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    VOL. X. OMAHA , KEBEASKA , TUESDAY. AUGUST 3 , 1880. IST0. 37.
N" Established 1871. "MORNING EDITION. Price Five Cents
Gladstone's Serious Illness
Excites Great Sym
The Premier Out of Danger ,
But May be Kept From
Work For Months.
The British Really the Aggres
sors in the Afghan
< = . Butchery
And Lost 20 Officers , 400
Europeans end 800 Na-
' fives in the Retreat.
Rumors of Another Afghan Up
rising , Headed by Eng
land's Protege , the
New Ameer.
Prospect That England Will
be Obliged to Acknowl
edge Defeat.
Special Dispatch to The Bee.
LONDON , August 2 4 p. ra. Thie
morning the bulletin of Mr. Glad
stone's condition states that his symp
toms are rather mere favorable. The
blight fever reported last nidit con
tinues , but DO immediate danger is
apprehended fi r H. A consultation
ol physicians will be held this after
noon. 1 he premier was in a phys'cal
condition that rendered him peculiar
ly liable o di-uise. ll's recent over
work and care concerning homo affairs
and hia anxiety regarding Afglmni tan
have told severely on hig constitution.
Dispatch tu the Uce.
August 2. 4 p. m.
Gladstone's condition is reeardod more
favorable this afternoon Sir William
Jenner , Dr. Andre wClorke and other
physicians are in consultation this
afternoon on Gladstone's case.
Special Durntch to TUB 1JB
LONDON Aucuat 2 , 4 p. m It is
believed that Sir Garnet Woolesley
will sail for India next Friday with b
special commission for BeitHnp the
military alT\ira of the Afghanistan
war. It is rumored tint ho will suc
ceed Sir Frederick liames aa com
mander in chief in India.
The French farmers are organizing
for the pre ontation of a ginantic pe
tition to the povcrnment requesting
the abolition of the land tax , which
they say they can bear no longer in
the face of the present and futurj
competition of'iho United Slates nnd
Cana'da in the biipply of grain and an
imal food.
Special DlspaUn to t no Hur.
LONDON , August 2 10 p. m. A
dispatch from Simla says that rumors
of a heriuus rising at Cabul have
reached that place. The telegraph
wires were cut beyond Tolebund thia
morning , yet it i * supposed that the
act was committed by the discontent
ed and their followers. There ia rea-
eon to doubt thu fidelity of Abdul
Rbaman Khnu to the assurances that
he gave tha representatives of the
British government at the durbar , at
which he nas recognized as ameer.
Evidence of a treacherous disposition
on his par. oSc'- itself on his refusal
to amend the durbar. At a consulta
tion had yesterday on the camp ground
of the British army at Kerva , Abdul
Ithaman excused himself by saying
that in the present condition of the
country ho thought it not wise to provoke -
voke further aggression from Ayool
Khan , especially until reinforcement *
arrived from India , and that the newt
of the agreement between Adubon Z -
hoc r , the British nd himself would
incite the tribes to rise in the neigh
borhood of bis capital. The threaten-
Ingittitudo towards the British ol
Abdul Rahman's followers , which he
does nothing to rebuke , taken to
gether with 'us ' own do-n 'thine pnlicj
carries wi h it a susp cirn wind
am miits Elmnst to a dumontt'iitioi
that he in/ends to seek f vor w'th hii
Incensed coun rymon by bttreyinj
the British into their hands rind thu
-make snme eort cf n compromise witl
AyoobKhan , if necessary. The situ
ntion , consequently , gios daily worsi
and it teems plain that the British
must withdraw from the country i
they can and acknowledge a final defeat
feat , or send armies large enough t (
make their hold good against a genera
rising of Afghanistan.
EpecUl Disyatch to The Ceei
LONDON , August 2. 10 p. in.
Skobclotf is scid to have been hesvilj
reinforced aud to bavo resumed his
Bdvauco in the direction of Merv
The Governor of Siberia complaim
that American voxels from San Fran
cisco are extensively BCg 'd in cnn >
trabani trade with tno
Pacific ports , introduciog epiriti" ,
tobacco , agricultural and hunting 1m
pi ments without p yinR dnty , and hi
says that Ui y j.ra alee trading in fun
without pij-iog the slightest regard t <
existing tu'cs aud rcgulitinas It ii
evident , from the tone of both Russia )
society and the pres * , that there i
much irnation against America.
Eptcl l li pttcli to Tee Bee.
fit LONDON , August 3. 1 a. m. A
the consultation of eminent physician
over Mr. Gladstone's case was hel
yesterday afternoon , they agreed o
considering bij tymptoms favorabl ,
yet it is not regarded as probable tha
he will be able to attend to state at
fairs for some days , if not weeks t
The marquis of Ummgton wil
lead in the housa of commons durin
the absence of Gladstone.
In the house of lords last evenin
the Irish compensation bill was dc
bated. Eirl Granville moved secon
reading of the bill. Lard Gra
moved its rejection , Lords Lani
down \Vaterforastronglyoppose
the motion. Eirl Derby was trillin
to support the till n-ith certain ver
important modifications , ' including
limitation to 15 pental. Tha mar-
qu-s of Salisbury fiercely attacked the
bill , and taunted Eirl Derby with
timidity and vacillation. Debate
was then adjourned.
Ill the house of commons yesterday
the marquis of Hartiugton announced
that the government had decided to
recall governor , Sir Bartle Frere on
iccouut of the rejection of the con-
'ederation policy by the Capo parlia
ment. Lord Hartiugton intimated
that the government did not wholly
agree with file governor of the Cape
Duloiyin his statement attributing
the failure of the coniederation policy
to the annexation of Trarsi a l and the
condition of affairs in Zululand but
iu any ca-c it was deemed wito to try
the experiment of a now administra
A telegram from Bombay states
that new.s hs l > een received from Can-
dhhar , probaoly a d'"sp-t on Satur-
d y per untive runni r * , tu the efftC' .
