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Who Foamed With fiaga at
the Mention of Omaha
Workingmen ,
And , Like an Assassin in the
Night , Stabbed them in *
the Buck.
Bartlett Leads in Furious Op
position to the History
of the "Riot. "
The Kailroad Strikers Froth
and Faithfully Follow the
Monkey's Shines.
Moore , of York. Holds the
Floor in the Center of
iho Menagerie.
A Ball of Dynamite Explodes
in the House and Blows
Up the Animals.
The threat Alexander Heaves
a " 3i" Valued at Four
Hundred Dollars.
"Medicine" Bills for Stomach
Bitten Unceremoniously
Thrown Up.
A Double Dose of Anti-Fat for the
Governor's Stair.
Special Correspondence of Tni lira.
LINCOLN , May 19. The wannest
aceno that has occurred during the
session was in the house yesterday
when the militia appropriation bill
oamo up for consideration > n committee
of the whole. The whole day was con.
aumod in the discussion of this
matter , and on amount of spirit shown
in opposition to the payment of <
travagant charges that augurs badly
for any repetition of the insane folly
of calling out the troops to fight a
phantom foe. The debate called out
some oratory of a very exalted character
actor , the members vicingwith each
other in lauding or denouncing the
validity of the various claims. A
lengthy and heated oontrorersy took
place over the items include d in the
ata for expenses of the governor's
staff. Tno UlJI i irCw. bliroT
about S4SO , presented by S. J. Alex
ander , for services as adjutant general
and brigadier general during the riot ,
at a combina'd salary of about § 9,000
per year. After an animated discus
sion , during which the charge was de
clared constitutional , nugatory , ir
relevant and a generally bad character
given k it , the item was stricken out
MBroatch said his army oxpori
encfwarranted the declaration that
was no need of a brigade staff
: o there wore only a few compa
with a complete regimental staff ,
the house did not strike out the
r staff officer's claims. By 3 p.
Ja debate had reached a red heat.
som , Hulman , Whedon , Moore ,
ork , and a number of others made
; orous fight against the staff ex
es and other claims. Bartlett ,
rchHowo , Mickey and McClung re-
/ Biaiod every effort to reduce the claims.
' Moore , of York , made a spirited
' speech against the objectionable fea
tures of the bill in the course of which
he requested the clerk to road a com
munication which he stated would
throw new light on the subject under
discussion. The clerk began to read
when Church Howe jumped up exclaiming
claiming , "Who is thu letter okmed
by ? "
"Lot the clerk read on , and you
will find out presently , " responded
Mr. Moora.
Then Bartlett advancing in front of
the speakers desk furious with sup
pressed rage shouted at the top of his
voice , "Thulottor ia signed by K Rosewater -
water and enter protest against al
lowing u stump speech from him being
road hero , Wo will r.ot allow it to bo
read. "
This wao the signal for general up
roar and the moat intense excitement.
One member asked Bartlett whether
ho would object if the latter was
eigncd by Tom Kimball. Others
shouted , "Let the letter bo read no
matter if it is signed by the dovil. "
For nuarly twenty minutes the
house wns perfect pandemonium ;
raembora wore shouting themselves
hoarse ; knots were all over the house
discussing points of order , and the
chair only added to the confusion with
his gavel.
Mr. Moore kept the floor , insisting
on his right to have the letter road ,
and finally the question was decided
by the house that Moore could road
the communication. Ho prefaced the
reading with a severe rebuke to the
committee , which under the resolution
introduced by him wad instructed to
investiuato the causb of the Omaha
riots and report whether the use of
troops was justifiable. The commie ,
too through its chairman , Bartlett ,
had made a report upon the one-side
testimony of ofliuiala that had called
for and ordered out the militia. No
information was sought from other
parties , no chance was given the
workingmen to present their side of
the case , and the whole burden of
blame is thrown on their shoulders.
It was for this reason a citizen of
Omaha had volunteered to present the
history of the labor troubles from an
unofficial standpoint and it was but
just that the house should receive it.
Mr. Moore then read the following
letter :
To the Honorable Hou e of Efprtscutnlhcs.
As a citizen of Omaha nnd on behalf
of what I know to bo a Intga majority
of the citizens of Omaha and Douglas
county , I respectfully submit for your
information the following statement
concerning the a'legod riots at Omaha.
