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* '
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"God's Man" Goes t <
Glory on the First
Leap ,
He Reaches the Enc
of His Rope With
a Sudden Jerk ,
And Dies Like all the Blood
"Innocents" Witli Allo-
luiahs on His Lips ,
While Millious of People Re
joice that tbo Hud Hf\8
v Coino
Thouaands Tjroug About th
Jail Anx ous for n Peep
at tha Performance.
The Method and Maner c
Hia Taking Off Most Gra
phically Recounted.
The Rattle of iho Marin
Musketry Makes Him
Weak at the Knees.
But He Puifl'led His Promiai
to Brace Up at "the Supreme
premoornent. . "
.in Attempt Made to Cheat th
Gallows of Its Despic-
ublo Prey ,
By Means of a Poisoned Bou
quet Sent Him by Hia
Th- " Scheme Being Fortunatel ]
Discovered in T ni j by
the Warden.
Cool and Unfeeling Conduc
of the Crank'a Brother
on the Jcaffold.
Collar Adjusted by Hit
Keepers Without Any
Apparent Compunction.
A Vast Nnmbnr ol' Doctors Attocc
"hiduey Cole orates the Exocutlot
With n , Stuffed Stiff.
Juno 30 10 A. M.
Ouiteau rested fairly. Ho slept on u
cot in naj.3 until 3 , when ho slept
steadily until near 5. Ho had break
fast and ordered dinner for 11. Ho
was anxious but not moro nervous
than usual. All readiness. No delay
Juno 30. Guitoau's last night was
ono of the finest ever eoon in Wash
ington. The broad sLvnting shadows
of cornice and abutment formed wiord
figuiea on the dusky wulln , and the
whitewashed tree trunks and neigh
boring fences added to the
of the horde of colored prisoners
huddled in the female quarters over
the main entrance. A bomb burst in
the midst of this assemblage by the
arrival of a crazy woman ; alternating
spoils and shrieks suggested dire her
ribilities and kept the keepers in r
constant tour of inspection. Her con
duct incited many others and out ii
the still night rang shouts like these
"See dat coblin , " ' 'Ho come for Gui
toau , " "Oh my king ! " "i'aoglad I ain1
going to bo hung to-morrow. '
"Pray do Lord dat rope ma ;
break , " "Good enough for sucl :
* U ' * rash : , anyhow , " and many more
* * worthy repetition. Once the
maniac burst into a lit of uncontrolla
bio boisterous laughter , BO loud and so
long that it became almost unboara
ble. A guard spoke briskly from be
low : "Stop that noise. " Down came
the reply : "Shut up , folah , I laugh
much I please. 1'ao God's man. "
"I am no use , " said the guard ;
"they've all got it. They are all
God's own man and woman. "
Meanwhile God's ' man in the cell in
the corridor was restless and norvoua.
He asked his watch what those hide
ous noises meant. The death watch.
Thos. Johnson , said they were
caused by a crazy woman ,
"Poor thing , " said Guiteau ,
"Toll lluaa not to lot her hurt her
self , " Ho waa very norvoua until 10
o'clock , at which hour ho expected
Dr. Hicka. The bouquet Mrs , Sco
villo had cent during the afternoon
had not boon left in the cell , Once
ho j&ked for it. The wonder is that
[ triad boon allowed in at all , but no
< me could say why It had been taken
out , It was afterwards learned that it
had been removed under the general
principle of extreme precaution.
When Dr , Hicks did arrive the con-
bemnod man appeared to be asleep ,
dut at 11 o'clock ho roused up and
asked if the minister had arrived. On
being answered in the affirmative ho
naked to BOO him and the doctor went
in the door of hia cell. Guiteau's prln-
< ; iplo deairo was to inform him of the
completion of lira bat words. Ho hm
told Dr. Hick * days as o tha
he had got through talking to tnon , h
won Rcinc to tnlk to God , hence hi
\Mt \ words to bo in ado in the form o
a prayer , llo had headed them. "M ;
Dying words oil the Scaffold , " run
dated them nt the United States jail
Washington , llo had concluded by i
scathing anathema on nil men but th
minister , who spout a time
on the inconsistency of such remark
with his profession of being like unti
Christ , who said : "Father , forgivi
hem , they know not what they do.1
Guiteau hold off n long time and Dr
llicksprobed in vain for his conscience
finally n compromise was cllected ii
the form of nn expression that ho liar
bored no ill will against any one
Guitcau also said ho had a little peen
to read on the scaffold. Beyond
yond this Dr. Hicka under
stood that nothing was to bo said
When llicks loft him Guiteau snic
ho was anxious to get A good night'i
rest , for ho had to writ a out Inn peen
and make another copy of hit
prayer in the morning. Half an houi
later Watchman Johnson reportoc
him sleeping soundly. Dr. Hick :
retired to a private room to write" uj
his journal , and the newspaper mm :
began to _ grow fowor. Keeper Wm.
