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Tuesday Morning : , Jan 31.
WMthor Report-
( The following ob rv tlotvi MO taken at
th Mmemouioutt > S time nt nil the stn-
tiooi named. )
Wia DKTMIHWT , U. n. 8i AJ. SHIVICT , 1
OMAHA , January 50 , ! & . (4:46 ( : p. ni. ) f
Denier , . . . , row Clear
Cbeyenrx. . NW drink Clo.r
. . . . . W : icr
Omahit. . . . 0.111 S rre h lt. Hnow
Yank ton. . 20 t7 8\V llrsk 01 ar
"Dot Uotnt * 31. 0 sW rVoh Cloudy
Davenport. SO.Ot Fnih Pair
st. Paul. . . Frc h ( Star
m. toula . 30.111 SRW fresh Cloudy
Moorbefcd. . IH.73 W Fresh Fair
Tlncent. , . 20.01 aw froth Fair
W.76 H llrl-k Clear
Buford. . . . 9.M W Clear
Onrtor. . . , . HW IlrUk FMr
10.76 NW Ftf.h Clear
Jtalnlboine 29.B1 Illsh Clondy
Illver trozcn.
County court b gina n week from yea-
With Uia exception of the gmivll pox
the health of tlie city for the pout month
trill show up quite good la the mortality
The only CMC of mn&ll pox In Lincoln
terminated fotally this tnorning by the
death of the patient. N > other C.ODCH ere
A Sundon , ft Swale , fell off n coal
shod in the B. & M. yard yoaterdiiy and
dUocnted hia oliouldcr. The damage was
euily repaired.
The district court will convene on
Monday next , February 6th. The docket
, 'Ljrjultca heavy one , about five hundred
and Bfty CODCR .being net down for trial
A partner la * wanted In a well estab
lished dally now pai or , In o growing west
ern city. For particular * apply nt the
office of C.'U. Hounel , 317 South Thir
teenth street. 2t
The Unity clnb will give the last party
ol the present scriefl on Wednesday evening -
ing , February 1 , at Standard hall. Holders
of aeaaon tickets ore requested to bo pres
ent by 8 o'clock ,
Wo have a special article of Vnplo
Syrup which can uot be purchased clue-
hero In the city. We guarantee It pure
and furnUh at a. little moro than ordinary
cost. FLEMING & CO. , drocern.
Mr. George Hough , formerly of L'leas-
ant Lake , Ind. , hau leased the Omaha
Uuropcan llcstaurunt , No. 1100 Farnain
street , and is rt < furnuling ! it thruughout
in an elegant manner , and will keep n lirat-
clasa place in all reHpcctn.
) The county treasurer la going for
thoM who owe peraonal taxes , nnd all
who know themselves to be delinquent had
'better attend to the matter at once. The
law in very strict in this regard , and the
treasurer proposes to enforce it without
lear or favor.
, A private masquerade party taken
plaooat Matoniohall Thursday evening ,
February 9th. Invitations have been
jwued , the recipients of which alone will
be admitted. 0. 0. Field is manager , and
O.U.Ogburn , W. J. Whitehouse , Mell
Smith , Win , Onburn , C. H. Picker and S.
fi. Farnsworth , the executive committee.
Stanley waa removed from th city to
4he county jail Sunday When Sheriff
Miller went to iicarch him he protested
that ho had already been searched several
times. Notwithstanding thin a big knife
WM found concealed on his person and
taken away from hist. He notified , , the
officer * that he nhould "beat the jail" if
lie could , and they might count on that.
The ministers of the directing board
and xtcutlve committee of the Swi dish
KT angelical Lutheran Mimion Synod of
the United Stateu are holding the semi
annual conference at Omaha , un > \ minis-
ten of the same have been preaching from
day to day , Thla will'be the Ifcut evening ,
half-past seven o'clock , at the academy of
auslo. All Scandinavians are invited ,
It is stated on good Authority that Mr ,
Ji. D. Collier , formerly in the U , P.
freight auditor's office , has recently fallen
heir io $0,000 by the death of an aunt living
at hiu old homo in the cant. He received a
letter Sunday notifying him of 'the fact ,
and noon after got a telegram requesting
him to send a power of attorney. Inntciul
of dolug so ho will leave for the cast
thU week and look after bin legacy in per-
on. His many fricndu will rejoice nt hlu
good fortune. ,
Did yon ever know any person to
be ill without inaction of the stomach ,
liver or kidneys , or did you ever know
ono was well whou either woa obstructed -
od or inactive ; und did you ever know
or hear of any case of the kind that
Hop Bittern would not euro ? Ask
your neighbor this oamo question.
John Baumer , county clerk , h * * gone to
XJaooln on otOcInl bus utu.
Joi.nti Taylor has returned from an
ctended trip to St. I uU and tther
points cast.
H6 . B. M. Bartlett , of the law firm o
O'Brien & Dartlett , returned y mterday from
* vi t to Albany , N. Y. , and Washing
II. M. WelU , of the firm of Baswitr
Wells , returned from the cast Sunday
JTro a what we had heard wo hardly ex
fwctod to see him return alone ,
17 , 8. Htnhal | 3ierbower ; who WM r
ceiitly daDgerously' (11 ( In m pneumonls
iuw almost entirely recovered , * and Is agal
able to auume his duties. He left fo
IJaooln yesterday to attend the Unite
State * Court.
