal , $410,015,220 ; un
claimed 1'acifio railway interest , $5-
330 ; total debt , principal , $1,878-
210.205 ; interest , $12,740,083 ; total ,
Total cash in treasury , $240,830-
001 ; debt less cash in treasury , Octo
ber 1 , 1882 , $1,044,120,223 ; Septom-
tombor 1 , 1882 , $1,058,020,171 ; do-
crosse of debt during the month , $14 , *
805,018 ; decrease of debt since Juno
30 , 1882 , $44,703,237.
Current liabilities , total. $210,830-
004 ; available assets , caih in troas.
ury , $240.830,001 ; bonds issued to
Pacific railway company , interest pay
able in lawful money , $04,5t3,512 ;
principal outstanding interest accrued
and not yet pnid , $000,3u2 ; interest
paid by tin ) United Scutes , $ . " > 5,3i4-
082 ; interest repaid by companies by
tranupor ation service , $15,280,407
by cash payments , G pur cunt of net
earnings , $055,108 ; balance of inter
est paid by the United States , $304 , .
The Garfield Memorial hospital
board held ilc regular mooting to
night. The deed of valuable real es
tate of the national soldiers' and Bail
ors' orphans' home was received from
the trustees , pureuunt to the act of
congress , This property U not re
garded as a suitable el to for the pro
posed hospital and it will be sold and
: ho proceeds applied to the purchase
uf a site elsewhere.
Secretary Lincoln was at his desk
at the war department to-day.
First Assistant Postmaster General
Tlatton leaven for Ohio to-morrow ,
The number of yellow fever cases at
iirowiiBvillo since the boiunninj , ' of the
epidemic was 1,000 ; number of deaths ,
107. The expense incurred by the dp-
lartmentin maintaining quarantine in
1'exaa in August and September , is
estimated , at Corpus Ohriatl , $13,000 ;
at Brownsville , $15,000 ; at I'ensacola
here has baon 725 cases of yellow
fovoi' during the epidemic ; deaths , 70.
AII Important Capture.
l.jutch to Tint lire.
UV , October 2. Captain Lues ,
chief of defectives of Ban Francisco ,
was In the city yesterday , accompa- '
tied by Capt. Aull and usiistant
shief of the WelU-Fargo police , in
oarch of Charles Doreoy , alias More ,
irho was charged with murdering an
express moBsongor in Eldorado , Cal. ,
and with stealing a largo amount of
money. The visiting detectives sup
posed the criminal to bo in jail in this
city. B. M. W. A. Pinkerton took
them through that place yesterday ,
and not finding him there concluded
to take up the trail at Union City ,
Ind. They loft hero at 8 o'clock last
niuht , and this morninc Pinkerton re
ceived a telegram that they had ar
rested their man almost immediately
after their arrival. Dorsey has served
throp terras in the San Quinton peni
tentiary. This man has boon regard
ed with the most intense dread ns being -
ing ono of the most daring stage and
express robbers on the Pacific coast.
His capture will bo hailed with ex
pressions of delight by the express
companies and the police ot the Pa
cific coast. Plnkortdn tound that ho
had been engaged in robbery in Ken
tucky , Indiana and Ohio with a party
of safe blowers , and had also engaged
there in masked burglaries , compelling
ing people to give him whatever they
had that ho asked for.
Tbo Xiiberal League.
flpecUl Plep&tchu ) to Till H .
ST. Louis , October 2 The Nation
al Liberal league to-day elected the
following officers for the ensuing year ;
President , J. A.Wakoman , Now York ;
secretary , T. 0. Leland , Now York ;
treasurer , Courtland Palmer , Now
York ; chairman executive committee ,
E , A. Stevens , Chicago ; chairman
financial committee , Mrs. II. G. Lake ,
California. Secretary Luland road
> B annual report and detailed the
progress of the liberal movement ,
touched upon the difficulties in break-
n g away the human mind from super
stition , described the Christian church
as a retreating host and stated that the
league had doubled its membership
The only other busincas done was
changing the Christian calendar or
era to the liberal era by adopting the
year 1000 us the starting point and by
substituting for A , I ) . , E. M. moan
ing Era of Man. The night so sion
was devoted to speeches , after which
the league adjourned to meet at Mil
waukee , September 15 , 1883.
i'lKJClal I > J | > atcJi to The Deo.
NEW YOIIK , October 2. The Sun
says the name of the coming man who
is to succeed Judge Folgor us secre
tary of the treasury will probably read
ns follows : "John P , Jones , of Ne
vada. " How small and unmeaning
the News , the Frenchs , the Crowloys
and the whole of them will appear in
comparison with this man of original
and fertile genius.
A Wifo'K Fatal Folly.
BpfClal DIfl.aUli | to TilK II IK.
WiiA'iuiiEKU , la , , October 2 , This
morning Mra. Jiunj , Williams ahot
and killed a man named Allison , then
put a ball through her own brain. It
seems Allison had been boarding at
Williams' houio and his attentions to
her caused Williams to leave her and
go to the mountains. She loft a tear
ful letter of regret for her wrong-doing
and commending her child to the care
of relatives.
