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r r- ! ; u , DAILY BEE.i
That's , A pretty big
amount and of itself
would bo a largo business
to do in ono year ,
wouldn't it ! Well , that
is jmt the amount W. T.
Bluckwoll & Co. paid
the U , S. Government in
1881 for stamps to puton
the tobicco they sold ,
and those stamps woto
put on over twenty-five
million little bigaand
packages of tobacco that
are nil smoked up long
before this , for millions
of little bags are being
filled with tobicco , label
ed , stamped and shipped -
pod all the time. Every
one nf theio little bags is
lilted with BLACKWELL'S
Granulated Smoking To
bacco is more uied than
any other kind for is
to meet the dsuo of the
average smoker who
wants a good pure emoko
and doesn't want a" fancy
article. More wo were
going to say. more than is
made by any other three
manufacturers combined
and WQ believe that
would bo true - but wo
are mod oat and won't
say it of BLAOKWELL'H-
is u od than of any other
Why is this ? Simply
because it is the best.
Messrs. Blackwell&Oo. , .
are located in the heart
of the finest tobacco
growing country in th&
world. They have plen
ty of capital , are the
largest buyers of the
best grade of leaf and
thus have the pick of the
maiket and what is more
they have never yielded
to the common practice
of adulterating their to
bacco , but hare always
kept it up to the stan
dard -perfection , and
BO the tm iking public
havii g fbuiid' ' them'truo
and their Granulated To
bacco always just right ,
insist on having BLACK-
Their trade , mark is
the Uurhnin BULL , nnd
you wi 1 tied a picture of
him on every bag ot' the
It has cost them over
$100,000.00 to defend
their right to that Bull.
It's funny how many
manufacturers try to got
something on their label
that looks like a bull.
They seem to think if
they could only use that
trade mark they could
make their tobacco sell.
Don't forget about
Blackwoll's Bull , Dur
ham Cigarettes. Black-
well's Bull Durham Long
Cut No. 1 and Durham
Long Cut No. 2. Try
them all and then decide
which you want.
Hare removed 'from there eld lUnd , to
Uo , 116 North Sixteenth Street
Ilf re 'w jrfon bind a good Mjortmcnt
General Undertakers ,
. S3 * U
Bet > JE'aomm and Donglaa.
UeUUIr , Wood t i Cloth Covered
onstuill/ hind. OrdeN ( roil the conn tr-
lollclled. nd pronfct'y ' attenjed ta. mill
Bsaflqnartors of tlie Literati ,
the Chcapert , Larjot Had cbofoait collecttoo
ot }
la the West.
Caih paid for Socond-IIand Hooks
or oxch.uigcd for now. .
ao'22-ly PROPRIETOK.
Fanoy anfl Staple BrocBrios ,
No. 916 'North' ' 'Sixteenth St ,
lut-im Ai Hi SWANs
Strong Probability that Most of
tlio Names will bo Rejected.
The Democrats Caucus but
Fail to Unite Against
the List.
Senator Van Wyck Leads the
Republican Opposition.
The Star Trials Slowly Pro
gressing The Testimony
The Deficiency Bill PoMod by the
Hon o-Doing * in the "kmnto-
A Vivrloty of Otbor Itoma from the
National Capital.
Nation * ! Associated Prom.
\VABUINOTON-Juno 8. The senate
pissed the bill authorizing the _ troaa-
ury to report the amount of claims of
Texas , Oregon , Nova'do , and the ter
ritories of Washington and Idaho for
money expended and debt incurred in
suppressing Indian invasions and re
pairing results. The finance committee -
too has agreed to1 report the entire
tariff commission , iBayard and Bock
only voting "no. "
The sohato resumed consideration
of and passed the district appropria
tion bill. Senator Hawley reported a
bill making an additional appropria
tion of $15.000 for the relief of suffer
ers by the second overflow of the Mis
sissippi , and it tras passed. Adopted
3:37 : . .p.m.HOUHI
After several fruitless efforts to pass
bills by un'animaus consent , the house
went into committee of the whole on
thn deficency bill.
