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    TTTR DATT.T "RtfR. T * EH ETVrRPVR. 9K IfifiA
Tlie Work'of the Past Tear
Reviewed for the
Every Department in a Highly
Satisfactory Condition ,
Larger Appropriations Neces
sary to Increase Its
The Methodist Beg for Repre
sentation in the Faculty.
Correspondence ol TDK BEK.
LiscoLJf , December 21. The board
of regents held their semi-annual
meeting at the chancellor's at 2 p. m. ,
President Chas. A. Holmes ia the
chair. The following regents were
present : Adam'of Dakota , Fifield of
Kearney , Holmes of Tecumseh , Per-
singer of Central City , and Carson of
Brownville. Rsgent Gannett , of
Omaha , was understood to be in
Being present at the meeting by in
vitation , I am able to give you some
items , not only of interest , but im
portant to the public to understand.
The university belonging to the pee
pie of Nebraska , It becomes them to
know the efficiency or deficiency of
the institution.
The chancellor's report was an able ,
clear-headed and exhaustive state
ment of the affairs of the institution ,
from which it appeared that while its
success and development were most
encouraging , for that reason there
were corresponding draw-backs ; that
Is , the university has grown so rap
idly that that her want outstripped
her facilities , and necessitates new
demands in order to improve her effi-
I will take up a few points of the
report and.the needs of the university
will suggest themselves.
The number on the new catalogue is
two hundred and sbcty-nlno against
one hundred and ninety eight last
year , which also was an advance over
the previous year. Thus , while the
appropriations were made by the leg
islature two years ago on the then
basis , the students have ad
fully fifty per cent ; and such has en
the demand for increased facilities ate
every point that the funds are inade
quate , and the university , which ought
to be susttined well if sustained at allis
is suffering and will suffer still more at
vital points unless the growth of the
institution is met by appropriate help.
indbpontible in this age of tbo world ,
was in charge of the lamented Prof
Collier , a choice man who Utcly died.
His plica hah not been tilled , and the
chancellor made a aid report of the
inadequacy and unsafe condition of
the laboratory rooms owing to their
want of proper ventilation , and he
recommends their present disuse , as
they were detrimen'al to the health of
the students , intimating that Prof
Collier's death may have been htst-
ened by the usa of chemicals in a con
fined place. It scums that the chem
ical apparatus belongs to Prof. Col-
ll-r's f/unily , and the chancellor rec
ommended that they be purchased by
the state and the whole thinq ba put :
upon a basis worthy the institution.
It seems that the Church contract
for roofing the university at the time
of ihtf acare of insecurity three years
ago was poorly filled , th > roof leaks i at
every point ; the conductors do not
carry off heavy rains which consequently
quently flood the cellars and under
mine the walls , neither are the ois :
tarns supplied , and it turns out that
there is no water in case of a fire ,
neither is there any insurance on the
building or contents. The regents
opened their eyes. One of themjtold
me since that ho supposed it devolved
upon the governor to insure the public
has changed durine the year by the
retiring of Principal Palmer , of the
Latin department , and the death of
Prof. Collier. Prof. Wooburry , who
took a position on The Nation during
the ' 79 term , Las resumed his place
as professor of rhetoric and English
composition , and Geo. Jtf. LHtla was
appointed as totor in chemistry and
has been put nt least ou .111 incipient
basis by the appointment of a direct
or of'the nvi8icil conservatory. This i <
filled by S. B. Hohmnn. The office has
no salnry , but the time seems to have
come wnen it is indispensable that a
comp-jtont department of music be
A handsome three story building
was put up by a private company to
accommodate the many lady uts
who come here , bat while that num
bcris increasing rapidly , the hall does
not yet fill the bill , because it c nnnt
be properly conducted until a toapon-
stblo and competent matron is appoint
ed to have charge of the department
of the young ladies. At present thorn
is an unavoidable locsenessfor want of
some proper overseeing authority. It
is njw proposed to turn this hall over
to the sratc , at a fair price , thut it maybe
bo put upon a proper bisis "a consummation
summation devoutly to bo wished , "
for it seems absolutely indinpetisiblo
to hve ample additional accum- |
mod ti.m for the ladies who are flock
ing to the university iu large numbers.
under Lieutenant J T. Webster , is
showing great efficiency aud enthnsi-
a rn The cadets have , under Mr. .
