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A Twenty Miles' Trip. Through
Subterranean Passages
and Chambers.
JTnmruotli CAVP , With Illiitory of
It * Phenomena nnd Wonilor-
ful Properties.
Ooim > ] > ondrnt Cincinnati Cotumcrclil ,
Onu of tlio greatest imtnml curioai-
Uca in thu world lies luss thnn tvu )
hnnJrecl milca from Cincinnati , lies-
idcnts of this city can reach it in ten
hours of pleasant travel , ntul 3 ct it ia
safe ( o aay thixt not ono iut of every
two huniirctl of the citizuna of the
Qucou City have over soon it A
hundred people visited Niagara falls
to every ono who visits the oiulorful
cavern of Kentucky. There uro va
rious reasons for this. First , Nugnra
i& fprtunato in being well advertised ,
while Mainnioth cave , for some ren-
aon , Boldoin sees it naiuo in print.
Secondly , Niagara falls U muniged for
all the inoitoy it ia capable of bringing -
ing to its shrewd agents , \\hurcna
Mammoth ewe , until very recently ,
was under the control of non-
progresRivo ideas. Thinl , Niagara hus
ttncovorcd billionth the noonday sun ,
and distant view of its splendor can
alwiiya be had ; Mammoth C.ive is hid-
dcn in the darksome depths of tlio
earth , with nothing visible to the out
side world but its cavernoun mouth.
Fourthly , Niagara lies almost in the
direct line of travel between tlio great
centers of castorn and wea orn popu
lation , and is of comparatively tusj
access ; Mammoth C.xvo is situated in
a wild region of the south , nuar which
no great tide of travel llowa , and is
eight miles from the nearest railroad
station. And yet , in npito of oil this ,
the subterranean axpomtion of natural
wonders ii worth more than the time ,
trottblo and money it requires to sets it.
Before attempting to describe any
of thu wondrous sights of the u\vo it
might bo well ta briefly sot out a few
historical facts about it. Mammoth
cave ia situated in , or rather under
Edtnonson county , Ky. , the center of
the wildest section of the state. The
noted James brothers , it is said , have
several times been in hiding within
cannon shot of the place. There nio
over seven thousand aquavo miles ot
limestone formation in this section ,
and all of it is supposed to bu honey
combed by subterronean passages and
cavernous halls. The whole county
of Eilmuusoii is dotted witlisiuk-holca
and nearly four hundred cavern
mouths have been discovered , thougl
most of them give access to but voiy
small cavoj. Only ono entrance has
been discovered to Mammoth cave ; at
least , but ono has over been made
public. It is believed the guides could
tell of other means of entrance or
exit , but it is their business to keep
this laioweldge , if there bo such , to
The cave lies under a high table
land which rises 312 feet ubovo the
waters of Green river.
is at the end of a ravine back of the
Cave hotel , and 118 feet below the
building. The visitor noes do\vn a
winding path until ho arrives at the
place where thu ravine seems to have
runup against a precipitous blutT and
knocked a hugo hole in the hillside ,
The hole is the mouth of the cave. Il
is twenty-four feet in height and
thirty wide. A small stream of clear
water flows from between the rocks
above the opening and falls upon the
rocky bed below with pleasing oiFm.
At nearly every season of the year a
constant fog or bank of mist obscures
the entrance , caused by the meeting
of two atmospheres , ono of which is
colder than the other , and thus con
denscs the moisture in the air where
the meeting takes place. Upon the
day we entered the cave the tempera
ture inside and outside happened to
bo about tlio same , and the fog AV.I'
absent , something that rarely occurs
of the cave never varies. Until re
ccntly it was declared that the constani
temperature inside the cave , winter ,
spring , summer and .autumn , was 50 °
Fahrenheit. But very recent scientific
tific teats have shown that this measurement
uromont was marked five degrees too
high ; the temperature IB shown to bu
but 50o , and from that it never varies.
