The Nebraskan. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1892-1899, October 08, 1897, Image 3

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Oliver Chambers, '00, linn bona ap
pointed phyBlcal director, in the Y. M.
C. A. gymnasium.
Mrs. Manning addressed professor
Luckoy's chlld-Btudy class last week
on tho "Art of Teaching Children to
Pcarso's face Is commencing to look
qulto respectable again. Tho swelling
has all gono down, and only a slight
trace of tho black oyo romalns.
Miss Mayslo Ames Is assisting tem
porarily In tho library. During two
rush of now books she helps catalogue,
Miss Prentiss has also been added to
tho force.
The Sunday meeting of tho Y. M. C.
A. will bo especially for now students.
"Hlndranco" will bo tho subject for
consideration. W. J. Lowrlo will lead
tho meeting.
Tho members of tho foot ball team
of tho senior class met last Wednes
day, October G, and elected E. R. Mor
rison captain of tho team for tho en
suing season.
Many of tho mon who Intend to take
part In tho field sports aro making
arrangements for training. Tho pure
amateur spirit oxlBts and good results
will bo tho result.
Tho class foot ball games will prob
ably bo played on Saturday mornings,
Instead of tho afternoons, as tho first
team has all tho afternoons for over
six weeks to como.
G. E. Kindler has for a fow days
this week been playing base ball at
Fremont as a member of tho West
Point team. Tho games will decide
tho championship of the state
Tho students of tho University were
tendered a reception Saturday evening
by tho young people of the First Bap
tist church. A short program and
light refreshments helped to pass
away the time.
Phi Kappa Psl fraternity have pur
chased forty tickets with which they
and their friends will witness Clay
Clement's presentation of "A South
em Gentleman" at tho Funko lomor-
i -" row, Saturday, night.
Tho following students joined the
Union Boys Debating club last Satur
D. Dasenbrock, W. F. Krello, J. A.
Simpson, D. E. Thompson, George
Burgert, Jr., Alex H. Ralet and Paul
day evening: Ward K. Newcomb, J.
B. Weaver.
Tho Union Boys will debate tho
question, "Resolved, That tho Federal
Courts Have Exceeded Their Rights
in tho Matter of Injunctions," Satur
day evening, October 9. Messrs. Burk,
Marsh and D. E. Thomas will repre
sent tho affirmative, and Messrs. Pope,
Warren and C. C. Tollcson will speak
for tho negative.
The lecture given In chapel on Mon
day morning by Dr. Hastings, If ad
hered to by tho athletes of tho Uni
versity, will make a change in many
of the teams. It has been considered
by a number of mon who will con
sider themselves Bhut out. It will
make tho men a llttlo more careful
after this as to how they spend their
summer vacations.
There Is a probability that this year
may see flvo companies in tho endet
battalion instead of four as hereto
fore. The number of new cadets Is
unusually largo and tho total registra
tion for drill has reached tho unpre
cedented figure of 390.
This would make each of tho four
companies almost too largo to handle
and Lieutenant Jackson has been seri
ously considering tho advisability of
forming a now company. Tho an
nouncement of this action, should It
bo decided upon, would doubtless
please a largo number of tho old
cadets, as a now company means new
officers to command It, and many who
wero disappointed in tho promotions
see in such a scheme a ray of hope to
have their military ambitions realized.
All speculation as to a fifth com
pany was settled last Wednesday by
tho definite announcement that a now
company would bo formed and that
officers for tho same would bo ap
pointed as soon as tho now mon aro
ready to go into companies.
Thoro aro already seventy students
registered In tho law school. This is
ono-half more than wore registered
this timo last year.
Congressman D. H. Morcor, '80, vis
ited his alma mator on Thursday.
T. A. Powers, '96, has beon visiting
with Phi, Kappa Psl tho past weok.
Orloy Thorpe, captain of tho Unlvor
slty foot ball team in '96, will prob
ably coach tho High School team this
Jinunle Canflold, '95, has sent tho
loot ball manager a flvo dollar bill.
