Hesperian student / (Lincoln [Neb.]) 1872-1885, December 15, 1881, Image 4

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Boots and shoes tit the B. B. store.
Ladies' and Gent's kid mills at Kicr's.
Cut velvet scnifs, the nicest thing out,
at Kicr's.
Silk pulse warmers in beautiful shades
at Kicr's.
Bcvci sable overcoats at Ewing & Co's
Drydcn objects to being called "witty."
Well, he's dry ill n.
To cure corns : buy a glove calf shoe of
Bnrklcy & Briscoe.
Downs & Webster sell hard and soft
coal. Give them n call.
Call at Ewing & Co's emporium of
fashion for fine clothing.
All the students go to Fox & Struvc for
their books and stationery.
Our line of silk hairlkcrchiefs arc just
immense. Kier, the hatter.
Album', portmonies, lockets, rings, etc.,
etc., at Boston 00 Cent c tore.
All the goods found in a first-class
gents furnishing house, at Ewing & Co's.
Nobby line of scarfs just received at
Ewing & Co's mammoth clolhinghouse.
Olason & Fletcher's is an elegant and
cheap place fcr students to buy Holiday
Send homo some of those beautiful
articles now ou exhibition at Boston 09
Cent Store.
Yes, W. J. Turner's Holiday display is
fine and complete, You will bo pleased
to buy there.
Students will find everything jhey need
in the way of stationery and text book?
at Fox & Strmc's.
II. C. Lett & Son arc the merchants nil
students should buy of, as they will give
more for their money.
Mr.T. M. Wimbcrly was looking around
the University last week. Ho intends to
come back next lorm.
Professor Aughcy is off again on scien
tific business. Ho has been subpeoned to
Washington this time.
Pianos and Orans at VanMclcr's
Music Store at prices lower than the low.
est. Call and examine.
Students wishing fine fitting, stylish
cut garments will find a full variety at tho
PlioenJx, O Si. bet 11 and 12.
Tho Ciidct battalion, with tho Baud
drum major and all, did escort duly to
Gov. Si. John, of Kansus, when ho lec
tured here.
Students arc invited to call ul T. Ewing
& Co's emporium, where they will receive
the best goods at reduced prices.
If you intend making a Holiday pres
ent of a seal skin cap it will ceilaiuly pay
you to sco Mr. Kier and get his prices.
We will go and sec why everybody is
buying so mnnj Holtd ly goods at W.J.
Turner's. Must be quality and price docs
The "ciy of tin " is an expression that
seme one is s'.uinhled on every year that
Chemistry is studied. They say it tripped
M. up badly.
About two hundred of the college stu
dents, more or less, hcaul the famous
Clara Louise Kellogg warble at the Opera
House on the 3rd.
One of our most industrious students
has left and gone to Colfax county to
teach school. We refer to G. T. Sprcehcr.
Hope he'll be back soon.
Tlic class which graduates in '83 now
numbers Misses Palmer and Parker; nml
.Messrs. Pierce, Culver, Foole, Hitchcock,
Chase, Wheeler, and White. More may
come in.
The professor in German nsked, the
other day, ' What is the gender of ncuil.
emy'V" A bright pupil replied. "That
depends on whether it's a male or female
Holiday presents at one half price. You
can get all sorts of Christmas presents at
Boston 09 Cent Store it for less price than
other places in tho city. Try it and sco if
we are not right.
It is astounding to s'.t in the janitor's
iorm for an hour in tho morning and sec
how many run in there without any nppar
cut aim and out again. The rapping on
George's door is incessant.
Fischer pianos now in use. Van Meter
has ii fine variety in stock and lias been
selling a goodly number of them in Lin.
cu and other places. Il is the best Pi
ano now made for tho money.
The local editor intends in the next is.
sue to offer a prize for the best original
pun handed in to him by n University
student before January loth. Dig, now
boys, dig. Be pungent if you can.
John Silvcrnail is rapidly gaining rep.
ululiou as a civil engineer. He is now
working on the Utah and Wyoming rail,
road, ami receives one hundred dollars
per month and expenses. Good pay, that.
Is not this a rousing number of the Stu
dent for Chrislmis? We have tried our
best to uialfj il such. There will ho no
inlerriiplion in the issues on account of
the holidays, and the next number will
appear January first and welcome you
back to college.
Tho handsomest, stock of furnishing
goods, neckwear, silk handkerchiefs, sits,
penders, suitable for Holiday presents, at
Ihe Phooi.ix One Prieo Clothing Hall ever
seen in Lincoln. Call this week and sco
"Duffy" and half a dozen or the invct.
crates of this oflloo were earnestly discus
sing the Little Longfellow arrow problem,
when "Dully" gravely remarked that ho
wouldn't try Hiawatha's scheme- might
get stuck in the back.
Officers of tho Union Society Tor the
coming term: President, J. II. Holmes;
Vice President, Nellie Lett ; Sec'y, Nar
cisnSnoll ; Cor. Sec'y, Alice Carsc; Critic,
Flora Frost; Treasurer, E. O. Lewis; Scr
gcant at Arms, II. W. Olmstend.
The French of it was, On fait, boiro
ies sergents," which means, according to
the proper translation, "Ono makes
the sergeants drink," but it was icndcrcd
in the French class Ihc other day as "Ono
makes them drink the policemen."
Mr. John N. Drydcn, the irrepressible
gentleman "from Custer countj," left for
home last week. As il lakes ten days to
maku Hip journey each way, John is com
pelled to start early if he expects to get
back bcfoic the winter term is over.
The illustrations in this number aro
pronounced by a cynical fellow to be only
"wodd-culs." Wc confess they arc uot
steel plates, wc would not steel plates if
we could. It wo thought ho was trying
to plate on us wc wood cut him dead.
At considerable trouble and no little
expense we have secured a corps of till,
ented artists to contribute sketches for our
" Children's C himii." which will appear
hcicaftcr in every number. Wo hope our
readets will appreciate Ihis, and give tho
Student credit for cnlcrprise.
The Student keeps on winning pop.
u'.nr fav.tr. lis subscribers away from
town sn,, "How it makes mo remember
Ihe good old times of tho University," and
its patrons hero in college do us the com
pliment to remark, " It tells us everything
Hint happens in school, anil in a breezy
Senior B. B. Davis, who has taught
Prof. Auqhey's classes so well during tho
pis', lonn has been oleeled as assistant
principal of the Platlsnioulh High School.
He has accepted the position, but will
keep up his studies also and graduate
wilh the class of '82. Our students make
famous teachers.
Wc discover Ihc following pleasant
notice of an old University nutrient in tho
Hillsdale 7mrW, ihu organ or Hillsilalo
College, Michigan. We expect to hear
greater things as Ihe years roll on. "B. J
Arnold has beon sought out and hired by