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    Till' , OiMAUA DAILY Bti' : SATURDAY , NOVEMBER 19 , US ] ,
Saturdny Morning , Nov. 10 ,
For the necomoilntirm of our u
putron * Rrrntipements lw o been mndo with
KtUiolin & Krictoion , jewelers , opinis'ito the
post otRce , whore ruUcrtiNciuc'iiU And
crdcn for tlic city deliver } ' of Tim Urr
will be receiv cd. Adv ortipemcnts for tlic
evening must bo linndcd in lufure 1:30 : p.
m , , tor llio morning edition l > cforu 8 , " > 0
1'ftttcrnon PC I IN coal.
I'rcikrick Leading lUtter.
-.Do-ina. Ucllablc Hatter.
Glov n nt tlio 00 cent ctoro.
1'ttr Cni > , nt Sir * . Huliennnim'c.
"Winter c-\pi chcaji i.t l- '
Iln ednrn * eU ) meit , for cnsli , only.
LirK'O line of fine toilet s.mj n and ptr-
funiTy nt Knliti'H dnig ctorf. iill-tf
Milieu Hnnd JJajTsntthoO ! ) cent stoto.
Smoke the Cilie.lflO Ttvll.s Cir , for
nalo only nt Vorujth' * tint ; ; "tors. n8-tf
UON'NKH'S forhctt Stoves nml 1 tir-
nltiire. "
Ole c , ( flotes atMra Hnbcrniitm'ii
3Cth slrftt. nl8t
( Jnitiua nnd IVmml Sweets , nt Me-
"Vltlli'H. cor. lltli ntid I'nriilrim htictt.
llr.rlr , tlio Magician , vnll hold forth
nt llojd'Hall next ucdt.
One Slocitnib VV.H nmllcted 810 nnd
cosU liy Judge Iknckc jcstcrd iy.
Trinity Choir concert at Mnx Mcjir1 *
TSlusic Hall to-iuRlit.
Old unlit cxclmngcd for new jewelry nt
IMholiu t Kricksnii'M , optmnito the poit ;
3icc. octM-lf
S\vi < rheeie imported nnd iiniUtlon ,
wliolvala nnd ict.ill , nt II. Mujcr'a. " 07
Roiitli 13th Htrcet
Pine hot milk egg-nog and milk Tom
and Jerry lit Jake in d Hurry1'1 , Koiitlii'iwt
corner Ultli nnd Dodge.
The Pioneer Hook nnd L.uhler com
pany will iUa ; n. ball 'riinnlcHgivin me.
Tickets .iro now on mile.
Memorial ncrviccH will be Jild ut ( !
A. H. hull on Monday atoning , November
17 ! , In honor of thu late Col. Wutton K.
.Smith.Kov. . .1 AV. llarrii will preach ut thu
Iliplitt church next Sunday on thu tttib.
jcc' , "Who l renponclblf for thu inutdur
of Col.yalfcon I. . Smith ; "
The attention of the public is directed
to the call for n nieiliii ! ; of tlio Nihr.iskn
Bociity for tlio prevention of cinelty to
niihn.ily , which will bo found in niiotliu
C.ipt. W. 1L Sislioc , 1'onrlh IT. S. in-
fnntry , commanding 1'ort JJridger , Vf. T. ,
wns in the city Tlmuiljy. Huixu forinir
rcxldcnt of thin dcp.irtuiLiit nnil lias u host
of friemU nnd acqunlntnnct'H here.
Tlio case ol Deli i Tlininni , on of the
u omen arrested for lighting on 12th nnd
IDixIgo direct un Tuesday liul , vas tdii-ii- !
crcil by Jnilga Itntl.o ! thin nftcinoon nnd
ho was dihchnrgcd. The other cnntH were
continued until Friday next.
"Partner Wanted. " An cnterpri iiiR
Ijiily or ( icntleman with $1,000 to take an
intercut Inn first-cliiss t'lentricnl ciiturpri c.
] ( ! K monoy. ( load chunco for nn mnntuir.
Address , "Mimnger , " pontollicc , Onmh.t ,
The bright and pretty littlu "Fopiy"
who in rufcrrcd to in a morning paper , ! H
TlIK llKl.'rt IIOWH girl , nnd Unit ulio is n MIC-
cciw may bo judged from the fact that ha
Hold The Kopublioin man the only Iti'h lut
ever bought. She la n d.iiny and don't you
forget it.
A Millard precinct farmer named
"William Smith wan Tliurmlay ncntuicud
l > y Judge AnderHon to fifteen dny Im
prisonment In the county jail for drunken.
ncBH ami thirty dav' for nsHnnlt nnd bat
tery. Ho in charged with drinking foity-
two gallons of whisky In five month * ,
IwntiughU ttlfo with the wtcneplpo and
throw in ; ; platcH of grub in her fuco. }
Ono hundred nnd tifty-nino beautiful
residence loin , located on Hamilton xtrect ,
lialf wny between the turn table of the
rod direct rar line iiml the wnterworkH
rcHcrvoir and nddltion. nnd iiut wei < t of
bo convent of the Kl torn Poor Clalro In
Shinn'n addition , 1'riccn rnngo from $75
to 91CO each , nnd will bo wild on CHHJ
tormi to thoHQ who will Improve. liemU'
eal estate agency , Fifteenth and Douglan
Lntn Trnitm
lloth tlio overland trains on the
"Union L'lcitic rend nro l.itu tu-day.
Dolny in the Cliic.igo roads hold the
wc'jt bound train until nenrly two
o'clock. No.I is rupoited uo about
six lioiiru behind time but may rodncu
that liuuru Hoiniiwlmt on tlio run in.
Oiily oiio o ( tlio t'dat bound tr.iina
will wait.
Unavy >
Fro'iL-ht flluliinunla from tlio m taro
are on the daily incroiuo , nnd nlrondy
uro cnormotuly hoivvy , In u Binglo
twulvo hount this week 1 1cars of
fr i lit from uimtorn jiointa wuio
traiiRforred to this side of tlid r.vor.
Thin hc.ivy iiinoiint tif freight neuussi-
tatuB the woiking of tovi-n night KUII H
and u btill larger iiinnbur in the day ,
'I'hcso will piobubly bo incre.itud , im
it is oxpoctcd tliat the tnuihfiub of
freight will nygiogalo ever -100 cnr *
A trill package of "BLACK-DRAUGHT"
in n of charge.