Wheto are there others of our noblo
Miss Julia Wort, of the class of '1)7,
has a position as teacher In Schuy
ler. She has chargo of tho eighth
grade and three clauses In the High
At a meeting of the fuBlon county
central committeemen laBt Tuesday
evening R. A. Trail, '97, was nom
inated for county surveyor. Rollln 1b
now engaged In tho coal business at
1228 O street.
H. C. Parmelco came up from Beu
trico last Friday and visited tho Uni
versity. Parm went over to tho arm
ory In tho afternoon to hear tho ap
pointments read off, and being satis
fled that Adjutant Plnkerton was "on
to his Job," ho returned to his work
In Beatrice.
Rev. F. W. Russell, Sigma Chi, a
graduate of tho University in '90, was
married to Miss Luclle Cross of Fair
bury on last Tuesday morning, Oc
tober B. Tho ceremony was per
formed at tho homo of tho bride's
parents. Mr. Russell Is pastor of tho
Presbyterian church at Marshaltown,
Miss Maude Triplott, a former mem
ber of the class of '97, has just re
turned with her parents from Clinton,
Ex-Regent Victor Rosewater was at
chapel exercises Wednesday morning,
and was seen on the campus and In
tho library afterwards.
Miss Nellie Compton returned to
work In the library the first of this
week from her vacation trip in the
East. Sho stayed in the library dur
ing tho summer, but In August Bho
left for Pennsylvania and New York,
where she visited and went sight-seeing.
Geo. Hoimrod returned to the Uni
versity last Monday after a two
weeks' hunting trip in the mountains.
George did not bring any game back
with him, but he has a long string of
hair-raising bear stories. About tho
only thing he managed to get in the
mountains is a mustache, which Is, as
yet, passing through the critical stage,
but hopes are entertained that It will
soon develop Into flourishing growth.
Tho dato of tho minstrel show for
the benefit of tho foot ball team has
been set for October 23, which means
two weeks more of preparation. It
was tho original Intention to give it
the week before, but on account of tho
joint program of tho literary societies
It was announced for tho weok follow
ing. Tho performance has been
worked up quietly, In spite of the un
usual interest manifested by everyone,
and considerable ground haB already
been covered. There will be some
where from forty to fifty men taking
part this year, so from this fact alone
It Is easy to see that the show will bo
on a moro pretentious scale than bo
fore. Tho remodelling of tho chapel
makes it possiblo for certain features
which wore Impossible last year, and
tho minstrel first part will bo put on
in proper stylo. Tho performance
will bo divided In three parts. The
minstrel first part will, as usual, lead
off with stirring choruses, original
gags of local flavor, and tho very latest
popular songs novor heard In tho city
before. Tho flnalo of tho first part is
something entirely now und Btartling.
Tho second part will bo a short olio of
good specialties, and the show will
close by a now farco by John Kondrlck
Bangs. Ab In tho case of tho very
successful "ChumB" last year, the
farce will bo given 'by boys entirely,
somo of them taking female partB
In this lino there will bo some of the
Bhowiest dresses over made up. Tho
cast has been at work some timo, and
it is thoir intention that tho play
shall have tho true professional snap
and vigor.
Thoro will bo a great abundance of
theatre parties, both from tho Univer
sity and tho city, for that night. It
is tho intention of tho management
that a party bo worked up for ovory
lratornlty and literary socloty in
college. There will bo a largo number
of tho city peoplo presont, and there
Is ovory assurance of an lmmonso
house. Thg program will bo varied
enough to please everyone, and thoro
will be Jokes on unlvnroity affairs
from one end to tho other.
Given In tho chapel Saturday night,
October 23.
