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Established 1871. MORNING
: Price Five Cents
Choice Extracts From Mc
Donald's Forthcoming
Biography ,
The Missing Lucre Links Supplied
* k
V t plied , Connecting the White
\ \ House With the Stills ,
Grant's Conscience Eased
With Countless Bills and
Costly Presents.
Ihe Whisky. Men Bled . .and.Dl
Elacfenailed ftr High
Official Luxuries ,
Babcock Frequently Extin
guished With Drafts From
the Springs of Iniquity.
McDonald's Reminiscences.
tccal | ! IMspitth tollic IJco
ST. Louis , July S , 10 p. m. The
1'oat-Dihpatch of last
evening pub
, lished about ten columns of matter ,
" * extracts from the advance sheets of
the forthcoming book cf Gen. John
McDonald , f f whisky ring notoriety.
The first assessment of ring money
was made iu 1871. Levies were uado
upon distilleries for alleged purposes
ot : i campaign fund , in return for
which t tey were alluwed to avoid pay
ment of interim ! rorenua. These
. monthly levies r.iised from 520,030 to
lifty times thai amount. Besides this
neat littl-i Bcliem" , McDonald claims
the Washington regiment of the ring
iru iu the habit of sending commis
sions into this district for the solo
purpose cf blackmail. Some of the
moneys thus obtained ho positively
The general continues : "Grant's
collusion with the ring consisted in
) / h'a utilization
ii of corrupt money i
I secure his re-flection. After this
Ij' j' ' purpose was accomplished , I was anx
ious to sea the or anizition dissolved ,
because its ramifications were BO ex
tensive : md included fciicli avast iiiiin-
lur of nun of uncertain character ,
that I was : n constant dread of pub
lic exposure. 1 talked with other
managers , urging the danger of our
position. I la'd the matter before
Grant , who rcfcried me to Babcock ,
whoso judgment he relied upon. The
aduunutralion at length concurred in
the opinion that the ring could bo
run successfully by creating a fund to
\ In his first interview with Grant
, the president distinctly informed Mr.
Ford that ho ( McDonald ) had in
trusted certain matters to him ; that
ho understood everything , and that
whatever they wanted would be
forthcoming upon request.
Ill Octobef1874 , ou the occasion
of ono of Grant's visits to St. Louia ,
McDonald supplied him with a spank-
0 team of hot sea. The president
was so delighted that McDonald pro-
eenici him tha anini.aU and a rig
worth § .1,000. Grant did not care to
exhibit al the fan becauee his stock
was never awarded premiums. Ulc-
Donald became a member of the com
mittee on awards , induced Grant to
enter his young Hainbletonianworked
on other members , and had the blue
ribbon awarded to the animal over
many superior horses.
In December 18,1874 , McDonald
went to Washington , when ho handed
to Gen. Babcock at the white house
§ 5000 , collected from distillers by
Col. Joyce. ] 5abcock said he under
stood the same when it came. Dur
ing this visit ho mot Grant , who ex
for the present of the te < itn and rig.
McDonald handed him a receipted
bill iu iho president's name , aud asked
for A small sum of money to make it
a bona tide transaction. Being hatid-
\ cd § 10 , § 7 were returned.
ClilEll 1'llESENTS.
The paper goes on to mention sev-
! cral other presents given G rant , among
( them box of
a cigars containing a
thousand dollar bill. The book dc-
i-tails { at length an interview had with
\ Grant on the subject of
I '
ac which the president said they
S ould be recalled. He speaks of interviews had with Babcock
, nndVertiere \ , pointedly the occasion
wtien he gave the private secretary
money. After Bristow had become
possessed of the inner working of the
Iring , Grant promised McDonald his
projection. McDonald estimates that
Babcock received $ 25,000 directly
Trom the ring , besides much more
rom the blackmailers.
Georgia Bour3ons.
Bpoaal dipjutcll Ui Ilia lite.
ATLA.STA , OA. , August S , 10 p. m.
Thn convention finished Ilia third
day'a vrork without being able to effect i.i.
cither ; v coiniiromiso or nomination.
Colquitt'a 210 votes will not acccdo
'o the proposition of the followers lojf
'ha other four candidates
, couatmg '
40 votes to compromise on some man
-ot in nomination. Both
Ku - yet Bides
-re hopeful pd defiant. At Iho cloeo
f IhoUO h ballot the convention eod
, ournod 111 MoiicUy. The general
opinion is that there will be an ad
journment referring the whole matter
* o the people. If ha Colquitt will
TO before the country for endorse
Bishop's Consecration.
; < xaal Dispatch to The Bee.
COLCMDUS , Aujust 9 , 1 a. m. Rev.
hn \YatteHoii was consecrated
as Bishop of Columbus at the cathe
dral. The eur
ceremony lasted four
" 3. The cansecrator was Bishop
> ier of Cincinnati
, Arch-Bishop
urcell and many other prelates as
sisting. The sermon was preached by
Bishop Fitzgerald , of Little Rock ,
Ark. In the afternoon
a parade oc
curred , participated in by some thirty
ocal and
state societies. in
i ns brought over 10,000 people to
u.e city.
Nose Among the China-
octal Dispatch to The Be *
\x FKAXCISCO , Anrust 9,1 a. m.
* av. DeWitt Talmage , of New
't , made a tour of the Chlneee j
quarter Saturday night , accompanied
by a detective and a couple of reoort-
ers. He expressed a. wish before he
started out to bo shown Chinese life
in its best and woist conditions. Sev-
oral distingushed senators and gov
ernment officials have "taken in" this
s'ght , but they have always preserved
circumspect silence on the subject.
Talmage , however , promises to give
the public the benefit of his observaTUT
tions , so that the eastern public may
look forward to some interesting de
scriptions of Mongolian life. He has
also expressed a tviah to sec the under
crust of San Francisco after dark.
One of the first visitors to Talmage
since his arrival here waa Jvalloch.
David Davis Flop ? From the
Weighed Down by a Heavy
Dose of Hancocktail. Dispatches to Tils Bits
WASUIXOTON , August 9 1 a. m.
The following letter was given to
the press Sunday :
BLOOMIXGTON , I'l. ' , August 4.
My Dear Sir : The training and
habits of my lifo naturally lead me to
prefer civilians to soldiers for the great
civil trust , but aa the parties arc or
ganized voters mnat cheese between
the candidates they present or must
stand aloof , which no good cit zen
ought to do in ; x presidential election.
I have no hesitation in supporting
Hancock for the best of reisons of
my mind , because liia election will
put an end to sectional strife and
sectional parties and will revive a
patriotic sentiment nil over the land ,
where political leaders and factiono ,
for sinister ends , have sought to pre
vent. Tiiere can be no permanent
pn-sper.ty without pacification.