The atmosphere is very pure. Oxy
ijen and nitrogen boar the same ic-
lation to each other in the cave at-
inosphoro that they do in the air out'
side ; but there is much less caibonit
acid gas in the cave than is found n
the air we breathe. In the dryer
parts of the cavern the proportion ii
about l-f > 000th and near the rivers i
ia leas still. Not a trace of ammonia
has over bean found in the cave prop
or. The humidity of the atmosuhon
varies as you docond to the river and
lake regions. In the upper avenue
and chambers , upon the walls and
floors of which nitrate of lime is deposited
posited , there is a destitution of moisture
uro almost absolute. Hero aninia
matter mummifies instead of decayin
by putrefaction. A dead body lett ii
these passages would turn to a mum
my. In those saiuo regions , for th
oamo reasons , dust never rises.
a trace of ozone can bo detected.
is said that tlio nimosphcro of the
cave ia the most exhilarating on the
face i f or in the earth. Fragile , delicate -
cato women have been known to travel
oil foot over ton , and oven twenty
miles of the rocky , rough passages in
the cave , experiencing little or no
fatigue , whereas they could not walk
one-third the distance in thu upon air.
The ereat purity of the cave's atmos
phere is not full } roali/ed until the ex
plorer emerges into the "sweat , pure
country air" of the outxido unrld. Thu
passages from one to the other at first
u like transition from the air of the ,
streets into a close dormitory , where
a score of Bloopers have spent the [
This extreme pnrity of the atmos
phere of the cave founded the im
pression , some fifteen years ago , that
a residence there would euro , or at
least chock , consumption. Tlio test
was a sorrowful ono. A half dozen
consumptives , about 1811 ! , entered :
the cave for the distance of a mile or
more , whore they erected huts jrof
atone and some of wood , in which
they took up their residence. During
the tint few days they were greatly
-encouraged by the efloot. Then bo-
can a reaction. Several of them soon
died in the ca\e , and nil the rest ex
pired soon after their return to the
external air. Let physicians CTP ftl"
the cause of this ollect. Short trip *
into tlio cave nro advantageous to
people nlllictod with luii } : troubles , in-
tl.unmatory rheumatism nnd djsen-
tery. The public ought to bo warned ,
however , delicate ns may bo the sub
jcct of the warning , that there nro
certain constnitt periods in n\erj
lady's ' lifo when , under no circum
stances , should she enter the cave
Serious results , and oven death , have
frequently followed this violation of
nature's law , when the victim was en
tirely ignorant that she wan dolyintj
II is n matter of legend , if not of
history , that Mammoth Cave was dio-
covered by a hunter many years ago
who clmed a bear into the mouth
Hi ) followed und explored it for quitt
a distance. The Indians , however
Imd occupied the main c.ue years bo
fore. Evidences of their nboriginn
habitation were discovered to n dis-
taiico of n mile and a half back from
the entrance then up to the verge of
the Hottondess Pit. This awful sink
hole they could never cross , ns it was
ono hundred and seventy feet deep
and extends entirely ucioss the pas
si o. Hut white man's ingenuity
long afterward tlnow a bridge across
the chasm nnd gave access to miles
upon miles of the cavern , which ex
touds Htdl further into the bowels of
the earth , a distance of seven and n
half miles.
tun CA > i : nururiti.s ,
atrnngo na it may soom. For half n
3 ear it inhales the outer air ; then it
hold * its breath for a few days , after
which it exhales fcr a six months'
period , lu other words , during sum
mer months , -vhen the external torn-
poialuro is much wanner than is the
letnpuniluie of the cave , a constant
Btroun of air pours out of the mouth ;
nnd the hotter the weather grows the
stronger giowsthe blast from the cave.