C. Crocker had charge of the jail
door and the warden's office , and nt
0110 but the deputies passed into UK
inner qu dranglo.
At that hour there was no cminc !
but the clicking of the United Press
Association wire , and the intcrmittcnl
outbursts from the crazy woman abov
mentioned. There hud been few ar
rivals for nn hour , when a carriage
drove up and District Attorney Cork'
hill and Dr. A. E. McDonald , of Now
York , entered. Corkhill evidently
came from a seiuo of duty in staying
for participation in whatever was go
ing on. Soon he learned that Dr.
Beard had taken upon himself the in <
viting of witnesses to the autopsy ,
and at once ho began minute inquiries
as to what doctors had boon asked ,
flo waa told there was hardly a man
who had not declared Guitcau to be
insane , and ho asked if these men
were to render a final decision in this
matter and where was Dr , Hioka.
The doctor was introduced in hia
room , and Col. Corkhill talked loud
and long to him.
Finally the agent of the Unitnd
Press Association was called in to
furnish the names of the physicians.
Col. Corkhill put it plainly to Dr.
flicks that ho hoped to have scon the
autopsy-pcrformod by the moat aLilled
in the medical profession.
"Dr. McDonald was called by the
United States , " eaid Dr. flicks.
"But ho was first called by mo , "
said Corkhill , "and ho is here. "
Col. Corkhill oven wont ao far aa to
threaten that the government would
yet interfere with the custody of the
body ra.her than have a bungling
autopsy. Dr. llicks was by no inoafls
worried about this but gave Col. Cork-
hill to understand that ho knew the
rights of Guiteau and only demanded
them , lie wanted all things fair and
hence good feelings wcro soon restored.
Dr. Hicks then proposed that Dr.
McDonald take change of the autopsy.
This Dr. McDonald declined inas
much us ho had been a witness for
life go'vo'i'iniient o'n the" insane 'qufes-
tion. Finally n pioposition was agreed
to as follows :
That the brain of Guiteau ho re
moved by Dr. Limb , Dr. Buyers and
Dr. Harloyor in the proaonco of a
noted party , and placed by them in
necessary preparation for microscopic
examination and kept in the National
museum , where at the proper time
such examinstion shall bo made by
pirties selected by Dr. Hicks , and
District Attorney Corkhill and Ina
: ompanions withdrew.
} f the condemned except heavy
jrcathing , and now and then a mo.
; ion as if ho turned his head. Dr.
[ licks wasn't disturbed again till
laylight. By that time ho had finished
iis writing and finished hia journal ,
vhich ho had under his arm. "This
> ook , " ho said , "is to bo invaluable.
. " have recorded in here all the con-
'creation I have had with Guitoau ,
L'horo is much in it to bo made public
-much more that must never see the
ight until all the actors in this tragedy
, ro dead. It is a most wonderful his-
ory , Guiteau isa wonder , the keenest
f men , something I have never met.
to has great developments in oomo of
ho higher and lower faculties , but is
efectivo in the average faculties. "
n reply to a question , Dr. 1 licks
lid ho was not ready to any whether
luiteau was irresponsibly insane or
ot. Ho has not made up his mind ,
lo felt sure ho would die boldly
10ugh not boisterously , Ho had
ud the boldness of a patriot , hut ho
as the conscience of neither. "Ho
toka on mo , " continued Dr. Hicks ,
as his friend , because I seem to
: quieeco in his idea of inspiration.
[ o talks frnoly to me about his death
id scorns ready. If ho breaks down
afore ho is hanged there will bo a
eat change in him. " Mr. Ilioks
irthor said that Guitcau has never
: hibited the least dcsiro to commit
itcide , or in any way evade his fate.
