Hesperian student / (Lincoln [Neb.]) 1872-1885, January 01, 1878, Page 286, Image 26

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LOOAI, Nkws.
Prof. Bailey,
J. II. Harlcy,
Lieut. Dudley,
Mr. Onklcy,
Frank Paries,
on concluded to sco an end to the fight
rather than go to their arithmetic class.
Mrs. Soulo's lecture to the. students
was a very rare treat. The education of
woman and the co-education of the sexes
were presented in an ahle manner, Sho
maintains that tho education of women
is just as essential as that of man, and
that the higher education is also necessary
to real success in life.
Tho memhers of the Lincoln Itillc.
Association met in Lieut. Pudlcy's room
for a permanent organization. A perma
nent team was organized with tho follow
ing officers :
Sen. Vice President.
Jun. Vice President.
-There is to bo a literary contest bo
twecn the University Union and Palladian
Society, Friday eve. Feb. 22, in the Uni
versity chapel. This exhibition will proba
bly be thebost entertainment ever given by
tho students. The performers are the best
from each society, and we think almost
equal in ability. We bespeak a good an
dience for this occasion, and insure a
pleasant and profitable entertainmout for
those who come.
The Palladian Society started this
term with a good audience and perform
ances to correspond Miss Fairfield, the
retiring president, addressed tho society
with a few appropriate remarks, intro
ducing J. II. Worley, the president elect.
The stage performances were very good,
although not numerous. Messrs Mercer,
Hartman, Magoon, and MissSehuokman
discussed the question: "Bosolved that a
union of tho dillcrcnt creeds would tend
to tho advancement of Christianity."
This was one of tho most lively debates
the Palladians ever had.
Tho University is an almost ontiroly
new building, or itseemsso from outward
appearances. The new limo-stono founda
tion; the fresh painting and striping
of the building give it a very fine
appearance on the outside. And not on
ly has it an imposing appearance, but
with such a foundation it is substantial.
Within, the work of repairing lias been
extensive; gas-pipes are iurnished to all
the occupied rooms; and the chapel, with
a number of other looms, have been kal
sominod. In a short time the chapel will
be furnished with chandeliers.
Wo shall soon haTO to bid farewell to
our beloved workmen who have made
such lively times for us during the last
four months. It has been such a source
of joy to us, while in class, to hear a half
dozen men hammering on the roof, two
or three tearing up the floor in tho hall, a
number more putting up scaflblds in the
chapel, and perhaps another pounding
with all his might in the room just above,
if you happen to bo on the second
floor, with an accompaniment of the pi
ano and some melodious voice. This is
music too enchanting for our uncultured
ear to appreciate.
For some reason there are only a few
students studying military Tactics this
term. Perhaps this is because they think
that they have not time, but this should
not hinder any one from aiding to build
up a military department in our Universi
ty. If the Bogonts had not thought it
would be a benefit to the institution, such
a department would never have been in
stitutcd, and the expenditures for arms
and equipments would not have been
made. The requirements in this depart
incut are not numerous, and the exercises
are pleasant; and every student who takes
a part, especially in drilling, will feel bet
tor for it.
A Ni:w Educational .Touunai, Wc
learn from tho Kearney Presa that Hon.
L. B. Fi field, one of the Begcnts of the
Stale University, proposes to issue next
month the first number of a bi-weekly
journal, devoted to educational and liter
ary manors. Price 1.00 a year. Wo
know of no man better fitted to make such