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Vol. V. No. 10
Iowa nnd Nebraska Battle for Three
Hours on the Gridiron.
In om "I the Hardest Fought Rattles
K,t ItnPH-HMl Hotwoon tllP 01(1
Kit i! tllO CQMOSt, HOStlltH
111 ft Dmw Onmo.
The li name tlmi has boon looked for
iwr.t 'i.mi Hie dine ;ho pig skin was
fir, puniitl ovtr the campus at the lie
rfninif of 'lie mii(on, till Its close on lust
TMiikiriMnB duy. has boon fought, but
m kvi 1 nil won. 1; ended In a draw
rer nit nattiest struuR'o tho two teams
,ivr had 'i the grid Iron since tlio league
i flr organized. Tlio football sea
sonal tin- unlvrsliy cnniiot bo counted a
fillwv l my meant. Tlio result of tho
final contest Thanksgiving day generally
dtcMes ihlt In tlio eyes of tho enthut
ia 1 .1 this j ear, both teams onded tho
gr, pime with n fooling of rollof.
A more illtagreonblo tiny for a football
fame could not have boon made to ortlor.
ren In Omaha. It luul rained ooploutlv
Ik nipM h, fotv, and forgot to lot up in
,h.' mornum Then It prow colder, nnd
,V win nirnotl to sleet. This put a de
oi.lo' tUmier upon tho ninny who luul
rontempli "tl accompanying tho team to
Omaha Ken tho sanguine who loft In
tV hope that "beginning lieforo seven
meant quitting Iwforo cloven," wore dls
apNlntttl w 'ion tho disagreeable sleot con
tinual, im.l tlnally turned to snow.
As for the Held at I'nlversity park. It
va covered with six Inches of witter oar
I) In the monilng. Tim services of a lire
ergine were brought Into piny, but this
nas unable to put tho Hold In tiny kind
of condition. Then It was soon that a now
field hail to lie laid out. This was ae
fomplwhed In a rather primitive fashion.
No wire was stretched along the sldo lines,
ainl the crowd was free to follow tho Will
the minute the policemen became too In
terested In the playing to kcop tho crowd
tack The temjioraturo lowered, and tho
two captains teemed to vlo with each othor
10 te who oould take up tho most tlmo
wranplinK During thoso orlods, small
hojn itjulpiHtl with skates and shlnney
flute dari.d. from tho side linos nnd
amused themselves, 6katlng ovor the Hold
-hich afforded a far better skating rink,
nan 1 .Ivl 1 football Hold.
The u-u iii largo Omaha crowd had
dwindled m only tho veriest cranks. They
toI iround shifting their foot, leaning
dp against the high board fence to secure
Wo:e.inn iiom the wind, or busied them-
Mien in running across tho Held. No
iTafka k had scattered, and nftor
V team na.l once come ujon tho Hold,
no: a ound of any volume was heard from
wem Iowa enthusiasts kept pretty well
tojether along tho south sldo lino, and
guite often ti Hawkeyo yell floated with
fhnnnB rr. -t over tho Hold.
As for . I. game, Iowa had every ad-
l&ntHlT ftim tlirk ruinilltlftn nf ,,. 4I.1.1
" .1 itmi when push and weight se
wed K.,iB Un ,j)0 other htuid, Captain
ThoriH w n almost afraid to punt, on ac
count of a. uncertain footing. A sudden
lurch would hnve snt him higher than
'he ball Nebraska trlod two or three
,rl"" ri-!- ilys wtileh would havo boon
"rt giln. n. but tho men could not pot
ried ok, wigb-lns had n clear Hold
bi Ju.i j, he got bohlnd his blockers,
n" llpi .1 and was downed without n ynrd
"f Mil)
Hrfen. Siii made ono very "raw" do
ctalon. ii WI48 naftr vi,0 Gn(j 0 ho nooond
''f low 1 had tho ball only six -yards
'fOm N. I...mUu'u TOvnl Una 'Vhax- uun,
Md ihi , Uniel( w1u, a Kflln of only two
yrda laptain ThorjK started to tako
lh but Stlpp ,ld no. He otolmwl
'hat w... only the second down. Jn spite
i what Hoblnnon and ovon some of tho
la roo'erti admitted, Stlpp would not
clne hiM decision. Iowa banged again
a' the line for no gain. But that made no
diiTwenc. They wertt given anotlutr
ohane. , ,,nd Uolbrook mado tho romaln
'nedUtun.t. it wttB now loss than n yard
from tht .m. 'jijireo timos the Jowa backs
Wnnped agulniit that lino. But oaoh time
"' ft I iMck. Turner and Hanson by
r'nual digging, hnd scraped tho sur
face i, liv,uyt tholr footing -was some
Ht stabio, and -with the assistance of
'he backH The lino -was kept Intact. As
Wit foi the bill, a choer wont up from
" few rooters who happened bo around
thcie tiihii Nebraska experienced no dif
flellty in pushing tho ball out of danger.