At an early hour the roads leading
the prison swarmed with men ,
snion and children , who congregated
front of refreshment stands , The
imerous guards admitted only
ese having passes and many of
ese experienced difficulty in getting
tranco. By some means a number
it entitled gained admission and
raited in the ollico in the hope of
eing the execution. Upon the
rival of the warden the startling
scovury was inado that an attempt
d boon made to cheat the gallows
its victim. The facts were
pt eucrot for seine time ,
itil the possibility of doubt should
removed , but are hero made pub'
. Reference has boon made in this
port to the bouquet of flowers sent
Guiteau by Mra. Scovillo , and of il
removal from his cell. It seems thf
the guard innocently allowed it to V
handled during the nftornoon , an
neither Special Warden Crocker < i
Diputy ShorilF lluss knew of it lint
after dark. Huss first saw It when h
went to the door after supper an
asked Guitcau , "Who sent it. " "M. .
sister , " said he. The warden watche
his chance and spirited it away. Hi
by its having boon sent by Mrs , Sec
villeand it was carefully dissected. 1
was found to contain no hidden in
strumcnt or phial but the oxaminatioi
did not stop thoro. Closer oxntnitin
tion showed that some of the llowcr
had been saturated with a deadly tluii
and Dr. McWilliams undertook to ai
range for an analysis. Meantime Dr
llicks recalled the persistency will
which Mrs. Scovillo had ondcavorei
to got into the cell in the at tornoon
the dcsiro she had to speak private ! ;
with her brother and her disappointci
look when she found she could not
All this made it seem as if there couli
bo no mistake , yet no publicity wa
given the nil air until Mc'Williain
should have made the analysis. H
drove up town for the purpose tin
morning at C o'clock nnd at this hou
(10 ( a. in. ) has not returned. Durinj
the first hour
AFTKU invuaiiT
Guiteau slept almost steadily. Jus
btforo 5 a. in. Dr. Hicks wonttolii
down. Dr. MoWilliam , the jail physi
cian , wont to the door of the cell am
found Guitoau awake.
"How have you rcstodl" ho asked
"Pretty well , " was the reply , and
ho turned toward the wall.
At 0 o'clock Guitcau roused up ,
took his bath and ordered breakfast
as if ho expected to do so forevoi
moio. " "Brine mo , " said ho to tin
keeper who asked his wish , "an
omletto , broiled teak , fried
and toasted bread. " While
breakfast was cooking ho dressed
himself partially , asked when
Dr. Hicks was , but said little else ,
When the breakfast came ho sat down
to eat and ate heartily for a few min
utes. Soon ho began to take a little
nibble of this and that , as if ho did
not reliiih the food as usual. Pres
ently ho .shoved hack his uhair and
told the guard ho was ready for his
exorcise. Warden RUBS waa told of
his dcsiro but refused permission.
"Wo don't taki any chances
with this man , " said Ruse
to one of the keepers. ' Afterwards
at this and sot down sullenly. In an
other 11101119111 ho said : ' 'Bring mo
my dinner at 11 o'clock sharp. I
don't want to go to the scaffold on an
otnpty stomach. "
At 7:30 : George Winters then re
lieved Johnson as death watch. Gui
teau always had a great fancy for Win
ters and as ho shook his hand bade
liim good morning his voice trembled
with emotion. "Georgo , " said ho , " 1
want you to take Una book and read
it. " Ho handed him as ho spoke a
little book called the "Blood of Jo-
ius. " Bring it to mo bye-and-bye
ivhen I copy my prayer again and I'll
ivrito your nanio in it. "
Guiteau's farewell to his death
watch ( Winters ) was as follows :
"Georgo , you are a good follow , but
I don't want you to look mo in the
'aco so much. I am not going to do
inything wrong. I don't , want any
nip to talk to me. I want everything
1 '
- '
Ho said to Dr. llicks : "Doctor , I
rant you tosco that all the machinery
or the murder is in good order. I
rant it to como off at 12 in , sharp. I
. ' want to take a bath before I go. "
Guiteau had writing mutoria'
irouglit at eight o'clock , and made a
nlarged copy of hia prayer , whic
Vardon Crocker wan to hold for hit
0 read on the gallows. That done
nd wanted Mr. llicks to como to him
tetvveon each page of tlio rowrittin.
f his prayer , Guitoau moved anx
> usly about , and before ho fmiaho
p wanted a more thorough bath tha
is earlier pno. Ho then divestci
imsolf of his flannel shirt nnd trous
rs and thoroughly bathed himself ,
fter which ho donned his execution
lirt and trousers , and was then par
wtially ready. Before eating hii
inner ho repeatedly impressed upon
'r. ' llicks that ho wanted the oxecu
on to como ; of } ' aa soon after 12
clock as possible.
