Hesperian student / (Lincoln [Neb.]) 1872-1885, January 05, 1885, Page 8, Image 8

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Mnnlcy hns the crcum of tlio candy trade.
All styles nnd qualities of men's hats at W. R.Dcnnls',
Our fall and winter stock is now complete. T. Ewing
Cadet suits and caps at T. Ewiug & Go's clothing
Be sure and go to Winger & Miller's for your under
wear. Latest styles in neck-wear, collars, and cuffs at Ewing
& Go's.
Large stock of gents' collars and cuff's at W. R. Dennis.
Sec them.
Elegant lino of men's hosiery at W. R. Dennis', under
Opera House.
The largest stock and lowest prices in the city at T.
Ewing & Go's.
T. Ewing & Go. are at the front for all tho latest and
fine fitting clothing.
Reduction in prices to students at T. Ewing & Go's
clothing emporium.
For a flno fall or winter overcoat go to T. Ewing & Go's
mammoth clothing house.
Students can be nccommodated at any hour of tho day
in Lincoln Business College.
Merino and all-wool underwear 50 per cent below for
mer prices at Winger & Miller's.
University students enn get best lead pencils for 25 cts
per dozen at Winger & Miller's.
GotoT. Ewing & Go's emporium for flno clothing
gents furnishing goods, hats and caps
PoEsibly some of these chilly mornings and evenings
will induce you to look at W. K. Dennis' lino of under
wear. The senior clnss of Wabash College will tnko in tho
New Orleans exposition in a body. Why aren't wo all
Wabash college scnions? Sad thought I
Special attention u given to Card Writing, Engrossing,
Resolution?, and any work in tho line of plain and orna
mental pen work at Lincoln Business College.
The editors of Lincoln papers all left for Donver Jan.
8, with their robes all ready. It rumored that editors
ascended one day before the rest of tho advent faithful.
Important. When you visit or leavo New York City,
save baggage expressing: and carriage hire and stop at
the Grand Union Ilotel, opposite Grand Central Depot.
Elegant rooms titled up at a cost of one million dollars,
reduced to one dollar and upwards per day. European
plan Elevator. Restaurant supplied with tho best.
Horse cars, stages nnd elevated rnilroad to all depots.
Families can live hotter for less money ut tho Grand
Union Hotel than at any other first-class hotel in the city.
The bust heading. Every lami y that desires to pro
vide lor its young peoplo wholesome and instructive
reading matter should send for specimen copies of the
Youth's Companion, of Boston. It is the brightest and
best of papers for young people. Its columiiH give more
two hundred stories yearly by the most noted authors, in
cluding J. T.Trowbri 'go, William Black, Harriet Beochor
Stowe, Thomas nardy, Mrs. Oliphant and many others,
besides scientific articles by eminent specialists, tales of
adventure by notod travellers, papers of encouragement
and advice hymen and women of ability and experience,
and reminiscences nnd anecdotes of famous people. With
n circulation rapidly approaching 350,000 copies a veok
tho Youth's Companion can well afford to spread such a
feast before its patrons: and spreading such a feast, H is
no wonder It has such a tremendous circulation.
One of tho best surprises wo met with during vacation
was our visit to tho now Normal School and Business
College at Fremont. In this "four months old" institu
tion we expected as is usually tho case in schools of that
age, to find it in a some-what primitive state of organi
zation and developement, but we were most happily dis
appointed. We were kindly shown through the several
different departments by President Jones himself and vo
can safely say that nowhere in the west can bo found a
school of its age that can show as fino an organization, bo
well furnished building throughout. President Jones
brings with him from from his consular service ono of tho
finest collections of Chinese, Japanese, Indian and other
curiosities wo ever saw. They have an excellent begin -ning
of a library, and a good start for a geological
and mineralogical cabinot. Tho artists' ntudio is indeed
worthy of the school. The business college will in the
fu'ure occupy the whole third floor. Tho musical depart'
ment is in tho best ot hands and rapidly growing and In
fact every department seems to have fallen into the most
thorough and experienced hands. Fremont is to be con
gratulated upon having secured men who aro not only
thorough instructors but thorough organizers, and also
know when and where to strike. The registration for tho
fall term was eighty-four and already over ono hundred
have signified their intention nf attending the coming
session. In every department we feel liko pronouncing
it to bo what thoir advertiBments proclaim a decided
JgjxchmtQc gric-H-brac.
That anti-frat head-line in the "Kansas Wsekly Cour
ier" is startling but deceptive. Tuke down your false
colors, Courier .
Notre Dame Scholastic has a curious cx-cdi'or. We
used to think he had no brains. Lately ho has come out
in favor of Commercial Freedom. His prospects, ment
ally, are looking up.
The Wooster Collegian is surprised. It hears that
Kansas State University contains two litorary societies of
such tremendous energy a9 to decorate thoir halls with
pianos. Don't bs frightened Collegian. Such things aro
common in tho Great West. Wo have throe literary so
cieties in the U. of N. and each of thorn is tho proud
possessor of a thousand dollar "square grand." For en
ergy, pure and simple, go to the progressive west.
At Ev.anston tho freshios are a hard lot, if we can judge
by tho report given in the Northwestern. They r.aptured
a number of '87 athletes, tied them scientifically ani
secroted them in i collar whcio they were permitted to
partake of sardines and poa-nuts by way of refreshments.
Tho rest of tho sophomore class discovered the scheme and
tho '88 bruisers were oompollod to ignominiously relin
quish their captives. Tho Sophs were rescued in time for
their sociable which took place in the evening of .the
same day. 1 oor Sophs! They aro planning how to even
up accounts with '88.