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Growth and Prosperity
' TltrI1M -
lown December i
This thriving Htllo busincBs ccntt
two or tlirco hundred inhabilanco
five miles cast of Glcmvood , o\\
Walmbonccy , and is asking for nrti
of incorporation ,
The rolling prairie scomsreliuvoi
tlicso valley and sido-hill villages ,
licro vro have ono of the quietest 1
towns in Western Lwn.
T. I ) . Lewis 1ms the "boss" i-roi
liouso , and as miglit bo oxpcctc
good growin" , ' trade , for ho was
first Bubsciibcr for Tin : D.iav UK :
the village , and when tlio mails en
Tin : HKE past this tilllco ntid delay
delivery , lie places the fact on his <
-uido bulluliii board , thereby sav
trouble to himself and poorer noi
bora , who are always waiting for
arrival , ret'.irdless of nil other pap
Micklowiiit & Coats have the Hi
steam elevator in this partof the nt
with a capacity of twenty or twci
five thousand bushels , and storage
n hundred thousand bushels of cor
the car. They dp a largo bnsin
which draws heavily from the adji
infj towia , and read Tin : linn.
There is ono natural curiosity fo
licrc. It is claimed that ono trai
man of the bur ? , believes that
earth is not round , and has for n <
to demonstrate I
titno been trying
it is without motion , much
the amusement of the 1 :
who watch his system
"Siu'hting the North Star" , raugci
Jino with two lack nails driven i
the door post. Wo entered his di
gloomy and silent store , and fc
him sitting by the ntovo , all absor
in the sweet music of a mouth on
which ho reluctantly neglected 1
enough to inform us that "all in
papers were useless to him , and
ho was too poor to take ono if ho
uircd to do'BO ' , " and then quietly
Binned himself to the siren numu
the mouth organ. BUOKBVI
Iowa" Stnto ( Asylum for Fat
Minded Children.
This institution was established
the general assembly of the state
Iowa in the year 1870 , and locate
Qlonwood , Mills county , in the bi :
ing formerly occupied by Bold :
orphans. The object of this inst
tion is to provide special means of
provomcnt to that class of childrc
deficient in mind , or alllicted
auch marked peculiarities , of into
as to deprive them of the benefits
privilogco of 'other educational ( ii
tuticms and ordinary methods of
fltruction ,
The education imparted to
class , includes not only ( ho nin
elements of instruction of our com
schools , whore that is practicable ,
embraces a course of training iu
. more practical matters of every
life , the cultivation of habits of el
linoBs , . , propriety and solf-rolin
, and" to develop and onlargu t
capacity for useful occupations.
.Idiots and imbccilea are fein
in body as well as mind. T
Igait and voluntary movpm
afo generally awkward and s
and their special senses inactive
undeveloped , and are wanting inn
cms and muscular power. Phyi
training and development , theref
nro essential , in order that their n
tal improvement is made porman
hence the importance and noccasit
gymnnaatic and calisthcnic oxen
an their treatment.
The very feeble power of atton
must bo cultivated and increased
tlio most attractive means. The s
ial senses must bo trained and <
catod , vicious habit * are to bo cori
cd , and the idea of obedience
moral obligation must bo planted
nourished ; and all this must b <
cbmplishod by special means adit
to the individual , as well as the
oral treatment peculiar to such ii
tutions ; and it is only insuchasyh
directed and arranged for the ace
plishiaonta of these special objects
they can receive such benefit.
Wo ( hid hero children and yc
people , graded all the way from
"dummy" in our commom Bchoo
the idiot , classified and at work ,
we find the boy , who could
count or repeat a nhor sontenc
-stand with ordinal y composure ,
now put to nhamo some of our h
less , neglected boys , who have 1
npoilcd by their smartness.
