Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, September 09, 1881, Image 1

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No " Lot on C.13H street near 2 < t ,
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No. 71 Tlircolotaln Olso'suJtlltion no.irPnMn-
-dcra street , 61000
73 Lot on Disuatur street , near Irene Shinn's
-3d addition 3115.
No. 7.'i 82x 0 feet on Pacific street near U. V
.and 1) . & il. depots , # 300.1.
No. 70 Splendid warehouse lot 77x13. ! feel Oth
-street near Joncf , $ SMX ) .
No 73 3 loU on I Iirney street uoarlOth$2000.
No 81 Lot tn also'a addition near Blunders
s'rcct , S.WO.
No. 82 Lot In Olics' addition near Sa'umlurs
.street , VMO.
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' "ttk . $1500.
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shat tower , ? JO to $76 eaeh.
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-works , 3525
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.near hl h school , price from1250 upard. .
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No'jOft Tve > loU on Sixteenth Btreet , near the
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No 2uOLot on 18th street n Ar NichoUs , $000.
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manBcora Park , with Jmpro\cmcntii , tiTOO.
No 213 THO acrt'J on Cumin ' btrect , S1000.
No 210 One half aero on California , uoar hen-
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No 216 lloautlful lot on Hamilton street near
street car turn table , Slow.
No 217Lot on 23d street , nccrClark , ? WO.
A few aero lots only remain unsold in "Park
( Place" little west of Creijfhton Collect , prices
tranBinir noiue27itot300eachandon easy te-riiu.
Lota in Horbaeh's 1st and 2d oddltiona ; aUo
loin in Parker'Bbhlnn'd : NcUon's , Terrace's. E.
. Smith's. Itcdlck's , and all the other additions
any price-ami at nuy terms.
Ten acre * in the ilty HmlU on the road to the
" barracks at $ J7f > P - " " - - . . ,
Four beautiful resldcnro lots In front ol
CrcUhtoii Collesii ; lll cut them up totult.
Nine rosldcne-u lots north of Crelfliton Collude
Kfround'i , from 7UO to1000 each.
Thirty roddcnl loti In ParKer'a addition , lx
tblocks north of tho.end of the strces car track
ou Haundere streut , * JOO e'aeli , 310 down , liaUnco
suit , at 8 per cent Interest.
A few lota left In Tcrnu e addition on the reid
io the Park , near head of St. Muo'na\ciiuu,874) )
icaeli. To these who will build a 1200 reHldeneo ,
7ycirs time atS jnr cent Interest.
LoU In Jjiko's addition it SJ50 to § 340 each , 10
-years time at ( I percent Interest , to tliosoho
- tract with housoan. . )
ill Improvement' " , adjc.lnlnn' race courjo ai.d fair
ground * ' lor&SOOO.
Tractsof r > , ll',15 ' , 20 , 40 orSOacrci , nithliull-
'dln s and other lmprt einciiU mid adjoining thu
> oity , at all prices.
S500oltho hut rcrtldcncn lots ill the city of
Omaha any location jou desire north , cut ,
aouth or nest , And at hud rock prices.
* . ! 60cholcouualiioj > i loU In nil thu principal liu > -
ne fctreeU III Omaha , iaryli from S500 to
< } 7000 cue h.
Two hundred home * and lots rnnglm ; from
,600 to JIB.QOO . , and located In uxerypart of the
Larva number of excellent arms In Douglas.
'Barp > , Miinilcrt , Uod o , U'aahln'-ton , Hurt , and
other i'OoJ counties In eastern N > braaka ,
12.0UO ueru he-at Undi In Douglas , 700) acres
thtst lundt In Sarpy county , and larro tracts In
all thu eastern tier of eouitle4. [
0 cr 1)00,000 ) ncrtMot thn butt land In tlioNv-
rasl.u for s.tlu b ) this agency ,
VerjTfa \ amoiinU of suburban property In
.ono to ten , Uuiity niul f jrty ueru pleecii , loc&tod
within one tu tlirco , ( our or Iliu lulled of thu
OHtollIcotoino Ttry o'aeap pieces.
Keu'lhijuol Ouulia , publUhed by Gccrno P
Ilcmls pLiln , iinmuu iteil nupj 10 eent each ;
t .mounted , colored md ( with cloth back , fl.60
llousci.storuj. liote'J , farms , lots.l andi. ollkes
roomK , etc. . to renter ! ea o.
Tax 4 Mild , runts eollcctcd , dcedn , rnortifa es.
indall kiml.iolrral taUto doeumunU made out
> on vhort notiec' .
Heal Estoto Exclianp
15th and Douglas Street ,
_ , - -
- -
The'Trosifloiit's Pulse Drops to
04 and His Apptito
Returns ,
Dr. Bliss Makes an Anthoritiu
' tivo Statoirio'nfc that the Pa-
B j i * - * t
tiont Will Kecover.
Further Reduction in the Corp ;
bt'Rfodicn ' '
1 amPsiilrg'foal1'
1 1.1 "AdvisoW ,
v Are Prayiny Fon-Mo ?
