Hesperian student / (Lincoln [Neb.]) 1872-1885, April 01, 1875, Page 6, Image 6

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The Kates Student for April Is the first
exchange which wo take up to notice. It
is n improvement on nil lis predecessors.
Tho article on tlie "Rolativoalty of knowl-
edge" is especially good and tlic editorial
on Riography Is worthy of special men.
Tho University lleportcr lias some very
sensible extracts from the Kdinburffh iV
m'ttn on " Religion and Science ", and an
editorial discussion on the best plan for
running a College paper. 1 1 advocates the
placing of the whole responsibility into
tloual Attendance on Recitation" and
"What Product ?" Is above the average of
such brief essays. "The factors of life
i..... c. .1.1 n,.,l ..t..,in niillltt' mill yen
mu niu-iMiii, uwugiiwi 1'u'i'v
right to vote regardless of the conse
quenecs that would necessarily follow the
granting of such a right while we
would not forgot that, wo protest against
in exerting It. One has been llxed by our i tho combined and merciless attacks made
Maker, the other must be determined by
ourselves. Tho product of these factors
is the measure of each life." Though
we cannot agree with all the Ideas of the
writer on "Professional Education" we
are bound to admit that he brings a strong
iiririimuut to sunnorl his nosltlon. This
upon a comparatively defenseless and
guileless race. They, Indeed, have rights,
and, without regard for tho consequences,
we fearlessly advocate the same. In our
peregrinations through life, and in those
relations we are compelled to sustain in
the great social arena, we have limo and
article is the best thai has appeared in time and again been called upon to wl
the Crescent. ness the most embarrassing and helpless
V,. n..ii n'-(."iimiiiiimr ii niiiiilli" in 'condition of bachelors. There can be no
the hands of the business manager, slipu- ,e ,)0,.so of lhc lMhousie Cazctlv, if it ! exaggeration in saying thai nothing is
lalingo.dy lhat it be run in the inloresls (mv bp snU, (() hV(i ..pe.son ... Wo1'"0"5 cnlcululed In enlist tlio sympathy
of the inllege or university. This prob- 0,sewlim. co,nmcu,cd on the nature lnd condolence of sympathizing friends,
lem 0M10 v lo place a college paper on " j 0-lts aHHoi.n but must sav u little more Un romuin, and most ungracefully
paying b.isis U .me which demands a bmU ., 1( mn. wo s;ntomenl8f ono vvoa-the title of, an old bad,. Yet, how.
speedy soluMon JuM at present I hese pa- ( ()). wh,cIl h m,gp nmi )h(, olhpi. () s , over deeply humiliating and mortifying
pers have spnu,-up all over the country, lurtsI) mnbKM10Us, The IIksi-kuian is '! " application or the cognomen may be
11101 ol them upon a very precarious loot-, com,ue,,cl b ,,. 1WessOI.3 of ,ll0 lV,- there can bo no relief exeepl in a surren
.ng .ndecul. an. I.ave been conducted for ivcrsluulntiviiMvas tr wl,lol.s m.(i Uer nf Iong cherished and .jealously,
a vear or so bv private enterprise, and . , , . , , , .. .. .... ... I mniriinii rlrhis The Miiesiioit letmlvus
, , , , '. ' ,, ' students who have control ol its columns gunmen iigiua. m, question itsoms
now that the IIMVeltv llils Worn O 1 are lhl- , , ,. . .. . ., , linir nmrolv into this- Klinlt lliev nlVr
... , and admit such sentiment- as thev choose, "sen meici into mis. sunn ino.,niici
Ole to suspend .llddeillv 1' lit nest die a .. ,, ,. , ., .. ctuminliiir tlw current (nvt mid lirnvctvl
' . .... , I lie Professors are welcome contributors sieniining tnt iniiuii inc, uiiu iuuui.)