I was absent from the state on Febru
ary 28th , when the laborers lured by
James Stephenson , contractor for
grading the 13. & M. depot grounds ,
wont on a strike , jxnd had no knowl-
odao of the labor Jroublo until my re
turn to Omaha on the day before the
Labor union paraded in the streets.
While marching through the principal
streets that parade waa as orderly us
any similar demonstration by Masons ,
Odd Follows , or any other benerolont
societies. Among the 2,500 workingmen -
men that marched in that procession ,
fully two-thirds were men of family
nnd owners of comfortable homos , as
law-abiding as any class of citizens in
this ktato.
The main purpose of parade as far
as I could learn was to impress upon
our citizens that the workingmen were
united in support of the demand for
living wages. They had boon assured
that the laborers imported from
Plottamouth would join them in this
demand , and they marched through
the streets adjacent to the depot
grounds in expectancy that they
would make common cause with them
Before the procession had reached th
neighborhood of the B. & M. grounds
the crowd of boys and loafers which
preceded forced their way down upon
the dump and the procession broke
ranks in spite of the efforts of the
loaders , and when a pistol shot was
fired by ono of the imported epocia"
policemen , the whole crowd atam
pedod like a herd of cattle. In th <
stampede three or four persons wcro
knocked down but nobody was ser
iously hurt. The affray lasted loss
than ton minutes and this was the
only riotous disturbance that occurred
in Omaha after the labor union
The stampede on the dump occurred
between three and four o'clock in the
afternoon , and about 7 p. m. , that
day I was requested by Mayor Boyd
to moot him iu consultation about the
situation. At this conference there
were present Superintendent Hoi
drogc , of the B. & M. , Chas. J ,
Green , attorney of the B < fc M. , and
John . Horbach , a railroad contrac
tor. Mayor Boyd requested mo to
give my views as to the propriety of
calling upon Governor .Nance for
troops. I expressed the opinion
that there weS as yet no neces
sity for military interference ,
I urged Mayor Boyd to
go with mo before a meeting of the
Labor union , which was in session at
that hour , and I advised him to say
to the men that as mayor of Omiha it
would be bis duty to cause the arrest
of every man that pould be identified
as having struck a blow on the dump ,
and furthermore to call upon al
workingmen to aid hi in in maintain-
turbance , with the additional notice
that a refusal to sustain him would
make each and all individually liable
as rioters in case of further trouble.
I promised Mayor Boyd I would fol
low him in a speech and urge compli
ance with his request. Mayor Boyd
thought there was no use trying to
pacify the workingmon. Messrs.
Holdrego [ and Horbach declared that
nothing less than military force would
insure safety.
I than urged the mayor to request
Governor Nance to come up to Omaha
and make a personal address to the
workingmen , admonishing them to
maintain order and notifying them
that ho would call out the militia at
the first sign of further disturbance.
This was also opposek by all present.
Thereupon Mayor Boyd telegraphed
bo Governor Nan o that he had ex
hausted his authority and was unable
to suppress the rioters. The sheriff
} f Douglas county was induced to
jign a similar dispatch , although ho
neither personally nor by deputy had
sought to enforce order. On the same
uight a special train was dispatched to
Lincoln and Superintendent Holdrego
with other railroad oflicials induced
the governor to appeal to the provident
fur federal troops. Although not
i militiaman had moved and
lot a single process of the
: ivil authorities wns forcibly resisted ,
the governor assured the president
that the state had entirely exhausted
its military forces in the effort to sup
press a formidable insurrection. This
, va8 on Wednesday , March 8th , but
federal and state troops did not roach
Dmalm until Saturday , March llth.
[ n the interval of more than two days
perfect quiet and order reigned in
- > maha. Lifo and property were as
iccuro 0.1 they ever had been. The
( Moment that n dangerous riot w.s
n progress at Omaha at any time
ifter the governor called out the mili-
ia , Or during their stay in that city is
kbaolutoly unfounded , The troops
vero there not to suppress n riot , but
0 protect workingmen employed by
ho railroad company in caao uneni-
iloyed workingmen should attempt to
nterfere with them.
No proclamation notifying citir.fiis
; hat troops were quartered in Oinuhu
.D suppress riots or domestic violence
vaa issued by the governor , nor did
ilayor Boyd servo notice upon all
loncurned to keep away from the
itreets occupied by the troops. Under
ho city charter of Omaha tha mayor
s authorized to prohibit the sale of
iquor in times of riot , but no action
ras taken in this direction. The sa-
eons wore kept open night and day ,
Sundays and week days , during the
iccupancy of the city by the army ,
> nd the people were exposed to the
tangent from affrays betweendrunkon
oldiers and citizens.