- ; Gob-Bless JThom I" *
r > - > . * p * - Ty yT
; iup ; Bulletins' from 'tlio
' '
l'MM. '
LoNfl HiiANRit , September 8. The
preMdcnti.'s conditirtujis moro encour-
tlifslinornluy. * So s.iy these who have
been nearest him since last , , night.
Tho'riMtlossncs.vdiiring thotc.\rly part
ofilast night i > as ono accnmpnnimont
of thu fever wliieli did not leave him
.until about 10 p. m. , and the cllects
ot the heat still linuored. After ntid-
night ho slolt very well and awoke
tins morning much refreshed. The
ordinary cncnm was administered be
fore daylight and ho has swallowed
the liquid nourishment as usual. At
the morning dressing Dr. Royburn
was present with Dr. Bliss and Dr.
Hamilton , although not in official ca
pacity. Surgoon- General Barnes and
Dr. Woodward have returned to
Dr. lloyburn will go to Now York
to-day. Ithas been decided to dis
pense with Mm. Dr , Susan Edson as
nurse , as the president wishes only
male attendants when his wife is not
with him. Mrs. Edson will return to
Washington to-day. The absence of explanations as to the retire
ment oE the thrco physicians caused
some comment this morning but it
Qooms to have been considered that
the omission of their signatures from
the bulletin was sufficient. The morn
ing dressing " showed the gland and
wound continuing to do well and de
veloped no unfavorable symptoms.
Hamilton \xrns on his way to
breakfast ho made some rcmaiks
that Indicated his entire satisfaction
with the case as it now stands. Ho
still regrets the excessive heat and
hopei for bolter advantages in that
Soon Dr.JJlissvns asked how the
p.itient was doing , andsaid : First rate.
Did ho have a good night ?
Tlio latter-part wu'st good , the first
part restless , but ho is in fair condi
tion thia , morj 'nivtliu beat , for aov-
Later it was learned that the best
feature in the case was the president's
appetite. It seems that ho" has been
asking for food. He ate part of a
chicken this morning , and may have a
little other solid food during the day.
The wind ia light , from thu northwest ,
but the heat Js still vary intonsu.
Loxrt BIUNCH , September . Dr.
Bliss is authority for the statement
this afternoon that the president is
coimtleaucnt The fall of the pulse
from 105 to ill , accompanied , aa it has
been , by a general improvement , denotes -
notes that there lias been HOUIO satis
factory foundation laid for further
improvement. The president's apps-
tile ni'aJBO ' improving. * J ' '
llo has had mnco morning in addi-
fioii'to"iiquidi'nouribhmc'nt ; a portion
Of"u w'oo'dco'ck , and lolishud it accord-
ly. Ilia mind has dwelt moio on outside -
side Bubjucts to-day than for some
time. The h'luid is still improving ,
and Dr. Bills says the wound looks
far better than it has done atany
time within the last ten days. Ho
says too that everything in the case
this afternoon is favorable and thoio
is now room for the strongest hopes.
Loxo BlUNUii , N. J. , September
8. With the exception of a few houia
in the forenoon the weather hero to
day has been all that could bo desired
and the effects upon the president's !
condition has been accordingly en
couraging. The earliest reports from
the sick room told of a restless period
before midnight , followed , however ,
by several hours of quietness , and thu
president's appearance when ho was
first seen by Or. 131iss after daylight
was as if ho had been refreshed by
his sleep. The pulse was rather too e
ficqucnt at the morning examination c
to ulford much ground for encourage-
nient , especially as the temperature si
is a few points abovu the normal
utandnrd. The two physicians ( Dre. s
Hamilton , Bliss ) were apparently well jj
satisfied with the patients condition , ; l
and all anxiously waited the expected n
change in thu weather , on which t > o ( :
much seemed to depend. j
The sun rose through a haxo that
hung heavily over the ocean , and
early risers predicted another day of
ititenso heat. So , indeed , it was up
to noon. The grat calluia at Elhuron
found the sunoundings very quiet.
Prominent among those on the piazza
was Dr. lleybuni , the only one of thu
withdrawn physicians who remained
there all night. In answer to imjuiiies
ho said that thu president seemed to
have and evidently
moro appetite to-day
dently felt a desire to oat moro than
hu really needed.
