Hesperian student / (Lincoln [Neb.]) 1872-1885, November 01, 1884, Page 6, Image 6

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ffamyux $mnrilti.
I'll smoke n "Punch", Mnnloy.
Mnnley hna the cream of the candy trado.
What nils the class in University Algebra?
H. P. Barrett is visiting with us this weok.
Miss Keyset, or Donne, is visiting Miss Cnrsc.
Bo sure nnd go to Winger & Miller's for your under
wear. Latest styles in neck-wear, collars, and cuffa at Ewing
& Go's.
For some unknown cnu3o the haso ball excitcmeiu has
all died out.
The largest stock and lowest prices in the city at T.
Ewing & Co's.
Reduction in prices to students at T. Ewing & Co's
clothing emporium.
The best judges of artistic work go to Kelley & Co for
Photos. No. 1026 O st.
"Mortar boards"! What an acquisition they will be to
the average Freshman head.
University students can get best lead pencils for 25 cts.
per dozen at Winger & Miller's.
Dr. B. Bell Andrews, of Nemaha City, was visiting
friends at the University this week.
Go to T. Ewing & Co's emporium for fine clothing,
genls furnishing goods, hals and caps
"It is not all life to live nor to wear cancs,etc.;" is
the Soph version of that familar quotation.
The howling breezes, that waft the dustto our eyes,
are certainly growing more numerous than pleasant.
Possibly some of tht-se chilly mornings and evenings
will induce you to look at W. It. Dennis' lino of under
wear. The Union and Pullndiau debating clubs seem to have
better prospects than ever before, for doing good solid
And now comes the "would be startled prep" and
innocently inquires if there is a special police force for
hallow e'en.
H. E. Grimm, of Rocn, came in to nttend the general
mctting of students, Saturday evening, to discuss "fra
ternity problems."
The preps arc wrestling hard with civil government.
They have already acquired more knowledge than the
ordinary congressman.
For tho past two or three days wild geese in flocks
were noticed flying southward. Another harbinger of
approaching cold weather.
The Cadets and bund have been out on dress-parado
several times this term. Taking in to consideration its
being the full term they make a flnc appearance.
The notice in our last issue of tho Hesperian election
was intended for the preceding one but by mistake came
as stated. Only two weeks late and nobody to blame.(?)
Professor Culebrtson, formerly of tho University, is
running his extensive sorghum works day and night.
It is a new industry for this state and the p.ofc&sor seems
to be maknig a success of it.
Our fall nnd winter stock is now complete. T. Ewing
Cadet suits and caps at T. Ewing & Co's clothing
Large stock of gents' collar and cuffs at W. R. Dennis.
See them.
Elegant lino of men's hosiery at W. R. Dennis', under
Opera House.
T. Ewing & Co. arc at the front for all tho latest nnd
flno fitting clothing.
For a flno fall or winter overcoat go to T. Ewing & Co'
mammoth clothing house.
Merino and all-wool underwear 50 per cent bclow.,for-r
mcr prices at Winger & Miller's.
Students will save money by purchasing their clothing
and furnishing-goods of T. Ewing & Co.
N. B. Secure yourself against the coming crisis! the .
chapel choir seriously threaten dissolution.
What ails our "campus" now ? Fences down fire, you
know, gates open, cattle, horses, pigs, and town-boys, ru-n
ning at will! What's to bo douo about it t
We had intended to make a noto on tho influences of
cold on chapel piety, but on giviug the subject a more
careful consideration concluded to defer our remarks un
til brighter times.
Tho now feature of library work the clipping plan
progrcssctli in tho hands of tho professors of history.
This is we'l worthy a more extended notice; an editorial
perhaps would better do it justice.
With duo respect for tho rights of contestants and tho
principles involved, wo note tho struggle commenced be
tween our literary societies and tho secret fraternities.
Let tho struggle be waged calmly and fairly, and may the
right prevail.
I have just received a now outfit of dental tools and ma.
terials. Am prepared to do all kinds of work which comes
in my line. Satisfaction guaranteed. A liberal reduction
to students. Come and see mc. W. A. Hull, 1106 0 St.
Over Harley's Drug Store.
The eosedsajc taking tho cake in athletic sports this
year. They seem to bo more enterprising than tho boys.
It is time the boys woke up to this idea. It is to be
hoped before another jcar thero will bo a gymnasium in
connection with tho University.
Why are the preps so coltisl ? When "let out" of class
they generally fly around through tho halls, talking tol
erably loud and making us fear, at least with respect to
the co-eds, that a lurgo majority of ought-to-bo High
School students are loafing in this vicinity.
The University of Nebasrka is going to be represented
at tho New Orleans exposition, by a barrel of potatoes
sent by Judcio Savage of llio college farm. Each potato
is to belabled and decorated with tho required amount
of triming. They say it is doubtful whether they would
stand a chanco at a ono horse county fair.
Many of tho students find it to their interest to board
at tho Howard House, This house has recently changed
hands and now more than sustains its former reputation
of being the best dollar a day house in the city. Mr. Car.
dor printed tho first number of tho Student over pub
lished and will welcome tho boys at all times.