_ _
In these times of quack inudicin
advertisements every whore , it is trul ]
gratifying to find ono remedy that i
worthy ot praise , and which roallj
does as recommended. Electric Hit
tore , we can vouch for as beinj { u tru
and reliable remedy , nnd ono . "tliu
" will do us recommended. Thoylnrari
"bjycurou stomach and liver complaint
diseasea of the Kidneys and Uritian
difllcultica. Wo know wlioroof w *
apeak , and can readily nay , givu then
a trial. Bold at fifty coma a bottle In
Jail & McMahon (3) ( )
Tbo Small Proprietors Ask to
bo Hoard in tbo Matter ,
And Fnvor Letting Posterity do Its
Part ,
To the Editor of The Omaha Dee ,
Your sensible and suggestive article
on the boutl question in tho' 'paving
problem in opportune. In the meet
ings at the board of trade it has been
studiously given out by nearly all the
speakers that it a largo proportion of
the paving waa to bo dona by bonds ,
it would bu dofi-atod nt the polls. In
conversation , how ever , with ordinary
people outside , I find thorn of a vtiry
different opinion. They don't want
to pay everything a they goj they
wont to leave part to bo poid by pos
terity , and they want the present pay
ments to bo so moderate that every
street of nny importance could partici
pate in the benefits of thcao bonds.
In fact , they endorse your proposi
tion of Boventy-fivo per oont bonds and
twonty-fivo per cent for proprietor ) ,
and I believe if a public meeting oi
the citizens waa called , that plan
would bo endorsed. It is iiuite clear
that it is to the interest of the owners
of valuable property to pay tor the
paving themselves with as little in
bonds aa possible , as their frontage in
proportion to value is exceedingly
araaJl , compared with other portions
of the city. The gentleman from
Sixteenth street who npoko at the last
mooting was the first to open
the writer's eyon to this fact , and a
public meeting ought to bo called to
give iho bulk of the people ( the small
propnotorn ) a chance to express their
The interest on five hundred thous
and or even ' 'one million dollara in
bonds would press extremely light on
individuals , and the rental nnd value
of their property would bo wonder
fully increased , and wo would got
the city paved quickly and well In
the best regulated communities ,
it is held that the streets belong en
tirely to the public ; that the property
owners have no right whatever to
them , and cannot make any use of
them moro than the ordinary publio ,
and are liable to a fine if they UBU
them at any time so as to make the
slightest obstruction ; under these cir
cumstances it would seem that if the
publio own the streets the public
shoud | pave them , and if the whu'o
city could bo paved at once it would
bo fair that all should be paid with
bonds. But as all cannot be paved
at once , let these proprietors who
gut c.n immediate advantage by hav-
ing.their street paved first pay 25 per
cant. This would iict as a check on
comparatively unimportant streets in
sisting on being paved , and as they
have to pay entirely for the curbing
ami guttering ( a pretty expensive af
fair ) it would bo a strong chock.
The put lying streets that were not
immediately paved could well iilfbrd
to pay the very small additional
amount per annum these bonds would
add to their taxation , as every addi
tional street paved would odd to thu
value of the whole alty. The truth of
this is seen very plain on Tenth street ,
the paving of which is of auoh im
portance to the whole city that it waa
proposed ut a mooting of the board of
trade to pave it by subscription , and
large amount * wore parties
who live somewhere near it. Let ua
hear now from some of the ordinary
proprietors , Mr. Editor , and publish
their letters , and wo will got nearer
public opinion than half a dozen
speakers at the board of trade can get
for us. Yours respectfully ,
A GmzBH.
F. S. It is also very important to
note that if the money is raised on
bonds it will bring capital into the
city , while if paid entirely by the
population , it will only servo to em
barrass them , and prevent the much
needed and desired improvement of
their property. Money ia none too
plenty now to meet the wants of the
rapidly increasing business and popu
lation of the city. It is well known
that there ia not nearly sufiicient
house accommodation for the popula
tion , and it is only want of money
that prevents improvement in that
MM. Partlngton S y
Don't take any of the quack rostrums ,
as they are regimental to the human
cistern : but put your trust in Hop
Hitters , which will euro general dilapi
dation , costive habits nnd nil comic
diseases. They saved Iiune fromn
severe extract of typhoid fever. They
are the no plus unum of medicines.
Boston Globe. M-15
First Appearance- Omaha of the
Now York Actor , Franz Roinan , In
"Intrlffuo and irf > vo. "
Sunday quite a largo concourse
of people assembled in the German
theater to witness the first performance
anco in Omaha of the celebrated and
gifted comedian , Ilorr Franz Roinan ,
and at thu close of the drama it wai
unanimously agreed by all presonl
that they had boon amply compensa
ted for braving the inclemency of thi
weather and attending the perform
Mr. Franz Roinan is unqueotiona
bio a very fine nctor and althouol
till quite a young man1 hoi
traveled very con idorably. Ho hoi
pUyed in nearly all the leading then
tera in Germany and iri several inAua
tna ; he has also visited England am
hoi everywhere met with a very fim
The piece represented Sunday
"Intrigue and Love , " U n very thrill
ing drama by Bchillor , and then
are some very beautiful idea
in it , clothed in exquisite language
The role which Mr. lleinan sustainei
BO ably , is a very long and dilltcul
ono ; in fact it was generally concedoi
that never since the German tlioatr
in Omaha has
boon in ex
isteneo was there such a f s
for trun Jovem of the drama
If the manager of our Gunnun tlioa
ro can always bo fortunate enough ti
* ucuro brilliunt actors like Fran ;
Ucinau , the fnmo of Omohu'a Gormai
will apread all ever the atato.