Dr. Bliss and Secretary Drown
came over to breakfast , arm in arm ,
both in oxuullunt spirits. Dr. bliss'
reply to the usual question was ;
"First nite. Hu is in better shupo
now than for a tvcek. " Dr. Uliss (
was ina hurry to get to hia breakfast
and could say no mote , but his man
ner , which ha ? always boon good ,
showed that hu was very well satis-
lied with the c.wo. From Secretary
Brown it was learned that the bulle '
tin was Jate hecauso the physicians
had not cured to distuib the presi
dent while ha was asloup , and hu did
liot'awako until ufter 0 o'clock.
rMr. 'Brown ' wai Hiked concerning
the rumor that ISlra , Dr. Edaon liad
boon allowed to to homo. Ho said it
was true. Further information in
other quarters elicited the informa
tion that this had transpired through
a dcsiio of the president to have only
male attendants around him. It is
stated on the very boat authority that
the whole transaction grew out of thn
president's desire to have fpwcr at
tendants. Hrs. darllold , bj'inij anx
ious to gratify his every iviab , determ
ined to have him pleased in thia ica-
pcct. lie iwlieatod to her these lid
old not wa'nt lobe sent away , and it
was accordingly through her deiiro to
meet hia wishes that the othoiseie
left. Among mmnbui.s of the presi
dential party there had not been oven
a whispur of trouble in the iSvse , niul
those most interested iimmt that the
moat amicablefoclingaImvoexistudivud
docs exist among all these tyho bavo
been about the piuiidciit since lie was
Aw ( faMII.NO :
Another of tho. Wlritu House em
ployes auived to-day to assist in tin. '
conduct of the establishment at
Franeklyn cotlaso , TJiu breoxo shitt
ed to the mirth before noon- but did
not got niuch cooler- , and very few ex
peeled to Loaf batter notvsi fuuu iho
president at noun.
At 1 o'clock Drs. Hamilton and
Uliss came over from tlus Elburqn to
the cottage and chatted Vith friends
on the piaica. Dr. llb/)3 looked as
happy aa could bo aiul/mado all these
near him fully as happy by informing
them that iho president pulse had
fallen to 91 ; temperature was normal
and the case ahonod general improvo-
ment. Dr. Hamilton said to one
who cast a glance in his direction ,
"That ia good news , is it not ? And
it is as true aa it is good. " A party of
ladies stopped up to Dr. Bliss and
asked , "Do you feel hopeful ? " "Very
much so. " "Oh , I'm ' so glad to hear
it , " said the lady. "
"So the climate has begun to act ,
hda it , doctor ? "
"Yes , I think it has. What breeze
wo have is from the north now , und
wo are promised a sea breeze a little
later. " j
"That was a pretty good drop ofitho
pulse , from 10ttol. ! ) "
"Yes , indeed , and his general con
dition wai rants it. "
"What docs that mean ! "
"vNotliing more nor less than con
valescence , f can'plainly see thattho >
president ia convalescent. "
"Dow doea ho show it except in
pulse aha temperature ? "
"Ho looks it and he talks it. "
"What has ho aaid about il ? "
"Oh , nothing much beyond that ho
j lie feels better and enjoys the
oc an. Ho thinks moro , too , of out
side affairs j takes genuine interest in
the hospitality of the cottage and
oven suggested to General Swaim to
day that 10 should got up some con
trivance io help him paas the time
away. I ho Im made a good
" 'i' '
continue. "
"Ho\v goes on the pland1' ?
"Admirably , we are experiencing no
trouble with that. "
"And how does the wound look. ? "
"Better , It was bettor at last dressing -
ing than at any time for a week or ton
days. "
"Is there anything in the rumor of
lung trouble ? "
J'Not the slightest. "
"And no other nnfiivdrablb aym-
toms Jiavo appeared ? " , '
"None at all. "
"Then at present you can s'e'p noth
; unfavorable in the ease ? " '
' 'Nothing ' , whatever Fact is that
everything is favorable. "
"How is his appetite ? " '
' Improving. Ho has icljshod liis
bed to-day for the fust time in suvoral
days-1 '
' 'What ' has hu had ! "
"Tho usual beef extract and mill :
lorridgo and also woodcock. " a
"Do you still continue the uno-
ina ? "
"No , we have civen him none ninco
ast night , and I hope wo shall not
wvo to give him any more ) "
"Does ho know that Iho people are
all praying for him to-day ?
' Yes , and ho appreciates it. "
"How is Mrs. Carfield ? "
" than I h.ivo
"Happier to-day seen
ier in hovoral weeks. "
Bother , congratulating thomsolvon
ver the news.
Attorney-General MacN'uagh fiaid
lie felt moro encouiagcd now than (
ever before. Ho should order the spu- ,
cial tiain away to-day. The air was "
wliut had been needed , and now ih
seemed to bo at hand. '
During the attornoon the wind
shifted ] lurcher around , and a de
lightful sea In-co/so WUH welcomed
alike ; by thu president and his friends ,
The favor.iblo condition was niuin-
ainud , during thu afternoon , and tin-
best of feeling prev.xilpd all around.
The evening bulletin proved natis-
factory as was gjnoraUy expected.
AH thu expected change from hot to
cold weather had conio people would
invo been disappointed if the morn
ing improvement had not bcon main
tained. Everyone at the president's
cottage agreed there had been an im
provement during the day , although
lot all the surroundings had been suf-
leient to suppoit very strong hope.
When the president's ' attondanto came 00
over to a late dinner they wore not of
besieged by aa Jargo u crowd of cor
respondents as usual , ( loot ! meals
iau hud Iho effect of allaying their
Dr. Hamilton suya the president's
resent condition ia very encouraging. p.
