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NO18 ! ) .
Established 1871. MORNINQ EDITION. Price Five Cents
Idth and Douglas Street ,
Orer 3.0CO residence lot * for e lo by thll ; cn.
jat prlcear anting from tCi to H.tOO each , and
ociled in every part of theclto. a&4 In vety
direction from tue PoslofSce , north , * sl , south
or west , and varying ic distance from one
blockto one or two calea Iron came. Call and
examine our lists.
P v ril choice Iota in Grlffln & Inaci' addl
on , et of convent , between St. Mary's nvws
u and Hamcy street $300 to JSOO.
80 terra iuet eaat of barracks on Ctundors St. ,
Vbts it choice land and will be told very cheap.
fi ? n-hln6,10 or 20 acre lou ; now U your time
to Secure bargain.
Choice lot t rd ot ttrett car trckl on Bann-
rf.rii street for $ JT
Choice lol , F .mhMn and 2ilh street * , MxUS
eet f < , r ii.ifo-win divide It.
CheapIp' , in Credit Fonclar tdd'Uoa. l&nih oJ
roll fcfc on Park Avenne and Georgia street ,
n read it > p tk , and near hud of St. Uary'g
6Trr.ce , at from $125 to $300 eich. Seven years
Irme at clt-ht per cent Interest to those who will
put nn coed substantial bnlldliifff. For furthvr
rwrtloulara ani ly to.
G. P. BEfflS , Aeent ,
Fifteenth and Douglas Str * te.
A nlc lot on lUreej and Tw jntj-flretetretU ,
Two ch > l i loV ) on 3lh. war St. Vary's aven
oe , M ) * ! < ) ! . tut each , for (350 and StOO.
Tno chrloi lots near ! 3 < 1 and Clark streets , Ia
E. V. Smith's < MUIou SVtOand 8350.
fifty loir. ! a bhtnn'a first , second and third 4 >
f rKftns forSlCD U , ? COO rach.
uot bear 1Mb and Merc * , JttO.
B lota on Uaracr near $ itn St. , tfiOO each. 1
ot on SUh n ir H2 < vilJ rtreet , SToO.
(3 lota In OrrnQ View addition , south of O. T
Virldce ap i < * " : pot , Irom ? 16 to 9 00 each *
One f.cre , 117x270 feet , on utrert , iou'.b
jPcTptcton'unowrPsIdoneo , for ? 2. W , or will
MSa Into city sited lote at frcta 8350 to { 500
r < arge miaitt > ! beautiful reaMencelotc , Jo
> t j Intl' s ifw , .iddlt.'ou on Capitol BUI , bo
' vfn S4tHM"efit oil tb * cat , 2Gth on the west
IHoiue rllcct im tl'e norl ! ) and Farnhtm ttreet
"n tb Vmth. formerly owned by C. H Down
nn * ( Smo rocciit'y Jmown * the Pet kins 15 actw.
vto'y 22 lot * havr thus far l-npn platted II on
w'lirnbam ad 8 em Douglas etreol. These lole
fcrc SO to M fn.t In nldtn i-rj IKJindepth. K.OOO
lor the dio're. j-oars tltne , nt 8 per cent In-
t reNt to thorn who will build peed substantial
tionKK therein. C'iH and examine plat and get
full Information * .t
16th and Dotidu street * .
O > er200h u and ll are oDcnd for sala
thliiofflf Tliay arc BCaltorBd all orcr tlif
Itv. Anv locitloucmde.lrt. . Pricey Varilne
ron J3W to 315,000 each.
2 sro.xl loU and 2 cheap honiea < ieir Jaeknor
and 'Cthttrcetoat a sreataacrtP'oe
, Here i
hr ° * - riwa ' iaa ? ' * " ' * Pr ° PcrtJ' mu.Bt
C IIa'n.l
OfiO P.BCMISArent.
. , , , , 15tb and Douglas Sts
. lot ne" d Baundrrs
Btret u , f > ICO
The cheapest acre lots In tba city ol Omaha ,
ro tUo&o < , Cer J formle by thl Mjency In Paik
Plans ani Lo-vc's
, on Cumin ? ,
Butt and California fctrecta ; vou can mak * n\j \
ml'tkVo lialiWacuiithew ruTrgalin vCe jon
harelh cluun. Tic cloM are mrsthan equal
In sit * to i full gJre l city 16U oK a half block
and it will Ira bnt a > cry ; ort time before one-
Hftb put ul ono of the acre loU will tell for ai
nraoh as wo offer fo'5
acre to-day. They are
located a vrj i.hav. dls'Anco negtof Cr.ljrhtor
Ooll 5 > . J Jf tanclns ; from 1M ) to WOO per
arelot , Call tmmcdlately , ami don't IMS your
chJMiw , vo' R t pint and full jwtlcnlarg of
" - OEO. P. BKM18 , Acent ,
* ICth and Uomrl&i Stre M.
Nlce lot ru Sherman Avonno north of Klcholai
'trret , 81,403.
Half lot on Gmbctire < n ISth and 14th street !
2 nice loU In Hartman'i addition , tiOO to (604.
Large number of &cra lote in QlM'e addition ID
North Omaha , J1Z5 le $300 each.
Choice corner lot near 2nd an4 Callfornl a
trmta , $1,500.
Bcreral irood loU In ( etoKn additloo , IM to
350 uch.
Chelou lot la Thorritll'e addition , WM.
Several lar o Jc'j ) In Bartletfe addition , 11
rodd and tactte each. Prim $700 to $ ! ,009
BevenI choice lot * In Beedi fint addition ,
tI * r * vovv imLlli
AKn lot on Slmman ayennp , (10th ctrMt ) ,
cnth of I'opplet n' n w reIdenoet or tl,100 ,
2 larte lota neirlSth and Clark ftreetc , 60 f
Z30f et Corner. * 1.SOO ; Uulde , $1,000.
S largo lota on She m n avenue , (16th ( street ) ,
oiar Clark Street. KKK ) Kih
t ! nice and cfiean lota , very neir to the bu
DM8 part of the city , located a very fewetept
eoutb of the Com cm and St Mitry'i at enaeaad
f tut poutb of and adjoining ? the cround of Jamei
Sf. Woolworth and Wj. . Council ihew are
cheap and very dnlrable , b lny so handy to bni
Jne part ol dty , to new povemmeut depot , nail
irorki , nlut lead worLe , tJ. P. depot , stock
yaidi , ptcline bounce , etc Call and ctt plat
nd full jwrlcuiirs. Price (276 to f360 and eaej
term ! to tl < o e who build
QEO. P. BEMIS , Acent ,
1Mb and Douglas 8U.