At 0. K. aofxlman.
, Tii8t ri'ccivod fi jinunil Hnxon bust
Million Layer lliUinsut Win , Ijiwoi-
tteiiiH , lOthHtrirt. nlT-Ilt
nt nriueu that ilufy cuinpvtitiini ut
f-1.50 PKH UAHH15L.
Early UJBO Potatoes , 81.15 , nnd
Bait Luke I'utatoi's , $1.40 j er bnsbul
in 10 buahcl lota , ut G. Jldniiud'd ,
Sixteunth street U. 1' . block ,
novJ 1-lit
Now lot of Rubber liuotH and Arc
tic * to-duy nt Fuenvy it Coniuilh'a ,
Kixtcunth street. nl8 21
Ladies' Linul Cloth .Shot's , and
Men's Heavy Lined Otuin linllalo
Bhoes tit Feenoy & CoiineljjK
and Shoo Emporium , 612 bixteunth
utrcet. n 18 lit
I Dr. Mercer Denies Any Part-
uorehip With Vntifihn
nud Chapman.
The Honllo Line to Bo Pnt Upon
OmnlmStronts Indnpoudontly.
About throe months ago n rumor
prevailed aWit this city tliat ex-
Alderman -Iiin Stoplioiinou had pur
chased the right to put on Omahn'n
streets n line of conveyances , known
as the Ilerdic conches. The Herdics
nro becoming very popular throughout
the country and for many icasonn are
a very satisfactory moans of public
conveyance. Accordingly , tlio leport
\\nflfn\oru1jly leccivtd , nnd the np-
p niunco of u H.iuiplo caniniro tiion
Kmnh.imstieet about that time tended
to confirm the rumor.
Tnno slipped ulon , but no Iterdiu
line nan cst.ihlishrd nnd presuntly it
AVUS whisjieied that the Hclicmu to
purchase the light had f.ill on thnmuh ,
and that the piivilcfje hud been
secured by Council Hindi ] iutics. In
iiivtstigatKiu of this I.ittor report n
IJnr ropoiter went to the Town city
and called upon gentlemen thuro
who Hero otiiled to bo interested in
the matter. Thcae , ' - ' * ' " " - ' wcru
noiieotlierllinii Mayor W. L. V.iu lmn
and John W , editor of Tlio
Council IJliiir Nonpireil. In an in-
terviuxv Mayor Loiilirmtdtlio
icport , but Htated ho did not dn-
niro to have tie ! matter mndo public
then , for \unous leaeons , nnd fatd
tint when ho wiui re.idy ho would ivo
'I nr Hiu ; the information.
lo further said tliat ho and Air. ( Jimp-
mail had paid 810,000 for the ri"htfnr ,
both citten , and conyiiitul.itod himself
that the investment \\.in a good oni > .
Ho st.ited that in order to procure the
riyht foi Omaha at well aH Council
Illullrt , ho W.IH obliged to leaorttoa
hltlo "dinner game" on .StiphciiHon ,
wiio was endeavoring to close negotia-
tiona wilh I'utor Ilcnlio , and that he
telephoned ever to Jlurdic while the
latter was in Sio ] > hciimin'ft ullice , to
pn ; acioiis the Hi } < Muddy HI id
( line vMtli him , and extended him
the freedom of the a tine
time as an oxtr.i inducement ; also that
the veteran Willi.uuaporter accepted
the dinner invit.ition , and there the
bit gain for the n lit to inn coiche * )
in both eities in conjunction wns con
The leporteracceded , somewhat un
willingly , to thu icquest to Keepnunu ,
nud nothing W.IH publinlad. On
Thuimluy , however , nn Omnha reporter
porter lor another paper erossud to
Couiioil Hlulla nnd intoi viewed Mayor
Vuugliuii and other pintitHon the sub
ject. In thin iimtancu the woitliynnd
lively mayor unbosomed hm jirojecla ,
nud i.ithor eneouriiKed their puliliui-
tion. JIo made tlio matter voluble
enough for n half column nr-
ticlo , nnd the report g.i\o therein
the imnio of Dr. S. D. .Mercer , of
this eity ns the Omaha rtimosont.itivo
of the Council IMuIln llcrdic coaeh
This report is emphatically denied
by Dr. Mercer , who alao , ns will bo
aeon in the following note to Tin ; IKK ! ,
gives the truth of the mutter regard
ing the puichnso of the right for this
oty ! :
lu tlio Billtor of Thu Ike.
I'len'o deny the rejiort In The Herald of
this morning of my connection uilhnny
llcidlc Hue. It in true that I purclnwd
the right in Omaha , but it \\i\a ontinly In
thu inten-xt of other parties , nnd not in
itny way connected with the Council
Hlntf * Line , or Imlliinn br ! lfo Hchcmc.
Very rcMpectfullv ,
ti. O. Mi ituhit.
This nt onccn jmneture'i ' a hole in
the wtory by Mayor Vain-luii and do-
stroyn the pontoon binlgo idea HH
ellectually as would the ( hut rise of
water that came surging down the
tin bid Htretm which Hepu.itus Omaha
and Council Illutl'i. If Oiimlm over
IIIIB Bttouls suitnblo for the Iluidie
co.ich ilh us low li \ stops and axle ,
the line will bo introduced nnd run by
Omuhnpirttea inteaHted in Omaha's
Palpitation of the Heart.
.T. M. Might , .SyraciiHo , N. Y. , writes :
"Whun 1 lirwt coiiiiiioniod iHln youi Hiir-
dock lllood Dittira I wai troiibkd with
IhitU-rlng and palpitation of the heait , 1
( clt weak and Imigu d , with n mimlniexi
of the limliH. 8inco using , my hcait ha
not troubled mu and the numbing Henna-
tlon IH nil gonu. " 1'ricc , $1 ; tiial uuc , 10
ccntH. 10-eodlw
Important Meeting at the Opera
Houie , T'
This evening the Nobrnsla
S. P , U. A. will hold its annual
moutiii' , ' nt Doyd'x opein house , nnd nil
mu invited nnd urged to bo present.
