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( Successors io Fred Lang. )
| Wo are now prepared with our new
stock to offer
in the following goods :
Laundry Soaps ,
Canned Oysters ,
Fine Crackers ,
Fine Extracts , *
Butter and Eggs.
Wo can assure the public that wo
can show the very choicest butter and
eggs the country can produce.Vp re
ceive daily , both , in largo quantities.
Wo invilo to coino nnd civo us a call.
Wo know it will bo to their ad
vantage , na wo sell CHEAP
and keep always the best
stock of the
Wo can challenge the World , aa we
daily receive the very beat
proofs that
As it rnnkou the LIGHTEST and
Wo also invite all .that desire n peed
cup of Coffee or Tea to our stock.
Just received a lot of
0. G. JAVA ,
X3ST " [ S73ES
' Wo can show early picked
Yama hire ,
Japan Young Hyson ,
Japan Oolong
Fine English Breakfast
Souchong and Congou.
All of theao Teas wo can recommem
to bo pure of any poisonous colors
aa wo pay special attention to tlii
branch of buainoss.
Wo have also received a largo lot of
Jellies and Preserves
In 10 and 25 pound pails , and wo pro
pose to sell thorntOIIEAP. This
is the beat chance
Families that may wiah pure
of the pureat quality , should not fai
to give ua a call. This we lately addot
to our business , and we keep no otho
but the purest brands of these goods
which wo only sell for medical purpo
sea. In addition we keep the purest
Boots & Shoes
We have aa large a stock as can b
found in this city , both for Ladies
Children and Gents' , which wo aell a
jeasonabla prices.
& Dormann
Corner 13th and Jackson
JIB Land and Naval Forces of
tlio British Preparing to
Fall on the Forts ,
Great Activity Along the Wliolo
Line and tbo Enemy Is
Not Idle.
Ooo Hundred Murderoxia Ma-
obinea Beady to Salute the
Jermaiir Exprofifloi Her Disgniit nt
tbo Proornstluntlnc Policy
of the forte.
Detailed Reports of the Condition of
Crops In Europo.
3pccl l Dispatches to UK lm. !
ALEXUIDUIA , August 17. The
rautporta Egyptian Monarch and Ne
vada arrived , Reports continue to
assort that n combined land and sea
ttackon the forts at Abnukir is imini
lent. According to latest accounts
the attack will bo made Sunday
The first division , with ono regi
ment from the second division , will
jnibirk to-morrow. After the bom-
mdment of the forts nt Aboukir , for
which all the men of war but two will
DO withdrawn from Alexandria , it is
.ntonded to land the first division un
der the personal command of Gen ,
jtarnot Wolfioloy.
PAKIS , August 17. The following
telegram , dated Ismailia , has been ro
coivcd from De Lesacpa : "Tho gov
ernor aakod mo to-day whether the
Egyptians could Ifgally cut treah
wuttr canals from Cairo to Ijiniuliii.
I replied in the negative. I shall
communicate my opinion , which has
the sanction of legal decisions , to
Arabi Pasha , who haa alwaya scrupu
lously respected the rights of the Suez
Ounal company. "
portu has reiterated its instructions to
provincial governments to take pro-
cautiotm to prevent disorder in their
rfapoctivo territories. Arab Shlok
Oboidalluh , chief of iho ] vurd triboa ,
has disappeared. The government
is endeavoring to ascertain his whore
The communications of Lird Duf-
fcrin with the porto the laat few days
referred to the transport of mules ant
oxen to Egypt , which , it ia reported ,
the porto is inclined to prohibit from
Tutkish dominions.
Said Pasha Turkish premier one
minister of foreign affairs , nnd priuci
pal representative of the porto at the
conference , haa resigned the olfica of
prime minister.
ALEXANDRIA , August 17. The
Third battalion of grenadier guards ,
the Firat battalion of Scotn guards ,
and the Second battalion of the Cold-
stream guards , were ordered to env
bark on transports early Friday moru <
ing. A naval council was hold to-day
on the Helicon.
Ar&bi Pnsha is said to have 100 puns
in position nt Kafr-ol-Dwar. The
English staff credits him with eighty ,
at least.