Great as were the achievements of
Gen. Uauccck in the war , his conduct
in peace , when in command of Louis
iana and Texas iu 1S07 , was still
greater , and com-uends him to the
confidence of the country. That was
a * , a time when passion ruled in the
public councils and military power
was cxertid to silence civil authority.
The temptation wa ? strong tc sail
with the rushing current , for an in
flamed partisan opinion was too ready
to condone excesses and to applaud
Gen. Hancock's order No. 40 , In
assuming charge of the fifth military
district , announced that the right of
trial by jury , the habeas corpus , the
liberty of the press , the freolom of
speech , the natural rights of persons ,
and the right of property , must bo
respected. The principles are the ba
sis of free government , and the pro
d-timing of them by Gen. Hancock
stands out in striking contrast with
the action of his superior who , soon
after , rebuked and drove him from the
command foi ; tittcrii g acntiraentn
worthy of a soldier. The soldier ,
clothed with extraordinary power ,
voluntarily uncovered before the civil
authority , sheathed his sword and tes
tified his fidelity to the constitution
and sot an example of obedience to
law which will pass into history as his
strongest claim to distinction. The
man who , in the midst of the excite
ment of that stormy period , was cool
enough to see his duty clearly and
was strong enough to execute it firm
ly , may well be trusted in any crisis.
His letter to Gen. Sherman , recently ,
brought to light , lifts Gon. Hancock
far above the past appreciation of his
civil ability. It marks him as one of
the wisest of his time , with a states
man's grasp of mind and the integrity
of a patriot , whom no sense of expe
diency could swerve from his honest
convictions. A long and unchecked
position of power by any party , leads
to extravagance , corruption and IOOBO
practices. After twenty yoara of
domination by tlierepublic.inachronic
public service like barnacles on the
bottom of a stranded ship. There is
no hope of reform by the leaders who
have created a aytcm of nighidtninis-
( ration and who are interested in per
petuating its evils. Nothing abort of
the sternest reform gives any promise
of effective reform , and the first stop
towards it is a change of rulers. The
government must bo got out of the
ruta in which it has too long been run.
Now blood must bo infused in the
management of public affairs before
relief can bo expected. The people
demand a change and , being in cam-
cat , are likely to be gratified.
Yours sincerely ,
To Hon. James E. Harvey , Washing
ton City.
Base Ball.
SpeclM .lisiwkb to The IJcc.
BOSTON , Auguat 8,10 p. in. Boa-
tons 3 , Chicago G.
WORCESTER Bnffalos 1 , Worces-
tors 4.
PROVIDENCE Providence 9 , Cleve
land .
TIIOY Ciucinnatis 3 , Troy 5.
ALBANY Albany G , Nationals 17.
Nationals did not play the last half
Grant the Prospector.
Special Dispatch to The lice.
SAN ANTONIO , TEX. , August 9 , 1 v.
m. A private letter from Chihuahua ,
Mexico , states that preparations are
being made lo receive General Grant ,
who ia daily expected from Santa Fe.
The object o * his visit is not stated J" ,
but st ia thought to bo with a view to
ascertaining the values of these Mex
ican mines , with the idea of taking an 1
interest in ono af the companies.
Shepherd Leaves His Flock
Spcdal disintcli to Tug Bur.
CHICAGO ; Aneuat 9 1 a. m. The
Rev. Dr. Mitchell , pastor of the Chicago
cage First Presbyterian church , announced -
nounced to his people yesterday that
he had decided to accept a call to the
Firat Presbyterian church of Cleve
land. pis
salary offered there is
§ 5,000 , and he h to have an assistant.
His salary hero is SG.OOO , and ho was
offered an assistant if he would re
main , but other considerations uvi-
den Jy influenced him. Dr. Mitchell
has been pastor of his present flock
twelve yearj.
Munitions of "War ,
The annual quota of military atores
due from the general government to
this state for the year commencing
Juno 1 , I860 , consisting of Spring
field rifles , belts , bayonets , acabbards ,
ball and blank cartridges , arrived on
the Gth instant , and were taken from
the depot to the armory at the state
house. The value of the invoice is
about $1600. [ Lincoln Journal.
The Eastern War Cloud
Grows Blacker and
. Blacker ,
Military Preparations the Order
of the Day in the Balkan
Turkey Loses Natural Allies
in the Secession of the
The Britfeh Loae Another
Town in Afghanistan.
Crown Solicitor of Tipperary
and Two Sons Murder
ously Assaulted.
Collision Between Irish Catho
lics and Protestans.
Sjxxlal dispatch to Tiic Ceo
LO.MIO.V , August 8,10 p. in. The
Sportsman aays Tricket , the Austra
lian sculler , will shortly go to Assott
for shooting and fishing , when ho will
commence training fur the match
with i llanlan. llo is to row 25J
pounds over the proper weights
Swaddle and "VVin&hip will shortly
build for him a now boat with all the
latest improvements.
Tlio Times expresses the view that
the evacuation of Cabul will strength
en the hands of the now ameer with
out loss of British military prestige ,
anil as the British forces will occupy
the frontier they can return to Cabul
it necessary.
The Times , in a leading article ,
Biya : The official correspondence rel
ative to diseases of ammala in the
United States , published yesterday ,
which was of great use in tha debate
in the house tf commons laet night ,
throws a flood of light on the Accounts"I
fattening stock in the west , and sev
eral of the documents will give a shock
of surprise to these who only know
the En-dish o stall-fed cattle. Accounts
of the etock yard and feeding process
at St. Louis are anything but invit
ing. Unhealthy cattle are crowded in
nnventjlated stalls and fed on beer
slops , as well-fed c\ttlo irom the west
are not a feature of American indua-
A Cabul dispatch saj-s the Ameer
will roccivcvhia first annual oul-4iC
from thu British before they loavo.
The Ameer's party ia strengthening.
PAHIS , August 9,1 a. m. Presi
dent Grevy , Minister Say and Gam-
betta yesterday started for Cherbourg
to witness the "rand naval review.
DUIILIX , August 9 , 1 n. m. A
riot took place at Armagh yesterday ,
caused by aomo Catholics attacking
Protestant excursionists.
Mr. Boyd , crown solicitor of Tip-
Deraiy , and hia two eons , wera mur
derously attacked at New Ross yes
terday by a party of disguised 1110.1.
One eon was killed , and the other , to
gether with Boyd , were severely ahot.