On Sunday , March 12 , the second
lay after the troops were quartered in
) maha , ono G. P. Armstrong , an
god citizen , while under the influence
> f liquor , engaged in a wordy quarrel
rith ono militiaman , and after being
: necked down , was brutally stabbed
o death by another soldier. The
: illiig of this man , whether lawful or
tulawful , ahould have been rigidly in-
'estimated , but the ollicors in com-
rind , when asked to surrender the
soldier that had put Armstrong to
death to the civil authorities , pleaded
ignorance , and up to this day the kill
ing is unaccounted for.
At the urgent request oF the attor
ney general a special grand jury was
ompannoled to indict the rioters , and
indictments were found against fire or
six ollicors of the Labor union and
Trades unions for murderous assault ,
but it transpired on the first trial
that the irrand jury had boon
packed with men supposed to bo
biased agaitst the Labor union met
It was shown that Mayor Boyd said
to ono grand juror who seemed to op
pose the indictments , "Wo made A
mistake when wo put you on this jury. "
The jury tailed to convict , and nobody
in Omaha expects that any of the in
dicted parties can bo convicted. Al
though no apparent necessity existed
for keeping a largo force of troops at
Omaha , they were not withdrawn un
til the men were almost on the point
of mutiny.
Lot mo state in conclusion that
while no reasonable man will oppose
the payment of the militiamen who
responded promptly to the governor's
call , a largo majority of our people re
gard the calling out of the troops as
First Because the mayor did not
call upon citizens to aid hint in main
taining order.
Second Bccauan the sheriff of
Douglas county failed to act.
Third Because no forcible resist
ance was offered to the civil authori
ties in serving process.
Fourth Because no disturbance oa
curred at any time after the ton min
utes' stampede on the durap.
Fifth Because the governor , with' '
out authority of law , called upon the
president for troops before the militia
had reached the threatened point.
The reading of this communication
caused a good deal of commotion
among the railroad cappers on the
floor. The house continued the de
bate over the various items in the
militia bill , and considerable reduc
tions were made. The items to pay
the railroad faro of the troops were
allowed in full. The bill was finally
passed as amended and sent to the
This morning Mr. Moore moved to
have the communication of Mr. Rosewater -
water spread upon the records. This
lead to a reading of the letter by the
clerk , after which Bartlett openodout
with a very bitter speech , charging
Rosewater with fomenting discord
and abetting the strikers in their
ends. The speech made very little
impression on the house , which
clearly saw through its sophistry. A
motion to lay the communication on
the table was lost by n vote of 40 to
19 At noon the debate was still go
ing on with undiminished vigor.
In the senate this morning the tea
timony taken in the Tefft investiga
tion was read. Mr. Tefft them made
a motion that the testimony and the
finding of the committee be spread
upon the record. This was allowed
b/J e-iH > natx- - * - - * f"i _
Mr. Tefft then spoke at length on
the result of the investigation.
Special DUpatch to Tux UKX.
LINCOLN , Neb. , May 19. An ex
cited debate continod all the afternoon
in the house over the resolution to
spread Mr. Roaowator's communica
tion upon the records. Brown , of
Boone , spoke at length against it ,
ibusing Rosowatcr in Ifou of present
ing any.argument. Ho was followed by
"Jen. Hollman , who urged the necos-
lity of having both sides of the
question presented properly , and that
.he house deserved to know the causes
if riots at Omaha.
Oorrell , the woman suffragist , gave
m elaborate view of riots and rioters
'rom a woman's standpoint , and made
lloBowuter out to bo the chief rioter.
Bartlett and Howe followed with
lengthy speeches , both indulging in
bitter Irnguage towards the author of
; ho communication.
The motion to put it on record was
in ally lost by n heavy voto.
The senate to-day recommended the
Slocumb apportionment bill for pia- :
nge , by a vote of 1(5 ( to
14. Nance's brother-in-law , Cni-
tlo , flopped over , probably
it the governor's instance. This in-
lures final adjournment to-morrow in
ill probability. *
The Donate is still in session at 0
/clock , discussini ; the apportionment.
Messrs , Daily , Howe and Do.ino are
.ilking against time , with n fair show
) f lasting until morning. The militia
> ill pissed the senate with an amend-
norit raising the amount of Murk el
ind Swobo's bill to the original fig-
fatlonal Associated l'm .