UKKLINJ Aug. 17. The delay of the
porto in accepting the proposal for i
mihtaiy convention haa considerably
irritntfd the German government.
Elerr Von Ilirschfeld , roprcsentativi
at Constantinople , has beoii instructed
lo make representations to the porte
concerning the feeling of Germany 01
thin subject. The Croaa Gazette
says ; The porto cannot undertake
military intervention In E ypt under
the same conditions as it could have
intervened in July. It has only itsel
to blame for the permanently disad
vantageous position in which Turkey
is now placed. Enaland asks no more
in regard to conducting military opor
ntioiis in Egypt than she did at tht
time of the Crimean war , where Tur
key agreed to her demands withou
prejudice to the Bultun'o authority.
BEIILIN , August 17. A correspondent
dent of The Cologne Gazetteexprosseo
the opinion that Russia is preparing
for war with Turkuy by way ot com
pensalion of England's occupation ol
ALEXANDICIA , August 17. Arab
Pasha is eaid to bo arranging for hi
oicapu in case ) of need , to the resi
donee of a fanatical Molumedan dig
nitary on the borders of Tripoli. A
deserter from Arabi's forcea gives t
graphic description of the misery prevailing
vailing in the latter's camp , whore the
wounded are growling abou
their sufferings , presenting a sat
picture of distress and neglect. Some
of these poor creatures are said to
have boon shot by comrades to free
them from agony. Many Egyptians
are compelled against their will to
fight.Major General Sir Edward Ilawloy
to-day assumed local command it
Ilamleh , Major Generals Wood am
Allison have taken command of their
reapoctivo brigades , Colonel Mothur
waa appointed censor of press mes-
tages ,
LONDON , August 17. The Sland
ard says Gon. Wobley'a parading was
for thu ostensible purpose , and may
have been the beat way of conceal
ing his real intentions bofpro th
enemy. Ho has boon deceived by
moans of the press.
The Standard further says ; Th
ironclads may increase the * decep
tion by bombardment of forts , and a
nightfall the fleet of transports may
steam back to Alexandria again and
disembark troops and the entire lirit
idh force fall upon Arftbi Pasha'a do *
plotcd intronchmontsin front of Ram-
loh. This is almost certain. Rvpoits
f landing at Aboukir are spread to
hrow dust in the eyes of Arabi
'ash ' a.
Tno Times is qui'o silent regarding
Ion. Wolsoloy'a intentions.
The News draws attention to the
act that when Gon. Wolseloy wrote
vroto the first edition of 'Tho Sol-
lier's Pocketbook , " ho regarded spo-
lal correspondents as modern curses
if the army in the Hold. Subscqueiu
ivonU no doubt induced him to mod-
fy his views , but notto such an ox-
ont that ho would lightly take thorn
nto hia confldenco without reserve.
PAWS , August 17. The Gaulois
status that Prince Ibrahain Pasha , the
bttrth son of the cx-khudivo , Ismail
. * asha , has obtained leave of hia father
o proceed to London to oolicit per
mission from the duke of Cambridge
to servo aa n private in the English
army in Egypt. Prince Ibrahain
iromiscs not to remain in Egypt after
, ho cumpaign.
, August 17.
lions are proceeding with the canal
company for the hiring of a wire from
Onez to Port Said. If this is accotn-
> liahcd it will complete direct tolo-
jraphio communication between Suez
uid England.
ALEXANDUIA , Augnat 17. Wolseloy
has decided that the British advance
shall bo made from Aboukir. The
[ .roopa will attack the Aboukir forts on
The khedive to-day visited Wolso- ,
It is reported that negotiations are
proceeding for a surrender at Moks of
2,000 Be bourns now with Arabi Pasha.
Another report states that Wolsoloy
will make an attack on Saturday by
two columns along the route ot the
last recoimoiBanco and another by way
of Lake Aboukir , taking Arabi at a
point where hia right rear rests on the
Mahtnondih cAual.
There is reason to bollovo that the
young Italian naval oflicer reported
missing on 15tn inet. absconded with
the intention of giving Arabi Paaha
The troopship Euphrates with the
oecond battalion of the Manchester
regiment , and a battalion of the roya"
artillery and transport Capolla will
Uiu Duke of Teck have arrived.
ferin has been instructed not to press
the Porto for a reply concerning the
military convention. . -
( pedal D.sjutche to THE UKB.