Web'tar's lead , got up n first class I I
military band , : ind their drills a'.way * j ,
call out crowds of spectators. I '
On the whola the chancellor's report - '
port was very encouraging as to the j
condition and prospects of the university
sity While it w..s evident to a look- ;
er-on that the institution is crippled )
for the want of R liberal policy on the
part of the legislature in the appro-
priation of funds. It is a case where
a cheap policy is a dear one. I be
lieve the people themselves who pay
the tnxes for "ihe benefit of this echool
of learning will second a very liberal
Tha report of the chancellor de
volves a large amount of work on the
various committees of the regent ; , and
the session will have to bold orer most
of the week.
Ttie Methodist denomination of the
state present to the regents a memo
rial signed by eix hundred prominent
men praying for the appointment of
Prof. GenrgeV. | . Peck , of Heading
college , 111. , to fill the chair vacated
by Prof. Collier. It eeems there is
no represeatative of the M. B body in
the faculty , although there are two
amen < : the regents. Prof. Peck is a
fine looking young man , and full of
the western spirit. J. W. A.
If you want to do well , keep well ,
if you possibly can. Do not let even
your education rob you of your health ,
[ t is about the worst thing you can
do under the whip and spur of a no-
ble purpose , and it is what large num
bers do to their life-long regret. When
a fine painter took the butcher to sec
one of his pictures , he said , "Aye ,
Maister Maydon , it's a grand picture ,
but I doubt whether you could have
done it if you had not oaten my beef. "
And I think there was a grain of truth
in the remark. They say base-ball is
getting into the hands of the gamblers ,
and that young men arc shy of it of
a good breeding. I'd bo vary lorry
to think so. It is the handsomest
game that was ever playad and one of
tbo healthiest. Play base ball , and
pull a boat , and get your chance in
vacation at long tramps and hard beds
and rough , wholesome fare ; eat well
and sleep well ; be as clean all through
and all over as you are in n drawing-
room , and then yon will not only be
able to do your day's work in this
world like a man , but when the years
bring their inevitable burden you will
be able to say with Adam in the play :
' 'Though I look old , yet I am strong and
lusty ,
For in my youth I ne er did apply
Hot and rebellious linuors to m > blood ; *
Nor did I with unbaehfal foiehead w oo
The means of weakness and debility ;
Therefore mv age ia as a lusty winter ,
Frosty , but kindly. "
Remember this , too , that with
health and strength to back you , fem
means hard work , aud hard work on
long lines with native ability and good
conduct means success. I will ven
ture to say , that this , as a rule , nre
cau trust , is always tbo story of the
young man who begins life with np po
sition or patronage , and makes his way
to a good place. Ho gives his heart
to what he has to do , not half the
time , but all the time , not grudgingly
but willingly , and not merely for the
sake of the salary , but because he
loves to bo at it , and makes the * ork
in great measure Its own reward. It
shall coma to pass , if you take hold
like this , that men will Bay you have Ida
genius for what you take in hand.
But you will know that one of the fine
qualities in a genius for anything is an
absorbing love for it , and the power
of intense application bv which every
other power is set to its finest edjt ; ?
and directed to the one greU purpose
the man holds in his heart aud brain.
You may sot this truth in whatever
light you will , ot business , of work on
the common levels , or work iu the
loftiest heights , to give your hotrts to
it is one of the grandest secrets of
steuccesa. . It might seem to you that ; a
ireat many men gj from the bottom
mto the top of the ladder at one jump.
olIt is not true. It is never true All
the men I know who have mads Ula
real success of their life ara hard
climbers. The other way is like the
toy of the children. You go
over the top and come down
head liret to begin again.
From the day I left the aid cottage
to the day I cime to New York , my
life divide- ) itself into two sections of
steady striking > n long lines. Twen
ty one years at the anvil and twenty-
one at the west , and in these there is
no bre k except that I made to get
from the old world to the now. And
now I see that these forty-two years
all belong together , and in every year
something was done for those that
were still waiting. In some of latter
years in the shop , I could not but feel
that I was the equal as a preacher of a
good many mon who done nothing
else , and would wonder whether I
should die as my father did at the an
vil. But then we'd a houstful of child
ren , and my hammer w.w a capital
weapon to keep the wolf from the
door and keeps things fair and true ,
so not one step would I go until that
light shot clear and I knew I was on
a sure adventure.
