Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, December 25, 1880, Morning Edition, Page 5, Image 5

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levival of tne Famous Conon
chet Scandal by Austin
i Shotgun Story and Boscoe'
JisorderlyBefceata Pure
Fgue Accused of Lying fron
Dawn to Dark to Ac
complish His Purpose.
Special Dlnpatch to The Bee.
\ NEW YOBK , December 23 Austli
fCorbmwhose nam hns been fre
quently used in connection with th
difficulty between ex Gov. Spragne
of Rhode Island , and Mrs. Sprague
has been interviewed by a Hir-ild re
porter Hes d that as Mra Spr gue'
suit for divorce had now become
matter of publicity , he thought th
'ime ha' come when her friends mich
speak. I am a relative of Mrs
Sjjrugne , af < well as her friend am
bu"ine. s advit-er. I have known he
many yoprs ard
in herdomestic relations , and when i
culminated in this infamous attack up
onira ] * Cononchet , I became con
d tl..u her own life , if not th
. _ _ ( f her children , was iu danger
BintVer word to leave as anon a
she could sifelv and come directly t
me , which she did Mrs. Spwpue
after Inavin1 ! ; Cononchet , and durini
the time in which she cou'd not b
found , was at my place near Bilylon
Ishnd 8'ie spent two wiek
with herthree daughters.
po ter In hiding
Cosbin Not a bit of it. Thfy cami
oprnly there by public conveyonci
and were daily driving about the coun
try in the vicinity of my place , bu
they were under the eyes and protec
tion of half a doz-n men employed ot
the property , who knew who thej
were aud who would have made i
very nnplpi'ant for any one who darec
to molest them.
Oi.rhin said further that after le v
lug Bbil Mi Mrs Sp'agut" went t <
Edijewood ( her father's old h'-me ]
In the early part of J877 she s-para'td
from her hush.ini because of his treat
ment , but in 1879 she visited Con"ii-
chet at his earnest solicitation. He
s5d fiat it would md him in securing
his property , and would thus be bene
ficial to the children , but she pained
nothing whatever from it , except add
ed insult ard rong u the gre ; tlo' < d
that had already been heaped-upon
her. ThiE Lit outrage at Cononcbet
Reporter Then you don't believe
in thit Connnchet scandal ?
Corbin On the 'contrary I know
the whole sti.ry as manufactured by
Governor Sprague to be entir sly f > l e
a pure unadulterated fiction and
yarn. That be followed Mr. Conkiing
with a shot gan , is so ridiculously uu-
triitrf'il ' end known to be BO by a
ilpmberof people at Cononchet t the
time , that I have no patience in dis-
cueBintr it. Tiern waaui Mot cu on
the place. The-e was ats lately
nothiug whutevor in that story. It
was a d < wnraht
Reporter What , then , is the truii
0ty of the to called Cononcliet
ir , nd what connection did Conk-
.havewith . it ?
'orbit. The Conotichet afiftir , ns
call > t , so far as it is a scaudal
involving Mrs. Sprgue , i
As I have already said , C -liiig > , I
am told , WRS cui-st in the tuiu - , in-
vitel * > ? ro by Gi v Sprague on bu-
iije * . Sva , 'Uu Wi3 misbehaviiig
in I-s arac'erib'JC mantier , JIrs
Sprite was thr6tcned , as I s-aid ,
and the hoube. was by no menus u
: ' eerful for anybody. Conk-
ig and i he other quests therefore
t , Vim they did BO without a particle
tr ubla with Gov. Sprague and
-.Us. Spia'Ui , ns I have snid , after-
v& IBcamu to me The lady ia as in-
ti ( vnt of wrong in thought or deed ,
aa child.
R ,0 er How about the suit for
d x if * The bill charges some pretty
B rerethins.'S.
Ci n You had better see Mrs
Spr i 's c tinsel in relation to this
Hto Is the mat
p r t tin' Cise. - - mo
t rii-1 h I a i for a bill WHS so plentiful
thnt he found it difficult to decide
v.-t ete 'O begin to make hts statement
Ho says all he had alleged and much
more is truo.
Cumin said in conclusion : An effort
has been made for the sake of the
hildrrn to eflect s poaceiblo settle-
but'he had never offered , ws
. . . _ . : , to present G' < v. Sprague with
a r..t judanu-nt for S75.COO iu case he
would con'ent to a divorce. Mr ?