LONDON , August 17. A dispatch of
Berlin says : In Germany , althougl
damaged in n few districts , the grait
crops as a whole are full up to the
average. In Russia crops in the can
ter and southern provinces , _ vrhich
suffered greatly from rains , insocta
and blight ! are considerably under
the average. In Finland , Courtland ,
Livonia , Rostcfl' , and the valley o !
the river Don , a good medium har
vest has been scoured. Throughou
Hungary the yield ia good , especially
in southern Hungary , where wheat
rye and maize crops are .excellent , Ii
European Turkey they nro superior
to any. In Sweden and Norway , the
crop is a fair average. Rains ruined
two-thirds of the harvest in Bohemia
The potato crop in Galicia and Boho
mm is destroyed.
VIENNA , August 17. A great burg
lary was committed at the palace o
Count Andressy. All the count'u orders
dors , and many objects of art and an
tiquity were utolon ,
LONDON , August 17. The Prince o
Wahu , in obedience to the wishns o
hia physician , haa started for the continent
tinont , accompanied by Princeaa Alux
LONDON , August 17. An cxpori
cnced military officer of standing , win
will remain some time in Xululund a
a British resident , will accompany
Cotowayo on hia return in order to aa
slat in electing an understanding witl
the present chiefs.
LONDON , August 17.Ljon , Play
fair member of parliament for Ediu
burg and St. Androwa university
sailed to-night for the United State ?
DUULIN , August 17. A foreign VCH
sol arrived at Toynes , jn the Shannon
v/ith two caeca of Asiatic cholera on
board. The vessel is quarantined.
PARIS , August 17. Gen August
Ak-xandro Ducrot , the woll-knowi
French general is dead.
LONDON , Aug. 17. Private telegrams
grams received 111 London say that tht
troubles in Coroa have culminated ii
a general insurrection , and thut th
king and queen have been assassinated
The Japanese legation was attacket
by the natives belonging io the anti
foreign policy. A Japanese man-of
war has been ditpatonvd to the Second
end river.
PAIUH , August 17. BoriouH disturb
anoes have occurred at Mont Soul
Salr mines. A mob destroyed th
church doors with dynamite , but th
police prevented it from attacking th
priest's house ,
The Tar ) if Commii Ioii.
Special Dmpatcli to ' 111 is Uxi.
LONO BiiANCU , August 1C , Th
tarilf cotnmUsion to day listened t
the argument by Edward Shcror
chemiat in charge nf the United State
labratory , Now York , holding tha
the present sjstern of collecting dutie
on sugar by the Dutch standard aliou !
bo Bupplamonted by permitting th
secretary of the treasury to dotermin
by chemical analysis or other tncuii
the true color under the Dutch stanc
ard , if sugar had not been artificial !
Gustav Schwab favored ad valorem
istrad of specific duties on sugars
chwnb , who is a'so an importer of
eel nnd buyer of American wool , ad
rcsacd himself to what ho termed
loao features of the present compli
cated wool tarill that do not affect the
rinciplo of protection to American
eel growers and that do operate to
! io detriment of American woolen in-
ustry , the honest importer and the
ovcnuo. Advalorom duties wdro fa-
orod wsa lor wool by Schwab. Mr.
chwab prefaced his roumrks by a
tatomont to which Commissioner
Connor referred as follows : "You
ay if you were allowed to follow jour
urn convictions you vrouM nuke an
rgutnont in favor of free wool , but
> ou believe such argument would not
> c accoptnblo to this body. On what
a that belief founded ? Why do you
hink any nddrcsa or tiny subject
.onnocted with the tarill , no matter
low broad , how frco trade , or how
liscuraivo , would not bo acceptable to
his body ? "
Schwab : "tlccauso I bolltwc "
hesiiating ) .