There is one word. When you get [
Ihrouiih with the college , and take
hold of your itVs work , do not think
of making a fortune aa the one grand
ami of your life , but of ctrviny out a
home , finding a , uo& true woman for
your wife , and raising , please God , and
jjood family. I do not cry down money
I thiuk it is a good servant and a good
friend , but it is abr.ut as cruel a mas-
'ter as ever Used a whipA shrewd
farmer said tn mo once , "Never marry
for money , ray lad , marry for love ;
but tf thou finds a good girl that has
money , try to love her " I would not
say that to you , bat this : If you find
the nice girl , some such match as my
mother was for my father , and if you
love her , marry her , if she will have
you , though she has n < t a dollar to
her name. This is a sere evil under
our American nin , that there should
be such mishap and disaster in the
wedded life. It lies in this , in themes
mos : mouientousthin ? we > can do , we so
often mo the leist judgment. EFt < nr
Story's description ot the Girl of the
Peri' d :
"She is perfect tovhirl in waltz. _ And
ber shoulders \\o \ well on a f of div n ,
as she 1 .tinge * at night and fch ws her silk- ,
andpl.Tw th her brace'ets anil fl-rts her
fan. But N this the thing for : i her100 ]
and wife ? Can l-ive erer grov on such bar- j
re i rocke' ? ' Is this the companion to take i
for life ? You might as well niarry a masie
box. "
Wo who'have bad our turn waut the
younjj tnen of your birth a > id icdIu
tng fo raise a generation rf tu-blcr And
better type , boys an3 girls strong of
a-ta and sura of foot , deap-cheatol ,
sunny-hearted , full of faculty , and
wholesome to the innermost nerve : ,
and to do this you mu tdo two things :
give them noble mothers , and don't
' linger shlveringly on tha brink Mid
feir to launch away , " but whan you J '
know you can take care of a houia la I
a s'mple , wholesome fashion , go right
to work and do it.
Shall I close with th's little poemj
Speak thou the truth , let others fenw
aud trim their words tor p.\y ;
In j.lea.ant sunshine ot pretence ,
Let others I ask their uy.
Gu < rd thou the fact , tliro' clonds of night
Down 011 thy wat h-tower stoop ,
Though thou bhould seet y heart a delight
1) rue from tbee by their swoop.
Face thou the wind. Though tafer aeem
In shelter to abice ,
We were not made to sit and dream ,
The pafe must fir-t be tried.
Show thou the light. If conscience gleam ,
S t not the ' ushel down ,
The smallest spark may send a beam
O'er hamlet , tower in.d town.
Woe unto him. on stfety bent ,
Whi > creeps from are to youth ,
Fa line ; to grasp his life' intent
Because he fears the truth.
Be true to every inmost thought ,
* nd as thy thoughts , thy speech ,
What tbou hast ni.t by etiiviiig bought
Presume not thou to teach.
The each wild gust the mist shall clear
U'e n W- see darkly through ,
Ant justified at la-t appear
The true , in Uiin that's true.
The man who makes unseemly
jokes at her breakfast table Mrs.
Pretzel calls a bender ruffian ,
A Nevada critic
speaking of a
harpist said , "We never bufireknew
there was so much music in a gird-
iron. "
"Why , " said the deacon , "do you
put so few oysters in the atew1 "Tho
milk is sour , and it might spoil the
ojiters. "
Many a man after the Christmas
holidays will wish he was a western
newspaper , and could afford himself
a patent inside.
The Philadelphia Times le rns that
a New York boarding house fire wont
out , soon as it reached the pantry ,
for want of fuel.
" An Exploded Gss-Bag , " is the
title of an editorial in a Buffalo paper.
Tne bereaved family of the deces/er
journalist have sympathy.
The quickest way to find out
whether & jun is loaded or 1- t ,
blow down the muzzle. I' it Is
not loaded you will live to d < i a a.\n \
The worst about kissing a Pittsburg
girl is that yon can carry the marks
of coal dust about yonr nose and
other features till you roach the near
est pump.
Not everybody will be able to see
the Nautch girl ? , but everybody can
get a pretty good idea of their dance
by 'putting two hornets down the
housemaid's back.
When worried abcut what to buy >
for Christmas presents for your little
family just think of the poor Mormons
who have to please the tin tea of fifteen
or twenty wives and or three hundred
children , more or less.