When the external tumporaturo is
about the same a the cave's- that is ,
titty-four degrees a calm exists in
the cavcin's mouth nnd it holds its
breath. Such was the condition when
wo vieiled it. Hut in winter , when
the thermometer goes down toward
rove , the cold nir ot the valley rushes
into the cave as though pursuing an
aimy of demons into hades. At cer
tain Hoasons of the year the current of
air in the passages near the moulh is
so great that lights nro blown out
This current of air becomes neutral
ized , however , as one > oes further in ,
nnd finally is allayed entirely by the
reservoir properties of the onlanjing
chambeis , w hah are to bo found after
a distance of half a mile.
was manufactuied in the main ca\o in
1812 , by Aichibald Miller , of Phila
delphia , who took it to the eist and
sold lo the American government to
bo used in the manufacture of gun
powder. The cave is still just as rich
a mine of deposit for the mineral as it
was then , but nobody could now suc
cessfully oompolo in manufacturing il
there with the markets of foreign
lands. The East Indies and Soutl
America at this later day supply the
trade. Potash saltpeter is larcely
shipped idl over the world from Bom
bay nnd Calcutta. Whereas boda
saltpeter is found in unlimited supply
in the Deseit of Atacamn , on the wes'
coast of South America.SThisprofitabl
HI id desert lies partly in Bolivia
party in Chili nnd partly in Peru , am
it is the ini'ocont cause of the lieico
war which has but just boon wugoj
among these three go\cininents.
is hardly likoiy thai anybody w ill ego \ o
go lo war over the rights to Mam
moth cave saltpeter beds. The po
tritied hoof tracks of and nils of cai
wheels made in 1812 are still'to b
scon in the cave nearest the onlrauco
The saltpetoi pits ui.d the bored log
used as aqueducts to convey wnto
into thoca\o for use in making th
saltpeter , are still in existence , am
owing to the purity ot the atmosphere
their wood it solid and poifect to
day as when placed theic , neatly EOV
enty yeais ago.
Neither Dante nor Jules Vcine ha
ever been in Mammoth Cavo. It is
not strange , therefore , th it neither ,
in their pictures of sublet ranean horrors
rors and mysteries , 1ms pictuiod any
thing no awfully sublime , so grandly
impresaivo , as this greatest of na
ture's exposition. The mind of mar
cannot grasp the magnificence ant
glory of nature's work in those cay
orns until his eyes have seen and his
aoul felt the subterranean wonders
It is not in the power of man to do
pcribo what is to be seen in thcso underground
dorground halls and chambers , and r
will not bo attempted heie. Wo
shall gi\o some facts nnd duta concerning
corning the most wonderful of tin
thousand sights that aio to bo BCCI
Tin : OUIIJKS. "
There nio tlnce regular guides nt
inched to the cave and several "subs. "
The oldest gnido is Mat , a colorc 1
man , who has lived nearly sixtyyears
Mat has been puidp in the cave fo
forty-two years. His son Henry i
ono of the substitutes , and has bee
taking parties in for fifteen yean
The other two logular guides are Wij
Ham and Nicholas , both coloroti
William is a ventriloquist in his way
and puts the gift to pleasing use fo
the benefit of his guests. Tlif prijjim
guide , whoso daring explorations re
vealed many of the wonders of th e
cave to civilization , was Steplie n
Bishop , His remains lie bunod undo
the red cluv of tlio neighboring
hills , A mistaken idea prevail ! )
that the guide will collect
exorbitant fees tioin the tourists In
takes in chargo. This idea should bu
exploded. He is paid a monthly Hal-
nry by the manager of the cave , und
is entitled to no feei unless the vis-
itors freely contiibuto a quarter
apiece , which they nearly always do.
to show their certain appreciation for
his efforts to please everybody. Each
visitor to the cave pays two or throe
dollars at the hotel ollico for a ticket
admitting him respectively to the shot t
or lung route in the cave. Jie joins
the regular party of the route indie
ated , and n guide sets out with such a
party at a statjd hour in the day
Tourists over the short route start
usually at 7 o'clock in the evening ,
and after exploring about eight inilct
of underground passages , return to
the earth's surface nn hour bcfori
midnight. 'J'lio long-route voyngort
usually start nt 10 o'clock in the day
time , and got back about (3 ( or 7
o'clock in the oNonni } , ' , after tumping
through nearly si.xteon miles of the
miraculous. They take lunch with
thorn , which the jjuido carries , and oat
it usually in Washington hall , which
is .set en miles from the mouth. Each
nsitor carries an oil lamp. Tlio unido
carries two , nnd also has with him
a bottle of oil , from which lie
lelllls the lamps while the party is
. .unching lunch. In a hnveraack _ nt
his aide lie carries a supply of white
light powder. This ho uses from time
10 time to illuminate the wonders of
the u ml ui ground world.