KoiiKer : "You arn cirrying out
the theory that exists in the minds of
a great many persons , that this com
mission ia not to treat , ov.crybody
'airly and equaroly ? '
Schwab : "I did not mean that. "
Kennor : "You say BO in the open-
ng of your argument. "
Schwab : "I believe this commission -
sion is looking at nuUors connected
vith the tajiff other than those which
wo merchants are looking at. You
iavo political considerations before
'Oil. "
Ivonnor : "You have no authority to
, ay any such thing. You sa.v you bo-
iovo an argument advocating free
rado in wool would not bo acceptable
o this eommiaBion , On what do. you
) tiso that statement ? You have made
ho assertion boldly and unequivocally.
[ t goes abroad to the world and if wo
nubmit to it wo submit to tlm auac'rtion
: hat wo are disposed to bo unfair and
unjust in matters brought buforo ua. "
Schwab : "I did not moim to imply
tiny rdldotion on the commission , but
[ have been before congrenaional com
mittees a number of times with the
same subject. 1 have always found u
was of no iiso to talk about frco wool ,
Wo were alwaya told the wool grow
ing interest of the United States
would never permit it , nnd the wool
growing mtoroat wo know to bo all
powerful. "
LONU BRANCH , August 17. The
tariff commission heurd Assistant Ap-
pruiaer Kent in recommendation of
n reduction of dutiea oa silk gooda.
A paper was road favoring free trade.
A dommunication from the Pacitiu
Mail company recommended reduction
of duty on wool. Thomaa Horton &
Co. recommend u reduction of duties
on munlin and woolen fabrics to a uni
form rate of 35 per cent ad valorem.
A. C. Babaon recommended that Port
land cement bo put on the frco list.
W. J , RICB fuvorod making hay free
of duty.
Special Dispatches to Tin DKK.
WASHINGTON Aug. 17. Secretory
Lincoln appointed 200 clerks and a
number of messengers and /watchmen
for Borvici ) in connection wvh the ? pen
sion cases provided for in the legisla
tive , executive and judicial appropria
tion bill. There are still about 150
appointments of this character to be
The treasury department to-day
purchased 015,000 ounces of line sil
ver for delivery at the mintu.
Bliss for the prosecution bogim hia
argument and will continue to-mor
The national board ot health haa ra-
coivod a report from Surgeon Owen ,
United Statea navy , ac Ponuncola ,
stating that on the 15th mat. the mate
of the Spanish bark Silota at Sullivan
wharf , died of yellow fever and that
three men were sick on board ; also
that the bark waa towed to sea n few
hours after the death occurred , Uo
states great excitement prevailed at
Poneacola , as there are rumors of oth
er caeca of fever among the shippers.
Comptroller Lawrence has given an
opinion thut the national board of
health ia authorized to select local
boards and quarantine stations , and
to bo aided from the iippropriation of
Acting Secretory of State Davii
learned to-day from Minister Lowell
that McSwcenoy nnd Slattory , twc
American suspects , have been released
from prison in Ireland.
The president has appointed com
missionurs to examine the newly com
pleted 250 miles of the Northern P.v-
cifio railroad. For the weatorn divin-
ion , Capt. JJy. Blackatunu , James C.
Reed , Iloraco B. Frye ; eastern divin-
ion , Arthur B. Johnson , John B.
Sanborn nnd II. W. Scott.
A Hugo Dnpot.
Special Dlipa'.ch lo Tun Dn
OHIOAOO , August 17. The inter
view in the east between Presidents
Ackormun , Oummings and Yundorbilt
has resulted in a decision that the Illi
nois Central givn up the long contest
with the city for two blocks ot land on
the lake front. The companies will a1
once begin the erection of a dopol
where the ruins of thn former depot
burned in the great fire October 9 ,
1871 , still ntund , It will cost over
half a million and ba completed ir
1883. It will be occupied jointly by
the Illinom Contra ] , Michigan Central
Baltimore & Ohio and Now York , Chicago
cage & St , Loin's railways.
The Apnolies.
Sjtcclal Dlfjntcli toTnr. I'cK.
TUCSON , Arizona , Auguit 17. The
Star's Mexican ad vices from Magdalins
Sonora , of the 15th inst. , say ; The
Apaches continue their raids in thu
vicinity of Urea. A band of 70 to 100
is now raiding Sonora river valley
Don Yullaaco , of Ouorbotb'a ranch
and a number of others in the valley
were killed last week. Ono hundroc
people have been killed in the vicinit ;
of Urea within ho last month.