HAYESVILLB , 0. , Feb. 11 , 1880
I am very glad to say I have tried
Hop Bitters , and never took anything
that did mo as much good , I only
took two bottled and 1 would not take
$100 for the good they did mo , I
recommend them to my patients , and
got the best results from their uso.
0. II. , M. D.
A Wonm'ii Writer.
Special Dispatch to Tine lltK.
TIIOY , N. Y. , October 2. Hov.
George H. Simons , the lUptist minis
ter at Grcenbush charged with writ
ing love letters to u young lady of his
congregation , has resigned , The res
ignation was accepted. During the
farewell sermon many women in the
congregation wept ,
"Tho Commodore. "
Joa. L. Koote , tlio Coiutnudort ) , Kliu. ;
111. , Baya TnosiAH1 Ku.Et riuu OIL cured
dui of sciatica with ono application , thor
oughly applied. It also cured him of u
tevere cold and tough. Ho thluku it a
very valuable remedy , uud will uuver be
without it.
Special Dlnpntclicatt Till linn.
LONDON , October 2. Eirl Spencer ,
lord lieutenant of Ireland arrived to
day , his first visit since the Phoenix
park murders.
A Galway landlord writes The
Glebe ho bclinvos the body of Puddist
has boon exhumed by the peasantry
and again thrown in Liugh marsh.
largo quantity ot dynamite wan discov
ered in the railway trucks at Keif , be
lieved to have boon shipped by ni
DUIILIN , October 2. Arch-Bishop
Oroko writes The Freeman's Journa
ho is authorized to state that Dillon
will not press his resignation of n seal
in parliament just now , but will con
tinuo to represent Tlpporary until his
constituency had ample time to select
oct his successor , in event of continu
unco of his.illneus. In order to shon
his accord with Parnoll , Dillon will
attend the conference of Parnollitos
on the 18th.
PEHTJI , October 2. Dorr Loszi
flugarian prime minister , has ad
dressed a letter to the municipal coun
cil in which ho exprcHses hia convic
tion that every council feels indigimn
at the anti-Jewish excesses in Press
burg. lie says n renewal of outrages
must bo prevented. The whole power
of the stale , ho sivys , will support the
councils in their efforts to Hupproaa
thoagita.ion ,
MADUID , October 2. A telegram
from Granada reports u great fire ii
the suburb ofXieutin. Nine persons
wore injured. Tlio loss of property is
immense ,
The ministerial journals positively
deny the persistent rumor nf impend
in ; ; ministerial crbio , which , it was
suggested , wogld load to rcconatruo *
tion of the cabinet under Marshal Ser
Tlio liorio bhoori anil Litter
Carrier * ,
Hpetlal DUpattli to TIIK lilt.
Niw : YOHIC , October 2. The horse
uhoora wont on a strike to-day against
the use by employers of niaohinu-made
The pD tdlio | authorities are about
to iiiukrt iiuj ury into the carriers' sya-
turn hero , CD nee if the udditioiml
sov'iit-tiinoii men called for lire
lllooinlni'ton luouia up with an 11 pound
Young dncka are Kettliif ; thick along the
Klkhom ,
Cimtor county bteim up with a I'JJ poundti
watermelon ,
A new elevator bcgini butlnens at Fairfield -
field tliU week ,
A hra H band was organized at Weenlnc
Water cm the 20th.
iSewnrd county mined a 5 pound Bwtet
potato this teiisou ,
Jleutrlco ; > ay a little more for fraln and
thua geU nil the trade , ,
A union hlr will be held at Aranahoe
on the 13th and 11th.
William Stoliey , of Hall county , has Ji8
colonies of lieea at work ,
Judge JJimdy has been laid up * it home
in Fall * City hy a few bollu ,
The riinlps County News ia to be inib.
Ilshed at Trucyvllle , Giupei county.
JJvery fanner In Nebraska ha * the best
coin In the county fills year.
Joe Swan took clur u of the Itcil Cloud
ruUrcud eating houno lust week.
Ncbraikn hai 1,500 Sunday Bchoolu , with
U.800 teacher * and 7VM ccholun.
An fnttrprWuy firailnltlctmrdioucouu-
ty tnkeatun copies of u local weekly ,
Woik haa commenced < m the urecliuu tf
an hvangellcal chinch at MudUou ,
A new paper li to l > o ktarted ftt Loup
City , an the Time * defiantly xUtea.
\Vindolph , ono of tlio earlieat
Hall county , died im the Ii3d ,
Ou the 23J n republican campaign club
WBJ being org uUed at Albion wueu cm
alarm of lire wan given. The meeting took
n Tcc3 , put out the fire and returned bus-
Clav county oilers a 1.1-Incli onion an her
contribution to the bljf vugctabo collection.
The Oakdale 1'en and I'low mnn nays
Rorghum molaws in very good food for
Sol. Males , the well known Lincoln oir-
pentT , received $1 000 pension money on
the lflth. !