Misa Grossman deserves n word of
commendation for the diligent care
with which slio rendered the part il-
ntt d to her , and old Mr. Grossman ,
w t'rraidunt Walter , fnlrly eclipsed
ilm olf.
Want of space procludpB the poeai-
> ility of paniculariz ng the minor
mrta of the play , but BufTico it to ray
hat they were all exeelleu'ly rendered.
They ore Making a Dooperute 1'iwht
for Pofltponomont.
Tho"caien of Corbin , ladings uid
} laroy , the indicted ntir route men nnd
Sidney , postmaster , arj exciting n
irreut deal of interest in the United
SUtos court at Lincoln. The do-
ondauts are ably represented by
counsel , and they are making n dea-
Mirato fight for postponement or
abandonment of tho'ir caws. Every
toohnicality IH buing taken advantage
if. It appears'that the indictment
agaiuat Oorbin arraigned ' 'Edward
Corbin. " The deiendaut by that
name comun into court and ploadit
.hat he isu't the fellow , aa his imm
< Edwin.
The object of securing n oontinu-
anco of tlio caaea ia claimed by the
United > tatcu to bo to atavoiffthu trials
until something turns up to furnish
a pretty plausible dtfonno or until
come of the witnessesfor , the prosecu
.ion die or ' 'got out of
.ho country. A number of
vitnossea ha > o been BubKiMi | < wd
rom Now York city , Philadelphia and
iVaahington , and all of theseuro much
vexed at the delay which compels
hem to atay nt Lincoln and away from
heir business. It ia stated that ono
of the witnesses for the government
gees < out in the roar of tho.Couiuierciul
every morning and swears until the
ulpnur produced thereby drives all
of the people out of the block. A hot
imo ia expected when the casoa do
inally come up for trial.
Y. M.C. A.
Well Attended Sorvlces-Rov. Mr.
Reference to tbo Asso
The services at the Young Men's
Christian association Sunday were
well attended. At the nicotine m the
afternoon lUv. Mr. Hiiraha spoke of
some of the historic ilcuetoiun referred
to in Paul's letters to the Ourinthoans
showing that some of those thiiipo
"hard to be understood" were not so
hard after all , when these customs are
known. Next Sabbath afternoon he
will take up Paul's second letter to
the Corinthian * . The evening ser
vice for men only waa well attoudid ,
and short addresses were made by
.Messrs. Meyers , Reynolds and Bo-
zard on the text ' -What shall it profit
a man if bo Hhall qaiu the wholu
world , and lose hisovru soul ? or what
nhall a man give in exchange for hi *
soul ? " ,
At the Eighteenth Street M.
E. Church , at the evening ser
vice , the pastor , Rev. J. W. Shank
poke very encouragingly to his con
gregation of the Y. M. 0. A. and ita
work , and expressed himself aa being
in full sympathy with it , and asked
his people as far M possible to encour
age it and sustain the enterprise. He
spoke feelingly of the lonlineaa of
men away from home , and the temp
tations and allurements to which they
were subject , and referred to the as
sociation with iU open doors and
social benefits as a place where young
mm could find friends and not bo d riven
nto places of sin and prostitution ,
[ t's interests should bo in the heart of
every father , mother and friend of
young men.
Ho Thlnka'tho Lubor Union Doea not
Q vo all a , Fair Buow.
To the Colored Voter * of Omaha :
The politicians uro beginning to sot
the pot a boiling already und it
behooves us to organize at oneo for
the approaching campaign. We
should not wait until the fight begins ,
but act at once as a united people- .
This is the time to look out
for our own interests us citi
zens of this country , nnd our
zeal should not bo confined to
National H Hairs , but extended teState
State , county and municipal matters
aa well ,
The spring election , oloae at hand ,
and the fall election following it will
result in many changes in the city
council , school board , etc. , in which
wo ought to have something 'to say.
This should bo dpnu without regard to
color cr nationality and the men who
represent the Republican party and
Republican principles will best repre
sent us. Such men will give all whu
are capable of holding pflico a chance.
Perhaps everyone is not aware
that there is u society known as the
Labor union among machinists ,
union among themselves to deprive
colored inou that huvo n trade of all
chance to secure work , Nc
matter how good ho may bo in
his trade he cannot got work on ao
count of this union. We have a fen
machinists among us who are tht
equal of any ono. Wo niuat beware
that none of thoao union men art
hoisted upon the ticket to bo supported
by us. Our pwn interests must tx
looked after in this matter , and I hope
that the president of the Garfield clut
will aid in uniting the colored men ot
the subject. Let every man ccmo oul
and enroll his name in this club anc
work for a common aim. E. S. 0.
Aa a rule wo do not recommonc
patent medicines , but when wo knov
of one that really is a publio benefac
tor , and does positively euro , then w <
consider it our duty to impart that in
formation to all. Electric bitter * an
truly a moat valuable medicine , nnc
will surely euro Biliousneus , Fevoi
and Ague , 8ton\ach \ , Liver nnd Kidno )
complaints , oven where all other rem
cdies fail. Wo know whereof wt
sneak , nnd can freely recommend tc
all. [ Ex. Sold nt 00 cents u bottle.
Ish & McMahon , (7) ( )
A Well Attended Levee Held
by the Jud/je / Yesterday.