H choice r 8'd nce Iota on < tli street. b teen to
and lonjr Uaie to Ibofe who will build
S choir * comurlota Slthand Fainham er
treiU , 65x121 fpct , 81.160 and $1,200. and very
wy terroj > to purchuen who w | l lmp vr.
Alee 4 lota on 24th , betHeen Farnljani and
Don lar re U , 860 to $1,000 rac1 4nd long
X2T.250 ol the he t bu lne-e IoM Ir y of
Omaha for ale , located onevwybu'itreet ,
1500 to W.OIW each.
/3PA1so wry valuable tor ertlus in al-
moet cverj' buslnfs * blotlt 6000 to flK.000
etirf ,
iOctio ce rvs'dence loti in anore addition , IB-
l\ melbitcly north of and ad'olnlnu Po-'pleton's
* be utlfuf residence and p-ounds , and l < > kttd oa
ISth lUlh and 20th Itreew , $300 to (550 ' ch and pa
r ry vaty terms to thote who itl build < UI1 and
examine plat and get full particular" .
Beautiful bullJlnj site on Sherman avenue ,
Iflth Etrt tuetvcen Pnpplcton and the < > ndle } .
IJamt property ; 63 feet ml frontare on the
venne. by SS feet In depth. Will divide ltmak-
lnelsfctbrSS3. Call and ret full particulars.
An acre n ISth street. 10 ! feet cut frontage
by 375 feet deep. 7hl i > just south of the Kllra-
1-ctli ( I'opp'eton placo. This b srllt-odce , call and
Cf l price anJ terms of BEMIS , Arent.
IS ; oo > l lot * , Just north ot and adjoining E V. to
Smith's addition , &nd locatvd belween 0tb and
tundcn streets , at reasonable price * and long
ttot to buyer who Improw BEM1B , Airtnt.
SS Iota In Horbach's first and second a itlon
oa 16th , ISlh , 19th and "Oth Mrectf , between City
Nicholas , Paul , She-man and Clark sttcts , > ery
handy to U. P. Shop * , smeltinj : wiuhs. etc. , cian
ran inff In prices rom from 200 to tl:100 each ,
requlrlnr only email pajmcnt down and long
time at 7pc > r cent interest to those who will Im
prove. OEO. P. BEMIS ,
15th and Douglas Street.
38 nice loU ti Parkers addition , between
Blunders and Pierre. Klnp and Campbell'd Sts. . loon
on BIoadofrtrcotlDlota with math front * and
Id with north frentase , only 0 blocks north of
the turn-table ( nd street-car track ) on Sannden and
troeU Very lew prices ; H7S cash , or $200 on first
Ion ? time nd 8 per cent interest to those who
wnf fcnlld. wai
jrjriSO coed farms for sal. In Doajlu Sarpy the
( Waihlnfton. Burt , Dodge , Saunden and Cutern hod
t tier of counties.
3-gOO,000 acre * best alect < l lands In the of
'lUtaf ' or itle by thlr agency. Call and get mapt
" 80c t.ndSl.50.
JS-Beaiis'"new pamphlet. ( and1 map of the Pp
itat entitled "the outlook of hebruta" for
ree distribution. The
Geo. P. Ben is1 in
15tii A Douglas St. , laces 000
MAHA , - - - - W Co.
The PennGylvama Bailroad
Makes a Material Eeduotion
in Emigrant Rates.
An Attempt to Poison Hughes >
the Pedestrian , is Frus-
The Pennsylvania Legislature
Consider the Election of a
Senator an All-Win-
ter s Task.
out ia Emigrant Bates.
NEW YORK , January fc ? 10 p. m.
The Pennsylvania road has the advan
tage over its competitors in controll
ing all emigrant busineis front Phila
delphia , where it has no competition ,
and can chtrgt * its own prices. At
the present time , while it is selling
tickets to Chicago from New York for
850 , it is charging the full price of
$13 60 from Philadslphia. The Erie
and New York Central have been Belling -
ing ticket * 40 pet cent , off ,
Slrat Shipment of G/aln.
Special Dlsnatch to Th Bee ,
HALIFAX , January 27 10 p. ta.
The bark "Chili , " of Dundee , cleared
customs to-day with & cargo of grain ,
being the first shipment of grain ever
made from a Halifax port. This car
go was forwarded from Detroit via.
the Grand Trunk railroad , and inter
colonial reads , occupying ten days in
A Vigilant Englnear.
Special DIfpaieb to The IT
FOKCST , Onh , Janu ry27 10 p.m.
Tbe Buffalo express , p3 ing here
this morning about 7 o'clock , was de
lsye-3 an hour and a fccU by the
breaking of the trucks of the baggage
van. Tfia promptitude with which
the engineer discovered the trouble ,
avoided n serious disaster. This it
the second time wiihin a month , that
a similar accident has happened to
this sumo express , and in both cases
the vigilance of the engineer avoided
serious conoe ntncei.
Qaa Explosion.
Spadal Dispatch to The Bee.
NEW YORK , January 28. 1 a. m.
A few minutes after 8 o'clock yester
day morning the noise of ah ekplos-
ion reverberated like a clap of thunder
through the building of St. Jo ; :
Industrial hnme , of the , slstera of
Mercy , In Sixtyhth 8treet. On
inv BtigatIoq lt was discovered that
the rr n entrance had been wrecked ,
nd thai tive of the heavy stone utepi
had been thrown Into the street and
broken into frBRtnente. A gentleman
who aiw the Accident from his window ,
says the etepi were thrown at least
twelve feet in the air. The walla of
the Btoop ware shaken and partly up
set From the vacant space under
the steps , a strong smell of gas ascended
cendod , and firemen who answered the
alarm sent out , concluded , with the
engineer of the house , that gas had
caused the explosion , but how , no
one could say. In St. Joseph's home
eight hundred children are housed.
It is deemed very fortunate that no
panic was created by the xplosion ,
and no injury resulted beyond the
destruction of the stoop.
Attempt to Poison Huguoe ,
Special Dlepatcb to The Be.
NEW YORK January 28 1 a. m.