The cave is owned by an estate
which possesses 1GOO , ncios of the
A ild lands about and around the on-
Iranco It is managed by Francis
Ivlett , an intelligent , highly educated
\ustrwn , , who took charge of the es
tate n year ngo , and lias already
hrott n much lite into the manage
ment. The gioat drawback at pros-
out to the ca\o as a popular resort is
the dilliculty in getting to it. Though
only eight miles fiom the Louisville
and Nashville rnilrmd , no blanch rend
accross the country to the cave hns
over been projected. Mr. ICIctt
fays the raihoiul company refuse to
Innld the blanch b'-cnuso they want
to buy the cave and aio slmtp enough
not to add to its nttractUo qualities.
Ho declares that the estate will in a
few have a railroad built across
the country westward to the Ohio
m or , w hicli ia but twenty miles dis
tant. Meanwhile the experience of
in old-time Htnuo ride through such n
wild country will give people of thin
luxurious generation a taste of tiavel
.is our grandfatheis found it half a
hundied yeais ngo.
iTolm n H. OtoiHi , 1' O. . for
iiino imnithrt he cnuM not I.IIMI his linuil to
H heiul , tlir- ugh lami'iieis in tlm shoul
der luit liy the u > o of THOMAS' KI.VCTIUO
OIL ho wiw uiUrulr cured. dtcO-codlw
Terrible Strnculo lu n Railroad
Car \Vitli n Desperado-
Detroit I'ost Deo. 0.
At 4 o'clock yesterday afternoon n
thrilling epiaodo occuired on the
Michigan Central in-bound express
train near Kalamazoo , nnd but for the
courage of a woman might have end
ed in a terrible tragedy. When the
train neared Pokagon a man , who had
been apparently engaged in reading a
newspaper , was seen to rise suddenly
in his seat , and turning to a poison
seemingly his companion , shouted in
loud tones. "You give mo your reveler
vol\or and lot mo go or I will brain
you ! " A desperate struggle instantly
ensued between the two men , nnd the
startled and now thmoughly fright
cnod passengers precipitately lied from
the car , with the exception of a plucky
little woman.
The man who uttered the exclama'
tion was Henry W. White , alias Bur
ton , a notorious stago-robbor , bandit ,
and desperado , en route to tlio Detroit
house of cornction. The individual
ho addrcssnd was United States Mnr
Blial P. P. Wilcox , of Denver , Col. ,
who had him in custody. The oxcla
matioii was instantly followed by the
prisoner bringing down on thootticer's
head with terrible force a pair of
handcuifi , which he had cunningly
picked from his wrists with a tooth
pick. Tlio ollicor was momentarily
stunned by the blow , but made a desperate -
perato resistance. Blow after blow
was rained on the ollicor's head bj
the prisoner with the handcuili
and then he made a success
ful effort to got the revolver ,
The oflioer shouted for help ,
but none came. The prisoner cocked
the revolver , held it against the elli
cor's breast , and pulled the trigger ,
but it failed to perform the work in
tended for it. A desperate struggl
for the possession of the revolver , a
six-shootei of 44-calibro , knoivn as i
bulldog , now took place on the par ;
of the oflicer. Now it was in his
hands snd then in that of tlio prison
or. The most mysterious thing about
the stiuglo is that , although each tried
to fire the revolver , it failed in cacl
caao to lospond. The tnuz/.lo of the
weapon while in the hands of the was thrust gainst the left
temple of the ollicor with such force
that the prints of it wore plainly discernible
corniblo when ho iiriived in Dotioit.