Wlltti l/ovrli ; , tbo Young Tramp , Sent
< jf * Uomont Last.
Tlio police court room was moro
crowded than usual yestfrdav , a'-
though the proco-dings included noth
ing of unoflunl intercut , unices it bo
the trial of Adam Ports , who was ar-
roatt4 several days ngo on the charge
of cruelty to anlmala. Ports is the
man who throw a cleaver at "Keno , "
the Scotch tonior belonging to engine
company No. 0 , and such a great if a-
vorito with everybody. Thin case did
not cotno up until the last on the
docket , when it waa discovered that
the complaint was defective , and n
now ono was filed by Jerome
PonlaoJ. Itvaa noon before
the papers were got in ship shupo ,
and consequently nothing was ac
complished in the way. of hearing
t stimnny during the forenoon session.
Throe drunks were arraipnod # nd
fined the usunl amount. One paid
and two wore committed.
Willie Lowio , the bov who created
a sensation in Council Bluffo by the
story > f his wanderings , and who * M
sent ever from there to Omaha on
Saturday , wan run in Saturday nieht
by Office r Blaok. Ho is a dimin
utive specimen , not over eiuht
years of ago , but his un
washed face , unkempt hair and ex-
CMcdinuly dirty hands all mnrk him as
the gnnuino vagrant. Willie ran away
from his grandmother , who liven near
the fair grounds , s' weeks aifo
and has ninco that time tramped ever
Ewtorn Nebraska and Western Town.
I'ho search instituted for him by hii
grandmothoc waa unavailing until
the boy was captured hero
when die was at once
notified of the fact. The young run
away found himeolf confined with a
hard crowd in our city jail. The sight
of men with handcuffs on , locked up
in cells and not allowed to cotno out
to the fire , the hard language nude by
several drunks , terrorized the boy
and ho bogged Officer McOluro
yesterday toullmv him to co , promis
ing to return homo at once and never
run awaj again. Ho was kept until
yesterday und brought into court
with the other prisoners. Huaflectcd
indifference f r a time but finally
went np to thu judge and with main
tears bcggod to be allowed to go
homo , promising io bo a good
boy in future. Ho waa allowed to
go , and started off up Sixteenth
street at a lively pace. Whether he
will gr > homo or not ia doubtful , but
the officers .think 1m experience of
Sunday has thoroughly frightened
his tramping proclivities out of him
Ho ia a bright buy , and if unmanage
able at homo , should be sent to the
reform school.
"PI. "
Jcuh DIlltngB HIVH : "Thare Mnt no pi
in natr l hi-try that haz hern et more.
a d th t more oft than apple pi , nd no
mediclri k n ura iuif ye-tun and lllo.iae-
ne n haf to wel ao SPRING BLOHHOM. "
Frtca 50 cents , trial bottle * 10cent. 3lw
Lady Teacher Narrowly
Escapes a Horrible Fate.
On Saturday last Misa Clay , a
young lady who teaches in the Omaha
public schools , met with an accident
which came near resulting moat seri
ously to her.
She was in the act of cleaning a
pair of gloves with benzine , both
gloves being on her hands , and had
poured a quantity of the iluid into a
wash bowl. Having saturated the
gloves , she stood by the stove
rubbing them together when the }
suddenly took fire Turning to the
wash bowl , and thinking in the hurrj
of the moment that it contained water ,
she plunged both hniuU in. . Thu re
sult was an explosion , und the flainoi-
leaped up , coveting her head and
breast nnd setting her c ethos oi >
lire. "With great presence of mind
she seized her dress and throw it
about her , smothering the lltmos al
most instantly.
Miss Clay escapes with a burn ori
boih arms nnd n burned dress , and
was able to go t > her class room yea
torday as usual , She rooms at M a
Pettingill's , on Chicago street , be
tween Seventeenth nnd Eighteenth
street * and boards atGen. Eatubrnoks
the accident occurring nt the formoi
place. _
How otten do we see thu hard-work'
ing father straining every k nerve anc
muscle , and doing his utmost to sup
port his family. Imagine his fooling )
when returning homo from a hare
day's labor-to find his family prostrate
trato with diseaiw , conscious of unpaic
doctors' bills and dobta on every hand
It must bo enough to drive one almoa
crazy. All this unhappiness could b <
avoided by using Electric Bitters
which expel every disease from tin
system , bringing joy and happiness tt
thousands. Sold at fifty cents a bet
tie , Lm A MoMahon. (8) ( )
Imposing Funeral OorteBO T/he / Ttolr <
Victim of theColfax County
. On Saturday last' Franz Rouse !
died iu Bohomiantown nt the ago o
fifty years. Rouack was the husbam
of the woman who was killed bi
Horalecky , in Colfax county , a fev
months ago. Heralooky waaRousok'i
son-in-law , nnd killed his own wife n
the same time , bt-ini ? now in4tho poni
tcntiary serving a lift ) term for hi
double murder.
Rousuk was in feoblp hcaltl
Ht the time , and this broki
him all up , so that ho hui
boon sick over cinco and died from tin
i JlVctn of the tragedy , thus nUkiiif
Hi-rnlocky a triple murderer ,
The funeral took plnco Sun-
day under the direction &
Mr. Cliarloa R'owo ' , the under
taker , on lower Farman street and
was \ cry imposing. Tnoro were six
most clcgitnt carriages , and the hcarao
was drawn byour matched horses ,
while a brass band was , in accordance
with the wiahes of the deceased , in
attendance. Rouaok wnK quito well
off aud leaves a son who will bo heir
to his property. '
A Remonstrance Against Monopoly.