Special dispatch to The Uec
LONDON , August 9 , 1 a. m. A Ber
lin correspondent says : Mil-tary pre
parations are the order of the day in
the Balkan peniiuuli. The Turks
are repairing the fortifications at Sa-
lonica. Troops ' continually arrive
from Galliopolia , some being sent
north while others remain to protect
the important harbora , The Monte
negrins have called on every able-bod
ied man. The Anlivari forts are being -
ing constructed under tha superin
tendence of the Russian Col. Count
Solohub , a resident for aome time at
the exposed fort. The Greek govern
ment has invited volunteers from
Thessaly and Epiius , buf as yet few
have come. The signal for war being
expected from the powersorders have
been given to the border brigands to
stop operations until further notice ;
accordingly the frontier has never en
joyed a atate of more
than upon the eve of war. Neither
are the Bulgarians behindhand in
their warlike movements. The lead-
ers of the secret commission of Bui-
garia and East Roumelia have met at
Tirnova to concert the details of the
joint action to begin as soon as the
order is given at St. Petersburg. All
the leaders , as well as the members of
these commissions , being civil and
military officers , it is by courtesy that
they are called secret , and their ac
tion is represented HJJ. distinct from
that of their respective governments ,
co-operating with the cer..ral rail-Bul
garian commission at Sophia. There
arc secondary fraternities in the Ro-
dopoc Hilli , and other localities in
Macedonia , pledged with money and
arms by Russian natrons through the
agency of their E t Roumelian com-
patriots. The Turkish
It is well known that apart trom
the religious hostility common to the
East , the Armenians , who speik the
Turkish language as a second mother
tongue , but very recently , did not be
long to the Ottoman empire , whose
trade and finance they largely con -
duct. Things , however , have
changed lately. The porte , for politi ;
cai ascendancy on the Bosphorus , and
for the ousting of their commercial
competitors , the Greeks , having
aroused the Constantinople Armen
ians , numbers of them are now
Russians to the core , no endeavors
of the porte to briug them back to
their ancient allegiance being of avail.
The other day the porte , to curry fa
vor with these novel recusants , ap
pointed Artun Dadian Bey , one of Pie !
richest Stamboul Armenian.0 , under
secretary of etate in the board eraf
trade. No sooner did this appoint
ment transpire than the Armenians ,
who two yea s ago would have con
gratulated themselves upon the eleva
tion of their to-nationalist , assembled
in front of hjs house and denounced
him aa a traitor to their cause. To
obviate .worsej consequences , Artun ,
the following diygolemnly assured the
\rraenian patriots that , though be
might ; bp rendering commercial ser
vices , ho had no hand in refuting the
arguments of the powers. Among
the many strange features of the pres
ent criiis , it la ona of the strangest
that the porte is endeavoring to keap
Russia from Constantinople.
A dispatch from Bombay says it is
again rumored that Chaman has been
captured. The tribes are occupying
the hills above Ohaman fort and sev
eral skirmishes have occurred.
A dispatch from Quotta sayi that a
portion of the reinforcements for Can
dahar hnvo arrived at that place. Gen
Huberts has been detained at Cabul
until Menday ,
, A dispatch from Belgrade saya Scr
via is mobilizing her militia.
EpccIM Dispatch to The Bee.
ATHENS , August 9 1 n. m. The
Greek reserves are joining their col
era very rapidly.
LONDON , August 8. The knight of
Kerry is dead.
Special Dispatch to Tha Itcc.
WASHINGTON , August 8 , 10 p. m.
The first stouo toward completin
the Washington monument was hid
yesterday in the presence of Presi
de dent Hayes and a number of officials
an members of the monument com
mission. A small tower-shaped iron
elevator was used in raising the atone.
Itad is believed that twenty feet will be
added to the monument bforo win
toi . The engineer in charge thinks
the end can bo completed within four
The disbursivo dUcer of the inte
rior department yesterday issued
checks to most of the enumerators of
census of the District of Columbia.
A-Ccounta of enumerators throughout
the country will be settled as fast as
they are received and approved.
WASHINGTON' , August 9 , 1 a. m.
"Hamburg" Butler , who is at his
homo in South Carolina , on being
asked what action he intended to take
concerning : an abusive letter of Col.
Cash , the duellist , which had been
addressed to him , and had been sent ,
also , to the press and published , re
plied : "Col. Cash's letter to me shows
him to bo a lunatic or a blackguard ,
and , of course , I cannot notice him in
either capacity. I have done him no
harm , and if I had injured him , it is
usual among gentlemen , as a first step ,
to ask for an explanation. Instead of
this , he Ina chosen to write rae a let-
ter : by mail which does him more
harm than it does me. He ia welcome
to all the notoriety ho may acquira , in j 1
this vulgar , coarse exhibition of a
bard and malicious heart. I have not
noticed , and do not intend to notlca
anything ho may say. " The animus
of the attack msdo by Cash ou Butler
arises from Butler's having written a
very strong letter denouncing the ac
tion of Cash in brutally forcing a
duel upon the venerable Judge Shan-
' '
at the
first firo. The people generally ap
plaud Butler in his letter , as they do
the Charleston News and Courier for
the courage displayed in making war
upon the barbarous practice of duel
ling as carried on in some sections of
South Carolina.
Still a great deal more trouble is
expected to qrow out of the Cash-
Shannon difficulty , that ia , provided
Cash is not convicted and sent to
prison. Even then it is expected that
liia son will iako the father'i place and
challenge at least some of the promi
nent citizens who have denounced his
father. *
Advices from Georgia state that
blaok rust has appeared in the cotton
Selds. It is feared that the plant will
bo effected seriously by its ravages ,
but only in certain sections. With
this exception , the crop is doing re
markably well. In several prominent
counties in the state , it Is thought
that the crop will not be an average
one , notwithstanding an increased
average in some sections of the stato.
The corn crop is turning out badly ,
and the planters say they will bo sat-
isfiad if they make a half crop.
From South Carolina it ia reported .
that the crops generally throughout
the atate are exceptionally line , and
an abundant harvest of corn is ex
pected , also a fine cotton crop. It ia
thought that if there is no backset the
plant cotton yield will be the largest
made for years. It ia estimated that
many acres will yield twelve to eigh
teen hundred pounds of seed cotton.
The oats crop is also reported to be
It is taid that the report of the de
partment of agriculture , to bo issued
cm the 15th inst. , will show that the
average condition of the cotton crop
throughout the south is equal to the
highest calculations , baaed on the re
port of lact month.
Lynched After Many Misses.
Special Ubpaich to Tun Bus.
ATHENS , Ala. , Auguat 0 , 1 a. m.
Saturday night about 10 o'clock a
party , suppoaed to bo Tonnesaeaus ,
came to the jail here and quietly took
Billz , who murdered his wife in May ,
1879and , who was condemned to death
twice by juries here , obtaining a new
triitl in each casa , and hung him to a
tree in the court-houso yard. Ho
showed fight at first , but seeming to
realize his impending fate , hia cour
age gave wny to a feeling of terror.
Biilr-was taken out in the day time
some time ago by a mob , a rope
placed around hU neck , and every
thing ready for his hrnglng , except
nerve on the part of the ring-leaders ,
thus enabling the sheriff to rescue him.
