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For Sale By
No. 1 , Newhouio , 7 roomi , OH Cumlnir tlrcct
No. 2. 2 tTjr house , B room * , well , cliternuid
brn , Wtbtter , ne . tnitt , H)0.
Na 3 , House ot 10 room * , on llnrnty , near
h rtrcot , fltonr founditlon , (4000.
No. 4 , Lareahouto ol U roorm , on Webster
trtroct , ne&r Orelxhton Colics * , V3600.
No. 6. II 'Use of 7 rooms , on Cau , n ar 17th
rtroct , $1hOO.
No. 7 , Homo of B room * , 3 lota , on 17th ttrtct
near Itard , $3 00.
No B , Homo of roomn , on Can , nwr llth ,
2xlR2 fee lot , (1300.
No. & , Houna of 8 rooms , kitchen , etc. , or
Cux , near 13th > t eet , < 00.
No. 10 , llouno of 3 room * with lot 22x132 feet ,
on Coil , near lUh itroct,9900.
No. 11 , llouso of 6 roe ns , on 10th street , near
Doul& < , 44x06 feet lot , $4000.
No. 12 , Ho iBeof 6 rooms , brck foundation , on
Ilarney , near 27th fctrcet. $1000.
- No 13 , 1 utory new house of 6 rooms , brick
foundation , on tit. Mary's tt\cnue , near convene ,
No. 14 , House of 6 room ? and summer kitchen ,
on 20th etreot , near dark , $2600.
No. 15 , House of 8 rooms , on Sherman ntenuo
(16th street ) near Nicholas , K2&0
No. ill , l 4 ttory liouiu ot 4 rooms , cellar ,
stable , etc. , on Daven ort , near 22 lHtroct , 81DOO ,
No. 17 , i- tory brick houoe of 8 roomu , near
enJ ot rcu street car turn table , fJM.
No. IS. Houau and i lota , 4 block * woet of High
Bchool , S2.TOO.
No. 19 , uouse and 3 lots on road to park , near
head St. Mary' * a\cnue. $3300.
No. 'JO. House and lliloUneJrHascftH's.South
.Omaha. $2500.
No. 21 , House and lot on Davcnp irt ttrcut ,
near IDtli Ktroct , $5500.
No. 22 , 2-iit ry house and 1 t 32\00 feet , on
Dar niort. near 12th street , 81300.
No. ZJ , House of 4 roams and i lotion 17th
trcot , near Izard , $ i200 ,
No. 25 , House and i lot on 10th ttrcot , t ear
Dodge , WM.
No. 8 , Ilnunc ami 1 lot ou 10th street , near
Cau tel avenue , I14W .
' N . fl , 2 houses and lot 03 Jackson , near 13th
trit. 4300.
No , 29 , 6 hou ca and 1 lot on California , near
Sth street , iOOO.
Nu. 30 , 1J. story brink houie of 4 rooms with
lot OOxSMfeet , onShtrman avenua (10th iitrcot ) ,
near Itard , $30i .
No. 31 , IJ-ntory house and 33x66 feet , on 13th
Ireect , near Howard strtet , $ 2000.
No 32 , ' . .Btory houw of 6 rooms and two loin
On Huson , n ar lith street , $3000.
N ° | J& , LarKe house a d full lot on Caplto
venue , near 13th street , SSiTO.
No. 30 , 2 three story brick houses wi lot 44x
IBfoct , on Clilcairo. near 18th street , K 0 oach.
o. 37 , House of 7 rooms with 11 lot 1'aul
ttmtt , near 18th street , 827 W.
No 34 , Housa and lot on 18th etreet , near
Sherman , S1860. '
No. 39 , House of 5 rooms with 44x60 feet lot ,
. on 16th street , near California , * 2 W
No. 42 , HouKCof 8 rooms with lot 1KK1&0 feet ,
on Coburn. near Colfax street , 8J5CO.
No. 43 , House and 2 lots on Chicago , near 20th
( trort , $70JJ.
No. 45 , Larpre ho'ino of 7 rooms , closets pantry ,
well and chttni , on IStli , ntor Clark street , 93500
No. 4 , Lar e housu with full block , ntur new
hottower , * 2000.
No. 47 llousu ot 9 roinu with i lot , on Pacific ,
near llth street $3000.
No. 49 , llrick house of 11 rooms , well , e'stom ,
CM thr lUK'.out ' the house , good born , etc. , on
Farnham , near 17th street , toOOO.
No to , Homo of 6 roomx , collar , well , etc. , on
18th , near I'aul street , $ OOiX > .
No. 63 , House of 6 rooms and cellar , lotS3il32 ,
off St. Mury'natenuc , near convent , $1600.
No. OS , rour hou-m and 83x120 feet , on Daven
port , near 10th street , SiOOO.
No. M ) , Hou o of 9 or 10 rooms , on California ,
OB r 21st i trit , 1 5500.
No. 67 , House ot 6 rooms , summer kitchen ,
cellar , clatcn , ell , g od barn , etc. , near St.
Mary avenue nnd 21st street , 93000.
No. 3 , New house of 7 rooms , good barn , on
Webster , near 22d street. 2600.