llllferinir UOIII I. I IC plllll Ol tjlvillg ev. ' . .... , . , .. , r ft,,. , ,.nis; lit. f.rinwnil nl l.wl mill ...til,
',. -. , , , . , but in but one instanee has nil article of "ol cnis, ue (oeiceu ai nisi, ami wiin
erything into Hie hand ol a Htisinoss . , , ., .,. , . , ninitiMlli.u lmnnlitce nsnopi Iihkh'v snimiii
.' " i theirs appeared in the editorial columns ciosiinnon, nopoioss aspect nasi j suoniii
Manager si-enisi he most lonsible-provid- ,,,.',..,, ,.,....,., . 'm (heir indefafurable foes? Echo an-
UIIVI IIIVII "IUJ llll"llM 1IIV.U 'i JjFtiV-Vi v;o.- - - 0
r.A ti. oak nniifii i niiniwilnitl iit.m At. fl..k
in tir i nil ULiiui ii V.IMU iini in iiiiiii i ii iiii- . . . i ." .......i i . . t ..:........ 1......1 .....
, . . , ,. ,'. .. , , where. The (hu,tU suv, "We lind Jive wvera, ixner; i.e. s)himl-is nnwi uiiu
nlaee. tin is ny all odds the most respon- . , . , . . ...... ,.n.ici.inwci. limrnii iimir i,n.i., .,Aiwiii5.ii
... . ., ., ,, , articles signed with the same initials," ceuselosl bewail then lonely condition ,
siblc position, much more than the editor's ....... , , . , . ; nr,. i .t iimir nniiiimnnw nml ,,,,
i leaving it to be inferred that lliev were in mine. Lei then anathemas and exeei a-1
for the excellence ol contributed articles, ,. . .,. illmisllL. ,m,Ul(i remorselesslv nl our de I
i uiv inwiittiini nuniULi nniLiin nn liiui. ' i
. .
bankruptcy. Let us have competent Bus
iness Managers by all means
The Stephens College Chaplct is at hand
once more. The April number is spicy
and well written and compares very favor,
ably with its rival, the tfiiir. JFissourinn.
Indeed we are inclined to award it the
rfuiplet. The worst tiling about it is its
The Packer Qaartorlj is also before us
IIIILl' IIIIIMM I I II' ! I 1 I I 11111 I IIMI IIWlMUlll'l' lllll - ... .
' i .' ' '", ...ic,;....- u',. i. ..... .... !... 1. 1 i ... t !r n...i li'iieelem heads. 1 Iioul'Ii we lnnv
cummma v:i,"",M s,,,u ,,lir I-'-l'-'r irom ... nl. , ,. tu . ,., Vllfil ri0f.lin or Bllllu bil.ssliIll.ss. u.t.1, .
iiiiiioi()V4ti iiv iniiii iiutu iuiiuii tiiv inu i' - --0 -wT j
articles but he did not lind them in any scarcely a light-house to guide us to the j
one number. Hereafter we hope the Ga- J shores of the great beyond, yet Hie con
zette will confine itself strictly to the inith. 'sciousness of the holiness of our cause
The.JCAKme,7.Whasapoeni,iam1 ,he m,SCI Wl" nro ,n-ug " l' I
"The Tippler's Dream," which suggests a ' humn" ract' morc ,,,nn rcn-- " f'"' '
suspicion that theaiithor has "been there" S,,l,Vl'in' seirdeninls and inconvenien-'
and althe same time makes us hope that he ;ces- Now, paradoxlciil as it may seem,
neveruieiess n is irue, uiai wnue touis '
will keep his further experiences to him
self. Society reports fill most of its pa
have written of love and of all its kindred
res. bin ns ii is e.in.l.ie.ied in ti. ii,.,.,..- ! Ji. scairccl.v a word lias been said of the
but does not fulfil our expectations of f e S()l!lo0lJ lhis is perhll.)g (, un. i'ys and sorrows of the old bar!,. And we
n1..il n..1l I,. n..i.i..ilnhi., 1V...1..... T..l!l..l.. I ' 1 4. 4 ll 1 . M.I
what ought to comc'from Packer Institute
Most of the articles are too sentimental
the common fault of girls' writings.