At another time a mob collected from
ssveral counties and tried to capture
Bailz , laying siege to the court-house ,
where the prisoner waa held by the
sheriff , butwere foiled.
Turner Celebration.
Special Dispatch U The Bee.
LOUISVILLE , August 9,1 a. m. The
Indiana district of tha German Turn-
gemeide filled tha city with its annual
celebration yesterday. Thia ia one aiof
th'o hrgeat Turner societies in the
country , and embraces Louisville in
its district. Not leas than 20,000 c
Ipeoplo participated in the celebration ,
The society has a grand four days hoii
iday. I i
The Fasting "Doctor Fin
ishes His Forty Days
of Stomach Ache.
* iL
An Immense Throng of Distin
guished Persons Surround
the Attenur jd Tanner ,
And as the Crs/y | [ < > trikes 12
t-Jjr Jore of
From Which the Hungry Man
Sucks Sustenance Vora-
Attending Physicians Forcibly
Attempt to Prevent a
Gorge !
Graphic Details of the Fast and
Mind Triumphs Over Matter.
Special Dispatch to TUB lsn. !
Yor.K , August 7 I p. m.
Tanner has for the past twenty-four
hours appeared br'ghtcr , livelier and
stronger and more energetic than for
dnya ; previous. lie waa very weak ,
however , and his exertion was the
result of stimulation prcduced by the
increased number of spectators.
What Tanner's movements will bo
ter ho recovers his strength nobody
appears to know. It is conjectured
that ho will practice medicine in Now
York and lecture. Tanner began the
hut twelve hours of hia forty daya
fast at 12 o'clock last night. Ho was
then resting quietly , but shortly
after midnight ho aaked for
water and drank one ounce.
Immediately after drinking hn be
gan lo vomit violently and thought it
was very foolish for his stomach to act
go when he intended to use it so well
very aeon. At 2 a. in. Dr. Wark
came in ns a special watch , much to
the delimit of Tanner. At 2:25 : the
walking of some one on the floor of
hall put the faster into a violent
temper. Ho would not be appeased
until the noisy party was put out.
At 4 o'clock ho fell asleep and ap
peared very little like a starving .
man.Oi the
Ho awoke at 0:10 : and soaked his foot
in hot mustard water. While taking
the bath Tanner's brother-in-law , M.
M. Gardner , of Litchfield , O. , came
in. The meeting was most affecting.
Both gentlemen were much overcome
by emotion. At 7 o'clock Tanner
complained of nausea , and shortly after
he vomited. At 9 o'clock ho waa ly
ing in bed in his clothes , excepting his
coat. Ho was apparently bearing
up well as ho asked to have some Cal
ifornia grapes to-day , declaring that
ho was not afraid of them for the first
day. Ho held another interview with
hia brother-in-law and tears were ob
served rolling down his cheeks while
Hiking with Gardner who married
his younger sister. The attending
physicians wished to prevent any pro
longation of the interview , but Tan
ner said ho know hia own business
and talked on.
at . . the hotel from various sources , and
telegrams ! were being constantly re
ceived from different parts of the
country one from Minnesota , invit-
ina the faster to a barbecue. At 10
o'clock Tanner , In attempting to get
on his feet , found ho was unable to
stand , and smilingly called for
assistance to carry him to a largo
arm chair at the window , where ho
sita good-humoredly meeting all corn-
era. The hall waa thronged with people
ple of the highest class. An immense
watermelon arrived , a present from
the horticultural association of Geor
gia , in session at Atlanta , Ga. Tanner
looks well , and says he would not be
afraid , . to , fast a few days longer.
The physicians look upon
his high spirits as unnatural.
At 11 a. m. Dr. Tanner came down
from the gallery and took a seat in the
center of the hall , where on long tables
were spread all the presents ho has re-
ccivedaince ho began hia fast. These
consisted of innumerable varieties of
food , tonics , slippers , and the like.
Among the presents was a box of shin
gle nails. Ho appeared in better co i-
dition than at any period since the six
teenth day. The doctor held tightly
to a Hjilendid peach , which ho said he
said ho would bite when'tho clock
strikes 12. The hall waa crowded ,
and ; vj the final hour approached the
excitement grew intense
The doctor bad a spell of retching
shortly after 11 o'clock , and was
obliged to retSfc to an ante-room ,
where ho suffered greatly. At lllf :
a. m. a drop of blood was taken fron :
the doctor for microscopic cxniiny
tion by Prof. Vanderweyer in the
presence of a largo number of phyai
clans. Dr. Tanner watched the work
with oagerinterest. |
12 O'CLOCK , TiininiE is OVEK AND
said Dr. Tanner as the clock struck
twelve. He was then escorted to th
main hall and in one of the two
lobbies the familiar old arm-chair was
placed , into which the doctor waa
lifted. At the moment the clock
struck twelve the spectators burst into /
wild yell which was caught
up by the crowd , in ihe street
while the whistles of tb/k /
surrounding factories gave
extra blast in honor of the occasi
The Doctor first drank a glass of m
then he ordered the Georgia w.v ,
melon to be cut and when this lwia
done began to eat eagerly of it/ the
attending physicians me nwhil/a en
deavoring to atop him. He , hoyf0ver ,
ordered thcm to step aside fj nd let
him have his own way.
of the melon , while the croivr ent
expressed its delight In vigor /a / dap -
ping and cheering. Oecaw tt\y ] \ there
doctor in some
indulged Jitty
marks. Dr. Gana prolejh vehe
mently against Tanner's & ft , when
the latter as ted :
"Just let me alone ; I'm running this
ihing now. "
Dr. Tanner , after nearly demolish
ing the melon , was led from the hall
with a chunk of it in his hards. JIo
walked down stairs without assistance ,
followed by hir watchers , and wai
hurried into a carriage , being greeted
with hearty cheering by an immense
crowd in the street. Many pressed
forward and shook hands with the doc
tor , and it was some time before the
carriage could proceed. The doctor ,
with two physicians , Gunn and Roil-
ly , waa then driven to Dr. Gunn's
residence , where he will be in the
work of build up his waated forces.
Upon reaching Dr. Gunn'a residence
Dr. Tanner immediately laid down on
a lounge in the parlor , and-endeavor-
od to obtcin little sleep. All visit
ors were excluded , and the doctor was
left in undisturbed repoao. At ono
o'clock ho was resting quietly , the
nourishment ho had taken giving him
no uneasiueaa.
_ ,
Special di'pitch to The Dee.
NEW YOUK , August S 10 p. m.
In answer to inquiries , Dr. Work , who
is still i attending Tanner , says milk
an watermelon had no more harm
than : if thn doctor had partaken of
an ordinary meal while in a normal
condition. Ho did not think ha would
belie affected by nausea , as generally be
lieved , owing to the terrible strain on
his : stomach , and was satisfied ho
would bo able to partake of nourishing
inj food right along , the same aa if ho
had not fasted. "It certainly was , "
he said , ' 'a remarkable case , and the
at ! physicians would watch the
process of recuperation with the ut
most interest. To-day , " said Dr.