No. 69 , Kour housea wltb ) lot , on 12th street ,
nearCass 62&00.
No. ' , llouno of 3 room on Davenport , near
t3rd street , 9900.
No. 61 , Housa of 0 or 10 rooms , on Hurt street ,
ear 22nd street , 85000.
No. 02 , House of 4 rooms , 1 story , porch , cel
lar. cistern and well , on Homey , near 21st street ,
No. 03 , House of 4 roTni , closets , basement
Mid cellar , near WUlUi Uad Works , tlCOO.
ro. . 64 , Hulldlntr on leaned lot , on Dodif u street ,
oar post office , ( tore below and r-oin < alxnu ,
two No. 66 , 3 lots with born and other Improve
ments , ncur street car turn table , fJOOO.
No. ; , New hou of 6 rooms on 17th , near
Cumlnir street , f 1000.
No. 09 , Larjja nne house of 12 rooms , otrj-
thlnx complete , o i 18th , near Chicago , WOOD.
No. 70 , House on 18th street , near Davenport ,
ttoru below and rooms above , him , etc. , (16CO.
No 71 , House of 8 rooms , line cellar , all complete
plote , on California , near 21st , 7000.
No. 72 , Ilrlck house , 10 or 11 rooms , on Daven
port , near 16th $ U > 0.
No. 73 , IJ-f tory hout-o , 6 rooms , cellar , w.l
and el-Urn , on Jackson , near 12th , 1 1800.
No. 74 , Ilrlck homa with 2 lots , fruit trees ,
etc. , on 16th , near Capitol avenue , 916,000.
No. 76 , Houw of 4 room , burment , lot 17Jx
132 fett , on Matey , near 7th , $ C7i.
No. 76 , 1 J-etory house , broom * , on Ous street ,
oiariethstreot , 4&00.
No. 77 , 2-story house , 11 rooms , closets , fur-
race , fruit trten. barn , tt < ; . , en Xarnhiiro , no r
IStli ( .trust , 8000.
No , 81 , 2 houiod with 9 rooms , and other with
6 rooms , on Chicago , ne r ISth street , 13000.
No. 82 , li story bouso , 6 rooms , 4 closets , well
an > ) 100 barrel cistern K0 ° d bain , on Fierce Ht. ,
uear 0th ( near new government corrall ) , 11800.
Vo 83 , 2 story house , D rooms , eoaUhixl , jood
well , el-Urn , on ) lot , on Capitol avenue , nco
No. 81 , z'-story house , 8 rooms , 4 below hnd 4
boie , Sclobets , co'lar , wetland cistern , with It
er i ground , on SaunderssUett , near Uarnt.Ls ,
No. 86 , 2 stores , houio on leased } lot , leae
runs 2 yean from April 1st , IbSl , on I' clMc ill. ,
near U , 1' . depot , * aOO
No B6 , IIousv , 16 room , well , cistern , etc. ,
near 15th and Ilarney street , )000
No. 7 , 2 story house , 3 rooms , well null 40
feet ol water , with 6 Bcrtsol mutid , on KaunderH
strett , near IJ H. lla-mclis , * 2000.
No. 8a , large liouio ot 10 roonn , well , clatorn ,
fcirn , etc. , on Coij street , near 21tt , J7000.
No. k9 , o house. 10 or 12 rooms , on Wob.
Btrr stiett , near lUtli , J7600.
No. DO , iarnra outeand beiullful comer lot ,
near Jlodge anil 17th sticeti , * IOOO.
No. 91 , 1 story bouse , 0 roouu , etc. , on tarn
bain , near 10th strett , $1600 ,
. F. BEfflS'
Real Estate Exchange
15th and Dongl MI Ft root.
Several Witnesses Summoned foi
| the Buiteau Trial ,
The Public Debt Inoreaslnt
According to the October
Appointment of a Successor tc
French , Commissioner of
Railroad & ccounts ,
Windom Leaves for Now Yorh
9Folgor to Take Ohargo
on the 12th.
A Medical Journal's Opinion oJ
the Treatment of the
I r-
. * Late President.
MiioeUanaoni Washington Intel.
National Anoclatod Vint.
WASHINGTON , Novumbpr 1. There
in little doubt but that Minister Ilurl-
bub'fiomewhat exceeded his instruc
tions when ho Raid that the United
States would support any particulai
Peruvian government , but will proba
bly bo lightly censured if at all. Hi
WM simply over zealous. Blaino'i
idea is to have Europeans and Ameri-
cons understand that the United States
as the'stronirftst republic on the west
ern continunt , proposes to protecl
weaker republics , and such wuro the
tenor of the instructions given Hurl-
but and Kilpatrick.
; " ' ' PUiWKNT.
Comptroller Knox says ho will not
appoint a receiver for the Mechanics
National bank , of Newark , until bo
has received the report from the Ex
aminer , which will not ba until to
morrow. *
WASHINGTON , November1 1. Mr.
Scoviile , counsel for Guiteau , over
the rocejit order of the court allowing
him to summon twenty witnesses at
the government's expense , this morn
ing had the clerk of the criminal court
Bubpcena the following persons : Airs.
Auguita Parker , James Kyrnan , Geo.
