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OFFICE -No. 138 Farnham Street.
One copy , 1 j ear , in advance , ( postpaid ) . 88.00
C month * " " . 4.00
3 month * " " . 2.00
One . . 'jo . 1 year , in advance , ( postpaid ) . fi.00
G months , " s . LOO
3 months , " " . 60
A Mormon
Promising , Prepossessing
mon Promoted ia the
Elder Moses Thatcher Elected
% , One of the Twelve
Apostles ,
&eo. Q. Cannon Blazes Brilliant
ly on Polygamy versus
The Question of Statehood
Quietly Considered uy
tlic Saints.
Copious Showers Eefresh the
Withering Verdure of
the Valleys.
Chief Justice Schaefier Steps
Down and Out.
Correspondence ot TUE Bui.
SALT LAKE , April 11. I have not
troubled THE BEE with much of Mor
mon matters of late , so probably afew
items recarding them may not be un
acceptable by way of a change.
Your readers will recollect that a few
mouths ago , I drew attention to the
death of Orson Hyde , one of the sen
ior members of the Council of tha
Apostles. The vacancy in this body
was yesterday filled at the general con
ference ] by the election of Elder Moses
Thatcher , of Logan , to be one of the
twelve apostles. Mr. Thatcher u a
young man of great promise , hand
some in appearance , general in man
ners , and an excellent business man.
Hia connection with the Utah North
ern railroad , as well as position as
his position as President of the
Ztoii Co-operaveMercantilo Institution
has brought him in association with
many of the citizens of Omaha. His
election is favorably regarded by the
church , who esteem the introduction
of young and vigorous blood into the
presiding council cf the church as
iv ry salutary , whilst the Gentiles ,
whiTi.ike any interest in such matters ,
regard the selection &s about as good
a one as could bo made , as they look
upon htm as a liberal-minded man ,
well acquainted with the world and
its ways , and though a thorough
Mormon , nut a fanatic. Mr. Thatcher
nas born in Sangamon county , Illi
nois , in Februii.Vy , 1842 , but has long
t > een ti resTdeaCrtjf tljah. Ecclesias-
blup , he was the presiding elder over
all the churches in Cache valley. He
was a member of the upper house of
the Territorial legislature at its last
session , and financially is sound.
The only noticeable feature of the
general conference at present in ses
sion ( which has been largely devoted
to the reading of financial , statistical
emigration and other reports ) , has
been the discourse of Hon.Geo.Q. Can
non , M. C. , for Utah , on Sunday
afternoon. It naa a brilliant effort
devoted largely to contrasting the ad
vantages of the Mormon system of
marriages with mongamy. Nothing
could be gathered from his remarks as
to what were the intentions of the
leaders of the church with regard to
their future course on the marriage
question ; he also seemed to studiously
avoid any reference to the reported
effort that is being male to obtain the
admission of Utah in the Union.
Many think that the Mormons will be
willing to have certain provisions in
serted into the enabling act regarding
the marriage question. Many
leading statesmen of both
paities are of the opinion
that since the Supreme Court of the
United States has rendered its decis
ion the matter should be withdrawn
from the arena of national political
questions , and in no way can it be so
easily and advantageously accom
plished as by the admission of Utah aa
a sovereign State ; but I must confess
that the Mormons themselves appear
to be taking but little interest in the
mitter , or if they do , they are laying
low to watch developments.
So great has been the drouth and
heat of this spring that the residents
of some well established settlements
thought of removing on masse and en
tirely breaking up their towns The
thermometer at 100 degrees in the
shade and no water in March , was so
unexampled and so threatening that
breaking up seemed to bo their only
safety. But , thank Providence , during
the last 24 hours , copious showers have
fallen on the thirsty laud , .and the
husbandman , the herdsman and the
miner are all correspondingly happy.
"There's millions in it , " as Col. Mul
berry Sellers would say. _
Thoremoval of Chief Justice Sdhaef-
ferj though long desired , by the legal
profession " , when it did come , came
suddenly. We trust the Hon. W.
Corbin , whom President Haye's Kas
nominated for his successor , will be an
improvement on the late incumbent.
To show how peculiar our late chief
justice was , I will mention , that no
sooner did the press dispatches an
nounce his removal than he at once
dismissed both grand and petit jurors
and adjourned his court sine die. If
Mr. Corbin does not accept , it is pos-
Biblc that we may be without a court
for some timoaud with the very many
important suits pending that would be
a calamity to the parties interested if-
to no one eke. WINDSOR ,
San Francisco Chronic'e. Aprel D.
A. Mr. Mr. Sneathandseveral Eng
lish ladies and gentlemen visited the
office of the Chief of Police last night
and stated that they had just arrived
on the overland train. At Omaha
they found younjj girl named Anna
Wcichsl r , aged 6 years , who had been
passed to that point by the conductors
on the various trains from Memphis ,
Tennessee. Around the neck
of the little waif was a tag , on
wh > ' h with difficulty was de
ciphered , "C3. Steiner. " Little An
na had iu her possession $15 and a let
ter which stated that her parents had
diei jf yellow fever , and requesting
all charitable persons to assist her ja.
reaching her Destination in
cisco , and to bud a relative named
Abele Paulucci. Several police officers
were directed by the chief to hunt up
this person , but up to a late hour last
night their search had proved unsuc
cessful. The girl is being kindly-cared
for by Miss Thimbleby at the Lick
House , who is anxious that Anna's
relative should be found , ai she pro
poses to leave for her destination , Brit
ish Columbia , in a few days.
The Khedive of Egypt Forcing
His Subjects to Disejorge.
Garibaldi and-Victoria Interview
ing King Humbert.
Tne British Endeavoring to
Convince Yakoob Khan
of His Folly.
A Variety of Interesting Items
from the Old World ,
Unsuccessful Attempt to As
sassinate the Emperor
of Russia.
Egyptian Affairs.
Special Dispatch to. THE Bis.
