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Mr. and Mrs. William T. Edge and
Mr. and Mrs. Ray Edmiston chanor
oned a carO parly given Friday even
ing by Sigma Alpha Epsilon at their
chapter house, G43 South Eleventh
street. The rooms were pleasingly dec
orated with palms and the fraternity
colors, royal purple and gold. Hearts
was the game, the prizes going to Miss
"Watkins and Mr. Fawell. Light re
freshments were served. The guests
were: Messrs. and Mesdames Edge
and Edmiston; Misses Kenny, Watkins,
Honeywell, Holbrook, Richards, Houtz,
Wetzel, Jenkins, Hammond, Harley,
Woodward, McPheely, Andrews, Sedg
wick, Morrill, Griggs, Edmiston, Ham
mond, Wirt, Morgan; Messrs. Elliott,
Fawell, Crooks, Buckley, Brock, Sip
Pursel, Klllian, Cowgill, Edmiston,
Wallace, Bartlett, Dew, Do Putron and
The members of Phi Kappa Psi fra
ternity gave informal dances Friday
and Saturday evenings at the chapter
house, 1G20 G street. The lioors were
canvased and good music provided.
About twenty young ladies were in
vited for each occasion. Friday night
Dr. and Mrs. Ladd and Mrs. I. S. P.
Weeks were the chaperones. The other
guests were the Misses Haecker, Polk,
Frances Gere, Ellen Gere, Wiggenhorn,
Hammond, Loomis, Lasch, Jackson,
Woods, Welch, Salee, Bradt and Web
ster. On Saturday evening Mr. and
Mrs. Morrison chaperoned the fol'.ow-
lne: Misses M. Macomber, E. Macom-J
ber, Gregory, Holbrook, Cunningham,
Jaynes, Outcalt, Tukey, Steiner, Hayes,
Douglas, Post, Cole, Wirt, B. Emmons,
Macfarland, Garten and E. Emmons.
Phi Gamma Delta gave a delightful
afternoon dancing party Saturday at
Walsh's hall. These daylight parties
have been very popular with the east
ern fraternities and It would seem that
they will take well in Nebraska, judg
ing from the Delta party. The parlors
and hall were decorated with frater
nity banners and the royal purple of
the fraternity. Mr. and Mrs. Crancer,
Professor and Mrs. Maggl and Mrs.
Gates chaperoned the party.
The members of the Palladian,
Union and Dellan literary societies as
sembled In Walsh hall Friday evening
for their annual union party. The
care and worry of examinations were
over and the members made this an oc
casion to relieve their minds from the
strain they had undergone during the
last month. ' Throughout the rooms
stands were arranged, upon which
games of different sorts were found. In
the dancing hall an orchestra dis
pensed music, which mingled pleas
antly with the-joyful voices, and those
so inclined Indulged in the pleasures
of the waltz and two-step. Various
other amusements were planned by
the committee on entertainment, to
whom much credit is due for their ad
mirable work. Acting Chancellor Bes
sey and wife, Professor Caldwell and
wife, Mr. H. H. Wilson and Mrs. Wil
son, dean of women, were guests of the
Ignace Jan Paderewakl, Indeed, is by
nature of a strongly emotional temper
ament tending to melancholy. He Is a
Pole, and Poland is the Nlobe of the
nutlons. Tho heritage of hor children
Is tho mocking tradition of a brilliant
but Irrevocable past, and the Iron of
vassalage has entered Into Uiolr very
houIh. "Always In tho minor hoy, ' ho
tic of tho people, tho singing of a
enid of their music, "it Is charactorls
broken heart." Nor hai the enrich
ment of personal experience been do
tiled him. for his early manhood was
clouded by sore bereavement, by a long
struggle for baro existence, nau ni
Intellectual equipment been less, his
emotionalism might have taken a mor
bid trend; by this saving grace it ha
developed a spiritual aloofness from
the spurious realities of life, a vivid
insight Into Its Inner mysteries.
It Is this quality, not elsewhere dis
cernible, which I concelvo is the secret
of tho extraordinary fascination that
Paderowskl exercises over an audi
ence. To suggest, as some do, that this
luotuiuiiuii la uituuuua, liiu v;uil ul r$.
mirlnsltv. Is miltn nhanril. An n tnnttnr w
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of fact, Paderewsu- is singularly free
from pose or other affectation. He
does not throw "nods and becks and
wreathed smiles" at his audience like
the "great Choplnzee," nor cast him
self into a fine frenzy on tho platform
like Sauer or Rosenthal. Even his
much ridiculed "aureole," like Mr.
Gladstone's collars, is mainly the crea
tion of tho caricaturist. That some
times tho hero-worship of his admirers
has taken an hysterical and very ludi
crous form when, as Punch has It, "all
tho ladies in dabbling dresses weep
and gasp and shriek out 'dlvvine,' " is,
I am quite sure, as distasteful to him
as to his critics. Nor can It be argued
that It Is simply the perfection of his
technique that draws the crowd. Vir
tuosity is common enough today; and.
although his technique Is undoubtedly
superb, it is not of the character which
Impresses the multitude. At no time
did he arrest attention by digital agil
ity or merely dynamic effects. Digital
facility ho has cultivated, but only as
a means to obtaining a pure singing
tone and absolute control of tone-color
under all conditions.
Committees have been appointed by
the literary societies to secure a regis
tration of contestants for the prelim
inary oratorical contests. The con
tests are open to all university stu
dents, and the Pailadian and Delian
societies each offer a first prize of $10
and a second prize of $5 to the win
ners. The Union society has no stand
ing prize, but expects to make a sim
ilar offer or an equivalent. Those wish
ing to enter should see the chairmen
of the several committees at once.
They are: W. J. Hunting of the Palla
dians, 0. A. Davis of the Delians and
E. W. Meier of the Unions.
The Masterpiece
$ of and Artist
in the shoemaking trade is the hand-
Qr) some and stylish Shoe for ladies that
j$ we are showing in our exquisite Fall
S ' stock. Pretty as a picture, durable
(5) and the acme of perfection in footwear
we claim for our fine Shoes. Our
nj Shoes are as good as they look, and
Qj) that is beyond competition.
Perkins, Sheldon & Chamberlain Company,
! -
I 1129 O Street, LINCOLN.
He had tried and failed, as you under
stand, So his comrades flocked and lent a
Which made the man, you will
promptly guess,
E'en as a failure, not a success.
Pneumonia is one of the most dan
gerous and fatal diseases. It always
results from a cold. Chamberlain's
Cough Remedy will quickly cure a cold
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monia. It is, In fact, made especially
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mous for Its cures over a large part of
the civilized world. It counteracts any
tendency of a cold toward pneumonia.
Can you afford to neglect your cold
when so reliable a remedy can be had
for a trifle? For sale by druggists.
1 L L W- bkL 1
The Omaha
..Medical College..
Omaha, Neb.
... A strictly four-year
course Medical College,
the requirements of which
are fully up to those of the
American Association of
Medical Colleges, and the
laws of the different states.
The new building furnish
es the most perfect labor
atory rooms in the west.
Most excellent clinics are
held by the professors of
the College in five of the
six Omaha hospitals. For
information address
DR. EWING BROWN, Secretary.
1026 Park Avenue,
Omaha, Neb.
GloaK Department Bargains.
Monday and Tuesday we will
continue to sell Ladies' Suits
One-Third Off.
Ladies' Cloth Jackets
One-third Off.
Cloth Capes, worth $4.00 to $7.00
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Miller & Paine.
The Hammond
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