In nddltion to the business transac
tions of the meeting , n most interest
ing piu inmnio I'H piomised , Little
.li'iiniu McClelland nnd Hiury MeCor-
miok will sing , nnd Heasiu Hunter ,
the noted elocutionist , uill give reci
tations ,
Addies os will bo delivered in the
older mum d by Dr. Gen. L. Miller ,
pieuident of thoHociuty ; ! - > Clark-
sun , Oeii. JManduunii , Jaiia-a Stephenson -
son , Uuv. A. F. Shell ill , George .
llomiin and C , S. Montgomeiy , Esq.
NoLhiiigelmtoverwill bo mndo hu
ndmUsiini , it being the deaite of the
society to pioiunt the nmttt'i to the
publiu nnd enlml I'oneial Hympiithy
in the can no. Thu lollovung
IIUH been issued as thu
oniciu ,
Thu undiTrtii-ncil , in bohnlf nf many
good men nnd ui im.n in the state and
eity , makib nn eninebt nppial to the
pioplu to attend nud putieip.ituin thu
annual meeting nf the society for thu
pruveiitiiui ot ci unity to animals ,
which Hill bu hi Id tit Hoyd'u opera
hoiiHOdii Situidny OMinini , ' next ,
A coidial invitation is extended to
all to bu piouent on Unit occasion , A
pleas int I'liti't-tninmeiit is to ho olfered
by those having ehaigu of the nr-
i.ingemuntK. Major llojd , uitli n
liboinlily that tofiiib tu nuver woitry ,
bus givun thu nso of his beautiful
ojiera house for the uurpose , prac
tically free , nnd the time will be op-
poitunu for many who hnvu not aeon
the 1 entities of ihia mngnilicent ktiuu-
turf , because they do not pntionizu
tlualcM , to rco it in nil its splendid
] lake this opportunity to nay to
the pcoplu who upholdmnl niMtnin the
ctlorts of this young ooctoly to jiru-
vent brutality to brntos that it needs
their active co operation. The pur
ixni ! i * lo'ro'trgnniro it in some respect
b.ituiday evening. In the ikath of
Colonel Smith lln > society hnB lost not
ineiely n vidunblo olliccr ns Bccrelnry ,
but n viuilant nnd devoted friend of the
cause. ; It will bo necessary to choose
Ins successor nt the coming meet
ing , nlid ncrhnps to male homo chang
es in the orgim/ition \Vlin * . is
most needotl is the active
membership nnd tifsislanco of the
l > nimineiit women of the city. In
Doston , Philadelphia , I'lttahun ' , , and
other cities , the first ladies of soeitty
me most conspicuous nnd ull'.ctuu ] in
the work , nnd this ou ht to bo the
etsu in Omnha.
Addrcnsin will bo made by Kt. Kev.
Itishop C'arkson ' , IJov. Mr. Shernll ,
Cieorgo W. Homnii.lames W. Sav.iio ,
Mr. Montgiiineiy , nnd other gentle
men , nnd it is hoped tluL theioul !
ho n largo nttemlan-o at thu coming
In behalf of the society ,
Gi.ouai : L. ,
Undo Tom's Cabin at Boyd's
Opera House.
The Finest RiiprosontnUon of tlio
No more delightful entertainment
has been given at lioyd'u oper.i house
since its opening than that of Thurs
day by Draper's Undo Tom Cabin
combination. Familiar nn is this dra
ma ) i/ation i f MIH. Btovve'H won
derful novel , often ns it has
been given in this city , it HCCIIIB that
people never glow tired of. it nnd List
night Ion ; ; before the oponint scene
the vast thcntio vvnn ciowded in every
part. Not less than 1,500 persons ,
mobibly nearer 2,000 were piusent ,
leaving enough for nn overllow meet
ing iiL the Academy of Music , where
the Hnmoplny wan presented by smother
comp.iny to n Riuall house.
The piece was put on in. such n man
tier as to place it in the best possible
light , nnd nt the same time reveal the
maunilicent scenuiy and uiuipmcntH
of thu new hoiui : , nnd thu cast was
well taken and atton thuiiighoiit.
W. D. Cormier , ns Undo Tom , was
nearer the popular uh n of that
patient and pious old man than any ether
or who has csi.iod thu role for joaia
past. W. 1. Lewis , "who n law-
yeintid IUH iinmo uns Marks , " was
evidently ntLop'nblo ' to the house , foi
ho was gicotul with laiightor aim
applause throughout the evening. Anew
now departuiu was the remarkably
light-coloicd CaucaHians eliosen to
represent ( Jeurgu nnd Kli/.i Ilurrif.
This is really caiiiud out by thu novel
on which thu play IH founded , bubwus
n little hard to become accustomed teat
at first , i'liineau Fletcher , Simon Le-
gree , George Shelby and other char-
ncteis in the play wuu well taken.
The part of Topsy , sustained by
Miss Adele Clarke , was by nil
odds the most perfect in con
ception and acting that has
ever been seen here , ilow her black
eyes did sparkle , and who over saw
mote genuine childish deviltry nnd
childish ngony of grief tliun this Topsy
exhibited. Miss Clnrko has no upual
as Topsy anywhere.
Evunguline St. Clair , by Little
Gunevievc , the opposite character
to Topny's part was equally will taken
and deserves all praise She is just
petite enough fui the part.
The Mngiiolin Jubilee Singers ,
Messrs. Hamcr , Corey Smith and
Hagurman , tnlioducud some new fea-
tuns into thu play , which with theii
( specialties made it much more enjoy
able. They were encoied four and
live tinu'H at each appearance.
The sceneiy was grand throughout ,
and the death scone of little
Kvn wns But in n man
ner and with nn ell'uct never
oxcdlcd in any metropolitan the ilu * .