LOKDOX , April 14 6 a. m. A dis
patch from Cairo states that business
is completely suspended , and is likely
to remain so till the decision of Eng
land and France is known. The gov
ernment is collecting money through
out the provinces ? using every means
of compulsion. An immediate levy
of 10,000 soldiers has been ordered.
A special envoy has been sent by the
Khedive to Constantinople ; he took
with him a large sum of money for the
Chicago Times Cablegram.
LONDON , April 12. The pressure
brought to bear on the sultan by the
representatives of England and Prance
with respect to Egyptain affairs has
been apparently successful , although
in some quarters it is .feared that the
khedive will defy the sultan's threat
to depose him and send Halim Pasha
to succeed him. The opinion is also
current that when the special messen
ger from the khedive reaches the
sultan and the latter is fully apprised
of 1 % the khedive's cide of the
matter , and of the strong popular
support which his plan received in
Egypt , he will withdraw from.his
present position and , as he has done
in other cases , take sides with the
khedive But the holders of Es yp-
tian bonds are elated with the belief
that France and England will 'insist
on the khedive's reiuoval or the rein
statement of the commissioners whom
he has dismissed. The result of the
cabinet co-jncil at Paris to-day has
not transpired.
There are reports thaj the khedive
has been contemplating his new move
ment for some time , and that he has
made extensive preparations for re
sisting any plan to remove him. The
khedive is now in his forty-ninth year
and there are reasons to believe that
for some time he has entertained the
ambition of throwing aside to a cer
tain extent his subserviency to the
sultan and becoming an independent
monarch. He has an army at his dis-
posalof fourregimontsofinfantrynum-
bering 12,000 mun , a battalion of
chasseurs 1,000 strong. 300 cavalry , an
excellent artillery service with 1,500
men , and two battalions of engineers ,
which consist of 1,500 rank and file.
Besides these thcro are two regiments
of black troops from Soudan , 1,000
strong. His navy consists of seven
ships of the line , six frigates , nine cor
vettes , seven brigs , eighteen gunboats
and twenty-seven wooden transport
The financial scheme proposed by
the Khedive , and which is 'the bone
of contention between himself and
the French and English bondholders ,
is baaed on the belief that without at
all increasing the taxes of the wealthy
classes iu Egypt , and by compelling
the foreign residents of Egypt , now
exempt from taxation , to bear their
proportion of the public burden , a
sum to pay the interest on the bond
ed debt and provide a sinking fund
which in twenty years would ex
tinguish the debt can be easily raised.
in political and financial circles here
respecting the matter is becoming
more acute , and though the bondhold
ers have thus far to a great extent ob
tained the public ear , the other side
of the matter has its advocates , who
will probabljMuake themselves heard
in Parliament on its reasBemblit.g
after the Lastcr recess.
Destructive Fire at Cairo.
Special dispatch to The .Bee.
LONDON , April 14. A dispatch from
Alexandria says that a great fire is
raging in Cairo , and has destroyed
blocks of builSings Hundreds of yards
Prince Milan Scared.
Special Dispatch to th < - Bee
TIENNA , April 14. A shell buried
in the road exploded near Prince
Milan while he was walking at Nish ,
Tuesday. His aide de camp was
wounded. It is "not known whether
the explosion was the result of a plot
to assassinate the Prince.
Striking Miners.
S pedal Dispatch to The Bee.
LONDON , April 14. The masters'
committee at Durham has fully de
cided to call a meeting Wednesday to
discuss the proposals of the miners.
The men at twenty more collieries will
strike to-day , a majority of them be
cause of threats.
Russian Boundaries.
Special Dispatch to the Bee. - '
ST. PETEESBDBQ , April 14. The
Empefor , at the reception of ambassa
dors said all was going on very well.
It is inferred from this that the pro
ject for a conference of the powers is
being favorably received. Russia
has sent a circular to the powers urging -
ing a hastening of the work of vari
ous boundary commissions , above all
the one at work on tba line of the
Snootincr at tne Oaar.
Special Dispatch to The Boe.
WASHINGTON , April 14 4 p. m.
Col. Wickham Hoffman , American
charge d'cuTaira at St. Petersburg ,
t el-'graphs to the State Department
that an attempt was made on the life
of the Czar this morning while Hii
Majesty was walking near the impirial
palaces. The assassin discharged five
hots at him without effect , and wai
Secretary Evarts has telegraphed to
the Czar President 'Hayes' congratula
tions upon his escape from assassina
Samoa ,
tipecial Diipit h to Tus Bss.
LONDON. April 14.-A dispatch from
Berlin states that Germany , though
entertaining no idea of annexing the
Samoan island , intends to protect
German interests and prevent Ameri
cans from establishing themselves
there to tha detriment of other na
Gen. iManteufel ha declined the
governship of Alsace-Lorraine.
bcrap .
By tlie Associated Pro * .
Free trade in Germany seems to
gain by constant agitation in its favor.
It is doubtful if the new elections
would give Bismarck a large majority.
J. H. Cartier , De Villemessant ,
journalist , and long director of the
Paris Figaro , is dead ; age , 67.
Waddington , French minister of
foreign affairs , has informed the coun
cil of ministers that the Matacong
affair is in process of settlement.
France withdraws eight men who
landed en the islond. The council
came to no resolution with regard to
Egypt , simply deciding to act in an
tagonism with England.
At the Mikado of Japan's banquette
to the ministers recently he censured
their extravagance and luxury. A
notification from the Prime Minister
followed , ordering a cessation of all
superfluous expenditure in the devel
opment of commerce and the stoppage
of expenditures on public worka.
The Emperor's household expenses aie
reduced. The government directs the
exportation of rice , resulting in the
largo loss of grain now held open to.
market. From Osaka Okinna , the
hnance minister , and Enomoto , late
ambassador to Russia , are appointed
to negotiate a revision of matters.