T. Burroughs , Francis JI. Scovillo
and J. LewisJ Lee , all"of Chicago
cage ; J. Jptlyn , of fhe Oneida com
munity , NY. ; Emmett O. Foss , of
Dover , KH. . ; John A. Rice , of Mor
ton , } Vfctf J3t,0Spiteka'ofNewYorkj
A. Bi Af matrons : , \ViiliamspdrtPa. . ;
The navy department has advices
from the Alliance that she reached
Reek Javok , Iceland , on October
10tl > . All are well. She ia waking a
thorough search fur the Joannettc ,
giving a full description'to all vessels
mot and throwinc overboard , the ves
sels position iu sealed battles. The
Reek Javek authoritiei'rcport that a
largo mast , copper studded , was found
an shore last Juno. This will be
: losely examined for iduntification
Hid a report made to the Danish min
ister at Washington. Information
was also sent that the ship JamCB <
town , loaded with limber , was
beached ncur Capo Reikunuo on the
2Cth of last Juno. She had been do-
lortod by thu crow , the mizzen mast
lad boon cut away , and HUD was a
jompleto wreck. The whereabouts ol
the crow has not yet been discovered ,
riio commander of the Alliance rc-
> orta the ice floe much heavier and
'urthcr to the southward this soaaon
.linn usual.
The department statement issued
o-day flhrrws a reduction during Deto
ur of $132,145.88.
Postmasters co'mmissions were sent
o-day as follows : R. D. Wells , at
Dawnington ; E. M. Reed , Erie , PH. ;
> V. H. McLaughton , Petersburg , Va. ;
I. P. Holdsworth , Misiouri ; Lmdsoy
iVillis , Perry , Iowa ; J. D. Sornies ,
? ulaski. Tonn. ; J. P N. Hatton ,
Mana , 111.
The president has appointed Joseph
C. McCiumnon to succeed Tliooplis
' 'rench as commissioner of railroad
iccounts in the interior departmant.
W. W. Upton , second comptrolJpr
I th o treasury , reports that dur-
ng the last fiscal year there wore
evisud and Hottled in his office 17,935
lonnion claims , the amounts aggrujrut-
ng 9144,470,051.
It is rumordd hero thin afternoon
hat Secretary Dlaine is preparing a
> retest nguhiHt the action of the Bank
f England in regard to the purchase
I confederate bonds. Blainu reftm-n
u interview at present.
Senator Windom loft for Now York
his afternoon on private businenH.
lecretary Fol er iu expected to take
hargo of the treasury department
bout the 12th.
In connection with the publication
f the debt Htatomunt for October the
blowing facia are of interest ; The
ocreaeo of the debt for four months
f HUH fiscal yearin $55,0(3-l.m.08 ( !
or the Hamit monttiH lant fiscal year ,
53,000,000 , If tlio uaiao ratus of re-
luction continue for the remaining
itjht months the total reduction for
ho fiscal year ending Juno 30 , 1882 ,
rill bo about 3170,000,000 , against
110,000,000 in the liscul year ended
FunoUO , 1881. At this rate the entire
mblic debt , 81,785,514,400.00 , , will bo
rJpod out inside of ton years , as
bo interest payments will steadily
.ecrease in amount. The intoreat of
he debt is about $52,000,000 annu-
lly , while t thu tiuio Iwt jr r it
was about $82,000,000 annually. Tlv
poniion list will bo fully $13,000,001 ,
loss this year than last. "Providut
the tax on whisky nnd tobacco TO
mams the same , and without any nia
tonal change in the tariff , wo wil
not owe eire cent ton yoats hence , '
said a prominent treasury official to
Tlio rumor that General William
son , late commissioner of the liviid of
fice , is to bo secretary of the interior
is based only on the fact that the luwi
delegation recently hero expressed t <
President Arthur their idea that thai
ollico ought to go to Iowa , and at
Secretary Kirkwood not to to-
main , * hey know of no ono whom
> hey would like to see in the phici
better than Williamson.
WASHINGTON , Nov. 1 The cur
rant number of Dr. AValah's llutro
spoct of Medicine and Surgery , pub
hohed this evening , will contain a loinj
editorial comment on the cnso of the
late Prcsidant Garfield , or , as the
journal term * it , "tho resultof our in
vostigatiou in the case for the purpose
of giving a truthful and font-less ac <
count. " Dr Walsh firet quotes fron :
the official account by Dr. D. W.
Bliss , in which ho relates how hi
probed the wound with his linirer ul
the depot , nnd how ho aftorwardt
used a small flexible silver probe , and
also how ho expressed his opinion thai
stimulants should not be given to the
wounded man nt that time , because oi
his constantly suffering from nausea.
Dr. Walsh say * ho had an opin
ion that it was Surgeon Gen
eral Wales who made the first
degital examination of the wound , mid
that stimulants wore given after Bliss
arrivod. In substantiation of. thu
opinion the article includes letters to
the editor from Dr. Smith Town-
rthond , health officer of the district ,
and of Dr. 0. B. Purvis. The fnrinut
says ho himself gave 'tho president a
stimulant before Bliss arrived. That
Bliss brought a long probe which was
not , however , used ; that alter tlio
president was removed to the while
house- Doctors Wales and Woodward
were selected by Bliss to make an ex
amination ; that Wales did so and
made the report to the other physi
cians as to the course of the ball.