His brothpr , Jno. W , , called at 9
clock , but it was decided not to al
w him to see him. The reason giv
1 was that it was boot ho should no
in any risk of excitement ; the real
ason was that no risk , however
nail , was to bo taken. The coflln
as carried into the jail yard before 0
clock , and placed back of the scaf
Id , out of sight. The military guard
the jail lias boon doubled and two
rcs of policemen nro in attendance.
arden Crocker came from his resi-
nco at ! :30 : , drof-sed in a full black ,
oad cloth suit and wearing a high
,8 orderly and respectable , includ-
; farmers from the surrounding
antry , and strangers from afar ,
my walked nlilua from the country ,
il appeared careworn on arrival , but
od around all day with necks
etched to BOO and hear all. War-
i Crocker and Jno , Guitoau , who
no together , were surrounded by
rowd Mtid followed from the street
the entrance by urchins and others
cious to ace the interior ,
Fohn Guitoau was present at the
Hold when Mr. Strong adjusted the
10. Ho then stood on the trap and
iinined everything thoroughly.
ich wonderment wa < ) expressed at
apparent coolness of this action ,
Hicks is almost worn out. At 11
ock , just butoro dinner was
lught , after finishing his toilet ,
ncing over the paper ho wrote this
rning , Guiteau turned to the guard
I Eaid , "I fool very well considering
circumstances ,
Iti death watch said "Hois firm
i rock physically but mentally his
idition is not to bo envied , " Gui-
to.iu'a dinner was n steak omelet toai
nnd c > lFoe , the same na breakfast.
At 11 : In n. m. a miard of marine
were drawn up on the rotundn nn
came to order arms. The sound c
Iho muskets mode Guitenu so norvoi :
ho foil back upon his cot and
so faint that rcotora'ivcs had to b
The door of the south passage opened
od about 120. : ! ! The procession wn
first , Rev , llicks , then Wnrdo
Crocker , then Quitcau carefully dress
cd , nervous and looking llko durin
the trial , when ho was going to th
van , On 0110 side of him was Kcopo
.Tamos Colmnan , on the ether _ Jaa
\Voodwardr before him was Koopc
Strong. They marched across th
quadrangle through the door of tlv
fatal corridor and faced the scalFoh
Hicks stepped to the left run
Crocker stopped from Guiteau , Slroiij
taking a position behind , Guiteat
madu sure of his footing by standing
on the centre of the trap , Colonial
and Wood ward remaining nt cncl
sido. Four guards James W , JOIICP
W. II. Hudson , W. K Crocker am
Thomas Johnson stood in front o
scalluld. Guiteau stood quiet , no
trembling visibly. At n signal from
Warden Crocker , ovtry ono remover
their hats and UicKs oteppcd forward
and n prayer from manuscript
commending Guitcuu'a soul to God ,
Hicks then opened the bible and Gui
teau read , in n loud voice , from the
28 h to the -list verso , tenth chapter
of Matthew : "Fear not these wlio
destroy the body , " itc. , looking about
tor ollcct. llicks then hold before
Guitean the manuscript of his prayer ,
which ho read as follows :
"Father , now I go tn Theo nnd the S.i-
vlor , I have finUhed the work Thou gov-
cut mo to do. I nin Imppv. I am only
too linpnv to RO to Thee. The world dooi
not vet appreciate my iiitstion. lint Thou
Itnoucit it. Thou knaweat that Tliou
didst inspire Gailleld'tt lemaynl and only
good has como from It. This i.i the l.o t
ovidcucc thnt tha inspiration came from
Tlico nnd 1 liivo set it forth in itiy b.iolc
tlmt nil men irmy rend nnd know tlmt
Thou , 1'ather , di 1st itwpiro the net for
which 1 am now murdered. Father I
Ireinblc for the fate of my intinlerorH.
