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    THE 4BA. j TItAY jJD
Jeweled ecarf-pins are used to fasten
bonnet strings.
India cashmere border * like those on
ehawls ate need for tilmmlng wool dresses
of pin n color.
Drewes of mauve , lilac and pearl tints
tlval the white toilets at Spiing wedding--
nd rcceptl ns.
A Marguerite gnlmpe In round puffs of
cllk muslin and lace fills out the halMow
round neck of full-dress corsages.
The new lawn-tennis hats arc of soft
felt In peacock blue , crimson , or cream
color , and there are others that haye white
WAteied figures up them.
Sleeves /orn cd of horizontal tucks are
added to the tucko'l . Jackets tit
plain wool drc se . The skirt has length
wise pleats tbnt are partly tucked.
A lloman scurf with stupes of pale
ehade < of pink and blue makes a charming
wrapor drapery for the white toilet * worn
by young la Ics at wndding receptioni.
An Iowa woman stttick at n I ramp with
hair from his tiea ' .
an AX and cut n lock of
ll she had beenepllt In * wood she conldn t
have hit within three feet of the stick.
A Dubtinue man who found a wallet
containing $ .101) ) In cash , refused to give bin
wife $5 to i uy a h it , and she peached on
him and made him tejture the whole turn
t J the loier.
Sleeveless jackets .f snrah with sur
plice fronts and a great sash bow in the
Luck nro worn over white mtttlin dresses.
They arc made nf sapphire blue fur blondes
and daik garnet for l.runettcs.
- < Vc , " said the lody , "I like to hac a
hanilsomo cook. You see , my husband B
business keeps him out late at night and
thcre'd bo no man in the house If the didn't
have a policeman visiting her. "
Brides' veils at June wedding * are fas
tened liy the traditional chaplet of ( lowers
instead of by Jewels. Diamond orna
ment * formerly mod for this purpose are
now thiust irregul rly In t'no lace that
trims the neck of the dross.
India foulards with dodgns that cover
the ground entirely make tasteful sumn r
dress. They are inado up with pleated
skirts and panli > r drapery , with plain satin
for facings and piping * , frills of creamy
lace end ( lots of narrow ribbons.
Mountain dresses of flannel in order to
be of light weight are made nil in one
plcco without dmpery. Ths waist is fitted
like n Jersey and the box pleated-skirt
sowed to the edge of the waist wi h an
erect heading of pleat * around the hips.
Lilacs are the favotito flower at present.
They are worn In two or throe shades on
the bonnets of quit * young ladle < ; are
arranged In clusters on evening dresses ,
and ara mingled with rosebi.ds in the
great bouquet * carried by biidermaids.
A growler's luck : "This is just my
luck , " said the gloomy man at the the .tie.
"'ii a peiformanco ( join * that' * m bad
its agonizing to witnisg , and ito the first ,
time in six month * that , I huveu't had a
woman with a liath-tub lint in. front of mo
when I've been to the theatro.
Creamery whlto mull drescos have polka
dots an inch in diameter , wrought in them
In rowH uf chain stitching forming the
Japunefo emblanvitio circle. ThU is used
for thepanlcroverdienH , while the lower
skirt IMS 11 mnccH of embroidery in front
with tucks across the lull buck breadths.
Pull dress bonnets are xmall capotes
with a crown of flowers and thlrredftbrim
of tulle or crupe. A pretty arrangement
is pale pink rotes for the crowu with dark
blue tulle for the and blue velvet
strings. Vloletr , lllac-i , and pnniles alsn
form crowns with u velvet Alsutittn bow in
the front.
A timid Cincinnati woman , whose hus
band was at the hospital sick with the
small pox , refused to talk with the nurse
through the teleph. no for fear of o itching
the diaeaso , and mucle the person at the
central oflioi d it for her because he waa
a man , and "It Isn't no uwful for u man to
catch the small pox. "
Pompadour saltens of lustrous cotton !
are made up for day dresses for the coun
try. Rose grounds strewn wilh golden
wheat , c1 earn gioumli with carnation' , or
maroon with uSur de 11s are used for the
paniered overdress , above a pleated skirt
of plain colored satteen that It trimmed
with yellow lacs
A new departure has been made in the
nttlro of ball room waiter * in London.
An a fociatlon has been started , all the
members of which adopt neat livery of
black with gilt buttons and knee-breeches
with silk Blocking ! . Drested thus the
waiters will not be mistaken for honored
. ,
guests. - -f
A Springfield woman , whlpi ed by hei
husband , called in a policeman , who sub
dued the bully with groit difficulty , ami
.started with him for the station house.