Dr. Purvis says the br.indy was
jiven the president both bcforo and
ifter Bliss arrived ; that Dr. Bliss un
dertook to probe the wound , first with
i small silver probe and then with a
Woalton probe at the white house.
Wales wanted to know just the nature
of the wound and announce it , but
Bliss , who gave the impression that
10 had been specially summoned , said
o wait. Afterwards , however , Bliss ,
Wales and Woodward made an oxaiui-
lation and Wales said ho had passed
lis little linger in tho. wound and
bund the" eleventh rib fractured and
.lie liver perforated.
Dr. Lincoln also writes to the cdi-
or that when he arrived at the depot
Bliss was said to have made a hurried
examination of the wound , and had
expressed the opinion that a further
ixamination then would be dangurous.
) r. Wales himself writes to the odi-
or that on arriving at the depot ho
earned that Bliss had ansumod
hargo of the case , and ho heard Bliss
oiling the crowd that ho had passed
ho probe three and one-half inches in
ho wound , but not tolling its nature
or the exact location. Wales
also says tint ho made two
examinations of the wound peroonally ,
nnd found the fractured rib and so re
ported. He s.iys , too , that he did
not share in thu general opinion that
kho wound was fatal either at first or
when ho received a note that his
services wore no longer required.
The editor then quotes from the
afticial reports of Dr. Bliss' state
ment that Drs. Hamilton and Agnew
individually examined the wound at
the first joint of the consultation ,
A.lso Dr. Hamilton's statement that
Inding the track of the wound com
pletely closed by a blood clot , ho re
fused to make further exploration.
Dr. Walsh is at a loss what to think
Df the paper so at variance with state
ments of reliable gentlemen. Ho as-
iorts that the failure to enlarge the
wound and remove the specula of the
30110 soon after the reaction was es
tablished was a great mistake , and
ixprosses the belief that if that mis-
ako had not been made the pus cav-
ty wonld not have formed. Quoting
rein Dr. Hamilton's own work on
Vlilitary Surgery , page 205 , erie of
he most frequent causes of death and
if delay in recovery is found to bo
i small specula of bono loosened
tro completely detached from the rib.
'Had not a false channel formed , "
ays the 'editor , "a false diagnosis
vould not have been made , and the
[ anger of pyifiniu would have been
; reatly lessoned. " There ia quoted
imineii ? authority to show that n
borough cleansing and draining from
ho right side of the vertobrni need
tot have been fatal. The further iv.i-
ertion is made that traumatic uneu-
ism was not proven by autopsy ,
naking this point chiefly on
ho fact that there wai
lathing to show nave
upture that the splenic artery win in
ho track of the ball. Taking up Dr.
Miss' points "for the consideration of
ho profession , " Dr. Walsh oxpmses
ho opinion that if Dr. Bliss' iniuto the
xamimttion with a probe at the do-
lot , as ho says , it was morn thorough
liun the patient's condition justified ,
-'lirou inches and a half downward
ml forward and downward and back *
rani out of the course of the ball
light ] .ici < r.ito a healthy tissue. Dr.
tliaV inquiries ns to whether the
residents transfer to tlio
rhito house was timely and op-
ropriately , and whether tlio most
udicious means were used to securu
rompt reaction , the editor is glad to
nswor "Yes. " As to whether the
listuko of the diagnosis was the na-
ural result of the conditions prea-
nt , Dr. Walsh says that it was the
atural roault of the conditions per-
littud to remain present , ttnd in re
ly to another query of Dr. Bliss ,
tales that b d the wound been prop
erly enlarged , the ball could hav <
traced ivs far AS necessary with tin
finger. In contradiction of Dr. Dims
statement that President Garfield per
snnally jihcod hinuo f under hii
( Dr. Bliss' ) earn. Dr. Watch nay thai
It is susceptible of proof that GarfiuU
stated , after Dr. Bliss had Assumed
control of the CMOO and refused ndmis
sum to Dr. Baxter , ( hat Dr. Huxtui
had been for many yearn , and wai
still considered by' him , his phjMcinn ,
and that ho had nuvur expressed i
desire for Bliss to take churgo of the
ciiso. The assertion wai also m > ult
thit Mrs. Garfield wti nt no tinu
aware that the president had siilecteil
Dr. Bliss as huVmudicul attuiul.tnt.