Colonel Rockwell was asked what 11
io thought of the iiresidont'u progress w
to-day. "Oh , ho liaa had a uplendid fl . „
"You think there has been a noticeable -
able iinprovumont ? "
' 'Of course there has , " , ini
"Then you all fcol much bettor. 1 cal
"Yea , and wo have reason tfa fee
saidtlmt thorow ; liotliine but _
nowa to toll and that it WAS i ? ° o
enough to keep ,
Dr , Blis * said improvement wn
continuimr and Wlo fair to coutiinio.
That ho had done well all day.
"ThesllfrhUjS- Increased pulse ant
tumpcmtiiTO cfil'6 no niiScioty1' ?
"None whatever : it ia merely tin
afternoon fobrilu rise. 11 o culn wol
and has had two birds besides
food. ' * h
"What Icind if birds'did hu Kit ? "
"Dili hS o.\UilioiU or only suck
their meat ? " "
Ho took tlif bones in hit lingers
and gnawed luehtfrum them. "
tS"Tho atoniacli Rives no tumble ? "
"Nut thu lCi' > nnd t BOO no rcaaon
why iJt shoultt.not eontiiuio to do
wmi loss jubiltmTilKin Dr. Jtllsa toni -
ni lit , though wKcimitlcd ihtro IM
boon tjo ) d imniSvomont over yesttr-
d.iy. Ho said iniproveinont w.s no-
ticonhlu but pechaps not BO great hi
'loino ai'o iiiclintij to ( think. Nothing
nnfavorablo luiuniriscMi und ho ia un
doubtedly bettor for the sen air.
"Havo your , expectations of the ad
vantage ofn clianue " been realized
thus far ? "
t"Docs the pYrsidont appreciate the
change ? " A.
{ 'Most1 assuredly r j he always did enjoy -
joy looking at ( ho ocean. He has had
great fondness [ for the sea since ho
'was ' a boy. "
"And you think the sea brcczo this
afternoon is helping him along ? "
"I do , and I hope it will liolp him
more ; 1 feel very hopeful now but of
course wo cannot tell what may hap
pen ' yet. Hu is by no means out of
the woods. Huis _ better than yester
day in ovoryj rrespect. The gland
continues to , vdo well. You could
recognize no swelling if you could see
it. The wound-is bettor to-night than
at any provioua time. There is a better -
tor discharge add the pus is of a bet
ter character. ' .The bowels give satis
factory signs Of assimilation of food tea
a certain oxtonj ,
"Tho plUegmjin the ; is that
troublesome ) po\\ ? "
' ' ' '
'Considerably so.
"Is it mucusV from the gland or
from the luntrat"
"J can'tBdy.'fcs to that. ' , '
"Aro there nriy nowsignsof soptica-
" ' * "
mania ?
"No now OHM. "
"Aro the little abressos.on the back
any worse ? " ' f
"No ; theyA passing away.
"Then thorp seeuia to bo no unfa
vorable indications of ( he president ? "
' 'No ; there ro npno , but wo must
not bo too Btmytlmt the improvement
ia peiinuiiL'iit.--It ( looks as if it would ,
but it will bo'lMtter satisfaction after
he has hat ? tv/tl/ir thlroo more good
M' * IWW" * f * trtnVKW
During the opening the thermometer
etor lia fallen from 90 to 70. The
members of the cabinet are cheerful
to-night. - The arrivals to-day were
Senator John A. Logan and Assistant
Secretary < vf State Hill. Both c.dled
at the JrUboron to inquire fuftur the
president. Drs. Bliss , lloybuin and
Doynton and the mimes stated there
hud been no unpleasantness between
the doctors , and thu bulletin explana
tory of the affair ia generally ac
EuiLU'.o.f. Septembers.Drs. . Ham
ilton * and * Bliss * otated this evening
that the present indications wore con-
clusivotlmt the president would ro-
cover. [
The president had more Holid food
before Bottling downi for the night ,
Among other djahe ho had ( niilk
toast. The president had yono to
Eiloep and Boomed in H fair way ( o get
good rest. At 10:30 : Dr Hamilton
said the president was getting on " \
nicely. Before 11 all the phymciaim
had retired gxcopt Dr. Boynton , who
was to remain with him
the greater part of the a
night. The disadvantage attending
renewal of solid food is feared jn the
possibility of something causing a
slight itritation of the stomach.
iJowd from the nick room was that
everything was going well
Low ; BHAKOH , September 8 , Elbe-
ron 8 a. m. At the forenoon exami
nation , made at 8 o'clock , the presi
dent' . ! pulao ) vaa 101 , tempcr.itiui )
J8,7 , respiration 18. Mfo was rcstlos-i
nnd . wakeful during thu early part of
the night , but after midnight slept
well until the forenoon. His general
condition appcr.ts moro encouraging.