To the Honor hlo Major ami C iy council o ! ttio
iIty ct Uiuaiia :
Thu undersigned , citizens and
property own > ra of Omaha , hearinc
tint an ordinance was , on January
17lh , 1882 , presented to the city
council , granting to the Union Pacific
railway company the privilege of lay
ing two or moro railroad trucks on
Jucksou atreet , between Sixth and
Ninth streets , in auid city , and be
lieving as wo do that said 1 ail way
company dooa uot need the said
privilcgo , and that the granting of
the same by the passage of s.iid or
dinance ia against thu beat interests
of the city of Omaha , and would
Bunously cripple and retard other 011-
terpriao * in which the city of
is materially interested ; wo , thiru-
fore , respectfully but earnestly ro-
mciihtruto and protest against the
maaago of said ordinance by the
lonorablo city council.
( Sinned. )
3toeo ) A : .Jolinuon W J Kroatch
Tootle , Maul \ ; Co W V Alorao & Co
tJ ron 11 oil & Co Lewis Reed
MeUord & Ururty W C B Alton
J M Woulworth H \ \ Vutua
lohn A MoShano W F Koniitdy
JHaitintn Max Meyer & Co
Ualdwell fc Co Gee W liointtu
J Stnekler F D Cooper
a it Gurrtitt llainea Urea & Co
S 11 DulTctt 0 S Goodrich
C U Karbaeh P .1 IvHtbacti
Cru.ckshank . & Co E T Duke
[ I Kinglium & Sou J U Kull > m
donry i'uudt F A Schniedor
D A Piorey J J Urowu
James Oreighton John Bracken
Louis Beindoif A H Gladstone
Timothy Kil ey O H & J S Collins
Vleyor & Uippko Henry Uickman
L' J B ard & Bro John Withnell
ineo Viore Owen McCtifFioy
iV M Cualiman Wm. N Wuitman
Sdholm&EiicliaonC M Connoyer
j B Wiliiuuia &Soii8 Lewis Brash
lobort S ein S J Btirgainun
iunry Lehman John W Lytlo
j J ) ' Gooduiuu W T Seaiuau ,
Gto E Barker B B Wood ,
Gee W Doano N W Merrill ,
L'hos Gibson J S MeCormick
O F DJVIB M Hellman A ; Co
F L ) Oroightou Peyeko BreaM
M Elyuttor A Polack
S P Morse & Co Little & Williams
rhomn3 Curmody J F Shueley
E P DUVIB C R Turner
Jotan & Co W M Y-ttoa
Martin Conner Wm A Quyer
A J Simpson John Miller.
Gently Does It.
Eugene Cross , Swan Street. Buffalo ,
writes : "I have used Sprmc lilotso i. for
lyspepsia aiM indi eati 11 , and hav fnutid
t to i.t admirably n a geutle aperient
aud bJooi puritier. I conoidur it vwequi'td ' ;
you at liberty to use iny iiuma aa a
reference. " ' Price 50 cents , trial botilea
10 cents. 30-lw
Forty years' trial mi proveu "BLACK-
> RAUGHT" the beat liver medicine ia
he world.
, _ .
tJ - - - j - - -
Book Auction to-night at Cumings' .
EGGS Six dozen for one dallar at
J. I. NIGHOL'S. Jan30-2t.
The Annual Masquerade Ball of
the Omaha Turnverein will take place
at Turner hall SatuJday , Feb. 11 ,
1882. Tickets 81.00 each.
Vaccine Points
city *
Just received
John W. BellV ,
820 Tenth Street. j27-4t
Fresh vaccine virus just received at
Panter'a Drug store , corner 12th and
Doughs streets.
EGGS Six dozen for one dollar ai
J. I. NICHOL'S , Jrn30-2t.
Jas. Falconer has removed to th
basement of the ' 'Bpyd , " where ho ia
prepared to seo-all his old friendn nnd
patrons and "moro too , " Ho cer
tainly keepa a first class place and ia
doing finely. Between the acts , when
you have to go out "to sec a man , "
drop down. _ _ janl2coo > 10t
GROCERIES , Now Stock , Fresh
Goods , fine line , corner 13thand Webster
stor strcota , H. G. KRAUSE.
M. R. RIHDON has nioyud his insurance -
suranco office into Boyd'a opera houao ,
corner roomover * drug store. Theatre
entrance. janl9-lm.
Mr. Joseph Rosonateiu has asso
ciated himself with Mr. , S. Motz in the
Fish and Game buamess at 1213
Doug'as ' atroet , at Motz'a old stand.
The atoro has been thoroughly over
hauled and fixed up in first-class stylo.
They will do a wholesale and retail
business in Fish and Poultry , and
will no doubt do an increased business
aa their present facilities and remod
eled store will add greatly to their
trado. The now firnf will bo known
as Motz & Roaenatein. Telephone
connections. Goods delivered to all
parta of the city.
MASKS , all kinds , at Mrs. C. 0.
Sclmoflor , 1202 Homey , Cor. 12th
Gold and Silver Trimmings at Mrs.
0. 0. Sclmotier , 1202 llarnoy , Cor.
12th street ,
"WINF IF CARDUI * for Ladies only.
HoBolutlon Relating to Employes lit
the Poet Houflo- Justices of the
Poaoo Appointed.
The weekly mooting of the county
commissioners was hold on Saturday.