Aal to this tho mistake of tho tlmo keeper
hoG Twttoi, had etopped. Consequently
,he hai- iued seven minutes longer than
h should have done. It soonutl Just tho
Iwat bit amusing to tho NVbmska play
ers, to think of Iowa pounding nwnj at
llieir Hue but a few yards from tho gvial,
with an umpire affording thotn all the op-
irariiinuim they wnntotl. and tho tlmo
kovpor ttnllltiKly Wiilchlnjf with it watoJi
that hnd Ktopped.
Ir Nobntskii. 'ntrtipr did some of the
bH Indlvliltinl playing, lilt weight and
sireiiffth ninounietl tti MiniethliiK on that
sllpiwry Held. Hnnwn Mood by him nnd
put uji a good stauly gnmo also. P.iek
anl Shetld and Thorpe put tholr nsnnl
steady gniiie and brilliant plnylng.
Thorpes punting could not bo Ufetl to such
good advantage as a better Held would
have permitted, but Orllo made some ele
gant defensive plays. Ptntrse and Oungnu
lwth put up n good gnmo. lloth earrleil
tho ball for good gains. The end played
well. Wiggings was always there, and
when thoso lown end rushes ctuno that
way, that, pretty looking Intwferonco of
the Iowa Kicks, wns sniashed right and
left, anil whon tho smoke cleared nwny
Wiggins was generally laying on tlio man
who carried tho ball. Jones played up
to his reputation as long as ho stayed In
the game. Hut ho had to retire lofon tho
end of the Hrst half, litimtui sub.
t lotted, and played good football.
Kor Iow. Holbrook tho coloretl half
luck did the bwt Individual work. Ho
Is one of the seediest men In tho west,
and he starts so ijulckly, that It is hard to
bring htm down before he has made a
guln. Ho wot frequently Klven the Kill
on the third down, when Iowa had as
much as four yards to make, and he made
them Just as frotiuently.
Xear tho end of tho second half. Iowa
began carrying the ball by a series of end
rushes toward tho Nebraska go.U line.
Tlio lucks were played very far tuck, and
by getting a goodsmrt, could get up mo
mentum enough, to slide two or three
yards after they were downed. In this
way they carried the lull clear down tho
Held, but lent It on Nobraskn's thirty yard
lino. In two plays, Nebraska gained three
yards nnd a half. Hut at this place on
the Hold, there was a little hill, and Cap
tain Thorpe hanll dared try to buck the
line for the remainder of tlio distance.
He N always sure of a punt, and gave
the signal for that play. It was gutting
no tlnrk. that h was almost ImjKissible to
see the lull. Melford passed It rather
high, and it went over Thorpe's head. Ho
turned and ran to fall on it. and secured
It Just as is was rolling over tho lino.
This line however, was an imaginory ono
"drawn over tho surface of the earth."
There was a question as to whether tho
lull nlly rolled ovor, but there was no
way of tolling. The goal iotts were not
"plumb" nnd It would have boon rather
unfair for the referee to havo decided so
lmoritint a iolnt by tho.e crooked potts.
Hy m-Jtual agreement of the two captains
It was decided to call tlmo. There was
only a minute and a half loft to play.
It wa Nebraska's ball, as their lots
had !
been more than twenty yards.
The line up was as follows:
Nebraska. Position. Jowu
Jones-Benedict... loft end .. Brown
Dungun loft tacklo Ioighton
Hansen left guard Wnlker
Melford center ....Iverson.Capt.
Turner loft guard Blnckmore
Pourso right tackle Stanton
"Wiggins right t-nd Thomas
Thorpo capt. quarterback ... . Coldren
Packard left half Holbrook
Shetld right half Meyers
Cook full back Hobbt
Referee: Stlpp of Giinnell; umpire; Wil
son of IVinoeton. IJnusmen; Kennedy of
Omaha and Capell formetlj of Iowa City
but now of IJnooln. On complaint of
Captain Thorpe, the linesmen wore
chtuiged, and Bull and Robinson acted.
