The Nebraskan. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1892-1899, April 16, 1897, Image 3

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Noxl Friday nlghl, tbli loth, tho d'alla
dlans will proHont a boys' program,
T. D. Lunn will pronoh an Easter tior
mon Sunday nt Firth, Nohr.
10, Unllott carries a lino lino of spcctao
lc, Examination of tho eyes free,
Prof. Ilnninr Iihh received llnnl word nrounil without n ribbon, nnd his Ufa will
from tho department at Washington, rola- baiado a burden to. him by the polite
uvo 10 ins vihii 10 nouin Amonen, no win
leave Lincoln a wook
Saturday April 24.
ushers who will auk him, Wouldn't ho
from tomorrow, like to hnvo a ribbon?" Such badges will
also make nont souvenirs,
8. E. Clark, county superintendent of
Saunders County was visiting hl son, Ed
gar, Tuomlay.
Hert Klmbnll who Is now practicing law
at Wayne, Nobr., wom the guest of I'M
Kappa Inl during the paHt woek,
Professor Condrn of tho IiIkIi school,
brought hlH botany pupil to tho museum
Mr. N. M. Graham of Clay county haw
been visiting bin brother at tho university
during she pant week.
Tho Y. M, C. A. mooting .Hundny af tor
noon will bo led by W. 11. Ilhodes, Tho
subject for discussion will be "Spiritual
Progress," Every young man In tho unl
verHlty la Invited to aitond thin meeting,
Tho order for senior Invitations haH
been rout 10 a Philadelphia houso. All
seniors who have not placed their ardor
should do so boforo tomorrow with Chnlr
mnu Warren, a nftur that date It will
bo too lute.
Tho people of Ashland want the cadet
enoampmunt this year and will make a
big effort to net It. The short distance
from Mncoln, tho lay of tho country and
excellent fnalllilos for an encampment
make the place a most doslrnblo one,
Mini) Amy ltrunor Iiiih been entertain
Inn her nophow, Muster King of Went
Point, Ncbr., for the pant week.
Ex-Chancellor Manatt of thin unlvernlty
ntnnds a mighty big nhow of being tho
noxt mlnlntor of the United Stales to
Oscar Bowman '01, will till tho position
rocontly vacated by Allen PUiik In tho Lot
In department of the Nebraska City high
Tho Junior class bold a well attended
meeting In room 3 last Tuonday at 1:15.
The matter of clann Insignia wan consld
ered. Tho hoyH decided thoy wanted to
carry cnnoH and wear golf capn noxt year,
Tho KirlH have not yet deoldcd upon what
they want.
8. II. Martin of Dowltt, won a visitor
at the unlvernlty lant week. Ho will con
tlnuo bis work another year at least at
Tenuis playing has begun on tho court
already. Tho prospect Is bright for niuoh
activity being shown In tho tournament
thin year.
Owing to the fact that tho leglslnturo
did nut adjourn sooiuir, tho board of rc
gontn havo postponed their meeting for
two weeks.
French, Gorman and I.ntln dlotlonurloH
will ho sold to studentn of tho unlvernlty
for J1.12',, centH each. Theno aro tho reg
ular $l.W) edldons. Gold Iridium pointed
fountain peim aro Htlll selling at G9 ccntn
eaoh. Hook Department, Hcrpolshclmor
and Company.
By a very prlvato Wedding, tho liven of
.1. Amort Harrett noorotary of tho ntato
hlntorlcal nooloty, and Mrs. Hadle Hogers
6f Halt !ko City, Ulah, woro united yes
terday at noon, Tho ceremony wan per
formed nt tho homo of Dr. II. .1. Wlnnott
i by Ilov. A. K. Newell of Vino ntreet Con
gregational church. Only one friend of
tho groom wan present benldo Or. Wlnnott
and wife. An appetizing luncheon fol
lowed tho ceremony. Mr, and Mrs, Har
rett will rcHldo at 1011 Q ntreet.
Mr. Harrett Is a graduate of tho Htata
unlvorslty In 18Rf. and has nmcJ beon con
nected with educational and historical
work In tho Lincoln high nohool, stato
unlvernlty and ntato historical nocloty.
Ho In tho author of several pamphlets and
historical publications. Ills brldo former
ly lived nt I.odgo Pole, Neb., and after
wards taught nohool ai Sidney, Nub., and
Bolt l.ako City, Utah. For tho pant fow
year nho has roprcsrntrd an Inauranco
company at tho latter place.
If you havo tried him onco you found
that Wcstcrtlcld did tho right kind of ton
sorlal work. Ho has been tho students'
bar hor for soventeen years, 117 North
Thirteenth street.
J. P. Sedgwlcg '90, hnn Junt been elected
manager of the Hunh Medical football
team for noxt year. Ho wants to bring
the team west and Is arranging a gnmo
hero with Nebraska state. Mr. Sedgwick
Is also on tho staff of tho Corpuscle, tho
Hush college paper.