( Signed ) V. If. HAMILTON ,
D.V. . BMBH ,
! A M. iuwrTiK ; ,
Dr. llcyhimi said this forenoon
that the president wai restless during
the early part of thu night , but slept it
well after midnight until sunrise. Dr.
Bliss Rays thu patient is in a better
condition this forenoon than he has
bconhn ten days , I'uliio 101 , and
temperature and icsjiiration normal.
JJOO.V llll.f.Kll.V , ,
T.ONO UiUNi'ii , N. J , , September 8.
Nothing unfavorable from thu sick
room , but the heat m BO cxcesiivu
thyi thu president is not at all times
comfortable. The breoxo in light ,
from the northcant. Thormomutof'
° in the shade. At an examination
tliy prcuidcnt'fi condition Dr. llliai a
nays thu pulse wau ill , leinperaturo Ol
normal , icspiration 17. Vi
N , J. , September 8(5IO ( : !
. At 12 . the '
in m. to-day president's
tuiiipuratiu'o was i ) ! ) , 1 ; pulse , til ; res
piration , J8. Ho has taken a liberal
amount of food , both solid and Huid ,
with apparent rolisli. Uy special request -
quest | of the president , it has been
made our duty to say , in this public
manner , to surgeon general J , .1.
Barnot , nurucon I. J , Wordward and
Dr. Hoburt Jteyburn , that in dispona-
; witli their services ai his medi
attundautn liu was actuated
only by a. wi u resojvo to
release thuiii wf Jalwr and
bilitylucli , in his improved I'oi-
tion , ho coiikf ni > longer properly tin-
JHJSO upon thorn. Uotli ilio prosid'ent
and Mis. Garliold desire ( o oxpr v Rte
to iliodo guntlumun Dursotinlly the ir
liigh appreciation- the great ski U
and disctction which tiiaj1 Jiavo HO
constantly exercised n asaueinto couii-
tel in thn manaj-ouient of hkicaso up
to tlio proaunt time.
( Signed ) F. If ,
D. W.
TK.V r. M. nm.MTiN. : '
Tire prosidunt's ' purse whfcn
tnhcn . . . . . . . VM (08 ( , temporatitrd add tea
tt\mii \ the oamo us at ( I p. in ,
No enema h.a i becii adwiriislorcd
sineo 1 o'clock ' this nio'nitag , nild' Dr.
511.13 saya hu still hopes they will not
iocd to Ni renewed , althonifh ho iri
tot ooitafn that it will not bo advan
tageous to-do so.
Tha Bnyof Frayer *
Lr l5irAjft'ir , September 8. The
day throughout Monmonth county
was observed as a day of fasting and
pr.iyer for the nrosidont'H recovery ,
in accoi'duHuo with thu proclatnalton
of Governor Lndlow. Every place
of bitMiicsn 'waa closed , and thu
chlirohci dinii'.ij" services were all
packed with ppoyvJo. Between 10 a. "
nl. and noon , hotels were closed up
hud assumed a Funday aspect. At
St. Luke's M. Ei church a prayer
meeting of two hours length was hold ,
and wax participated in by clergymen
of all creeds. The aweot toned bell
of the liltlo Episcopal church near
Frank lyn cottage rung out its pleas
ant call for prayer. The president ) '
heard it , and turning to Mra. Dr.
Edson , ho said , "They aroprayim ; for
me1 ? : "Yes , " replied Mrs. Edson ,
"the people f the entire country arc
prayiiift for you to-day. " "God bless '
them , " said thu president , and ho
turned his face upon his pillow and .
lay silent a long while.
At Hod Bank the day was most sol wh
emnly observed.
This ia the day sot apart by Gov.lof |
Jerome's proclamation forprajorfor
Inrfield's recovery , Church moot
ngs in Detroit are largely attended.
'nroloXVliiB u Finn Rnoo Provi- .
tlouoo Scoops tlio Uoaton * :
ntlnnnl AMOI iatcil I'n-n.
CONEY ISLAND , September 8. The am
rat race , all ages , tlireo-nimrtors of a the 10
tile , waa won bv Lily K. , Bedouin
econd ; lime 1:10 { . occ
Tlio second race , three-year-old fil spo rol ]
es , milo and a f urlont ; , waa won by
Girofla , Spark second ; time lC8j. :
The third race , milo and thrco fur-
oinjn was won by Parole , Eolo sec- Uu
nd ; time 2:21 : | .