The house spent the entire day on
the deficiency bill , it passing an
amendment to the section approprial
ing$350,000 for repairs to the navy
and that for payment for army trans
portation , the republicans voting yea
and the democrats voting no.
When it came to the section appro
priating $122,000 for p ymontc of spe
cial deputio at congressional elections ,
Mr. O ix stated , as the marshals had
worked in good faith , expecting to be
paid , his side had decided to vote in
favor of paying them , disclaiming any ,
responsibility f * r the law , and stating
expressly they did not yield their
judgment as to the constitutionality or
justice of the law. The section was
adopted by rising vote , most of the
democrats voted against it.
The bill passed then by 116 to 7 and
the hoUoo.took up the legislative , ju
dicial and executive appropriation bill ,
Mr. Cannon (111. ) making a ahort
speech explaining the bill
Mr. Calkins then submitted- re-
part on expenses of election cases in
tavor of allowing each contestant who
was seated or not a portion of the ex
penses , in no case to exceed $2,000.
Adjourned at 5:30. :
Juno ' 8. The Moxi-
crn congress , to encourage investment
of American capital , has repealed the
export duty on silver coin and bullion
In force since Spanish rule.
Secretary Tellers has decided that
no further patents will be issued to
the Northern Pacific road until the
road pays the government for select
ing , surveying and convoying the
patents already issued.
, H Hill , city editor of The Louisville
Commoioud , was before the Wiudoux
committee. Ho reaffirmed the cor
rectness of his published interview
with Athorton.
A. 0 Buell , editor of The Washing
ton Critic , testified ho had been-in
formed by congressmen that -certain
senators were interested in the bond
extension bill , and would give' the
names if the congressmen would con
The caucus of the democratic sena
tors lasted four hours and a half. Thu
object was to unite the party in oppo
sition to the entire list of tariff com
missioners. It waa believed that Van
Wyck would vote with them. There
were twenty-four present , and the dis
cussion was animated , owing to the
fact that Boino members of the com
mission wore appointed on recommen
dation of some members present. It
was found to bo impossible to unite
the party on the entire list and the
caucus adjourned without any action. I
Each senator will votoiii the executive
session as ho sees fit on individual .
names for the commission.
Senator Bayard made a speech in
which ho declared the design of the
bill to establish a tariff commission [
was sure to bo defeated by the plan
evinced in the nominations. It was
understood that the idea was to take
the whole question out of politics , but
it might as well bo loft alone
is to form a commission from
the exponents of specific interests , '
the original purpose was to appoint
experts on the question , while notjono "
ippointoo appeared to know anything
jut what related to their own epo-
Senator Beck made a speech of the
.amo tenor. ,
It is known that some of the re-
mblicans are dissatisfied , and it is
tated thut several names will bo re-
Mr. Wylio , for the prosecution , so- ni
oroly censured press criticisms of the nibi
rial and jury. Mr. McSwoeny re- biB
umed for Dorsoy. hi
In the star ronto thin
cases after- cc }
loon the appointment of Keyi , Janioi , or
Maynard and Brady were plncod in
evidence. Several clerks wore ex
amined ns to the rules of the postof-
fico department and their allowance.
The statistician | began to give figures
on the star route service , and other
statistics , by way of comparison are
to bo presented to-morrow.
Wheeler Doolinoi.
Rational Anoclatod 1'resn.
PtATTsnURO , Juno 8. Mr. Wheeler
was interviewed at Malpno to-day ,
When ho saw the publication of his
nomination to-day ho at once tele *
graphed the president if the newspa
pers wore correct ho inust decline ,
and would forward his roa ons by
National Auoclatcd 1'rotn.
NEW YORK , Juno 8. The American
Jockey club meeting continued to
day ; weather splendid , attendance
large. First race for two year olds ,
one-half milo , was won by Soubrette ,
Parthonia second ; time 41.