Arkausss mon are loud sleepers.
One of them went to sleep in a Pull
man car , and when ho b gan to get
his work in p > oplj turuc-d out under
the impression that a shooting ailray
was in progress.
lie wai a fine-looking run , and ho
proudly strutted down tlie sidewalks
with the air of . -
prop.-iutorthip iu
movement. "Beg pardon1 said rya
stranger as h" stepped up t > him , hat
in hand , in utmost tiiirnauity. "Do I
have ynur perir's ! un to remain in
town over night' ; "
A now clerk in a drug store was dis
charged the , other day beJnuso ho did
not know how tr look rise , roll his
eyes , and say ' 'i vcnty-five cents"
without tttr ing r : iu the face as ho
handed out a little p-wdor that had
cost the concern twi cunts and u , ido
tion. Emotion ait I business don't
Girls , if there is ono thin ? more
than nny ot ler th xt holds young rem
of our day bick from matrimonial
ventures , it is the disheartening npcc- !
ticle so often presented them of y < Cur
own dear papa and mamma walking
into church glorified respectively by n
12 ulater and H $30 bonnet. That is
what scares the boys.
Tom Marshall was ujine qnite abu '
sive language , and the judge , after
ono or two reprimands , fined hitnl
for contempt. Mr. Mirjhill loukcc
at the judge with a smtio and aakec
where ho was going to gef the money ,
as he had not a "red. " "Borrow i I
of a friend , " said the court. "Well J ,
sir , " iinswered Mr. Marshall , "you
are the best friend I have ; will you
lend me the money ? " "Mr. Clerk , , '
aaid th < > judge , "you may remit the
fine. The state is as able to loao it as
lam. "
The University of Virginia has re
duced its bouded dabt to 30,000.
The Chicago boaid of education
has authorized the nelection of sites
for three n w school 1 'illdings.
Of the 84.915 r crnits recently ex
amined for the Prussian p.rmv , 1931 ,
or 2.30 par cent. , had received ru
school education.
The now college in Atlanta , Ga. ,
for cflorod students CUrk Univer
sity ( Methodist ) bids uir to rival
Atlanta University.
The Russian government expeudoc
8365,000 on the Siberian university |
before the foundation ntone was laid
Its library already numbers 35,00 (
There is no school tax In Alabama ,
the only ravemio arising' from the
poll tax , wi.ich amounts to only two
cents per capita of the school popula
( ion.
Lincoln University has griduatec ;
133 students from its collcgi-ite lore
partmeat , r.nd has sent from its pro
p.iratory 400 young colored men rote
the south as teachers or preachers.
Superintendent Howltnd , of Chi
cio ; , reports : Total enrollment , 53 ,
-100 ; average memr.Frship , 49 ,
average attendance , -16,440 ; per cent. ,
94 G Evening school Totr.l enroll-
ment , 2789. average attendance for
l < t week , 1192
Iu tne Echools of the Morhofiitt
Freedtnen's Aid society , tha past
ycsr , ther-s w.-re 2,460 pupils , cl.iaai-
fied as Ml/w.v. Biblic'.l , 372 ; law ,
23 : medical , 85 ; collegiate , 90 ; aca-
demic , 220 ; normal , 1,100 ; inlcrmedi-
ate , 217 ; primary , S92 Since the
work of the society begin it his
twined 63,000 persons. It employs
SO i toachcn , and haa property worth
" 'tuJjin ? the sn'ject objectively and from
the educational poim of vi - seek ns t. io-
Mtle thai hlch taken alt gcther , wil br ot the
mobt smite .o 'he IT c-t number I lon ajo
concluJnl th t i I could hare ' ut one ivurk f. r
a puhli : li > ra y I KOU d telect a u ni | leio > et
of Hart-el's "Monthly. " IMRLis rKtXCis
AD 411 s Jr
Its contents are contribu etl by the raot emi
nent authors anil an lilts u ( iuropc and Amert.a ,
while ilie loni : eti" ce of Hi jn lisherc ) ui
made th in ihnroiul > : y toinensaiit iked -
sir.a of thf public , which the ) 'Aill spate no cf-
foil to > ; rat n y
ZARPEIi'3 \UAZINE , One Year 00
IARPEH'3VEEKLY , One Uar 4 00
HAI'.PEVsBAZiR , One Year 4 00
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Any iVt'o named , ono yea' 7 00
UAKPEK'3 IOUNG PKl PLE , onejear. . 15 0
Pottage Fres to all subscribers in the United
itates or Canada.