This government an 1 thii nation by thiH
net , 1 know , will iucur Thy etcrnil enmity -
mity , as flid the JI-WH. They killoo Thy
man , my Snvtour. The rctrii.ution . in th it
casecuinu ( niick anil xharp , nii'l T kn w
Thy divine law of letrilmtum will atriieo
this nation and my inurderurs intliosnme
way. The f pirit of thi-i nation ,
its qovernment and its newspapers , to
ward 1110 will jiiHt fy Theo in CUM-
inj ; thtiu , and I know tlmt by the
( liviuo law of rctiiljntion it is in-
curable. 1 therefore pii'dict tint tliia
nation would go down m bluoJ , nnd my
murderers from the executive to the linn -
man will go to hell. Thy lawj are mux-
orable , Thou Suprema Juilgo. Wio unto
men thnt violate Tny lawn. Only weep
ing nnd gnashing of tcoth nwaits them.
'L'lio American piesH IIHH a large bill to Ret-
tlo with Theu , itluhtoous Katliar , fortlieir
vlnilictivencn in this matter. Ncthiu hut
blood bo UDOU them and thiH
nntion nnd iti ollicinls. Arthur , the
profidenl , in n coward nnd an mgrnto.
His ingratitude to Ih ; man thnt mndo him
and Biived his party and land fioin overthrow -
throw hns no parallel in hixtory. Itut
Thou , ItiKiitcoua Vathcr , will him ,
Kntliur , 'Lliou Unowest , but the woild liath
lot known me , lint now Ito to Thee and
; ho Saviour without the elightent ill-will
owaidn a human hoing. Farewell yo of
; ho purtli. "
( Signed ) "CllA . GUITI.AU. "
, ho paper , read "Except ye become as
i little child , ye cannot enter the
cingdom of God , " ho then eaid ho
> roparod a little poem indicating his
ooling at the moment of leaving the
vorld , giving the idea of n child ro-
urning to its mamma and papa. Tne
lomposition was u ttring of rambling
uillulujahs and 'Tin going to glory. "
[ Wards the last his voice rouaheu a
licrcing pitch and tears lolled down
iis cheeks.
nd Guiteau'a lips moved. Before the
ilaclc cap waa put on , Guitcau usked
licka to hand him the manuscript
rayer and hia lips moved ngain , and
aid aloud , "In going to glory. "
licks moved forward to the railing
round the scaffold and knelt in pray-
r. Warden Crocker then gave the
ignal , the trap was sprung and the
ody foil , There was scarcely u scrug-
The body was lowered at J : U2 and
laced in a collin and taken to the
lap ol of the j ail , where tha autposy
ill bo held.
" Guitcau will bo buried privately to-
lorrovv. The place of burial lias not
at boon decided upon , but it is ex
acted Hicks will nsk permission to
\va the remains interred in the jail
idor the stone in the corridor , where
logillowa stands , and the govern-
cut will not object , Hicks ia too
uch exhausted to altond to details
night , but will moot ( Juitoan's rela
tes and the warden at the jail to-
orrow to make the necessary ai range-
onta. It is expected the body will
i temporarily interred at the jail
ly way ,
Reed did not witnoaa the execution
1 George Winters , one 01 the death
itch during the fast two weeks. It
said lie had no objections to per-
rming thm duty , generally deemed
obnoxious , The deputy warden
; s glad to obtain hia services. Dopu-
Warden Iloaa was in the cell with
inters nt the time , The rope was
hlcn immediately after the body
s cut down , and rclio hunters who
pcd for pieccH hnvo been uisap-
intcd ,
There wiw a difference in opinion in
analysis of the llowors sent Gui-
, u by Mrs , Bcovillo , and supposed
have been drugged. The final re-
rt lias not yet been made , It i bored -
red , however , the ouspicions of
empted poisioning will not bo N
itained ,
John W , Guiteau has done much
king in public aince the execution ,
'ing ' lie is glad it is all over and
r expressions , which caused coi
t'.o ' comment.
Mr ? , Scovillo retired to her rooi
anmedmtely nftor learning tlmt tli
c\t utiMi waa over. She secmi quit
ovirorMno by the reaction from th
inontil nnd nervous strains of th
pis * few weeks.