Then the wife discovered that tha pris
oner was without th > o < , dto arod that he
would o ttch cold , iutfsted on delay while
aha procured tin in , fought the officer Hku
fury to make him waft , nnd Onu'ly ' was
taken to prison withhur hpjuuo.
A young man recently returned to San
Fruncisco from Montann , pave his grandmother -
mother such a hug that she fainted , . A
physicUn found that three ribs were dis
located , and the old la > ly continues under
medical treatment. [ New York Tribune.
A young man , recently1 returned to Chicago
cage from St. Louie , gave bin girl such a
hug that she fainted. A physician found
that no riba were dislocated , and the girl
explained that she fainted from grief
becauseArthur stouied to have lost hit
An Illinois clrl lately called at a core
ner's office and , addressing the solitary oo-
cupant of the ap-titmeut , paid : "He you
the coroner ? " "I guetm you'd think 10 il
you ever see an nudertiker shake hand *
with me , " b'audly answered the ofliolal.
"You alnt going away nowhern for a day
or two , be you ! ' "Not that I know. "
"Well , I'mcla I to hear it , " continued the
-maiden with an air jf much encourage
ment. "Johnnie Bowlo * ha * bean keepln'
Company with me ulnco Uhrhinai , but 1
bear that he'a uoiuu to take onother girl to
the ciicus to-night , and if he dots , I'll
awaller p'ison.
In England the woman who wests high-
heeled bo tM dot ) * no at her peril. Mr.
and MM Blm.d , of Woolwich , vitlted
Urighton latt bummer , an f , wishing to
take a short PUU trl , proceeded to the
dock of a steamer owi.ed . by one Gurdner.
In stepping nn h mrd MM. Bland put one
foot on a roll of mtttlntr , s ipped aud fell
breaking a leg. When the recuveied she
sued the owner of the bolt for damages ,
but in the course of ilio It cama out
that Mr * . BUud wore hUh-heeled boots.
A pbjsiclan tealliol that high-heeled
boots caused u vuiluiy of iiccldrnta. In
Home can s they c usttd injn y to the spine
and to the tinkleuiul their wearers were
particularly liable to fulU and sprain * .
The iury promptly returned a verdict for
the defendant ,
A daughter of l're ldrnt Wlilto of Cornell -
nell untverxlty wis uiHrrl don Juno 8 to
1'rofeesor Newlwrry , of the same lastltu-
Jon ,
At a recent wading nt Balado , Toxas.
the groom wan nix feet hUh and weighed
ICO'pounds , while the bride wan only two
feet eleven im-hm hixh * nd weighed sixty-
five pounds. She was twebty-tlx yearn of
age.A lural minUter in Unchanan county ,
Iowa , baa ttrnck a new idea. He mar
ries a couple by weight. H U tariff of
charges in four cents a pound for the groom
Aud two cents for thu brlle.
A romantic marrhgo Is reported from
San Antonio , 'IVus , Lieut. Hewitt , of
the Twenty-moon < iufantrv , was married
on his death bed to Ml-n ICatherlne ,
daughter of lllaaton Duncan , of Ken.
tucky , who isixpcct. d to survive but a
few weeks.
A wedding parly gathered at a house in
London , Ont , a few days ago , awaiting
the arrival of the brldgroom , The expect
ant bride , a buxom wld iw , becoming
alarmed at the prolonged tkrrying of the
cwni , IIICB mper was dispatched In
earch of the laggard. Upon his return a
general consternation waa canied by the
announcement that the hearties * young
won had eloped with n fair damnel from
the Hamilton road.
Kobort Buchanan , the author , has just
returned tj KngUnd from A matrlmonnl
exptdltlon t > Switzerland , where ho w s
married to his sl ter-in-l w , MIsi Ji > y ,
author of the 'Queen of Connaught
Marriage with ft drcea ed wife' * slstfj- ,
which is unlawful In England , Is lawful In
The golden wedding of Mr. and Mrs.
Harvey M. Wattemon will b * celebrated
next Monday evening at the home of their
son , the Hon. Henry Walter-
son , Louisville , Ky. The elder Mr. Wat-
terion was in cnnere a f om Tennessee
years ngo ; but of late his active interest
in politics has been chiefly in following the
career of his dlntinguMied ton.