Second race , Belmont stakes , three
years olde , milo and one-half , was
won by 1'orator , Babcock second ;
time 1:43. :
Th rd race , Westchcstor cup , two
and one-half miles , was won by Thora ,
Grenada second ; time 4:12. :
Fourth race , three year olds and
upwards , milo and a furlong , was won
by Clarence , Uirard second ; time
1:59J. :
Fitth race , handicap for all ages ,
ono milo , was won by Dau K. , Mark
second ; time 1:4CJ. :
ST. Louis , Juno 8. The spring
meeting of the St. Louis jockey club
continued to-day. First race , milo and
a furlong , was won by Lizzie S , Maggie -
gio Ayer second ; time 1:501. : "
Second race , Jockey club" stakes for
two-year old , ono milo , was won by
Ascender , Bondholder second ; time
Tnird roc ? , mile and aturlong heats ,
had only two starters , Pope Leo and
Suspector. It was won by the former
in two straight heats ; time 1:39 : ; 2 m.
The one-mile dash was won by
Wager , John Henry second , in 1:45. :
LONDON , June 8. Foxhall won the
Ascot gold cup race , Faughaballa
second and Potttional third.
St. James palace stakes wore won
by Battlefred , Garrioth second.
Sachem third.
TROT , N. Y. , Juno 8. Treys 1 ,
Olovelands 0.
NEW HAVKN , June 8. Worcesters
9 , Yales 3.
NEW YOBK , June 8. Metropolitans
3 , Dotroits 4.
National Aaumiea I'ra *
Lmr.E kllocK , Juno 8. Bennett ,
Sutlerand ; Doherty , who escaped the
national-prison last week , have been
captured in the Greek nation as cow
. " 4
boys. ,
INDIANAPOLIS ; Tnd. , Juno 8. In a
riot in a circus last night , three clr-
cusmen and several town people were
Btuinesc Failures-
National Aowoclated I'reaa.
NEW YORK , June S. The suspen
sion of Miller Bros. & Co. , grain and
provision merchants , -Jersey City , is
reported. It grows out of the sus
pension of Miller , Jlealy it Co. , their ,
branch house at Cahacton , N. Y. The
bulk of indebtedness was made by
that house.
ST. 'Louis ' , Juno 8. The Jackson
ville car company , of this city , has
failed as the result of attachments
yesterday. Assets , 8150,000 ; liabilities -
ties , § 140,000. >
Marino Intolliconoo-
National Associated 1'reaa.
NEW YOIIK , Juno 8. Sailed Gil
bert for Hamburg , City of Paris for
Liverpool , State of Nevada /or Glas
gow ; arrived City of Montreal from
Liverpool , Serda from Hamburg ,
Cornwall from Bristol , Bengenland
from Antwerp.
TiiiLADELPiiii , Pa. , Juno 8. Ar
rived Lord Gough from Liverpool.
AMSTERDAM , Jane 8. , Arrived
Amsterdam from New York.
ANTWERP , June 8. Sailed S wit-
serland for Philadelphia. i
LiVEKPoot , Juno 8. Arrived City
f Now York from New York ; sailed
Germanic for New York.
Columbia Celebrating
National Aaaocl&tcd 1'ioea.
PORTLAND , Oregon , June 8. The
iver hero is 24 fuot above low water
nark and rising rapidly. . Merchants
ire removing goods from the lower
itorios. The Columbia rose 3 feat at .
Dalles yesterday , the highest water :
cnown hero since the settlement of
ho county. It was 28 feet 2 inches
n Juno , 1880. The water was then
foot deep in the lower part of the
Hy , It is expected to bo as high In
few days. Great quantities of snow
till remain in the mountains ,
Polarlo Point *
attonal Auoilated l'tt # . \ :
TORONTO , Ont , June 8 , A dispatch
ios boon received hero from Winno-
ieg stating that owing to Hanlan's
llncss the regatta has boon declared
Indication * .
'atlonal Associated Prcu.
WASHIMQTON , Juno 9 , 1 a. m. I ,
i"or the upper Mississippi and Mis-
ouri alloys : Pattlr cloudy weather
nd local rains , easterly to southerly
rinds , stationary or a light rise in
amporaturo and stationary or falling
aromoter. The rivers will fall slowly ,
Kidney Complaint Cured.