1'rcooding the Mitopsy , Loring ox
nunned the eyes of the executed man
but found them too much sulVusci
with blood to cnr.blo him to form ni
opnion , A later txaininatioti of th
body showed beyond a doubt that th
neck was broken , The brain was re
moved at Iho preliminary autops ;
this afternoon by Urs. Lamb , Sewer
and Ilnrtigan , the conclusive examination
ation being delayed until this ovoniti )
at the army medical museum. In ad
dition to the physicians above named
there were present Drs. Young , Roy
burn , McDonald , Klliott , McKinn
Murphy , Nichols , Surgeon Genera
Wales , Navy Surgeon General Harnti
and Army Surgeons Godding. Wilmoi
and Dr. I'Attonon , of St. lilizaboth'i
ttsyluni , District of Columbia ; Pnt
terson , coroner of thu district , Kliii' '
( c'ir < 8dt , It infant ! and Parish.
THK llllAIN.
Tito coroner who made the autopsj
snya jicro was no manifest dUonso o
the brAi'i ) , but a peculiar condition o
thotucmbmncB that would beapt to raise
iiuubTmthpminds of thoao who loai
lowSrdjtih'oi'iiioanity theory , althougl
the ta'j jpp'oaranccd are < ften foil ml
in neiiojm jiover nusppotcd of insan
ity. Abrasion of the aurfnco in line
wi h v > ? ) rope was found. The
htji id 4joiu was found to have
bcon' Mni "fiom ita attachments.
Death whs produced by strangulation.
The only abnormal condition discov-
erouV.j'Jas eiilpj-gemont of the nploon.
There rTaligUfc'nattenitig of the skull
on thi ) right uido with corresponding
promineiu. beuoath. Microscopioai
exnuiiun.tionpiwiU bo made. The olli-
cial ro olft wifrbo" given Iho press to-
iliioy CMnljrntos.
Siirtia'.DinntOh { to The 15oc.
SntKKY- , Neb , , .luno ill ) . An elliuy
ivns hung hero to-day at liUO o'eloek.
It wn a-representation of Gtttycau in
incickbry , hia ox'eculion. Over live
hundred citizens turned out. Ho Duapended until eight o'clock to
night , ! at whicfi time ho was taken
Sown , ' .poal oil WHS poured over him
uid sot on firo. It cmsod great cx-
jilemont , showing Hie people hero
ire jubilant pvor the vilhiin'u final
Hiding , . j
Jatlontl Aaicclatoil Proas.
CIUOAOO , Juno 30.- Fourth day
> f the- Chicago running meeting ,
yirotrace , "Criterion stakes , " three-
( uartcra of a mile , was won by Lucy
U , Ano.uider second , Idle Pat third ;
imo l:28J. :
Second race , selling purao , ono and
L qufjter miles , wiio won by Tom
2ckr ( , " 1Bailoy Bccond , Tom J3arlo > v
hirdvtimo | 2:31i. :
Third ' * race , "handicap , mile "and
hreo'-quartoru , was won by Motropo-
is , Joido second , Startle third ; time ,
Fuurtlrrnco , club puree , mile hcatn
ras VrtnTfty F.irce ; time 2:0 : < l | , 2.03J
FiftlFraMiOxtra race , ono mile
' AhOCiutinl f t
YORK , Juno 30. The froigh
anUlera' strike has undergone no ma change here. Thu men neon
onlident they will carry their poin
a-morrow , but hive received no on
ouragcment whatever from the coin
aniea , who nay they are getting along
'ell enough. Meanwhile the streuta
ontiguous to thu freight depots an
rowdud with trucks loaded with al
inds of goods. The Now York Con
al brakesmen8truck last night for i
igular salary of $50 per month. The
jinpany refused. The conductora
re acting as brakesmen.
UOHTON , Mass. , Juno 30. Thu
eight handlers strike has ended , the
astern and lioatou it Maine rail-
iiidn raising the pay to $1.50pcr day.
Fniiama Poluti.
itlonal AHBodntcil View
NEW Yuu , Juno 30. Advices
oin Panama atato that Iho Alta
[ eamship Company of Now York linn
ado a contract witli Venezuela for
ivigation of the Itiguo of Curthagnii.