Kng'tnh society ts much scandalized nt
the elopment < > ( Mr. Jonas Libdow with
a Mr * . 1'eile , n Irido less than ten day
married. Mr. Jjliidow , a married an of
family , wai the cnniervnlho candidate for
parlUmcnt from West Cumberland. The
couple nre paid to Imvo coino to America
under the luiprrfldon that society hero
will forgive their little irregularities on
the score of their wealth.
Thf Hon. Trenor W , Pork , the Vcr-
in nt mil innalre was married In San
Francisco , Tuesday , to Miss Klla NichoK
The Al > any Argus sayn The bride ! an
Intimate friend of Mr. Park's eldest
daughter , now Mm. Gen , McOullough ,
nnd some years ago made on extended
vl ll tn Mr. Park's homo In North Ben-
ningtun , Vt. Mrs. Park's age is about 30
yearn , while her huiband is 48 years old ,
The first wife of tholatter was Miss I.nura
Hull , daughter of the Hon. 1 1 Hand Hall ,
ix-Qovernor of Vermont , Hnd a very love-
iy lady. She die < l four or five years ni < o. ' '
The Folded
Across the meadow Und together
A youth and merry maiden sttay'd
Where gratum grow nnd purple heather ,
'Midst checkered peeps of mn and shade.
At last bj ide the river -oiUcd ,
Ho fnok her book this lover sige
One fallen willowlvnf secreted ,
Then elowly folded down the page.
Next year the maiden , slowly strolling
Alone besldo the river's brim.
Saw Summer-time to Winter rolling ,
And rested there to think of him.
Her eyes with sorrow's tinti were shaded ,
Her book still pictured youth and age ;
The fa'len ' willow-leaf dad faded
Wocre ho had folded down the page.
Years after , by the stream forsaken ,
In Wintcr-timo she wando cd forth ;
O rent f. . > rc < t'treo < with stirms were shaken ,
Sent from the Kingdom of the Noith ,
She found the spot where they were noatd
Bcforo he left her for tcnown ;
No willow-leaf the book secret toll ,
.But life's svl page wan folded downl
Them arc 108,100 drunkards lu 'the
United States
Erangpllit Mnouy will spend another
year in England ,
Mr. Harrison ii conducting a s ° rcs of
successful ravivitl meetings in St. Paul.
Bishop Oilmour , of Cleveland , threat
ens to oxcuminnnicate the women of his
church who belong to the land league.
The numl er of commuuicants of the
Eplfcopal chuich In Massachusetts is
nearly 18.000. or a gain of over 60 per
ent since 1873.
Professor -Felix Adlerhas formally with
drawn from the Free Keilglous association
of Boatnn hecuuau ho could not induce it
to un crtake benevolent wi > rks.
After a vcrvica of t > Ixty.ffo ! years in ttie
ministry , thirty-nix of which have besa
spent in the eplncopacy , Ulsliop Paine , of
the M. E. church , South , a ked leav * ti >
Ten years ago , the Central Presbyterian
church , at Denver , was a missionary
church. Now it has 9100,000 edifice ,
pays its pastor a largo salary , and has a
uembershlp of five hundred persons.
The total of Congregational churches In
the United Slaten la 3,801 , with pastors ,
3 713. There lias been a nit guin of nfty-
nine churches the lint vear ; and the benevolence -
olence < amount to $1,227,108.21.
The whole number of comiiainio'nts in
the Presbyterian church , is 578,671. to
which may bo added 120,028 for the PrcH-
byterian < hurch , South. maKiu ; the wholt
numiior 698,000 ; and the unite I contilhu-
tlons of thu two diviKions wore 31)423,361 ) ! .
The MethodUt blxhops elected at the
Nashville ftonfurenoo me Tlev. Alnheui
W.S ilsonjof Baltimore , Dr. C. Ornn-
berry of Viindvrbllt univeri'lty , Dr. A ,
G. Haygimd uf Gforgin. KBV. K. K. liar-
groyo of Tonncesoo , and Kau. Linua Pur-
kr of Louisiana.
Tlio four Iowa conferences of the Meth
odist chinch will bo held this year as fol
lows : The I > wa conference nt Muncatiiu * ,
September G Bishop Wiley iireniding ; the
Dos Mulnes conference \Vlnter et , Sep
tember 13 , Bihop Wiloy prexiding ; the
Northwest conference at Sheldon , Septem
ber 21 , Bishop FOBS presiding.