Tlio school in a very important
turo of the institution , lleiowc
a choice combination of kindorgn
training , calisthenics , and nu
jynnmtica , oll'urcil BO kindly , ii
ducod ovorywhorp so artfully , nn
aisled upon so winningly , that o\
where wo find order , clu-oifulnos :
interest in the task ; and the'
compk'to contUtonco in the tea <
will superintendent ,
* The kind-hearted people who
xpendiiiK .tho best part of the live
this noble \ \ ork , have --rout reap
bilitica resting on them , and i
ofton-aru , placed in very Irjjng
cuimtttiicoji , requiring great pi\tu
and the utmost self-command , A
ut the same time it is nocupsni
possess a native polish of tnannci'
.inborn dignity and grace m c
inovcinent , and an all pervading i
of Christian oarucutnena and lov
the noble work to which they
given thomeclvt'8 ,
Very many of the boys and
who have every advantage , seem !
in our common schools , would I
with shame to see these poor , del
cd and simplo-mindrd children i
through their exercises checri
promptly , and with all the enthui
and pride of the "smartest Lc
Bchool" who JCIIOWB ho can "spe
school down ; " and the careless
important teacher who has att
notoriety an n "machine" tea
might well take ) nrgonu from
patient , quiet , Christian young !
who are helping thcso childi
work out the problem of life an
mortality , and demonstrating t
thought foes world the wonderful ]
and mysterious influence that
vatod and refined Christian ladio
exercise over vicious mid idiotic \
of any age.
Dr. 0. VV. Archibold , M. D
> rime factor in this institution fi
ho beginning , i * the superintc
tit , and to himvo I
properly five credit
in the
Ho success and perfection
oomplishmonls attained hero.
Archibold has had the advantage
iraining In quite a number of
leading medical schools , iliclud
Uellovuo , Now York University , <
ii-go of Physicians and Surgeon ? ,
rio ] Missouri Medical College of
Louis , and fur years has given
whole sniil and thotujht to tl.o worl
Mich asylums , and is the right mm
the ri ht place. Of pleasing nddr
a finished yontlcman , a hard Hind
and thorough practical physician
absorbed in _ the great work bo
him , lie carries with him an atr
phoro of kindness that aeenm to
apjireciated by every one around Ii
mid yet sustains that nalivo dign
inborn nobleness and untiring one
which commands and "leads the w
in all the daily work , mid his w
exemplifies in the strongest way ,
character-forming clement of
ample and influence of refined
cultivated Christian Indies and gen
met I
.Mure than a hundred of IhcHo wi
of the Btato have been refused
mission for want of room , and
fact that two hundred and fifty
admitted into that crowded instittil
at present , tells how easily a si
witli a SIJ.OOO.OOO state house ,
overlook the needs of those mifl'ei
children of allliction. The pros
building is intended as a wing to
main building , and ib is a. won
that human inginuity can invent w
of supplying the demands of the f
as well as it is done with the small
propriation and the crowded coi
tion of the building. Laying ai
tlio question of steam-heater , lautu
now sleeping apartments , and m
Other much needed improvcme :
more room is needed and , it seem
us , demanded , that the clas
cation might bo iinpro\ \
As it is , children from nil varietict
families must hero mingle tnoro t
they should ; and the boy , who cai
speak a word intelligently
ccpt to swear , must bring that
into the presence of the child 1
and reared tenderly by some fait ]
and trusting mother ; and. the c
born of abnormal passions must
quire untiring care and , contii
watching , when allowed to mil
with boys and girls in any aclioo
What would bo done with tl
children should an epidemic appcn
that peaceful homo ? is a problem ,
to intenoify the question wo must
member that many of those chile
inherit diseases , ivnd the faitl
pliyiiician oftwi finds his wita pux
to handle these safely , under the i
ious and undivided attention of
mother , but what can bo ace
plished in these crowded rooms ?
The aggregate expense of this ii
tution , including teachers salai
amounts to about twelve dollars
each child ; while most of the insl
tutions of this kind reach sixteen
twenty dollars for each child , c
year , and usually the produce <
good farm besides. Such flatten
has the success of this ontcr [
awakened , that the national assc
tion of officers of similar and kim
institutions in the United States
Canada nro to hold their next'moo
hero in Juno to Satisfy their dosii
learn of the ways and means of
complishing these grand results. J
Jennie Van Dorn , the princ
teacher in the school , has been in
responsible position from the opoi
of the asylum , and is a lady of ) i
experience in schools of thin k
thoroughly qualified and ace
nlishod , and is a master sj
in the school. MisuLxioy Kusaell
Miss Laura Maker have boon with
school for BOIIIO time , and are 111
their positions nobly. Miss Phi
Coffin and Miss Mattie McLean. c
fresh to the work with hearts fu !
sympathy with all the duties the ;
nobly discharge , while Mrs. S.