MIJ.WAUKKK , Mis , May 19. Liuut ,
kV. Walton , of tlio United States
lavy , chief of thu life saving uorvico
n this district , died suddenly lust
light of pneumonia.
ICnuvuH Crops.
\'atlnnal Associated I
TOPEKA , May 19. The warm
feather and gentle rains of the past
ow days settled the question of the
yheat crop , which is cei tain to bo a
tig ono. Chinch bugs have endeavored
o damage , but cool nights and rains
isvo kept them under control. The
inrvest will commence throe weeks
arlior th'an usual.
Embezzler Arrortod.
rational Associated I'rew.
GIIKUOO , May 19. W. B. IIenn r-
hoots , book-keeper forO , II. Pulaifer ,
iaj boon arrested for embezzling
? 3,000 of his employer's money , which
raa swallowed up in speculations.
A St. Xjoui * Man's Statement.
ST. Louifl , Mo. , April 2U , 1881.
II. II. Warner & Co. ; Sirs I was
iurod of painful kidney disease by
Safe Kidney and Liver Oure.
J. B.
Congress Disposes of Two Bills
of National Importance ,
Pope Points to the Progress
of Peaceful Starvation
Among the Mooooleroa.
The Five Per Cent. Land Bill
Patched Up and Finally
Paused by the Senate ,
All Shades of Financial - . Belief
Aired in the Houoe on the
Bank Charter-Bill.
The BUI for n Public Bnildinc at
Council Bluff * FSMM the
National AuocUted Press.
WATIUNOTON , May 19. General
Pope telegraphs the war department
that thoMascaloraIndiansmuatoithor
starve or bo turned over h ) the war
department. .The Indirn bureau can't
food them , owing to liwfcof appropria
tion by congress , and' the Indians
must either be compelled to starve
peaceably , or let go to plunder and
murder for n living.
The house poatonice committee
agreed to report adversely the rcnolu-
tions admitting free foreign newspa
pers sent to bona fide subscribers.
The contest between Yuba Mining
company and Salmon Creek company
as to their respective ) rights to the
Salathaolo mine in Sacramento , Lap
land district , California , was decided
by the secretary ofthointoriorin favor
of the Yuba.
The committee on foreign nft'airs
have adopted a resolution that Ship
herd bo permitted to aubmit for in <
spection any originaljpapors pertinent
to the caao , and it found pertinent
they would be received nnd ho be examined
aminod on them.
Williams nnd Blackburn have just
had a half hour's friendly conference
in the senate cloakroom. Amicable
relations have bepi i restored. Black
burn withdrew his Objectionable Ian
guago. ' ? '
It is authoritatively stated that no
member of the tariff commission lias
boon agreed upon ny the cabinet.
The president hi signed the forti
fication and agricultural appropriation
bills to-day. , , , j/X'r
' 'President Arthur and HOT oral cabin
et officers attended tbo races yester
day and to-day , and goagain to-mor
The convention of 'civil engineers
closed to-day by calling on President
Arthur in a body , and the members
afterward inspecting various placen of
interest. The convention will meet
next year at Minneapolis , Minn. The
members loft for homo to-night.
National Associated Press.
WASHINGTON , 1) . 0. , May IU.
Bills for public buildings atGalvoston ,
Texas , LaCrosse , Louisville , liinni-
bal , Detroit and Council Blufc , a bill
authorizing the Texas and St. Louis
railroad company to build certain
bridges in Arkansas , and incorporat
ing the Garfield Memorial hospital ,
were passed ,
The sonata resumed consideration
of iho five per cent bill , Senator
Morgan delivering a long speech iu
Senator Vanco'n amendment Was
Senator Hoar moved an amend
ment to refer this question to the
: cmrt of cltims , the attorney general
to represent the government. Re
Tlio iiinuiidmiiits of Senators Merrill -
rill and Morgan were voted down.
The amendment of Senulor Farley ,
including California utnong other
states to bo benefited , waa adopted by
i vote of 25 to 17.
Sonutrr llurrin moved that the bill
be indefinitely postponed , Lost 21
to 22.
Senator Morgan's amendment that
tie inoni'y to which a state may bo-
. omo entitled to under Iho act shall
ho rotiiini'd by thu United States on
iccuunt of any direct tar under thu
ict of 1801 , remaining due nnd un
paid , wuu u < > reed by n vote of 24 to 0.
i'ho bill then pawd by a vote of 23
to 17. The iiiiys were Senators An
thony , Bluir , Hrown , C ill , Cemdon ,
Coke , D ms ( W. Va. ) , Dawes , Gor
man , Harris , iiawloy. Hoar , Juckeoii ,
Maxoy , Miller ( .V. Y. ) , Morgan mid
Seiiato then adjourned till Monday.