A colossal bronze statue of Dr. Liv
ingstone was recently unveiled in
Hob'ftrt Pasha is about to marry a
young lady said to be "both pretty
and accomplished. "
The sUtue of Lord Brougham , which
is to be unveiled Cannes on the loth
of the present month , is said to be the
first statue of an Englishman ever
erected on the Continent.
A French named Moulin
has been put under arrest , and is like
ly to be discharged from the army , for
refusing to allow a regimental band to
play the "Marseillaise" during an in
spection of his troops.
The increase of crime in Switzerland
has wrought such an effect upon public
opinion that the Federal Council bus
voted , 27 to 15 , to re-establiah the
death penalty for murder , which was
abolished some years ago.
Sir Samuel Baker , writing of Cy
prus , says it is the most ill-favored and
pestilential of islands , owing largely to
the accumulation of filth forages in its
principal harbor , which , however , can
be dredged with little difficulty.
The Cremation Society of England ,
after consultatioi with the British
Home Secretary , ' has concluded to
suspend operations until authority can
be obtained from Parliament for its
proceedings. This will bring the
matter under discussion in the House
of Commons.
A man recently ventured to go to
sleep in a railroad car in England , and
waked up' to find a man trying to
"chuck him out o' window. " He put
a atop to that , but the fellow made off
with his watch and chain , dropping
off the foot-board unhurt and escaping
in the darkness ,
The experiment of lighting the
Holborn "Viaduct with electricity was
discontinued at the end of the stipulat
ed period of three months. The cost
was 14 shilings 34 pence per hour , as
against 1 sliding llj pence for gar
lighting. The illuminating power was
about seven times that of gas. '
A Liverpool druggist was lately
fined for selling castor-oil pills which
had "no appreciable quantity nf cas
tor-oil" in them , though they con
tained rhubarb , aloes , ginger , cayenne
popper , soap , and a variety of other
ingredients. They seem to have been
a popular substitute for castor-oil , and
it was stated that 250,000 boxes of
them were sold per year.
Among the recent diabolical crimes
in France the following are related :
A widow , named Jean Deschamps ,
conceived a passion for her dauzhter's
lover , a man named Francois Profol ,
and persuaded him to help her to
strangle the girl. The crime was per
petrated in the most savage way. The
mother was condemned to death , and
the man to hard labor for life. A
youth named Olivier , aged 16 , called
on an old relative , a widow named
Leclerc , living alone at Batignolles ,
and while her back was turned smashed
her skull with a crowbar. Her cries
aroused the neighbors , and the preco
cious murderer was captured as he was
making off with her jewels and other
A reconciliation has at last been
effected between the Emperor Wil
liam and the Duke of Cumberland-
The Duke renounces all claims on the
Hanoverian crown , and recognizes the
Constitution of the German Empire.
The Emperor surrenders the Welfian
fund , (15,000,00) ( ) , and recognizes the
Duke as heir-apparent to the Grand
Duchy of Brunswick. The formal
proclamation of this reconciliation
takes place at the celebration of the
golden wedding of the Emperor , to
which festivity the Duke" accepted
an invitation , and , in order to make
the end of the story as good as the
beginning , the reigning Grand Duke
of Brunswick has declared that he
wishes to abdictate on the fiftieth
anniversary of his ascension to the
ducal throne , Sept. 7,1830. . t
The Inflationists Anxious ib
Air Their Wild Cat /
A Huge Number of Bills Await *
iUK the Shadow of a
CImnc .
Judge Kelley Ready with Moth
Eaten Schemes for the
Nation's Belief.
Special Dispatch to th Be .
WASIIIXCUOX , April 14 , 6 a. m.
There is much interest felt in all po
litical circles regarding the course
which Speaker Randall may pursui to
day in recognizing members. It de
pends wholly upon the speaker which
of thr members of the Maine delega
tion shall be recogn'zed , for since the
foundation of the government it has
been the rule that the States
ghall be called for bills in order , com
mencing with the State of Maine.
The inflationists have endeavored to
hare the rule changed this session so
that the States shall be called in their
alphabetical order , but that proposi
tion has not yet been entertained.
While the speaker has not indicated
what his course will be , there is
not much probability that
the inflationists can get any of these
measures referred to committees to
day , unless the Republicans shall de
cide that it is more to their party in
terest that these wild schemes should
be presented by 'the Democrats and
their full plans be thus developed.
There are eleven democrats who are
hard money men in defiance of caucus
action ; Brickuell of Indiana , Blount ,
Cook and Hammond of Georgia , Oly-
mer of Pennsylvania , Covert of New
York , Denster of Wisconsin , Hurd of
Ohio , Johnston of Virginia , Morse of
Massachusetts , and Tablet of Mary
Judge Kelly will introduce the
House the bills by which it is pro
posed to require the treasury and alj
the siib-trcaauiiries to redeem with
legal tender money , subsidiary silver
coins , whenever presented for redemp
tion in sums of 5 dollars or
multiples thereof , and this bill also
provides that the further coinage of
trade dollars shall be stopped ; that
they shall for twelve months be re
ceivable at par for customs or any
other obligations due the United
States , and that when so received they
shall be recoined into standard silver
Spsciil Piapatch to The Bee.
WASHINGTON , April 14 , 4 p. m.
HOUSE All members from Maine
rose. The Speaker recognized Lad a ,
who offered a bill to put the coinage
of gold and silver on the same footing.
Conger objected , asking a days' no
tice. The Speaker overruled it. An
appeal was taken , but the morning
hour expired , and Ladd'a bill was not
Monroe , of Ohio , offered a resolu
tion against undertaking the curreucy
or tariff business this session. Lost ,
by 108 to 117.
In the Senate Blaine spoke on the
army appropriation bill. He said the
federal soldiers in the South averaged
one to each county , and Democratic
Senators could not meet in the cloak
room without blushing over the pre
tense of fear.