It is believed that at the next Consis-
lory , which Is to be held early in June ,
the name of the last of the cardinal re
served in petto will be published. Ho is
generally supposed to be Mom gnor
Blanche , Nuncio at Madrid ; and it i *
thought that on the same occasion the
Arch-Biihop of Cologne will be raised to
the purple.
St.Ttlark'n chapel , near Tenth street ,
New York , is to be rebuilt. The struc
ture will coat $100,000 , with a froitage of
113 feet. The chapel will b a memorial
building , erected by a wealthy gentleman ,
who withholds his name. It will contain
a day school room for 8lO pupils : also a
room for a cooking school aud for nkitchen
garden. There will also be a large lec
tureroom and n free reading room to bo
opeu every eyening. *
The canvass of the ogent of the Connec
ticut Bible iociety in Hartford ha * devel
oped the following facts ; There are some
400 more families of tbo Komin Catholic
denomination than anv other , and the
l/'ongrcgatlonalliit lies nre more numer
ous ) > y H imo 410 thun nny < ther Protestant
donomlnatl in , jot the Congregational
churches dlumUted more moinberM than
they receive I la t j oar , Of the 0,000 fam
ilies In tli city whose religious c < .ii < Hlion
bin jut bom inquired into , 3,760 are
Aimrican und 2,2f > 0 of other nationalities ;
CS'Jnf thofo lamille-i never attend church ,
and f/JO children of Piotestaut parent J are
not in any Sunday school.
The Syracuse Herald is In favpr of sub *
BtltutliiK etcainvlilatln for church bolla.
Tboy om be heard further , create mure
dial rbanco , nnd it Is hnndler to drop in
and murder the chap who pulls the rope ,
The church choir uper title I y nnmeans
eilmubta the church "rocket " "Why nut
"church choir bar,1' "inlnbtera nun tln
far , " "commuulnnIcecream na lor"dei.
cnn'a snuRtrer , " "sextou'H lodpinc house , "
"Sunday school Police News , " eta , etoT
Pedobaptist ehaving parlors ,
II in alleged tlut-the change of belief in
Her , Sir. Mlln was brought about by his
pet parrot. This naughty bird had a
habit of awearlog , and the fact that It had
foimerly belnnRed to a PresbyterKn niln-
later inspired the famous sermon which set
the whole country talking ,
A new cont' ibution basket has just been
Invented , which rims a gong every time a
button without an eye , or n ten-cent piece
* lth one. i dropped into It. The first
Sunday it was tried in an Amsterdam
church it went elf like a Qatliug gun the
whole round trip. ,
Col. Ingersoll says it U abiurd to ask
htm to believe th tt wen men could or did
blow down the walla of Jcriche with rams'
I orns. We do not know how rams' horn )
sound , but if they are anything like band
instruments , eavtn amateurs out for prac
tice might do a good deal of damage.
jl'hlladelphla New * .
"How can you get five Sundays In a
month ) " Mked a high school girl W
can't , They jnat coma thht way eome.
lime * nnd we can't * top them. It's nwful
rough cm the uoor hard-workincr preacher
who only get * thn came pay for A five-
Snndnj month thnt ho gets for a four *
Bnndayer , bnt It's A royal bonanza for the
beer garden. [ Burlington Hawkeyo.
To commemorate hU services as A peace
maker between two of bli col'cagues ' who
longed to d o the field of huntir with each
nther'n K < irc , Con.res man Carlisto , of
Kentucky , had h en n > e < nted with a
handrome y lllumlnatMl card , hearing the
text , in (3reek : "lle ! * cd are the peace
makers , for they "ball be called the chil
dren of God. " The initial letter of the
first word lncloc n dcvici of "pistols for
two' crnvorl beneath a pedeatnl boring a
cup of "coffee for one , " while overhead
hovers a sn.iwy dove , tmhlematluof Mr.
Cntliale. bearing an olive branch , and tin-
v'crneatli nil are i hn dates of the quarrel
and arbitration , "MJny 15-22,1832 , ' '
la the Bwing.
She Is swinging mil the trees
Mid thoblooirHKO whlto and red ,
Sparrow * in th" nest n' r head ,
Not ouo whit afraid ore these.
Though she ntlll swing * plowly on ,
They nro n tafraiJ ; Oh , nul
Lazy swin il g to n d fro ,
Cruel only she to unc.