It was bimply beautiful , ami when the
sweet nut is of the Mngnolia quattotto
floated ui ) lu * lu night nir they seem
ed ho iv only enough to accompany the
spirit of thu gfiitlu child to the King
dom of liuivon that ia of such ns she
A Tnloiitod Lacly'w Vinwi
Mrs C. F. Fleming , Htnto lecturer
nf M issoiiri , nnd nUo un nrtisi of tare
inuiit , vvhouo picturuof Aduhtidu Noil-
son is pronounced by the press to bu
the most beautiful portrait in thu
United States , in a ncent letter said :
"T have been tioublud with kidney
disease HIIICO my childhood , nnd it
finally ciilmiintud in eluonic catarrh
of thu bladder. It would bo impossi
ble for mo to deseiibu how much 1
have sullei fd , mi'l ' 1 hud abandoned
nil hopu of over being euied. I "an ,
however , leeommeiided to try Win
ner'a Safe Liver and Ividney Cine ,
and it 1ms done mo moio t'ood than
the combined wkill of nil the physi-
eiana 1 Irive over tiled dining my en-
tuu life. " Snuli tiHtinmny IH beyond
iiu > slion , and piovus thu vnliiu to nil
Indica of the rumedy it advocates
The most grateful and liixiniuus
BeiiMitions thu either emunnlu fiom
n cheeilnl , glowing ctovu. 1'ieiuy ,
J'Jll Fiirnliani stieot , bus only a tuu
of the " " "
"Iiivineiblifl"lott Thu "Wi'M-
ininstura" nru alao going like hot
enkes. novl itf
Joat received , a Inrgo line of s did
Silt or waie , nt WhipplotV : McMillan's ,
nm IS-'t
G i omul Food , Coin , Oitw ,
nnd lialiil liny for ralo by Poland iV
) tut Dudgu stieet. nlS ( it
I'.UVI , (1LOVTS , 11(1111 H ,
Fur I'liiHli Cloth , Silk , Cult , IJiililu-r
Cuim , liiick Bkin , Castor , Kid ( JK/tli ,
C.ilf and VTiMtl ( Jlovi'H , , Hiiivur ,
Uulycr , HnccoiHi , Wolf , Mt.MU.III flout ,
Fox , Li'iili , Kulliilo Itnlii'i mid rii-iitu'
Co.itH , nf all Ivindw mill ( ( iiality , nt
Homy 0. Hiohtvr , tlio l-'urrit-r , KI'J
Fiiriiliuin Hticut. nut U ) ( it
A Unit line of Imth Wind r Mid
Sjiiiiig Wlii-at Flour , ut Win. Liuoit.
Btuiu'ri , Sixti-oiitli Hticot. novl7-3t
Bait Uiku I'ututooa ut Win. ( Jfii-
United States Court not yet
\Vhnt Tronulow ArUo over Obtain-
Int : n. Grnuil Jnrj-
The United States court is sujiposcd
to ba in se i m in this city , in fact
wns nnnoniued to beam last Mondny
but ns yet only n put ot it , nnd
that n dry Icyil i art has been in mo-
lion The nst of the business of the
court is nt a ataiid-still , The reason
for this seeming blockade is to bo
found in troub'cs ' which surround the
obtainnl of a grand jury. This jury
was drawn and the names of < he
jurors published four or five \\eeks
ngo. Still it is not filled and several
nttempts nl empaneling ImVo only de
veloped the fact that there were still
one or inoti vacant chniiH.
In the fust instance the jury rniiltH
nuro biokenby His Honor's excusing
three gentleman from this city Iroin
serving biciuso they wore milHcribor.s
to the Wals in 15. Smith fund , ns it is
known , nnd that c tse is likely to come
before the pieseiit jury for investiga
tion. This action by the juduo vuis
undoubtedly coriect , but it created
three v icnn < us all the same , and they
must bo hllul
Now conns m one of the bpiuluii
ol Uiu pnadit nystuin of obt lining n
grand jury f lorn the state. The lux
in which thu commissioner ban placed
the names nf residents of thu state
who nro ehyiblo foi jury duty was
shaken up and three names diawn.
They all happened to bo those of
business men in Fall City , and it
then becnmo necessary to send them
notificitiou of their "election. "
which caused a day's delay. They
came , but one of them had
the next IHS excuse to personal ill
HIES that Ins family were all sick
and ho was excused. The box was
shaken up a nin and the name of n
far nil' resident of the state came out.
Notification was sent him and he will
piobubly bo hcio to-dny. Dul , in any
event , juiy is not likely to
get down to business before next
Monday just n week behind time.
Thi.s dei.iy has doubtless caused
much inconvenience to both ntlorneys ,
witnesses and pnitu.s in MiiK nnd
niiy cauao inoie. Still it c.ui't bo
helped uinifi1 the existing law for
obtaining t' IIOCCRS iry niljunct of
the couit , the giaud jury , nnd in the
meantime the gentlemen from other
jntta of the state have nmplo oppor-
I unity to look over the pronporous ,
busy and iteming metiopolis growing
up on the eastern bonier of their
The ciimtnnl docket , besides the
civil , is Impound some very interest
ing cases will probably be tried. Con
spicuous among these aru those of the
a ont nnd superintendent of the Sid-
iu'y-De.idv\ood stnuo line , on charges
of compiling to t oh the government ,
nud also the triil of Geary , the route
agent , on the U. P. , who got away with
a § 2,000 ptckago from the Sidney
postoflice. About thirty witnesses are
m nttondanue to testify in these cases.
The whole will be full of business nnd
very interesting ,
A. "World of Good ,
Ono of the most popular medicines
now before the American public , ia
Hop Hitters. You see it everywhere
People take it with uood ellect. It
build * thoni up. It is not as phusaiit
to the tistu as some other Bitters ns
it is not a whisky drink. It is more
like thu old fashioned bone-set tea
that has done a world of uood. If
you don't feel just light try Hop Hit
ters. Nunda Nows.
This Time it IH Reported to to nn
Excursion that did it-
After various contiadictory reports
as to the probable nriival of the over
land ti.iin fiom the west yesterday
afternoon , it wns finally bulletined nt
the depot that No. 4 had been aband
oned. Thu fact that no heavy snovv.s
or startling accident hud been reported
west made it somewhat curious that
die train bad been taken oil' . Later ,
however , the explanation came that
the latge excursion from Montana ,
which uun advertised to come through
to-day lad coupled on to thu overland
train .mil had delayed it o lout ; tha *
all hope of making up the tin ID and
cumulating wilh the eastern tnuiiK
was ivui up , Accoidingly the train
L' t 110 fin ( her last night than Ninth
Platte and there laid up for thu Dun-
voroxpiuss No. 2 , which took part of
No. I in tow , and both uirivo this
inmiiiiii ; ut the uvular aiiivmg time
of thu Dunvor ti.iin , 7:155 : o'clock.