The olusriesof the Magazine be-in ; with the
> "um ers for Juua .n. t i'tctmb-r if
eicliyeurben no im-i iifp'cifleJ , it will be
u derstot/l lha the t-ub-ciiber wl.-lica to b. iu
it t c current Mttnb r.
A couu le c Set of IUitcK , 's . ctm-
prisl K Ot , MI ne * cl > th bi iliti , ' . w U
'etc I by ixfuc . f > " I if tt cvici BU ol pur
cha er. on TOCO pt f 3- -i p-r volume binjle
volumes , by mail , lOttpait , 3.101. Cloth nuts ,
fur Liudiu-,3 < to its by null , postpaid.
'lttm. es sliou d ic made toy ivst i.flKe
Order i r Unit t > ( txtjji-t'atita of lo < .
'i nrennt to copy Mi * adicrtne
ment tm ou ( ihe erj/r < i vidcr of
Addrcsw HAKPKR fc BROTHERS. Kcw Y rk.
This periodic * ! , by iti able and ccho'arly die-
cu , lor/s of beiiuestioui of h d ya "til as
by Hi Illustration * hl.h arc pr pir < ti by the
best artis'S bmalwajatrxerUid a uumpoatrful
an < l heneflcUl indue ice upon the puhlt mind.
Ihe eUht ut iti i fluenoo will always be
( uud on the Ue of morJity , ou"
aui reSueraent.
HAKPER'8 WEtKLY , One Year } 4 CO
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Haiti or Canada.
The Vo"umo3 of the WttWy bejin with the
irac Numb r for anuarr ol o ch yc r When
10 time i meii'loicl. i ; will oo underrt ol
h t tlie sub-c iber WitheJ tc 'lumeiica wuh
he li'uni'-er aft r ill * r ccipt of order.
Thl.ut , filc eii A'IIIIUI Vol'imra ' of bispfR'a
ithLY in net' c uih nil diu , will be e nt y
null , | > usUkM' i ' . ir by ex. r 31 , free if ex-
icnscpiivil ( d < bo freight d ta "ul eic-ed onn
tollar p.'r inluuii ) 7 CO each
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g , will ' < ! iit by null , p.ttptld , en receipt of
! L CO each t should bo m ilo bv PoM-Offico
Mi-iie.v Ordercr unft , t avoid ch'ncj < f to s
re not tocop'j t ' a Ittrtite iier.t
v , tnoutt.'ictxpieioneroj ilAur aa Bi-oane s
Aik'ie.B & ULOluiRS , Icw Yoric.
The popuUr rcriidloil Is pro-oininently a
[ ouniil fortho hem ho d.
tvery Nntnbcr fami-hes the latest Informs-
tion In rs aul t Fneliio i in dre < an I rna-
mcnt , thsnew st nn i mo t ippro\c l patter1 s
wi'h descri > Uvj3'ticIe l.rivn f in auth- tic
and Ori/in 1 "ciurc : uhilo its Sloiies 1'no - ,
and Buyson * > Lia a-d > omc3Ui : Toi-ico , giro
variety to tj tao couin m
II4RPKR'SB Z\R. One Yfa- $ t CO
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firs1. Numberfor JiMjtry of cae1 jcar When
no time 13 -i.tioncd , il will hi understood th the
the uuhscrf'tr i-hc to cmnenco itn the
Number nuxt after t it ) receipt of order
The last Ele\en Annu 1 Vo'un-s of t's
BAZAR , In no.t clo h bl. ilin- . will be split ! >
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pe'isep-ovi ( el tl.efreicht dnpsnui exceed ouo
del ar iitr vclume ) , f ir i" 0) each.
Cloth Cot ea for - achn umc mltab'e for hind-
Injr , wilt li sjnt by mai , i-oj.piid , on receipt of
? ! 00 eich
Rcmi'Unce' "honld hi made bv Pcet-Office
Homy Orderor Ur ft , tc. ave d tlian o t loi-l
Jfcicipapcrs an n-.t tr. ropy thin "dcertli'ment
without thi expren aider o/ilAupmtA. ! . ' ! OTIIRKS ,
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