The article also snyg that keeping tin
president's true condition from tin
public was an unfortunate mistake ro.
suiting from low of confidence in tin
physicians statfhioi'tB nnd public 10-
liuiico upon thp profession and cnliind
otllctro' dispa ones. Aimtlior crroi
was the failuvo to cn'l ' in omiiutnt
pathologists , not previously connected
with the case , to nssiat in the ni'l ' , > i > ny ,
| iarticularly aa tliat might have injured
protection nguinst unf.ivora'ilo ' criti-
ciBiiu. The article further ivhiiiti
chat there can bo no retmura
of the medical treatment of thu
case and concludeB an fol
lows : "Briefly summarizing ,
wo may say thnt-tl)0 ) failure to enl irgo
tlio wound 'and remove the specn'a ,
the treatment of a false sinacs for thu
track of the ball , the issuing of bulle
tins. creating public distrust , the per
formance of the autopsy with the pres
ence of eminent disinterested pathol.
ouist the arriving at uncertain de
ductions from said autopsy , and thu
false statements made Imvo done more
to cost distrust on American surgery
than any ether caao known to our
medical history. "
COLUMBUS , 0. , November 1.Tho
upreuiu court this morning granted
.euvo to the Vundtrhilt party in the
railroad contest to file a petition in
error to the order of the Franklin
county court of October 22d , appoint
ing a receiver , etc. , and also grunted
a supcrsodiua , staying all proceedings
in Judge Green's court upon filing u
bond of $50,000 , ' The hearing upon
the quo warranto and upon the peti
tion in error will not bo had for a few
weeks , as the issues have not been
made up.
YOUNGSTOWW , p. , November 1.
A. G. Mattery , prtflidcntof the Cleveland -
land , Dolphos & S.t. Louis narrow
gauge railroad , is in the city to-day.
Thia road will bo built through
Youngstown next year nnd is a sys
tem of narrow g HJjro railroads extend
ing from Philadelphia to the City of
Mexico. The Young-down car works
have contracted for live hundred cars
for this road , to bo , .shipped to St.
CHICAGO , November 1. Th'o" Union
Pacific railroad announces that on
November Gth a icgular train will run
between Omaha and Denver ever the
new line , the Julesburg cut-off. It
will leave Council Bluffr nt 7 p. m. ,
Omaha time , ariiving in Denver the
following evening at 7 p. m. , Denver
time. Coming east the train will Icavo
Denver at 8 a. m. , arriving at Coun
cil Bluffi at 8 a.m. , the following
CHICAGO , November 1. The ad
vance freight rules on the Michigan
Central and I < ako Shore roads took
effect to-day. The ratus iiro 20c on
gr.iin to New York , Philadelphii and
Baltimore ; i'fic on crain to Boston ;
25c on provisions to Now York , Balti
more and Philadelphia , and GOc on
provisions to Boston.
National AwoclatiMl I'reu
CHICAGO , November 1. The von
ytubon parly visited the now city of
I'ullman this morning. They loft
Chicago at ! < :30 : this afternoon for
Niagara Falls via the Lake Shore.
CINCINNATI , November 1. Pinkeye
ia * made a fearful spread hero , and
.hero nro over 1,000 cases in Cincin-
iati and vicinity. Very fuw prove
'atal , but the horses are disabled from
NuwAnK , N. J. , November 1. Na
, han Perry , formerly member of con
'ross from Newark , and his wife both
lied to-day from pnonmonia Ho was
i native of Bridwvillo , Conn. , and
TBS about sixty-fivo years of go.
LITTLK ROCK , Ark. , November 1.
jharles Jones , a negro , who assaulted
i white lady in Johnson county ro
sently , was yesterday taken from the
il and hanged by a mob.
BUULINGTON , Iowa , Novunibor 1.-
Ion. H. H. Starr , ono of the pioneers
if the west , and at onu time u leading
awyer , died last night.
Foam of Lynching.
rational A wocUtiy ] J'r < w .
MILWAUKBK , Wis. , November 1.
iVm. Hulls , of Peoria , Ills , alias Leu
iVilliams , the murderer of SherifT
yoleman , was quietly removed to
) urand , Wis , , at 12 o'clock this morn-
ng in chargu of oflicors Now that !
[ is identity him boon completely estab-
ishod it it feared tlut ho will bo
ynchod before ho can bo tried. A
lozpn cold blooded murders are booked
gainst the Williams brothers.
Wouldn't Evangelize Worth a
latlonal Anwx-Uttd l'rf ,
CHICAGO , Wovomber 1. A Mrs.
irown , a pliiliuithroptht and a mom-
icr of the women ci.iristiiin lompjr-
ncu union , took u jail bin ) , Ilcuiry
i , I'erry , to her homo and tried for
itvoral months lo oviinjje'uo him.
! ) iu advanced $1,400 on I'orry'n dii.
lends only to find they wuio pustu.
ho cauaud his arrest to day , and ho
UH held to the criininiil court.
llon l AuociaUxl fret * .
Qui.voy , November 1. A passen-
er train on thu Hunnibjl & Bt. Jou
uilroad was wrecked last night near
) ly station by striking a eow. The
ngino is a total wreck , and the
uaches nil loft the track. The pas-
eugoM were badly ihtkon up , None
no WM hurt.
Tlio Farther the Inveatigatioi
Goes the Worse it Bole.
The City of Nowarlc a
LoBor by the Pniluro of
the Bank ,
Moet of the Depositors of tin
Bunk Able to Stand the
Baldwin , the Onahier , Admit
ted to Bail iu the 3uu\ ,
of $250 000.
Avrost ot the Hod of the Pirni
to Whom the Stolen
Mouoy Was Loaned.
Jcnio Jnmos Acaln Reported
Killed Other Criminal Newo-
National AwocUloJ frost.