Archibold , as matron , has her hn
and heart taxed every day , to mo
all these dear children , and look n
their child-ways , their joy andrews
rows , and supply their wunts.
As a pedagogue for years , wo 1
visited a great many schools , and i
human nature in many forms , an
us , the grandest triumph in this ii
tution lies in the complete harinoi
all its workings. That entire ci
donee that every child has in
teachers , and the perfect undcrst
ing between teachers , the unborn
praise awarded by the parents , am
eciprocalcheerfulness , obedience ,
'annly co-operation that scemn to
r'udo the whole institution markii
i giand BUCCIMS and an honor to
The Historian' * Relative.
Cuvii.A.Ni > , 0. , Feb. iU ! , 3880 ,
II , H. WAIUNKII & Oo. : Prioii
tuko pleusiiie in saying that 1
used your celebrated Safe Kidney
Liver Cure , and * that it cured i
liright'a ' DiBcaso after 1 was give
to ( Ho and all other rcmudius
failed <
dcoiood ( lw JAM us S. Pniwor
The Ute commtaiou has boon ii
sion in Washington for the last '
and have made a renort to the B
tnty of the interior. The r
shows that the Ute Indians nu
in 'all about -1,000 , , and are di' '
into four bands , each under char
an agent , who has heretofore
direct relations with the gnvcrm :
The "Uintahs , " living for the lai
years in the noiirhhorhood of the
tali river in Utah , have made
must progress in civlliai
many of this band dwelling
well built houses and on
tilled farms , and Bonding their
dron to well taught schools.
White Rivers , the least civili/i
all , tinco the miiHsacro of their i
two yeiua mncu have been wand
in the mountains of imrihwr
Colorado. It has been tlio desi
the government to settle thcsi
dians upon Uintali river , in ord
bring them under the civilizing
uncca of this more advanced
This has been nn important p.i
thowoikof the commission the
Benson , and they report Eome
COSH The "Uncoiiinahgro" band , h
fore du-ulliii } , ' in the valley of th
compahgre JUver , in southwc
Colorado , have also been remove
point in I'tah wheio Wliito
makes iti > junction with Green.
ivith this band jcems to have b
higlily successful in every parlicu'
md they are now \\ellsettled in a I
'lie and healthy region.
An attempt has been made to so1
> ho Southern Utes upon certain riv
In southern Colorado , near the lini
Ncw Mexico , but for various rcas
'his has not been regarded as des
blc , owing partly to a lack of agrii
tuml latidfl.
The commission conscqiiot
recommends the cnnsclidati n of 11 :
Indians with the Uncompahgrc'S
Utah The grand purpose of
Hovornment tluoiigh this commis'
is to break up the wandering ha
and tribal rolationn , and to settle
Indians on faimn held in severally
they may gradually become citi/.i
In this work the commission
assured of complete success. At I
tlio Ute Indians would liuar notl
of housed , farina and schools , bill
length in all the bands many of
head im-n and chiefs have becc
hearty Jriendsof the now departun
The Growth of O'No 111 City.
Correspondence of tin lie ? .