Commisaionora .Corliss nnd Knight
were present.
A resolution wrw paaaod concerning
the peat houao inmates , as follows :
Resolved , That any employe or pa
tient connected with the post house
bo and they are hereby prohibited
from visiting or goinij in the vicinity
of the county poor houao on any pretext -
text hatever.
The following appointments were
made :
W. H. Small and J. B. RoBonfiold ,
jubtici'B of the pcaco in Omaha pre
cinct No. 0.
A. G. Allen , juatice of the peace in
McArdle precinct.
The bonds of the two firal justices
were submitted and approved.
A number of accounts were allowed.
of Men's , L'ldtca' and Children's
Glovea und Honiury regardless of their
coat at BUSHMAN'S.
Book Auction to-night t Gainings' .
Ladies' , Men'a and Children's hose at
from Cc pur pair up , at Bushman's.
Frcah vaccine virus just received at
Punter's Drug Store , corner 12th and
Douglas Btrceta.
FroBh vaccine virua just received at
Panter'a Drug Store , corner 12th and
Douglas at recta.
ei De Meyer's
The a tldotal theory , now admitted to lie
the ni'lytrnatrnent which-will eradicate Catarrhal -
rhal Polaon.
i.uv. Chaa. If. Taylor , 140 Nolilu street , Brook
lyn , N. Y. : "Ono package cflicted a radical
euro. "
Kev. Oeo. A. Ilcti , Coblcskl'I , Scboharle. Co. ,
N. Y. : 'U restored mo to my ministerial la-
Kev. W II. Simmer , Frederick. Md. : "Fnc
reoults In six owes In my fimlly. "
Rev Ova E. Pratt , St. h'cpbon's rtoctory
Phi a. : 'Quito wonderful ; let me distribute
ynur 'Trcail e , "
Clna. II. Stanhope , Newport , K. I. : ' I waa
too deaf to hear the chinch belts tiug ; hearing
Otorgo W. Lambriph , 73 lllddl B'n-ct , BalH-
more , lid. : "Suffered 0 years ; perfectly
Mm. M. E. Bhcnncy , S' 22 Sar&ti otreet , Ht.
Louie : "Tho first natural in 0 ye rs- "
Srrs. J. W. Puictll , Oalduu Uty. Col : 'Uso.l .
nlv no package ; entirely ured ; BuBorcd 24
eart. "
Dr. F. N. Clark , Dm list , 8 Montgomery st root ,
Rill Francisco : "BuffiTed la ears ; perfectly
cured , " etc.
Dr. Wel Do Meyer's Popular "TREATISE"
on Cater h mallwl fnThu gr at Cure IB de
livered by DrugfdsU , or by D B. Oewey & Oo , ,
lt-2 Fu.tun street , Ne * York Ior I 00 ,
IO uUAM MuratY.
NOTICE Auvertutmun ? It ) tx > u , tor bale ,
Lot , Found. WonU , Boardlnsr. Jtc. , will be In-
Mited In these oolnmni once for TEN CENTO
per line ; each eubaoquent Inaertlon , FTVK CENTS
per line. The first Insertion neier lea thu
ONKYTO LOAM Call at XwOtneeo
M L. ThoitiM Boom 8 CnUrhton Block.
i To loan at from 8 to 10 per cent
_ _ 'on ' ( rood real eitatoeecurlty , by
X > I/JAM At B per centln-
„ tcrwt In sums of 92,600 and
npw rd § , for 8 to 6 yean , on Brst-cUM city and
farm property. Buus Ran , EaiATX and Loui
Aawtcr , Uth and DnuaUn Bta.
I. Ulllu ky a Oo. nave ubrcnwud
WANTED buainws of H. Derthold , at 1020
ouglaa itrrot , wi'cru they will continue tht
builnew , and b } fair dealing and PI.MHK K" < " 1
prlo they propooe to Increase thn trade Thcv
solicit parties who have old Iron , nyt , Junk 11 1
mntal" to itlve the n call. 7981 mo
To inform the public ihtt I have
WAfTE s.'M to J. ( ia.inei y It Co. my rig anil
mct'il nu iiict > 8. but cn'y ' 'rented Ilio bama lora
xh'irtperk-d. All kin if goods In the junk
Una w i be handled by m ut my new p'o < o of
t > xiiiecu , corner toth and llarnoy i-i . 11. Hurt-
hoM.prejirietor i'mah.Ir. ' . n and Motel Vnnl. 7-tf
I'/iTANTED / Sltuition to do general nous -
W w rklnrtmnj u llj. Inquire at 1) . M
< uckln , 10th and I'ainhnm Si. a51 *
ANTKIIrl Imdlat < ly , at 1708 Cal'for-
nla "t. ; niusi te if.od cook , wothor and
Ironcr None other nortl apply. 31-tf
Kmplojmo'it ) < y wrnan cook
WANTED II. Ma nweilur , tmpl'.imo t A t ,
lltli St , near 1'urnlum. 33-1 *
Kmplojnient l > y a yoimj * wan In
WANTED Apply . Manuwe Her , Kmploy
ment/go t , 1 tht. . . near Faniham. 31 1 *
"VITA 1KD To excha o fnr city propurty
\ V BO or 16 a ( rtb of Kood farm laud Improv
ed , with t rub r und running natt-r Hltuated In
York countt , 4 rail ) < irnm railroad town. Ad-
( ires * , J. liluctt , 1716 izard St. , Onmha
- ' , from 12 to 1C jearJ of
WANTFD-Fourt'lrU Knitting factory. Ap
ply at 108 N. Ilth street.