Work , "the doctor has got more fat '
on his body than I , and his strength
is beyond comprehension. "
Two or three physicians will re
main on duty at Guiin'a residence
until it is apparent Dr. Tanner lus
recovered sullioiently to warrant him
in attending to business. Dr. Work
thought Tanner would bo
Uo partook of watermelon occasion
ally during the aftirnoon. Hia pulao
was 78.
A dispatch received from a physi
cian in IJul'iefonte , O. , which reads :
" "When the fast ends , nse : i friction
brush witli dry mustard ; diet upon
fresh milk with ice the size of a pea
every ten minutes : mustard drafts to
ankles. " Tanner remarked , in refer
ence to this and other advice ho had
received , that
thought ho didn't know anything ;
that ha had been through this thing
before , and knew his stomach , and
understood exactly what he was do
ing. He declared he would not be
dictated to by any one.
Dr. Ttittle , professor of anatomy in
the United States medical college in
this city , says in reference to tag-fast :
At the first examination Dr. Tanner
vas stripped down to his undcrcloth-
, and I said I was not satisfied with
hat ; I wanted to see his skin. Hia
hirt , drawers and socks were removed
and he held up his arms to show that
10 had nothing about him to support
ifo no food cnncealed. Then I toru
ip the carpet in the dresaing-room.that
> eing the only carpet in the hall. I
lave since been on the watch twice a
week ; on the first of the night several
imcsup to midnight , and Bometimes
rom midnight till morning. His bow-
chh have been entirely inactive , and
, ho fast til the system bus been princl-
) ally through the kidneys. The ox-
mlations from the akin and lungs ac
count for the waato that has taken
ilaco over and above the amount of
luids taken into the system in the
shape of watir and ico. I believe the
'ast to bo
[ don't believe a more honorable set
of physicians and gentlemen conld be
"ound anywhere than hart- been con
ducting the watch. Tl'.jre have beou
h-ea schools represented a great part
of the time eclectic , alopathic and
lomtopathic. I believe the profes
sion wi 1 bo benefited greatly in treat-
"ng chronic diseases. "
A full report of observations taken
will be published.
NE\V YORK , August 9 1 a. m.
Dr. Tanner slept quietly and ate
nearly all day long Sunday. At 1:30 :
i. m. ho chewed half a pound of beef
steak , retaining the juice. Soon after
10 ate some milk toast and drank 'wo
ounces of red Hungarian wine , ard
subsequently made way with half a
pint of milk. He then fell asleep and
ilid not awake till about 7 o'clocl and
two and a half hours Inter ho r.'o half
a pound of beufsteak and a quantity
of potatoes which had been stowed in
milk. At noon he was weighed and
turned thn scales at 12G pt auda. Five-
minutes after he partook of half a
pound of beefsteak , with the remark
that he waa now takirg regular ra
tions. At intervals varying trpm five
minutes to an hour cr more , the Doc
tor partook of watermelon , milk , pota
toes stewed in milk , Buss ale , beef tea
and wine. About 0 o'clock he was
weighed again , ami his weight was
found to bo 1 ' 10' ' pounds , while his
pulse registered. 89. Half an hour
after ho took -'warni bath and ex
pressed himself aa comfortable. Dr.
Jarvis , of Aho Baltimore hospital 1 ,
called and cfbtained some of Dr. Tan
ner's blootf ! for analysis. He was vis
ited during the analyaii by Prof. Bu
chanan rind Dr. Van Swojko and wife.
At GyiO the Doctor drank a glasa 0.of
B.\33 a/ ! , and at 7 he drank an ounce of
milk athd four ounces of beef tea. oft !
7:30 : h/o ate another half pound of steak
and jto.tatoes. At 8 o'clock he drank
anqfinco and a half of wine , ani akat
8Jft : ) a glass of ale. He undressed and
iyGnt to bed and slept till midnight ,
J hen ho again called for steak and
The Tuonel Grave.
Epeal Dispatch to The L'e
JERSEY CITY , N. J. , August 8 10
p m. Work at the shaft of the
Hudson river tunnel where the bodies
of twenty workmen lie buried , is almost
most entirely suspended , and it is
probable the bodies will not be recov
ered for a month to come. The new
pump put in the working shaft yester
day proves a complete failure , and
the water fiowa so rapidly in the cjf-
fer-dam that digging had to be sus
pended. Officers of the tunnel will ,
it ia expected , now alter their
plans and begin building a caisson.
This will , however , be attended with
considerable risk , bn. it appears to i be
the only way of reaching the lies
and will take about a month.
Omaha Orators and Vocalists
Turned Loose in Platts-
Grand Eally for GarJleld and
. , ,
Special Dispatch to Die B < > e.
PLATISMJITH , Nub. , August 7.
GarSeli and Arthur shead. Accord
ing to arrangement iu.d preparations
the great republican rally of the cam
paign ciurrcd hero laat night. The
Garfield and Arthur club , in full torch
light procession , with a brass band in
the lead and one In the roar , marched
our streets m display. At the
arrival of the Omiha cvenini ? train
and escort the Eon. , J. L. Webster ,
the . speaker of the occasion. The Garfield -
field and Arthur glee clubcomposod of
fourteen c f Omaha's host made singew ,
accompanied ( Mr. Webster as another
magnet of the occasion and at half past
eight they muched into tliu Opera
house , which they found crowded wih
the first ladies and gentlemen of onr
city. "President filuMurpliy called the
meeting to ovJer. Two thrilling cam
paign songs were rendered with
exquisite effect , calling , forth
great applause. Hon. J. L.
Webster then was introduced and in
hi- eloquent and forcible style spoke
for nearly nt > hour pro and con ( ! ar-
lield and Hancock. Next S. M.
Chapman in a moat appropriate speech
introduced 1'rcf. C. 1 > . Wilber , a
clasmato of Grtiel' ' , who reviewed
the eirly hls'ury i-f tlw republican
candidate , picturini ; most vividly the
marked tracea and ch tracter of the
early ; Iifn of the republican standard-
bearer. Music was aipiin rendered by
Omaha singer ? , and so continued the
good time , which \vna cnjnvud and lis
tened to by : vl till 11 o'clock.
Thi.i is thn tirst of the campaign
rallies hero. Several mnrv are booked ,
and with thi : tine l 'i'intiing , each fol
lowing one promises everything the
republic ma c. n doaire. Omaha mny
well be proud if her republican cam
paign ability.
Garfleia'ts Trip.
Spccul Di patcli in Tlio lice.
NEW YORK , August 7 , I p. m.