C'imo's he now through the gite ,
As Mho s ingn there to ana fro ,
Cruel , cruel Bertie , now
She will hide , nnd lot him wait ,
She wlllhidennd let him wait ,
liutuhe will not o'er again ,
For ithe loams at evo'wlth pain ,
Ho will wvd Lor i-lster Kto.
Flora Kllict Sttrcni.
An Indiana man killed the currant
worm on his hushed with eoft eoip. Aluo ,
the bushes , Ho will have no more trou
The most sensible pnple of the country
live at Linking , Mich A butcher shop
in tint place bears the Bl n , "Closed till
meat gets ch aper. " Philada phsa News ,
Hftwmllla were first unoil in Kurope in
the fifteenth century. Before that , a man
wha swore ho lost his leg In the army was
generally believed. San Krunciaco Chron
Three Cairo nldermin , cnch with a
black eye , attended the same meeting of
thn council the other night , and nil told
the ra'i.o story uf a stick of wood flyIng -
Ing up.
Proprietors of seashore resorts are
growllnn at the backwardness of the eoa-
Min. They like weather that will enable
them to chargn a man $1.M ) for a fifteen-
cent meal. Philadelphia Chronicle.
A Pittsbur # firm has secured a patent
for glass thlngleg , hnd ( iropo-o to manu
facture them. Shouldn't think they'd bo
Kood. The firctlidc would break 'em , be-
lure yuu got good yell out ol the bey.
Huston i'ott.
"You have a terrible high pulse , " said a
doctor to it well known local politician the
other day. "V\"hy not Urop your'bourn ? '
1 guess the people can find you if they
want you. " The parting waa a very cool
one. Ituston dflubo.
A New York state man who tried a
flying machine of hla own invention last
week had no ndvlnn to pivo thojo who
crowded around. All ho said waVoik
in 'durno'l tool' eomewhero on my tomb
stone I" Cincinnati Gazette.
Professor Bclnech , of EiiRland , has come
to tlio cunclUHJon that coal has not been
formed by the alteration of a cumulated
land p'unts ' , but that it consists of micro
scopical i rganlo forms ol a lower order of
protoplasm. ThU may explain why a tun
i.f it weighs only 1,700.
A New England man wanted a horre to
ride at the i.nnual parade. "Do you want
n spirited animal ? " asked the liveryman
"No , n .t very. " "Do you want a quiet
one ? " "Ao , not very. " "What do you
want then ? " "I want a horse that looks
a good deal mnro bpitited thun he real *
ly in. "
Three men and a dog were in a boat nn
the St. Lnwreto. Tuo boat oapiized , and
the d"g , instead of saving the men sapa-
luusly Mva'ii ashore uni let them drown.
I'liUUonMif the little do > r btorita that
will not be retited in that touching nubli-
cition , 'Our Dumb Animals. ' Louisville
Down at Oumhn , a shurt time ago , there
wai a otabbing affray in a natuur nt ,
wherein one man jtthlied annthtr uuJei the
tcizzard with onn o Item Brother * hllvtr
plated knivet und then put uil hU victims
nose < ff witli a nut crauktr. The i-hock
waa B ) great that the imir In a plutu liash
turned snowy white. lioc meraug.
Some awfully mean scoundrel filled a
grocer's whisky barrel with rain watjr ,
and tha next Monday mo < nng ! the a-iper-
intendent of school ? , the president of the
tomufrnnce alliance , and two school teach-
e came.rnund to the store , denounced
the astoni-hed grocer as a hwindllnz thlel
and a perjured villUn , and demanded their
$1,50 back again.
"I say , mammy I dld'nt yo" fell Peleg
dat ho mus'nt BO In having ? " "Yo * right I
did , chile ! Has yo' been dis'beyin * my
'structlons , Peleg ? " "No , mammy , I
ham't ! I "clnro to goodness I hasn't been
In bavin' . Yo' see I put on Unkle Jo < h a
britches by mistake dor smori in' , 'an' dere
wuz slch a heap o' looseness to 'em dat
when I un'ertouk ter jump ober do brcok
dey dropped off an' I natter Ruin arttr
'em. Ob , no , I hasn't been having , mam
my ! " Home Sentinel.
' Did yon see anything of a strarge hen
over in your yard this morning , Mr.
Brown ? ' "Well , yes , I did , Mr. Jon a.