The Mouth Organ and Political
Manipulator for Now York
Monopolies ,
A Bitter nnd Relentless War
Innu&urated Against Gov
ernor Cornell ,
The Smallwnrts Endeavoring to
Oruah the Popularity of a
PearleBB Executive.
The flroiulth nnd Depth of Hii
Mortal Slunitia Plainly
A Ltvoly authoring of tlio Lonoaomo
iTrntornlty Looitod for lu
The Split In Now Vorlt.
Special DUpatili to Till Hun.
OmcAno , Aug. 17. The growing
bitterness of the contest for the re
publican nominntion for governor in
Now York , in which the present in
cumbent on ono side nnd Ounkling
nnd the stalwarts on the gthrr , are.
now ongaaud-null the nbaoluto broach
bolwoon Oornoll nnd the ox noimtor , is
strongly shown by The Albany Dia-
patch this morning. Cornell's orgnn
t the stnto capital alleges that Conk
ing , na attorney for Jay Gould , uaod
11 his inlluonco with the governor to
irovont hia votooinj * Iho bill to relieve
lie Pacific Stoamahip compvny of city
axes , amounting to § 1120,000 , and
I at ho personally nnd through others ,
ntinmtod lo the governor that hia po-
itical intorcatn would bo advanced by
iis approving the nioneuro , but to all
arguments Cornull waa deaf , and
ho bill didn't become a law. It is
lao alleged when the bill to relieve
ho Elevated JUilroad company of
iioat of its taxon reached the Rovi rnor
10 wns informed th it hia approval of
t would euro the difficulty with Conk
ing and insure hin rennmina
ion. Ho was also informed
t is stated , that there would bo a dis-
ribution of now stock of consider.-
) lo value , in which ho would not bo
ort'otti'n. Nevertheless , ho vetoed
he bill.
A democratic paper at Albany , wili
ng to do all it can to help on republi
can disagreements nml to hurt both
"actions , charges that Gould nnd Oor-
loll had conferences when the olova-
ed railway bill waa introduced , and
hat , after its pasa'ago nnd buforp the
veto , the governor had personal inter
views with .Oonkling and second hand
ones with Gould , who wns given to
understand that the bill would bo
signed. Finally , though , it was kill-
id by a brief milk-and-water voto.
Anti-Monopoly State Convention.
8 ] > ec'I Dispatch to Tim UKX.
NBW YORK , August 17. The execu
tive comimitoo of the state committee
of thb Anti-Monopoly League 4has is
sued u cull for a state convention , to
bo hold nt Saratoga September 13.
After declaring against corporate
nonopulies , in favor of pure nnd
dignitied judiciary , in favor of protect-
tig Inbor , advocating a liberal policy
'or our waterways , and favoring
n repeal of the objectionable
"oaturea of the penal code , the
call concludes as follows ; "If the con
vention ahall decide i-i fuvor of indp-
pendent action , it will then put in
nomination candidates for state offi
cers who are entitled to the ocmfidonco
nd Hupport ot the people , nnd who ,
if oltctod , rtill carry out the principles
the convention shall declare ought -to
control the government of the cute of
Now York.7
MimimoJiusotU Qreonbaokors-
Special DUpitcli to Tiu U > r.
BOSTON , August 17.-Tho green
back stnto convention to-morrow
promises to bo lively , in view of the
tiil'nt to adjourn the convention with
out making any nomination for gover
nor so that the convention can meet
again to nominate dun. Butler sljould
ho decide to run nfter he has examin
ed the republican ticket. "Straight"
greonbackorfl will light nny suoli proposition -
position , it is said.
UTICA , N. y. , Augiiot 17. Thonn-
finished pacing rnca , of which six heats
wore made yesterday , was won by
Flora Hello , Gem second , Lucy third ,
Buffalo Girl fourth ; time , 2:18' : , '
The 2:33 : class : C.tptain Lowns first ,
Barbara , Prttchon second , Allu/'heny /
Boy third , Barrett fourlh ; time , 2:25f. :
ROCHESTER , N. Y. , August 17.