Information at the Treasury De
partment from various official sources
is that pleuro pneumonia among the
cattle in this country is slowly disap
pearing , owing to the prompt action
of federal officials in connection with
State authorities.
Washington Spedal to the Chicago Tribune.
It now seems that the present ses
sion will last until July. This is the
opinion of those most competent to
judge. The discussion of the legisla
tive bill in the House will probably
not be finished for ten days. The de
bate upon the army bill in the Senate
is likely to consume two weeks. After
the disposition of the army bill the
Senate will next consider the legisla
tive b.ll , and in such .1 slow body will
take at least a week to dispose of
it There will also be a pro
tracted discussion in both houses over
the President's vetoes , first on the
army bill and next on the legislative
bill. The veto messages will of course
be sustained. This will be followed
by caucuses , negotiations , and parleys
to avert the danger of leaving the
government without appropriations.
The Democrats realize that they have
not the strength requisite to carry out
the programme of ihe extremists of
their party , hence it is thought that a
compromise of some kind will be
reached. This is the opinion of the
conservative Djmocrats.
Ex-Doorkeeper Polk will go before
the Grand Jury here Monday and
give his testimony against Mayor-elect
Carter Harrison on the charge of hav
ing obtainedmoney on irregular pay
rolls when Chairman of the Committee
on Civil Service Reform.
Alexander Stephens , ii. a card pub
lished this morning , referring to a
telegram from Atlanta , Ga. , which has
gained currency in the West , says :
I notice in the
issue of your paper
this morning a telegram from Atlanta ,
Ga. , dated yesterday , stating that in
an interview , which was to be pub
lished in The Constitution of that
city , I had said : "The bogus Presi
dent will not veto the army bill , " etc.
Now , who was the author of this tele
gram I do not know , but I do know I
never did use such language toward
the President of the United States in
any speech , or interview , or conversa
tion whatever. I entertain for the
present Chief Magistrate too much
respept to apply any such epi
thet to him personally , and my
well known opinion as to the legality
and irrevocability of the tenure of his
office ( however I may have differed
from the highest commission , by whom
the matter was , in my judgment , con
stitutionally settled ) would forbid the
use by me of such a term 'toward him
The reotifisrs have presented a me
morial to Commissioner Raum , pro
testing against the clause in the inter
nal revenue bill , passed at the lait
session of Congress , requiring recti
fiers to give bonds.
New York Money and Stock
NEW YOBK , April U.
MONEY . 4(37 (
0. S. Bo , 1SS1 . ICi
U. S. 6-208 , New . 104
Newlji . 101
U.S. HMOtf , conponj . 101 ;
U. S. r * . currencies. . . . . . 121
U. S. New 4 p r cent .
Western Union Tele.-raph . . . . . . . . . .1C6J
Paciflc Mall . 1SJ
New You Central . 115
Erie . „ . 5 }
Erie preferred . 40
Union Pacific . T5f
Lake Shore . 71 |
nilno Central . 85
Northwestern . . . . . . . . . . 624
Northwestern preferred. . , . . . 91 *
Rock Island . . . . .381
BL Paul . . . 43 }
St. Paul preferred . , . . . 82
Wabain . XO }
Cnicopo Produce.
CHICAGO , April 12.
Wheat No 2 regular , 87c cash or
April ; 91g@9Uc May ; 93c bid June ;
No. 3 , 7878c ; rejected , 63c.
Corn Fairly active and firmer ;
regular No. 2 , 31 c cash or April ;
Sole bid May ; 35fc bid June ; 3Gjo
bid July.
Oats Quiet but firmer ; No. 2 , 22c
bid cash ; 22c April ; 25ic May ; 25c
June ; 26jc July.
Rye No. 2 , 44c bid caih ; 48Jo
Barley No. 2 nominally ; 67c casher
or April.
Pork In moderate demand ; old ,
8860 ; new , § 10 36@10 35 cash ;
$1030@1032 May ; § 10 42 $ June ;
§ 10 52i10 " 51 July.
Lard" Higher , SO 17 < g6 20 each or
May ; § G 25@6 27 c June ; S6 30@S 32
Bulkmeats Shoulders , § 3 65g)3 ( ) 7.0 ;
short clear , 84 955 ( 00 ; short nb ,
§ 4 80@4 824.
Whisky-Si 04.
Special Dispatch to the BBS. -
CHICAGO , April 14 4 p. m.
Wheat Quiet ; 82 c.
Corn 33 c.
Pork § 10 22i.
Hogs Steady" ; § 3 50@3 90.
New Tort Produce.
> NEW YORK , April 12.
WheatFirmpr rejected spring , 77c ;
No. 3 do. 93 . < 394c ; No. 2 do , § 1 03J ;
ungraded do , 9497c ; ungraded win
ter red , 81 01@1 23 ; No. 2 do. 81 13
@ 1 14 ; No. 1 do. SI 14j ; No. 2 amber
§ 1 11@1 llic ; ungraded white , SI 12 ;
No. 2 do. SlM@lll ( ; No. 1 do.
SI 141 11 .
Rve Firmer ; No. 2 western ,
Oats Quiet ; No. 2 white , 33o ;
mixed western , 31 @ 32Jc ; white do.
Egus Weak ; western , 1213.
Poik Weak ; mess , § 9 40 < < ji ) 50 for
old ; S10 50@10 C2i for ne.v.
Cut Meats Dull ; long clear mid
dles , § 5 15 < 3o 20 ; short do. § 5 37i. *
Lard Weak ; prime steam , § 645 ©
Hutter Dull ; western , 5@24c.
Cheese Weak ; western , 7 < SSc.
Whisky Steady at § 1 OH.
Chicago Live btock.
CHICAGO , April 12.