.hitihe taitla wih Aycob Khan ,
took p'ace oti the 27th , ( iei.erol Bur
rows being ihi acgressnr. General
Burrows was repulsed after four hours
fighting. Tne British loss wis 20
oih'cers , 400 Europeans and 800 na-
tves killed and missing , mostly in
retreat. Three guns were abandoned
on the field. Candah r WRS prepar-
in" for a siepe. General Phayra has
occupied the hed of the Khayakpass.
A Constantinople dipa'ch says the
porte has enrolled 20OOJ Albanian
volunteer for Eervice in Thesealy and
Epirus. The Albanians have been
entrenching for months.
Mr. Gladstone pisied a very com-
For table day , and his general symptoms
are more fayiTable. Three thousand
people sent their cards to Gladstone's
house yesterday.
Special dispatch to The Bee.
PARIS , August 3,11 a. ra. The re
turns irom eltCtora 10 the consuls pen-
eral , up to t he I-.BI moment before
sending this dispitch&h < jw a decided
victory f ir the r publicaTis. The fig
ures were , republicans , 257 ; conserv
atives , 82 ; leaving 10 members to ba
balloted for. Tims far , the republi
cans have gained 45 seats. This is
the regular triennial election for the
municipalities and arondissementB ,
each ono of which elects ono of the
electors senatoml , nho inthc'rturn '
will in two months meet together to
choose senators. Upon the whole the
result is considered favorable to tt0 [
DC Freycinct cabinet.
* Outrage in the Bluci Sea.
Special Dispatch to Tis Ilrs.
CONSTANTINOPLE , August 3,1 a. m.
The Russian authorities at Novor-
ass'uk , in the BIicLeca , fired on a
vessel conveying thither some Greek
and American cmgrant6and ; prevent
ed their landing , killing sn-oral of
them. A Russian man of war snbse-
queiitly captured the emigrant vessel
and imprisoned the passengers aud
Workmen on the Northern Pa
cific Attacked by Indians.
Special Dlipatch to Tbo Uco.
WASHINGTON , Augusts 1 a. m.
The war oflico yesterday received in
formation fnm private sources stating
that thu Indians had attacked u work
ing party on the Northern Pacific rail
road and that several of the workmen
had been killed. Gen. Sherman eays
that Gen. Merrill , who ia ' j command
cf the roops at the end of the road ,
has sufficient force to prevent the In
dians "from committing any extended
outrages. The patties attacked must
have ventured beyond their safety
line , as the cavalry are stationed along
the road some distance beyond which
trainn run. The General is of the
oninion that the Indians who made
the raid are vagabonds , who are lurk-
ins around the outpostsSin search of
Fatal alow.
Sped l Dispatch to The Uco.
FKEEPORT , Ills. , August 3,1 a. m.
Between G aud 7 o'clock Sunday
evening as three young ladies , Uortha
Dietrich , Anna Meiiseukamp and
Mary Mensenkamp , wo o passing
along Steihn8iin [ street , a cornice ,
loosened by the hiph wind prevailing ,
puddcu y to the sidewnlk crushing
M'ts Diptnch so tht she died soon
after , and inflictini ; injuries on Miss
Anna Meubonkimp , that may prove
fatal. Miss Mary Met.suiKamp nar
rowly escaped and so also did Mrs.
Bogar , who wa pissing at the snme
time. MIS was a well known
and estimable young lady aged 20
years , aud daughter of Dr. Dietrich , a
prominent physician here.
Treasury Payments.
Sp ' I Dtepitch to The Boe.
WASHINGTON , August 2,10 p. m.
The payment made from the treasury
by warrants during the month of July ,
18SO , were aa Ml iws : On account of
civil and miscellaneous , " ,4GG,090.39 ;
war , So.373,091.32 ; navy , 81,863,215 ;
interior , Indium ; , S 282.720.37 ; in-
tprior ppueinns , 84,462,732 ; total ,
§ 20,353,449.08. The above does not
include payments made on Recount of
the interest on the priuciplo of the
public debt.
The reduction of the public debt
for July was mainly duo ti the hoivj
receipts of somi-in-iual tires from
na'ioi-al banks amouncing to over S3-
000.000 , The t"tal receipts of the
government for July were , from cus
toms $18,500,000 ] "internal revenue
$11,000,000 , miscellaneous 85,000-
Scnooner Sunk.
EpecW < li | iatch toTnn BIB.
MAUYVILLE , Mich. , August 3 , la ,
m. The schooner Tom Boy eprang a
leak Sunday noon , while on the waj
to this city from Houghton , with r
carfiu of powder. The crow trorkec
the pumps faithfully orcr four hours
and took to yawlBtheachoonerii5nkin (
in five minutes after. The craft wai
abandoned twelve miles out from thii
port. The cargo was valued at $5 ,
000 and the schooner a $4,600 ; n <
iniurance on either. The crew wa
picked up an hour after by the pro
pcller , S. Chamberlain.
A terrific wind storm prevailed las
night. The tng , W. B- Castle , loa
her srnoko stack , but no other acci
dents of a eencus nature have ye
been reported.
Frightful Emaciation and Suf
fering of the Fasting
Indomitable Will Power Alone
Saves Him from Death.
Hpedal Dispatch to Tha Bee.
NEW YORK , August 2,4 p. m. Dr.
Tanner rested more than usual yca er-
day , scarcely leaving his cot. Ono
solitary sip cf carbonated water in the
afternoon reduced the fa'ter from
cheerfulness to nausea. Ha was sick
lt ut night , and in a discouraging con
dition this a. m. Hw system is so re.
duccd by this long aVstinsnce frcm
food that he his snffend muta ol s
from cold even in the hottest weathrr ,
and has frequently astonished hia
watcher ? , -vheu they were sweltering
with the heat , by shivering and ask
ing for an-aher b'anktt.
The man appears haggard and worn
to-dav , and one of the watcli ra says
there will be plentv of work for the
attending doctors bef < re the week is
oat. His eyes are deeply sunken , and
when he is fully awake they are ab
normally bright. His skin is drawn
tightly 'over his check bones , and
his nose eharp as a pin ; his lips and
chin look BS though they weocut out
with a chUel ; his is face bloodless and
yellow. His appearance in truth is
less than ghastly in comparison with
what it was the day before the fast be
gan. The change his face has
undergone is startling to one who baa
not seen him since tne early days of
hia task , but with all the gaunt and
famished expression tint char cterizes
it , his countenance has sleek
look of indomitable resolution
thst is pmmieing for the completi > n
of th ta k , if it is not ( uramarUy
stopped by deat1) . The doctor is re
potted to be tcarcely able to dross
himaelf. Ono of the at ending uoc-
torn says that if Tanner continues to
fast till next Saturday ho will be as
near death's door as he haa ever been
before in his life , or as ho will be
again until ho is within five minutes
of dying.