B. Turner , Rochester , N. Y , ,
ritoi : "I have been for over a year
nbjecfc to serious disorder of the kid-
oys , and often nnablo to attend to
usiness ; I procured your Bnrdock
Hood Bittoiv and was relieved before f
alf the bottle was used , I intend to
ntlnuo , as I feel confident they will
utirely euro me , " Price $1,00 , Idlw
Two Here VioMmi of Assassins
Fall in Irolanfl ,
Tfco Cousin of the Late Pocro-
tary Burke , and His Guard ,
Shot Down.
The H IIBO or Commons Vet Down
Every Amendment to ths Co
ercion Dill.
The Turkleh Peace Commleelonora
Wrvrmly Qrootod in Egypt.
National Associated Prow.
LONDOS , Juno 8. In the house of
commons Una evening Sir Clmrlcs
Dilkc , under foreign secretary , denied
that England and Franco hud sent an
idontial note to the porto ( misting en
conference for settlement of the
Egyptian question ,
uuuvisn onr.ETED.
OAIKO , June 8 , Dervish Pasha ar
rived hero to-day and was enthusias
tically received. A grand military
display was hold for his honor. The
eastern cable has boon buoyed at
Alexandria , thus preventing the pos
sibility of its being cut.
DUBLIN , Juno 8. Walter Burke , of
Curraloign , county Mayo , cousin of
the late Under Secretary Burke , was
to-day shot dead , together with his
escort , a soldier of the guards. The
volley was fired by aomo persons who
were concealed bahind some bushes ,
and Burke and the soldier fell imme
LONDON , Juno 8. In the houio of
commons last evening the considera
tion of th'o repression bill was re
sumed. Parnoll's amendment defin
ing th6 intimidation as being in effect
legalizing of some forma of boycotting ,
was rejected by a vote of 247 to 36.
Oil no , Juno 8. Dervish Pasha
to-day presented the khedive a letter
from the sultan assuring him of a de-
airo to uphold Turkish suzerainty.
ROUE , Juno 8. General Garabaldi
was buried at Caprera to-day. The most
terrible storm reigned during the
National Associated Pros * '
ST. Louis , Juno 8. At a school
picnic to day at Bodiwaua Grove , this
city , a boat laden with school children
capsized in the lake and two girls were
Heathen Slave *
NatlonaliAModatod Press.
SAN FBANCISCO , Juno 8. The Brit
ish etoamor Coptic arrived from Hong
Kong to-day bringing 900 coolies. ,
The Settlement Made by the
Potttt attamiea When
They Moved.
Dosplto Disadvantages and XiOia of
Power , It Still Lives.
Correspondence ) of The Deo.
Luvris , IA. , June 2 , 1882. -
II was in the year 1833 , if wo re
member correctly , that the 7,000 Pot-
tawattamios mot at the village of
Chicago , and agreed to move beyond
the Mississippi ; and , it Booms to be
well understood , that after that date ,
the principal settlement of this tribe
was at Indian town , a mile or to west
of the present 'town of Lewis , or in
other words , the rod man's village was
on the west sitjo , and the white man's
town , afterwards , way 6u the east
bank of the east Nishna ; and only a
ihort distance from the "crab apple
trove" that was known for some miles
way , as was the "lone tree , " at the
lomo of Buffalo Bill and the present
Central City. Indiantawn was called ,
jy Mi-au-miso ( the young Miami ) ,
iftor their favorite chief. The trading
ioat und Indian agency was at Traders'
'oint on the Missouri , and the store
hero waa kept by Peter Sarpy , of St. li
jouia , a man quito famous in Nobrs > lic lin
u , and for whom a county in thut c
tate is named. Tradition brings to .