During the contest the lady , a Mrs.
Smithson , from Denver City , remain
ed in the car and labored heroically
to aid the oilicer. She threw her
arms about the dcaporapo's neck and
tried to hold his linnds. She remon
strated with him nnd tried to calm
his fury. Toward the close of the
struggle , the prisoner seeing ho could
not kill the ollicor nor got possession
of the keys to unlock the shackles 01
his foot , placed the mui/lc of the re
volver against his heart nnd again il
tcfusod to icspond. Finally the elli
cer grabbed the bell-rope and stopped
the train , A brnkeman , attracted bj
the struggle , had come inU.
the car , but was nfinid t <
touch thu prisoner. The ntruggl
was fortunately bi ought to n clos
by the opportune appearance of 0. F ,
Ohnpin , of Denver , from the forwnrt
car , who joined forces with the elli
cer. The two guards , whom the elli
ccr had brought with him , were in th "
car , smoking during th
struggle. Word finally reached then II
of the peril of their chief , und the , IIa IIy
came rushing to the rescue. Th a
prisoner was soon reduced to subjcc :
tion , and his hands pinioned bohin
his back. White did not hesitate ti
announce that he intended to kill Hi
ollicer , rob the passengers , and make
his escape to the north woods , lie
fluid ho was virtually a dead man when
once within the walls of tlio house of
Wilcox with his prisoner nriivod in
Detroit (5fiO ( ; o'clock Saturday evening.
1'hu latter has been lodged iu the
house of correction , to which ho him
been sentenced for life. While weighs
about 150 pounds , has sandy hair nnd
inuBtacho , and keen gray ocs. Ho is '
as lithe as n panther. Jio is quite well
oducited , nnd liar nil thu mquisito
tnlontH for n thief. His courage is
unquestioned , and hm durum unsur
passed , lie was b rn in Ballon
county , Texas , twenty-eight years
ago. His hands nro red with human
jiood ; and his few years maikod with
ither crimes. The first man ho killed
, * as his father. During his brief
areer ho has robbed thu passcngurs
uid mails of nine stage coaches. The
) ulk of hm depredations were coin-
nil'ed in ' " -v > ' . , - . " . ' , -
lado. Ho was sentenced during the
ndininlstt.ition of President Hayes to
ton ytnrs in the Wheeling UistVa
ponltontiniy for robbing a stnjje , but
HJIS subsequently pardoned
About fiu ) months n n , hotwein 8
and ! ) o'clock nt night , ho robbed n
stage-conch on route from Al.imosa to
lake City. There wore tint teen pas-
Bongois in the conch , and \ \ Into did
the work unaided. Ho placed a polo
across the road on which ho suspended
yunsacks. When the coach dro\oup
he halted the drivoi Possessing
wonderful powers of mimicry ,
ho personated theoices of
throe or four ineu behind
the breastworks ho had icnied The
( Mssengers were thoroui-hly frightcno i
by such imposing diaplny of force , nnd
permitted to While pnr.ido themon ) the
roadside , llo blind-fold d them , went
through their pockets , nnd robbed the
mail bags. Ho then nuulo his escape ,
and the pissongors after ho duparied
soon discovered the nno tint vtas
played upon them. Wluto was soon
nfttr captmod at Pueblo. While on
route to Denver city hi > tumped oil
the train anil tried to got a hoiso that
stood WAV by. Ho was rt'cantutod
ami taken to his destination , tried ,
convicted mid sentenced for life to
the Lnntinio city penitentiary. I'jiou it
being rctnesonted to the jmli u of tint
diatuct thai the prison : it that point
was an unsifo place for n man of
White's character tlu > teuteiico w is
changed to the Detroit House of Cor-
United States Mnrslwl \ \ ileo\ in
formed a Post and Tiilnmo lepoitcr
Saturday evening that ho had dealt
with hco'res of desperate men , but had
never met the equal of White. Ho
slid lie took o\ery iiei-i'siaiy piccau-
tion , ho thought , l < > Ining him in
safety to this city. He Imd watehod
him closely all the way to Dotioit.