Hogs Receipts , 8,000 head ; ship
ments , 6,000. head. The market is &
shade loner and dull. Mixed , § 3 40 ®
3 Go ; light , $3 50 < g3 70 ; choice heavy ,
S3 70@3 90 ; closed ste-idy. ,
Cattle Receipts , L.OOO head ; ship
ments , 2,400 head. The market is
steady. Shippmg , S4 < § 5 15 ; stockers
and feeders quiet and easy at § 3@4 10 ;
butchers' stock , S2@3 70. j
Sheep Receipts , 400 head ; ship
ments , 700 head. The market is slow
at S3 40&5 25.
St. Louis Produce.
ST. Louis , April 12.
Wheat Dull and lower ; No. 2 red
fall , SI 031 03 | cash ; 81 04gl 04J
May ; $1 OljOl 03i June ; Ne. 3 do ,
$1 00 @ 1 00.
Corn Firmer ; No. 2 mixed , 33J ®
33c cash and April ; 33g33c | May ;
34jic June ; 35f@35c July , 37c
Oats Inactive ; , No. 2 , 2GJ@25c
cash ; 25g250 bid .May.
Rye Quiet and-'unchanged at 48ic.
* Whisky Steady at SI 04.
Pork Higher ; jobbing , S10 50.
Lard Dull ; n imiffclly $ G 20.
Bulkmeats Firmer ; shoulder , $1 GU
to arrive ; clear rib ? , S4.35Q4 90.
Bacon Hicher ; clsar ribs ) , $5 37 $ @
5 40 ; clear , $5 50.
Milwaukee Produce.
MILWAUKEE , April 12.
Wheat Firm ; opened fc higher ;
closed quiet ; No. 1 Milwaukee , hard ,
99c ; No. 1 Milwaukee , 9Gc ; No. 2
Milwaukee , 89fc ; April , 87ic ; May ,
9Uc ; No. 3 Milwaukee , 77c ; No. 4 ,
74c ; rejected , 64jc.
Corn Steady ; No. 2 , 34c.
Oats Steady ; No. 2 , fresh , 23J ®
Rye Firmer ; No. 1 , fresh , 46 c.
Barley Dull and neglected ; No. 2
spring , fresh , 60c ; April , 5Gjc.
St. Louts Live btocs.
ST. Louis , April 12.
Cattle Easier , but not quotably
lower ; in light supply and little doing.
Hogs Qniet and unchanged. York
ers and Baltimore3$3 50@370 ; smooth
heavy , S3 753 90 ; rough , 3 253 50 ;
Philadelphias , S3 90@4 00.
Sheep Weak ; good to fancy , $4 50
@ 5 25.
The Afghans.
Special Dispatch to Tns BKB.
LAHORE ; April 14. A Jbad feeling
is growing against theJBritiah among
all tribes interested Jjin Khyber pass.
They complain that the British are
acting as though they intended to keep
the pass in spying out hill fastnesses.
Garibaldi and Victoria.
Special Dispatch to TUB Bo.
RojiEjApril 14. Garibaldi was tak
en in a carriage to the quirioal Sunday
I and the King conversed with him pri-
j vately in the carriaee for half an hour
j Queen Victoria will probably visit
the King and Queen of Italy at
Funeral of ( Jen. Rlcbard Taylor.
8p clal dispatch to THE B .
NEW YORK , April 14. Tha funeral
of Gen. Richard Taylor took place
Sunday from the church of Trans
figuration. The Rav. Dr. Houghton
read the burial eervicaa. Among
those in the church were Governor
S. J. Tilden , ex-Mayor Wickham.
President Jewett , of Erie railroad ,
Gen. Smith and Parke Goodwin. The
pall-bearers were Hamilton Fish ,
Chaa. O'Connor , Secretary Evartjj , D.
D. Withers , ' William R , Travew Geo.
Tickfler Curtis , August Belmont ,
Chu. L. Perkins , William Constable ,
Abram S. HewittSenator Bayard and
Mayor Cooper. The remains were
interred in Marble cemetery.
Yafcoob Kann.
Special dispatch to The Bee.
LONDON , April 14. A correspond
ent at Lahore says : Maj. Cavagnari
will probably go to Cabul with a small
escort to endeavor to convince Yakoob
Khan of the futility of furtherr resist-
ence. It is certain that Yakoob is in
citing frontier tribes against the Bn- (
By Auoclited Press.
There is very little change in the
condition of the ice in the Mackinaw
straits. Toward Lake Michigan it
looks rough , compact and solid. Pre
vailing winds are northerly and pre
vent the wind from melting rapidly.
Unless we have warm rains soon it is
not likely that the straits will be open
before May first.
Dr. John S. Parsons , arrested in
the Pact of robbing the Yankton
and Sioux Falls stage , Thursday night ,
was brought before the United States
Commissioner at Yankton , Friday eve
ning and waive i an examination , and
in default of 83 , 000 bail was remand
ed to jail to await trial. The prisoner ,
who is a man of education and well
connected , claims that whisky and the
overzealous machinations of govern
ment detectives have broughthim into
E. H. Brown , manager of the West
ern Union telegraph office at St. Louis ,
was before the grand jury again Sat
urday , and refused to produce the tel
egrams called for by subpoena duces
tecuin , whereupon the case was re
ported to the criminal court , and
Judge Laughlin ordered Mr. Brown
into the custody of the city marshal.
Special to The Chicago Tribune.
MILWAUKEE , Wis. , April 12. At an
early hour this morning a sailor named
Peter Snell died from the effects of
hydrophobia at his residence , No. 311
Reed street , south sidn. The facts
connected with the case are these :
Capt. Paul Harry , of the schooner
Mary Lyons , who boarded with Mr.
and Mrs. Snell , had a dog , a yellow
mongrel cur , that appeared to have
been voted the freedom of the
domicile. One afternoon late in in
January or early in February last ,
whilfc Snell lay stretched upon the
floor for a nap , this cur ,
which happened to be in
the room , discovered a scratchon
his ( Snell's ) inse and lickeditrSnell
meanwhile raising no objection to the
proceeding , as he with _ others formerly
. .believed in the curative properties of
the salivia of a canine. The scmtch
healed and was soon forgotten , and
the death of the dog , which occurred
a week or two later , under circum
stances that led to the belief thai poi
son had been administered , did not
serve to awaken any fears of danger.