President Galdirn , of Columbia ,
ipointod the following cabinet : sec
tary of foreign relations , .Ion E , Ma-
Wales ; public instruction ; Antona
jrro ; war , Luciano Itestopo ,
Edison linn made a proposal to light
o city of Santiago with oloctrio
; ht ,
Now Yorli NotoH.
itionnl A Hociated l're ,
NK\V YOJIK , Juno ! iO. TJio Nevada ,
jion line , is expected to-morrow
) m Liverpool , She bringn nearly
0 thousand Mormon proselytes ,
Satn'l O'Urien , a wealthy Hebrew
d alleged lunatic , who displeased
9 friends by marrying a Christian ,
d whose sanity wa undergoing lo-
1 investigation , escaped from' the
puty ahoriff to-day.
Turjinntliio Mnrliot
WIUIINOTON , N , C. , June 30 ,
tonln Firm ; Htrninvd at 1 M ;
'nr Firm at 1 76.
Bant lithcrty lilvo Stouk ,
KAHT ] < IHEIITV , I'n. , ,1uue SO.
Jattle Nutlilng clohiK. Ui.elpt * , 1,173
.d ; slilhiiicntj , l.nci ) hend ,
loiiu Klrin , ItecelptK , 1,200 hrml :
unentd , 1.400 ; l'liludulihlt,8 ! lOfeS 70
limorea , 8 1.1(2,8 ( 3Jj Yorkcm , 7 OOGd
hoop Uncliiuiyfld.
Faivfiufor Rutoi.
tlonal Abixlutoil ; 1'rouH.
JIIIOAO , Juno 30. The passenger
nmitteo of the trunk lines are figur-
; out u plan to practically raise east
ind fares , DiU'orontial fares are to
adjusted according to thu value of
the nccommndntiona furniahcntj thu
from Chicago to Now York trail
without through c.irs and ordinnr
time , : " hourj , § 20 ; trains wit
throuch cits nnd quick time , "
hours , $23 to SLT > : St. Louis to .Noi
York , nn through cars nnd ordinnr
time , § 21 nnd 82fl ; throuch cars mi
oidinary time , $23 and 82o.
hitor Nnwa Concornlii the liullivi
Spccinl to llu ( Volie.Dtniocrnt ,
SANTK VK. N. M. . Juno 27. Thc
following correct account of tha recent
cent trouble at Moscallo rcsorvatioi
hns boon received For the past foui
weeks about a dozen hostiles , who lint
been with Nnna , had camped near tin
reservation , trying to incluca sotuo o
the Mescnllocs to join them on a raid
They had stolen aoino stock , nboul
fifty head , nt Hluowntcr and Tulorosn.
and Romu lioracs. Agent Llowollyi
found out there whereabouts , amen
on Friday last ho nccompnn
ted by the war chiola Nautzc * '
lin mid San Juan nnd twenty Indian
police wont to arrest them. One ol
the hostilcs was mot ami ordered U
surrender , and , resisting , was aliol
nnd killed. Thin brought the rest ul
the hostile ; ! out , and in thu fight
Acent Llowollyn was twice wounded ,
and two Indian police were alsci
wounded. The hualiloa' camp and all
their stock were captured , the hostilee
themselves escaping. The McRCalloe
behaved well nnd their conduct ia
creditable. Colonel Crofton with
four companies of the Fourth cavalry
arrived nt the agency nt daylight next
morning , hut finding
returned to FortStnnton , sending ono
company to follow the trail. Gen.
MnoKonzio hns no apprehensions
whatever of an outbreak of the MOB-
calloca , but has taken nil necessary
The appropriations for Iho support
of the Mcnscallon not having yet
p.naod , Chief Commissary Capt. Wood-
rufl' has been ordered to turn over
15,000 rations monthly to Agent
Llewellyn to feed the Indians. Ho
takes Iho responsibility , as ho must
either tight or feed the Indians.
Agent Llewellyn is not seriously hurt.
lie is a bravo man and n good agent.
Lntor news , just brought in by
Miij Fountain , ono of the 1st regi-
of militia , who had been order
jcl by Governor Sheldon to Tulhmm ,
ivith orders lo take the field with a
mttalion of militia , if necessary , is lo
ho effect that everything is cjuiet nt
: ho agency , that instead of ono In- three were killed , ono wounded ,
nul that Lieutenant Wood with ono
lompany of cavalry and a company of
Indian scouts ia now in Iho Sacra-
nenlo Mountains in' pursuit of cs-
: aped hostilea.
lutloiml AiuaclatcJ I'tmt.