Sfato Bur MootlnR.
Thu state bar association held a
biiof imoting TlHired ly evening in the
United States court room , The only
business of thu session was the election
ot mi orator for the next annual
meeting Judge lleavii , of Fulls City ,
wns flrli-cted. This ehoicu H both a
tlitUini' , ' one nnd vuiy appropiiutc.
Colored Odd Fellow's Bull.
Omalni Lodge No.'I. . ' , othurwisu
knowd as Pride of the West L idu'u.
of thu ( iiand Uni n Cider of Odd
Follows held n pluuint , lecuptioii in
Standiud Hull Tlinibdiy evening.
A In ut lifly eoitpha v\eiu prifionl ,
nnd tlu-v hud it most cnj i\ablo time.
Tlitty Hull a Good Time.
You cm just but they did. It was
up in , Inn Neligh'rt looms and quite
a ptr > ) were thoie , intluding Vie.
liierbmur , Ecrj , and tlfloen or twenty
n-pixBHitutivugentlemiii fromSidnoy.
When the jmity weio faiily nwrinbled
and the fun started it was simply
immi'iisi' . A qu trtut from thu Omaha
glee elub were present and sang their
swextest and most stirring song * , until
thu HiU-ct and favored audience ap
plauded to the ech < As thu night
were on some of the
took n hand in the inimical
entertainmentnnd an uxtempor-
iml but highly original nn 1 artistic
concut was the result. 'Iho genial
legal gctitlemnn mentioned made n
handsome little speech , and then the
party all ropairul outnidu for supper.
After the sumptuous nnd hearty meal ,
it is slated by the host , who insisted
on giving ' 'Vic" awny , lint thu latlur
becimo drowsy , and after all othci
menus of awakening him had been
exhaiMi d , a mtistard-p inter wns ap
plied , which called lurth .SD ninny
"sniaif lemaika from the go < d
natnrcd victim that thu
company wer < >
more than satisfied with thu expeli-
nieiit. How much tinth thuro may
bu in the latter yarn , it is difiiuult to
tay , but one thing is .sure , that the
whole party wns an extremely pleasant
nnd jolly ail'tir.
Ho Nails Sovcrnl Lion to the Mntt-
Mr. Gustavo ScBeman , landlord of
the Western Hole ] , on Pieice htieet
Killed at Tin : JU.u oflico yesterday and
put in a fitoiit denial to sumo serious
chargeH prenented ng.iinst him in n
mottling paper , under the head of
' Sesemm'a "
Mr. cjosuni.ui lia.s been in
Omaha for tight j'oarj
past , and has never befoio had any in
sinuations made against his chaiaettr.
He doua not duiend ] on his hotel for a
hvni } . ' , but wo'kd hard ovtry day at
bus ti.ido , tlrit of a carpenter.
Ho says that Andrew Frank , the
plnmtitr , who won the suit in Jud o
Clmdwick'rf court , lefened to yed-
tesdny , came to 1'ia house in Sep
tember instead of December , and
that ho hud just forty live tents to
pay for lodging and bie.iksnst. le !
pud up nil but a balance of SI'S ' in
December. On February 4th Fi auk-
got his pension and back pay , nnd put
$350 in his ( Sesemnn's ) hands to be
given him when culled for. Fintik
was wick one week , dining which Dr.
CoH'man nttcndtd him , nnd by his
own instructions , Mr. Scstcmm HIJH ,
ho paid mimcroiu debts of hint ; stand
ing. At thu time of his liickncsa
Frank vins indebted to the house
about 8100. On the Ulst of Fobumiy
ho owed.i balance of $10. Ho gave
Sisemau a check for $ -1)0 ) , wilh which
ho purchased an electnc bittcry and
Rome other things for him. On Apul
Ith Ftunk left him , $ L'7 in debt.
Mr. Sesuman denounces the state
ments referred t ns iinniitigated lioi.
and says that by the timu his
ease comes up in thu disMict court hi-
will piovo what he sayp. He wou'd '
suu the propiietors of the paper which
published the storv , but that ho does
not fix thu responsibility on them ,
A friend in need is a fuend indeed.
This none can deny , especially when
assistance is rendered when one is
sorely alllictcd with disiusu , more par
ticularly thnsu complaints and weak
nesses HO common to our fenialo popu
lation. Evoiy woman should know
i hat Elect lie iitter.s arc woman's true
friend , and will positively restore her
to health , eeu vv hen all other reme
dies fail. A single trial always pioves
our assertion. They nro pleasant to
tlio taste , and only cost fifty cents pr
Sold by Ish & McMahon. (2) ( )
Real Estate Trnusfcr -
The following aio all the transfers
recorded at the county clerk's office
Wednesday and Thursday , as reported
for this paper by John L. ftlcCa ue ,
real estate agent and conveyancer :
Isiac Noyes and wife to William F.
Lain ; ; , o A ' ot s o [ of section 2 , town.
J5 , rungo'lO c , w d-Su-IO
liyrou Reed and wifu to Georu'o P.
Bemis , lot 11 in block 11 in Reed's
1st add , wd-S-'iOO.
Peter Hrown wife to Peter U. Cham
bers , lot 8 in block 10 , linpiovcmeiit
add , wd-SlOO.
Heniyli. Lewis to Joseph J M iller ,
n e } section ( i , town 15 , range 10 e ,
Johnahan JlilliK.iii and wife to J. 13.
Whittier east A of noithwist } section
0 , town 15 , raiiL'o 10 , tast cj o d SI.
Cecelia A. Colling ot al to Gilbert
M. Hitchcock ] ait of Jot 27 , Nelsons
addition , w d $1,1)50. )
Win. Fleming ot nl to Louis Mtn-
dolssohn part lots 1 and 12 , block 2 ,
subdivision of lot 5 , Capitol addition ,
w d Sl.'JOO.
Clnules Miller to Darris Leiflers ,
lotlM , block 1) ) . Konntyo and llutha
addition , vv d § 1,500.
"BLACK-DRAUGHT" euren dyBjC- |
BIU , mdigchtiuii and heartburn.
At ( ) . P. I'Omtnian.