Spracue had plenty of friende who
would stand by her to the end.
New York Money and Stocks.
W LL STRB T , Dtcember t1 ! 2:30 p. m
MOStY At 4@5 per cent ; exchaugc btcidy
at f4 bO r4 83 }
- ' 1 ° ' L'-s Vs--- "i
D.S. C-881 'l - - - - ; i
Tj s.6'a 1 33 Cu'roy 6' * . 1 30
U.S. 4,8 1 1 I U S 6's bO 1 O. |
rhctn rketi8 more liuo T.nt earl 5n tl
oiv < call , and anotlier frac'ional advance t
B outlet , out latelicutln reactea to 62
. uihcr co. l sluros weie quiet and uejltctcul but
1 firm H nnibil .rreculrr and cencr I inaikct
I 8 raJy , with tudicaiions of a stroatr cljsc.
KevJins . Srj M3 . l J
OU.&I.U - 21 h.tT . 451
bUT.ul . 112 V.aHhattin. . 3 |
pfd. . . . . " NYC. . 14SJ
KoohwrsUTO . 1-U yV . 3 J
B 4 o - 1 ° Prtfcrcd . 04 }
K ] . 147 O & M . 2S
Dill . Ul St I'&O . 4 = i
onio . -2i UP . l S
Pre'erred . 31 WU. . . SlJ
\VtUg , Karjo . 1'S Wahaer. . 44J
Erie ? . -0 ] C P . Sii
l-nf.rrcu . 8.J Alton .
S . J . 49J L.&N . SC
Preferred . 105 Canada Southern 77 |
p il . B1J NJC . MS
7lJ 1C . Ml
lr CS . 7.J
E. . . 12i
Chlcaeo Prouuce
CuiOAOu , December 24.
Wheat was moderately sctiva and
prices were @fc lower ; corn and
oats in'fairrequist and easier ; nu-sa
pork and short ribs weaker ; lard
t steady.
Wheat 93ic Wd for December ;
93i@9332sold for January ; 94 < a94
for Febiu.iry ; 95 § < s95c for Alanli
SI ( ' | @ OOi " for ainy ; cli sing-at 93i
fo' J nary943s9-ljc for February
953 9Cc fr M rch.
Corn 35a35jc ( for January ; 3GJ (
36c for February ; 3Cgi53Gio fo
JIarch ; 40 | 40jc for May ; 4Ug@49i' '
for Jui e ; 4UJW41C for July.
Oat -January,29 bid ; February
29i < g29Jlc ; May , 34c ; June , 33 < S33 |
Rye January , 82c asked ; Feb
ruary , 82ic bid.
Potk Alesb , January , sold a
S12 22@12 25 : Febru : tyS12 42ig
12 47 ; March , g2 C2J12 G5 ; clw
ing steady
Lsrd January , § 8 27A@8 32J
February , 88 42iu845 ; March , 88 52i
@ 8 55.
Whleky 8111.
St. Louis Produce MarKet.
Sr Lor-'s , December 24
Flour Firmer and unchanged.
Wheat Unsettled aud jjuuerall ]
lower ; No 2 red , winte ;
97@9GJc for casH ; 9G@97g9Go ( fo :
J nmry ; 99S1 00c81j ( for Feb
ruary ; * 1 OI © 1 021 03 fo
March ; No. 3 do94c ; No. 4 do 87 | < j
882.Corn Lower at 37Jg37j2 ( for cah
G7c for December ; 3S@38 c fo
January ; 38Sgj38 § : f r Ftoruary
39jc for Mirch : ; 40c for April.
Oata L .uvr a' 29 c for cash a-v ; 30o for February
live Du t 92o old
Hrley Dull atd unchangedchoic ; <
to fancy. 80c < s81 05.
Butter Unchanned.
Eiius Unchanged
Whisky Firm at 8111.
Butter Dull ; dairy , 20@25c ; uream
ery , 30@32c.
E''us Higher at at 31@33c.
Whisky -Quiet at 81 U. .
Pork Nominal for cash ; 812 45 foi
Dry Salt Meats Entirely nominal ,
Bacon Lower at 85 oOfeT 507 ( G5
Lard Nominally lower at $8 15.