Irelnnd Is expected to enter conser
vatory soon, and will hold down his
old place on tho first tenor row. Ev
ans and Whaloy are In college, but will
not have tlmo to sing. Konagy, Whe
don and Lansing will tond to tho sec
ond tenor part and probably tho old
stager, Bob Manloy, will help them
out. Porter, Sumner and Mueller will
ba tho old mon In tho baritone row.
At tho recent examination a great
deal of promising material showed up,
and tho following men have beon se
lected for tho temporary club: Wilbur,
Reed, Boose, Plnkerton, Edgorton,
Hunting and Schwartz. "Barber Shop
Minor Burks and "Short" Lchnhoft
will bo greatly missed by tho gang
this year.
Tho Glee club Is getting Into ehapo
and has had two rehearsals already.
Director Kimball still has tho club In
chargo and has several good trips In
Whitney's German dictionary, for
merly $2.50, 1b now selling at tho
Co-Op. for ?1.4u.
Tho Co-Op. has received a now con
signment of embossed Unlvorslty let
terhead tablets, envelopes, etc.
For Ice cream soda and school sup
plies call on Cowles & Griovlsh, Tenth
and Q streets.
Mrasfca College of Oratory.
Y. M. C. A. Building, Lincoln, Neb.
Practical courso in Voico Building,
Dramatic and Lyric Art and Foronsio
Faculty oxporionced instructors, grad
uates of Boston College of Oratory.
Cost of Courso in roach of overy in
dustrous student.
Send for Free Catalogue.
Fall Term oponed Soptembor 16th, 1897.
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pa eu "o 3 jtvto
M I O . V try, F-3
"i i - C .'loli iJ r-'
Books and Stationery,
College Text Books.
And a comploto Btock of Standard and
Miscellaneous Books.
The Washburn is the one and onlv
make of world-wide reputation. Sold
by first-class dealers every where from
$15.00 upward. Imitated extensively,
so be sure that the name "George
Washburn" is burned upon the inside.
A beautiful Washburn l)ook contain
ing portraits and letters from the De
Reszkes, Calv5, Eamcs, Nonlica, Scal
ed) and 100 other famous nrtists and
teachers, mailed free upon request.
Address Dept. U,
Cor. Wabash Ave. and Adami St., Chicago.
It's Cold.
Buy Underwear while
you can get what you
Buy Cloaks while the
assortment is complete.
We think we have what
you want,
Come and see us.
You Travel
Aiways Take
To OMAHA All points East.
KANSAS CITY East and South.
DENVER and all Colorado points.
Has tho best modern equipment.
Pullman Palace and Tourist Sleepers.
Dining and Frco Reclining Chair Cars.
For timo schedules, tickots, reservation of births, call on or addross
E. B. SLOSSON, Gon. Agt., 1014 O street, J. T. MASTIN, O. T. A.
Lincoln, Nob.
Omaha, Nob.
The University of Nebraska,
Offers Complete Courses in the Fol
lowing Branches:
Piano Forte,
Voico Training,
String Instruments,
Wind Instruments,
Harmony, Counterpoint, History, Gon
oral Thoory, Sight Reading.
If Yon are TMnMng of Mm Music Investigate the Merits of this School
You'll Find it's a Good Place.
Oysters, Fish und Game in Season.
Also Restaurant at 141S O St., Lincoln, Nob
Open all night. Give us a call.
We make a Specialty of 15 Cent Meals.
Experience at tills University has proven that the
is THE reliable pen for class room use. It is always ready for use and writes contin
uously without shaking. It has the best gold pens that can be made, and money
guaranteed relnnded If the pen Is not satisfactory. For sale at tho CO-OP.
P&Bt$ W-
Best Route
Lincoln, Neb.
- Offers Free Advantages not found
Freo Scholarships in all Departments.
Orchostral Training,
Military Band Training,
121 North Mth.
1 F-C. Zehrung, Mgr.
I Cor. O and 12th Stre
Saturday, October 9
Presenting at the Matinee, 2:30
The New Dominion
Southern Gentleman
Prices $1, 75c, 50r, 25c. Seats on sale.