Special d It patch to The Bee.
.NKW ioKK , August 3 , 1 a. m. Dr.
Tanner at a quarter past 3 yesterday
morning , after considerable retching ,
vomited and then drank four ounces
of clarified Croton water , but with an
additional half ounce of carbolic acid
water , and slept 'juittly. At 5 o'clock
distress in his stomach cea ed. Dur
ing the night he slept abmit f even
hours. A15:30 : he vomited again and
during the next hour ho lay quiet , al
though not Bleeping. Ho then arose
and dressed and drank two ounces of
warm water. At 7 o'clock ho started
on a drive to Central Park. At a
' spring'iii the park he drank water and
I had his demijohn fill-d. On returning -
, ing to the bal ! at D:15 : Dr. Tanner
laid a little while in the lower par-
ar and looked over the morning mv.l.
At 0:30 : he drank six ounces of water ,
nd went up to the south
gallery and laid down on a
ot. Ho admitted at this time
hat ho was feeling weak and that his
tomach was in a bad condition. At
0:15 : he drank two more ounces of
water with corbonic acid water in it
nd was then nauseated , and vomited.
t 11:30ho : askel for asft cushioned
hair in which hu aat with his head
e&ting o i a pillow He kept very
quiet and looked miserable. A good
many vis'tora caoio in but were re-
[ nested to leave as soon SB they had
akon a good look , tr > o faster being
nuch fivorso to thtir continued
Kescnce At noon the 3Gth day of
iis faEt began. From 12:30 : to 2 p. m.
tanner had no attacks of navsea or
omiting. Ha lay on a cot in the
gallery exposed to a cool breeze which
came in at the open wind. w.
Fr-m2to3 o'clock T-uiner spfmfc
most cf his time dozing on his cot ; he
was very irritable and refused to talk
with any visitors. AtS.30 he drcnk
some ice water and eaid that ho felt
considcr < ib'v refreshed. At 4:30 : the
; ter was sleeping , but a few m nu'is
ater ho w s awakened by the loud
: alking of some visit' n. Bo appeared
to be very much annoyed and requst -
ed serertl p-rsons to leave the hull.
Be reniii > ud d < zinc c < n his cot until
.19 took hei r-u'iilir evening drive.
Ele apppar d cbo rful and drunk two
ounces of wa er bur soon vun red it
up. Whnn he returned , he apaeared
much ixh-iUittd nud reftjd several
minutes in the hull way btforo he at
tempted to walk up stairs to h'B
qui ter * . During the evening ho
dozed and refused to enter into con
versation. He also refused to bo
weighed , although requested to do to
by BBVt-ralc'f the attending physicians.
At 10 o'clock he undressed and re
tired for the night , but he was rest
less and his stomach out of order so
that three quarters of an hour later he
was obliged to Ret up and § it by a
window. Ho had a slight attack of
retching , but was soon able to lie
down iuain. ; At 12 45 he awoke and
called for some water , after receiving
it he retched violently , but this aoou
passed off , however , and he WEB soon
[ ast asleep.
Iowa's campaign.
Special ( Ibpaich to TUB DIE.
B0UUNGTOV , IA. , August 3. 1 U.
m. A Hawkeye reporter inter * io ed
Governor Gear wh > oxpres < es r pinion
thvt Iowa will tive Ga.-rield pni Ar
thur a cltar msiori'y of 40,000 and a
plurality of from 75,000 to 80,000 Ho
believes tbo republicans will carry all
the congressional districts in the state
and says : ' 'Wo will pall every repub
lican vote this year. I do not hear of
any defection from the party , and on
the other hand. I hear of many oc-
cessions in FAyettc county foi
instance , when there was formerly n
strong greenback vote. Nearly allthc
grcenbackers are now working with
the republicans. "
Fighting for Ofleprlntr.
Special Dispatch to Tns Lss.
CHICAGO , August 3. 1 a. ra
Sirs Annie Pridgeoa from Strothraj
Canada , is in Chicago trying to re
cover her child from her former bus
band Wm. A. Pridgeon whom sh <
married in England. Ho left her anc
came w the United States where hi
morried Carrie Long also from Eng
land. He went back to Canada aw
stole the child from his former wife
She has twice regained precession
each time to have it stolen again b ;
him. Pridgeon was yesterday fine !
$25. for knocking her down Sunday
night and taking the child ,
Sped&l dltpatct os to The Bee.
PEOHIA , 111. , August 3 A man
mraed Coleman dropped dead yester
day afternoon in this city , from heart
AKRON , 0. , August 3. Fred. Hor-
ii's brewery , near here , burned Mon-
davmnruing , loss , § 12,000 ; insurance ,
WASHINGTON , August 3. A tele
gram has been received at the post-
office department from Horace Mayn-
ard , the new poftmaster general ,
dated London , July 31 t , saying that
he would leave for the United States
Auguit 2rl He may be expected to
arrive in New York about Au uatlSth.
BUFFALO , August 3 Rev. E. R.
Adaa s of Dunknk , wrs yesterday
fomil .cu ty of heresy b > the Buffalo
" v
C > STAMI.VOPLE , Auguit 3. M d
hat P sia i 1 probibiy beeupercflded
aj goviruor of Syria.
Marauding Victoria's Band.
Special Dispatch to The Bee.