NKWAUK , N. J. , November 1. By
prov.ioua arrangement , at 2 o'clock tlii ?
afternoon United States District At-
tiirnoy ICeasby appeared at the rcsi
doaco of Cashier Bill win to receive
from bin ; A voluntary st itomont con
cerning the defalcation. Kuasby reported -
ported the statement made as follows :
lie as long ago as 187t ! began to muko
irro ulur loans to C. Nugent & Co.
Such loans wore made without securi
ty and without the sanction of thu
directors. Having once begun ho felt
himself in Nugont's power and con
tinued to inakofurtherloanR from year
to year , some times as much as $50-
000 a month. The amount finally
Dwelled to such proportions that he
cou d not roccde unless ha faced in
stant ruin nnd exposure , lloallowt'd
Nugent to draw largo sums , and hoped
to replace them in the regular course
of buflinpsa. Nugent assured him
that the firm hud a largo amount of
property in bonds and real cstato and
would make everything good. Nu
gent was nwaro that Buldwin was us
ing tie | bank money irregular ! ] ' , and
said that whenever Buldwin required
it ho would turn ever his property to
secure the bank. The loans continu
ally incroiiBod until they had
reached over § 2,000,000. Nugont
gave the cashier drat IB upon
friends in Now York from time to
titnu , which were credited to him to
inrot drafts upon the b nk , and thu
cashier used the money of the bank to
take up tin ) drafts in Now York.
Baldwin falsified the books to conceal
the deposits. Thn losBCBOccasinnod by
thmntJloana wore antcrod.ontho . a < ] '
countt ofthe. Mechanic's Nationa
bank of Newark in such a inanne
that , while it appeared by the book
in Newark that they had S2,000OOC
to their ctcdit in the New York bank
the Newark bank really owed the
Now York bank. The difference ii
these loans , Baldwin asserted , Ma
nmdo up in irregular loan to C. Nu
gent & Co. Baldwi > denied that he
lost any money by speculation.
Baldwin was admitted to bail in the
sum of 8250,000 , his bondsmen being
W. H. Baldwin and Win. Dodd. Nu
gent was arrested for aiding and allot
ting in the swindle.
NKWAUK , N. J. , November 1. The
excitement over the bank failures and
of other arrests are rife , but HO fur as
can bo learned are without foundation.
AlthoiiL'h the names of corporations
and individuals am freely mentioned ,
a careful examination leads to the bnk
lief that the heaviest losers by the
Mechanics National Hank are the men
most able to bear their IOBHOB and thill
any failures that may como will bo
among the smaller depositor * * whoso
business may not bo able to continue ,
while their money , two-thirds ol
which will bo a total loss , is lockoc
under a receiver , most asuots are
mortgages and other real estate
not readily convertible The
heaviest depositor ! are the City of
Newark , the Mutual Benefit Lifo In
Biintnce association , the brewery
lirms of Balbacks , Kreugers , Hous-
kers and Balautynes. , the Lister phos-
phoros manufacturing company , the
ituto banking company , the Clurk
thread works and others of a class
not likely greatly to feel their IOSHOL
Ono private individual is naid to have
lepohited u'0,000 a few days ngo , Ihu
loss of which would ruin him. Prur
ient SchiclilmuH and comptroller
fiaottlor , of thu State Banking Com
pany , without stating what
: heir loss wai , said that
it would not ombarnviii
.hem and that the amounts deposiiod
11 the lust twenty-four hours had
won litrgur ( linn for the correspond-
ng period last week. There had been
10 indications ot a run and they feared
lone. J. B. Bchotick , the book-
< ouper for Lester Bros. , said that it
ivan a mistake to sunposo that they
Yould bo embarratsed or even be con-
tiderablo loseni. They had taken
.heir accounts from the Mechanics
> ank three months ago and only
copt a moderate balance there ,
ho bulk of their money having been
ilaced elsewhere , although the
iliangu in accounts had Ken for
nirely business reasons , and not bo-
i.uiae they behoved thu bank lo bu un-
011 ml They had paid their Imndi u
noiith'H salary laeit night without om
> ariasainont , and did not think thu
.NKiuiit of their deposit wits greater
hau thoHinall amount of their p.ipor
i eld by thu bank , The city is tein
Kinirily bankrupt , so f.irusreud.yinonoy
u concerned , a statement which , ro-
icutfd from nnuith to mottli ,
uiisoa a Hinile. The bank hold tlio
cconntu of iho sinking fund commit-
ionera , of thu iicniuduct board and of
ho city treasurer. Thu two Litter
lud obligationw which accrued to-day ,
nd to moot which they had to have
nonuy at onco. They instantly trans *
erred their account * yesterday to the
National State bank , which advanced
i&O.OOO nd anotbor | 60,000 to-d y.
The b. nk will advancn all the city mnj
want now. Of the rumors of arresti
to bd made none could bo verified
Some of thorn rnlatoto mou very closf
to the arrested cashier in personal a
well ns in business matters. Unitec
States District Attorney A. Q. Kcus
l > y nnd his son , United Klatos Com
sioncr , E. Q. Koniby , both , however
over , naid that there wns nt
iiiluntibn at present of nrrestiii |
any of the men whoso names won
sumrostcd. They would not , however
say that other arrests were not con
tomplatod. The government propli
nro exclusively in control of the bank
and others are not admitted to tin
building. No information has ye
b on secured of any dulinito action a' '
NKWAIUC , November ! . A rcnorlor
visited Nugont's house to-night to
find out concerning thu rumor of his
suicide , nnd it was duniod.