O'Nniu , OITV , Nob. , December
Seven years ago last Jlaj' , i
colony wag located hero , and ,
some time , the nettlcr.s had to go
Bond to Nelijth , in Antelope cour
for their mail , which was fifty in
distant ; but to-day wo are floiuow
annoyed by petitions of parties wt
ing the postoflico in this town , wl
position , I undeistand , is tendorci
W. D. Matthews , of The Front
Mr. Hngerty , the present
etimbcnt , having been remov
From yood authority I learn t
the ollico and its its perquisites
worth § 1,000 per annum. Wlm
change in seven years. The asses
valuation of the county last Juno
about $710,000 , sin increase over
previous year of nearly 100 , an
believe the assessed valuation i :
year will bo over double what it
this , or nearly one million dollars ,
account of of its rapid settlement
miles of railroad built thin sea :
You will BOO by referring to
official returns of the vote cast
judge of supreme court that Ilolt'rn
the 3uth , and of the ( ! i counties of
state , casting alargor votolthan'sov
counticH which were soltled si-v
years before her. Wo cast in
county a larger vote than cither of
following counties of the State , \
Antelope , Uoone , Cedar , Cheyei
Ouster , Dakota , Dawson , Dix
Franklin , Frontier , Furnna , Gaa |
Oreoloy , HitchcockHoward , Kean
Keith , Knos , Lincoln , Mern
Nance , NuckollH , I'holps , Pierce , 1
Willow , Sherman , Stan toil Val
Wayne , and Wheeler. While wo
not cast to exceed five-eighths
full vote , which remark I presume
apply with equal force to the ves
the counties of the Stale , tlio i
for ouv County Treasurer was -12 n
than for Judge ot Supreme Coi
Taking the 900 votes cast us e <
to five-eighths of the full i
wo would have l-l 10 voters in
county , and taking -IV as a basis
population to each voter and I
think that too high yhcro there
BO many Irish families wo we
have in this county , Ci-180 people ,
still have room for twenty times
many more , and men of every
and creed can come and take lau
this county by simply paying the |
eminent feca of $14.00 for a qua
section ; bo frco from taxation tor
yoar.s , with a good homo and wosl
market for everything thuy rnise ; i
railroads at their doors ; they
search far before they find overytl
to suit them as the can in the val
of the Niobrara and Elkhorn.
Hope on , Hope Ever-
Xo matter what tlio ailment may
rheumatism , ncnrnl 'n ' , lamrneHB , nstl
brunchitU- other tr atmcut have f
lioponnlpoat once fop THOMAS' 1
TitioOil , , It will tccuro you iinmei
relit f. ocilh\
Soiling a Watch.
Detroit Free I'rcsn.
"Yes , " said the auctioneer , "sti
ing up hero and selling goods 1
after hoar and day alter day as I (
fellow gets so that ho can toll whc
i man wants to buy anything
vhetherhe merely comes in to 'gi
round the ahow cases. Now tin
man coming in whom you coul
ell silver dollars at fifty cents anii
The stranger carried a black foa
alise with the glazing worn oil'at
iornors , and though respect
dressed , there was a shiny appear
o the sleeves of his coat that indie
long-forgotten tailor. Ho lei
longingly at the yellow watches ,
'iimtly , and with evident roluctr
noved along down the show case ,
the hunting-c.iecd nilvor watche
kvhero the cheap open faced ones
displayed , lions h'o paused , and
noiiccd them us if
luting their iintbablu value , mid
nucb his pocketbook would havi
slirink to oll'ect a purchaeo.
"JIaiigea if 1 don't think
snoo/.cr wants a white super' ' "
claimed thu auctioneer in a low
as ho darted around behind
counter and assumed his professi
smile and voice.
"Wish to buy a watch this n
ing , airl1'
"I would if I could nllord it. "
"Anybody can ntl'ord to buy i
watches. It is actually cheaper
mini to buy one of them than t
without. You don't ' believe { ( I
prove it to you. Tlio other day i
low who was going out into the c
try for a few diiys caiiut in here
bought one of thoao solid filled 1
ing cased , stem windmt. mid
pushing , thirteen jeweled , Ho
movement watcltiis of nu < for $1
' 'Fourteen dollars ! " escliiimei
stranger , in it tone of surprise ,
regarding the yellow fraud with
"Yrs , 811. That's all the rosl.
was only (50110 throe days , di
which time ho became engage
marry a girl worth § 10,000 , and
lie e.imu back ho had awunpnd
watch off for a four-year old colt
ho sold for ? B5 , He came rig
hero and got three more of
watches , aim has gone out iutt
country to swap them off \\itli a
farmer for a pair of bay marc
years old , that can trot bettor
I5-10 in double harness Kxpec
back to-day. "
"Ho did very wrong , " sail
stranger , sententiously ,
"Kh ? Oh , of course ! Corn
t ( old him so. Told him ho ought
tell the farmers that they could
the watches hcio of mo for $14 ,
he is one of those wild , spcciilat
follows , and 1 couldn't control h
Will you have ono of them , sir ? "
Thu stranger's right hand star
towards his pocket , heaitatcd a i
mcnt , and then drew forth a w
worn but very coqnilcnt wal
1 'Yes , I'll take one , ' " said holies
lingly. "You see I am going up i
the Lake Superior couiiUy to prc
among the lumber camps this wint
and a watch will bo a good deal
Cuiilpany for mo , " as ho laid down
money on the counter.