CHICAGO , Augusts la. m. Gen
eral bh-ridan received the ftllowina
dispatch yesterday from General Ord ,
commanding tha department of Ti xas :
SAX AXTONIO , Tex , Auguit 2 1 a.
m. The following has been receivnn
from lioddquartorp , district of the PC-
COS , in the field , E < gle S rings , July
31st , via Stockton , AI gust 1st :
Victori t's batjd , estimated at 60 or
nu-re , attempted to p-iss north be
tween the Eagle and Q'litman moun
tains to-day. I was encamped with a
email party at the point which they
attempted to pass. Having leanitd ,
at 1 o'clock this morning , of their
prubsb e approach , I fortified the po
sition with such mo-ns as wore availa
ble and sent orders to Captain Yi.le
at E-g o Spiings and CapUin Nolan ,
at Qmtman , to proceed immediately
to that piaca. At 4 a. m. a detach
ment of thirteen men , under Lieuten
ant Finley , reported to me , previously
to which I had but seven men , includ
ing teamsters. At about 0 a. m. the
Indiana were observed approaching
rapidly in force. They were vigor
ously repulsed and our position held
until the arrival of Captain Ville at
abuut 11 o'clock a. m. with hia com
pany and part of company G , Tenth
Cavalry. Upon his approach , a sharp
action took place between the troops
and the Indians , in which the latter
were severely punished. Lieutenant
Oalloday was wounded and one man
of company Ekillcd and eight wound
ed. In the entire engagement , which
lasted about three hours , several In
dians were killed and many wounded.
Upon the arrival of Captain Nolan's
company , the Indians iled rapidly to
the Rio Grande , none having gone
north. The Mexican troops returned
to the Rio Grande , opposite Quitman ,
on the 28 h , being entirely out of sup
plies. They are now moving down
the river and are opposite here. From
the best informntion wo have , it is
thought that the Indians will now at
tempt to pass north between the Ea
gle and Van Horn mountains , and I
have made the best possible disposi
tions of the troops available to inter
rupt and puni h the marauders.
GRIEHHON , Commanding.
Bigr Cotton Urop.
Special Dispatch to The tea
GALVESTOXTex. , August 3 1 a.
m. The work of cotton picking has
commenced. The crop will bo very
Special dispatch to The Bee.
CHICAGO , August3 , 1 a. m. Dan
O'Leary is arranging a match between
two unkiiowi.s , supposed to bo Dubb-
ltr and Hughes , and any two of the
Arizona Indian runners , who have
buon exhibiting here the past w < ; ek ,
the conditions to be § 1,000 a side , and
ttte match to take place in Chicago
within throe weeks.
The Spanish Insult.
WASHINGTON , Augu-t 3 , 1 a. m.
No ntws has ydt been received from
the United States steamer , Powhat-
tan , engaged iu looking up the facts
connected with the alleged Spanish
outrage , but it is expected that there
will be hing reported to the
cabinet meeting to-day. The Eecre
tary of state had a lengthy consulta
tion on aubjVct with the president
yesterday and there are good indica
tions of the earncHti e a on the part of
our govtruuioiit to reach an early set
tlement of the matter.
Commander Boaslee , of the U. S.
steamer , Jamestown , sends to the
sectetiry of the navy , under da'e.
Sitka , AUeki , July 12th , a most in
teresting account of affairs at that
place. He reports affairs generally
quiet. Mining interests are at a
stand still and the show ii too deep
in the mount * jus fnr prospering. The
season ia unusually backward. The
salmon are late incoming and every-
thinu seems to have combined to re-
tatd the advancement of the country.
Mbvcrtntlc33 during the year , the
place gained in population , houses
and business. The climate ia very se
vere. On the ship and her boats the
life ia monotonous and tells on
morals of the old hands.
California Blaze.
Special Dispatch to The Uco.
SAN FBANCISCO , Cal. , Aueuat 3 1
p. in. A large fire at 1 o'clock yes
terday afternoon at Rod Bluff , di-
Rtmycd property to the value of § 100-
0 0.
Illinois Strongly Republican-
Special Diepitch t The Bco.
SfKIXOFIELD , 111. , AllgDSt 3 IB.
m. Governor Cullom , who h stump
ing the state in the interest of the re
publican ticket , is now here for a brie :
time. Ho reports no signs of defuc
tion in the republican tanks , but , on
the contrary , the best of feeling anc
indications are unmistakable that the
state will give her old time republican
The Evening Post , heretofore an
independent and labor paper , will to
day como out in support of the repub
Itcan state and national tickets.
A late application of Electricity ij
an attachment to street letter boxes
which sounds an alarm to the noares
police station , in case an attempt i
made to rob the box. If you wish t (
apply an Electric application to
cough , cold , Eoro throat , asthma
broscbius , or catarrh , purchase * bet
tie of Dr. '
Thomas' Electric Oil , an
you will find it money well invested
* I
All Attempts Thus Fa to Recov
er the Bodies in Hudson
Eiver Tunnel Unsuc
cessful , §
Chicago's Building * Boom
Threatened by Discon
tented Laborers.
The Usual Variety of Fatal Ac
cidents andBloodvEows.
, f
The Tunnel Disaster.
Special li8H 'ch to The Bee. '
NEW YOBK , August 2 | 4 p. m.
Work on the cofferdam " 'which the
twenty bodies buried in the Hudson
river tunnel at Jersey City , were to
b recovered , wenton 1 > wly yester
day. One of the men in charge of
that portion of the work , stated that
the cofferdam has jnvod impractically -
cally and th t they could go no further
w'th < t thfui t'.ey had , for the reason
that they couU no longer control the
wti r. It ia now the intention to eink
acai"3onon the fits of tha present
cofferdam mtng comprrssed air.
Satisfied Coal Miners.
Special Dispatch to The Bee.
MASSILLON , 0. , August 2 4 p. m.
The coal miners of Tuscaroriaa val
ley have wheeled into linp and reject
ed the resolutions of the inter-state
copventious , held at Pittsburg in
Mil ch and at Columbus last month ,
The rejected resolutions demanded
the abolition of screens , eight hours
for a day's work and two pay days a
month. John McBride , state presi
dent , aaya tbe projects are good for
steady work hero for a year or two ,
and that the present arrangement
gives general satisfaction among the
Fatal Fire.
Special Dispatch to The Bee.
NEW YORK , August 2 4 p. m.
A fire at the storehouse of the Atlan
tic Dock company at Brooklyn , yes
terday , caused a loss of § 70,000. John
Jarantry , a boy who was watching the
lire from Hamilton Ferry dock , was
knocked over and crushed to death.
