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    (Continued from ngo .)
plowing nnd hnrvoatlng nml thrcs'hlng
uk1 more essential to fnrmtr'a sm
cess 1hon rending, writing niul nrilh
mot 1c. Hut the boy who is to bo n fur
lmfr will nevertheless tin well ito learn
rending1, writing nml nritlmietie when
he. govs to M'lnwl. Aiuli it is bv no
ineniiR eertnln thnt he will nol ilo'well
to ilcnrn iawu ureeu nml C.erimin
when ie goes to college. For
formers boy i to lie not merely
innner, inn emren n nmn innoiiir
men. Ihs oioe is to lie poieM not
merely In the ngnVnltnnil convention,
but in She political, the edmentioiwl,
the. Fclentiflc, the religious convention
ns well. He is to bo nn importunl, he
nny lie a eon trolling influence in the
state. For this high jiosWnn of honor
nbic nml influential vitironship, ho rs
to 1k trolml not loss thnn for his
work on the farm.
'.riispecinli7.lng which is the nn
(loubUtl ehnrnoterirftic of our preoni
eduentlon, must not 'le irril too far.
An c1mciVtl muu should niuleirstniml
his business, but he should jilso know
something Venules hi,s business. Im
press a Imy with the idea limit he is
to in' n clergyman, nml thnt everything
he studies mnM contribute direetly 1o
liis success in nOic pulpit, nnd he iuny
possibly locome .1 very etTeetive,
preacher, but he will !o n very nnrrow
man. lie will reach eople only wt
long range. At qnnrtcrs his Inch,
both of knowledge and interest re
specting his people's work, wiM Ik
pflinfully nppnvnt, .vnd mi of any
other occunmtinn of rosixinnihilitv. A
. - ... i- -Jr.-.;..-.., n . " I K1
r1 V,i o -.i , , . '"""" lliey will do a vast
iihcn in 41. nun -a'ikiiiii-ss in .in pur- that w hav
snii.s i my nniMi in- rv i mni or, u
you -piease, reoi women, uicir minii-
Wordis? What enn 1.., .. ........ i... i...
and Gennnn are, Hut, that does not TAV."1 T ! i1 . U ""tlgntor than the
settle the question ns to what the boy w?AVv..V ,"""" ,so'e thing than will
who is to no n mriucr onrfltt to s'ludv .7 Yi , , "he man really master
when he goes to college. Umloi.medlv ,, in X?i , lmt mero'.V of the beasts
i," i 1 J"'"""" "e ttsiies, not mere
ly of the soils and the forests and the
mines but of all the latent or In If.
k-nmvn forces which operatic or may
operate to the injury or hcimtlt of
No doubt there will be a tremendous
watfte of mental force and time nnd
lalior expended bv this ln.,!
,1s nr,,ny of lw'ny tntlnwl young men,
" who arc to spend their tiny In ee-
iniw '"K w,m -"".v "in tind out mid in pre-
iMniigoinors to imitate their ovu m pie.
imt that is not to lie objeved n. The
whole rysRein is a kind 'of intellectual
experiment station.
The work of oNrimonting neer
pjiysdiroctlv; hut without in, progress
S Impossible. So our enthusiastic
young Hinders or doolnm wl nr.
M'nrehJng old record and plowing up!
ancient documents, or who nre studi
ously harnessing nmthmomaties to
statesmanship, or nre dragging itho sen
for new creatures, or searching the
p.nius nnd forests for new specimens
of fauna or flora, or arc subjecting the
human Wing to n microscopic enm
innnioii to discover now physical, iivtel
leetunl, or moral microbes,' or who nre
taWng now iwrn ImVs to the psy
chological lalKiratories and witching
with eagle eye nhc development of the
infant vo that tdie laws of growth may
be nccurntcly formulated and teachers
may lonrn just when nnd how the
growing IkiIh's mny in future Ik most
t wisely insnmctcd all those worWng,
searching, keen, thoughtful, eaniot
!1udo:its, must event unllv do a world
of good, though ns T have intimated
amount of work
c no norevnt-
iblc influence unon the futirrc of hu-
mnnnty though m most enscs it will
Tclerboncs SSV nd SM.
Itooms 8, 0 and 10, Oliver Theater Uulldlne.
t South tlth street,
Kooms SO, 27 nml I, Uroncll Ulk. Thono MO,
Kooms 67R,
Hurr lllotlt.
Lincoln, Nct
Dentists . .
Dr. Shannon Is a graduate ol the Chicago
College ot Denial Surgery.
Okficb 1133 O St Lincou, Nun.
Telephone CSV P. O. Box I.