Before ho left Denver City ho put nil
his private business in otilerin c.iso of
accidents , knowing the chiiiacter of
the man ho had to deal with. Wilco\
is n powerful nnd deteiiuined-looKinj ;
man , with keen , black eyes and of
fearless appealniico. Satmdiy e\en-
ing ho was suu'ciitig quite hevorely
from the terrible struggle he had pass
ed through , although ho made few
complaints. II is head , face , shoulders -
ers and hips were badly bruised. The
hearing of his left oar is slightly im-
paiicd. The blow which ho icceived
on the left side of his head had made
him partially deaf. Ho is stopping nt
the Itussol House , and lea\es for
Washington , D. C. , Monday. Ho is
entitled to great credit for hm coolness
and courage.
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every cnso or inouoy refunded. Price ,
25c per box. For sale by
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nny desued position. Beau
tiful , healthy llalr is the sure
result of using Kuthuiron.
Tub gnat ipccllic LU re a that moat loitjuonn
Whotlior ID its Primary , Socondury
or Tortlury Stage *
HcinoNoj all tracc of Mcrcurj from the ejs
tun , CiifLi Sircfula , OM Herm , Illiutinia-
tltiii , 12 zuiia , Oainrrh 01 an ;
Ciiroi Wlion Hot Springo Fail !
MftUcrn , Atk , Mftj 2 , IHil
Wo lm > o cases In our Umn wlio livoilatllo
Sprln = ' > anil uiro finally cured nlth H. H S.
MlCAMlKIS & Ml.lllll
Min ] > lii , Mcnn. , Mny 12,1S8I
Wo ha\o Bold l..Ki Lot ks of H.H. 8. In a ji.a
It lias universal HitlaUctlon. talr inliun
| ili8lcmii9 now itcuinincriil It f a posit I-
hiacitlu. H 1UNHHH.U ( fc Co.
I.onlsiillf , Kv , , Mil } ] 3,1831.
8. 8. S Iimifluii In-IUreatl luUlon tlmti any
mcilldnu I line u\c.rt < olil J. A. F
. . Donici.Col. May-J , 18I
i\cry purclia cr ijiciku In the lilxnuHt tirins
of H. K. ti. L.
Ilkliinond. Va.Maj 11 , 1831 ,
You can rcfir an\lioily to IIH In rusianl to tlio
tncrltH ( Jf H. S. K. Poll. , Miller & Co ,
o nn\tr known H H. H to fall to euro a CMC
ot Byphlllt , when properly taken ,
II , I. Ikniard.
- } , ( la.
iil : Warrin ,
The above sl/ntra aroLtntkinsn of hlvli etanil
liitf. A II COUiUHT ,
Governor olCloork'li.
'jo ni : I'Aii ) KOIIVIIKN CUUID :
Wrltofor pirtkiihrs anil uojij ul llttlu
'Vuita.'uto thu Uiifcrtunatv.
31.001) , R : wi will l > o [ aid to any
t nlio mil llnil , oti niii > J U IbO ' - ' " '
, . ) (
bluinornny Sllnenl
i CO. Hroji'
Atla > iiii , Ra ,
1'rltool nfiilar slzo rcilucc < l to gt 7'i ( x-r ot
Ho Hir.ull B zo , liolJln0'lialI tlio quintlty ,
Bold } > r KKKNAKI ) & CO , ,
ami Irua'iii t Omcrafly
- - I
810 South Thirteenth Street , with
fr-SSfKJr" V' '
-W * .v a.-i * M- * '
No Changing Cars
\Vhoro direct connoctloii nro nimlo with Tl wieli
The Short Line via. Peoria
V1LLK , tul all j > olnt In the
Till RIUT till
Whcn'illrrct rontipctinni ivro iimlo In thn Union
Depot nlth the Throudi SlrriiiuE C f
Una tot ALli V01NT3
eg o TET TP aar. .