An attempt was made last evening to
poison Hughes , the pedestrian , at the
rhik. At 6 p. m. a waiter appeared al
Hughes' headqn&rtari with a psilol
soup , and said that one of Hughes'
friends sent him with the soup
Hughes' wife took the sonp , tasted it ,
but did not give any to her husband.
In a few moments eho was taken vie
lently ill.nnd vomited freely. Hughes'
trainer gave her an emetlo and she
was soon easier. This evidently was a
direct attempt to poison the pod ° a
trian , who is making wonderful time.
Arrest of a Young Incendiary.
Special Dlnpslch to Tha B a.
NEW YORK , January 27 10 p. m.
The fire at No. 74 Maiden Lane latt
night has turned out , as at first sus-
ptcted , a clear case of arson. A boy ,
Charles Boskey , aged about 10 , wac
arrested this morning and admitted ,
afttr some hesitation , that he had pur *
pcse'y ' let fire to his place , M he was for
making no money there , and wanted 4
get out of the gluing business and
go to peddling. It is understood that
he wai in partnership with his broth
in-liw , Abraham Fine , who bai oo-
copied the basement for aewral years. the
There was only a imall stock of glass
ware iu the shop , but the insurance
was comparatively heavy.
Proposed Canadian Cable Company.
podkl dlipatch to Thi Bee. en
OTTAWA , Out , January 27 10 p. be
. A bill hai been Introduced in the
senate for the incorporation of the In
European , American and Canadian
Cable company , and It haa already
ed its second reading. The promoters
meters of the bill are composed of
wealthy Cinadun spitalisti , and in
claim that the completion of the
scheme will giro the dominion inde
pendent connection with Europe , and cage
make Montreal a centre of news dis
tribution independent of New York. their
The capital ttork of the company ia
be $7,500,000 , in shares of S 100. tbo
Tamrac Eye-\V ter. A
EpcUl DlspsUh to Tbe Bee
Cracioo , January 27 10 p. m. full
L. Sexton , a merchant of Gibson
, this state , came to Chicago to [
hare a bad eye treated. The physi night
gave him an eyewash for outward sonic
application , and also a prescription to
purify his blood. By mistake he
drank the eyo-wasb , and It now at his
room at the Brevort bonse , crazy as a of
, combing makes off his bedstead , from
bunting imaginary books on the wall by
seeing imps on all aides. When pally
discovered in his delerium , he
sharpening a pocket knife to cut
throat of the chambermaid , who J.
prerenled him from jumping out
the window. Lynn
Flro In New York
cl l Din tcb to Tbe Bee. ing
NEW YORK , January 28 1 a. m. her
fire which broke out last evening caught
the building at Noa. 365 and S67 were
Broadway on the northwest corner ot
Franklin street , caused a very heavy Last
, which is as follows : Sweetzer , five
Pembroke & Co. , dry goods , 8250- year
; Lamson Bros , white goodi and min
, $ rO,000 ; H. M. Davidson & under
. , ahii ; , ? 76,000 , and the American
Rsprtss company , who owned the
buildinir , ? 25,000.
A Good IJixturo.
Sped Dispatch to The Bee.
HAKKIBAI , Mo. , January 2 ? 10 p.
m.poee A family named Johnson , com
posed of fifteen members , made ap
plication ; to the city for relief to-day.
The oldest one i ninety-five years old
tad the yonngeit bne year. There
areI twins and triplets In tae family.
Theaggre7 _ .te ages o ! the Johnson
fl iijy foot up 247 yean. They all
live in one email house.
Petitioning Pensions ,
gpeda , Dispatch to Tha Iff * .
SPsiwoFiELt ) , IH.J January 28 1
a. m. The hcnl < o of the Illinois legis
lature devo'ed
the morning to a de
bate upon a resolution urging con-
gret to grant pensions to the soldiers
of the Florida , Black Hawk , and
Mexican ware , with the exception of
Jen" Daris. An amendment , exclud
ing all who were rebels dating the late
war from benefits proposed , was of
fered , and led to an interesting politi
cal debate , dnring which the speakers
on both eidea were given an oppor
tunity to relieve themselves of the
dead stock of speeches left over tin-
need from the late campaign. The
debate hited nntil nearly noon , when
the amendment was adopted by a vote
of 123 to 16 , after whioh the resolu
tion and both amendments were
adopted by 121 to 10.
Hugbea Ahead , ot Rowell'a Best
Till Ess
NEW YORK , January 28 1 a. ru.
The international pedestian contest
attracted a Hrge audienoo last night ,
over 4,000 penons being present.
Hashes increased his lead , nnd at
10 o'clock was 20 oiilos ahead of Cox ,
his nearest opponent. .He appears
comparatively fresh. Even money
was . oat last night that he Tould beat
the beat record. , At 12 o'clock the
scot of the remaining nine contestants
tanl etood ; Haghea 417 , Cox 392 ,
Albert 390 , Vint 389 , Khrone 385 ,
Howard 388 , Philips 354 , Ounan 350
Onmoana 32. Hnghes bents Rowell's
beat time for ninety-six beers by onto
Indication * .
Special ! Dispatch tt fun Bis.
VF , January 28 1 a. m.
For the upper Mississippi and
lowec Missouri valleys : Clear or
fair weather , variable winds , generally
from south to west , a alight fall fol
lowed by a Blight rise in temperature ,
and decidedly higher barometer dnring
the day , followed by falling barom
eter *
Stubborn Stalwarte.
-ftcUl Dispatch to the Use.
HABKISBURO , January 27 1 a. m.
There , is still a provoking sameness
in the ballots for United States sena
tor , and the outlook is against an election
tier for Vreoke. There have been
several requests made by members who
have been Voting for Oliver for a re
convening of the regular caucus , but
tb y have been treated with 'indifler-
etjfc by the managers of the Oliver
canvass. This action is construed to
mean that Oliver is not to ba dropped
under any circumstances. Grow men
are eijaslly determined not to recede
from tho'r position , and the demo
crats present a batter front than over.
The election of a senator appears more
distant than it did a week ago. The
tenth ballot stood : Wallace 83 ,
Oliver 82 , Grow 53 , McVear-h 21 ,
Hewitt3 , Pnillips 21 , Agnew 1 , Oar-
tin 1.
Dlfpatchog to.Tba Bee.
C. H. De Hart , aged sixty , was
struck by a locomotive on the Now
Jersey Central railroad in Elizabeth
yesterday , and Inntantly killed.