.1. M. WOLFE.
To the citizens of Om ill i ruul SUtuolXu rn-Ki :
lam now cngigul in the moliminu-
ry work of piop 111114 the 'biid ' viliimo
of thu Nebnihkit State Oa/etteor and
Unsmesij Dnectoiy and itspectfullj
ask that my old fiiumU.ind pitrons
will kindly itsurvu for mo their onleis
for this work. I loirnthat an o itniilo
party is attempting to foist linnsi'lf
upiin this community by misiupru-
suntationa , nnd is seeking to aecmu
orderafiomnu | utrons atatingthat I
ainnot engagi din Dotting up thii vvoi k.
I nsk my fiiends to suuid by mo 111
an old iiti/cn mid not oncum.igu un
interlope ! fiom another city to step in
and taku to another state thu wink ,
buifinusa mid money which should 10-
m ( in here.
My leaidencii here and my woikh
foi thu | nit twelve ji'aia will be Midi
cient giiaianteesaa to thu foith coming
publication ; while a similar w ik fiom
u nun traident will bu devoid of any
guur.iiiteu or ] iurs ( > ii il responsibility
whatever IIH to its conectuefcH < r cum-
pli'tencBH. Jly auentrt uro now obtain
ing the necessary infoimttion thiough-
out thu htutc , and othuis will call upon
the eiti/.ins uf Omiha in a few days.
Veiy tiuly joins ,
n7 ! Ut jl. af-JVoLri : .
I have been appointed state audit
for Sdilif/'H Milwaukee Uoe in kegs.
I'aiiius desiring to bundle anne please
apply to or address M. A. MeXnmunt ,
Omahu , Neb. imvin-tf
Evvrjlliiiii ; desirable tor Thanks-
uiving , Frosli , bright and new.
FLKMIMI , Grocer.
lie Dies Among
Prioudlo'sancl Alouo.
The Close of n Jourimlintio Cnrcor-
A stranger died near Kasala , in Lo
Seuer count } , ISIinn. , n few days since.
He went to the house o' n man
named [ lolbrnok , complained ot hav
ing n severe hepducho nnd requested
| in-mission to ho down , which was
granted. A few hours later ho wns
found to bo dead , hiving passed tinny
M ) qiiklly that Mono about him were
aware of the presence of the glim
visitor. Nothing wasfoundonthu body
of the stranger lo identify him save n
phvBichn'.s pii'sciiption , but lie was a
man about thnty jeais of age , evi
dently intelligent , and well udttcited
and the uhituiut-s and softness of his
hands showed thai hu was not ono nc-
customul to haul manual labor.
The New Ulm l'ot , n flermnn tu
ner , fciys that there is teasou to be-
iievo that the hlr.uiger wus Huu'o Von
Fratikenborg , who v\as theio up to
Rome time in October , l.nt suddenly
left , and who lived in other places un
der the name of Hugo R BU ski.
Hui o Reginald will be well ru-
menibtred bj a iniijoiity of our till-
/sens as hiving ( iiiuud soinevvliit con-
spicuoiiHly in connection with The
Omaha I'o'it ot which he wns nt one
time business inina-jiT. Dining a
tiip enl on the lotdCuil Oranpiu , the
editor ihsued a maniftsto deiiouncini , '
Roainski us a swindler and a finud.
L'ho latter letiiined to Omaha nnd in
few weeks succeeded in oust
ing Granrro and installing
himself again , after which ho in turn
issued a piocl.imitiun dunuuncin
( ir.mpro in tlio same general teims.
Six in mlha later he was bounced by
Haiikt'ti upon the cluvn'o of crockud-
AVlulo on The Post ho wrote an ar
ticle , which was very severe and casb
unjust reflections upon the JJohcm- nationality. Matthew Ncind ,
then a constable cltci" , met him on the
corner of llth and Farn im and gave
him a eistiyatiou th.U was pretty
severe , nnd this brought both p.utus
into police court whcio Nerad wau lut
ell wilh a tine of 915.
Uusinski damped nioiind n while
nnd fm.illy tinned up in Kansis City
us business mauugtr of The Heinlu.
Hu vvsib fcuon in court again , charged
with curtain crooked transictiun.s ,
such as opening letteis which hu look
tiom the postollice for otheis and
approriitin ] ) < r tlu'ir contents The
I'ost denounced him as a swindler ,
and he nniruwly t scaped gJing "ovor
the lead. "
Hi' , career seems to have at last
ended and vciy sadly for him. Ho
was naluially a blight , intelligent fol
low , with a line personal appearance ,
but with the fates apparently ugaiiibl
SPECIAL : To Luun , lor Sate ,
. Found , VVantR. lioardlnc. &c. , will bt In-
setter ! tu liiopu columns once for TKN CENTb
p r line ; each subsequent Insertion , FIVHCKNTS
| iet line. The tlrst Insertion novcr less than
ONEY TO LOAN Call at Law Ollleu ol P.
M L. Thomiw Hooiii S , Orulirhton Him K
C > " A A AfV To loan at from 8 to 10 pi rtcnt
35 * ) ' ' .UlMf on jrood real n-tatceecuritj , hj
UH IiAAC EDWAKDS 1100 rarnhiin i-t.
' 10 l OA At B per ttntlu-
tcrcbt In Bunmot i2riOO and
upwmls , for 3 to 6 > car3 , on first ilivss citj and
farm proxrty. | IlrMiu HKAL EHTATK and
ViiRNCi. 16th mill Dotisrlci Stn
" \"VTAN'l Hi ) \ iiilldlo-ajtd niran who 1111
> \ ilcrsianiH ilrts * nnKliik' , at Mr VV. II.
Wood's Milliner } ttore , L'10 IGtli bt. 5-0 It !