Rock Island.
Tlio unifitnlcil Iniliidtnmiti otTi-rpd liy thll llro
to triuoli'rnftml tourluUinroM follows :
no t In Itcc'.lhliiK' Clrnlrs Tlio famous 0. , It
0 , . I'aluro Dining Gun. OorRoous bmoklnit C r >
llttcil with c-lepuit liljih Ittckml tntUn rcxohlnc
di.Mrn , tot tlio mclusKo use o [ fltnt claw p H8i > n-
ftrre.8totlTr cK M-tl mi | < criOT oqulpmonieonillri\l
with their ( 'Joat tlirouuli cur luniigiiflciit , nitkt *
this. BHo nil other * , tlio ttorlto route to ton
Kail , Soutli mill Soutluvut.
Try It , nml jou lll tltnl tnvollnu a luxury In-
dteiMl ot n discomfort.
Throuuh tickets \lo tliS rclolirixtuJ line ( or Bale
t nil cillcci hi the Unltuil SUtBt nml Canvtn.
All InforiiMtlon ixi.jut rntot o ( faro , Hl
CVxr iixoimiio.Utloim , Tlnio Tables , cto. , wil
cheerfully gl\on lij | M > 1) ' U' to
GtnerM oncer Acnt , Chicago.
Oo. JUtmrcr Chicago.
Sioux City & Pacific
Huns o Solid Train 'lliroun'h from
Council Blutia to St. Paul
Without Chance Time , Only 17 Hour * .
IT is
nnd Ml points In Northern low a. Minnesota anil
DiKoU. Till : ) line la ixulipod ] ] 1th the lnipro\
WostliiKhomo Automatlo Alt-hrako nd Millet
Platform Couulor and lluOor : nnd ( or
! iinauniaHioil. I'ullnmn I'ataco Hlecplnp ; Car
run through WITHOUT UIIANOK liUnocn Kan
Han Cllj nnd Ht. Paul , v la Council Hinds and
Sioux Clt > .
Trilno ItaAo Union Paclllo Trinstcr ot Coun
cil Ululla , at 7 : ) r > ) i. in. dally on arrhal of Kaunas
ritj , St. Joseph ami vJoiiin.ll ] llulTa train from
the South. Arrhln nt Sioux City 11.J5 p. in. ,
and at tlio New Union Depot at at. Paul at 12.30
i Ilcincnilicr In taking the Slonx City Itouto
\oui-et a'Ihrmit-h Train. The Shortont Line ,
the Qulcki" ! 1 line and a Comfortable llldu In thu
'IhroiiK'li Cnri
XSTSc'i that ) our lickoti rtadla tlio "Sioux anil I'.iiilk Itallioail.1
HnporlntuiKlcnt. Oon'l I'.IHH. Audit.
P. 12. UOBLNSON , Ass't ( Jcn'l Pftii. Au't ' ,
MI HOiirl Vallcj , Iowa.
J. If. O'llllYAN , BouthuiutoniAh'i-iit ,
Councl lllulld , loua
St. Joe Kouncil Bluffs
Direct Line to ST. LOUIS
Prom Omaha and the West.
No crnnge of cars between Onnlia anil n . uouli ,
anil hut one Imtwoon OMAHA &ud
Daily PassengerTrains
Thh entire line Is eiiiipiioil with I'ullman'f
I'alnto Hlccpliiic C ra , Pr.laco Iaj Co'xcliw ) , illllorV
Snfuty Platform nd Coupler , mid the colobratoJ
WcotlnKhouso Air brake ,
jtarHoo that jour ticket roada VIA nANBAh
C1TV , Bf. JObl.lMI i. COU1ICII , IJLUKta Kail-
ro.ii ) , via St. Jontph and bt. Louie.
