Hesperian student / (Lincoln [Neb.]) 1872-1885, November 01, 1889, Page 7, Image 7

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Charles Englchard, formerly of '91, is farming near Rising
City. He intends to resume his work at the University next
H. J. Edmiston, '92, went to Bloomington, 111., last week
to attend the general convention of the Phi Delta Tlicta fra
ternity. Wc wonder what success the boys had in rustling an ad.
for the Pan-hki.i.enico-zephrunk at the laundry one day
last week.
The members of the batallion were amused on dress pa
rade to sec the frantic but vain efforts of the adjutant to draw
his sword.
Ask Skiles and Troyer about how they put in laboratory
work in geology. They can give you some good points on
how to kill time.
The University authorities have tendered the board of ag
riculturc the use of Grant Memorial hall for the annual corn
exhibit in January.
A bran new "Oberlin" (two plank andintervnl) walk now
stretches its weary length over to Ncbrask hall. 'Tis well it
arrived before the mud.
Any one wishing a subscription to LiJfincotVs Magazine
can get one at greatly reduced rates by applying to O. G.
Miller, business manager.
A. C. Cope started the new elcctiic lighting plant which
was put in at the asylum this fall by the Western Engineering
company, one day last week.
Bring down your second-hand Wells' plane and solid ge
ometries to The Hesperian office. Now is the accepted
time ifyou want to sell them.
What a pity that so much heat should be wasted in the
reading room. Enough is generated in one day to warm sev
eral buildings of the size of ours.
Lieutenant Dudley received a hearty welcome from the
boys last week- He has many friends in the University
among both the faculty and students.
Gund, '93, who was laid up with a sprained ankle, as a
result of the cane rush, is about again. He is able to navi
gate with the aid of his well-earned cane.
We feared for a time that a cheap boy would have to be
hired to keep the reading room door shut, but that expense
has been averted by a patent spring attachment.
McCrosky, '91, is the most dignified man in the Univer
sity. We hope he may soon be rid of the troublesome super
fluity, which is responsible for his cxhalted mien.
The first preps complain that they have great difficulty in
preparing many of their lessons because all the dictionaries are
monopolized by the Seniors in studying pol. econ.
The invitations of the University Y. M. C. A. completely
choke. 1. up the mail boxes in the steward's office last week.
Wc wish the sowers a speedy and abundant harvest.
The ardor with which one of the second prep boys, upon
bended knee, was caught explaining physics examples to one
of the second prep girls was worthy of a better cause.
If a ten year-old boy will climb a tree forty feet high for
walnuts, how long will it take the board of regents to heat the
University by steam? Please send the answer immediately.
Messrs. Stockton, flarkley, Bruggcr and Almy are elec
trical engineering boys who arc carrying work with the Elec
trical Light company. It is a great benefit to the boys to get
the practical cle:tricl work at the same time they are getting
the theoretical work in the class room.
Hoaglund became so enfatuatcd over his record made at
target practice that he stabbed himself with his bayonet while
on the way home The wound did not prove fatal, however.
License to wed was granted to E. Hunt, aged twenty sev
en, and Miss , aged twenty-nine, one day last
week. We always thought Professor Ebenezcrwas older than
Oh, that we were all directors of the experiment station,
that we might have a nice fire place' to sit by while the other
unfortunates shiver about in cold recitation rooms or labora
tories. Professor Lees' family relic, a large clock which has been
in the Lees family for over 150 years, has been placed in his
lecture room and is an object of admiration for preps and
other people.
The boys from the debating clubs become very hilarious
at times, but it is remarkable how soon they quiet down
when a gentleman from down town with brass buttons speaks
peace to them.
Prep: "Who was that small chap, with round shoulders
and stiff moustache, that hangs his head so sort of important
that took Professor Caldwell's class when he was sick? Is he
a prof, or what?
Miss Cochran dropped her University duties last Tuesday
long enough to attend a. wedding in the city. We admit that
this was a pleasant diversion from the monotonous round of
music lesson giving.
More new botanical books continually arrive and the li
brary becomes more complete each week. Among the new
ones is a collection of the writings of Dr. Gray which is inter
esting and valuable.
It looked quite homelike to sec Professor Shimek gather
his class about him, in front of his gasoline stove, on a cold
day, and pass around a large volume for each one to take
turns in reading from.
Scene, Thirty-second and Prospect streets. Freshman
looking for his girl, cautiously rings the door bell. Hired
girl comes to the door. Freshman: "Does Miss ah hem
ah ah." He faints.
The cadets had target practice again last Saturday, some
thing over twenty participating. The scores were "wcry
warious," ranging from 3 to 21 out of a possible 25. The
distance was 200 yards.
A. C. Cope spent a day or two at Plattsmouth last week
during the electrical exposition there. An electrical manu
factory has just been opened there for the manufacture of
clectiic lighting goods.
Darkley now wears the apron and carries the lad.ler in
Stockton's place of electric, lamp washing.- Stockton has
Bigelow's former place in running the dynamos, and Uigelow
has received a higher position.
Miller has been busily engaged for the last two weeks in
overhauling the old type in this sanctum' until now we have
sufficient type to set up four additional pages of matter, and
have a few fonts for sale beside.
A. F. Woods is performing some interesting experiments
in physiological botany, relative to the growth of plants, tliei
sensitiveness to light and heat. Some ingenious apparatus
has been constructed by Mr. Woods.
President Schaefler and Regent Richardson of the state
university of Iowa visited our institution a few days ago on a
tour of inspection. We understand that they are soon to
erect a chemical laboratory, and came especially to visit ours.