Li. B. Plllsbury Is now hack from med
ical college where ho has been studying
nt Denver. Ho Is doing some studying
at tho unlvernlty.
Tho baseball gamo which wan to bo
played on tho campus with Doano last
Tuesday, has beon postponed on account
of wot grounds until April 27.
There has beon considerable talk of or
ganizing a civic leaguo In tho university.
Tho plans as yot aro unfinished but in a
fow weeks "will bo announced.
Professor Owens has been appointed
honorary commlsloncr under tho exhibits
departmont of work In the electrical lino
of tho Trnns-Mlsslsslppi exposition.
Tho P. B. D. C. sent a challenge to tho
D. B. D. C. last Saturday, to debate In
tho near future. It Is expected that tho
Doano boys wl'.l accept tho challongo.
Tho L. F. ,t A. Co. havo just received
a now line of picture frame mouldings,
and havo put tho rates down for students
A full line of art goods. 212 So. 11th St.
Tho date of the gleo club concert has
now been dpllnlioly settled. It will bo
May 12 Instead of May 11, as was an
nounced. The Omaha concert will bo giv
en May 11.
Professor Wolfo worked hard to prevent
house roll No 3"W, providing for m!nnr
school graduates to sccuro teachers' certi
ficates, from being signed by tho govorn-
Tho university made a good showing In
tho recent Intercolleglato competition.
Tho commltti-o npiwlmed toy tho president
general of tho National Society of tho
Son's of tho American Revolution to
whom was referred tho various essays of
tho colleges throughout the country, for
competition for tho $100 gold medal, have,
after several -weeks of deliberation, sel
ected the essay of Mr. 11. S. Baker as en
titled to first honors and the gold medal.
The. first nlnee wnn won Inst voar hv a.
Princeton man, and It Li no slight honor
for ono of our genial seniors to carry oft
Ladies' Cloaks
Ladies' Underwear
Ladies' Hosiery
Ladies' Gloves
Gents' Underwear
Gents' Hosiery
Gents' Gloves
1229 to 1239 O Street.
Trukks. Valises
lr Summer Tourists and Others.
or. But oven Bakor'a editorial had no: no 'ftUrd t"18 r' Among sucn wormy
effect, and .ho bill will now becomo a law,! competitors.
Old Trunks in Exchange for New Ones.
o. -&-. tiick:, prop.
as tho governor signed It Wednesday.
Aftor an enterestlng program Friday
night, tho Palladlan boys escorted the
girls to Sutton and Hollowbushes, whero
light refreshments, constating of straw
borrles nnd lco cream wcro served, Mr.
S. W. Plnkerton was toast master. Mr.
Roper responded In a happy Impromptu
speech and at an unmentionable hour,
thoy adjourned.
Delta Tau Delta gave an Informal danc
ing party at their hall last Friday evening.
Fred F. Teal who graduated this year
from a Chicago medical college visited
Omaha friends last Friday, and was tho
guest of Delta Tau Dolta. Tho director
of tho minstrel show roped, him In to stay
over and play accompaniments for the
singers. Ho kindly consented, and mado
as good a-looklng coon as any of the rest
of tho boys.
Mr. Baker won tho sliver medal after a
closely contested local competition, nnd
tho department of American history for
warded his production to tho national
committee. Tho subject of tho various
essays submitted was, "Tho Principles
Fought for In the American Revolution."
Mr, Baker Is to bo congratulated upon his
well earned honors, also the head of tho
department of American history.
Tho professors nro now putting In their
spare moments writing recommendations
for students and graduates who aro rust
ling for high-school and other positions
for next yenr.
If you want to examine the most conv
pleto stock of Easter cards, booklets, Eas
tor novelties nnd books appropriate for
Easter, the book department of Herpol
shelmor and Co. Is tho place to go. Eas
ter curds from lc. to 25c. Booklets from
12 to BOc. each. KIngsley's books, "Titus"
and "Wrestler of Phlllppl" Be. each.
School dictionaries, translations, fountain
pons, nolo books, hls.ory paper at lowest
Haydon, the photographer who Is now
located at 1029 O street, is again offering
a special rate to students on all photo
graph. His name Is a guarantee of good
Dan E.
Tho debating association met Tuesday
afternoon to arrange for the Kansas de
bate. Some little discussion aroso as to
the position in which the debaters should
debate. Tho association gavo tho men
threo days to come to time and agree as
to their order of speaking. It has been
learned since that the threo debaters have
agreed on position, and no time will be
lost In choosing the question and getting
to work.
Photographer's Supplies
Sole agent for the Prcmo Cameras,
the very best In the market, ranging In
price from $10 to $120.
Cheaper Cameras from $1 to $9. Also
agent for Stanley Dry Plates, the
cheapest and best. I have Supplies for
all sizes of cameras.
Call at Room 4, 1041 O Street, and see
them. P. O. Box 973.