Iowa won the toss and took tho west
goal, with the wind at thwlr backs. Thorp
kicked off for twnnty yards, agninst the
strong wind. Iowa began a series of short
line buck, then Meyers got around the
end for went-Hve yards. The ball was
lost 10 NeJraka on a fumble. Tliorjie
punted for thirty ywrds, and Iowa be
gan some more of her rushea against our
lino. Iowu then lost tho ball for holding
In the line. This was a frequent oomplalnt
Thorpe hud to make against the J own
plajers as they eomed to have been skil
fully trained to this kind of play.
Thorpe punted after some short gulns
through the lire, for twenty yards. Then
Iowa brought it down nlmott to Nebras
ka's goal lino after an interchange of
punts anil some bad fumbling on both
sides. Nebraska took the "ball a ynrd from
her goal, and began ome fancy rushing
hersolf. After carrying It to tholr thirty
yard lino, a fumble was made and Hfteon
yards of territory lost. Thorpe remem
bered Amos' fanay T'lny of losing twenty
yards" and keeping tho bail. He did It
with better success. Hut Nebraska dlf
not push it back farther than twelve yards
wnen towa took b again on dtnvnt. Time
was called befor. .hey could do anything
with it.
Hohlu kick off for thirty wn. Thorn..
returned it ten. Shwld nnd Packard tic
oomlod in making only small gulns through
the line, but Cook went through the een
tor for live yard. Hhedd then made live
through his end of the Hue. A oris erots
was carted on the next piny, but WlRgiin
slipped, ami no gain was mmle. Shetld
anil Packard ea.-h mmle galm of three
yards through the limn Pear, Turner,
and Dungnn. failed to make the necetsary
live ynrds. and Thorpe punted to Iowa's
tilriy-llv yard lino. Hobbt fumbled, but
Molfottl did not give him a chance to re
cover, and fell on the ball himself. Tur
nei matlo a gain of live yurd. and Shedd
follow-ed it up with ten more. After two
attempts to advance the ball, Thoro mado
a quarter kick. It wua not a good one
Iowa captured the Iwill on her thirty ynrd
Meyers went around the end for fifteen
yanlt, niul Holbrook followed it up with
seven. T.ils brought the lull to the cen
ter of the Held. Holbrook advanced It live
more, but Meyers lott the lull by drop
ping It while he ran out of bounds.
Thorpe pimtetl and the lull rolled behind
Iowa's goal lino It was brought back
to the twonty-flve yard line, ami Hobbt
punted for thlrty-Hve yards, Thorpe re
turned the punt to Iowa's twenty-five
yard line. By this time It was growing
dark. Meyers went through the center for
two yiirds, and I.elghton made five by
going through tho line. Holbrook made
live around the end. He tried to buck the
line, but failed twice. He then carried the
ball around the end for a gain of ten
Meyers then wont around the left end
for fifteen. Holbrook gained four around
the right end. Then lowu played her
backs by attempting to run them around
the end. Nebraska hold them well. They
broke up their Interference, but It was Im
iwtsible to prevent a short gain on ac
count of the sllpiiory condition of tho Held.
Iowa was finally forced to punt. No-braf-lta
got tho ball on her thirty yard
line. It was on tho thlnl play that Thorpe
attempted to punt, and which resulted so
nearly In a safety for Iowa,
The bad weather that prevailed Thurs
day made the gate receipts necessarily of
a small amount, nnd it was from a finan
cial reason that the second game was de
termined upon, and not that tho toams
foully wunteil to oe which was really the
better of the two. Then the weather did
not porr.llt a scientific game, Tho field was
slippery, and more to tho advantage of Io
wa's style of play than it was Thankislv
Ing day. Besides Nebrai-ku was not In
wood shaiKi, not as good as on tho day of
tho great gtime, Packard and Cook were
both missing behind the line. Jones nnd
Garrett filled the places of full and half
back, rt'siectlvly.
Nebraska put up a better game compar
atively with lowu, than sho did the first
time. The play was more aggressive, nnd
more than once the low.", goal was in dan
ger, nnd was saed by punting. On the
other Jinnd, the Hawkeyes were not able
to gain ground the way they did Thurs
da . Their touchdown was made, as Cap
tain ThorjKf claims In a questionable way.
He says that he was held, nnd not i-r-mlttcd
to roooli his man, for ttils reason.
AnywHy, Holbrook got around the left end
whon the ball was thirty yards from our
goal lino, nnd scored tho only touchdown
that was made during the two games.
By examining the details of the game, it
can be readily seen, that Nubroskn out
placed lown In this second game, notwith
standing the result. It wan rilly an ac
cident that Iowa was jHirmUed to score,
and another aocldtwit that Nelrmska was
not permitted to score.