Mr. Townsend (0 ( , , ) introduced a
bill creating a board of commissioners
DII inter state commerce as a bureau
rf the interior department. lie-
[ erred.
The bank charter extension bill was
taken up. The amendment to reduce
: urrency to bu withdrawn to three in-
itead of fivn millions per month , was
rejected , 92 to 101.
Mr. Baynu's amendment that banks
in notifying the treasury to hold
; alled bonds a year after thscall with
out interest , was rejected-42 to 109.
Mr. Orapo's substitute forllandall's
imendment requirim- banks to ivo
ninety days notice befpro withdraw
ing bonds to retire circulation and
limiting amounts to bo withdrawn to
fO.OOO.OOO per month was adopted.
.The amendment prohibiting the is-
PU'O of bank notes , in ox-
HISS of ninety per cent of
par value of their bonds on deposit ,
nnd the issue of more than ninety
per cent of paid up capital of the
banks in currency , was adopted
A largo number of amendments
were offered of nil shades of financial
belief , but were rejected , Mr. llico
( Mo , ) too'.c occasion in speaking ( o an
amendment , to reply to the criticisms
of Bland yesterday , in which the lat
ter had charged that the greenback-
era of Missouri had entered into an
Agreement with the republicans by
which they were to support republican
measures. He denied the charges ,
branding them na utterly nntruo and
groundless. The people of Missouri ,
no said , nro tired of democracy as ia
shown by the fact that the democratic
mnprity in the state has boon
reduced from 00,000 to 17,000.
Ilia remarks were warmly np-
plaudcd by the republicans.
The previous question was ordered
at 4:20 : p. ni. , and a largo number of
amendments pending wcro then voted
down in their order , and a bill WAS
passed by a vote of 125 yeas to 07
nays.Tho democrats voting for the bill
were Messrs. Beach , Belmont , Bliss ,
Covington , Duestor , Dibble , Ellis ,
Ermnonbrout , Evans , 1'lowor , Garri
son , Hardonburt ; , Hoblitzall , Hutch-
ins , Klotz , Mitchlur , Phelps , Ilichard-
son , lloss , Shelley and Tillman.
Republicans voting against the bill
were Messrs. Anderson , Cutler and
J. Wiatt Smith , classed as a green-
backer , voted against it. HOUBO ad
journed at 0:15 : p. m. , Mr. Calkins
giving notice that ho would call up
the contested election cases to-morrow.
A Staantor Saved.
.Vitlfinal AMocUtud 1'rom.
NKW YOUK , May 19. The steamer
llio Grande waa sunk at Delaware
breakwater Wednesday to save her
from burning. She waa raised during
the uiiht and otoamod for Now York
at 1:15 this morning.
May Muslo.
National Araoclalea tress.
CINCINNATI , May 19. The May
musical festival closed to-night , The
weather 1ms been fine throughout , and
a great success was scored , both artis
tically and financially. The festival
association como out about $20,000
Two-Two A Cairo
National Assocl&tal Prm.
NKW YOKK , Slay 19. The grand
jury , in its annual investigation of
of municipal charitable institutions ,
ascertained that in the hospital on
Blackwoll Island during April , were
born forty pahs of twins.
Georgia Politic-
National Aanoclatod 1'rcu.
NKW YOKIC , May 19 Gov. Col-
quite , of Georgia , says that he will not
be a candidate for a third term in
Georgia. Stephens will bo ottered
and will accept the reaular democratic
nomination for governor , and will bo
elected. Ho will not take the nomina
tion from the independents alone , and
'will accept the nomination uroly for
the purpose ot harmonizing the de
mocracy in Georgia. Col. Oolquitt
says ho has not received Senator Hill's
resignation. Ho has advised him to
hold on to the seat because his salary
is all ho has to live on , and ho may
after all pull through. Colquitt ad
mitted he will accept the nomination
for Bell'n place in congress if a vacancy
occurs therein.
Texas Politics.