Private Hospital
03 South lUhMrecl.
Special attention to diseases of women. Ev
ery convenience for surgical cases.
IrlrfrL'r11 J .vonng candWnlc for fame
Mho!nrship, not depending on it. And
this brings us ag.ij.n uo the nxiom of
the old edtiention tlmt diM'qflinc is ihc
flrst csMMitial of wbicntiou, thnt the
man is to lo developed lofore the
Scoinlist, nnd Ihnt the power to in
vestignlc nnd widely discriminnlc nnd
judge, must W secured lH'fore ptnfit
nbie invcstiimtion fin lie cir
ricd cvn. .nd ihc only na.l question
involvel is ns to the greatest efficien
cy. Whether or not. it jdinll bo a
method by which both culture and
knowledge shall Ik conred nt once.
The old ixliifition confeselly did
discipline the mind, Imt it imp'nrled
little useful knowlelgc. The tendency
of much of the now education is to
impart lcTiowlwlge williout vontribut
ng in n markel degree to menHal dis
eipline or, if you please, without .c
curing that much abused but exceed
ingly valuable thing, culture. For it is
this whSch after all is to be the charm
of ilhc soehohir, "whether he be states
man, professor or artisan. It is this
for wfliicJi'our seondaTv schools ought
to publish n panrphlot, T certainly ree-
ogu7c ho ti1uc of this experimental
work, even though much of it may lx
without definite results. Some of it
i will lc of soniw, and thnt is nhc bos
wv enn hoK for in experimental work.
It will extend the area of knowledge.
It will help to make man mnstor of the
I world. And in the menntiinne odnen-
tion is no longvr a tenchor with a Iwok
, emmming the pupil, lit 5s T.ithcr the
t pupil under guidance of the teacher,
' invotigntaiiir and demonstrating truth
I for himself, but stnll receiving from his
! teacher inspiration in his work and
an impulse towards eerything thnt is
! manly and good. For laboratories nnd
swninnrs. invnlunble though they are,
can never be a sulistiittute for the onrn
f est, helpful, conscientious and onthusti
.aslie tencher.
I It will bo readily seen that corlnan
, Wrings which have !)eon true of vlnca-
tion in the past must lie equally true
of education nn the future. IM me
name a few There is no royal road
lio learning. Teachers must still teach
OrncE Hours: Office, Zchrung Hlock,
81010a.m. N W. Coiner N & 12th Sis.
12 to 12:30 and 3 to 4 r M. nesldcncc
Evenings ry Apiiolntmcnt, 1313 C StreeU
Sundays. 1.! lo 1 p. v. nnd
Vy Appointment, Telephones:
Office, 618. Residence, Cl"
Office 1 130 O street.
Office Telephone lit.
Residence Telephone Ki.
will II V
Lincoln, Neb
M. B. KETCHUM. M. D.. Phar. D.
Prof. Ophthalmology, Otology and
Lincoln Medical College,
Offers a thorough, private course In refraction.
Spectacles fitted.
Office, 226 So. 11th st. Hours, 8 to 12:30-2 to 5
education oncht still to be mindful,
l?ut the needs of the present age ran
never be met by culture alone. Into
IP., prepare and' of which our higher Scholars mnst still stodv. The eurri-J
culmn must embrace those studies
which the world still nfrrws. to call a
classical course. FnnnnmcnltnJ disci
the brond and eer expanding fields pi, imist not be overlooked. Culture
of knowledge the cultured .eholmr
must be guided, and from thee fields
he must not Ik pormittl to withdraw
lill lie 1ms learned something of whnu
they contain and. still boiler, has
learned the wisest method of explor
inc lhe entire fields so fur as his meils
uihj require,
11 nnii! be a gratification to every
friend of learning, that in the labora
tories of our universii'tifcs, so many
torlght undergradnates nnd graducieA. 'oissenMnl but not as the onlv
Residence 1810 G street.. Tel 212.
Office, 1223 O street. Rooms land 18,
Over Miller & Palne's, Tel. .SS5
Practice limited to
Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat,
102.SO street, - - Lincoln, Nebraska
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so many well t mined holnrs. andl to-
dw engaged in the work of cvpVupng
new fields of knowledge. We Lave
in this age wluilt vr did not have oven
twenty yem-s ttgo, large umnbers of
yoauiir men who are sqnotaiWsJv mtury
"f Uft'in able to show with veiy jus
iride their l'h. D. diilomtts, jfeeived
i iiHlYcroitlcs abroad or in HiSe, 00 tin
try, for spwlal aitiainments otr iuve
tigulions in -ome one dlawtlon; and
ninny of ihose young men aire adanlrn
W flttwl, not only to train- other
yonng men along the lines which tliipy
tfceimselv(s have followed, but also lo
waken 3n others an enthusiasm of
ewriondty as to everj-thing on the
rth, under the earth, and in the wa
ters of the ii, whether in Ik- irrodnet
of rairtnre, Tf,tiliaritles of 1Q10 hninn
mmfi. or unknown
laws mid forces.