"Scintillations" is, perhaps, the best, and
the Editor's Table is an improvement
on tho cbii'tributed part of the magazine,
might exclaim, in the languniro of the im-
dulgcnce, liabil, vice, or lack of will-power
of their own, that it isn't much wonder
sho is often angry. Poet- picturo her as n
sort of a twin sister to Fimv. Hut wo don't
blame her in tho leasl ; if wo were Fate
wo have no doubt that our own sweet
temper would sometimes get milled.
In our opinion Fatb is a myth. Slio
will do well enough to preside over tlio
Past, bul let her not invade the dominion
of tho Futurs. Tho future is absolutely
in your own hands. "What you will to do
you can do, provided, as a German phil.
osophur says, "you will to do right." Hut
you must do right in the little tilings ns
weli as the gxviit things of life.
"Can every one attain whatever station
he desires to reach V Why you talk ab
surdly ! Facts dont prove it. I donl be
lieve such enthusiasm." Tlrd'n just it.
You are like the old lady who praed for
a certain blessing, because she had hoard
thai, if ye have faith, ye shall receive, but
being disappointed in her hope, sigiuh".
cnnlly remarked, that she knew it would
be so nil the time. The trouble is. jvv
ever earnestly form tin determination to
accomplish anything noble, or worth.
while in life. The privations, toils, ;md
discouragements, are too formidable the
more reason why those who do possess the
necessiry heroism and will must succeed;
and every one who is thoroughly im
pressed dial he has die necessary qualiti
c.ntions,(( them, quod crat demonstrandum.
Of course, niter you have shuilled your
cards ever so scientifically, and arranged
the "hand" you intend to deal yourself hi
the most satisfactory manner, this same
mythical goddess whom wo dont believe
in will sometimes "cut" and disarrange
all your plans. Hut you need not be dls
cjuraged; "slip the cut" or "lake a new
deal" leineniber in this game against
the world and destiny, you do all the
"dealing," and if you persevere you are
sure to make a "lone hand" and go out on
a "march" at last.
I mnrtiil H'.u-d wliv ic tlilu IlillaV 1 U tn
Aea -roady lothr -w liiu Unnrsi'i He. : ., , ,, . , ,, ,.- ,. ,
..,'.. , , . ".' sible there is nothing in the life of alone
new that other "sugar plum' it so put hoi- , , r i, , , , '
. ,. . ..,,., , , lv and friendless, vol siipremeh happy
ically entreats, in spi'e o the act that I ., , ,. ,, .1 l4 :
. .... , . man, that savors not ol the poetical? Is,
so severely criticised us a shorl time ago. ,. ,., , ' ...... !
''- ..f .. I 1 T I II IIIV311 IIW JFWVIIJ 111 1II,IW'V1III.-1V V , VIII),
nn i '? i iii.. . . n - un- umiiyouuiu Ol IIUIIL'SI U SI 11 U . - , . .. . ., .. .. ,:
The Archu nml has doubled is size since .,, . , , . , . ' if we but scrutinize Hie siluntion careful y
-, , -.. y . i ontieisin, and endeavor to take ila rauo. , ,, ,. ,, , , . , ,J
it last viaituif our suuclum and is oilier- , .... , and methodically, ample material may be
i T v' , -, . lully as wo try tc give it. , , .. , , , '
wise unproved. We have qeon puzzled a . found for volumos ' 1 rhyme. To be sure
Mu-imtuiuuuMuuiuu.ipiii iiiiinuer oi nisorali e v flers ner.isl n sneakiiw ol
I ho 1mltmil3 sliirU inul U-indinl nvllc
n ' ..... ... ,w v" vnu' .
ell" '
A Ilia for UiK'Iielors.
lonir time over the tone of Hie AvohniimJ
We couldn't decide whether its boasting! ,,,e "'"'lU HulMiu
and style of writing grnurally wa-. a
vr a bit of refresh' ng honesty and inno-1
cenee. However, we like its pluck and; Hn i phila.iihropie mood, and
are glad to so. :t every month. ihnvllg k,Ulre ,() ,,,,. . w,iJn)
Judging by thy .April Jiumbcr, so long ' we allow ourself to ponder upon some of
its wc.lui.vo the Qslcalovsu Oolteyv Videtto, j the great things of life. Perhaps we may
we shall save the expense of a Classical j be mistaken in our conception of what
Dictionary. The Vidrtd seems to be a could justly be called great, and some
compound ofliv.es of classical authors j ill-natured person may possibly take issue
and advertisements of religious books and with Us, when we state th it the notoriously
tracK One of the latter lias the charm J sweet-tempered class of individuals known
ingly alliteratiw title of "Follies of Free its old bachelors are mlunderlood nnil.