is the story of a clerk in the store at
traders' Point falling in love with a
kss county Indian girl , and
rhon the settlement of Indians
noved along , instead of drowning
Jmself , or wasting a quantity of
ipwor and valuable load , trying to
ill himself , ho just put on the Indian
tress , and wore paint , and "jinod in
or the balance of life , " and is sup-
losed to have received his rations
nd full quota of arms and atumuni-
ion from the government , and done
iis part of the scalping like a faith-
ul and patriotio Indian. The tribe
ad a burial place at Indiantown , and '
is supposed that there are buried
he remains of their most noted chief ,
lahaska , who wan shot by a inoak
liiof Indian , while sitting by the lire ,
n the banks of the Nodaway , during
fishing excursion , and the records
f the trial and execution fail to
how that those simple-minded people
laced any dependence on the "plea
f insanity , " or that the beautiful and
oOnod ladies of that day showed
very attention and kindness , allow- 1
bio to the murderer ; and forgot all
tie oilicos and noble qualities
the fallen chief , who
ad h died instantly , because i
o h d not led his friends whore f
ley could take 11 the scalps they
needed. The white people have re-
mombercd the fallen chief by giving
his name to ono of the counties in this
stntr. In the fall of 1840 the Mor
mons scattered all over this pnrt of the
tate , and some settlements wore made
along the Nishun , and ono of these
was nt Lewis , orlndinnlown , which In
18-10-7 branch of the main
- - was a camp
at Kanovillo or Council Bluffy and
contained some twenty families , nnd
In 1841) ) they had the first privilege of
voting ,
During the years 1851-2-3-4 Iran-
iston , three miles west ot Lawis. on
Indian creek , was the principal trading
point , although Indiantown had two
or three stores , The names of many nf
men who figured here at that time
have become quite noted , among
which ono Bradshaw and Wintuisot ,
and Peter Hedges , who kept a tavern
at Irouiston , nnd was supported most
ly by emigrants. V. M , Conr d or
dinarily owned the laud whore the
town of Lewis now stands , and feel
ing that duplicity was used by the
legislative committee or some ono else ,
wfien the town was located , so that
the land was secured from him nnd
the profits given to another , has taken
sweet revenge in helping , a few years
ninoo , to remove the county seat from
this place to Atlantic. The old town
of Lewis , with its churches , largo
stores , fine houses , old shndo trues ,
busy tradesmen and county offices ,
has gone to decay , for since Iho coun
ty seat wont to Atlantic in 18G9 the
town had to settle down in quietness
and build on a now foundation. Two
years ago when the railroad was'built
here , an addition was laid out between
the old town and the railroad , and the
business has all boon moved to the
now addition , The town is beauti
fully' located on a rolling
well drained , slope , well supplied with
strong stado trees , good siuo walks ,
many good residences , and plenty
more excellent and iuvitin locations.
The design of those who laid out the
now town was that the trading houses
should bo collected around a public
square , but the average burger selects
Ills own trading ground as independ
ently as the Union Pacific road selects
its congressmen , or lieutenant gover
nors , for their "trading advantages , "
and the lower side of the tquaro has
been loft op on. The park , or square
has just been sot with trees , and a
beautiful white fence placed around it ,
making it a thing of beauty.
of the town has been quite steady and
satisfactory since the railroad came
along two years ago last fall , and
now it is claimed there are about 800
living souls in the city , and a rich and1
prosperous farming settlement all
around. Tho-'Nishna valley is here
narrow , and the stream furnishes the
best wafer expected anywhere
in this state. ' '
are all that , oould be asked for. Thor
are several good churches and th
Methodists ore to build a now house i
the new town , in a commanding posi
tion this season. This $ 12 000 brie
school house is in a central 1'ocatio
between the old and now town an
hns a g6od'ground , and „ the. Masoni
'order have a prosperous lodge. Proi
J. 8. Orawfoid , an enterprising on
thorough going young man , has bee
secured for the coming year to tak
charge of the school , and the schoo
board seemed determined to make thi
school all that may properly bo aako
of it. The nowspapois all went o ;
when the county seat wont , and th
darkness was unbroken until tw <
years ago when Mr. J. B Erion , a native
tivo of Mount Vernon , Knox county
Fhio , came hero from Missouri am
started a paper , when the ground
equirrels were playing around his office
fico and the prairie soil of the towi
was unbroken. Mr , ICrion is a quiet ,
dignified gentleman , who labors faith
fully for the public. Who readu the
Independent , or visits his fine , clean
oflico in the only two story brick in
the , town without thinking that ho is a
hardworking man , ai well as a kint
and pleasant companion and a good
business man , who thinks for himsoll
as well as the public.