Receipts Flour , 7 000 bbls
whpat , 19,000 bu ; corr. , 38 000
oats , 17,000 ; rye , 1000 ; birley , 8JOO.
Shipments Flour , 7,000 bbh ;
wln-at , 3,000 ; corn , 5L'00 , ; o..tsj
none ; rye , none , barley , none.
fit Louis Live Stock Market.
Sr Loci.s , December 24.
Hoi-s Sl.iw and lower ; 1 g it , $4 00
@ 4 25 ; mixed pacuini , ' , ? 4 'J0. 4 40
butchers' to taiicy , 84 45@4 05 ; re-
ceints , 4300 head ; shipmeius , 1300
Nfcw York Produce Market
NKW VOKK. Dacemhi-r 24
Flour Dull ana in buyers' favor
receipts , 18 352 barrels ; round
hiop Ohio , 84 25@5 25 ; choict
do , $5 30gC ( 75 ; superline weat-
ern , 83 00 < g3 75 ; comm n to uooc
extra do , 8-J 00@4 70 ; choice ,
do , do , 85 00 < aG 75 ; choice white
wheat , 85 l Of < ' .G 00.
Butter Duil and in buyers' favor ;
Ohio 13@27c.
Ejjjjs Dull at 2G@31c for fair to
Wheat Quu-tChicago,81 ; 12@1 15 ;
Milwaukee , 81 1G@1 17 ; No. 2 red
winter , 81 J5)1 15 | for cash ;
8117 § for February ; 81 19 | for
March ; f Ies G.OOO
Corn Quiet ; No. 2 , at 57J@58c ;
sale * , ' 64 000 bu.
0 I'M QuiL't.
Whisl > y Nominal.
Lard $8 77J@S 82A for January ;
? 8 J-5&8 DO t r"c ht9 00 for Mird ;
? 9 059 10 for Ap tl ; ? 8 75S8 85
jujer lor the jear
ipccla Piipitclies to Tim I5
Nearly Mmu--ind p. \ \ < d has cen
subscriiud fur ti re Juf of B ye. > 'c.
A I ! .u > ' ay * i ) ' ' , rn'rd v s'er-
d.iy , di ni'S'Ji > - c jmtt t't L rd R pun
> 3 rt.sijiifd < > tovtrnor ienealof
[ ndin. His Jte. I h nii.iroviu.r
The Ruf'a . iii.uc it.niea . 1 be
ifi 1" p r O'-IH . ( ' „ . r
. ' - ' " 1 iojliiieatt.e { anarchy
hU reiguR in Ireland.
M. Uectus , a'd-decamp to the
French minister of war , has been
oroered to proceed at once to f Pan-
iini to witness the preliminary opar-
a ions iu tha construction of the
Mr. Pstnell s-tatea that ho dep-e-
ca'ea the practice of abuain : ; the
jMiss Ellard , a land owner , \vas yea-
, erday fired at near Limerick junc
tion , but escaped unhurt.
Sloason'a Backers.
S | .tl.v I > ! ; < ! ! t 'in- ' ! <
NEW YORK. Diceinbir 25 1 a. m.
Betters in this city have bueu badly
bitten by the failure of Slos3 < m to win
the : n itch with l llsux. Thousands
cif 'ollars were staked , and after Sloa-
son gained a lead , pools were in his
fi.V'T five to thr e. If is taid that
A'I ' Soiith , Slo soa'a bicker. h d ovtr
§ 10,000 iv gertd on the resnlSlos - .
son's brotlit r jvsterday received a I
c.ible dt-patch stitinj ; thnt G ' go
Imd thibilla i 1 1 is favorite p > 3iti > n ,
and confident of a big run , when
tne slip was iiven him. But for
Slossuu'a past i'l luck in publ.c
niitc e , bfttinn men would have
put up on him still heavier , but r.s
it is , there is no doubt that five times
; .s much mouea < - staked on the
tjnnie as was ever placed on a like
B ok Oisus , Lidcj' : Ddaka , Fancy
Tables , Fancy Chaira , Children's
Chairs , and a great variety of useful
and preity joi > ds for Christmas Gifts
FURS ! FDRS ! ! FURS 111
Lidioa" and gents' fur goods of ev
ery description at the Fur Manufac
tory , opposite postoflica , Omaha. All
goods are warranted.