Tlio fourth MOO , gontleinoii riders ,
liroe-quartora of u mile , Waa won by foil
'ilgriumgo , Sir AValtcr second. Time ,
-v UIJ
, mile and -a quarter/ lM
7011 by Sprague , liigomur second. wo
fiino , alH. :
The sixth race , nil ngcs , niilo nnjl a are
urlontr , waa won by Gabriel , Von- all.
riloipiiat second , "fime , liHOj. I tra
The aovonth lace , handicap , steeple
hano , hhort coume , wai won by .loo uiu
fiint , Strychnine second. Time , 5:18. :
] Joie ! > r , Sontembor 8. In the third m
of the fall eting of
ivy liif Mystic nu
> ark , the unfinished 2:11 : chisi of yea- I'll
erday w.w won by "NVedgowood in nil
hrco atr.iight heats , .roaephus nocond. nilGo
Mine , 2:20. : Two hcata were trotted is
catord.iy and ono to-day. Th '
The 20 : class wan won in throe am
traight hcatii by Forest r.atchun , int
Uchel second. Time , 2'J5 : } . tor
The 221 : moo was , w6u by..l , 3' . enl
Alodium sccbhd. .Time , 2:23. : cat
PKOVIDKNCR , Sopiotnbor 8.Provi - "
lonco 7 , JJostonO. the
uov , September 8. Treys 12 , Hi
\VorcoHtcrs R , for
, Septembers. Ohicagon " ] " tlu
10. "C
DBTKOIT , September 8. Dotroils a
, Olovulands 5. bu
NKW Ynitic , September 8. Metro to
politans 9 , Atlantaa 7. dri
WAHIIINUTON , September 8. All of bu
the oaiamcn who take part in the re ro
gatta uro in the city and the prelim wn
inaries havu all been arranged. There
. , however , but little talk in the city oil
ever the regatta except among sport- In
in ; , ' men. Win. H. Allen , of Detroit , InW
lias been selected as referee ; Ituali dr
Murnliull , of Analostan and B. 0. not
Washington as jvdgcs at the finish , of
and E , Stanley I'oster ' , of Albany , us tin
liino keuiicr. nu
At thu meeting of the executive mn
committee of thu national
rowing as- vo
booiation to-day thu contesting oars
men drew for pianos in the regattato-
moriow ,
TOKOMO , September 8. The four- 11 e.n
riarod race was won by the Celtics ,
but disputed by the other crows and an
is not known how it will bu settled. saw ;
The other race wu postponed until
to-morrow. un
niurrA : ( , Tli
WASHIKOTON , September 8. Not do
withstanding the intunsn heat Iho re tin
gatta of National Amateur Rowing qu
association was very largely attended tin
this afternoon. Crowds tinonged thu rai
wluitves and balconies , and i > * , incml we
the greatest intercut in thu races. of
Everything paused oil'in thu moit nut-
iflfactory manner , Only one accident Bti
occurred , that being the upsetting of out
Buiill in the juniois1 race. Thu oc men
cupant was quickly rescued. Homo man
very linu time wu.s mado. all
IndlontloiiH. rai
D. 0. , Sojlember 8. thu
Air tlio upper Mississippi and lower th
iliEBouri vitlluys : I'artly cloudy tin
feather , with riaiiiL' tumpuraluro and
clearing barometer. car
AutgchU > ct 1'ruM , he
Lowno.v , Sojitombor 8. The turret ov
hip ram Ooi.iiuurdr wai to-day uuu- ovN
cusafully fluoifed ' out of UJiathiuii N <
locks and uppuuitt in oxce-llont cundiv that
ion , in
Another Bold Orimo by fclio
Missouri Train Bandits ,
The Chicago Alton Train
Boarded Near Glondolo by
Masked Men.
} ixpPGS8mnn ) Pox Laid Out ami
' '
$20,000 Taken from
iho Safe.
lj'assongera on the Oars Hold
Up For Their Available
Roliborn , Supposed io tie the
Brotliorii , Etioapcy
Without Injury.
Afwochfcd l'ruai > ,
CI : , Mor September 5.
Tito I ) hic.igoifc Alton wosUboitxil
nail nut 1 oxmoiH ti-niu was slopped Yy
line iniu iked nwn two miles west oS
"JloNtlulo niul livti miles east of hero
asi > nigh t. The * o.xprosn ntcssongcr
vas kuo eked down and horribly
wataii. His eafo was broken open
nub sobbe d of : v largo amount of
nonoy , vn riously estimated at from
rfjfOOO to 'JqUOfti Tlio passengers
on. the train wore rJso rob- R
jot ' of jnonoy and valuables.
J'lnml ' in VfKa stoppod-bv lantern sig-
mla nuil the track * obstrnetod by l
tones' and logs. The robbora ivoro
icavilj armed with guns and rovol-
orsand , kept up a continual' ' firing.
I'ho'robbory occupied only a space of
.bout-ton minutes. ] S < 6 0110 waa in
ured en-opt the express messenger ,
rhoao'injurios are thought to hofatal. .
Hii uanio cannot bo learn-
id at this timo. Ho bravely
Icfondobl his car and rafusod'to-opcu
tno safo. Several shotsiworo ( Trod at
Jonducior liazlobakor but ho Oaoapetl
inhurt. The train ran to Kansa
3ity awl the alarm was given/ The E'i
intiro putico force of that city ii.nine-
iiatoly organized into a pursuing posse
int are now on their wayhy.bpecial
ra to the scene of the robbery.
A , laruu possois being organized hero '
aid will leave immediately Those is
doubt but that 'Jessie Jninoawas
ho loader of the gang. The robbery
iccurred within two miles of the mmio
iot as the celebrated Glondnlo Hat
obbory of October 7th 187W.