There was a-hen hero that acted so strange
among my voung tomato and cucumber
plants that I thought there must be some
thing the matter with her , and so I 'con
cluded I would try to cure her , " "How
you going to do It ? " "Well , I thought I'd
try what effect tutting her would have ? "
"Where you going to set her ? " In a
dripping pan first , and after that In the
ovtu. Come over and ntsht at the in
quest , won't you ? ' Home Sentinel.
' 'I ain't got enough seme t < vote at a
ward rlectlon , " remarked o'd Isom.
' Why1 ? asked a byxtamler , "Yer see , a
nU'por what keeps a bacon * Ktore at de
udder end ob town give CO cents premium
on a silver dollar made latt year , I tuk u
dollar wld de carreck date , na' going to do
uloro , handled It lor him , and tole him ter
gin me do premium. He looked at. do
dollar , handed me 50 cents and dropped it
In do druw'r. I tuk de 50 cmi nnd come
on up town , I luvo just di-kiveml dat
1'ue out 50 cents. I repeats dat I ain't got
sense enough ter vote an1 do ISounhed
States oan hah my frvedftm back at any
time do etcrutary'o/ will notify mo ob
dat fack.
"Every Ono Wu Astonished. "
NKWOAHTXK , Ind. , May 30 , 1881.
n. II. WAUNKH & Co : Sira About
3 yearn ago I was atriokon with calcu
lus uf tlio kindnoyB. The best physi
cians could do mo no good I usud
your Safe Kidney and Liver Cure
and uvory ouo was astonished at my
coiuploto and rapid recovery ,
The Gentle Way Is Dest. In dyiprpsli , llur
complaint and coiutipatlon tha dlsoaaoJ organs
me sensitive anil tender. Do n t use them
An slieiatlro like Tiium's BUTZER
AriBiB-sr. that tenet , torrocts and purities the
tyttem without unduly exciting or Irritating
cither the ttowacb , tha liver , or the bowelr , It
Iho truenpociflola such CMOS , lltaxm teaches
this , and cxperlenco conBrus U.
Murray Iron forks ,
Burlington Iowa.
Soml Portable
Engines ,
MUM M1LU ) ,
Etc. ,
ggA Specialty ,
The Largest Iron Working Establish
mcnt in the State.
Steam Engines ,
The Howard Automatic Out-Off
Steam Engine ,
Bond for Circulars. mZ3-lm
( Snoooisor to D. T. Mount. )
Manufatturcr and Dealer In
Saddles , Harness , Whips ,
Robes , Dusters and Turf Goods
Agent fo : Jas. R. Hill A Co.'a
"The Best in The World , "
3L-3b3LS XLTEC Vfja XX. SO
Order , follcltcd. OMAHA. NEB
To Nervous Sufferers
Dr. J. B. Simpson's Specific
U le A pwtlvet.ure | for Kpurm&toirnt * , 6eraln
Wvokiicmi , lmXAocy \ , niul all dleo-ivc * reeultlog
from Bolf-Ahuno , M Mental Anxiety , Losa >
Memory . , Palm . In tb llick or Side , and dlieuel
that le d to
Inianlty an
The Specific
Medicine It
being uaud
with wonder
ful Kiicceaa.
Pamphlet *
tent free to all. Writ * for them and get full par-
Price , Specific , II.Ou per pMk e , or ilz pack. .
% ge for 16.00. Addrcu all ordun to
Nos. 101 and 108 Main 8L Buffalo , N. T.
SoH In Omaha by 0. F. Qoodman , J , W. Bell ,
S , K. Iih , and all .irntrd t twrrywhcre.
The feeble and emamUti tufferinir from dys-
pejauorlndlgettlin in any form , areadvlsed , for
the sake of their ow > i bodily and mental comfort ,
to try HoatctUr's etomocn , Bitters. Ladles ol
the most del cate constitution testify to its harm *
lets and reiterative properties. Physicians
everywhere , dlsgtiited with tha adufter.ted
liquors of commerce , prescribe It at the iafe > t
and most reliable ol all stomachics.
