The Hesperian / (Lincoln, Neb.) 1885-1899, December 15, 1890, Page 9, Image 11

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In llic Butler Collegian wc notice nn editorial urging lite
students to leave college politics when they come to athletic
matters. From the lour of the editorial we judge that the
captain is having trouble because some men with pins want
to play whether they arc capable or not. Never mind that,
Collegian, they arc up to the proper standard if they have
Gules Index is using its best endeavors to show why
Gates College should live. It believes that there should be
two Congregational colleges in Nebraska. There may be
such a need, but it is certainly not a crying need. The crying
need, wc should think, would be for funds for the college
drawing its support front the drouth stricken district of Ne
braska and South Dakota.
The Dickimonian in its November issue devotes some
considerable space to accounts of fool ball games by the
Dickiiisnnian team. It gives reports of five different games
played within a mouth, in two of which the Dickinson team
won. From reading the accounts a student of the U.of N.
need have no occasion to feci ashamed of out leant. In one
game the score was only 52 to o. If athletics occupied the
minds of the students of the students of DiclJtnson ns much
during November ns they have the Ditkinsonian for that
mouth, recitations must have been a howling success" there
and students a howling vacancy.
It is not very often that wc give frat articles in these col
umns. Wc don't write them ourselves and it is very seldom
wc come across one that is real nice. In the Reveille, how
ever, is one of just that soit of which wc gvc verltnfim et
punctuatim the part that is most real nice. "No friendship
is sc strong 01 euduiiug us that of a college fraternities; bind
ing its members by such tics, attain or approaches nn ideal of
love no other body of men ever attain. It is a union of like
purposes and ambitious bound together for mutual benefit by
cords of sympathy and eternal affection. The college fra
ternity is to those who belong to them second only to the
college itself."
To the keen-sighted observer it is quite evident that
America is rapidly drifting towards the goal that marks the
termination of the great republics of antiquity. America
furnishes only another instance of w maxim that: "history
repeats itsdf." I Io who is carefully watching the develop
ment of national foiccs and tendencies is compillcd to con
clude that unless a strong reaction sets in this pioud republic
like its predecessots, is doomed to fall. Central Ray. It is
not often that one finds a figuie o( speech the meaning of
which is as inexplicable and incxliicnblc as that uf the sentence of the above quotation. Hut, peihnps, the pes
simism of the wiiter of the quotation is what caused his con
fusion of mimi. Suicly such pessimism isditik enough to
chill to death any good ideas.
Jt is wqrlh living for to see how the World
is making the Northwestern paw the earth. The A'ortlwesl
em has always been a slow-going, serious, dcad-iu earnest,
old fogy college papci but the rustic and enterprise of its
rival have been rival have 'been having a rcmaikable cfTc'cl
upon it. It is waking up. Naturally, at first it pounds the
Ay considerably but it will soon begin to sc; that something
else' is necdcll to make it anything of an equal with "the
World. It will then stop its whining and get to work. As
wc read of the fight between the Northwestern and the
World, between the fiats and barbs at Northwestern, the
the' thought comes to Us that the barbs and their paper ought
to be able to liye wheri they see the 'tender solicitude of the
fiats and their paper lent the barbs make some mistakes or
cause a reaction in favor of the frats. The situation is' touch
ing in the extreme. We hope the barbs there arc fully con
scious of the fact. We hope, moreover, that the barbs will
begin to rcali.e that in their new anti-frat organization they
can secure the tender solicitude of the "frats" towards them
while they had not hitherto met the requirements of the fra
ternity standard.
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