! ! > a sober , ntcady man , a rwr-
WANIKD si uatlon ; wllllnj ; to take hold of
anything. Dint of rtftrcuce. Atldrots K , , lie *
oflice. r
- 'or gjiieral housework
WANTKD-Ooodgirl , between I a\enport
and Chicago , Uood rclerincuH rtqulrcd.
\ \ * ANTl'D-A irooJ woman caok. Inquire at
VV Mrs. McO y , on Populoton a > mue , hot.
2nh ami 22nd tr ! t. IS- * '
* iwt-ciasii coou , ono wno uuder-
WANTED < i meat rooklnira cli upii r- ; none
but fint-claos ntt-J ai > Ale n uood "cy
vraltsr. "Apply itlloiV rnhaa ' Ml ei < ll
To buy a huu * < and lot or two
WANTED on nne lot KOIUI vi here Dei wtv Kth
and 2d itreeU , bel < ire Marcn l > t. Lta o word
a the B. E. cor. ol Ilo ard > ud8th. P-1
ASTKD A good rtrl for general rjouw-
work , aim a tnull lrl tu take c ro of a
Uby. Inquire noitQWwt corner Vid and Uurt
.treit. PMU
IANTKD-A woman cook at the Kmmct
W llou.o 037 30-
ImmeUlately , a drl to d ) enur-
WANTED . Apply at northwest cor.
nerof Hamilton and Pier bla. , Bhlnn'i addition.
Funding bridge and chool bou < l
WANTED Clark. IttlUnif. W-U
ANTED To rent a ilvolrallo dwelling
W boutv. Addrcu Box 40 , City.071 tt
A few day boaruers ran be ac.
WANTED Qras-daMi table board a'
a \ery reaionable rote. Ii quire ai 135 Howard ,
beUceuUth and IQih il . 886U
Nl'ED- iblldren an boarder * In oselfct
Mhool , at 10th and Califamb St. L. I )
OU HUNT New home , 7 room * , 25th and
J Chicago St , 33 4-
ItEVr- Ton - ri land Uh j ou , three
1HOU ' c ty on Military ical. Apply
10 J. JJ. bhuly , 0-3 .
.1011 KKNf-Kootns In Jscob ' block ,
I 903-1 f
1U2JT-4 mom * . Inquire at N. c < r.
FOR nnd Coliron U St. t > | .30 *
JlENT-lloom partially furnl.h'd Caplto
; atomic , bet. 17th MI I ISth , > ou h s do.l _ t
. IlFN'l Uncllln/ howe llh 6 rofiins , at
I.1W eornir llth and Jonei. Irvinlie of G. W.
Korean. 12 tt
HKNT-fMC ly furnUhed rooniK , at 1016 .
Chicago at. iVtl
"I70R Kf.NT l' < uriil lipd cottiutc , OOJ N. IKS
Jj bt. 'Cull aftoi fo-.r 13-31'
T OR HENlX-ttotlPO of Mght tonrns. Kniinlro
X1 J. 1'UlviM Itoc , 1512 b. Fifth ft. 077-lf
KENT Fob. > t comnodlcuf brick rwrt-
FOR , corner H'th ' and Firiiham S t , Ar
pl > tojlr * K.A. Ittner , Tabor , Freuont Oo ,
Innti. H"m'iirca ( dmlrcil. 9 < l'tf
rj1"H HUNT One of the bout rtnn > cu u nine
L1 Bt. Mxtl. hy January 1.1882. SiXi tf
L1OJI'HI > .M * lurtn flfu rooiiK ort > i jua
E < * nta'Eti.h nKeN.K ccr. Ifllb and Vods-
ftrueta. "
FOB WKNT-Nlocly furnished rooms with or
without board. Reasonable prkos , 201B
OttMBt. 769-tf
FOR RENT Furnished roonn , north nldo of
California St. , 2 < 1 door wort of 21nt. Inquire
after i p. m. 434-1'
T7IOR RElsT Oottoico of a room * , well ai < >
X ! cistern ; 23rd and 8t. Mary's avenue. Enquire -
quire of > t. W. Kennedy , 312 S. th Bt , 749-U
Oil SALK OK KENT A ( food Frying bui > l-
noin , BiiltibJu for imy or > e lent Si per
tuontb. ( food location. Terms tnoJimte. Ad-
dioss "Guttlnctii , " lice olBco. 9-tf
SALE HniMe , 7 rooms , clowt. cl r rn.
EH ell and lot ; COS N. 13th Ht. U2 4 *
liOK SA1 B 'Ooi l will and fixtures i f a Hret-
fj clasniUoon end Mlllard hnll , Mtu ud In
the town of Do Witt , Clinton Co. , la. Will kiwi
Iliu Inilldlnfrfor n term of five ) cnr. OomUt-
Ing of a larve bar-room ni'd dwcJllrg roome.
The IK-HI location In the city. The pltu-n ha * .
b n doing a One buolncx * forton uar * . A'so ' a
taree Ice iioU-o nilod with Ira. Addnu Itro. W.
Kuduch. Do Witt , tllntou Co. , la. 2Sdit It
8ALB HOUBO nnd full lot in ( rood loca
tion. cheap. Trice , H2W. Eosr terms.
llcCAGUfc , Opp. poet btlloe. 16Lf
TJ10RS\LE Beet bnlldlnjr lot In Shlnn'o ml.