About a week ago Snell complained to
his wife about a severe pain in the re
gion of the heart. It made an invalid
of him , so to speak ; yet he did not take
to his bed , but walked around and
about on the streets on Monday and
Tuesday of the present week. During
Tuesday evening or early Wednesday
morning his throat became affected.
The glai.ds swelled so as to render
swallowing difficult , and the mem
brane became parched and feverish ,
while the pain in the chest appeared
to reach the throat also. Dr. Serin
was cnlled , but the remedies prescrib
ed by him filled to produce any relief ,
and as Snell gradually grew worse it
was observed that he manifested an
aversion to water , and at such times
as it was offered appeared to suffer a
spasmodic convulsion. Then the in
cident of the the licking of the scratch
on bis nosa by the dog , and the subse
quent death of the animal under
peculiajfsymptonis , was recalled , and
it became evident to the physician
that he had a clear case of hydrophobia
on his hands.
Snell rapidly grew rorse ; the light
became painful to h's e/es , his aver
sion to water seemed to increase ,
while the swelling of the throat grew
constantly. Food and water had to
be injected into the stomach at last , as
it was impossible for him to swallow
either solids or fluids. Of course , un
der such circumstances , death became
a question of hours rather thin days ,
and final dissolution occurred at 6
o'clock this morning. During the
closing hours of his illness Snell con
tinued rational , and was perfectly
harmless toward those who attended
him. He assured one and all to have
no fear of approaching him , aa he
would do them no injury , and he was
enabled to keep his word , as his
spasms never rendered it necessary to
hold or even attempt to secure him.
Two dogs that were bitten by the
cur belonging to Capt Harry in fights ,
have died within afew weeks of hydro
phobia , and it is believed that other
curs in the neighborhood may be sim
ilarly affected.
The seaman Snell , whose death is
here recorded , was 30 years of age and
married , but has no children.
We offer a first-class white laun-
dried shirt , with an improved reinforc
ed front , made of Wamsutta muslin ,
3-ply bosom and cuffs of 2,200 linen ,
at the reduced price of $1-50. The
workmanship , fit and style of our
shirts are placed in competition with
any shirt sold in Omaha. Wegurnin-
tee entire satisfaction , or will refund
the money. We make to order every
grade of shirts and underwear , give
better goods for less money than can
be got elsewhere. Our fancy imported
shirtings are of the choicest pat ten is.
In underwear we cannotbe .undersold.
Omaha Shirt Factory,252 Farnham , .
opposite Grand CentraTHotel.
The Zealous Friends of Olive
Swearing for Him.
AttorneY Laird Fined and De
barred by the Court.
Aisocl&ted Preu TtUpUch.
HASTI > O % Neb. , April 12. Th ar
rival of Major Burt in command of
the company of soldier * hus allaypj
all alarm , if any existed. Thedefonee
began to-day introducing testimony ttt
to the character of Olive. Ria neigh
bors and stock growers in Cuiter
county generally cive Urn a good
chnraoter a * a law abiding citizan
Seventeen witncwes were examined
nn thijjsoint. , It ia aupnoaed the de
fense wirt'probably close Monday.
During the examination of a witness
to-d .v a dispute arose between Mr.
Luird chief conse' for the defense and
Mr. Thurston for the prosecution , iu
the course of which , the 'court assum-
inn that Mr. Laird made a remark
rpflecting upon It , fined Mr. Laird
S25. Mr. Laird then arose and pro
tested in a speech , gaining applause ,
and was disbarred until the payment
of the fine and left the court room.
Governor Nance and Adjutant Gen
eral Alexander are here and were
thanked foa invoking the a < d of the
military , whose presence has a whole-
aome influence.
The Cheyenne * .
Anodnted Preis Dispatch.
"Si. Louis , April 12 A St. Louu
Globe-Democrat , Topeka , Kansaa.spe-
cialsays : Gen. St. John had a consul
tation to-day with Jim Cannon , In
dian guide , scout and interpreter from
the Southern Indian agency regarding
the reported design of the Indians
to make another raid this season.
Cannon said the Cheyennes and Arip-
ahoea are sulky and will bear close
watching. The capture and turning
over to the civil authorities for trial of
the Cheyenne chiefs , who led the raid
last year caused a great deal of dissat
isfaction in the tribes sympathizing
with them. Cannon thinks they can
be quieted , however , and kept on
their reservation if early and impor
tant measures are taken.
To th Editor of Tils BEE :
WASHINGTON , April 11. Judging
from the numerous letters I am re
ceiving from citizens of Nebraska ,
asking for information in regard to
new post routes established in the
Stat&during the last session of Con
gress , I am led to believe that the list
has not been published there. I in
close herewith a list of the routes es-
tiblishcd , and if your paper has not
already published the same , I think
you would do a favor to many of the
readers of THE BEE by publishing the
same now. Respectfully ,
From Oaceola to Silver Creek.
From Saint Edwards via Neoma to
From Niobrara , Nebraska , to New
Spotted Tail , Dakota.
From David City , via Appleton , to
From In man's Grove to Paddock.
From O'Neill City , via Verdigris
Valley and Walnut Grove , to Nio
From Hastings via Orchard , to
Bunker Hill.
From Hastings , Nebraska , via Mil-
lingtnn , Guide Rock , Amity , Salem ,
White Mound , Ionia , and Rotterdam ,
to Cawker City , Kansas.
Fn m Thayer , via Cresswell , to
From Decatur to Wisner.
From Lincoln to State Penitentiary.
From Hastings , via Ludlow , Corn
Hill and Mapb Grove to Alvin.
From Elaorado , via Boonesville and
Cascade to Saint Paul.