Special Dispatch to The Bee
DETUOIT , August 2 , 4 p. m. Over
5,000 negroes , from oil parts of this
state , arrived here to-day on regular
excursion trains , a well-dressed , well
behaved crowd. Most of them went
to Windsor and Sandwich , Ont. , just
acrosa the line from Detroit , where a
monster emancipation celebration is
going on.
A ffettU Wash ,
pedal dispatch to Tns BSD.
DETROIT , August 2 , 4 p. m. Adam
i"ifer , of this city , dove cff a steam-
ioit yesterday , disobeying the city
rdiiunco which forbids a man wash-
ng himself in the river. Ho did not
iso and his body has not been found.
A Tennessee Tale ,
pedal Dispatch to The Ucc.
NASHVILLE , Tenn. , August 2. 4 p.
m. At Woodland null this morning ,
lenry Crenehow was shot in the
ireast and morialy wounded at his
own houEO by Alex Elison. A crowd
s pursuing Elison and will lynch him
f caught.
Blue Grass Elections.
pccial Dispatch > o tha UEB.
CINCINNATI , August 2 4 p. m.
Kentucky to-day is holding her county
lections for the selection of sheriffs ,
ounty clerks and magistrate ? . In
moat places tha candidates are running
every man for himaelf , without nomi
nation , and the fight is a most spirited
one. The intereat in these local elec-
ions has completely overshadowed
ha national contest in the old com
Labor Troubles.
Special Dispatch to Iho Bee.
CHICAGO , August 2 4 a. m. In
answer to the demand of csrtain brick
ayera of Ch'ccgo for rn increase of
w ! ses troin S3 10 § 3.50 per day , the
> hster , masons and buildois as-
lociation eay that the former
iguro is as high as is
brine ; paid anywhere and they
willn-t pay higuer. Th * bricklay
ers union in SprmgfioM fixed the price
3 and it is nnlerft-od does not
aak an ad\anco. The builJera" asso
ciation mvi'ei good workman to Chi-
cao and gmr nte-'n them permanent
empli yment. Kuilding operationshere
are unprecsdo d , except in the sea
son fo.lowini ; s.-s s greit tire. On ev
ery m in thoroughfare largo blocks
and handsome residences are going
up , besides about a doz > > n manuf-ic
turiug establishments , two mammotl
depot buildings and the new city ha !
and court houso.
Railway Mall Service.
Special Dispatch to TUB Bi.
WASHINGTON , August 2 4 p. m.
Superintendent Thompson , of the
railway mail service , who has been
traveling in the noitli and west , re
turned to this city to-day well satis
fied with the working of tbo service in
the parts ho visited. Ho had some
conversation with railway officials
while absent north , in reference tc
the proposed to fast mail route
between Boston N. Y. , Philadelphia
Baltimore and Washington , but nc
progress was made toward final settlement -
ment of the proposition.
Washington Turnverelu.
Special Dispatch to Tlio Bee
WASHINGTON , August 2 1 p. m.
The fifteenth annual festival of the
Washington schuetzenverein to con
tinue five days , began to-day. There
was an imposing street par.iJc
and a banquet at uoon at the
new hotel m the park. Darinp
the festival prizes will bo given foi
bowling and rifle shooting and com'
potitors from New York , Baltimore ,
and elsewhere are hero to enter the
list. With good weather the festiva
bids fair to be the most successful eve :
DETKOII , August 2--4 p. m. Thi
body of young Monaghan , one of thi
altar boys of the lloly Trinity church
who was drowned in the Garland
Mamie disaster , as found yesterda ;
on the shore of Lake Erie. Th
bodies of the entire seventeen hav
now been recovered.
_ GKESSHELD , O. , August 2. Sec
. tion men on the entire length of th
Springfield Southern railroad have
itruck ft r back pay , the road beine
wo months in arrears. Arrangements
are being made for a new torce.
Texas Lynchlnsr.
Special dispatch to Iho Iko.
GALVESTON , Tex. , Auguit 3 la.
m. News has reached here that a
negro named Beed Evans , who killed
a boy named John Dwyer , in Trinity
: ounty , Sunday , was taken from the
i'ennington jail by a party of armed
men and hanged.
Destructive Elements.
Special dispatch to The bee.
CHICAGO , August 3 1 a. m A ter
rific thunder storm prevailed laat
lignt throughout this sec ion. Con-
id erable dam ge is reported in Illi
nois , Wirconsin , Indiana And Michi
gan , from lighting , wind , hail and
ram. Numer- barns were struck
and barn , d with g-niu and stock.
"Krc n the Sboot.
Special dispatch to Tne Bw.
NEW YOUK , AUju | > t 3. la. m. Col.
Fohn Budiujcaptmn of U e American
rifle team , who went to Irtlmd to
hoot in the international rifle match ,
with the members of the t am , Ran
som , Ratr.bone , Homer , Fisher and
Col. Ciark , arrived hero Monday
morning by steamer. The two other
members of the team , Dr. L. J. Scott
andJ F. Brown , are atil1 in England ,
but will bo here shortly. Tno team
members wrre not met down the Lay
nor at tliu whirf , the hour of their ar-
ival not bung known. It has not
eenset'l d whetherornntany recap-
ion will be given the team here.
Power of Workingmen.
pedal Dispatch to Ihe Hie.
LOUISVILLE , Ky. , August 3 1 a.
m. The election for county oflicors
esterrlay was cloao'y C"ntested for
each oflicer. Ignatius Vetter , mar-
hal of the city court , hitherto un
mown to the public , was elected by
; ho amalgamated workingmen. The
republicans had no ticket in the field ,
hou h Gill , attorney of the city
court , is a republican The vote for a
chool taxhad n handsome majority.
New ork Money ana Stock.
WiLb ST. . Nsw YoKh , August 2 , 1.30 p in.
MONEV Vt IJ per cent ; eicbango etc.dy
tIS3 < J5CO.
Steal )
CstfaufSl . 104J New 1'a . 109 $
US.Vs . 103 } Currency ffe . 1'U
Active and aihanced.