HEXKT G. RICHIE K , Furrier.
_ _
Sleeve Bsttono and Scarf Pins nt
Bunco's. d23'2
Gouts' fine F < ir.ii < > hing Goods , at
the Onialia Shiu Facttiry. d5tf
Damaged hats given away , at Nh- :
dell & ITreH's , one door west of BEE
Are They Who Find Shelte
Beneath the Roof of James
Stephenson's Palatial
Brick Barn ,
For Truly Their Lines are Gas
in Pleasant Places.
Friday night in response to thenea
invitation issued a week ago , hundrec'i
of our citizens assembled at the mag
nificent stable just completed by Hon
James Stephensou , at the corner o
Harney and 10 h street. The recep
tion was to some.extent a private oni
and intended to give tin
guests a favorable opportunity
to inspect the finest establishment o :
the kind west of Chicago , and one o :
the most complete stables in the toun
try. A public reception had beei
given during the afternoon whet
crowds of ladies and gentlemen visitec
the elegant equine qiurters and g.izec
and admired to their hearts content
Among the gue = ts present were Mayui
ChKse , Judge Savage , Gt-n. C. F
Mandersun. the city council , pnlict
offijciS , officers of the fire department
representatives of the press , aud it
brief , all tne prominent citizens anc
official * in Omaha.
Mbyor Chase was c.i'ltd upon bj
Mr. Stepheuson to preside at tht
opening ceremonies and a neat speed
of welcome by the host was gallantly
responded to by Col. Chase , unbeha' ' !
of the guests. Letters < .t rearot wen
read from Judge Elmer S. Dundy am
Hun. Janus E Boycl , and these were
followed by appropriate words frotc
General Mandeison , Judsje Sa\Mgt
Judge Wakely , 0. A. Baldwin , Esq ,
Paul Yandervoort , Captain Fumy ,
D . Mercer and Judge Hawes.
At the closa of ttitse ceremonies tilt
party was conducted through the ele
gant structure , and its meri s and nd-
vanta is fully shown firth by the
obliging proprietor. The binldiiii >
v/ss disi ned and built by Mr. A T.
Large , jr , after plans outlined by
Mr. Stephensou hini eif , and is credit
.inlo alike to the orig'Udtor , arihitect
: md builders.
Itiaa brick structure , GO by 132
feet , two stories high , with walls
twenty-one inches thick. Tne iron
roof is auppi rtea by a Howe trus ,
which also s pports the floor of the
second stiry by means of pendanr iron
rods , thus leavina the entire first floor
free from post ? , pillars and othtr ob
structions. The fiMt floor is laid with
ttone fl iggintr , and is uod aa the
riage room. The offices , wash-room ,
harness rooms , etc , occupy iv position
on the north eide. The main en
trance on Tenth street is twenty feet
wide and there is also a Hide entrance
ten feet wide , o i Llarney
street. The horses are Stabled
in the upper story to which an inclined
pltne leads the way. There are ninety
stalls , six of whicn are box ptall ?
all stro.igly built of o k [ link , and
furi.ished with iron hay rucks and
iron feed boxes. The partitions sire
sunnonnetd with ornamental iron
rail ngs The second s'orylis lighted
by a deck 1 ght on the roof , mid hy
windows on ihs we t and eas , and ia
well vent 1 t'ed. / ' he wes1 end nre
storage ms for , -y and t t-d , and
sleeping r < > m- f i inipoy ] < s. In
thf rtitno put is'a ," fleva'i r
Fr ho S'hu : a wnole wagi.n load i.f hay
jr feed to the sec < nd story. Archi
ri'Ctunlly i' presents a ve-y hand
iO'im xterii r arpeirance Th trim-
: n nga art of whi e cut and blick
uricK. A laryt- marble a > ch , with the
name "Jim Stepr enson , " ornaments
; ho front of the building , and a life
jize bronze horse is to stmid on th *
top of the building , directly over the
: enter of the main entrance
A s'one side , ptxteen feet wide ,
tins been laid along the entire length
if the stable on Harney stn-tt , and in
front of it on Tenth street , and stone
litching-pi.sts are placed at convenient
iistanc' s
Tno offices are equally wor'hy ' of
nention. The flaor is a handsome
: ilc , the chandeliers aroof eleuaut
lesignB , and the desks , chairs , mir-
ors , e'c , ar < all very costiy and beau-
iful. In the business office , is located
i burglar and fire-proof safe and telu
ihone. The walla are ornamented
vith numerous paintings and engrav-
ngs , among which Is one showing
jtephenson'a six-in hand and carriage ,
lontainingGen. Grant , Gov. Nance ,
md M aver Ch se , the ribbons beinij
leld by George Richardson ; this
> tinting was taken from life during
jen. ! Grant's viait to 0 naha on
iis return from his trip
iround the world. Anof'er
Minting shows Mr Stephenson
Irtving a tandem team. A picture of
he stable occupies a prominent pp
i'ion. ' "Rarus" and "Hopeful" in
ulky are shown in fine eng'avingi
dj lining the offices on the west ia
, 'ie ' harness room , and next comes the
vash-room , and under the indincd
> lane are located the coal h use , whip
oem and wardrobe The building is
upplied throughout with pipes for
rater , to bo put Into use FS soon as
he waterworks are completed.