was an important feature of the town
in its prosperous days. This mill has
been known as Wlioolor's mill for
twenty years , and the grove , thirty
miles east of the BluuY , is also named
For him. His son , S. J. Wheeler , is
jiving bis personal attention to th
mill which is still doing a largo busi
loss , while his partner is handling a
lour and food exchange at Griswold ,
md the business is in the nunm of
jlraham & Wheeler.
s ono of the oldest traders here , and
,0-day owns and manages a bank , nnd
B the principal owner of ono of the
inest dry goods , clothing nnd general
nerchandiso houses to bo tound in the
lounty. Mr. Hjinig rioeo a largo
iubint'B3 , which ho poreonally supui-
ntonds in both departments , besides
its real estate and other trading busi-
less , nnd is dealing largely with Coun-
il Blufl's , and Steele , Johnson & Co. ,
f Omuha ,
ave a largo stock of general inor-
handiao , a good location fronting the
ark and the hills , valleys and timber
long the Nishna , in the distance a
irgo building , a full stock and do a
oed business , They are young , on-
rgotic men The senior member of
liis house , Mr , A. MoKinnoy , has a
rm and friend near Wahoo , Neb , ,
'hero ho goes yearly to visit.
as a full itock of furniture , and ill
lie fourteen months ho has been hero
0 has built up a good trade. His
irgo warehouses , full stock and en-
irpriso are a guarantee tjiat ho can
arnish anything from a baby carriage
> a coffin.
n the corner , have as largo a store as
often found , and fully stocked with
ardwnro , light and heavy , and they
ave piled up the farm implements on
11 sides. They have boon two yean
this stand , and do the largest part
the business , having a business
ud personal acquaintance with peo- '
plo all over the county for many
M. J , DAMfl , U. D. ,
has boon a practicing phystcinn in this
town for sixteen yoira , and since the
"now departure" in tiwn mattora , ho
haa taken up his office in his drug
tore , where ho does at oflioo practice
only , and holds the ptatoflicc. The
doctor has a fine property , ,
has thp only exclusive clothing am
furnishing store in tore town.
The two lumber yards an doing a
Quo business , and keeping a heavy
stock on hand , I , W. Baker scorns
to have acres of wood piled up to sell
besides ovorthing from n shingh to a
barn sill , or a punt pot ,
are doing a largo business in grtin
and live stove. Their elevator was
the first in the town , and they hnudlu
nearly n half n million bushels of corn
last year ; while
have built another elevator nnd are
taking their share of the constantly
increasing business , and both firm
have branch houses at Griswoldt nnt
both are doing a largo business , par
ticulnrly just now in hogs , which are
brought in from long distances in
great quantities. Mr. 0. E. Myors
of the younger firm , was formerly i
member of the other firm , and the
ono who located the grain business
is the now sign to bo hung out from
the old Buckeye house , which has con
tested the right to entertain the trav
olini public , with the Pennsylvania
houso. Mr. J. W. Fuson , the pro
prietor of the Buckeye , an old soldier
and well known as "tho landlord , '
since the hrgo hotel burned hero las
year , has rented his house to Capt
John Foster , who was for some tim
in the Dcp > t hotel at Hod Oak , am
comes here from the Whitney house
ot Griswold. The captain was fo
many years in chnrgo of boats on the
Mississippi , and haa n reputation at
an hotel manager , and the boys wil
bo huppy to mbot him and his tralnoi
of the town is in keeping with ou
wide awake young Iowa towns , a
might bo expected , with such ric
farming ! lands and successful farmers
around it.