From York , via Arborville and Otis
to Central City.
From Nelson , Nebraska , via Henri
etta , to Bullville , Kansas.
From Madison , via Emerick or Ke-
yaPaha , to Newman's Grove.
From O'Neill City , via McCann's
RancliP , to Camp Robinson.
From O'Neill City to Emmett.
From Key * Paha to Red Cloud.
From Tekamah to Lyons ,
From Fremont to Everett.
From Culbertson , via Frontier , and
Ariekare , to Frease.
From Culbertson , via Wauneta to
From Genoa to Saint PauU.
From Keya Paha , via Grand
Rapids , Otter Creek , Silver Lake , and
Rock Creek , to a point near the no th
west corner of section seventtvfti ,
township thirty-tTC north'of range
eighteen west , to be called Menlo
From Fulls City , via Grange Store ,
Aspinwall. and Nemaha City , to
From Saint Paul to Jacksonville.
From Springs .Valley , via Nora , to
From the Forks to Kent.
From Syracuse , via Helena , to
From Kearney , via Cedar Creek and
Beaver Creek , to Sweetwater.
From Grand Island , via Orchard
and Henry , to Hastings.
From Keya Paha to Rosebud , Da
From Moline to West Salem.
From Ouster , via Myrtle , to Doug
las Grove.
From O'Neill City , via Atkinson
and Creighton , to McCann's Ranch.
From Smithland to Lawn Ridge.
From Albion , via Neoma and Cedar
River , to Central City.
From Henrietta , via Nora , to Nel
son. '
From Woodburn to Cherry Hill , v ,
From Wilmot , via Midway and
Precept to Beaver City.
From North Platte , via Birdwood
CreekStarn's and Patterson's Ranche ,
Dismal River , Middle Loup , and
North Loup , to Poor and Louis
Ranche on the Niobrara River , at or
near the mouth of Antelope Creek.
From Kearney , via South Loup ,
Pleasant Valley , Cedarville , and New
Galena , to Lena. '
From South Loup , via Centennial ,
Sweetwater , Cedarville , and Myrtle to
Douglas Grove.
From Rising City , -via Cottonwood
to York.
From Loup City , fia Cedarville and
Ashley , to Georgetown.
! From Riverton , via Corra , to Smith
Center , Kansas.
From Columbus , via Saint Anthony
and Prairie Hill to Saint Bernard.
From Ponca . , via West UnjonIonia.
* *
C 'l . Daily Branch , and Silr rte
to Ponca.
From Hed Cloud in T OTS.
From H ° nriet * i to Hehror.
From Elsing City , via Orton to
From SMney to Greeler , Colorado.
From O'Neill City. vi Wph t9r'
"Ronche and "Waht,8aw Mill to
From Scotia to North Lonp.
From North Platte , ris Orefghton ,
to Poor's Rnnche.
From N liah to O'Neill Ciiy-
From Stockville , yia 8tr > w j to
F'om Bpr-'ri1 * * , via Dover and Re-
ser-e Ci v. to 9 > ele City.-
From Danenbroc to OrcL
The Southweeten , PooI-
AisocUJwl Prw Mipitih. f
CmfiAoo. April 12 The South
western Rate ABoc5ationwhich forever
over two years ha . - mct fullv main
tained a pool over r > u"ir < e from Mii-
nnrl river points to St Louis and
Chicago , was formally diatolved to
day heoiuce of the refusal of the St.
Louis roads to allow the Chicago and
Alton msd extension a proportion of
the business from Kansas City. The
0. & A claimed its share of huslnefs ,
but the St Louis rosdt in > ited that
the claim was unjuit and refused to
consider Manager J. C. McMullen'i
propoiition to arbitrate the question.
It is understood that the break was
instigated by tome of the executive
board in New York , and thntwhen
matters have shaped thernielv s in
that city that the pool will be renewed
on an equitable baiis. In the mean
time shipper ! may look for lower
freights from Missouri river point *
than has been seen for yean.
Turns any bair to nature' ! mcut beautiful brown
by one ppllcatlon. Contalni co lead or bad
odor ; doei not i .me off or italn tha skin , and is
clear and bannleoa u vraUr. $1.00 per bottl * .
De La BantVa "Advice to Ladiw , " $3.00. Dave ]
oper , 80.00. Money refunded if not utlifactorr.
DE LA BAXTA & CO. , 170 State Street. CHI
CAO < >
CAOOH ! MY ney cures Medicine Fains REMJO' In the ' ,
Back , side or loins
. aud all diseases of
41 the Kidneys. Blad.
BACK ! der ana Urinary
Orzans , Bropey ,
GrarsI , Diabetes ,
Brlgbt's DUease of the KiJnejs , Retention or In
continence of Urine , Nervous DI-ea es , Female
Weakness and Excesses ; HUNT'S REMEDY
is prepared EXPRESSLY for these dis
From R - E < J Taylor , D D , pastor First Bap
tist Church :
Providence , R I , Jan'y 8,1879
I can testify tn the virtue of HUNTS REME
DY in Kidney Disease * from actual trial , hiring
been much iKnentted by its use. E G TAYLOR.
From a retired minister of the Mittodist Epis
copal Church :
8 9 North 17ih St. , Pbila. . Pa April 18. 78.
ban cured my wife of Dropsy in 1 < * worst form
All hope had left us for months. All say that it
Is a miracle. Water had dropped from her rizht
limb ( or months Forty-eight hours had taken
all ihe extra water from the svstem. All other
means had been tried. None succeeded but
is HUNTS purc'y ' ve-jetable REMEDY HUNT'S '
anil is used br the
ailtice of Physi
cians. It h-.8 stood
the test of time for
10 jtars , aud.lh <
utmost rehan < REMFDY
mav be pUceil ii
WILL CONVINCE YOUSeud f.-r Pamphlet to
Sealed proposal * will be reserved by the Board
of Public L < nds and RuiMing- the State < f
Nebraska , until two o'clock , p. m. , Saturday.