General G.irfield and party left hero
thia morning for Ghatnaqna , N. Y. ,
and there took the 7"u : train on the
Eric railroad. The departure waa a
quiet one , and they took carriagesand
were drjvcn frcra the jJ av-u UoUil
to Jersey Oity , where the party board
ed the train. There was no demonstra
tion. The train will slop -it various
places on the route. Gen. Garfield
will remain at Chatauqua until Mon
PATTERSO : ? , N. J. , August 7 J p.
in. The special train with Gen. Garfield -
field and pirty m board waa greeted
here witli : v aaluti1 , and over 5,01)0 )
people had assembled at the depot to
qrcat the president hi candidate.
The introductory speech was made
by Williim V.alte'r I'helps. General
d'arfield waa enthusiastically recuved.
lie made a bruf speech thanking the
workingmeu of Patcrautifortheir greet-
A Naphtn.T. Flame.
Special dispatch to Tlio Uoo.
NEW YORK , August 0 , 1 n. in.
A fire broke out yesterday afternoon
on board the bark Nictaux , loaded
with 2000 barn-la of naphtha , lying at
the foot of North Twelfth street ,
Williamabnrgh. Loss , § : :0,000. : The
brig Cyclone , barkllvaro and barcc B
of Peatt'a oil works were als'j dam
aged. The Manhattan I/each railroad
depot took fire and waa damaged
slightly , ciuaed by an explosion of
naphtha on board the Nictaux.
Another Steamboat Accident.
Special Disiatili to Tiic Ike.
Nb\v YORK , August U , 1 a. m.
Thestcambost Eraatua Corningwhich
runa between thia city and Glen Isl
and , New Rocheile Harbor , Long Isl
and Sound , ran on ii rock lift eon niin-
utt-t after IciviiiK the idluid for New
* urk on her 15-40 trip , arid filled with
water. She WPS run aground in shal
low wr.tor , and sink over her lower
deck. Thy utoitnboat St. Nicholas ,
of the lower linu took nit' her passen
gers , about SOQ. Theru was great ex
citement , luitiij luds of life.
A Chicago Blaze.
Special DI < > p.V.cii to Tlio live.
CHICAGO , August ! ) 1:30 a. m. A
fire broke out at 12 : . ' ! ( ) thia morning in
the four-story brick building. 55 and
57 Canal street , occupied in the lirat
story by the Garden City distillery
company , in the second story by M.
G. Nichols iV : Co. aa a furniture tac-
tory , and in the upper story by sev
eral small factories. It wan still
burning at thia , and the losa cm-
not be ascertained.
Theatrical Tragedy.
Spctial Di piteli lo the Uic.
CINCINNATI , August 9,1 a. m.
Thoa ShclKiker , ex-chief of police , and
at projcnt proprietor oftlu Vine
street opera homo , wai riding in a
stroot-c r in company with the noted
variety aetreas Virginia Jacksonwhen
Misa Cnuinley , rual of MISJ Jackson ,
stepped mi board with hr brother
and I'ul'ctMiuiu Iiiiinuy ! , hi-r f.ither ,
and assaulted Mies Jackion and Shel-
baker , inflicting several shghf wnunda
upon them , and cri.itnuj a great ex
citement in the sn * et. Lxterinthu
day , while Otiiccr Chumley waa at the
Central police station , Snelb ktr sud
denly appeared and shot Chumley
three times , producing wLai may be
fatal wounda. The entire p.vty con
nected with the affair weru arrested.
Shelbaker was formerly proprietor of
the Bijou opera house , New Orleans.
Teachers' Institute.
The Douglas County Teachers' In
stitute will meet August 18th , in the
High School building , and continue
two weeks.
In view of the benefits to be de
rived , it is expected that every teacher
desiring a po-sttion in the county
schools during the coining year will ,
if possible , be present.
Chuses will be found in all branches
usually taught in the public zchools.
Methods of teaching will receive
special attention.
It ia that ' 1
expected a teachers' ! SO <
ciittion for the county will be organized
izec before the close of the session.
To meet expentoa incident to the
work , a fee not exceeding one dollar
will bo charged.
J. J. POINTS , Co. Sup't.
Special Jbpatches to The Bee.
LEHAXOX , Pa.t August 8. Louis
Pnrham , a farmer living five nnloa
south of thia city , committed suicide
Friday by hanging. Family troubles.
CKAWFOKDSVILIE , Ind. , August 8.
- Matt is Jones , fifteen years old , re-
aiding occ and a half raitea south of
this city , committed suicide list
night , taking what is suppoied to bj
mt-rphiue. .No CJIUSQ given.
MOJ.THEAL , August 8. Surveys of
the proposed tunnel under the St.
Lawrence are being actively pushed.
ScoTTSitrno , Isi > . , August 8.
Thrs. C. Green , living four miles east
of here , went out and hanged himself
yesterday on account of grief at the
death of his wifo.
QUEBEC , August 8. The French
frigate Dtimont Durvillo arrived hero
yesterday , and anchored otf the cita
del , after which she siluted the Brit
ish Hag. The citadel returned the
Lot'ibViLLE , Ky. , August 8. Willie
Black , n httlo eiuht-year-old son of
the foreman at the steamboat canat
lock here , jumped into the water for
an apple ho dropped , and has not been
Losnox , August 9. The Messrs.
Konoch. of Birmington , have secured
the Roumanian contract for twenty-
one million leaded cartridges at llio
francs per thousand.
LociaviLLK , Ky. , August 9. At a
fire yesterday the house of Henry
Uoefler waa burned , and n firemen ,
named William EL wkesfelf from thereof
roof and broke bia back. He lingers
in great pain , but must die.
I'AKIS , August 8. The Marquis
do Saint Yullior , the French ambas
sador , haa definitely resigned his mis
sion to Berlin , pleading ill health.
Shipping News.
Sjtcial dispatch to THE UCE.
The following were the movements
of ocean steamers on yesterday :
f YORK , Auguat 8. Arrived
Mo3el , from 15ruineii ; Nederlandfrom ,
h'silei ! Egypt and City of Chester ,
for Liverpool ; Alaatia , for London ;
California , for Glasgow ; Maine , for
LIremen ; Switzerland , tor Antwerp.
LivKnrooL Arrived Baltic , from
New York.
Cnlcago Produce.
CHICAGO , August 7.
Wheat No. 2 88Jccash ; 88@S9fc ?
for Auguat ; SCJcfof September ; 80Jc
for October ; No. 3 , 81c.
Corn No. 2 and high mixed , 33jjc
cadi ; 3u o ( or Auuu tj 3i > qo ( or bcj > -
tember and October ; rejected , 34ic.
Oats No. 2 , 23c cash ; 23c for
Auguat ; 23cfor September ; 23jj@23 c
for October.
Rye GGc.
Pork Cash nominal ; § 15 30 for
August and September.