NNTI'D Situation bj i ronipttcnt dnis-
W iniktr. AdilrcfSor tall at 1511 * Ho' o
, for 'our di } 5J7 ! '
'AS'I I'D All list kopor for Ilit I house
VV'urk I'.nmilri. at Ca.i M aihool ,
.1 i ID
ni At thu Cn-l.-htrn House , a ilininir
W room tlrl , aKo a htad wa'tcr. ftJ'J-EO"
Dinlnirrooniairlnt Dunn House ,
013 Kaintiam f-t , oiiiKBitu I tu olldo
WANTED tlook.kuptr , 5a situation by &
} ounj , ' inn i who has a thorough kiinwl f donblu intrv , Ill.liot rifciinici ind
M-curit } if required. AddreiK , A. H.C. Ilcu
ollUe. - ( B ) 11 *
\\rANTKIi-\fr-.lMltiiwaiitH ti Infnrni the
\ \ ltdlis tlmt fhii iloes not ilenlro lo lose
their ciHtcni nmlioiHO , cinli IUH ro-'ncfi ! hu"
i ut llalr Hwltcl o Ironi b OH to * S Oo , 1 1 o Iol
lir Kwitdiis ru to flix ) , 'Ilirtu Dollar
Id In a rtductd to Jl fo , I\&tuml Va\ta \ a
12 ! ! l-arnl mu nt.
'ANTED A ) fcirl for uonorat
niiiiru at I nIT.t sr txn. Bill tf
i \f AMI' ! ) / \ t" " " oiiiini < u ) . .nrf , Mu
< Oo } ' , near uc turiimunl > con I , Pop
plcton Am. , bit ' l > t a il UIHhU \ fiig 2i *
! i-IIninufor a httlo ylrl or
WANTI . ( .onlic irn KHri'i'iiriil '
to M Fuller , tori or of lllth ami I'urnhnm bit
' *
D A dlnli waslar anil ilmnl irmaid ,
at Umniut lioisc tiL521'
\l7A\Ti1 II An exiir iiitril girl or
l.o-il wairii will lie ptid tn
on. vvh > la HC'I riionnundrd Appl ) atH'O
Dod.o ( bt. tf0 t/
- \ new in'lfli ' cow Jlmt ho sm
ile fnijulro 01 I , I'uiund , 141.1 Dido
Hn. t fi I tf
I'KDlira' ikm cylinder puss f edcr ,
WAN Liilt nllicu i.ovl ) tl
" \\7"AM'I.D A hou c'kcc.crut ( 11W ( I'arnhani
> > itriot , upn'ulri , 40a-tf
. ' - fir't-iHssuomanrcok at Chris
W.VN'TED-A uiiMiit , 1101 rarnham otri-ct
4M tf
\\rA.Nl El > Oirl to do lioucrk. . hniUlro |
> V 1110 lUinhaniSl 418 If
ANTED-r'undlnir luldifc nd school honds.
w II , T. Clark. . -
Two ( 'lrln. on tn rook. ni-li and
WASThD and nu to do Bicnnd worn and taU
enuof < h Idrcn. Ili t v ° f rifortniii riiinnel
M > pb noiitlua t conur of 'JOth and Callforida
st.i iii t of WHICH jnitf
\\7.\M KU 1 0 Ki 200 loans of dirt n ar ; ! JM
> > and-it. Jlar ) ' * a\imo. hunuire t _ lire
oiliu. _ _ _
Htl4r-MOU&bb ArtU UANL ) .
O lli.ST : V brick < w.Tln. Kmi ir f Kt
JOthftt ( JKUlllJK II. I'hlKlS 'N ' t35 tf
I.lOK IlKM1 l \i lllir ( hon.e , 6 room" , on
J1 H-miidcri St . nu r tiniilnin cf IMIK Ai >
11) to Frumli Kobhliu , on iirmil'i J. MJ 19 *
. IIK.NT T o nkely turn ihul room * , on
1.10R 7lh tuet , two doom from I'adlli : our
> tcre. tai-17 *
I7OH IIF.NT T o Inrnltlicd rconw , lultabla
I fur ll.-ht Itoutf k eplnir. V2I0 California St.
hmjiiiro N VV. Ccr. Iflth nd Cal.fornla ft
I.10H UKNT HOIIMvlth H r emi iu..r .
X' E. Dradlo ; , S. VV , icr. 10 h and Welwter.
i ' * 7 I 7
171011 HENT A jiarlorMllh lifilroomluljolnlnv ,
I1 riiittble for two or thrto frilitlenicn , M N.
V > . Cor. 22d and VVelKer. 631-ID *
71011 HK.NT \ nt howt Mltli 0 r.onn. In-
1 ( ( UlroofD Cookf , Ibth anu ] . < enworth
7101 lli.vr : Iloo-n lintnl , Miitthlo for
twj ytnUancn ; 16th nnd Capitol nvc *
IlllC. /S4-18 *
"J.'OK Kt'NT N'M brick hon c , S tram * , hund-
I1 wmo fii-nltnre , for talc cheap , lo-
cition toboanlcM cr nsidinco. For putlni-
lnMiuldrm " " llrr. oniti1 Mtttf
ItV.NT-Ilomo of rooms 1221 IPtli St. '
cir Vvil '
'TUMI KENT Mich furnished room , N. W.
I1 cnr. 1'arnhiiii mid IMh SI * . f-03-17
IriOlt ISK.N'T btlit fiirnlihcd roonn , suitaMo fop
inin and nllu , ii 9 N , 17th .St , bit. rallfnr-
nla and VVVImttr. HcfcTincon rtqtiirul. 4I > 5 17 *
IT ! " ! ' . KENT A ruiltof fnrniOiel ronn , parlor
and tAo bcftrooni" , al o n lnli room Chi *
1.1'oMrcct , bctHicn 14th nnd Utli , centra brlik
, ) UV.NT-l. ' ncliamJ omp } furrWicd baik
IMK also front room Kjronrt ttorj bilck
hous , HI 11 Caij street , l > dooLtl of 'JutK.
1.101 : ! ! ! NT rurnl-ticd rooms north sd" of
I1 CillfomliSt.JdUoor xustot SNt. luciilro
alcr lp in , 4TI tf
tStilfu'EN llrli' * store In JiaibV b o I , , IStli
an I Capitol IVCIHIO. J01I.N U. .IACUUS.