Quo of these "farmer kings ; " am
a regular reader of the BEE , althougl
miles from town , is
Mr. Clayton was a farmer and sue
cessful merchant in Wisconsin , con
ing hero with the location of the Hoc
Inland road. His farming is upon
largo scale , and spreads over near !
two , thousand acres , while ho propi
gates and handles stock and grain
coinfoitablysituated withfineimprovo
raents and largo buildings on Walnu
creek , eight miles west'of Lowis. Mr
Clayton is the brother of the Hon
Charles Clayton , a member of congress
gross during Grant's term , and fo
some time surveyor of customs at Sa :
'Francisco , having .located there i :
1847. Ho waited'six ' weeks in St. Jo
to collect a train to cross the plain n
that early day , , securing sixty , to star
for the "Golden Gate , " whonther _
was fib San Francisco , and a year a'te
his arrival there wore only thro
But time waits for no man , am
Iowa is filling up little villages into
good cities. The Kennedy Bros. , L
O. Reinig and Dr. Davis have organ
ized u fine fire department , scoured nil
engine of small size , located tankage ,
and are trying to keep up the reputation
of "a city lira department , " while
they protect their property ; although
it is hardly expected thut Dr. Davis
can attend the firemen's touriiamonl
this summer.
a sister of the popular and successful
young attorney of this place , will bo
remembered as having attained a na
tional reputation for her care of the
sick and wounded on.tho battle fieldp ,
md this noblo'woman ' is credited with
wing the only one upon whom Gov.
YtttoB conferred a military rank , and
one of the few in the nation ; and to-day
iho is spoken of and referred to in a
lundrod villagei , while wo gather to
trow flowers on the graves of our
alien dead , on "Major Reynolds. "
3aaa county was named after Lewis
) < isa , and the name for this town was
akon from his name , and the Intend
olutea thut certain of the admirers of
hat notable gentleman notified him
f the honor conferred on him by
ilncing his name on the county nnd
: ounty Hi'ut , and expected a return lot-
er with a bank eh'ck , affording some
ubstantial aid for the improvement of
ho young city ; arid the old Michigan-
or's reply in said to bo more cruel
lian an affidavit ngainet an official or
late frost , but the town is growing
teadily , has n good location , the beat
f water , ontoiprisiug business men ,
nd they read TUB BEE.
Tariff Mmtllie Raited.
LACONIA , N , Y. , June 8. Ropro-
cntativos of all the hosiery manufao-
urors of the state yesterday unanim-
usly agreed they must suspend unless
oiiL'resa raises the tariff.
O. U P , U ,
Vill hold a grand picnic on Sunday ,
une lltb , ut IlascuU'a Park. They
itond to furnish different kinds of
mueumenta , such au foot races , jump-
nf , ' , throwing the sledge , etc. Prizes }
fill bo given to the successful pavties ,
lembers ute requested to moot at
loir hall Sunday morning , at 8
'clock , to march in procession with
uusio to the grounds. All members
re invited , By order of the cominit-
oo , jO-Ut
Buoklin'a Arnica/Salve. /
The BEHT SALVK in the world for CuU ,
rulacs , Bores , Uloers , 8 lt Itheum , F -
er SoroB , Tetter , Chapncd Humid , Chll *
lams , Corns , and all nkiu eruptloua , and
xxltively cures plleu. It Itf guaranteed to
ive satlafootfou ormoney refunded.
'rice , 25 conU per box. For sole by C.
' . Goodman ,
A Patnffll Attempt to Regaia His
Political Kauilibrinm ,
A Nameloea Friend Strains tho.
Truth to Rectify that
Cameron Dragged Through a ,4 ,
Small Hole by Bia Honoh- " . "
The RopnMlonn * Sweep the Field.
in Or con Iowa Groonbaoktrs. ff
A Cameron Story-
Katlonal Awclatod I'rcas.
PuiLADEtruiA , Juno 8. Develop'
wonts made to-day show the absolute
falsity of the widely published state
ment that Senator Cameron , at a re
cent conference with representatives
of industrial interests , thi oaten to op
pose all tariff measures in the senate
unless the general support by republi
cans was given the llnrrinburg ticket.