"Aro you a preacher ? " inquired
auctioneer , with a look of surprise
his face.
"A very unworthy one , " was
meek reply.
"Why in thunder didn't you
so , then ! T always sell clicapei
preachers. That watoh only cost
gl l.'Jo , and you can have it at c <
Yes , confound it ! lor $10 , and hoi
a chain in the bargain. Now
out ! " an the htrantjer began mutter
After ho was well outside the do
the auctioneer explained : "I'd rat
give § 10 than have that follow 1
that watch. I never cheated a par ,
befoie. Confound it ! I won't
able to sleep all night. How ho
take mo in. Who'd a thought lie
u parson ? Hanged if I didn't th
ho was eithur an out-and-out seed (
green policeman playing detect !
\Voll ! " with a little ncrvoUB lau
'if ho preaches by that watch , li
bo tried for heterodoxy within
month. '
How elton do wo see the hard-wo
ing father straining every nerve i
muscle , and doing his utmost to s
port his family. Imagine his fccli
when reluming homo from a h
day's labor , to find liio family pi
trato with disease , conscious of unp
doctors' bills ami debts on every ha
It must bo enough to drive ono alir
crazy. All this unhappiness could
avoided by using Klectric liitti
which expel every disease from
system , bringing joy and happiness
thousands. Sold at fifty cents a I
tie. Ish & McMahon. ( S
If yon suHcr trom Djspepria , < iso
If you arc alf.Ictctl with Hillmiinrs' , use
If jou are prostrate ! with sick Headache , tal
II your ttonclsarc disordered , rc iilatu them
iiuuuociv IIL.UOD nrrn
Iljour IllooJU mjmrc , purify Itwlth
If 3 on h.ic Indigestion , > oil u ill lind nil ant ;
If you are troubled with Spring Coiui > Iaint
ndieato them with UURDOCK IILOOD BHT :
If your Llxcrls torpid , restore It to healthy >
If jour Lhcrlaaftcctcd , 3onlllfliulasui
toratl\oln DUItUOCK IILOOD I1ITT :
If j on have any speilcs of Ilunior or PlinpU
If joii lm\c any pjmptoinuol UUcra or Serofi
Sores , a curative remedy will ha found hi
For Imparting Rtrcngth and \ltahty to tin
tern , nothlii ) ; can equal
'or Ncn ou anil General Debility , tone ii ]
rice , I.OO per Hottle ; Trial Bottles 10
Sold at wholesale hy Uh & llcllahon and i
JooJiuan. Jo 27 cod-
IiiHon < c of Families
Hoitdtcr'ii Stomach lllticrj 1 i nmcU ro ;
u n household iicccitlty "i sujnr or cidi'c.
reixson of tliti It that > car > of expcrlvnco
| iro\ej it to bo prrluct y rullalilo Intlioioui
iniorucniylicro a iuomitn"J | coin oiilcnt
lOj-Uilemaiutfil , Constipation. Ihcr cpinj
< l)6X-l | > ii , iodlgvitlon niul otlur trouble
ouirit > irn uy Iu
Formlu l > yall DriiKKl'UamlPrakrit , to1
> l > lj for IloUcUt'r'd Aluunai for 1832.
Mary J. Holme
Just puWUhoJ : Madeline. A
norcl by MKN. MAW J. HOWKH , h w i
bell to uiormoutriy , and are read and n
uitli null Interest , llcautltully bounil ;
, 'AI o haiuliomo ncweJitlonnofMrx. ll <
otlcr work Tcimmt ant Hun.hluc ,
UlU'M , IMltli I. ) Ic. Kdiiallrottiilnir , Marian
West IJVMI , Forest Homo , ito. , i'te.