WASHINGTON , D. 0. , Juno ! ! 0 ,
KoprcBontativo H. M. A. Hawk , of
if iho Fifth Illinois district , died and-
lenly hist niglit. Ho retired early
luffuring from an attack resembling
sholera morbus. After an attempt to
'omit , ho fell bask and expired. It ia
hought ho burst ; i bloodvessel and
lied from the effects. The body will
> o iiont homo to-day accompanied by
i committee of members of the house.
Senator Logan and wife were with
o-day the qui'Htion of political assess
uonU among ollico holdern was din
unsud ; also the South American
f the G.itR'ld ! memorial in th
Ihriatinn Cuurch will bo laid Sunday
lie anniversary of Gurfield'a ussas
in.itioi ) ,
The naval committee decided t
love an amendment for the npprprin
ion bill providing $1,000,000 to con
met one light steel cruiser , ono sco
nd rate cruiser , ono steam ram ant.
, vo torpedo boats. It is understoot
luHsra. llobcson nnd Whitthorno wil
The atar route trials adjournei
d I'rcHi ,
Juno 80. The house of
minions has arranged relays of mem
jrs to sot to-morrow , if necessary , to
is1) the repression bill.
LtlonM Awodfttod 1'rusa ,
Nr.w YOIIKJuno DO. Arrived ,
: hlcswlg from Aspinwall ; Celtic from
ivorpool ,
LONIION , , Iiino ! JO. Arrived , Colina
0111 Montr/'iil / ,
GLAHCIOW. JunoJiO. Arrived Han-
'inn from Montreal ,
SouTHAMi-roN , .luno ! 50 , Arrived ,
Ibo from Now York for Uremon.
Tha IianirBrniiolt Wreck.
llorml A oclitoJ 1'iuua ,
LONM HHANOH , N. J. , Juno 30 , W.
, Garrison is rapidly sinking. There
u no hopes of his recovery. Annie
ving is in iv dying condition. James
allory ia dead. All are victims of
o railroad disaster.
A Flood
llonal AnTOolatcJ 1'roHU.
FiiENCHiiuno , Ky. , Juno 30In -
mi crook ia flooded with rains. The
into of Mr. Jewell was waahed away.
iwell , wife and seven children were
owned , _
Stowurt'n Homo.
tlonat AlioilVuJ I'riiw , '
Nrw YOIIK , June 30 , The house of
T. Stowait was to close to-morrow ,
it the employes have boon notified
at their aurvioea will bo required
; ty days longer , It is rumored that
B business will bo reorganized by
idgu ItuBsell , Hilton's aon-in-law ,
ButiuoiH il'uilurcu.
Honil Associated i'lumi
NEW Youh , Juno 30 , The failures
the first half of the year are 3- ,
7 ; for the same period last year ,
552. Liabilities , 850,000,000 ; 810-
9,000 in excess of the first six
mills of last year.
& SON ,
-AND- i i
Cor,12tliFariiaingt | ,
Magazines of 'all ' kinds
Send for REDUCED
Drice-list of Job Print- .
J * T F LtV7 T IvLiDlj N E R
Importer of , and Dealer in
.1 .
Zither Strings anil Music ,
1121 FarnamSt , Omaha.
Cheap and poor quality gloves are
icing extensively advertised as "Foa-
ur" Lacing Gloves , "Foster" Hook
llovoa , etc. , etc. , in a manner calcu-
Uod to make it appear to purchasers
hat they nro the genuine
To prevent deception of this charac
ir , purchasers of laced gloves are in-
irmed that all genuine "Foator"
loves are made from the best quality
: real kid , and ntamped with a fac
mile of the manufacturer's signature ,
Moo 802 10th 8t. Oor.ofBiirt
Dealer In
) adpartersoftlio Literati ,
_ _ _
lie Cheapest , Largest and choicest cell tion
In the Host.
Cash paid for SecondHand Books
exchanged for new.
V. B O E H L ,
Jlanuficiurcrol the
o does nil klud4 cl umchlu'tt ud lee