The Hesperian / (Lincoln, Neb.) 1885-1899, October 15, 1892, Page 14, Image 14

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The senior class in Geology are enjoying a
series of sterioptican views on Geological subjects.
University Debating Club meets every other
Saturday night in chapel. Come out and debate.
Prof. Hitchcock will conduct a bible class on
Sundays at 2 p. m. in room 16. All students arc
invited to attend.
"I don't give a jam ior a bruised nose," said
Haughton, as he wriggled from under a Fresh
man in the cane-scrap.
Prof. Wightman has twenty students in his
Italian class. This is a marked increase over
those of previous years.
0. T. Reedy is not "winking the other eye"
much these days. Cause : It is carefully con
cealed under a bandage.
Hoagland : (as he stood on his neck in the
hall heels suspended over the mail-box) "Say,
Mr. Speaker, where am I at ?"
The beaming countenance of Richards lit up
the halls Monday. He is expecting to take up
his work in the University again.
Attention is called to the Hesperian boxes,
in all the buildings. Drop a local in the slot,
and enlighten the uneducated public.
If an extensible hat-rack could be attached to
Forsyth's feet, wouldn't that pompadour be great
for removing cob-webs from lofty ceilings ?
Dean Smith during the opening week of the
law school delivered a series of very interesting
and instructive lectures on "Nature of Law."
"Stand up," says Manager Talmadge, as he
winks a solemn eye, and draws forth his sub
scription book, "stand up for the Hesperian."
"Its better to be born good looking and lucky,
than rich, soliloquized Durrell as he relieved the
sidewalk of a five dollar gold piece last Monday..
"No," said the rustic, watching the awkward
squads and finally spying Will Westerman "set
ting up" the band, "1 believe those must be the
No. 1. "What's that white flag ior on the
No. 1. "An unconditional surrender to the
First Preps."
The tennis association will soon be compelled
to remove their wire back-stop, to make room
for the battalion drill. The association is adding
new members.
To the uninformed Prep's who have scratched
the slate for the first time, it may be said that
when the young lady's father stamps his foot, it
is ready for the mail (male.)
f "Young Gentlemen," said a Prof, to his class
in evolution, "when I am endeavoring to explain
to you the peculiarities of the monkey, I wish
you would look right at me."
The University Rcpubliban club, in the cap.
acity of the "Field Home Guards" aided mater
ially in the demonstration for Ex-Governor l'o r
aker, Thursday evening, the 6th.
The change in the pupil of a dog's eye as he
goes from light to darkness, occupies 3 seconds. .
"That is the time," says Will Johnson, "h.n
you want to jump the picket fence."
The orchestra numbers about 20 members,
and under the direction of Prof, and Mrs. Men
zendorf, are hard at work. Within a few weeks
the orchestra will probably appear in public.
Among the names of the new members of the
Faculty, the name of Miss Wilder of the depart
ment of physical culture, was unintentionally
omitted in the last issue of the Hesperian.
At camp. "Jane, what's been chewing your
"Ma'am, it's that University batallion ; they
all wanted a lock of my hair before they lef."
The Y. M. and Y. W. C. A. gave a very inter
esting programme in the chapel last Sunday after
noon on the "Evangelization of the world in this
generation." A large audience was in attendance.
The Faculty course in Bible study has started
out very encouragingly. The class meets ever)
Saturday at 9:30 in room 1 6. This is an unoi -cupied
hour for the majority of the students and
a large attendance is anticipated.
A one hour course in English versification has
been offered by Prof. Bates. The English depart
ment also offers a new course in advanced daily
composition and theme writing. The class 111
extemporaneous speaking is proving successful.
The Republican club held a short business
meeting Wednesday evening, the 5th. A stjle
of club uniform was adopted, and the organiza
tion of the "Field Home Guards" was effected.
Judge Field then addressed the club on the tar
Mr. Divine, of Colfax County, addressed 1
Meeting of University Independents in Room
September 24. He discussed tariff, finance an 1
other live issues, and endeavored to show that in
the rise and fall of prices, the tariff is a mine
The departments in modern languages ar
among the busiest in the University. The thnv
instructors have each twenty hours besides tin
time devoted to personal instruction. This
should abolish the idea that only the student
The new Literary society met in room 27
Friday evening. The society organized with x s
charter members. The limit of membership was
placed at 40. Students from Weslyan Univer-