Hesperian student / (Lincoln [Neb.]) 1872-1885, December 01, 1876, Page 13, Image 13

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    The Unknown Heirs, or The Confuted rnherilance.
The purpose of Mr. Sykes, in liis mis
sion hither, was to question the boys in u
stealthy inunnei', and if possible to throw
them off their guard and gain therein
such information as would satisfy him.
self cither as to their guilt or innocence.
Hut he was loth to enter upon the disa
greeable business and endeavored to up.
proacli the subject by circumlocution.
In fact, so irreproachable a character
hud the boys sustained and such had been
the superintendent's confidence in them,
that he was thus far by no means persuad
ed of their guilt.
In the midst of his cross examination, a
sharp rap upon the door was heard. Ste
phen opened the later, and two persons
immediately entered, the foremost' of
whom, Mr. Sykes recognized as u sheriff.
The latter person saluted the superintend
ent and then arrested Richard on a charge
of theft, and Stephen . for complicity.
During this process, Johnson wheeled his
chair around so thathis face was brought
into the shade. As the procccdine: had
occurred so unexpectedly, the astonish
incut of the boys exceeded, for the lime,
their indignation. They besought Mr.
Sykes to explain the matter.
The superintendent then gravely stated
the details of the charges alleged against
them and the purpose of his visit that eve
ning. Ho also expressed a hope that they
would be able to exonerate themselves.
The boys listened with amazement. They
denied emphatically all the accusations
and defied any one to prove them.
At this juncture the sheriff's compan
ion, evidently in response to n meaning
glance from Johnson, propo-ed that the
cellar bo searched. Mr. Sykes assented to
this and agreed to do it himself.
You will find a caudle in the closet at
the head of the cellar stairs," said Rich
aid composedly. "Light it, and examine
the cellar wall."
Mr. Sykes found and lighted the candle,
and beckoning to Johnson to follow him,
descended the stuirwny. The collar did
not present a very unusual appearance.
The walls were of rough stone, and on
one side was a rude door. A mass of
what appeared to be only straw was in
one corner. Johnson scattered 'this
and thereby disclosed a small printing
press and Its appurtenances. Among the
latter was found a piece of paper, on
which was piloted the following:
$20 " ''' C!1" ,,c llini, 'y '"' 0I1 who Ik up
to HimtV, unit without liiterforliif with Ills other
business. Address,
Biwci.K A Co., MiaiEurrnyN. II.
"Tills looks as if they were about to go
into a. humbug business," remarked John
son. Mr. Sykes made no answer, but his
countenance grew more serious as he con
tinued his search and found other papers
that seemed to strengthen Johnson's re
mark. The door already mentioned was
found to communicate with a small closet,
in which the missing watch was discov.
ered as well as other articles, which were
identified by the sheriff as stolen in Moul
tonborough. Sundry articles were also
found which seemed to strengthen the evi
dence that the boys were about to engage
in some of the humbugs that are so com
moil at the East.
We have not space to describe the trial
which followed. Sufllco it to say that
everything was against the two brothers;
they had but their own, unassisted tosli
mony to oppose overwhelming accusa
tions and the number of witnesses that
were brought forward.
Richard was sentenced to hard labor
for a term of threo years, but Stephen
was released from custody for want of suf
ficient evidence to convict him. His lot
was, however, nearly as hard as Richard's,
for he was discharged from the employ of
Mr Sykes and shunned by all his former
Mr. Rennet did not immediately pro
ceed to Meredith, but spent a week titEus
ton in the transaction of somo business.
He was also delayed by stoppuges along
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