I'ndej" the growing slimulus of th'is
et(r eiigentlensl scholarly eur'Mowlty.
there Is being galheivd in' mtinj iiNii
twions a mtiss of facts of every possi
ble vnriety and on almost every eon
oeJvuble snibjtveit, tQie exact purpose
and valno of some of which J1 it difli
'til to fltfemriuc, but all of which will
le umVI by somebody, 1 some time,
for Home )iir7nse as intelligible at
least ns -iQui-t for which the polM.Uwl
"ieiitiUn gnirOMM's his sttilt!es. TJie
l'e!lK)logJ(l hiborwtoriiis Avlth the.iir
curious exMiriments and their investi
gations of iiestdons pmfound win tm
must still 1x reanrdod as a mot desir
able and most nooestiry result of ed
ucation. The ulitimnte remit to be
nought is power but so long as the
rwl1 is power, it does not seriously
matter whether it tie the powder of a
"Webster or ihc power of an Udfison
whether It iv the power to deal i''li
iiint"illects or 1he power to master lhe
secrets of untor.
T have lnsisid on knowlplge s an
of education. There is an old idea
which the world has cherished that
must not le given up wl that is
itBiat the proper outcome of education
al training is ehnmeter ami cntiiu-si-awni.
It i. not cuougSi that the student
work in the laboratory and find out
knowledge of wfHly inventions. Tlie
twicher muni for to him an inspiration
and an evamp'e. The danger of our
proem tendency is the loss of enthu
uissn for (Meryit'hing except dry facts,
and the absolute dethroncmen of the
imagination. Aw graeeful and
thoughtful writer has recently iolnt
ed out there is more inspiration for
the young in the heroic deeds of men
even if not recorded with all the accur
acy of T)r. llrynsdust than there is
in' the statistics of Who Tllue Hook or
natural or ocih1 j the Acts of TarliamMit, Jne 111 song
' crf.nerait.ion however familiar it may
Iveeome Aith nature and things mate
rial, must nol be so tsviined as Ito be
uninovwl by heroism, patriotism, un-
' seilflshness or by ihe grandeur of "-oul
or action.
I Complaints are some.HmftS mnde lint
jwitni all our oxpendlt !!. for puldie
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education the ikhii1c are no more con
tented than they were w-jien iney
knew lw. Th1 efHiinhiint are unrea
sonable though the charge upon which
thev rest is pwbUrv "rue. Tn Mich a
wn'iTiliieatT social and' indnistriaD
orhl as that in WUicJi we are imug.
iwll tie ioiiiteinon ano unrean
lal Hlilns ix the ntort cxamph of , iust as long a men are selfish, no "Wit
tttilk kind of work. All 1his woi-k of
jnvestigntion and research is exrtvd
itugly stifonuliating and one am hardly
brieve It posrslble that with o many
Iwlrt and Pfiecially Hnihietl young
ooions of philoso).hy not merely
lioiutiing but leading the way, there
slionld not lie a perceptible uplift of
e!usituoii -a marked advance in abso
lute knowhvlge and a decided 111
eieuae of 70 weT .1111 the. sltudent.
1'or tlie intelleetaial results of orig
'nnl investigation are mneh more posi
tive than those secured' by memorizing
the aojiievemenits or ddsidvries of oth
w Wialt can possibly make a man
more logical than a close adherence to
the selentiflc inetQiod of investigation?
vhnt can be more real to n studemt
"han things ns diftfangulwhed from
ter hiw evwllent may ne our sywieni
tvf wluwitjoii. Tf you eould make onen
evernvhere oley the gomen rune, n
It wx.nhl do more to promote the e-on-tentanent
and hnppinww of the world
than all the changes in education m
oeivnlrle. Diseonlenit wsihout hojo of any
thin" lietter 3s indeed misery; butt dis
content with hope of somHQiing hotter
is rot only consistent with the high
est earthlY happiness, ami is usually
the conwn'nitant of such happiness. 1
h not know that contentment y pro
dnced bv education. T do noi know
thatit Is desirable that it ffliould he.
Oontenttment is not tllie same as hanpi
tiess. Rliyloek, after Iwing roblwd of
(Continued on race 4.)
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