KANHAS 1 Guv , Septembers. Krank
Union , a brakomaa on the Chicago co
ind Alton train which was robbud bat hoi
light 11 car Independence , made the sin
'oHo\viit | ; nlatemunt this morning : . Po
"I was standing on the front plat- SUI
'oriu.of thoslcojpor when train a topped b
'nd IflyvirtjfjiucijB juidj.paths on iho an
" *
jack"platform. . 1 said : "In aTndiholVt Ba
aio going to bo robbud. " Then 10
trio of the robbura cried out , "Wo
going inmid going through you anFo
. " I remembered that a "freight Fo
rain was just behind us , and I Hi
teard il coming up. I jumped oil !
ind ran with my lantern down , the ty
rack , when they commenced shoot- of
; at mo. Bullets whistled allaround ly
, and struck the rails and atones. de
L'hoy must havu iirud twenty-five ron
ihots. Thu engineer said : "For
jiod'u sake do not shout thu boy , bo tor
saving i the lives of these puoplu. " mi
L'hun ono of .thuia threw up his arms ku
ind cried. " ' Th
"Stop liuoting. I rolled
nto ( ho' cut and waved'my Ian- of
ern. The freight train was stoppdd
inly a ear's length ofU When I
aino back the robbers mud , "Have wi
-ou lost anytliingi" I answered , ho
"Fifty cunts.1 Ho said , "Show mule inl
lo . and I-will kill him. " esi
gave mu 0116 ( hUlar aild fifty cents an
interest , Thou 1 hoard ono of da
robbers say to the engineer , an
"Gappy Footo , you ard too good lie
man to Ieop ( up this dc
business. Hero dcmi
are two dollars mi
buy a drink in the morning and to fo
ilrink it for Jessiu James. I want you , of
you'll bo killed if you don't leave thu po
road. , , Wo are uoing to tear it up ca
bust thu Alton and Iho Hock Island
roads : for they have boon ollering re
wards for us. } Vo havu no grudge ,
dGfiiiiiHt the Pullmans and will switch
their cars and burn all the lest.w ,
am the man who killed Westlako at mi
Wonston , lo tvas too tnnart and he
ilrow < a rovolver. " Billion did
buliovo it WHS Jussio James or any
his gang. TJioy all acted gtuun at Lc
business and Im thought they wcru IHI
men living in the vicinity. They ItLi
made no uUoinpt to disguise their Li
voices. ;
The nnws agoilt , "Frank Lombard , Tl
ays ; " 1 was bitting in Iho smoking to
, talking with thu conductor , Jack for
Ihi'/.olbakor. ; We heard loud voicca dii
pistol shots ; I looked out and th
lanterns Hashing ; wo know 80
that train robbero were on fl
. IIitKclbakor ran back into the be
train and watnod thu passengers , for
Thuy wore all looking out of the windows II
dews until the lobbera called out to ter
them to pull in their headH and keep Sil
quiet , The robliorw hud stopped the Silwi
tiuiu by nutting mi obstruction on tlio
rails and signaling , I am uuru thuro
wcru a dozen of ilium , although Homo
thu passengers place thu number at infiv
sixteim. fiv
ICvurybody waa panic-
stricken und holplusa , 1 ran and
of the car and found
guarding thu engineer and ( he-
, Tlioy were pooily masked but
armed with Homy rillus , They Fi
were u wearing loudly and shooting at fo
random , Home of them passed into
< mail car but did not touoh any
thing , Exprcus McKuungcr Fox in
luc.xiitiiuo had ban leaded thu express - on
press car , Tlioy climbed upon the
, run mound and began to shoot.
They broku into thu and knocked
down by a violent blow on thu
head. They then robbed the safe of
uvoiything ,
Oiiiauio , September 8. The Daily 2
News special from ICiiumis City sayii w.w
200 men are now searching 300
the neiiliboohoo ; < l of Glen *
dale for the Chicago & Alton
train robbers. About < J o'clock this
morning a party of scarchcis approached
preached Ditto Mills Landing and
lound the ferryman up and apparently
watching for someone ,
ilusl before descending to the ferry
the party met two men vho hastily
jumped into the bushes bordering the
ro.ul nnd rapidly retreated. Knnning
the oddn ngainsb tlicni , tlio oHIccrH
did not follow , but started on to the
ferry. When they readied that point ,
however , the ferrymen' hnd taken to
thu opposite lunik and WAS rapidly
moving oil' on horseback.
From this it is thought the robbers
have been uimlilo to reach the Clay
xntniy side of the rir r , and must ,
thcmoro , bo ccncoalod within -thrc.o-
miles of the sccni ) of the robbery.
Ciuutno , SoptcMibcr 8. The offi"
ci of the Chicago * Alton road its
t ! city fuel very sere over Jaab
night's tncin robbery on t > .sir i-oad ,
pnucipally on account of the way iu
vvUch the passengers were mulcted.