Thought, which for the low price of 20 treated, scoffed at and abused to such y. "g """"' wiod, you old brute I",
cents proposes to annihilate Pantheism, I an extent, and with such Impunity, that Wt' nu'roly call your attention to this ,
Darwinism, Spiritualism, Materialism and the necessities of the case absolutely do- mallor nml vvilh,)Ut nirthor comment maro ;
all the other isms of ancient and modern man 1 a rigid investigation of Hie causes ,U, BUl,Jcct ln 3'0Ur ll(lri- S.
invention. The editors have also mstitut- that lead to such a state of affairs
which belong exclusively to the life of the
bachelor; but we answer all such argu
ments by saying thai (here is no rose
without its accompanying lliorn. Hut to
look for a moment at the other side. No
lice, if you please, the average benedict:
note the frightened explosion on his face,
the nervous apprehension he evinces upon
the approach of his brtUrhalf; catch the
wild expression of his eye, if you can,
when she, addressing him in an endearing
tone Using her accustomed phraseology
eel a "new departure "from the tlme-hon- this onco honored class (of whom Paul!
-ftr1 llWktlwwlti StfCtavt nlriiwa nnlM... !ni.ni!.. I - ! 1 .. 1 i . ..I
. " . " , ... " , V "B. "' wjr ",sv', l,,,B wus ll Ul,r 81llIo; "o rigms m mis age of j ..Whut bus been was, and what is to be
will be," thcro's no dodging that. But is
poefry in'the editorial columns.
Tho Orescent comes a long way behind
time but as we arc delinquent in that ro
Bjtact ourselves we cant afford to criticise
very severely. This number is 'however
tlralicBt wcliave received. "Z. X." ad
vances good arguments in.favjor of .'.'Opf
the world that the human race are bound
to respect? We would most emphatically
deny the insinuation that they have forfeit
ed in any way their ancient rights and'p"re
rogatlves. Wo would not forget that this
is an ago of progress, an ago in which
women are vociferously demanding -thoir
this an reason why you should shift the
results of your own laziness, errors,
and weaknesses on to Fate's poor l;oul
dors. 'Fate has to boar unjustly so many
miBhapB, miseries and didos of pcor mor
tuhybrought on generally by some in
Students will have their fun, and so
they ought. In fact, we all rather enjoj a
cute trick, or a good-natured prank. Hut
ovory poison's dignity and sense of pro.
prioly, it he have a spark of noblli y
in his make-up, will keep him within de
cent bounds. Those young men little
boys would be more fluttering under the
ciicuiiistances who emptied Hie .Janitor's
can of kerosene Into Iho University well
Friday night, and tore up die trees plant
ed last Arbor dti , and then set them out
again aflor the stylo described In Hufod's
dream, certainly imisl have a dearth of
comniou-sense, or tin1 would not be com
pelled to resort to so silly and low an ex
pedient for amusement. You have put
the professoib to much inconvenience and
damaged the properly of the University,
while you have received in exchange
therefor only the contempt of your fellow
students, and the self-consciousness Unit
you are a cowardly sneak. Try to bo
manly under all circumstanoes. One need
not lay aside his honor and manhood for
tho pake of a frolic these are the real el
ements of genuine fun. The persons who
are guilty of this last meanness aro pretty
well known, and if they have not already
left the University, will be invited to spend,
a period with their ma's, if their sharp-,
ness is repeated.
' ' g-' ' .
Proof correcjion -l is ro,ig side up.