The auction sale of season tickets
to the Cincinnati operatic festival was
continued yesterday , and increased
Interest wai manifested.
The pcrrk establishment of Sellsy
t Newark , N. J. , was partially de
stroyed by fire ! at night.
The sheriff of Qiebeo informed
Lachechuc , the young Frenchman
who murdered his iweetheart last
summer , that the law must take its
and the condemned will be
hanged at 8 a. m. , to-daj.
A company has been formed in
Montreal who propose building an
elevitcd railroad from tha center of
the city to the summit nf Montreal
park. Work will be commenced aa to
goon as civil consent is granted.
The wrestling match between Clar-
enca Whistler and William Muldoon ,
a gold ohampinn medal , ended at
o'clock yesterday morning , at Ter
race Garden , Naw York. After
wrestling for seven hours , neither of
them was able to gain a fall , and the
proprietor of the garden turned off
gu and the match wai declared a
Lady Thornton and the Misses
Thornton from Washington , passed
through Montreal yeaterday mornlncr ,
route for Ott twa , , where lht > y will
the gueiti of the governor-general.
A boiler in Leadley's iron foundry ,
Halifax , N. 8. , burst yesterday
afternoon and a nun named John
Senor , aged 35 years , was instantly Ho
The nun who was found murdered wai
an alley In St. Louis Tuesday night ,
proves to be Julius Honske , of Chi ried
, and v aa a painter by trade.
Several New York sports , who bet
money on the wrong man in the tain
intsrnntlonal pedettrian contect.mede
complaint to tbo city surveyor , that
track was not the required length. of
civil engineer then measured tha
conrre , and made affidavit that it was
James Redpsih lectured on the
rish land war , In Baltimore Isst
to an Immense audience in Ma tion
A fire occurred last evening in the
printing establishment of Mnller.
Wagner & Umbdenstock , in the rear they
119 Clark street , Chicago , resulting port
a boy washing type with benzine try.
lamp light. Loss gll,600prlnci- the
from water. Folly Insured.
Hoi SrBDios , Ark. , January 27.
H. Jacobs has been arrested for
complicity in the marder of J. T.
, of Ohio , last month. This
the second arrest in this case. 000
MALONX , N. Y. , Janusry27. Dar labor.
the abssnce of Mrs. Bsicom from
home , at Altoona , the house tucky
on fire and her four children Idiot
burned to death. fifty
SOOTE BEND , Ind. , January 26. carry
evening Mando Voeldlsch , aged The
years , while at play with the three any
old daughter of Mr. Jndd Merri-
, found Mr. Merrlman's revolver
nls pillow and
accidentally shot
herself dead. * gation
„ , „
Beck and Elaine Have a
Tilt on Protective
WMoh is Spiced With Enough
Personalities to Make It
Interesting *
President Hayes Will Attend
the Baltimore Annual
Press Banquet ,
Special DUpatch to The Bee.
WASHINGTON , January- . Mr.
presented a petitiou , with up
wards of thirty thousand signers , ask
ing that treaties with the Indiana b *
observed , and that the remnant ef
thit people be dealt frith justly.
Mr. Beck called up his resolution
declaring all laws prohibiting Ameri
can register to ships , engaged in the
foreien carrying trade , owned , com
manded and officered bjr 4.riierlcns ,
oofcht to be repsalea , ar'd addressed
the senate in a speech favoring free
ships. Mr. Beck delivered a forcible
and carefully prepared apsoch , gener
ally denouncing the protecthe tariff
system of the country.
Mr. Blalno said he did not wish Mr
Beck's epeech to RO out unanswered ,
and desired brieuy to feply at this
was in favor of dependency .upon
England for all future time , to whica
he oould not assent. He argued that
if the manufacture of iron ships ,
which required millions of capital ,
was abandoned to Great Britain now ,
it could never be regained. He said
that from 1840 , when the fin tGunard
steamer onterSd the harbor of Boston ,
to JJ378 , Great Britain had paid to tb °
lB & " ! 'tMm'b-r nP ard of
40.000 Grea Britainphad uot
abandoned that policy. She had only
abandoned aid to those lines which
could stand alone , and her postal re
port for 1879 showed postal aid to
tosmahip lines amountjng to 783-
006. To buUd np tne American
Marine , tha United States must follow
the example of England , and aid the
men engaged in the building of iron
steamships. If the policy of the sen
ator was adopted , it would dieappoint
everybody except English ship build
ers. Capital can now be invested in
British aa freely aa it could bo in
American bottoms , with the name es
cape from taxation ns if it had Ameri
can register. The Williams and Guion
linen , and the Philadelphia line had
English and American owners , with
.ill the pecuniary benefits that the
senator's policy would confer. This
question , ho said , could not bo con
sidered without taking into account
the naval establishment and merchant
marine , out of which the naval estab
lishment must grow. Ho agreed with
Mr. Bockthatit was the destruction of
American ves'ola by confederate
cruisersthat , caused the loss of our cir-
ryiuR tradebut said it ivis nleo owiny
to a revolution In the construction of
ocean steamers , which occurred while
our war was in progress , and of vrhich
great Britain WHS prompt to take ad
vantage. He would not , lie said , cu
ter into a discussion of the horrors of A
protective tariff , which the honorable
senator had defected , but would say of
to him , and he presumed ho would
concede , lhat the unfortunate venture of
in the late campaign , which had its
origin in Kentucky , was a politicai
Mr. Beck said be was glad his re
marks had called out the premier of
the next administration , and that the
two sides of the question had been
clearly defined. Mr. Blaioe had ad *
mitted the disappearance of our mar-
chant marine , He had not denied for
that we were paying § 300,000,000
annually to foreign nations to build
them up. He had not denied that wo
were aiding England , Germany and the
France , and handicapping our own
people. He had not denied that tha
the American sailor was no longer not
known on the ocean , or that they htd
been transferred to Great Britain , and had
that we were to-day furnishing money
pay her 80,000 or 100,000 Bailers ,
while we lay at her feet. He had not
denied that in a fu'ure war be.ween
the great cations of Europe the Halted
States , though neutral , would bo tne
greatest sufferer. The remedy he pro A
posed was only taxation , for subsidy
means taxation. Where would he was
lay the taxes ? People were now
heavily taxed. Hs ( Mr. Beck ) pro-
poied to reduce taxation A subsi
dized line would drive off competition one
and became a monopoly imposing inordinate - as
ordinate charges. The coasting trade
was now sixty per cent , of our commerce -
merco , and that eoemed monopoly 8p
enough. He proposed wq should
have our own merchant marine , and In
have our 60,000 sailors to defend the the
country in any further emergency.