The whole structural and its equip
nents are replete with evidences of
he taste of its designer , and was
iompleted at a cost of biut $25,000
t is a great addition to tne attractive
eatnrca of Omaha , and it was bap-
ized with a copious flow of champagne
md other liquid refref > hment3.
Reform is Necessary.
'o the Editor of TEE UKE.
There is an evil in the land that is
ooth annoying and fraught with
greater evils and Omaha is not exempt
'mm its effects. All are aware of the
lecess'ty existing ( from various
jauses ) for the employment of ser-
, -ants or domestics in families , aud all
iqually realize the : tnponanca of
: ompotent and faithful servants. Bat
infortunately owing to the rant of
system aud proper regulation , but fei
families are able to procure competen
or faithful help , and the few who ar
really what is desirable are corrupts
by the evil ii flucnce of the wortt.lfss
and the tact that they find that theai
worthless tervanta get ths aame wages
as the faithful , In order to obvhtt
these evils it ia necessary that house
keepers co operate and inaugurate D
system Lf service rutorin , and one im
purtaiit step toward auch reform is
the adoption of a regulation that nc
servant will be einplnyud without
such references or certiricrte of char
acter as will at least pi ce the em
ployer in a position to know some
thing of the character of those thej
hire. A move in thie direction is
a necessi'y loudly c tiled for , aim ia
demanded in justice to the employe :
as well as the worthy , competent
aid or wonnn who houebtlyaud laih-
fully labors to earn her wa ea.
The necessity of this reform none
will deny , and if the evil be not cor
rected , the fault is grea'ly attr.buta-
hie to the want of concert with the
family tiiring help. How many ladies
in Omaha urn dnvtn to abandon
the cuinfor's of a home and are liv
ing in ronma and boarding houses be
cause of the griat difficulty in
pr icuriii ! ! competent ho p and the
number of housekeepers wnose heal h
is utteily broksn , because of the vex
atu.n and aim .yance i f faithless nd
incompe'ent servants. I' ev-ry Udy
would refuse to tinul } hi < lp whu
cannot giie referei co f character and
qualification , then competent ser
vants only could procure employment
at fait remunerating wag'-Sj ainx-in
competent , and unworthy ones would
have tolearn and reform before they
could practice an imposition on the
public. A Sci'rauR. :
Clem Chase came up from Lii coin Fri
day morning.
Col. J. J. Ui key left for I ) aver Fii-
D. C. Iloward , of Tre i out , \ nM the
city Friday.
Hon. C. L. Limb , of stainou , WIH : in
the city last uight.
Hon. A. H. Jac' hon , of Ciiicinnati , left
fur home I'liday uioriiing.
C. F. Anuett , U. 1' . .raiu dispatcher at
Cheyenne , left lor home Friday
lion. Guy Bi.toii , of North Platte ,
weiit west on the U , 1' . expie B Tri.lay.
The . hog rs , if the firm of Milton
Ilo eii ) Ac Sun , ILLS rctiuued fioni Chicago.
Capt. S. S. J Reynolds , ot IJavivl Citywa
iu Om.ilui Krid.i. aud Isft lor hojie that
af.ern on.