WUT . 103 * Hudson . S2
NYC . 133 NJ Central . 77
Erie . 4U Reading . 19
EnepfJ . 72 I. SI . 5
LakeShore . 1691 K. &T . 3-
lock Island . 115J St. 1' . andOroahi . 47.
\orthuistern. D9 St. I'.and 0. pfd. . . SO
Nortluv. stern pfd 11SJ N. 1' . . S'J
racitiu Ai-ill . 2 { N. P. pf.l . 56
Ohi.i . 34J Cen. P . 7 (
Ohiopf.d . 73 Ame.lcan [ > . . . 58
St. Paul . S9J R A. Q . 12i !
St.l'aulj.fd . . 110 1C . Ill
WStI.iP , . 42J LiN . 119
W , StL&Ppfd. . . 72i Mton . 115
U. I' . OCi Denv &Kioaraudo 73 }
CCA.IC . 117i C.C.CA.1 . 7i
Mich.Ct-iitral. . . . 97i Canada So . C3
\V . C7J-
Cblcaao Produce ,
CHICAGO , August 2.
Wheat Opened weak and dull at a
decline of c , but subsequently rallied
and closed at i@ jc better than on Sat
urday ; No. 2s prinjj sold ar 87 § @ 90c
ror August ; SC ( < iS7 c for September ,
closing Rt 91Jc for cash89g@90c ; for
Aliquot ; 8787jc for September ; 8Gc
tellr for the year.
Corn Fairly active and oloseJ at
J@lc higher ; No. 2 sold at 353@3.jc
for August and September , and closed
at 353@35Jc.
Oats Quiet and steady , No. 2 clos
ing at at 22i for cash ; 22c for Au
gust ; 22jc ; for September.
Rye Go lower for cash , with sales
at OGs ; options steady at 75o ; rather
Srm nt Saturday's prices.
Barley Quiet ; new No. 2 sold at
73c for September.
Whisky 51 09.
Pork Hog produces moderately
active , opening easier , but the recov
fry was sfrerward ; mess pork old at
S15 G0@15 82J for August ; $15 u7 @
15 85 for September , closing at § 14 50
@ 15 00 for c > sh ; Slo 80 for August or
Sdptember ; § 15 40 f < r October.
Lard Sold atSJ720725 forAu-
qust ; § 7 20@7 35 for September ; cl is-
icg at § 7 25 for August ; § 7 32i@7 35
for September.
Chicago Live StocU.
CliiCAao , Ausnsfc 2.
Hogs Dull at 55 00@5 1 p r IOC
ft * . ; lowf-r , with talts Bt46j/$47C
fjr light picking indsh ppiiig4 ! ; 40(3 (
4 70 for neavy j a.kii g ; 5j4 60@4 90 foi
good to extr-i ETioot'a shipping lots ,
ReceintB , 19,051.
Cattle Rtce'pts were excessive
but consisted largely of Tex'is Btee-s -
or r.earlv half the total BUfply thi
market fnr native steers was quiet bu
steady , the New York market betej
satisfactcry and prices hero firm , bu
not qu tably higher ; buyers of Texai
cattle held off and no tales wern ef
fected up to 11 o'clock , holding bad
for concessions ; sales ranged at S3 01
for native cow * ; § 4 25@4 50 for fair ti
good shipping steers. Receipts , 6,41 <
t > t. Louie Produce.
ST. Louis , August 2.
Flour Unchanged.
Wheat B tterNo. ; 2 red , 90J (
OOci foicash ; 89J@90 § for AugUbi
89g"for September ; 88 @ 89Ac for Oc
t > npr ; 881 for the ynr ; No J do , 84
@ 85c ; No 4 do , 81(383c. (
Corn Lower at 31g@34jc for cash
34c for Augubt ; Sljcfur thoyeai
Oa s Dull at 223 tor cash.
Rye Quiet at 5GOc bid.
Butter Unchanged.
E cs Unchanged.
Whisky Steady at SI 08.
Pork Quiet a15 25.
Dry Salt Meats Slow : car lots
84 80@7 30@7 35@7 GO.
Eicon Dull at 85 75820 < 38 45.
Lml Quiet at S7 20 asked.
Receipts Flour , 1,000 ; wheii
180,000 ; corn , 103,000 ; oats , 47,000
rye , 3,000.
Shipments Flour , 18,000 ; wheat
382,000 ; corn , 118,000 ; oate , 19,00 (
St. Loula LiveStoclt
ST. Louis , August 2.
Hog3 Slow and lower ; Yorkera an
Baltimore , 143(3455 ( ; paskinp
54 453165 ; butcher to fancy , 84 60i
470. Receipts , G,300 ; shipment
New Yort Produce.
NEW YORK , August 2.
Flour Steady ; a moderate demar
receipts 34706 barrels ; round boo :
Ohio , $5 105 75 ; choice do. 55 80
7 00 ; superfine western , § 3 SOG4. 5
common to gocd extra do , $4 25
4 60 ; choice do , do , 84 7037 00 ;
choice white wheat do. , 54 50 ©
5 00.
Wheat Heavy , and about Jc lower ,
Sales No. 2 red Aug. SI OSj © ! 08g do
S-ptembr SI OSjQl OdJ do , October
SI 09J.
Corn Dull , slightly in bnyors fa
vor ; mix'd western spot , 45(347c ( ; do ,
futures 4719c. .
Oats Dull , and heavy western , 34 ®
42c ; white.
Beef Moderate , demand and
steady pricps , new plain mess , § 960
now extra § 10.
Pork Dull , new mesa , § 14 BO.
Lird Re < vy , and lower , stovn
rendered 87 57 .
Bu'ter Unchanged , and qniet ,
Ohio 14Q27c
Railroad Ma tazer Dead-
'aiMtc&ei to Ills Bs
Sr. Louis , Mo. . August 3. 1 a. m.
M j r J hn E. Simpson , ceiiorsl
tnai.agt-rbf the Yacd ilia R. R. died
y stt-rJ-ty morning wi'houthvinjr ra
turned to con ci" unrss tinc his first
attacked en S-turdny morninz. His
remains will bo tikon to Michigm
Cily Indiana , for burial.
More Yazoo Work.
Speclll PI Mitrh W The Bee.