J ? d'tion , 142 feet front by ISO feet depth.
McCAO t ) E , Opp. poet cftlco. 1 4 M
E8K SALK , CHKAP-EiiKlicer'g tooln , com-
pricing of a theodolite and apparatui ) . Iji-
qulre of C. U. , 207 S. 13th St. IB-tf
EOR BALK A good biifrgy horse , eiiilalik- for
a lady lo drive. Inquire Ko. 1109 Howard
reel. P78-4
FOK HALEMy place , the French Onffeo
Ilotieo and neetaurant , Kb. 620 South 10th
Btnet , v.111 be for fti.i In the catly part of tlte
summer , reasons for c.rferlng the eaine at thu
tlm Is tr inablubujor to arrange bin burinogg
In time forbujlng. p. WIiO.
942-tf _ _ _
F OR SALK 1 a itrd stallion , Clydodale. K
jcaraoldvtliiltij ( 16CO pou dIMak
lon , j .Norman J Voig&n , C years old , Mclv h-
li'E ICSOpunds , took fin prru.lum at Kobiaska
Matu Fair , 1831 , 1 Kei.tu ky Jftcli. bla-k ,
weigh n * ; about 900 pounds , 4 yra oii1 , tooh
Hret premium at Ncbra ka State Kafr , IBaO and
1S81. Inquire of Chan Nebcr , 1'arm. > a MOUBC ,
Cilv. B33-tf
FOR'SALK Four scctlnnii cf fihtlrlng and 3
good tounter * . Inquire at n n
opera lloueo I harmocy. OVJ-U
SALE OR KENT A grocery store and
butcliorBhop , doinjra uod b lntm. In
quire at this , H12-U
I" non SALE 2 nlco counters and 2 gilver plated
' ch'iw cases , at G < .o. U. Peteieo I'D , 1-01 South
10th St. _ 74l-tf
riOH BALE Orwillrxcha go for Omaha pro-
JJ pertyanlmprotidBoc on of land adjoin
ing a ( t&Mon on U. P. R. R. 11. DUNHAM. 141 !
Farnham 8t.jpmaha. _ zai 8mr
T7 < OR SAL12 < r trade for city property , on
J } pan o horses , harness and wagon , Addrta
B. Y. , > hl ofllcM- _ 723
IWK HALE A good govcn-juar-old bone \
JL1 Warranted to drhe single or double , En
quire of George C&nUcld , Contlold houno.
. covia-tf
B 20.1-tf RSTAKKOOK * 4 i
IOsT A Lutidlo of print paper , lost b < tw en
J U P dep t and 1'ih and Denj > rttt :
Finder w 111 ) Icanu return to The Kcpubltcaii of-
fi cc na be icwardwd . , 30-30 *
E 19th and Davenport tt. OM-tf
1 quire at Haspo'ti Art Emponom , IblD Dodjfo
It rot U LUM-U
T O3T- New pocket-book , betwxn rest ofllco
\J and Lan > r grocery store , containing about
JoO. 'I h finder pleave lee at Bee otSco , where
the owner will pay reward of 810.
wanted by experienced man. Small salary.
Boi 602 City _ P&Uf
Far the next 30 doyc , we wUI , on the
SHIUTfl of glxty cento , tend to any oddrtes ,
po > tpild , one of our unUtmdrud duns Shirt-
Positively only one Shirr tent to one address.
EUHEKA Bill TC < 1. .
040-1 m Marseille * . 111.
Within three blocks al
JJ poatoflko. Inquire at 1610 Dod e. 0 6-tf
O'l ICE TO I ONTItACTV RS5 Scaled proposals -
sals will i.e iccel > cd until 12 o' lock , noon ,
Junuarj 31 , IBS' ' , lor the erection and cotnplo-
tlon of bulMliii ; for the Avauemy of the Sacred
Ileurt. Pianx and tpeclQcatlonH on lew at ollice
oflurcne& Miniifcltwlin , Arciilicct , Omaha ,
tial ) , whtru bide vll IHI rccehtd. The right ia
rcaatved to reject any or all bids. 02t31
IJUJK.NlSircuOOSiS -ForDin lo gentlemen ;
J > also ono front room with piano , Bouthwest
corner lth and Capital avcnuu. _ fco6-tf
BEMI"B : "NKW ciry MAPS. ioo. iiounto
ilapa. 8 .M ) . _ ntO. I' . HKM1B.
IN CltAtUM fuatilu and Oil , " S 1
. IHO decorative imlntlriff. 21118. 1) . IU
nAKTINKII , room 1. Jacob's Hlock. M2-U
HAY At A. II. bandur'ii food btorel
BALKU Harney Ht. 8l9-tf
B luj pajrc.
TIONALIHT , 403 Tenth Stroct , between Farnham
and Hainey. Will , with the aid of guardian
uplrits , obtain for any one a glance at the pati
aud pruaent , ami on curtain conditions la the fu
ture. Bootu aud Shoes maJo to ; rdur. Perfect
" ' Nctlcnrnariuteed
T '
Absolutely Pure.
lhUlowl'er"c5trare' ! < Am r > elof purity , 4
itr'n.'thond hole ouicne88. , .Moro ccouomlcti
than thnrrdiniryliniis , anil cannot btt cold In
oo'i P'titlmi v.nb tli imiU'tiule ' of lew tett ,
rtort Mtlilit , alum or pho-phate powdfra
oU uily In can * .