M ly 3J , 1S79 , for the erection of two ings to the
Nebraska II < spiul for the Insane , in accordance
with ( .1 ns and srecificat 01 s on file In the otflca
of he Comtii sion r ot Public Land * and Build
1'it R. Eac'i bid must be accompanied by a Ko d
nd sufficient bond , or other go < 1 security , in
the turn < f five thousand dollars , condi'i , i.ed
tha' if te IdJ. r is av rded the contract he wi 1
within filteen da\9 ext-c.iie a tatis actory bond
tniliestae of Ncbra-k , m 'he p.n 1 sum of
twl o t > e mount ( J the cni.tract price fu. the
e ' of 8 id imp.vtmtn's , wth gooi and
sufficient se untie' , to be approved by tte Board ,
conditioned for the faithlul perform in of tha
cont-a t in > 11 respe t >
Tha Board ro-erves the right to i fleet any or
all bids.
All proposal should be addressed to the Corn-
mi sinnei of Pub ic Lands and Bui dings , and
m irked "Prof osals for election of Hospital for
the 11 tiane
Hy order of the Board o ! Public Lands and
F. M DAVl . OomniMluner.
LIKCOL5 , Nab. , April 2d , 1S7S.
To Ephraim D. Pratt , Ma-tha W. Piatt , Matthew
MfCahiil aad Thomas Bryant , con-resident de-
i en Jan s :
You i.l take notice that on tha llth day of
> pri .1S71) , a petition was filed Iu the District
C urt within a d for Djug'is Cojuty , Nebraska ,
byMir > ilcCreary , pl.inliff , aainrt-jwu , im-
pleaded ith others aa deien lants , the- object
ai.dptajerof whicn petition i that an acoocnt
may t e fc kn of the amount due upon a note ,
executed ana de'irercd ' by the f > ! d Epbraim to.
Pratt to the said fliln'iff , for t' e turn of 88,725.-
10 , dated August 11 , 1:78. and payable IB tne
jearalt r dao witn iaerest from date at the
rate of 1-2 per cent , per annum ; a-d that a cer-
Uln mo liftge klvcn > > y 'he said E. D. Pntt acd
Mirt" 'W. iTatr , bis wife , to secure the patment
t t HI rtn'e , on the touth hilt ot the s mtheast {
of the southeast } of section 4 , hi township 15.
iiorh of range 13 east , containing SO seres of
laid , in 8'id County of Doujlas , m-y b < fore-
cl.irf au siid land order..u to be sold In default
of the c-ymento * the sum found due on rail
no e , with c. a ( hurt tii to be fixed by the
Cour , tog-ether with a reasonable attorney's fee
therein. a.d tnat uoon the confirmation of u i
ale th ralid fend < ntsm y b * forever bared
an.i f rec o td cf nd from all ri ht , Intereat and
equity < f r demotion in and to said cremues , or
any pan thereof , and fo' genetal relief.
You are required to answer said petition on the
28th day-olMay , A. D. , 1879GSO.
Attorney for Plaintiff.
April 12. 79. ap2er satit
Out to-day in clear , hold , handsome tj pt ,
By lln. Olipbant 10 Centg.
Oat to-diy in clear , bold , handsome type ,
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437 A Rogue's Life , by Wilkie Collins . lOc
4S6 Jly Grurdkui , by Ada Cambridge . lOe
.435 At Her Marcy , by James Payn . HJc
484 Her Ew was Her Fortune , F W Rohlson.ZOc
453 Cowit ronsdence , by F. W. Robinson. .10o
432 The Clovjn Foot , by Miss If. E , Braddon.lOc
431 Vixen , bt Miss M. E.Braddon . lOc
479 Cast Up by the bea , Sir Earn 1 W. Baker. 410c
476 The Slaret of Paris , (1st ( htlQ br Emtl *
t Gabort-jr . _ . . .i . Z'V
478 The Slaft * of Parif , ( id balQ-brEmlle
GatxiUa . . . . . 20c
465 Monsieur i Joq ( lit half ) by Emile Gabo-
nau . < . . . . . . . . tOe
485 Monsieur Lecoq (2d hall ) by Emile Gabo-
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408 File No. 113r EmUeCabcrbu. . . . . . . . . .20c
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Name hi gold and jet , postpaid. Large eommis-
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dress the Franklin Pr - > ting Co. , Northford , Con
necticut. * urSwl34
J B CO'S Crown
> - i r no 'ART PACKAGE ,
$7fr , pi 11 Ou. Gl .T
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wo i iiiUilj t - v , * t paid , JS CZVTS
1 fcitrv , k t.tul n "f STAP-E and PROFIT-
A3L3Nova" FKEE.
J ERUiE'-i CO , VT Broadway , ICUfCI
> 'e YwIc. V - UCITCL
out ttj U. 9 ,
910 Faxntiam Street , bat. Ota aed lOtk
J. B.
249 Douglas St Omaha Neb.
lioggs and till ! , <
No. 250 Farnham Strut
Or ; North Bide , opp. Grand Central HoU
ITKCS Run. una . uia
Byron Reed & Co. ,
Keep a complete abstract ot title to all Rea > K
tat In Omaha and Douglas CouutT. mavltf
Nebraska Land
Creighton Block , Omaha , Ntbt
40O.OOO ACRES carefully tel ct d land
Eastern Nebraaka for sale.
Great Bargain ! In Improved ( arms , and Otca
' . . . . <
LateLandCom'rU.P. R.R. _ p-teb
And Ticket * by the Bee Steamship lice * to and
from Europe.
Office , 14th and Farnham Stie ta
mchMly OMAHA. HEB. _
C2Vj > 7
? 7 ! i " rtife'S *
t rc ! 35 iT-'Si t---
rr-- j - Sy ?
Jv-X s"1 T s-.X ? 'V\
; r.v &
N ggp
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