For sole by all druggists and dealers generally
al to ml
The Great Lnglish Remedy
Never ( alls t cuio
Nervous Debility , VI
Ital Exhaustion , Eml
| * lon , Seminal Woak-
lne * aIJO8TUAN
llHOOD , anil all the
1 vll effects of youth-
ilful ( olliea and execs-
j < ca. It stops perma
Inently all weakening ,
[ involuntary lo ai s and
llrulna upon the BJS-
Item , the Inevitable re-
ltfll "dult of thcsoerilprao *
tlcos , which are so destruotlvo to mind and body
and iiiako life miserable , often liiadlng to Insani
ty ntl death. It stronifthona the Ncne9Uratn ,
( mcmor > ( Blood , Musdos , Pi 08tlvo and Ilepro-
ductl o Orif.ui , It restores to all the organic
functions their former vigor and vitality , m -
ting life cheerful and enjoyable. Trice , $3 a
'ionic , or four times tr.o quanclty $10. Sent by
uiiirutid , secure from ebtcrratlon , to any address ,
on receipt of price. No. 0.0. I ) , sent , except
on receipt of tl a cuara'itoo. Loiters r >
qucetlnc answern must lucloio stamp.
Dr. Mintie'e Dandelion Pills
are tt J best and cheaneat dygpopula and bltlloui
cure I u the marktt. Bold by all Urugglata. Price
WccnU ,
Da MiNTiVa KibNir HmmDT , NEPR TICUU ,
Cures 111 kind of Kidney and bladder comnlalnto.
gonorrhea , uleut and leucorrhca. For tain uy all
uiunirlsta : 91 a bottle.
718 Olive St. , St. Louis , Mo.
For B eln Omaha by
edy. Anun-
falling cure
for Seminal
Weakness ,
rhca , luipot-
ency , and all
follow as a
Belt-Abuse ; as Los * of Memory , Universal Lassi
tude , Pain In the Hock , Dlmuen of Vision , Pre
mature Old Age , and many other Disease * that
cad to Insanity or Consumption and a Prema-
XJTKull 'particulars in onr pamohlet , which
wo desire to send free I r mall to every one ,
tSTho Speciflo Uedlcin * U sold by all druggists
at II per package , or 8p ek ge for fi , or will
x cent tree by moll on reel ptof the money , by
additM r TUKQUA SKDICINU co. ,
ButUlo. M. T ,
orsal * t oc7oi4
Urn J. O. Robertaon , Pitteburtr.Pa. , writes : "I
WM suHcrlnz from general debility , want ol ap
petite , constipation , etc. , so th t life WM a burden
don ; after using Unnloch Illood Hitters I foil bet
ter than for years. 1 cannot pnilio your Bitten
too much. "
n. Olbbn. ol JJnflsto , N. Y. , writes : "Four
Durdock Bloc Bitters , In chronic diseases of tha
blood , liver & .iJ kidneys , have bcon signally
marked with succeus. I have used them mjsclf
with best results , for torpidity of the liver , nnd In
case of a friend of mine suffering troa dropsy ,
the effect was man clous. " V
Bruce Turner , ftochcster , N. YJwtltes-'I : have
been subject to serious dlnordcr of the kidneys ,
and unable to attend to business ; Burdock Blooc
Bitters relieved me before half a bottle was used
I feel confident that they will entirely cure me. "
Ancnlth Hull , Blnghampton , H. Y. , writer :
"I suffered with a dull pain threuih my efl
lung and shoulder. Lost my uplrlts , apxtlt ] (
and color , and could with dllttculiy keep up at !
day. Took your Burdock Blood Bitters as di
rected , and have ( elt no pain since flrrt week af
ter tulnv them. "
Mr. Noah Bates , Elmlra , N. Y. . writes : "About
four yean ago 1 ha Jan attack of bilious fever.and
never fully recovered , Jly digestive organs
were weakened , and I would bo completely pros
trated for days. After using two bottles of your
Burdock Blood Bitters thcl mprovcment was so
vl-lblo that I wo * astonished. 1 can now. though
01 years of age , do a fair and reasonable day's
0. BUckct Robinson , proprietor of The Canada
Presbyterian , Toronto , Ont. , writes : "Ferycars
I suffered greatly from oft-recurring headache. 1
used your Burdock Blood Bitters with happiest
result * , and I now find tnvpelf In better health
than for years past. "
Mrs. Wallace , Buffalo , N. Y , writes : ' -I have
used Burdock Blood Bitten for nervous and bit
Ions headaches , and can recommend It to anyone
requiring a cur * for bllllousness. '
Mrs. Ira Mullnolland , Albany , N , Y , writes
"Far several years I have suffered from olt-rccur
ring blllloua headaches , dyspepsia , and com
BAinta peculiar to my sex. Since using your
urdock Blood Bitters I am entirely relieved. "
Price , 01.00 cei Bottle ; Trial Bottle * 10 Ctt
FOSTER , MILBUEN. & Do , .Props . ,
Bold at wholesale by Ish & McMohon and 0. F
Goodman. Je 27 cod-me
jou areamnn lit Tnunrji
, ' man of lev _
' rneifhr tlio strain or ten > tclUncoTornnu
your duties avoli' nlKkt work , tu tea
itlmulantsanil ut torf * brain nprronai
Hop Bittoroc I\fju-te usu Hop O
If you are joiinK nd I nulioiA&itT u
dticiTtlon or iliirlpa C tlon i If you arr- marline
rlcd or flDRle , old ur
poe rheaKtt or lan ulsu ] line on n boC llcl ,
Uftat , rclj on H o pj Bittera.