would not reply to the political ry
part of Mr. Blaine'a speech , beyond
saying that at St Louis in 1870 , there *
put > n a stronger plank than at
Cincinnati , in 1880 , and yet they car In
the country , though they wore
cheated out of it. Now , with all the ers
capital that the other party conld ob
from corporations , Bessemer into
steel , national banks and others , Hm-
cock had received a majority of 6,332 est
the popular vote , so the popular
condemnation was not so great. He
believed tha * when the people came to Sped
underetand this question the discrep SpedA
ancy would be greater. He hoped the sym
country would look to the presenta symA
of the two sides ef the case. that
Mr. Blalno said when the govern oftl
ment bad built railroads across the oftlT
country and up and down the coast , aB
had remored much of the sup The
of the coasting trade of the coun wou
. They had given , in subsidies to wouM
railroads , ten times as much as
would be pow
required to build up our
foreign commerce. The senator mons
seemed to forget that to build a ship 0
worth § 500,000 , $30,000 was spent for said
materialand § 450,000 for.labor. So the
senator propoposes to take this $450- monA
abroad and spend it for foreign A
. Earlier in his remarks the have
senator had said that out in Ken the
a man would be considered an less
who would put one hundred and Tl
pounds on a horse that could mor
but one hnndted and ten pounds. great
senator did not propose to do last
such thing as that , but he would lastTi
withdraw the horse. Bcssia
Mr. Merrill stated that a large dele atG
. had been before the finanae atGT
committee. There was a unanimous oftl
feeling against free trade in ship ? .
The resolution wr.3 laid over.
Several bills of no great importance
were called Up by d fi-rent Bena.oro
and passed. , *
After the bill granting lands to the
Indians ih severally had been dis
posed of , several senators attempted
to obtalat the floor , but on motion of
Mr Bnrnside 1 the senate at 4:46 : p. m.
In the house to day no eflort was
made to take up the joint tnle in ro
latiott to the count otHh9ejectoral
vote. The morning h&5r j | a con
sumed iu the call of comnineioners'
reports , end then Mr. Speer , called up
the case of Yales va. Martin.
Mr. Conger said there wasa ques
tion pending yesterday which % Qa not
yet decided , and he was ro&dy to go
on with that. The speaker and that
Mr. Bicknrill had nc jjat ; girorthira
notice that they intended to call up
ih * joint rule to-day , but said he
would therefore recogniza the elec
toral case as a question of high priv
ilege. Mr. Speers then aifdresaod the
result was reached on the mo-
tion and at 4 o'clock
the house , by a
vote of 118 to 115 , decidedjfo adjourn ,
which vacated the order for a night
Special dlapfttchea to Tbe Bee.
The war department has no official
information of the surrender of Sitting
Bull , and the report to that effect is
The opposition to the seating of
Yates In the house is much stronger
than was anticipated , aud the repub
licans aeetn determined to hlllbtUtcr
against it. If the democrats could
have foreseen this , they would not
have allowed the Biaboe-Hqll case to
have come up first. It was rumored
about the capital yesterday that the
republicans would not m hi'riw ' the'r
factions opposition Unless , an under
standing could bo feaohaa that tha
rule for counting tha electoral yntes
ahouW .Jti ag4ln tQ brought up. This
will hardly ba absented to. The elec
tion casfl will come up agiin to-day ,
as it is a casa of high privilege.
Prrnident H-iyec his accepted an in
vitation to attend the annual press
dinner of the Baltimore association ,
to take place on Febrnnry the 10 h.
It is expected that several members of
the cabinet will also attend.
Secretary of the Navy Goff has gone
to his homo in West Virginia for a
few days.
Congressman Cox , of New York ,
attempted to Introduce a resolution in
the house yesterday , calling upou
Secretary Everts fur all information
in his rossi'ssion relative to the
charges of Prof. Henry You'ohind ' ,
that the finhcry n tat is tics presented to
the Halifax commission by the Canada
authorities were forged and fraudu
lent. The resolution also called upun
Mr. Evarta to irform congress if ho
had made investigation of the charges ,
snd atate tbo results if any , of any
such invcst'j ; ition. Mr. Cox was un
successful in nttcmptinp to gut the
resolution up veeterdaybut ho will re
peat the attempt to-day.
LONDON , January 27 10 p. in.
St. Petersburg officixl tele rani In
regard to events prior < o the capture
Gcoktope , states that in consequence
quence of the largo number of corpses
Tekko Turcom np , more orles
decomposed , lying before and behind
the Russian position , and in vifiw of
the impossibility of burying them
without incurring fresh losses , Gen.
Skobeloff proposed to the Tekkes
from a towur of observation , eighty
yards from tbo main rampart of the
fortresr , that they should remove
their head , hostilities to ba suspended
one h'mr , and to avoid any misun-
derctanding , it was proposed to the
Tekkes that they th-mld afterwards 5
reoccupy their position , and should bo
first to reopen the firo. This was
done after due warning was given to
Russians , the Tekkes taking care
to fire until the Russians , who
had temporarily kft their trenches ,
returned into them. The con
duct of the Tekke Turcans was alto $
gether honorable. The fighting was @
renewed with the former fury. $4
Special Dkpitch to The tec ®
LONDON , January 28 1 a. m
dispatch from Seine , Switzerland ,
states that a violent earthquake shock
felt there yesterday. Houses
were roughly shaken. Some of the
largo edifices eustalntd injuries by
cracks in the wills , and the tower of
of the churches shook so violently 46
to canso apprehension of its fall.
eftl ! dttpttch to The Bet.
LONDON , January 28 1 a. m. 15
the house of commons yesterday
debate on Mr. Foracer's Irish co
ercion bill WM continued. Mr , Hen
La Bouohero , member from North 9
ampton , and editor of The London
Truth , made a very long and able
speech against the policy of coercion
Ireland. Ha quoted from former
speeches of Oobdon , Bright and oth
, showing how natural Instincts of
justice had impelled the Irish people @
their present course , and that to 81
punish them for It would be the great 1
blunder of the century.