Lard 7.30 for cash ; 7.32A for Sep
tember. "
Bulkmeata Shoulders , § 1 75 ; short
riba , § 7 i > 3 ; short clear , S7 70.
llutter 142oc.
W-hiaky Steady at gl 09.
Now York Money ana Stoct-
C \vhST\TKMEvr-Lntns increaacil G,9Sfi,500 :
fpeciu increaic. SWW.MO ; Icca' tend r decrease.
c"I.M5.100 ; ilc"Hils | increased Jj,717,700 ; circuls-
tmii. ilcirt.iac < I7,2CO ; reserves , djcreuc , $ J-
WJILL ST. . N w YORK , August 7 , UO p.m.
JIONEYEayat 2 } [ > rccnt ; cxcbanga dull
nml ucak a ) ? I.7l ! < tl 75.
USB'aofSl 1043 Nett-4's 109 }
ITSS's 102J Currency O'a 125
USJJ'l lll
Mcilcratcly acttio and IIrm prices in same
cues slow.
WUT 107t Northwestern. . . . 100
Ccn. P 95 * N'orthweatern [ IM.12U
A&PTei 15 N.I' . 35
Lackanamia i W . SO N. F. nf.1 . 55
If&H 81 | Ohlopled 74
Krio 43) NYC 13r.i
St.Joe SCj NJ Central 76j
M .Iterfd 731 Kcoilin ? 2IJ
LikuShora 1C9 W , St L ft PpfJ. . . 71
1C „ 113 { C.C.Cil 1JJ
I.JI S7j Mich.Central , . 10
Chicago Live Stock.
CHICAGO , August ? .
Hess ; Receipts , 65,000 head ; mar
ket strong and active ; prices 6@10c
higher ; grassers , ? 4 35@-l 50 ; mixed
packing , § ! BO@-t70 ; choice heavy ,
§ 4 7 < 3a 10 ; light , § 4 C0@4 90.
Cattle Receipts , 1,000 head ; mar
ket nominal and dull ; few natives of
fered ; graasers , S3 50@4 00 ; fair to
good shipping , 54 2004 70 ; butchers' ,
§ 1 i50S3 23 ; atockera quiet at S2 30 ®
2 85 ; western cattle slow and weak at
$2 uO@3 CO ; graaa Texana plentiful
and canners holding for lower rates ;
prices ranged from § 2 20(33 ( 00 ; many
lota not sold.
Sheep Receipts , 200 head ; market
New York Produce Market.
NEW YORK , August 7 ,
Whaat No. 2 spring , S1 CG@1 00 ;
ungraded red , ( J3c@l 07j | ; No. 3 do ,
§ 1 OG@114 ; No. 2 do , § 1 08 ® ! 01) .
Corn Ungraded , 45@4GJc ; No. 2 ,
47j@lS c ; round yellow , 2g ( 3 ; No.
2 August , -18@48c ; September , 40 c ,
October , 50jc.
Oats Mixed western , 38 < 341c ;
white western , 40@45c.
Pork New meag , S14 35(314 ( 37J.
Milwaukee Produce Markoc.
MIUVACKEE , August 7.
Wheat No. 1 , 70@70Jc ; Xo. 2 do ,
8 < jc ; Aunst , 89Jc ; September , 87c ;
October , Sfi c ; No. 3 do , 77ic.
Corn Quiet , No. 2 , 35c.
Oats Dull at 24c.
Uyo Dull at Coc.
-Barley No. 2 apringj cash , 72c.
bt. l.oula Produce.
ST. Louis , Auguat 7.
Wheat No. 2 red , 92@92Jc for
a for August ; 898t c for
September ; 89c for October88 ; I @
SOJc for theyear ; No. 3 do , 8G $ < 387jc ;
No. 4 do , 8384jc. {
Corn 34Jc for cash and bid for
Oats 21j622c for cash : 21gc
for August ; 22 c for September.
Ilye Quiet at GUc bid.
Whisky Quiet at $1 08.
Pork Steady at $15 23 for caah and
September ; § 15 30 for August ; $4 :90 :
(57 ( 50(37 ( 77aiked for summer meat.
St. Louis LI vo Stock.
ST. Loais , August 7.
Hogs Market stronger ; Yorkers [
and Baitimores , 54 60@4 70 ; pack
ing , S4503485 ; butchers' to fancy ,
54 85 < 35 50. Receipts , 1,400 head. :
Cattle Supply meagre , little done
and prices unchanged. Receipts , 250
head ; shipments , 1,600 head ,
lalli and Douglas Street.
Over 3.000 resilience lot * for lalo by th ! ( tfrn
cy at prlccjr ansinc frcm J2i t $ i.fOO each , anil
located In e ery part ot ttioclto. and In * Trrr
direction ( rum tliu riwtotllce , north. c'H , Routh
or west , anil Taryintt ut illitance from ono
block to ono or t o mitea trom game. Call nJ
examine our l ! ts
tfetcral lioice lotp In Griffin Imc ' MI
tlon. west of convent , between M. Mary'0 KYtQ
ue and Harnoy street JfOO to JJW.
& 0 ncrei just ennt of barrarkd on SMintlen St. .
this U choice mm ) m ! will be m > M ry cheap-
for cull in 5,10 r r 'JU acre Me ; now ia your tltne-
topecuroa bargain.
Choke lot at end of street car Iricls on S.iun-
der street for J&75.
Choice lot. Farnhsrn and 21h ! streets , Ctal82
tcet tor Sl.iCO-will divide It.
Cheap Iota in Credit Funchr addition , south of
U. P. depot $100 to foOO.
Forty Iota on Park Avenue and OeorsU ftreet ,
on road ti > park , and near head of St. Mtry'i *
avenue , at frcm $125 to $30O each. Seven year *
time at eight per cent interest to ttuwc who wilt
put up cowl FiilwUntiil tiuilUii.Kf. K.r further
particular ; ! apply to.
O. F. nEMIS , Axtnl ,
Fifteenth and Douglas Street * .
A nlco lot on Ilarneyand Twentv-flrst street * ,
for Jfi'S.
Two choice lots on tOth. nei r St. Mary's aven
ue. MKIfS feet each , for $320 and 3900.
To > choice loN near 23 < 1 anil Cbrk streets. In
E. V. Smith's addition $300 and 1350.
Fifty lot' In Shlnn'n fir tcwnd and third d.
dltlons for jit 0 to JfiOu ea ,
Lot near 15th and Mrrce. 8130.
2 lots on Uarnrvnear 24th St. . 1600 e ch. 1
lot on 21th near Howard itrcct , | 7oO.
tO lots In Grand View addition , nouth of U. P
bridge and depot , from $15 to $ CO eaeV
Ono acre. 117x370 feet , on 18th street , south
Jjv' { Poppleton's ' new realdonctf , for $2,000 , or will
diviilo into city sized lots a ; from | 350 to 2500
each ,
Lanre number of beautiful roMenco low , lo
cated In thi * new addition on Capitol nil' , be
ta ecu 24th street on Iho east , 28th on the woat.