TlikoU for ualo nt oil COUJKMI ntatloni In the
West. J. I' . BAKNAKD ,
A 0. DAWKS , Ocn. B'ipt. , Ht. Joitrh , Ho |
Don. i'&M. anil TUkut AKt. , Ht. Jojtpli , Mo.
I AADT RouiiKN , Tlckot A Kent ,
10 M Karnhaiii Btrcct.
A. U , UAnxiHO Uciicral Auont ,
Oculist and Aurist ,
llcfcroncca all Rcputillo y lclan of Omaha.
, Corner IBth and Farnham 8tt. ,
Omaha , Neb u26rniitl
The Only Kuovni Heal Cure.
ikc'J-iiion til Irl
ron i Jayonrt any teaiouibta ijiicstlon ttmt tlih
- < > ' ' ' jiiH"Mnut > ulicii , t tU'lliij , .iiotltu til fniu > L ttiooi
I lilcago am jt | ofthf Principal Points In ( ho West , North ind Nolhwest ,
\M.iily t > x vijinr pit" .Vnp. Tli IVictpnl Cltp | < of dm Vvr < r vut NV.Khtr < r dt < Htntl < > flii
in In irontl Hi tnttumu trams ui ito < iio > tuiuae kui MtU thetntuscf inifln ! > mUt i
Junction points
V"t/N v < VW W < * 5flSt3Bfjr )
\ AtV&2 > \ * * * NVfcaaV <
< &W I S d'OVN.S 1 N
The Imperial Palace Dining Cars.
Jtemenuiertonsk fnrTlckcts via this roail.lm surethey roml over tt.nml tnko none othetv
HAIIJIX IirauiCT.aen'lIUimaKcr , Chicago- . H. SIKNNKTT , Ucu'l 1'oss. Apont , CUIeasc
HAUHY P. tlUKl , , Tlckot AjontjO. A N. W. Knllwty. 14th AMI ! PMnhMU itrcotn. 1
n. K KIMI1AM. , AsilaUnt Ticket Airont 0. U N. W. iuilvmr , lllh.nml r rnh in itrciti'
J. HUM , , Ticket Aifimt 0. A S.V. . Kftllwny , U. P. It. It. lei > ot.
HAMKST Ol.AIIK Ocnomt Ai-oi-t.
Manufacturing Company ,
Silver Plated Spoons and Forks ,
The only und/j / Uional plato Unit
original firm of |
m ia giviin ; for in-
llogora Droa.
sUinco a ninglo
All uu < Spoons ,
Lv-i ] Forks nnd plated Spoon a
W > tx "mt\ \ i
I Knives plated triple thickness
with thu grontoat
plntu only on
of euro. Each
the a o o t i o a
lot being huntf
on a scale while whore ospo d
being plated , to to wear , thereby
insure a full deposit
making a single
posit of nilvorou
plated Spoon
thom ,
wear as long asa
\Vo would call
a triple plated
especial attention
tion to
our soc-
Rival. Orient. Tinned.
All Orders In the West should ha Addressed to
Wholesale Jeweler ,
ELCUTTER'S ' NovoltioB in Ohildron's CLOTHING.
ELGUTTER'S ' Novelties in BoysM OLOTHING.
ELGUTTER'S ' NoveltiBB in Youtlis' CLOTHING.
ELCUTTER'S Novelties in Mon'sb ' CLOTHING.
ELCUTTER'S ' Novelties in Under WEARS.
ELCUTTER'S Novelties in Fancy NECK WEAR.
ELCUTTER'S ' Novelties in Faiioy SILK H'DK'FS.
ELGUTTER'S ' Novelties in Holiday GIFTS.
1001 Cor. Farm ham & 10th St. 1001
106sLf WOOLLEY & DAVIS Opposite P,0 ,
Stationers , Paper Dealers and Engravers ,
Latest Novelties in Wedding Goods , Menus ,
Visiting and Advertising Cards , Ball.Programmes ,
Also , Paper Bags , Flat and Wrapping Paper , Envelopes , Bill ,