They ; claim that the governor of Mis
souri ia lesponsiblo for the lawlessness
that reigns in the western part rt the
slate und slicnhl call a posse and im-
uediiately sup ) > rcss the grtug. Old do-
tcctives say that a pus"s can neror *
capture the batiditn an rlieir IIIOTO-
nionts ' m\j always watched by tlio rob-
boi-s. 'Jho proper way in their esti
mation ; it to hav > ono man jocato fho-
criiDinaloaiul tlion toorgnuiv.o a posaw
and swoop down upon thuini
A tolegrain was received this
mg by JVisoph Shcprnrd , assistant
general supenntoiulcnt of thaUnitedl
Stotosoxppjss company , from thengont
at Kansas City stating that tl'.o' corn *
> an-y'fl : loss "by- last nifflit's train * rob
bery ; was loss than 9COO.
Michigan'sBtunoa Distract -
3'iv& Hundred Eooplo Burned
to Stoath andiS.OOO Without - "
out Homes. ,
'A Ci-jrGoos up feom Mnoodonia '
fcrcJ Povinloiui and ! Ctanoral * > , , , (
RcUof. 'i * * \ - '
Rational Jfundatcd Prctt.
OKTEOCT , September 8. Every hour ,
brings itoro horriUu stories from the ,
ire-s\ycr.t regions ofHuroii and Tucola
ountio9 and the MAOodbnian _ cry for
liolp goes-up. Money , medicines and.
surgical aid i are buina eent in from.
Port Huron and Ddtroit. There ia no
such thing-ns givinij particulars but
known that over 200 : lueu , women" j , v' ' * '
and , children are burned tq dcatli > ' | | v' * ' (
BauiJab OCiintv-alini-ai. un < laa : mttiVfa ! teW ( * i'-'v- , ,
100 more in Huron ,
Tlioueaiuls of faintlii'Siaro homeless.-
nid - nhnoct naked. The villages of
Forest Bay. and Huron City , both iu
Huron , arogono. An BvoningNowa *
jpecial from iuidiiB.'tj ; , Snnituo coun
, roporta-tho entire central portion
thu county burnotUover and scarce
anylhirrg loft T\Vonty-threw '
lead : bodies were found along thu
roads. '
In ] Moon ! > , Argylo- Ouster and AVa-
terton townships , within aovonty-iivu
miles of Mindun , or300 puraonsaro
known tn havu beuiivbiirned to death. '
1'ho latest report increases the hornir-
A. llllHUICAKB Of 1'JUU. .
Theidra came withia hurric.inn oC
wind Monday nocu tand the whole >
heavens auenied to < bu on Fire. TJiu
inhabitanta thuuglii of nothing but to.
escape with their lives. Ilolief tniiim.
and bonla are f orv/arded from hero tu-
day. ttovisions , . clothing , bedding1
and all the nouDssaries of life aru >
needed , TJiousanda of puoplo aro.
dcatitutaand mtwt bo supported for- <
months' . TJioro are special calls also.
for : liberal contributions. In part.
Saiulaa county it" is feared that a/
pestilence will breed from the deaet
cattle horscH , and Hhocp.
Detroit is to-day employing it * .
stores of provisisus , loading them OIL. '
bout a and sending thuia forward , tho- '
merchants lniTing met and decided tu.
help all they could.
A from reputable citi/.onn of
Lexington BAJ'B that duail bodion aro-i
Iniing brought in frtau , all directions. . !
ia now kno\n ) that over COO uro.
killed ! in Sanilac county.
DfcTBoir , Mich. , Soptoinbur 8.
Thu moiolmnta ami' capitalists at 1100111
to-day pledged tltcinsclvus for § 1,000-
thesulloroiH in the Mulligan burnt
districts , and nlio put thuir hunda ilk1
their pockets and pulled out-
, OIK ) to bu immediately expended
Hour and lueat , which leaves bora
before dark to-night on a fast steamer
; aid to the utifl'orsrs in Sanilaov
Huron and other counties. This lat
is for iiiiMisdiato use , and if IIOCOH-
sury fivu hundred thousaiiJ dollaiu
will bo niiscd.
A reiiort from one of the best muni
Saiuhui is just received which suy *
flvu hundred are known to bo killed ,
ever 0,000 burned out ,
Nutlonsl ,
IjKwisroN , Mo. , September 8 ,
Franklin Heed , demouratio candidate
; congress in thu second district , him
ned in favor > t Jud o Gilbert ,
( 'rconback candidate , who will i un
the iinifin ticket.
Katlnntil Ataoclntol 1'rcxt.
CairAno , Septuinbor 8. Mu rigor.
Wheeler it Co. , of the fl.iloim'elo -
vator , posted a notice on oluxngo this (
morning that 220,0'00 bushels of No.l
spiing wheat , stored in the olovatora ;
hot and sweating ; alao thn ' ( ) ( ! , > ' '
bushels of wheat wivi alao .lUAUiu.
snmu condition , ' * | p ( V