Nebraska Pant
and Suit Company
1217 O Street. West Half of Trunk Factory
Pants to order, $3.60, $1. $5 and up
Suits, $18, $20 and up
The W. and H. debating club an organ
Izatlon which existed somo time ago in
tho Lincoln high school has been reorgan
ized by tho students in the university,
who woro formerly members. Debates
aro held every two weeks on Friday even
Ings. The officers of the club are: H.
Reagan president; A. Hoagland, vlce-pros-Ident,
L. Ryan, secretary, G. Bartlett,
treasurer; W. Molford corresponding sec
Tho baseball team went out to Wesleyan
lust Saturday aftoneron and defeated tho
Methodist team by a scoro of 26 to 10. This
was the first gamo "the boys had played
but they had no difficulty In disposing of
their opponents. It was more of a prac
tlco gamo than any thing else, and the
rosult was porfectly satisfactory as re
gards tho playing of our team. Gordon
Cowglll, Garrett and Melford each took a
turn at pitching. Gordon went in tho box
for four innings until ho had tho game
cinched. Cowglll then pitched two In
nings, and gave way to Garrett In tho
seventh. He gavo way to Melford In tho
eighth, who pitched tho remaining two In
nings. The gamo was devoid of brilliant
features, although a heat double play
was mado In the sixth inning by Creigh
Kindlor nnd Wells. Another double play
was mado in tho last Inning by Cowglll
and Benedict. Tho game was a long one
and In order co shorten it as much as pos
sible, Nebrasku did not take her turn at
the bat in the first half of the last Inning,
but allowed Wesleyan to remain at bat
for two successive Innings. Wells umpired
a fair game and there was very little kick
ing on his decisions. Scoro by Innings.
The mon played the following positions;
Nebraska Position Wesleyan
Benedict 2. b G. Fitchie
Wells 3. b Oleson
Klndler 1. b Klngsberry
Creigh s. s Mumma
Mooro c Brown
Packard c. f Woodward
Kellog r. f McPheron
Reodor 1. f Shoot
Gordon, Cowglll, H. Fitchie, McPherln
Garrott, Melford. .p .....Klngsberry
Nebraska 1 3 1 2 5 G 4 4 x 26
Wesleyan 00101016 210
By taking Ut
And Norfolk Branch.
All Points in Kansas.
Keep this in mind when going on foot-ball trips or any vacation.
Dealor In
Fine Watches, Diamonds, Sterling Silverwar,
Clocks, Jewelry, Opera Glasses, Gold
Headed Canes and Umbrellas,
Spectacles, Etc.
Watch repairing, engraving and Optical work a specialty. No charge for exam
ining the eyes.
1143 O Street,
LINCOLN. NEB. Opera House Block.
Cloaking, Ovorcoalng and Vesting
Goods by the yard.
All work flrst-olass and guaranteed.
The university thief is again abroad In
tho land and this time ho made his ap
pearance last Friday morning in the gym
nasium locker room. Ho did not take
ovorcoats, as usual, for thoy are out of
season, but he went through the lockers
of tho eight o'clock gymnasium class and
enriched himsolf to tho extent of threo
watches and about $15.00 In money. Tho
vory few who were careful enough to
keep tholr lockers locked, were about tho
only ones who escaped loss.
A suggestion has been made to tho base
ball management, which will no doubt
be accepted. There has been some doubt
as to how the "honor system' relative to
baseball spectators will work. It has been
suggested that badges bo printed, and
every person who pays a, quarter will
have a distinguishing mark. In his way,
tho man who wants to beat tho baseball
team, will feel mighty cheap, standing
Tho glee club mado a trip down to Sew
ard last Friday morning and gave a con
cert there In tho evening. Tho young la
dles of tho town tendered a reception to
tho members of the club in tho afternoon
at the homo of Miss Norval, which was
prettily decorated In scarlet and cream.
It was ono of the most delightful informal
receptions which the boys have experienc
ed. Tho club was greeted by a crowded
house in the evening and the concert was
an Immense success. At the conclusion
of the concert a dance was held In the
Knights' of Pythias hall. Altogether the
boys had a most enjoyable time and the
trip was both a social and a financial
success, A great deal of credit Is due to
Burt Langworthy who was highly Instru
mental In working up the concert and in
general managing the Seward end of the
Fountain pens, from 60 cents each, to
$2.50, oil warranted at book department of
Herpol8he!mer & Company.
Auburn, Falls City,
Atchison, St. Joseph,
and Kansas Cit.
Ohas. B. Gregory C
TT. of XT.. '91.
City Ticket Office, 1201 0 Street.
H. C. Townbend, GenM P. & T. A.
P. D. Cornell, C. P.& T.A.
At 1100 0 St,
Lincoln, Neb.
The Most Popular Photograph Gallery in the State.
SPECIAL One beautiful colored Cabinet, mounted on a large card; given with
each dozen of our best Cabinets. Special rates to students. T. W. TOWNSEND, prop.