LOUISVILLE. Kv , August 3 , 1 a , m.
A col. red republ" an n-tmed Boa-
mith. was killed a' Milron , Kentucky ,
yesterday , ry white democrat' , in a
quarrel at the county election. This
ha been a dav of drutikonueai and
dirceful conduct here over thf-c ty
and cnuuty ructions. The republi-
had no ticket in the fiold.j
The Greatest Tot.
The most imposing tliow ever yet
witnessed in Omaha was the juvenile
Barnum'a own and only , which was
opened out yesterday on Fjrnham
street h 11 en the new court houao
grounds. The general manager ia
Hattie Crow , the clowns Bill Paxton
and Harrv Sharp. They are assisted
by a largo number of juvenile acrobats
bats , trapeze performers acd eques
trians ( on foot ) . The show will con
tinue for two days. Admission to all
departments of the va t aggregation
of wonders , ten pns ; ; side chow , three
pins ; concert , two pina. Tickets can
bo had in all the dry goods stores or
at the door.
Mnrphy & Lovott.ins oncy ; old
eat established agency in this state.
A Joke.
It was reported among tha mould *
era at the U. P. shops yesterday
that the wife of ono of their
number , Mrs. Thomas G.din , had
died , the funeral to take place this af
ternoon. According to custom , a few
of them asked to ba laid off to attend
the funeral , and it appears that they
were oil laid ciT for the day. Somj
of them hired livery rigs and made
every preparation for a first-class
fanral , and appeared at the rasi-
donce , on North Nineteenth street , at
the appointed hour. After having
waited sumb time ono of the mould-
era thought that there should be more
activity displayed than was visible
about the Imuso , and at once proceed
ed to investigate. He found that the
lady supposed to bo dead was away
visiting , and the honao wag locked up.
The proposed funeral was therefore
indefinitely postponed.
Monov Order Business.
The following tranecript of official
statement No. 28 will show the
amount of business transacted by the
money order department , Omaha post-
office , for the week ending July 31 ,
1880 :
To bal. from statement . $10,4(57 ( M
Tel 2 domestic orders issued. . . 2,1.0 . " , f
To fees on same . IS UTe
To 1 British order issued . 15 5r
To 2 German orders isaued . 23 Of
To fees on snme . 4s
To 176 certificates of dep. i * 'd. . l.,41S Ofl
82 ,103 91
By SCO doir.estic ordsri paid. . . 5 6,2 0 9 ?
By 5 dome tir orders rfr/d. . 87 7.
By 1 G rmon nrder r c'd . 37 8'
By ? Saiss orders r c'd . 3 44 7 !
ByScemficatesof deuositrc'd . 14X'C (
BybaUnce . 7,3 2 61
328,103 0 !
Why dose .ouraolvei with nsusast
Ing medicines , when a purely frni
cathartic will euro yon at once Horn
burg Flz . Trv thorn
Wm. F. HarlowIeftforOgdeuMon
Dr. G. L. Miller went east Sunda ;
Geo. W. Homan , Sr. , has gone ti
Mrs. A. Burley ha gone to Denve
on a visit.
P. J. Nichola returned from th *
east Sunday.
" D. C. Brooks has returned from
wcetora bug-hunt.
Gen. 0. F. Manderscn end wife lei
yesterday for Colorado.
Will DoolitUo went west for W. J
Broatch & Co. yesterday.
Senator North and family , of Colum
bua , went west Sunday.
James StephensonnndA. T. Large
left for Chicago Sunday evening.
Judge Baldwin laft for Leadvill
Sunday noun , on legal business.
Clinton Briggs left yesterday for th
Colfai ( Iowa ) nvneral springs , to b
absent a week or ten days.
Mona. Dalborg anthe French conn
to China , waa an east bound paszenge
over the U. P. road Siturday.
Mr , A. Cruickshank , the genial dr
goods man , and Master Alexandc
Cruickshank , left for Lake Minni
tonkaMinn.Monday to be absent tw
d Mrs. John Morrell left Saturda
for a vuit in Chicago and Buffalo , a
terwhich nhs will spsnd. tbrea veel
at Chatinqua Lake , 2u Y. , where ti
Wholesale and Retail
Goods sent to any part of the United States on "J
solicitation. Largest assortment of
And everything found generally in a first-
claas Jewelry Store.
' "
Jewelry manufactured on short notice. Order * froaa
the roiintry solicited. Tfhenln OumLn call and see us , Ho
trouble to snow Goods.
The Jeweler ? , Opposite thePostoflice , 15Ui & Dodge.
V- '
VJ. .
* .
Hart ii < inetl Ihe fulloiKinij remarAa&'e paper , the siyiutntrey vf which can
at our office ; Mtxn. SKALl'HY &JOHXSOAr , SI fluft St. , Sew York. I
"For the past fou- years we have sold variousbrand * of Poroai Plantar * . '
Physicians and the Public prefer
io all others.
Wo consider them one of the Tory few reliable household lemadiea worlliy of
confidence. They arr superior to all vtlur Porws Platters or Medkinufor
External u .
.reat . Sunday ichool assembly takes
The Chicago Tribune of Thuriday
ays : "Mr. Henry Ames haa declined
he position of local Iroight BRert of
, ho Wabash in this city. Mr. George
31inton , formerly with the , Chicago ,
Milwaukee and St. Paul , has beuu
tendered the pamtion , and haa accept
ed tha same. "
The Order for the Eemoval of
the Department Head
FOIIT OMAUA , NKH. , July 31. f
General Orders No. 12. ]
Iii accordance with telegraphic in
struction * from the lieutenant general
commanding the division of the Mta-
scari , dated July 22 , 1880 , the head
quarters of this dtp trtment will return
to the city of Omaha , Neb.
This transfer will be carried into
effect when suitable accommodations
in Omaha can bo obtained and in such
manner as will least interfere with
the transaction of public business.
By command ot Brier. Gon. Crook.
Assistant Adjutant General.
Leave of abaence f < r one month ,
with permission to apply for an exten
sion of two muntht , ia granted to
Second Lieut. George Palmer , Ninth
infantry , Fort Omaha.