C. C. Ilou l , guveriuiient director , U.
1 * . 11. K. , came iu from the easu Fiiday.
Mr. and Mrs. Ileuri ( J. Hubliu have
rtturuid ftum their Initial tiin to Xe
J.V. . Moise , geiieiul tiiaeuxer a unt
of the Ui'ion i acitk1 , lelt for Chicago yes
Senator J. T. C.arksouanj daughter , o
Scliujler , p.vs eil taiMiigh the city eotei-
day on th ir way tu Clnayj.
\ \ * . F. Seaciirtiat , tik.t .igent of the
Kaiibas L'itj , St. Joe * Council Bluffs
railway , lettt T Kansas CJity ia < t eveuiiig.
Miaa Eliza Ti'iiikinij , a nieue of D. 0.
C.arKe , or t. o Uuiou Pacifij , we t out to
Fremimt Fnd-tj , t > pass the ho.iJays.
Kay Kje , ! . - < i of Fiemont , who has
been visiting u. Umaha for xtivenil il.iysn ; .
turned home Fruity aftaruooii.
Jatnes - ' 1 11 ley , of lied Coud [ , grand
nailer of Mu HH in Nebraska , waiu the
: ity laat n ghi ami utteuiled the ineetiu of
3t John's Lodge.
M.bses . Lizzie and Katia Murphy , re-
; urueil fioui Yauktou yesteiduy , \ h ie
he latter u attending schojl at the con-
reat of the Sacied Ileait.
Mr. auil Mrs. C. K. Mayuehav- return
id frum Ames , Iowa , where they went t /
ittemlthe funeial of M is. Mayuc-'s fa her
Sir. C. O. I'anneuter . The deceased was
in old resident of Nebraska and ut one
ime le iileil in Lincoln.
Hon. Lew May , XelunsUa fish comnus-
'oner , returned home at : ioon Friday , h-e
iiuie o Omaha : it ev .lin to meet Mr
omme to uuikear : m nenta f > r the dis-
, i ibuti in of 1 0,010 California salmon in
h ElUi rn river the e Jidh i eing a p.rt
it the 13 000 hatched out in the pouda of
Messrs Raiiine and Decker.
A Fine line of samples of New
L'ear CircjB at Tin : BCE Jb ROOI.I
Jail in time and leave your orders.
'ianos and Organs First Class
on Easy Monthly Payments ,
Sheet Music and Mtisi-
cal Instruments.
1 1 Painting , Kiifrravniga an-i frames at
ly rcdaced prices.
xlO Frames , 1 inch , WUnut . 15c
0x12 " 1 " " . 20
lxli " 1 " " . 00
2x16 " Ii " " . - . '
2x18 H " " . 65
0x20 " lj " " . 73
lustle 8x10 Jnmo . 15
hromos frarrcd , 6n ill , 2oc ,
Ihromoeframsd br e , 1 2C ,
'nirivin ? from 50c upAjrdj ,
'hotcr.'raph frmiejrom 16o upwards ,
VlndoACor.icej 75c a wiin'o * nnd ap.-anla'
/iuibrequir.9 B 00 per wimlow nd upwards ,
'ornlve PolC3'2 50nr wiiulnw
r'elvet fnmcR 2ic inch toi CO
Mollu Strings I5c ,
, 'iol'ns 1 75 , 2 50 , 3 and upwards ,
Juitara S 00 , 6 00. 7 00 and upwards.
Janjos 1 00. 3 00. 5 00 , and upwards ,
ccordco-H from 1 00 up , cheapest in city
Send for samples and catalogue of moulding ]
LBd sriest music. A. HOSPE , JR. ,
1219 Doiire ! St. . next door to Hurls and ? uher'a
Omaci li'cb.
' 3
For the coming week we have made preparation
with the finest stock of Si Iks , . Laces , Dress Goods
and all fancy articles ever shown in a dry goods
store west of New York.
We have received a consignment of
and offer them at less than the present cost of
importation , they will be found fully 30 per cent
uncerthe prices that other houses are obliged
to ask for the same qualities of goods and no
other such opportunity has ever been offered to
anyone to buy a good silk dress for as little money.
We oiler ii 22-iueh Cashmere Alexantlrc Silk at $1.25 a quality to-day worth
At $1.45 our Standard make of Cashmere Grillon Si.k which ivc place in com
petition with any 81.75 Silk in America.