Tliero were two special races as fol
lows : Limber Jack iirht , Fuller second
end , Bonsiu M third , Warrior fourth ;
timo2:23,2:21 , : : * , 2:21 : , 2:22. :
Special stallion race : Santa Olauc ,
3 , 1 , 1 , 1 ; Black OlouJ , 1 , 2 , 2 , 2 ;
Jeromu EJdy , 2. 3 , 3 , 3 ; Von Arnim ,
drawn , time , 2:21 : $ , 2:25 : , 2:11) : ) , 220i. ;
NEW YORK , August 17. First race ,
throe-fourths of a mile , Buckstono
won ; time 1:21. :
Second , mile and a half , Lauga
Glnis won ; time 2:5U : ( ,
Tnird , ono and three-eighths of a
mile , Ghoeknmto won ; time 2:35. :
Fourth , mlle nnd a quarter , Keno
won ; tirnu2:10j. :
Fifth , mile , Hall Bay won ; time
1:57 : J.
Sixth , mile andn half , hurdle , Guy
won ; time 2:271 :
NBW YOIIK , August 17. First race ,
mile and ono-oi hth , Jim McGowan
won ; time , 2:04 : .
Second , thrw-quartorfl of B mile ,
Tonawanda won ; time , 1:1H. : !
Third , mile and one-eighth , Honk
won ; time , 202J. ;
Fourth' , vo furlongs , Bouncer won ;
time , 1:04 : $ . .
Sixth , inilo and a quarter , five
hurdles , Jim Vnndovoor won ) time ,
WOUCKSTKU , Mass. , August 17.
Cleveland * 111 ; Worcester * 10.
Tnov , N. Y. , Auguat 17. Chicagos
7j Treys .
BOSTON , August 17.Bulfalos 0 ;
OfttollM 1.
Punvinr.NCK , August 17. Dotroits
id Providences played to day n game
I 18 inninus ; in the last inning the
'rovidonco made one run defeating
: io Dotroits.
'bo ' Mississippi Ulvnr Commission
I'ropixrltiK for Woi k.
IpcclM Dlrpittcli to Tin UK * .
NKVV YOUK , August 17. The Mh >
t asippl river commission , consisting
( if ! Gun. Gtlmoro ( president ) , Gen. C.
1 Comatock \ , Major Suter , Judge
' Taylor 1 , I'rof. Mitchell , Major llnrrod
" tnd Cnpt. Jns. B. E\doa : , Imvo boon in
n icssion since Monday. The whole
na UU nt the diapoaal of the commission
for the Mississippi river i $5,150,000
Thuconimisaion determined to roc-
mniend an approximate allowance of
ML'J3,000 , , which is for Iho improve-
nunt of the river below Cairo. The
inn § 100,000 waa loft anallowod
or contingencies. The commnJBion
ocided that work begin on the east
lank of the river unino miles above
ho mouth of the Ynzoo , and should
ontinuo upward. Tno commissioners
ocommond that $800,000 bp raised by
ocal authorities to bo applied in such
ray aa to secure , in connection with
ho work done by the govern-
nunt , continuity of the lines of
ovoea from below upward. "With
his end in view , the cmnmlesion , in
linking allotment , took into considora-
ion the amount of work likely to be
one by authorities. Work nt
'lenn Point and Lake Providence
onsiats principally of narrowing tht.
Iroatns so as to increase tlm rapidity
f the current and prevent formation
f Handbird , which have n tendency to
hift thu channel. Oile of the pro-
> ostd ) projicts is to prevent by em-
larkmeiitH the ll > w of watora of thf
iliasissippi through Atuhafahiya rivor.
A Blnzn from the Bowels.
if cclnl 1) spatili to T.iK Her. .
Cu.MiiHRiiANn , Md , Aug. 17. Theater
\ator mine , owned by the Cotiaolida-
od Coal company , near Lunaconing ,
imouldoriiig some time , burst fourth
u a tremendous blaze to day , shoot-
ng lifty foot in the air. The tire orig-
nated from > Spruce slope of the name
company , winch has boon working
nit and beun burning ninco 4872.
itvolliriga fiituatod over thu burning
nine have boon doserted. There ia
said to bo grear danger nf the fire
commonicating with the V.tlo farm
estate , with thousands of long of un
derlying coal.