Whoctur yonarc. 1 ole < '
whenever you iccl i naal , Y r r c m > uie
that your system form ot V Jonoj
needs clcansinp. toii 'ills ? & . chat miKlil
lax or stimulating 1 have been pre cnioc.
Ibr ft tlm ly
.nkr. Hop
Hlltc- " .
Or I. O
, illscose
I'Kiln .
and Irresistt
of th" trumucft , HOP lle c n r e ioi
( xirrlk. dloori , drankcnneaa
Uvtr or nerve use of opium.
You wl41 bo tobacco , P
cured If youHse Eircotlr * .
Hop Bitter *
\t you arc simply Bold D ; drag :
ireak and ; kti. Bend fa'
low ply spirited , try NEVER Clrculkr
it i It may
BSIVO your
life. It hoe
aved hun Bo t > ltrH 1
dreds AT-nntoOut.
Dlieasa'Is an c fleet , not a cause. Its origin la
within ; Its manifestations without , llenco , to
euro the disease the CAUBB must ba removed , and
In no other way can a cure ever I e effected.
LIVER CURE Is C3cabllahed ou jukt this
pilucllo. | It realizes that
95 Per Cent.
of all diseases nrlre from deranged kidneys and
liver , and It strikes at once at the root of tbo
difficulty. The elements of which it is composed
act directly upon these great organs , both as a
FOOD ai d RraioaBB , and , by placli.g them In a
bealthy , condition , drive dlsc&so ana pain from
tba syitcm.
For the Innumerable troub'cs caused by un
healthy Kidneys. Liver and Urinary Organs ; for
the dutrottlDpr Dliordertof Women ; for Malaria ,
ann physical derangements generally , this great
rem dy has no equal. li ware of Impostors , Im-
ttetlons and concoctions said to be just as good.
For Diabetes , as for-WARNER'S SAFE
For sale by all dealers.
mo Roohe tor N. Y <
Oatarrb ,
Old Sores ,
Fimplea ,
or any
Clares When Hot Springs Pail
UAYIUI , ARK. , M y S. 1881
We have cisei In onr own town who lived at
Hot Springs , snd were finally lured with 8. S. S.
IF YOU doubtcoino to f eiu and \ WiLL
: UKK YOUK OH charge nothing 11 Write foi
articular * and copy of little Book
a the UnfortunaU ) Bufferlnf
Cl.OOU Reward will be ( aid to any
iiemftt who wUTllud , on analysis 100 tot tie
1. B. a. , one particle of Mercury Iodide Fotai
ilum or any illneral substance.
8W11T SPKCIFIO CO. fropa ,
Prlc of Small sire , tl.OO.
Large Kite 11.76.
BLACK-DRAUGHT" ctirra dj
anj heartburn.
Storage , Commission and Wholesale Frnits , .
Agents for Pock & Bankers Lard , and Wilbor Mills Flo\
OMAHA , - - - NEB ,
J" . J" . BS-OWsT &c O O-
Boots and Shoes.
Window and Plate Glass. ' ] >
S3T Anyone contemplating building store , bank , or any other fine . frpnt , will flnd It to their ad- . < <
\anUgo to corns end with ui before purchasing their Plato Glass.
OMAHA - - - - NEB.
1213 Farnhem St. . Omaha.
On River Bank , Bet. Farnham and Douglas Sts. ,
Fire and Burglar Proo
1020 Farnham Street ,
Flour , Salt , Sugars , Canned Goods , and
All Grocers' Supplies.
A Full Line of the Best Brands of
1118 FARNAM ST. - - . OMAHA
Lath , Shingles , Pickets ,
Near Union Pacific Depot , - - OMAHA NEB
"CT 3JMC JE * Saft X
Steam Pumps , Engine Trimmings ,
A. L. 8TflANa205 ? * * * St. , Omaha