It now appears that the story was told
as a joke by a looker-onat , the conference
once to a friend , who is a reporter on
an afternoon republican paper
bitterly hostile to Cameron , and in
which the statement was first pub
lished and from wnich it was tele
graphed all over the country. Tho.
Sunday morning papers which pub
lished the statement obtained it from-
Iho same reporter. Yesterday even
ing a friend becoming alarmed at the'
feeling against Cameron which
the statement had created sent
for the reporter and made a
free confession to the reporter , who <
is an anti-Cameron man , and also-
made a lull statement to Col. Frank
Taggart , the secretary of the regular
republican state committee. In tho-
same connection , it may bo said thai
a number of pacticipants in the con
ference who were interviewed a few
diys ago by the National associated i
hoard Cameron
press n prcsontative ,
make the remark. The name of the-
"friend" involved lias not yet been
made public , but It is said that the
republican state committee contem
plate immediate action in th *
promises. _ _
Iowa Greonbaoken-
National Associated Press.
DEH MOINEB , Iowa , Juno 8. The-
greenback state convention made the
following nominations to-day : For
state treasurer , Geo. Dorr ; state-aud
itor , J. H , Hicoj supreme judce , M.
H. Jones ; olork of supreme court-
E. M. Clark ; reporter of supreme
court , J. H. Williamson.
Ex-Congressman Gillette waachosen- .
chairman of the state central commit-
too. Resolutions were adopted re
questing President Arthur to vote the
national bank charter bill , alee sym
pathizing with the .Irish people in
their struggle against landlordism.
The platform also declares a revision.
of the tnnff law in the interest' ' of
American , wprkingmon , and not
rich corporations and monopo
Illinois Democrats.
National Associated tna.
The democrat state central com
mittee mbt to-day , and issued a call
fora state convention in this city , , '
September 1C. . , -
' ( W
Oregon Republicans- ' .
National Associated 1'rcsa.
PORTLAND , Juno Republican *
have re-elected M. 0. George to con
gress and entire state ticket. -
National Associated Prom.
LYNN , Maso. , Juno 8. The two nJ
hundred and fiftieth anniversary of , <
the first Congregational church , the-
oldest orthodox society in the conn-
try , was observed fo-day.
Tiro- '
Rational Associated Presrf. ' " " ' ' ' } J
MANISTEE , Mich. , Juno ' 8. Thw'
First ward school house bucno'd" this
morning ; loss , 875,000. 4' / ,
1ST. LODIH , June 8. The'soap and '
oil works on Poplar street wore de
stroyed by fire Loss $60,009 , In
INDIANAPOLIH , Ind. , June 8. Bus- ,
tod's twelve ice hotinus burned. Loss
$80,000. Insured.
Shot Dead.
National Associated Frew.
BEAIIDSTOWN , Ilia. , Juno 8.--Alpha '
MuNuur , shot duud Annie Siopps , an '
inmate of Bsrth Minor's house of ill
Fame last night and escaped.
UtoH Uprising.
National ANOclated Pros * .
PUEBI.O , Col. , Juno 8. The South-
jru Colorado Utoa are in a state of
jroat excitement , and it is feared
they are preparing to take the war
path , Largo numbers have already
jathorod at a small station on the
Denver & Ilio Grande road , hideously
laubed , for the purpose of avenging1
the killing of some of their members-
maliciously reported to them by a.
lialf-bred Mexican. It is believed
they will make things lively before
they submit to the removal provided
for in their last treaty.
Clgarmulfer's Strilio Ended.l '
National Associated Frew.
MILWAUKEE , Juno 8. The strU
f the cigarmakers which has been Wi
progress for eight months is now t an
and , partly because of the failure of
Funds upon which the strikers havfc
been supported , and partly because
the shopi have boon filled with im
ported workmen.
Millions Given Away.
Million * of Bottles of Dr. King's jNew
Discovery for Consumption , Coughs and. -
Colds , have been given away as Trial .
Bottles of the largo elze. ThU enormous
Dutlay would bo disastrous to too pro-
priaton. were jt not for U o ro merits
* * * * * A \ / * * H J * l -
t o Tr fall * to cure ,
, < *