Money tl Uou <
HfccM Dltpitch toTiiKlliii.
SARATOGA , August 17. At the
jankers' convention several papers
were road showing the agricultural ,
ndustrial and commercial condition
of the south is exceedingly flattering ,
with good prospects ahead. , The con
vention elected officers , and Goo. T.
Do'&i J-Now York , was' ngim chosen
The Distillers.
.Special DllpMcli to ' 1 UK DKIC.
Cini.'Ado , August 17 The woatorn
distillera are holding a business ineot-
ng in thin eity to-day. Tlioy passed
a resolution favoring enforcement of
Sunday observance laws and judicious
licoiiHo laws , nnd opposing the poliuy
) f saloon men in uniting with ono of
the political parties for the protection
of their intorcntn
Drowiiod lir a Clonil Bnrnt'
tjprchl tu Tint Ilii ; ,
BOWIK , A. T , August 17. A party
of six smugglerfl with forty pack
luiimula , who encamped for the nigh
in a canyon in Swisholm mountains ,
were all nave ouu , drowned by n cloud
burst last week. Their bodies wore
found ecattorod along the canyon next
The Yollo w 8 o on rgo ,
Spcrlal tlUiiiUti to TIIH IlKl.
BUOWKKITIM.K , Tex. , August 14.
Twunty-onu now cases of yellow fever
wore reported to-dny , 17 Mexicans
and 4 Amurioina ; two Mexicans died.
Ono American , u boy nine years old ,
nnd 0 nrgrocu and Frenchmen , all af-
llintod with tlio fever , reached the
outbkirtn of tlio city from Tampicoand
wore tuken in clmrgo by the quaran
tine authorities. Eight dcathu in
Mutamoras during the last twenty-four
urrf , but there hua been few nen
Anothnr Qtrlko.
Bi-iUI ] Dlepatch la.TllK IlKK.
JJoHroN , August 17. President
Tyranu , of the L jngshoromon'a union ,
offers Btuumuhip companies an eocort
of hia own men , wlio guarantee to
protect all workingmvn from interference -
foronco of hoodlums , which the Long
shoremen claim to constitute the
crowds which gather about the IUVOCB
and huvo heretofore interfered with
the men engaged by the steamship
companies , The Longshoremen's
provident association to-night voted
to stand out.
Keplouikhlng the Mexican 'i'rciu-
SpecialUltpatch to imJlKS.
OITV OK MKXKJO. Aug. 17. An of
ficial decree diolunng the forfeiture of
tlm Tehduntepeo railroad concession
if published in-day. The $100,000
placed by the company on deposit us
n guarantee , will bo transforrcU to the
Mexican treasury.
Kluliluz Revived.
Special I ) to 'Iim lint ,
Lim.K HOCK , Aug. 17. A band of
men under thu guiao of klukux com
pelled the negro workmen on the Mum-
phis & Kansas City railroad in Craig-
head county , to quito work and leave
under penalty of death. Governor
Churchill telegraphed the sheriff of
the county to investigate the matter
and protect the workmen ,
0 Liberty , What Crimes Are
Oommitted in Thy Name
in Ireland.
The Arrest and Sentence of
Hon B. Dwyer Grey "Abso
lutely Unparalleled , "
A Drum Hond Conrt Hnrrlo * Him
to Jail With on t Anr At
tempt nt Trial.
no Mutter Denounced IrfPftrJinmont
by tlio Irish Members.
ipoc'at Ol\itclica | to Tim HFK.
August 17. The Frco-
nan's Journal , of wjiich Grey is pro-
iriotor , says : "Groj'a sentence ia
bajltitoly unparallotud. II o only rc-
uivctt notice of the nature of the pro
ceedings ngninst him Tueadity night.
nd was without nny tune to prepare
lie defense , which would probably
uvo consintcd of nd'ulavita sustaining
ho truth of hia published nssurtions.
f his imprisonment tends in nny way
o ward a thu reform of legal abuses , or
romotion of the freedom of the proas ,
u will cheerfully t nduro it. "
LONDON , August 17. In the com
mons the speaker road n letter from
udao Lawoon , announcing ho had
committed Grey. Gladstone moved
o lay Ltwson's letter on the table ,
Inch ia simply a moans to defer the
natter till Grey's term expires.
