Hesperian student / (Lincoln [Neb.]) 1872-1885, November 01, 1877, Page 225, Image 19

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ati -j -sa xroJditMi ie foaad by cur
kvIkts to ti mobsstiaT ia their ftiamiua
..Ma'- Lt omiacme.
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r iljr coonUj. ligtaisg up Uie sncsun
.'U J.ieir bright faces. bringing shhh1si
lm.r c-.lgf i;fe from across the snow
in-- .nuins of the "West, brewtcs from Uie fur
At.wmc and sUhv south, while fitiul
oun-K from llie roar of Niagara reach u
ihr.)2h n exponent of Uie s.une.
huluiuges are aluuys received and
rtal whh pleasure. Tliey show what our
iU-r schools are doing in lite field of
JoutuxliMii, .nod give its an insisht iuioihe
H-rkings of other institutions. Through
llnrn we are able to judge of the literary
iiiiity of the schools they represent, anil
"t the individual force and power which
i expended upon them.
Among them are found widely different
(.'luructeriMiej. Some have loo inanv ed-itor-,
while others liue not enough. In
tin- tirst case, as might be expected, the
editorial columns are a blank as far as
real merit is concerned, while in the lat.
ter the want of more assistance is only too
l'i duly been. Many arc mere organs of a
party or cla'-s, and fail to represent the
wsof all the students, thus losing skill
"I one of the real objects ol a college pa
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lit aJCsJ pilS .v HI. oils IWAl llAs t J tiHlMti 1 s
j ! fill lJ" -t Most of liiC A13;
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i-f the lln lkl lusorsoll lisvsi:iu
:iiin .ind iN'iufit s piiil)t
The '' " is trlix .s. . w,!! j"i
and well e.Httti jwiht. Am lulnvshi-c
article eceiniig s lume Md oiii
will serve to Piililitou Waihicd miiitls
Considerable sace is ukoii up b a
iHinnls of aiul otunimnis .m a dlsgTacrliii
proceeding f the .liiuior class wmiKi
have been wiser nt to luxe it s,
much spare, which eotild hw Iktu IUi i
tilletl, tti uch a matter. May the 7. y.
over be a suecossfid interpret i " s u
wish of the Sri iknt
The JVWmm Cftityt" n'iiits ;.. .n tux
month with its editoiial eoluunis tletitl
of an piiitluiiit'iis whivh wmud lelltti
honor on the idiiots lndiol tlmx is
posilivili nothing in tin h.pi ol id do
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