NKWAIIK , N. J , , November 1
Unitud St tcs District Attorney Kea -
by now tays that ho is untisiiod tlinl
Nui-piit wiis fully aware of all ol
Baldwin's movements ; that ho know
of a1 ! the inniiipuliitioiin to which the
books were subjected ; alint the regu
lar drafts ninco January 1st have been
ever $1,500,000 , on which payments
have been made of § 1 , (100,000 ( during
the lust two months , and thai in view
of tlu-80 facts ho had informed Nu-
gout's counsel that every dollar of the
firm's property , real and personal ,
must bo turned over to a receiver
when hppointcul. Ho believes the
greater p.irt of the missim ; money is
represented by property hold by Nu
gent & Co. Nugent has also made a
statement which partly explains the
mystery mid carries back to Wai
street that ho had been in the habit oi
giving blank drafts to Baldwin who
illed thmn in as hu likod. Mr. Koasby
added : "Ho had a rope around Bald
win's ' neck , but now I have ono
around his nock and I intend to draw
t tight. "
A point of law wo-s raised to-day
which shows how the cashier won the
confidence of his employer. It is re
ported , and on good authority , that
Unld win's bomlbinen havu not re-
lowed their bonds within fifteen
, 'ears. This buing the case the securi-
.ics nro no longer responsible and
cannot bo brought to account for ,
According to law , Now Jersey bondi
jonds are rcqnirpd to bo renowui
every seven yeais. AftqrVjtmt ] time
ellipses the sureties /c aVe ; void
and the bondsmen freccufryih nil ro
sponsibility. ProccediliV4luami > rniti
were cominoncod by Wttrj5n' Apkur-
nan and a summbns plncod in' thts
lands of thu sheriff , the object being
to hold President James A. Haleuy
[ lursonally liable for the Iocs Ackur-
innn has sustained by reason of Haid
Ualsoy's neglect of duty .10 president.
Mr. Ackorman owns over 150 shares
of capital stock of the bank. His
bonds nro placed at $25,000. , Thu
freeholders c6mmittee is lilno re
Attorney A. L..JCenBly , this
afternoon madu n > etatbinont that
Baldwjn had idvcn thorn evidence
that he had nq ether complications
than thcso with Nugent it Co. Ho
had secured the books which showed
during the last ton months the fol
lowing drafts and deposits on account
of the firm , alwuys in their advantage ,
but Irssoiiingas if he had tried to keep
the firm's difference down :
Draft * . ' , . $223,000
DeiiotiU . 1 JU.OOO
Drafts . - . . 14' ,000
Deposits . Tfi.OOO
Ur.i/t 165,000
Uraf ti . 127,000
Depoaits . 113,000
DraftM . 110,000
Deposits . 107,00 (
DiuftH . liri.OOO
Dc.ositH | . 110,000
DruftH . 128000
DeiionlU . 107,000
Drafts . ir.r.,000
l.poitii . 7,000
DMft-T . 143.000
DeiKioltH . 02,000
It is stated hero now positively ns
against a similar statement this morn
ing that Nugent has shot himsolf. It
is not generally believed. Co mm is. *
sioner Koaaby says the books pri *
vntoly kept by Baldwin show again
and again drafts made by Nugent &
Co. against persons with whom they
liud no buaincHS , and drafts weie
thown to ropoitcrs for itinountfi as
urge ns ? 120,000 , signed by Nugent
& Co. , and claimed to have boon
illed m by Baldwin. SuitH have beun
iDgiin n'g.iinst thu president of the
jank by the deporitors who bnso their
claims on thu ground of porsom.1 loss
hrough the inability of President Jas.
A , Jialnoy , who received n tialary to
kttund to the oidinury buninuts
at his position. Nugent to-day u-/uin
lositivuly refused to make an assign-
nont , and said that ho owed nothing
if consequence and has , been pnreist-
imtly misrepresented , 8eward Or y ,
manager of the Park theatre , has sent
aut a Jotter saying that the theatre's
nanngeiiioiit is in no way interfered
with by thu report that an attachment
mil been placed agalnstit by the bank
wuplu under the belief that it bo *
iiiigud to thp elder Baldwin. The
ax commissioners have refused to
nuke puhlio the names of the stock *
loldcrs of tlio bank nnd the amounts
leld , us huinc aijainst publicy policy.
Ml obli atioin ] on New York coupon
iimds nro | iavablo now , and will bu
nut by the National bank of com-
iorco , of Now York.
