The Hesperian / (Lincoln, Neb.) 1885-1899, December 15, 1891, Page 7, Image 7

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i in: sac.a or i.aki:.
1 am the great Lake,
Harvauls' pet halfback,
Smasher of lush-lines,
Maimci of Heiucs;
Where I go hlood flows,
Noses are biokcn,
Rushers i oil writhing,
titim is the slaughter;
Vainly men tackle,
Vainly would stay me,
I, the Hull Headed,
I, the Pile Oliver,
The Kent less, the Tough one,
Plough on undaunted,
Shouting my wat-cry.
Thor, in his cloud cat,
Chuckles to sec mc
Mucking the center,
Winning my live yards;
I am the gieat Lake,
Ilnrvtml's pet half back,
Nightmaic to Yale nvin.-rlfarvard dvocate.
It seems like a patado, that the pctson who is of the
smallest calibre is gcncially the gicatest boie. Yale Record.
A nuiros(Al.)'
The maiden blushed and hung her head
'What do you take me foi?" she said.
The young man spoke up eageily,
'r-'ot better 01 foi woise," said he.
The Palladium.
tiik sKei;i:r or m'cchss.
"How ilolh the nusy little l)ee
Impiove each shining hour?
And gathci honey all the dav
Kiom every opening flower?"
It's hugely done by indiistiy,
Hy hustling mound the eaith;
And w oi king every 1'iing that's gicen
For all the thing is woilh. Brttnonian.
At Boston Univcisity the faculty have voted to peimit
woik on the college papei to count as houis work in the
course, allowing seven hoiu.s per week to the managing
ddtlot and two hums to each of his assistants. Ex.
a rAiu.i'..
One day sonic flies, with sad suiprlsc
I'lew into fragtanl glasses,
Wheiein, llio' fleet, they found their feet
Held fast by tempting Masses.
So, may the swell, on whom flies dwell
In laige oi smallui masses,
Take caieful heed lo mend his speed,
Or he'll floundei 'mid the lasses.
A tenuis com t, tlic place loi sport,
A net and lackets two,
A sumiuci day, the time lo play,
A maid with eyes of blue.
Tlio ball shesuivos. AlasI it swerves
Oocs bounding down tliu hill.
"A fault," I call; but yet with all
llui faulls, I love her still.-- The Inlander.
The icccnt death if Paiuell culls to mind the long list of
gicat men who have passed away since the year was ushered
in. Cieoigc llancioft, Shcnnan, llanett, Joseph E. Johnston,
Hannibal Hamlin, Von Moltke, Lowell, Boulangcr and
Chailes Stuait 1'arncll. What a catalogue of great names!
Historians, poet?, dramatists and statesmen. Who shall fill
their places? Does the income equal the outgo t-E..
"A fellow feeling makes us wondious kind,"
Pei haps the poet might have changed his mind,
If, in a ciowd one day he chanced to find
A fellow feeling in his coat behind. Ex.
Enthusiastic piofcssor of physics discussing the organic
and inoiganic kingdoms: "Now, if I should close my eyes- so
and di op my head so and should not move at all, you
would say I was a clod! Hut I move! I speak! 1 stait!
what now do I become?"
Excited student "A clod hopper." It takes five minutes
to regain proper decorum. The Undergraduate.
Is this debating-club where boys dispute,
And wrangle o'er their stolen fiuit,
The senate, crew bile cloister of the lew,
Where Clay once flashed and Webstei's
cloudy brow
Hiooded those bolts of thought that all the
hoiion knew. Lowell.
'88 Mariicd at Freetown, on October 29, Mr. Roy O.
Codding lo Miss Alma Benedict.
The following is an ctiact fiom a letter Irom the bride,
pait of which was wiittcn on shipbo.ud ind part after her
anival in Afiica.
S. S. Ancioi.a, A 1 i.antic Oci'.AN, October 24, 1 89 1 .
It is a month since we left New Voik and still we sue sail
ing,with four or live days moie of it befoie us. I suppose we
aic due at Siena Leone to-mouow or next day, but we had such
asloimy passage fiom Lheipool loMadeiia that wc.uchuhiud
time. This is never a fast boat and we weie moie than two
days ciossing the bay of Hiseay, the loughest part of the way.
The last few days have been very line, with an cMicinely
calm sea and we aie making about eight knots an hours. It
seems slow to us coinpaied wilh the Chicago, which made
fouitccu or fifteen. ' Most of otu passengers left us
at Madciia and the Caiui) Islands and there aie oul fifteen
of us now. We foui aie the only women on the ship, but wo
do not I eel lonely. The men aie gentlemanly, most of thciu,
but iiutuly nil diiuk, which seems vety strange to us prohibi
tionists, llowevei, the diinking has fallen off laigely this-
week, ami we aic very glad of it. We came into the harbor
of Clrand Canaiy Wednesday morning, the 21st. The island
is mountajnous and locky, with gieat lulls of sand ueai the
scashoie. As we had not been ashore since we left Liveipool,
we decided to spend a few limns at Las P.tlmas. So about
2 o'clock we got into one of the little boats that came along
side the Angola and weie lowed lo land. f We took a
cat tinge nml diove tluough tin town and saw a number of
lltings to interest us. 1'lieie seemed to be only two or tluee
wells in the lowet pait of town, and we saw the women walk
ing away fiom llicsc in all diiections with great cailhein jais
on their heads. They all had a gieat deal of fun at our
expense, and they never hesitated to laugh light in our faces.
The houses weie all just alike, so there was not much lo
see In the way of nichitecluial beauty, except the cathedral
which is seveial bundled yeais old and is quite, imposing.
The baiinun oichnids weie queer enough and looked 11101c
tropical than tut) tiling vc saw thete. The last sen
tence was written at Isles de Los whcie we have been stop
ping several hours. This island is a beautiful spot, but they
say tl is nothing like Sicira Leone. A number of the natives
have conic on boatd and aic buying thingsof thesailois. They
aie togged out in all soils ol costumes. I see two or Jtree
dandies with watch chains and canes. It has been quite
warm the last few days and we have all put on summer cloth
ing. The sea was very calm last week, but day befoie yes
terday it was ciowded with white caps, and in the evening
each one of these shone like a bluish-white flanye, making
one of the loveliest sights I ever saw. There is no describ
ing it As it is like nothing else, we watched it until late-