A Changed Heart. Another Intensely
cull ii u notcl by MAY AOMIS r't-ruisa , nut ]
those cayltil no\tl Ouy K rlicourl' * \ \
Woudcilul Woman , Mid Mairlajjo. gikn
True , Ixnt for a Woman , ctu llcautllully I
price , UO ,
Q. W. CARLCTON & 00. ,
Oat2ldcodlu < I'ublUhcn , K. V. C
John G. Jacobs ,
( Formerly of OUIii Jacobs , )
No. KT Fatchim St. , OIJ Stand Cl NX
WTOrJcri OY Tclcgraoh Solicited 1
1319 Farnham Street.
Within the next sixty days we expect to occupy our new store at
stand , with a
315 and 1317 Farnham street , adjoining our
stock of
Unequalled in the West ,
. Study carotully the
Preparatory to moving wo oflor our entire stock at a great
prices wo quote , boar in mind that wo buy all goods for cash , do the largest strictly retail dry
the benefit of
to give our customers ,
joods business between Chicago and Sanfrancisco , and
all the low prices and extra cash discounts given us by manufacturers and importers.
\Vc have purchased five bales of n very fmo and heavy red twill Flannel , full 2 ! ) inches wide , and are closing
liom out at CCc. a yard. They are fully equal to any ever shown hcfore for COc. to ( > 5c. 25 pieces of beat quality
vcstorn / A. . _ Shirting 1 . . . . _ , , . Flannel Ol _ 1. at _ 070. il- * * _ 1 _ , usually _ L - . sold / . for I. .15c. *
oo :
Vhito ! 5.00 IJlankots in the West. 50 Pairs Extra Heavy all Wool Blankets SO CO. 00 Pairs 12-4 Extra Heavy ' . _
7.00. GO Pairs 11-4 all Wool Blanlccts § 8.50. An Extra Largo San Jose , California , Blanket for $10.00. The
rory Best Bargain in Omaha
In Colored Blankets wo have reduced our $0.00 Blankets to § B.OO. Wo rccommnnd this particular Blanket on
ccount of size ( being 0x7 feet , ) weight and texture , aa being the very cheapest ever shown here.
For the next fifteen days we propose to inaugurate five leadeng prices in dress
Gents , 50 Cents , 85 Cents and $1.50.
At 25 cents Dress Goods that sold for 35 cents asd 40 cents. At 50 cents Dress
Goods that sold for 75 cents and $1.00. At 85 cents Dre s Goods that sold for
$1.25 and $1.50. At $1.50 Dress Goods that sold for $2.25 and $2.50.
At 50 cents a Black Cashmere usually sold for 75 cents. At 70 cents a Black
Cashmere usually sold for 90 cents. At 80 cents a Black Cashmere usually sold
for $1.00. At $1.00 a Black Cashmere usually sold for $1.25.
yw , ! I
We are hero allowing nn elegant line of Orcam , White , Old CJold and other now colors in
And recommend them for
Wo are daily opening novelties in Fancy Goods , Handkerchief , and aim to ahow more tTian our usual assortment
200 BOZGII Seamless Fancy British Sox 25c , 25 Dozen Men's Fine all Wool Scarlet Half HOSB
)0c. ) a Pair fully Worth 75 , 25 Dozen Fine English Merino lose 35c , , 3 for $1,00. Seam-
BSSS Unbleached Sox S2.00 floz. Extra Fine UnnleaeM Sox $2,50 floz , Best Quality linen
lollars $1,50 floz. Best Quality Linen Cuffs 82,50 floz , Another Invoice of Men's Pique Sewn ,
Stitched hack Derby Street Gloves $1.35 pair , usually sold at 82,00 to $2,50 Every Pail1 War
ranted not to Break , Heavy Merino Shirts or Drawers 25o Heavy Merino Shirts or Drawers
iOc , , worth 75c , Heavy Merino Shirts or Drawers 75o , worth $1,00 , Heavy Merino Shirts or
Drawers $1,00 , , worth $1,25 , For $1,25 We sell a very heavy Patent Merino Shirt or Drawer
that has heretofore sold for $1,50 ,
, IP. & OO.n
1319 Farnham Street.
shion !
We respectfully request the attention of the Ladies of Nebraska
to the announcement of the arrival of the largest and most recherche
invoice of Fur Lined Promenade Wraps ; Silk , Plush and Embroid
ered Matelaise Dolman's ever imported west of the Missouri.
Trimmed' Elaborately with every Shade of Plush , Satin , Velvet Passementerie.
Suits and Costumes in Innumerable Varieties.
Plain and Embroidered Dressing Sacques ,
$5.00 TO $150.00
lines Lcn THE OCCmTAL !
i , J. I. PAYNTER ,
ite IUU , A Proprietor
Corner 10th and Howard
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