Th game wan not a championship game
but nevertheless Iowa will never stop mik
ing of how she beat us onoe since the
league was organized. For lis It is unfor
tunate that the game was played, as the
score remains, and tells its own story,
however close the game mlrtit have been.
Shetld nnd Jones probably led In indiv
idual work for Nebraska. They made big
gains when carrying the ball, and did ele
gant work in breaking up Iowa's inter
ference. Thorje played his usual steady
gamo easily outpunting his opponent. Tur
ner did excellent work and showvd what
Is in him for next reason. For Iowa, Hol
brook did tho playing. Without blm low
oould hava dono practically nothing with
our team.
Nebraska had the lull In Iowa's terri
tory all through the second half and
kept tho Hawkejos playing to savo them-
selvea all the time,
4. 1S06.
The Itlle lip was:
Nebraskn-0 Post, Ion.
Iletutllct left .111.1
Iowa 11
Urn wit
" left tackle heighten
It .'it01,1 ,t,f, mnX Walker
Aloirprd renter ....lvursou, Capt.
MiiHop right guard Blaoktnoiv
VW '"M" ,atfll' Stanton
"iKRhts right end Thomas
Thorpe, Capt... quarterback Coldren
'"" Ii-f: half Holbrook
Slmld tight half Meyers
lr full Imrk Holms
.Officials: Referee, Thotnasi umpire, Mo
tjalton; linesmen, Mull and Robinson, the
ttvo coaches of the tenmt. Time, twonty
flve minute halves.
Iowa kicked off ror thirty yards, Wig
gins took tho kick and ran ten yards be
fore being downed. On l's very Hrst Hue
up. Nebraska lo-u the lull on u fumble by
Shedd. Holbrook hh the line for three
yards, then again for two yards. Ulack
more gnliiod seven by n plunge through
the line, lown was held for no gain on
the nex down, but Lolghton mado live
the next, time, lowu mado four more
ytirds nil Nebraska took the lull on a
fumble. '
Thorpe Immediately punted for thirty
ytmK aid the lull was brought back
onlv two. Rlnekniuro and Hobbs gained
live yard for Iowa between them,
lown failed to advance tho lull five yards
In the nexnthreo plays, and ..ehr.iska took
It on downs.
ThorH tried the qunrtcr kick. It gained
twenty yards for Nebraska, but Iowa got
the ball. Nebraska Immediately took It
away from them on downs. Iowa got the
lull again. It was pasted to Holbrook
wJio got uround tho left end. He got
pist the backs, and was down the Held
for a touchdown before the Nebniskans
could recover. Thomas kicked an easy
goal. Time fifteen minutes.
Thorpe kicked off for forty yards, but
Thomas carried the ball for fifteen yurdt
before he was brought down. Iowa then
began to battor Nobrask'.i's line for good
gums. After gaining twenty-five yards
this way, the lull went to Nebraska on
a punt which gained thirty yards for Iowa.
On the thlnl down Thorpe punted for
thirty-tlvo yatds. low i ost four yards In
two attempts to advance the lull nnd
Thomas punted for thirty yards. Turner
lost a couple of yards, but Shetld mado up
for It by a beautiful run of fifteen yards
around the right end. Thorpe then punted
forty yards, and Thomns returned it on
the next play for twenty-live.
Gr.rrett went through the center for al
most live yards, Jones struck the same
place for two more. Having made only
two yards on the next two plays, Thorjw
tried the quarter kick again. It struck a
player and bounded luck with a loss of
Hvo yards. Thomas at once punted for
thirty yards. Jonet carried tho ball four
yards, but a fumble was made on the
next play and lown got the ball. Walk
er made Mx yards through the line, but
Holbrook could not gnln around the end.
Iowa made twelve yards In seven more
plays, ami the half ended with the lull
on Nebraska's thirty-five yard line.
Thorie started tho second half by kick
ing off for forty yards. Thomas returned
the kick, almost as far. Shedd gained
three yards and Jones two more through
the lino. Garrett hit tho center for four.
Jones wont through the same place for
three. Jones made three more through the
line, anil Shetld made two more by the
same means. Turner whirled around and
went between guard and tacklo for three
yards, and Shedd followed It up by a run
around the end for ten ywnls. Then there
wmk auditor fumblo, and lown got the
ball. Thomat immediately punted for
twenty yards. Thorpe brought It luck ten
yards, but it was lost on downs. Thom
as again punted for thirty yards, and
though Thorpe never plays his halves
back to block for him In case of a r Jut,
without their astlstance he returned the
kick, gaining ten yard. BoHirook hit the
line for two1 yard, and followed ft up by
a run of twenty around the left end.