National Aktociatoa 1'rcm
DALLAS , Tox. , May 19. It is pretty
certain the republicans will nominate
fifull atato ticket by coalition with the
independents and disaffected demo
crats and green backers. They stand
seine show of success. Notwithstand
ing the reported declaration of retire
ment from politics , it is believed by
many that Gov. Roberts , the old re
liable , will turn up in the democratic
sonvontion as a dark horse , guberna
torial candidates being so numerous
IB to split the party
M urine-
National Aoaoclated I'rcta.
BILTIMOUH , May 19 Arrived Ho-
uuizolliT from Bremen ; sailed , Loip-
iig for Bremen.
LiVKiti'ooii , May 19. Arrived
jnllia from Now York.
QUEKNUXOWN , May 19. Sailed
! ) n the 18th the Nevada for New
JTork.on Iho 19th Celtic forNow York.
IfAMiuma , May 10. Arrived
3erviu iroin New York.
BKKMBN , May li ) . Sailed Hubs-
burR for New York.
GLASGOW , May 19 Sailed--Slate
if Nevada and Anchoria for Now
An Oil Paulo-
S'atlonil Afcsoclntutl i'rcwt ,
CINCINNATI , May 19. A special
TOIII Bradford , 1'onnujlvaniu , says
that the utmost consternation prevails
in ppeculalivu circles of the oil trade
: iver the bi well at Cherry Grove
township , Wurren county. The well
IVHU drilled two months ujro , but never
completed until now , nnd the most
gratifying resultn nro obtained , it be
ing CHtimutcd that it will produce COO
iurrels a day. The market ! H vnry
[ liverish , and a panic of unprcccdent-
, d dimensions iu uxpectcd.
Tanners Strike-
National Autoclat < l i'rciu.
CIIIOAOO , May 19. This afternoon
200 seumsters in Grey , Clark & , En-
{ lu's tannery struck because the pro-
.irietorn posted a notice that the yard
would licroaftar bn known as non-
inion , Over 1,000 strikers are now
nit , and all the lurpo tanneries are
jractically closed , Small yarda are
itill running with non-union men ,
Duly two tanneries are still working
union men at the wages demanded ,
Prafetslouul Piety.
lUtloaM Associated fiott.
BruiNOPiEr.1) , ills. , May 19. The
Presbyterian general assembly devoted -
voted the forenoon to the appoint
ment of special and other committees
ind to arranging order of busi
ness for the session , A special com
mittee was appointed on desecration
of the Sabbath , particularly with re
ference to poftsenger and freight
traffic on railroads. The report on
this subject will bo ono of the inter
esting matters of dissuasion.
AJ.I.ANTA , Oa. , May 19. To-day
wns thu second day's session of the
general assembly of the Southern
Presbyterian church. Dr. Stfiott , of
Austin , Tcxns , tlio now moderator ,
presided. The matter of the frater
nal relations wns referred to thu com
mittee on trreign correspondence. Dr.
Gregory , ddegivto of the reformed
Dutch church , wns received.
National Amoclatnl I'rnw.
WASHINGTON , May HI. The inaugural -
augural mooting of the National
Jockey club continued nt Ivy City to
day , with iv fair attendance.
First rnco for nil ngea , with selling
allowances , threo-fourthn of a mile ,
was won by Iota , Jake White second ;
time , 1:1GJ. :
Second race , army nnd navy stakes
for throo-yoar-olds , olio nnd n half
miles , was won by Tuscaloosa , Fregald
second ; time , 2:40. : } .
Third rnco , Washington cup ,
sweepstakes for all ages , two miles ,
had only two starters , Thorn and
Keno , and was won by the former ;
time , 3:40. :
Fourth race , handicap steeple chase ,
usual courao , wns won by Judge Mur
ray , Kitty Clark second ; no time
LouiftTii.LK , Ky , , Mny 19. First
rnco , for two-year-olds , winners excluded -
cludod , oiio-lialf mile , was won by
Target , Matrimony second. Time ,
CO ] .
Second rnco , for nil ages , nine and
ono > half furlongs , WAS won by Crosoto ,
Follow PJay , second. Time , 1:48 : } ' .
The event of tha day was thu third
race , the contest for the Louisville
cup , two miles nnd ono-quartor , won
by llindoB , Checkmate second , Time ,
3:67 : $ .
Fourth race , for all ngea , soiling al
lowances , inilo nnd a quarter , was a
very close rnco , nnd wns won by
George Wnkoa , Bubbler second. Time ,
2:101. :
Filth race , handicap , mile and
one-half , was won by Lizzie 8. , Grnu
gor second. Time , 3:37. : ] .