171 Jll UEXT JMor.v linn-e , 8 rno'n , 4 lirtre
J1 iloseti ] al > oabirntiKtlrral. ! 21S1 Ducn-
jiort St 4" * . ' '
ITIOU KENT To } oun ; nun lm desire coed
1 wtntir iinrorh. | tno nlctl ) furnWkd
r onw liiiniiroof J. L , Hkuat Joe.t Mmg or
nt l.lfi DmUe trcet. oit ! ! '
I710K Ill.NT A ftirnUhcd front r cm for rent ,
L' wllhlioinl , In prtitofimlh , Gciillnunn
prtfirrid. CullW7JN. KtliSt 3J9 tt
IY1OK KI'M1 9 rooni1oiej JIU-
f1 ch\nt ' EMlmiiKc.N. E. cor. IB'h and Do Igo
J71I1U * AI I.-Out HIJ.I took ' and ono
pirlornt of" pieces. L T. I VliRlnn , Vtf } ,
iil hton Illccli , CiU f .i. tt
J TiOll lALE Hoil'chold furii'turv ' , I rrw , biiij-
1 LiiH hiri c"i x ltli liisu nf h n-u ( f 7
roouK and 20 a < rin .No 1 1'in i , z\ \ miles Iroin P.
i ) PowiH loii trl\en nt OIHC In > ilto Puxtcr
I , . Thoniaj & llro , No S , Cr Dillon Itloik
171UUAl i : Two second hinil riijinci In flikt-
L ) cla j eondltloii. nnu 2ri U , I' , mil nlic'U II.
I' EiniuiruOn aha I ounJrj and J'aU.Inu ( o.
r.lOUSACE Team teed ponies , cheip , at lied
JL' Ibrn , Utli M. ocSl-tf
IlK'K FOIt "
[ 711)11 SAM'- lot of sttond Imd Inridture ,
JJ t \L > ' , cirpolnnnd ir <\ \kaiu , nt U.
, 12uJ lm
"J5EMIS rittllnc1oiu llstn of - , loti
I. ) landi iiiJ titm * for tate Call and got
tin in
ITIOi : SAIn Itapt of Douglas n > nl Sirp > out-
JL' tlui A. liOoKVVATEl > ,102oraruhninFtntt |
WOUHEa AND LAM ) lem ! , rents houHs ,
stores , hotels , farir ot , hu ! , oUlcca
rooms , etc , See 1st pi p
A unite e kitten about four I mntlrt
J old 'I lie finder uil ! bi ! lilieridl } rew.udcd
' v n turning to the undcr-'L'iitd.
'NOV 17 , H-l. KG IV 1' . L I'Htl.NE.
lilOUND Ktncn rarnlnm , in front of PC fl's.
Jj Owner , nn luos nru 1)pru \ h > property
and ] > uii ) ( . ' foi advcrtiaenicnt ut tin lice
ollic. . . i.M 1
A rein mare ; four } < .ir-t ol ! , nicduim ,
J t\ic. \ iihr.uidof ikiut on liftl ind kj ; . loriff
niaiio and t-hort tall , h'te ' liinu flit. IlrNKY
4TI " 0 *
HAY At A. H. Saudcr'H heed htoie
inu Harnev St ill-tf
) 1st pa-o.
BVI81 NKW CITY MA1\S. } & Mounto
B Mars.S'.M ) . ( IK ) . P. IUJIIS
NOTICK hpciial adurtiseiiHntsiah a
Loit , 1'ouiicl , To Loan , For Sale , To Kent ,
Wants , lioirdliiK , etc , \\ill be iiitcrtnl in tlii
column at thu low ratoof TEN CK.NTS PER
LINE for the flrat hmrtkn und FIVE CENTS
1'Ell LIN'K for e th subsequent in-cition.
LciNoadv criibtmtnta at < ur olliuup Btiira ,
cornir Ilruadua } and Main strict- ' , Council
IjllllTHWAMED P cr\liodv in Counc.i UliHTs 10
WAMED TUB 1UK , 2ft cents ] nr tc ' , tie
lixcnd bj carriirH. Oitliu c-orncr lire adw i } and
Main , iiphtalm. Coimcll Hlulle. UOJ If
V\r ANTED A llrtt ctos burbcr imiieil atiljr
\V \ > illpitlie highest Hiutd J. J. ( > ooi ) ,
Coiindl lUiUlX n7-t !
Agenti to ( aina-s I'c't pay-
WAMED iiitHH in the countr } . Adurcss
0 M , liecollki , Coiinc.ll IlluH' ' . Nc.vJ-tl
SALE Hori-u , buiK } and harncsi , chcnr >
FOU . Adurctd V > . II. U. , Ire illuu
Coiindl ISlulTs Ko U 3t
1)OTTEi'S : TICKET OFFICi : VV'nr in railroad
tkKitN crntinnes to boom. Uniirucdintcd'
low rates tu all uistirn ] K > Int Ever } ticket
Ifiianniceil. Ordtre fllltil U } tcliphone. From
ono lo ten dollars wueil b.v | iiir < lii.Hint ; tlckita
1 f U. A , I'ot er , Hiicetcsor to I'utter& I'almcr , .No.
40 Soilt'i ' 1 ifth strict , four ( loom I clou 111 ) oft-
ollicc , Council L.luffj , Iowa. QitlHlf
ANTM ) Hoj , with jxin } , to iarrj fT"- " .
Inciulru at DKK otlico , Louni.ll Illntft.
I'o bu } 100 tons brorm corn.
WANTED * addrcns ( ouncll llluOj
Uroom Kuctor } , CouiK.ll UluH , Jo a 05 $ 21)tf )
A Hint class brorm tier. Jlayno
WANTED Illiifla. lav , a ECO SO'
feALE Old pipers 40c ptr humlrnl , at
t71011 1 llioollico , Council IHnlK 8 > 27tf
TIONA1 IbT , 4'HTdith Strtttl > ct.eti ( rmriham
and flatni > } Hill , vlth the aid of unuilinn
eplrita , ol tain for any ono aidaiuu at the past
and pri-ecnt , .mil on certain condition * In the fu
ture , llfotii am ! fihots made tourdir , I'Difint
Katlafactlon iuar , itcid an' ! ' Im
Absolutely Pure ,
Madu from ( Jrapo Crw. a Tartai No ether
urp tlon maVtK auoh Ilifht , flaky hot lirovli ,
Nxurlout | UKiry Can If > MU > II by Ih ipepilr
v > it ) out fear of tin lilt rti'iltlni ; from hcxvy
nd Hold nnljr In caiic. . In all Oror n
.Vr York.