Nr.w YOUK , November 1. Niimer *
us stories weru in uirculiition in Wnll
nd Brond strcetc during tlio foie-
eon about Baldwin's ventures in
tockn , but stranguly enough diligent
liquifies failed to pluco thu firm with
vliom h is alleged to have had deal *
nga , Dot ctivos were aUo engaged
vith u similar object in view , at the
litigation , so it ia said , of thu dire-c
orn of the crippled bank , but if they
vo been suecuiif ul it U known only
u thouielves , j
President Sherman , of the Me
chanics' National bunk 'of this city ,
said : "Wo nro secured by collateral
for the overdrafts of $207,000 of the
Mechanics' bank ot Nowark. I don't '
believe Baldwins' story that ho sunk
$2,500,000 in the Nugont firm , " "Not
bit it " hu mldcd
n of , emphatically ,
"but tht ! moro T look into tho. affair ,
the inoro I am convinced that they
gambled together. "
Mr. Cox , cashier of the Mechanics
National , of this city , who was
sent to Newark yesterday to uininino
into the wrecked concern coincided
with Mr. Sherman in the viow. Ho
claimed to give a detailed story of the. ,
result of his discoveries , but acknowl
edged that about all that had boon
said about the lunk was truo. It was
incomprehensible to him that such a
vast sum could be taken from the
Mechanics Bank without an earlier
discovery. Ho far an ho could _ learn
there weru but 8150,000 cosh in the
lunk yesterday. What other pirticu-
Itirs ho ascertained weru given to the
olllcci'4 of hi * own
S'atloiml Auoc'aUxl ' 1'rnn.
LoNiKix , November 1. Snow
storms and gales nro to lny sweeping
over Kngland.
The now dean of Westminster was
to-day inhtallod at the abbey with
roat ceremony.
Thu colliers of noutljiwcst Lnncashira
to-day went out on a "strike.
niHPElUIKt ) .
DUIILIN , November 1 , The police
quietly dispersed the ladies' land
league mooting at Carrick , Jipporary ,
It bos just been made publio thai
[ ' .irnoll in very ill. On Sunday bp
liad a violent attack of fever , which
tins continued and has prostrated him
very muclu , Hu is to-day sutforing
from convuUicns.
'I '
LONDONjNoyombor I.1 An infernal
machinoj op rrtted by clock work , so
ns to discharge the largo amount of , ' t ) f
dyniMiiito with which it wns filled , at a
cerlnili hour , Vf'vt diecovcrod junta
moment' ' before the time arranged for
itn diBchnrgo last night on the roof of
Masonic hall at Dongovall , Scotland ;
while 500 people .woro assembled
tfcoru. Them isgrunt . excitement
over the discovery. f
t LONDON , November 1. Tlte grand
jury to-day found a trtie bill against
Uf ray for the murder of Mr. Opfiild
While robbing biroin a conipariment
in a rail way .conch on the BrigHton
road last nprnig.
The city of Waterford has , by a
vote of its corporation , conferred th&
freedom of the city on Mr' Dillon.
LONDON , November 1. Mr. Glad
stone denies the tumors that have
been in circulation of ministerial
The international peace osiociatioti
have pifiled ; a lovilution of satisfac
tion at the salute of the British ilug at
the Yorktown centennial.
Dunux , November 2. Mr. Sexton
ban been liberatfld from Kilmainhani
jail on a medical certificate.
LONDON , November 1.--The agri
cultural distress of thu last three or
four yours has had nil effect which is
becoming cry marked on London
clubs. Land owners looking around
toseu in what dhuction n saving can
bu made have , ui not a few instances , ,
cut off their club mbscriptions , and
liave determined Hint instead of be-
unging to three or four clubs to con-
itio themselves to one , or at moat
, wo.
Democratic Oandldatca Reiicn-
NatJounl AiMOcUtMi 1'ruMi ,
DBTUOIT , Mich. , November 1.
Clio democrats of this city are in a
fine picklu to-day , their candidates for
nnyor nnd police justicu having re
signed from tli ticket in dii-gust , be
cause the Free Pmn , thu party organ ,
came out against ( hum. Ono of the
candidates for councilman also re
signed ,
fet oral Amoclutod 1'row. .
WAKIIINOTON , D. 0. , Nov. 1. For
ho upper lake region : Colder , partly
cloudy weather and areas of rain , vtt-
iablo winds and clearing weather ,
ining barometer , with winds Hhifting
o tlio northwest. For the upper
HiHoiosippi and lower Missouri val-
ej's : Colder , northeast to nurthwort
winds , generally cloudy weather and
ainy and rising barometer.
Bodlo * Recovered.
Notional AwodmUJ I'lew.
SIUMIOVOAN , Mich. , November 1.
'ho bodies of Goorijo W. Harrison
nd his daughter Georgio , and Mrs.
) r James I'atorBon and Frank M.
Jowles , of lingers Uity and Point St.
gnnco , who were drowned September
1 by the upsetting of tlio boat , were
ecovcred to-day. Ghouls Inul taken
hem from the water to thu woods
nd robbed the bodies. Cowlcs hud
800 on his person.
Arraugini ; to Tight.
S'ullotml Anuoi-Uteil I'rcef.
Nr\v YOUK , November 1. Frank
Vhitu and Gus Holden mot to-day ,
ml each posted thu lust installment
f 81,500 of the { ? 2,500 sU.kes for
vhich and the feather weight cham-
ionship they ore to fight. They
osBcd for the naming of the locality ,
nd Holden won. Ho will name the
isttlu ground. They , are to fight on
Jovenibor 10th , in Canada within a
undred miles of Erie , and will leave
.rio on the night of the 15th.