NKW YOUK , May 19. Bostons 10 ,
Metropolitans 4. .
DKTKOIT , May 19. BufTalos 11 , De-
troits 14.
PmLAUKU'iUA , May 19. Provi
dence 2 , Philadolphias 1.
The Daba of Manchester.
National Auoclatod ITCH.
CHICAGO , Mny 19 , The Duke of
Manchester and party arrived in this
city last night. They drove about the
city this morning nnd leave to-morrow
for Manitoba to inspect lands recently
purchased by the corporation of which
the duke is president.
Notoi From
National AbSuclated frets.
YOONUSTOWNO. , May 10. The jury
in , the J. W. Bush murder caao this
morning returned n ' .verdict of guilty
of manslaughter. 'A motion was filed
for a new trial.
S. A. Mills & Co. , dry goods , had
their doors closed by the sheriff last
night on a claim of $37,000. Cohn ,
Sample & Co. , of Cleveland , claim'tho ,
Winno Bros. ' drugstore at Painos-
rillo , Ohio , was totally destroyed by
ire this morning. 'A gaaolino lamp
ixploded. Losa , $5,000 ; insurance ,
Mutilated Remains Found.
latlonal Auoclatod 1'roaa.
ATCHIHON , Ks. , May 19. The
nutilatod remains of Judge Gnprgo
V. Ockor , who mysteriously disap.
> eared lost February , have boon found
n a thicket n few miles from town.
The body had been almost entirely
sonsumed by wolves , dogs and liogs.
Identification waa established by
tapers and some articles of jewelry.
' ' "
Starving Jtriau Emigrants.
National AnooclateJ I'reea.
Tnov , N. Y. , May 19. The largo
ado of immigration , mostly of a
roverty stricken character , is flowing
n a channel through this city from
Canada. According to the statements
> f immigrants , it originated in Irish
ivictions. The landlords , after evict-
ng their tenants , made arrangements
'or their transportation to Ponnsylvn-
liu via Canada. No arrangements
lave been made to supply them with
bed nnd they arrive in Troy in n
initialled oonditiod , some not having
nsted food for three to four days.
) arrival of a party hero lost night awe
, wo months baby waa found dead in
tn mother's arms from starvation ,
[ 'hilanthropia citizens lire raising sub-
icriptiona to relieve thu destitute who
ire arriving during day nnd night.
They are often obliged to wait twenty-
our hours for conveyance down the
fatlonal AjwodateJ I'rctuj
CIIICAOO , May 19 , Judqo Bar
ium this afternoon dismissed the bill
'or want of equity in the ease of Col.
"lil Pierce , late editor of Thu Inter
Dcoun , against the Nixon's , involving
iOO shares of The Into/ Ocean stock ,
ilaimed from the Nixona by the
; oloiiel on n loosely drawn contract for
.ho sale n which no valuable cnnsid-
> r.ition was lujjtionod in case of nan-
'ulfillmont. rTorce took an appeal.
fatlooal . . . _
JfcuoAOo , ifiy 19"--It ia said that
So branch hftuse of A. T. Stewart &
Jo , in this city to-day discharged all
mipioyes , 200 in number , and decided
.o clo3a their store hero to-morrow ,
IrlnU Coercion.
National AssocUUd 1'roai
LONDON , May 19. In the IIOUBO of
; ommons this afternoon , on a division
jn the second reading of the bill for
prevention of crime in Ireland , re-
iultod in a vote 383 for the bill to 45
igainbt ,
HBDDINOM , Itoasln Salve hia proved it *
eUicieiu-y by a twt of 76 7ard' oonsUat
it *
Matured MurdorBrsluokefl by
tlio Nook and Planted ,
Numerous Sprouts at Various
Points Qivo Promise of
Karly Riponinc.
Aujjastua LeiRhton Drops
Through a Hole With His
Mug Masked.
A Ren of Innooonoo Dotioonili la
TonnoMoo on the Second Trinl-
Poke Wolla and Other Pills Plnlntr
for Hborty.
National Amoclattx ) Vrtna ,
NKW YOKK , May 19 , Auguatus D.
Leighton , n mulatto , wan hanged this
morning at 8:45 : , in the Tombs , for
the murder of Mary L. Dean , his para
mour , Juno 14,1880.