* Dispatches lo Tni Eii. ]
A Cape Town dispatch says German Ma
sympathy with the Boers ia spreading , for
A dispatch from Valparaiso states
the"blockade by the Chilian fleet MS
the port of Callao has been raised.
The ; C pe Colonial troops cspturcd
Boer < patrol after severe fighting.
British lost ten killed and fifteen
Mr. John Bright made a long and
powerfnl speech , in the house of com 813
| last night , in which be do *
nonnced the land league , which , he 7
, degraded the Irish people. He
that the land bill was a splendid
monument of freedom.
Berlin dispatch says the powers
agreed to hold the conference on oats
Greek I question. Greece is rest
and is arming.
The London press in general this ,
morning praise 5lr. Bright for his
speech in the honse of commons
There Is great rejoicing throughout and
over Gen. SkobelofFs victory
The : scare regarding the movements © 5
the Fenian ; , is spreading and pre- ,
cautions against a surprise are being
The Turcomans have murdered sixty
Russian prisoners , aud also killed one
hundred Persians.
Prince Biasnirck yeaterday opened
the economic parliament in Berlin.
New YorK Mousy and Stocks.
WALL SIHEET , January 27.
At 1 a , in. the i-rice * weie at fol cms :
MoSrr 5 per cent ; ezchanga steady at
TJSC's'fiL. 1 OIS ITS 4V I 12g
U S 5's . . . 1 124 Currency 6'is .1 28
US 4Js - -I J2i
Aft P 47 D &H 17 §
A-.U SSI Del & Lack..1 4
WU 116i Eri6. COS
C B &XQ" " "l69 ° Han & St Jcei ! 55
GGG to I . . . 4SK&T 40 ?
NYC 151 LS IS.'f
N J C 03 ? L&Nas'i 8s
1C IU1 * Lake Eria 54l
1 C i 3 } N nhwcstern. . ! > i
Mjc fen. . . 12Ci Q& M. . . . 3S5
yp " " Ont 305
pf ' * U | fy JC J L . * ?
Manhattan. . . . 35StPaul 117 ?
C S 86 § StPanl&O. . . . 42.
OS 15J pfd 10.3
UP Ul ? W.ibash
IftJt Gig ufd 00 ?
Den&PioG 54 KI 13SJ
M&ClBt pfd. 131 CP 90
Metropoiitan 110J N Y Klevatcd 126
Chicago Produce
CHICAGO , January 27.
heat Spring wheat , February ,
sold at 99 @ 09iB : March , gl OOg ®
1 00 , with oalea on the split nt
SI 00j@l 00 | ; April , § 1 00j@l 013 ;
May , SI 04A ; June , 81 OJJ , clos-
ini ; at 99 @ 99jc for February ;
Si 00g@l OOJ for March : SI 00 ] @
1 00 for April § 1 Od
_ ; 04j@i ; § forT
-T 01 n-n,3I , fli fnr .Tuna , Qf.
itlBT ; yeir
forod at 04c.
Corn January oflored at .ITjc ,
February oold ai 37c } Min.b ,
37lc , Siaj , 4242c ; June ,
42c ; July , 4242o , closlnc at 37 0
371cfor February ; 37 03GJo for
March ; 37ife23c for April ; 42i@43J3 !
for May ; 41g@42c for Juue42jc@43c ;
for July.
Oats February , 30j(230io ( ; March ,
3031c.May , 35j@33ic ; June , 34c.
llyt rebrUary , Uj bid ; M cb ,
90c bid ; 90Jo asked.
Pork Mes3.Febru rysoldat1382l
80 ; March , ? I3 97i@ll 00 ; April ,
07i14 10 ; May8l4 27f
Lard January , 89 33 bid ; February
sold at9 37A0940 " ; March , S9 47 @
9 60 ; April" , 89 65@9 67J ; May ,
$9 61 i bid ; $9 G5@9 G7i asked.
Short Ribs February , sold at
87 02 @ 7 05 ; Maroh , 87 15 ; April ,
$7 2A asked mid S7 22J bid ; May
sold at $7 32J07 3S.
Shoulder ? Februr.ry , S4 22J bli.
March ? 4 45 l < 7 bid and S-i 60
Chlcasro Live Stock Market
CHICAGO , January 27.
Cattle No change to note from
that of the day previous for good to
chnlco and extra shipping grades on
eastern account ; batchers' stock end
stock sleeravwero in fair request -.t
unchanged prices ; to-day the receints
were again liberal , but buyer ? for
good grade * had not sommencad pur
chasing tvhell our reporter left ihe
yards ; the only sales were to cify
oper.-.tors for CIWB nnd oteera at
§ 21 87J@3 63 ; stock buyers were not
purchasing ; vctl calves were it' ra-
quest , % r th but few cotjing in ; re
ceipts , G.OOO.
itcgs llaceipts fair ; market rulsa
active and firm" ; 5@10ohiuher forliqht
grades ; $5 0505 35 for Hght packing
ard shipping grades ; 85 00@5 60 for
good to choice smooth hewy packing ,
and from 05 105 45 for good to
choice smooth heavy shipping lot * ; a
mark-t wxs activii and firm at 11
o'clock , with ni-arly all offeriago sold ;
receipts 9 ere 20,000 head.
Sheep Receipts , 2000 head ; late
trains yeaterday swell she arrivoh to
47tO head , the l.rgcat ever rfc-ivad 4
hera m oue d y by 1600 ; mark-t dull
and Jc < tf ; common to f'iir , S4 OC ©
00 ; uood to prune , ? 5 00@5 50 ; good
many left cvjr.
York Proauce Morae *
NEW YORK , J.anaary 27.
Flour Steady and moderate ; ex
port and home trndi demand rounrt
hoop Ohio at 84 40@4 90 ; choice do ,
$4 95(36 ( 75 ; superfine v.eatern , 3 60 is
3 90 ; coramr-n to good extra do ,
30v&4 60 ; choL-e , do , do , 84 65 ®
J ; choice white wheat , do , § 5 00
Butter Unchanged ; good demand to
for choice Ohio at 12i@27c.
Eggs Western , scarce and nomi
Wheat Quiet , bu : firm ; No. 2 is
red wintdr , 8118118 } .
Corn Quiet ; No. 2 , 65j@57o
Oars Firmer ; No. 1 , 48c ; No. 2 ,
3 ; No. 3 43J ; mixed No. 1 , 43o ;
No 2 , 43No. ; . 3 , 42c.
