Hesperian student / (Lincoln [Neb.]) 1872-1885, October 01, 1876, Page 2, Image 2

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Setfd JSiivieh'es.
sir A
provided they arc more of an evil tliim a
good. Let us consider. l)r Itohiusoti
charges upon thorn that they arc cxpan
sice. Now what is thu tost hero 1 Is not
the criterion of an article's oxpeiisivonos
to he found either to its intrinsic, value or
in the length of the puss I iht purchas
or or possessor?
If tube n member of n seerol college
Society In-really worth to inu all that 't
costs me, then, no matter what it costs, it
cannot be called expensive. Whether 1
could possibly spend the m ney m as to
reap a yet greater relative advantage is not
now the question in issue. The question
hero and it is one which in this discus,
sion the opponents of .-cere! Smdeiics can
not afl'ord to beg is whether or not the.-e
Societies are worth their cost. If, on the
other hand, the Dr. means by expemito
that these Societies entail up n the under
graduate a really intolerable burden ol
expense., we may pioperly take exception
ii It mite to thu generic char.icter ol' the
assumption. With an income of but a
thousand dollars, a live hundred dollai
carriage is no doubt too expensive for me,
though it may tint be lor 1113 neighbor
whose income approximates a hundred
thousand. So, for the student whose al
lowanec bin el meet his living expenses
to join a secret Society may lie not on'y
unjustifiable but prnctiealh iuipn-sihle;
lint should this eelude hi- chi-siniitc
whose allowance It ippuns to be more lib.
oral? It will hardly do to thiol; of club
lishiug Mitch a dospuli-ni as will prevent
any Mndcnt from doiiiy or purchasing
what is be.vond the leach of all. Outward
uniformity is no more desirable than in
ward. It is the province of a college to
develop character, or at le-i idlbrd it an
opportunity for sclf-development. Inei
dentally, it must aim also to fit the student
for the part he is subsequently to piny as
a citizen. It will not etl'uct this b break
ing down the distillations and making
void tin conditions which subsist every,
whore throughout society. The student
mm in this, as in other things, sufi-lv be
left peifeetly free to ell o-e in ace idatie
wiih his circumstance ami condition, nnd
be instructed h the natural consequence
of his own choice.
Not u.iieh mote foieihle would seem
the M'o.nid ol joolion--the spiiit of clan
. exx losleied hj, those socielie. The
same charge might be brought auainst
aiy limited so.dety whiitewr, and with
like jusiice. The cosmopolitan Ooelhc
objected even to patriotism (nmor juitiine)
a unwoithy, uairowieg in its intlw nee.
As "one idm," as a single put suit, makes
a monomaniac of the man whose (-utile
entire energies it engrosser, so, in its
way, does any limited society, scent or
open, narrow and degrade, if it secures
exclusive attention. The os-ence of clan
nUhnctS is liinitatinii. So in a souse are
we. all mumbersof some clan. With all it
is a question of more or less.
Knch Is lionmli'il liv lit- imturu,
Ami ivintitiis tno simo hi tlnlare.
In the vnll uy, on 1I10 liHiuatiitn;
Scnjp from oetiui or from rmiiiitihi,
With 11 poor Imiul nr 11 noliur,
You can only flit jour piu-lior.
Of course culluie broailces, emttiicipati
olenites. Through thflt magic door wi
pues from the narrower into the lurucr
limitation-, but never without tin 111, i.er
beyond them. First the laiuily. tin 11 the
neighhoih't id, llien the slate, then the mi
tion, then, lor OoiI'm anointi d, the co-mo.
poliiaas, coiius the world. To these,
though limited still, we may lift our lu.ts
and bow with tvvcronc . (Sir: he waflr-t
a German, Jesus i .k-. , ShaUpere mi IJn-irli-bni
in; aftciwaid-. nothing liuinmi
win, foreign to them. Yet the stars, and
their atenilanl woihls, with their probable
eiiiiitk"M inhabitants, were beyoinl their
Not noeoshiii il ihereforc art l hoe n-erei
College .SoeliUea to be objeoted to because
in them the spirit of ehtniiidine- find
a plaeu for m.inife.tn:Ion. To xv college
ibeir the same objection mn he made.
We must look further to ibid h filch ji
roiuvm for condemiilug the: SoclcUcb
Do we fl (1 it in the t,ltl olinrye that in
rs j, w jmj k . " "" ' ! ""y