Dodue street on the north ami Fambam afreet
on the south , formerly owned by C. II Downs
and raoru recently known atfthePerklnalfiacrea ,
Only 22 lute ba o thus far been platted 11 ore
Farnham and S on lK > uiad ! street. Theaa lota
are 50 to 56 feet in width and 150 In depth. $1,000
for the choice. & jcin time , at 8 per cent in-
tereatto thuno wlu > will build good substantial
h onsen thereon. Call and examlno plat and got
full information at
Ifitli and Douglu Stret .
Over 2GO houses and loUnro offered for Mia
by this otllca They are scattered all over the
city. Any location you dosiro. Prices varying
from $300 to $15.000 cich.
2 uoo Ukt * ik.L a H i l n i n n * r JftCkSOtt
and 12th atreeta at * great sacrifice. Hr * I *
great bargain for some one. Tha property must
bo gold immediately. Co vers just a quarter of
block. Call and examine thia without any deity.
OEO P. BKMIS , A ent.
16th and Douglaa 3ts.
A desirable lot near Cumin ? and Saundera
Streets , JI.IOO.
The cheapest aero lots In th city of Omaha ,
are tboae oUernd for sale by this agency In Park
Ilace and Lowo' 0coi I addition , on Cumlnjr ,
Curt anil California street ] ; you can rrtako tin
mistake in pu.hlnir up theae bargalna whlln yon
have the chanco. These Iota are moro than equal
In tiizo . to 4. full-sizcd city lots or a half block
and It will be but a very short tlmo beforn one.
IHtn part of ODD of these aero tot * will sell for aa as we offer a full scrota-day. They are
located a very short dls'anco wont of Cr. Ighton
Ci'lloKC. 1'ricen ranging from $150 to 1300 p r
aero - lot. Call immediately , and don't lose your
haucc , and eut plat and full particular * of
OKO. P. BEJI1S. Agent.
15th and Douglaa Streets.
Nlco lot on Sherman Avenue north of Nicholas
Street. 81,100.
, Half lot on Caaa.bctween 13th and 11th streets
2 nlca lota In Hartman'a addition , J100 to ttOO.
Large number of aero Iota In Glue's addition In
North , Omaha , 31i5 to $300 each.
Choice corner lot near 22nd and California
Streets , 31.500.
Several good lota In Kclaon's addition , 150 to
1350 each.
Choice lot in Thorncll's addition , | 750.
Several largo Iota In ILirtlett'a addition. I ]
roilr ) and' ? } ncreaeach. Prices 3700 to 82,000
Several choice Iota in Rood's flrst addition ,
8275 to i50 each.
Acre lot on Sherman ayenue. (10th ( street ) ,
couth of Poppleton'a new residence , for 11,100.
2 largo Iota near 18th and Clark street * . 00 c
330 feet. Corner , tl.200 ; innide , lOuO.
31aro lots on Sboimin ayctiuo , (10th ( street ) ,
near Clark Street. iMO farli
22 nice and cheap lota , very near to the bus
Incsapart of the city. located a very few step *
Bouth of the Convent and St. Mary' * aven jand
Just snutli of and adjoining the ground of James
\Voolworth and WJ. . Council thew are
cheap and very desirable , being so handy to bus
iness parr of city , to new goyernmeot depot , nail
works , white lead works , U. P. depot , stock
yaid ? , packing houses , etc Call and get pUt
and full particulars. Price 3275 to 3350 and ewy
terms to those who build.
CEO. P. BEMIS. Agent.
15th and Donglaa SU.
3choice resilience Iota tn 21th street , between
Dou < Iaa and Dodge strctjts ; J1.100 to J1.2SO exert
and long time to thofa who will build.
2 choice corner low nor 2tth and Farnham
strcjta , 65x121 feet , 31,160 and $1,200 , and very
ewy term * to purchasers who will improve.
Also t lota on 21th , betucen Farnham anil
Dnuglag s-reetsoO to ? I,600 each and long
ftT2SO nf 'he best bu incf lota In the clly of
Omaha for rale , located on every business street ,
3500 to 36,000 each.
tSTAl&t very valuable store properties In al
most every bmincsi block IS.MiO to JlR.nnrt
10choico residence lota In above addition , Im-
mejiately north of and adjoining Poppleton'a
beautiful residence and grtmmln , and located on
ISUi 19th and ZOt h streeta , 3300 to 3550 each and
very rasy terzna to those whowill build. Call and
examine flat and get full particular * .
OKO. P. BEMIS , Agent.
Beautiful building site on Sherman avenne ,
( ir.tli strcetbetween Poppleton and the Dudley-
I jams property ; 2C3 feet cast frontage on the
avenue , by SS'J feet in depth. Will divide Itm k-
ing32fe tby3 'J. Call and get full particular * .
An aero n lotli street , 10feet e i t frontage
by 373 feet deep. Thu ia jngt south of the Kllza-
bcth ( Poppteton place. Thia Id gilt-edge , call and
get price and terms of BEMIS , Agent.
13 good lota , north of and adjoining E , V.
Hmith'a addition , arid located between 20th and
SaunilcM gtrcetn , at reasonable firices snd long
time to buver who Improv * . BEM18. Agent.
13 lots In Ilorhach's flrnt and second add tion *
on Itsth , 18th , 19th and 20th streeW , between
Nicholas , p nl , Sherman and Clartt streeU , very
bandy to U. P. Shops , smelting works , etc. ,
ranging in price * from from 3JOO to $1:100 : ealh ,
requiring only mmll payment down and long
time at 7 per cent intercut to those who will Im
prove. OKO. P. BEMIS.
15th and Douglas Strett.
33 nice low In Parker' * addition , between
Saumlen ami Pierce. Klnif and Campbell's Sts. .
on Bloncogtrert13lot8 with south front * and
19 with north frontage , only 0 blocka north of
the turn-table ( end street-car track ) on S tinder *
street. Very ! * * prices ; 175ca h.or J200 on
1 one time nd 8 per cent Interest to those who
WtJrl50 ) good farm * for sale In DouglM , Barpy ,
Washington. Curt , Dodge. Saundera and Eastern
tier of counties.
ffry.0 000 acres best selected land * In th
state for mo by thia agency. Call and g t mapt ,
circular * and full particular * .
r-flTBemis'newnnpof Omahj , 60c and 31.50.
jtarBemiV new pamphlet ( and map of the
State ) entitled "tho outlook of Nebraska" fur
free distribution.
Geo. P. Bern is' ,
15th & Douglas St , ,
OMAHA , . . . ? . N.H