Pork 816 aaked for February ; F.
814 75@15 00 for March ; 815 00 ®
25 for April.
Lard 89 77i@9 85 ; $9 80@9 85
for January ; § 980@9 82J for Feb
ruary ; 89 87 $ for March ; $9 92 $ ®
97i for for April ; 89 97i@10 00
tor May ; $9 979 80 seller the year.
Be. Louis Produce Market.
ST. Louis , January 27.
Flcur Firmer and unchanged.
Wheat \ Higher ; No. 2 red. 81 02J
102 } for cash8102 ; | for Jaumry ;
02J@1 03 for February ; SI 05g@
Oog I for March ; 8107107g for
April ; 1 08J@1 08f for Mixy ; No. 3
, 9494io ; No. 4 d , 88c bid.
Corn Higher ; 4141J for cash ; is
38g@39c for February ; 39c for
March ; 39g@39o | for April ; 40A@41c
Oats ( Slow ; 33o for caah ; 35o for
Ryp . Steady at 87o. for
Karley Unchanged. is
Lead 1 Nominal at 84 50.
Butter ] Unchanged.
Egga Firm ; 45c.
Whisky Steady at 81 06. Cin
Pork Higher ; 813 65 bid for caah ;
42 bid for February.
Dry Salt Meats Higher at $4 40 ®
10@7 30. has
Bacon Held higher ; no sales. soc
L rd Higher at 89 25. socMe
Receipts Flour , 3.000 bbls ; nei
wheat , 14,000 bu ; corn , 41,000 ; gei
, 4,000 ; rye , none ; bwley , 9,000. St
Shipments Flour , 7,000 bbli ; Fo
wheat , 2,000 bu ; corn , 6.000 ; oats , pn
3,000 ; rye. 2,000 ; barley , 2,000.
: * ? ei
St. Louis Live Stock Market.
ST. Louis , Jacuary 27. has
Hogs Higher and active ; Yorkers if
BalUmores , $5 00@5 75 ; mixed L.
packing , 8505@5 20 : heavy shipping ,
8510@5 30 ; butchers' to fancy , ? 5 30
60. Receipta , 8,600 ; shipments ,
1,600. is
A Lively Bide of Forty
Miles and a Dive in.
the Ohio ,
The Eagiug Parents Hova in
S ght When Bardscrabble
Was Eeaohed.
Frightful Scenes at the Burn
ing of a Livery Stable in
Speculations Concerning Gar-
fleld'o Cabinet ,
FbineasLef b ut ! *
Special Dispatch V > Tha Bae
MinravittB , KV- , January 26 4
p. m Ltwnditf P. Siagga , aged 18 ,
and Annie F. Stamper1 , ogod 16 , ar
rived hero from Lewis county , aflcf a
ride of forty tnllea , hotly pursued by
enraged parents. They desired _ to
roach th At place nnd connubial blLss ,
bnt found the river filled with running
ice and navigation closed. The tears
of the bxJdo s t * sJ a volunteer crew
to bo made op to maie the offurt.
Nearly all the town assemble'l oh tno
banks to TTltnoss thecroBsing.Whenin
Treboat had neatly teachedOhiowhen
the bridgroom arose and travjng a
farewell fell hoadlonpr into tha river
and floating ice quickly covered him.
With ? reat effort ho w 3 rescued and
resuscitated , and when atronz enough
to Btand.tho couple ttore married.
ifftrned to DefttK.
Special DL pati ( o IHH BM.
ArcCA , Ia. , January 27 4 p. m.
A fira broke out here last nfght
about 11 o'clock , in John Cool'a barn.
The whole building was wrapped in
flames beiorii Jhe alarm was sounded ,
aud although the citiifanff assembled
rapidly , nothing could ba doiid , atrln-
tense wai the heat. The hobtler waa
in the oflica of the barn , and was
arnothored , no donbt by
smolvt ) , and pariahed in
the flames. His body wai raked from
the oitiDers and though shockingly
burned , vras taken cha'rge of for
decent Interment. There were sixteen
horses in the barn and their shrill
cries cif pain rnado the scene horrible
to contemplate. Beside the loss of
horses there were gefen single and
two double buggies , a horse and a
waon ! with harness , blankets ,
oto , belonging t ° a.wo11 . ,
appointed etable. The Jp" ' abon1
fiv thoilaand , vHh but Very HtnC > " -
auwnce. So aria can form any idea
oS to how the fire originated. It is
HOT a&.crtad that another man was In
the barn and ha filso perished , The
ambers of the building < * re being
raked in search of his remains. The
name of the pirty found dead whore
the offiso stood ia John Chinoworth ,
and Mr. Cool says .ho was a quiet ,
atealy boy , and choarful and ready
for hh duties at all times. It is a sad
calamity to ono cf our beat and moat
whole scaled , manly citizens.
OntneWtir Path.
Special Dldpiteh to The Dee.
AujrjijuERquE , N. M. , Januarys ? .
The Indians ara on the war path
near San Joso. The driver of the
mail cert vr.ia killed and throe miners
were killed nt Chloride gulcb. The
horribly mutilated and burned bodies
of four women nnd children were yes-
tor brought 'o San Marcfol. A tquad
of cavalry pu * to flight oomo Indiana
who wcro rapidly closintr in upon a
nnu and three women , after defeating
party of citizerm who had CGLQO to
their -stance. { .
A Scalper Scalped.
Special Ilsctch ) to The B
WAYNE , New Mexico , January 27
p. m The eaat bound train on > he
Atlantic nnd Pacific railroad was
thrown from the track coar Lgnna.
Tno engmo and two cara went over
an embankment , wounding the en *
gineer , killing an Indian and scalping
Tne Cabinet ;
I-natcb to TBB tin.
NEW YORK , January 27 4 p. m.
The Times' \Vachington special says it
not true that President Garfield has
completed his cabinet. It is equally
untrue that he has not determined
upon a considerable portion of its
make up. Of the seven men who are
be mad * cabinet officers only one ,
Jameb G. Elaine , has as yet been ab
solntely chosen. IVo others are al ;
most decided upon , and the entire Hat [
to be chosen from twelve men. The
cabinet will bo made up very mncb as
follow ? :
Secretary of State J. G. Blaine , of
Secretary of the Treasury James
. "Wilson , of Iowa.
Secretary of War J. Donald Cam
eron , of Pennsylvania.