Sexton road telegrams reciting alii-
avits aworn to to > day , declaring that
ovornl jurymen who convicted JJynes
wore they were drunk lind repeated
ho accusations of jury packing in
re land. Soxtou said that ns long as
no lives of the Irish people were at
lie mercy of legal chicanery , no mi-
, or reforms would sutiafy them. Grey's
inprisnnmoiu , hu eaid , was n ncandal
, nd disgrace to justice.
Debate waa continued until suspcn-
1011 for the afternoon , the Irish mom-
em repeating Sexton's accusations.
At thu resumption of the sitting , do-
ute relative to the Bontonco of Grey
ivaa not rchumod , owing to the total
absence of Irish members.
Gladstone moved the adjournment >
of the houno from to-morrntv until the
2-1 th of October , which was carried
ivithout division. The houno waa
counted out at 2:10 : p. m.
The Pall Mall Gazette condemn a.
.ho sentence paasod on Grey.
DUBLIN , August 17. A mooting , at '
which Lord Mayor Dawson presided ,
wan hold at the Mansion house to-day
'or the purpose of starting a fund for
the nosistanco of evicted tenants.
Parnoll and Dillon were present. The
attendance was largo. Grey sent 20
Trom prison. A resolution was pused
in tavor of the formation of a national
fund to moot election expenses ot both
nombora , with a view of obtaining on ' -
'flioiont national party in parliament.
The support of the Irish people at .
homo and abroad and the co-oporation
of local public bodies was solicited.
lien Kiinball , Is in the city.
If. T. Clarke , of Ucllevuo , is in town. ,
If. 0. lirnmo , of Norfolk , ! i in the city. <
W. B. White , of Tckumah , IB In town.
W. II. Thrift , of Beatrice ; IH nt the Mil-
Senator Cliarles II. Van Wyck is in ,
iowa. '
rfol Illrali , of I'liiladolphin , la at the
Millard. /
Low K. Darrow , of Corning , Iowa , in hi '
the city.
Matt. Kills , of St. Paul , is at the Met.
L. Hill , of PJattamoiith , In at the Met-
Samuel Carlmrt , of Lincoln , IH at tbo
L. A. Hurt , of The Dakota City 1'ftgle ,
Ia In town.
J.U. Bill , of Blfllr , Ia a guest of U e
Motropolltaii , '
John Jtaben , of Aurora , Is a client of the
Mlas 15. Alden , of Hauling ? , is at the
W. W. Knupp , of MoHon City , Id at the .
S. II. Tiowlway , of Hannibal , Mo. , Is
at the G'rulghton ,
J , K. Porter ami wife , of Falrmouut ,
are at ttio Cunfield. ; '
J. li. Ansley , of Kansas City , was nt r
CanfleM last night.
Will Vincent , of 1'routont , wai at the
Motropolltiui yoitvrday ,
Ooorge A. iirooIiB and wife , of Bazil.'o
Milln , am at the Millard.
Frank Aruold , of Oleunwood , Ia. , Is in
tlio city , a Kuest of the Canfleld.
Hon. fioorce A , Smith , of PlaUimouth , '
Ia on u visit to friends in thla city.
Jatnos T , Brown arrl W. M. lloblnion ,
two proinineut pohtictana of Madison , aio
at the Millard.
W. II. Fender nnd Mlis a ! ' . and K.
LuvInB , of Missouri Valley , were at tto
Oaniit'ld yesterday.
.1 , K. Thornton , of Oiceola ; J. H. Bell ,
of Blair ; S , Buckey , of Kreinontj V , G. '
Lnutry and Mrs. J. S. Hake , of Blair , are
ia the city.
W. 1) , Orlawold , at one time president " .
of the Ohio & Miisleslppl loael , and J , A.
Hill formerly general freight sgent of the
Gould HueB , cauie in from Sioux City yea-
tcnlay and regUterod at tbo Millard , ) (
J , A. MaoMurpfiy , of Plattsraoutb , f '
In town i" [
Ben ( iallagher return xl from Sidney
Wednesday ,