Our 51.55 Si k is to-day worth 8UW1-2 at wholesale , yet we Still continue to
oiler the balance ( - ' , pieces ) at less than openinu * prices.
At SJ..05 we oiler a heavy rich Cros Grain Silk never before shown inj'the
west less than S2 50 ,
At 82.25 we show a 24-inch Cashmere Grillon silk worth at retail $2.75.
At $2.50 a 24-inch Silk very heat j , rich in lustre as a satin and fully up to
any $ U 00 Silk Ironi higher p iced stores.
$3.00 , $ : ' 10 , S3 25 10-22-24-inch Silks , the very best numbers to be had in : i
standard make ol'goods.
Opened to-day a large stock of
Real Ftichesse Needs from 50c to $5.00 t-ach.
" " " " " "
" " : i " " "
Eeal Dutchesse B rbs from $12.03 to $25.00.
" LaceYests " $12.00 to $40.03.
" Collars " $6.00 to $25.00.
Thisisihe finest stock or these goods ever shown in Omaha.
Over 150 doz n.Si k handkerchipls at a nozen prices. '
An elegant line of linenEmbroidered Lawn , pancy Colored andorher Handkerchiefs in every conceiv
able shipft _ and , desiga . froji the Ohlds5o. flindkinhief t realDut hesso Appliq le and Point ,
ftf"D 11 nl A
Lace Handket-chiefs.
One Price Marked in Plaia Figure ; "We Never Deviate.
S. 3 ? . . & OO.
$60,009. $60,000.
$69,000. $60,000.
$ $ ?
$60,1 $60,00 .
We make ths month to ' out Desirable and seasonable
a sp-c alty c'o e our gooddat Low
Figures Our imm-nse stock f W'inte'- othina for Men's , Youth's , Boys' and Children's
wear , c Hnprisingr Wor ing , Bnsin a-1 , and > ress Suits , in lateic Patte-m and Styles , Over
coats , Ul-ters and D ste'ec sw > rke i rom the fl iesfc K oods of woolens ; also a cnmp.ete line of
Furnishing Goods , Novel ies in Veck v-i or the Holidays Hits , Caps. Gloves , &c.'must
make way for our immense Spri i s ock fcothinsr Well-known to ttie public tha J these'
goods were the best selected stock ev < r rou ht o thi * market.
B60,000. 1001 Farnham St. , Cor 10th. $60,000
Notice is hereby given that pealed
will be received at the office of the county
clerk of f-urnas county , Nebraska at
TV aver City , the county seat rf said coun-
rp to he 3rd d y nf January , A. U.
- i , at 12 o'c ock M. of 8 .id day , for th
i itrnctiiin of a wng < > n br dfje across the
, ih i au river , houth of tha town of
'Ke ' , in Medicini CreeK jirecinct , in
i ounty , Nebraska , 8nid b iilge to
be feet in lennti. I idde s are re- .
< i to ac-ompany their -ids with
' d specifications of the work , and
i a bond in a sum double the
< if th hid , conditioned for 'he
faun. . 'xe. ution of ihe contact. The
county )7niinssioners of said c itmty of
Kuinas rt' prve the riijht to reject any and
al bids.
By onler of the county commi'Monen of
Furnas county , Isebraska. D.tted at
Beaver City , nmaa c > un y , Nel.raska ,
the 19th day of November , A. 1) . 18S' ' > .
IA KINSMAN , County Clerk.
ilar.uficiurtr of all kiidi of
"V X 3ST E G-
t Sf Bet. Oth aii lurk.
. 'Fciraerly ol Qlih & Jacobfl )
No. 1417 Farnhani dt Old otanil cf Jacob Oil
" " TJiLSfttiLPTi
Odd Fellows' Block.
Prompt attention given t or' ' a by telegrarn ,
Manufactnrer of al'.amis of
u Summer Bologna ( Cervelat "Wu
a Sreciatiy. Orders promptly , l
w 17 4 Burt St. , Omaha , Neb.r
Southwest comer 16th and | Dodge.
Has htely been leased by
Who has had years experience in the hotel and restuaurantjbusi-
nesa , and will run a first-class house.
lioard by the Day or Week , with Lodging or without.
Centrally Located ,