Secretary of the Navy Win. C.
Wyckham , of Virginia.
Postrmster Genenral Thomas L. if
Jaraoa , of Now York.
Attorney General Emory Storrs ,
Mills , of California.
Withiu the iust three weeks this
list has been constantly considered
and reconsidered AVhilo it ii proba Ou
ble a number of gentlemen named ,
will eventually bu appointed , it ia ed
understood several important changes kin
will be made. Senator Blame kinf
to bo secretary of state , tloi ;
that much is certain aa at present Prl
decided. The secretary of the treasury
will bo either .f. F. Wilnon or Mr.
Allison , both of Iowa. Senator Cam
eron is still the m03t prominent man
secretary of war. The programme
to send hi ; father to the seit iu the
eenato varied by hu aupointment to
place in the cabinet. The president
elect ht > s determined that New York i'ttC
have either the postmaster-general
ship or navy portfolio. Thomas L. meipe
James is named for poatmaater-gen ba
oral , and the name of Levi P. Morton P-
been prominently mentioned for
secretary of the navy , but ia though
Morton will not accept. ID con
nection with the attorney-
generalship the names of both
State ; Senator Robertson and Judge
Folger , of the Empire state , has been j.
prominently mentioned. For secre j.M
tary of the interior three or foui M
gentlemen have been mentioned am
none being considered. D. 0. Mill
been prominently mentioned , bn
Gen. Grant is to be satisfied John IF
Routt , er-Gov. of Colorado , wil
receive the place now occupied b ]
Secretary Schnrz. Francis A. Walter
present superintendent of the census , ag
also mentioned in this connection 6C
Cor. Douglas and ISth Sts.5
Gives Great , Bargains in Ladies' and Gentsl ,
All Kinds Of
We Guarantee The Best Goods For The Least Money.
Southwest , corner 16th nnd Dodge.
Hns lately been leased b ?
Who has Imd yeara ezperlsnce in the hotel nnd restunurant twtri-
neea , and will run first-class house.
Board by flic Day or Week , with lodging or ithoii < ,
Centrally Located.
rrll dm
Gives universal Satisfaction and that it is stead
ily and rapidly increasing in pnblic tavor.
The White Machine instly claims to be the
best made , the easiest rnnning , the simplest iu
construction and the most perfect Machine in
the market.
The White Co. employ as agents man of in
tegrity , and piirchieers are always satisfied ,
because they flnd everything just as repres
Everybody should use this Machine. The
s'tles so far thL * year are more than double
the correspondlOK time last year.
All orders addressed to tue Omaha Office
will be promptly filled.
Tor , Pnvcnuorliuid I5th Sf. . Oiimbn.
Iron and Wagon Stock ,
ihe Bent Assortment of
in the West.
Al t'liicnRO Frlccy.
l'40Jfc )
Harney Street , Omaha ,
jnl tfm
actnrcr of a'l klndt ot
Summer Bologna ( Cervelat Wuret ) a
AliSAGactnrcr . Orders promptly filled.
1714 Burt St , Omaha Neb. do23-t
A Boyal Orange Grower ,
pedal Diip-ricb (9 fba Bia.
PEKSACOLA , January 28 1 o. in.
The Dummit orange creve , the oldest
and largest grove in East Florida ,
lompriiing 450 seres , nearly all
> lanted in sweat trees , of which 3,5CO
ire bearing , has been sold to Duke
Jistellencla , of Italy. The duke Is
m officer of high rank in the Italian
rmy , and ia the owner of extenrlve
roves in Sicily. It is thought that
hewit will colonize his new possession
rlth Italian families experienced In
trange culture.
Killed by a Kaadozn Shot
lp ciI dlipatch to Tha Bet.
DEOATOK , Ala , January 28 1 a.
n. At a wedding , near Hantsville ,
in altercation occurred between two
srothers , Jim and Walker Lacey. Jim
Irew his pistol , and when In the aet
firing at tit brother , some one
cnocked hit hand np , when the platol
ired , hitting ASez. Jolloy In the head ,
tilling him instantly. Licay , the
nnrderer , escaped.
BucEien'a Arnica Salve
Tbe 1 BEST SALVE In the world f oj
Uuta , Bruises , Sores , Ulcers , Salt
Rhenm , Fever Surea , Totter , Chapp-
d Hands , Chilblains , Corns , and all
finds cf Skin Eruptions. This Salve
guaranteed f to give perfect satlafac-
Iod In every caao or money re Funded.
Price 25 cents per box. For sale by
Sdly Ish & McMahon , Omaha.
OK , A. 8. PENDEKY ,
Tenth SUeet , - OMAHA , NEBRASKA
Offering bli lerricei In all departments ( o
medldne inJ snidery , both In general an
pedal prxnl-a acute and chronic dl a 4. Ca
consulted oljht and dajr , and will rldta , ,
ait ot tbo dty and eoantjr on receipt of I tU. . J
. Hammond , Prop. & Manager.
Tha moot thoroozh appolnt d and complete
Machine Shop * and FunndiT In tbc tt .
Caatlnzi ot ererr d crlptlon mannlacted.
, Pmnps and orrery claaa of machinery
made to order.
order.pedal attention ziren to
ITell Angnrs , Pulleys , Hansers ,
Vnttlng , etc.
Flam tor new Machlnerygeaehanleal Dnniht
, Itodtls , etc. , neatly executed.
Harnay St. . Bet. Htn and I6tb.
Gco.K/iliatlibmi , Principal.
Oreighton Block , - OMAHA
gend for Circular.
uov20 < I&wt
But at it Again.
. . . ,
Hardware ,
Stock Saddles , etc. ,
Now Ready for Business.
Next Door to Omaha Na
tional Unnk , Douglas
yarblter Jan. 5th , 1316 Douglas
St. , opposite Academy of Music.
decU II
General Insurance Aenf ,
PDCKN1X ABSUK v w. . . . Lon-
don. Cub At . } 5,1C7,17
* T3TCnBSTKK.N.T.Ci pltaI . ICOOXJ (
.1K M EKCDANrS , of Newark , N. J , , l.OOC.OO
IHAHD KIKKFbUadeIpIjIa.CapitaI. . 1.00,000
4 J..BUKN . FUKD , California . 800 , tOI
8 ut Cor. nf TUteenth & DotulM St.
the Latest Ilcine and Tele *
News of th Pay.