Mary Donu , n beautiful octoroon ,
20 years old , was married nt 1C , and
deserted by her husband at 19. She
then opened a house of assignation on
Twenty-seventh street. Leighton be
came her lover. Ho wns n light coffco
culor , tall , slender , n great dandy and
a favorite among colored girls , and a
successful barber. Ho became en
gaged to a mullato named Mary Del-
worth nnd quarrelled with Mary Dean
to got rid of her. She forbade him her
house. Hearing she waa endeavoring
to injure him with his affianced by
sanding her information of his past , ho
called on her Sunday evening , Juno
14th , 1880. She refused to lot him in
and came down the high stoop and
talked with him on the pavement. A
quarrel ensued. Ho made threats and
she ran to the top of the stoop nnd
called the police , Leighton ran up
to her , grasped her by the hair , took
out a razor and drew it twice
across her throat , severing the jugu
lar. She fell dea . Ho fled to
Harrison , N. J. , but thpro surren
dered himself. IIo was tried in No
vember , 1880 , and sentenced January
28,1881. Ho appealed and the sentence -
tenco waa affirmed. Ho was again
sentenced to be hung the same day
with William Sindram , but waa re
spited until to-day by request of llov.
W. Morgan , because ho was not spir
itually prepared to die. Mary Doll-
worth visited him frequently and
fainted when parting for the last time
yesterday. Among colored women
who took an interest in Leighton was
a washerwoman , named Margurota
Cordova , for many years a servant of
Peter Cooper's family. She spent
$700 of her hard-earned savings se
curing appeals , delays and respites ,
and promised Leighton to adopt and
give a permanent homo to Mary Doll-
Leighton slept well trom midnight
until G n. m. Mrs. Cordova yesterday
sent him a now suit of black broad
cloth to bu hanged in. The pants and
vest not fitting perfectly , Leighton
sent them to a tailor's to bo altered.
Ho dressed with the greatest care for
the scaffold , personally superintending
the polishing of his boots. Ho' went
to the scaffold confident ho was fully
prepared , and that ho was a true Ohris-
.ion. He mot death firmly , and with
nuch bravado. His neck was not
jrokon , buc ho died of strangulation.
Major , the Italian under sentence
> f death , bade Leighton farewell at
nidnight , each asking the other to
> roy for him.
At the scaffold Leighton were
iround his neck an Agnus Dei given
lim yesterday by two Catholic Sistora
> f Mercy.
Sindram and nineteen other mur-
lorers were hung on the same scaffold
JHod for Leighton ,
POI.AHKI , Tonn. , May 19. W. W.
[ tea was hanged hero at 3 p. m , , to-
lay for the murder of Jas. T. Good-
nan last July , llea slept nono. Ho
ook a teaspoonful of morphine at
laylight and called for a "toddy. "
I'ho scaffold was erected in the rear of
the jail. The execution waa public ,
i'ho evidence against Rea was entirely
Hrcumatantial. Ho had heretofore
borne a good ohai actor and lately the
feeling prevailed to a great ox tent that
lie wns innocent. Strong efforts were
made by the very beat citizens of the
: ounty nnd the state to have his sen
tence commuted to imprisonment for
lifo. The rope broke on the first trial
ind ho wat hung on the second at
tempt. About 4,000 people witnessed
tlm execution.
FOHT MAUIKON , Ia , , Muy 19. Poke
Wells , the notorious outlaw , while
iorving sentence , escaped recently
Tom the penitentiary by chloroform-
ng u guard , whodicd from the effects.
To-day Wells nnd his accomplice ,
Jook , were sentenced for lifo for this
ust act in his long career of crimo.
AN KDiroit iNuiuren
PmLAiiKLriiiA , May 19 , The
; rnnd jury have returned three true
jill ogaiiibt Chan. K. Smith , oditor-in-
ihief of The Proai , charged with
ibollint ; Mr. Wog , district attorney
ind detective.
iNNKi'Ka , Manitoba , May 19.
irthy , a fire bug , waa arraigned
> trial this morning before
. 'lller ' , found guilty and son-
_ fourteen years in tUe/peni-
, . . named Neil Mel
ilro dead on Me in street i
ST. ALUAN.H , Vt. , May 19 , Jeremiah -
miah Shost , a highway robber , and.
Edward Pabina , a till-taoper , escaped
from juil through a tunnel dug under
tlio jail wall six foot deep , by moms
nf a tin wash basin and a etovoshaker.
No cluo.
BUFFALO , N. Y. , May 19. R. Par
ker L o , president of the broken First
national bank , was unable to furnish.
$100,000 boil ana waa kept ia jail.