Holbrook failed to gain on the next play.
Then there waa fumble, but Iowa ived
the ball. Thomas punted fort twenty
yards. Nebraekfl tried a criss-cross, but
it failed to work, Thorpe punted for for
ty yards. Nebraska then got the ball on
an off-side play. Jonas mado three yards
through the line, ami Shetld went around
the end for ten more. Garrett went into
the line and past It, six yards. Shodd
went "through the gamo place for four
mttra. Shedd made four yards In the next
two plays, by hitting the lino In the same
place. Iowa 1hen took n brace, as the
ball was giitlng dangerously near to her
goal Ine She held Nebraska on downs.
Thomas punted for twenty yards, but
Thorpe returned it for thirty. Holbrook
returned it in yards, but time was called
on the next Hn tip.
Prick 5 Cents.
Committee Outlines the Woik Done
by the Board ot Control.
Home Active and Kffeetual Work lias
lleen Accomplished by the Members
of tho Various Committees
The Work In Detain.
Monthly report of tho committee on Col
lege Settlement, December 1, 1S9C, Univer
sity of Nebraska, Lincoln,
To tho Board of Control of College Set
tlement work of tho Stnto University, Lin
coln, Nebraska:
Your committee beg leave, to submit tho
following monthly report with recommen
dations: I Work of Sub-committees, Month ot
1. Children's Department The commit
tee on Children's Department have regu
larly met the children who havo gathered
In tho parlors of the su'ttlv.mcnt houso
each SUturduy afternoon at A p. in., and
havo entertained them by gnmes, read
ings, and stories, kindergarten methods
bolnj? used. Tlie committee has also con
ducted a circulating library' for children.
The best Index of this committees work
Is tho fact that tho attendance has, dur
ing tho month, Increased from seven to
seventeen, with prosjiects of further ac
ccslons. Plans have nlready been com
pleted to glvo a program and aultablo en
tertainment to the children Saturday af
ternoon proceeding Christmas.
2. Social Committee So far, owing to
conditions, the Social committee 1ms dono
but little except to plan their work. To
aid in completing these plans. Individual
members of the committee havo visited,
the settlement house and have mingled
with those who gather there. Full ar
rangements nro now made whereby semi
monthly evening socials are to alternate
with tlio semi-monthly literary nnd mu
sical programs of the entertainment com
mittee. 3. Entertainment Committee The com
mittee on entertainmem. has arranged to
hold semi-monthly entertainments In the
parlors of the settlement house; und has
planed a sultablo Christmas entertain
ment comprising, among other commend
able features, an appropriate Cnristmas
cantata, Tho committee has outlined as
its central policy to include and to interest
us many as possible In each program ren
dered. 4. Instruction Committee The commit
tee on instruction has decided to offer at
once Instruction in tho following named
branches in tho school rooms of tho set
tlement house: German, music, drawing,
reading, orthography, penmanship, and
arithmetic Messrs G'tleben, Meier, and
Lange are conducting regular classes in
German ouch eveHng. Professor Thur
ber has also volunteered to carry on
English instruction work one evening
each week during the year. Tlie kind of
fer of Misses Cochran and Pirtle to be
gin at once a. Saturday evening course In
vocal music has been -accepted. The needs
of this department of tho work are most
imiKjratlve, Not enough students have
responded to tho call for volunteer in
structors to accommodate those who reg
ular! gather for Instruction. Not enough
text-books, slates, or school-room fur
nishings havo as yet been received to meet
tho actual demands. In addition to tho
actual instruction work, tho committee
has planned a serrles of practical talks
for girls to be given by the young ladles
of tho university. In this conneotion, the
proffered services of the ladles of tho city
Y. W. C. A., have been accepted.
5. Committee on Library and Litera
ture Through the work of this commit
tee directly the following' literature has
been added to tho settlement library dur
ing November: Ten copies books for chil
dren; ten German text-books; Pansy,
four years; Youths Companion, one year,
Nebraskan, Hesperian, Post, and Call.
In addition a large amount of suitable
literature has been promised and will be
added at earliest possible convenience.
Besides numer " individual appeals, a
circular appeal has leen sent to members'
of tho faoulty urging them UN contribute
any suitable material for extending tho
library facilities. Tho committee' has arJ
ranged to place tho library and reading
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