W. II. IJargor , of Hebron , ban radiahcH
2fi Inclien in length nnd 15 in circumfer-
P , S. Gilmorr , tliu fntnnm band man ,
nd wife , nrc vhltini ; relatives in 1'htts-
nionth ,
J. II. Vnlentiuc , of Armstrong , Knox
county , mined n llubbard iquai-h that
weighed fill pounds.
Tbo T.illo Hick Argus hni clungod
hands. Win. H. Harrison and A. T.
Jouoi assume charge.
W. J , ICInRiburg , of Saunders county , k
'm About forty acr < B ( f broom corn that
will Mug him ? 3OCO.
Neighborhood papers state a man died
latt wrck at Grand Inland who bad email
p x , Tlio TinicH doilies It.
CliailcH IClatte , a tailor of Kearney , was
fo nd dead In bed on hid hnmontend on the
Hand on the 21st. Heart disc/mo. /
At Ilia DufTnlo county fair them were
exhibited watermelons , Bmiashei and
inniipkltH nearly three feet long.
Tim brldnl clumber In a Fremont hotel
is loiated In tlio tower. Let'n eee. Tower , .
tou > - , to scr oh , jo < . Catch OD ?
Hiillls k Co. took lli.OOO ihtcp to tlielr
Kennohec ranch in Paweon county on the
until. The nnlmala will be wintered there ,
Mrs. 0. D , Martin , wife of thn editor of
tbo Dakota City Arjjvf , I slowly r cjver-
hit ; from n long and very Berluui lilnees ,
C , A , Ll'idblonm , a Htromnhur ? tailor ,
wns futiiid di-iul In hh room on the 25tb.
1'aralyeU of tbe heart , cmstd by diuilpa-
tion ,
Win. ( Sill , of Scward , who took fint
proiiiliini at the dta'o ' Inlr on potatoes ,
Iliinku bin crop Mill ( , 'ci SDJ liUbholn to the
ncru.W. . J , l''l iuln ( ; , of Dnwiinn couoty. sued
the Unl in I'ncilic for ifainuKcv caused bv a
Incninotlvo Ullllng ehofprtnilgotu vordlctof
Mr. and Mr . Kd. Dowlnnd , of Nclunn ,
celebrated their Urn wcddlrif ; on th 2th. ( !
The lirum baud w s prencnt and enlivened
the ulfulr.
Her. H. 1 , . UndimUt , pastor of the
IMethodlit church nt Oakland , wan married
ntGalva , III , , on the lath tilt , to Minu
Helen AnderHou ,
nun Illnkley , aged H , of Aaltland , lied
tlio lariat around hlH wnlut on tlio li.'ith.
The cow ran away , with tbo usual result
death of tlio boy.
The homosteadera un the lieavor are
orgnnlzhifr n vltilanco eommlttee for the
jitnpoKa of piinUhlnt ; thoiie wlio purp.i cly
or uaiolosily act out nralrlo firm.
John Hunt , of Antelope county , dug a
a well on hU farm n nhoit time ago , and
found H much K H that ho was obliged to
mini it In order to tinfah the work ,
Mrn. 9 , M. Coleman , of Chioigo , baa
iiiuli.ibed a half fineieHt in the Tuknniab
JSCWB nnd will run the concern , lirewater
filing buvk ti > thu Oakland Independent.
AKcntlsman from Illinois , named Che-
nor , has purchased a .section of land in
Uraut prrcinct , ( Jago county , which he
will divide Into farms f jr a numbir of his i.
children. .
TlK-re was a mealing of the principal
grain buyers along the Xebraaka divisions
of the St. V. & O. and the H. C , & 1 , roads
at liliir on the 27th , for the purpose of
oitfaniziog u groin buyers' osboclation ,
Martin ICremton , t.f Herman , who w a
ulluded and ha lly used un In a shot gun
Accidunt a couple of mouths ago , ban sur-
liiUed everyholy by not dying. He will
be well ugaln , except for tbe losi of sl bt.
Uuokim'o Armc& rialve
The Bear SALVK la the world for uw ,
Urulsoa , Hores , Ulcorr , i.nlt Ilheuui , Fe.
ver Sores , Tetter , Chewed llanda , Chll
blulns , Corn : ' , and all Ma eruptions , and
positively euros pllts It is guaranteed to
g ive e-ttiefWtfon i ir < aoy refunded ,
1' 'riee , 25 cents per cr. ifrr tnl < > l > y 0 ,
K. Goodman
1 he fc'JRESI CURB for
IJooii laiuo back orn disordered urin
Indicate , lmt you un a vl'tlciP THEN IX )
oiicodlruKUUircooiuru tdlt ) anil
pecdlly overoomo tlotUtcaioautlrcttorv
lualtliy notion t
toyour or. uoli paio
[ andwcaknc < M.KJUKEY.WOaTUuu ur. |
p < U3odultwill not promptly mdMfiOy ,
Either Bex. Incontinence , rctontlon ol
irtoc , brick dust or roprdepotiu , anddull
drogelni ; paUu.oU ipcodlly yield to 1U our-
-tlvapauer. ( i )