First Lieut. Norton Strong , medici !
department U. S. A. , having reported
at these headquarters in compliance
with parjgraph 1. special orders No.
149 , current aeries , headquarters of
the army , adjutant general's office ,
will , upon the recommendation of the
medical director of the department ,
renort ia person to the commanding
officer at Fort Douglas , U. T.for
temporary duty.
To the Colored Men of tfearasks.
OMAHA , August 1,1880.
CilIZESS : A B-ries tf unparall I'd
utia ea from t e uloeo < f the war to
the pieaent time have b on inflicted
upon the rights and libertten of colored
Araeiicsns in the south. Peaceable
citizens have been icnpnatncd without
warrsnt of law , um tfcndn g and d < s-
fenseltss man , wrnan ard children
have been ruth'es ly eht down and
murdered. The tight to deposit a
fr < ro b-illot ha } been obs'racted and
denitd ; and in the no ti , taxation
withe , .t rppreteiitati'in in municipal ,
county acd state aff irs , has with few
exceptions been eevproly dealt out tc
ui. The coming rational and state
election l -me of the mrat important
in the bl-tory of the nation. Sball
we by a uoolo and united efLrt ui-
t in republican inetit'ition ? , or shall
we have democratic despotism , a.5 in <
ftusu'at d in tha southern ct t s , tc
extinguish forever the hopes r.f free
dora. Wo invite and c II upon you tc
meet wi h us in convention , in the
city of Oraa .a , forthe purpote of cf-n
sultxt'on , in regard to t > uch measure
aa public policy , our duty and inter
ests as citizens to the state anc
national government invoke ; educa
tion , proprietorship in the soil , emt
grationand allegiarco to party , an
prominent mattera for our piofoum
In viuw of the above wo call 01
colored Americans and others who an
friendly to this call in the reipeclivi
counties of Nebraska to collect stat is
tics concerning the number of votori
and farmers , and the number of acre :
fanned in 1880 by colored Americana
also the number of homesteads anc
timber claims and tbo amount of citj
property oned , both real and per
sonal , and report the eamo ( o E. R
Overall , chairman , of tha campaigi
club , Omaha , Neb.
[ Signed ] W. H. 0. STEruEjfsoy ,
State papers please copy.
Justice to be Don" .
Epeclal Dispatch to THE Big.
NEW YORK , August 3 1 a. m.-
Piotro Balbo , the Italhn who cut th
throat of hia wife in their residence i :
this city , and who waa arrested whil
fleeing from justice in Wheeling
V . , will be hung in the Tombs priso
yard Friday morning. Every ei
fort postible has been mad
to save him from the scaffold by hi
counsel monster petition for th
' Commutation of his sentence , signe
by15,000 persons , was procured.
The Itulian minister at Washington
waa interested with the lawyers in the
effort , as were also thoao of Catholio
fathers. Their hope * have been
daahed by the following dispatches re
ceived by Calbo's counsel :
"ALBANY , August 3.
"Tho governor is unable to juitify
himsulf ia finding any juat ground
for interference with the execution of
the unfortunate prisoner , Balbo. "
Bound to Die.
SpecUl Dispatch to The Bee.
PHILADELPHIA , Auu t 3 1 a. m.
J. ftlcCrea Hildcburna well-known
salesman in the wool buiiness , walked
into the Continental hotel liut night
and registered. Ho gave the
cletk seven hundred dollars and
said that iu case he did not appear in
the morning , to send it to 710 Spruce
street , hia residence. The clerk
asked him whnt ho meant , when li
crrao out that lludebem intended to
commit auiciJo. A detective waa
called who arrested Jlildobnrn on
the way to the Dcl-twsre river. Ho
ha-i attempted suicide before and aayi
life is burdensome and ho wants to
dio. After being locked up Heldeburn
committed in bin cell by hang
ing. He was perfectly sane and
ish ) cl to end hia life beCaUie bo wss
tired of the world.
Reception to Garflold.
Special Duutcb { to The ttea.
BUFFALO , August 3 1 a. m. Ar
rangements are being made , and re
publican meetings held , for the pur
pose of receiving Gen. Garfield , who
ti to arrive at 8 o'clock this evening.
All the republican claba will tern out
and a grand reception will be given
him. Gen. Garuold will bo here over
night and go east by the New York
Central railroad on Wednesday.
NEW YOKK , August 3. During an
altercation > esterday afternoon be
tween Fred. Mensbach and Zavier
Landover , the former drew & revolver
and shot Landover in the face , inflict
ing a wound from which he died in a
few minutes.
The price reduced on all ikitt * , at
the Omaha Shirt Factory , 1307 Farn-
nam street near 12th. Cnit for pric
Absolutely Pure.
Made from Crape Cpiti TarUr. No otM
preparation mvkca uch llzht , fl ky hot br > 'U ,
or Tujurioiu pwtry. C ti be < ntoa by Jyp9it'c
without fear of the illj rasultins from bwy In-
dU'ntlblo food.
Sold only la cans , by all drocert.
llOYAX. Bmxa POWDIR Co. . Naff Tork.
< T 7 H < 4k. f 13 s &iy it h omo eutly nud a. Goitlr
l f/'OBilUfroo. A'Mntai Trn * Co. rarthuid.llir
GIMKEKI.Va at the HcnshotiorFoIyHwhnle
Institute. Troy , Jf Y The oldest cnxinttrtny
ichonl m America Next term begins S'pt K
bcr 16th Tim Rejmtir for 1830 contain * list
of the frridnttM for thf 'tut 31 year * . Tlth their
poult ! ns ; lv > , nourm ot studv , requirement
txpeiKC" , tc. Addrcta DAVID U GREENE.
Director. eoddrw4w
J. O. "V A "POIR ,
Capitol Ave , , Opp. Masonic Hall ,
OMAHA. - - - - - NHB.
West 4 Fntcber , pTalntifls. azaloat B.T.W j > at ,
Before thirleu Brindw , Justice of the Pete * , ol
Omaha , Dotulu Co. . Nab.
On tha rthil y of July 1880. id Justice w
&ued an Older o' ntUcbnv nt In ih bor ictton
jorta-atiaS3375. WEST& FRITCHER.
Omaha. July 17'.b. 1380.