The Nebraskan. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1892-1899, October 24, 1896, Image 2

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    The Nebraskan.
A WeokU' NowBpaper IbsuocI Kvcry Fri-
day Noon, by tho Students of tlio Un-
lvornlty of Nobrnskn.
Entered no Second Class Mall Matter.
F. T. Rlloy Mannsrlnpr Editor.
Edith Schwartz Ass't M'glnff Ed.
R. II. Hnkor Editorial.
Kale Snow Walker - KmtornltloH.
Oliver Olmmbont Atlilotlen
B. B. Pony Local.
O. W. Meier I.ocnl
J. C. llUchman, i Local.
A. E. rarmelee H. F. Giko.
Harry W. Doubravn, Ass't biiBlness M'B'r.
" Tho Nobraskan will bo sent to any ad
dress upon receipt of tho subscription
price, which Is ono dollar a year. Con
tributions arc solicited from all.
Address all communications to Tho No
braskan, University of Nebraska.
It won't do any harm If you no out and
cheer the boys n Utile durliiK prnrtlce
Karnes. 'With the prospect of the romliiK
Iuikup frames and tho one with Michi
gan, a little oiicournKement will not be
amW.M. The boys have been doing some
good coiiMonolous pi-noticing, and l hoy
deserve nnythlng In tho way of pralso
you have to bestow.
Hull, lust year's center rush for l'enn
Bylvanla, Is coaching Iowa this year. Wo
are nnxtous to see what Iowa will do
against Kansas tomorrow, thon wo can
tell If her coach Is doing tho work he Is
credited with doing. We nro not afraid
of bucking our own Mr. Robinson ngalnnt
any of the crnck players of tho east. In
fact our manngor hnd offers from both
Patterson, who Is coaching Missouri, and
Dull, but ho took another man intsead.
Wo do not think that his cholco will ever
uv n'Kiuill'M.
The library is presumably for tho use
of those who study nnd not thoso who
want to visit and have social chats. Too
much of tho latter Is going on for om
own general good. Consequently it Is be
coming a nuisance to thoso who nro in
dustrious and havo no tdlo moments to
indulgo In friendly talks. No ono can
reallzo tho annoyanco that constnnt whls
porlng nnd laughing has upon thoso who
nro putting In earnest -work. It always
draws ono's attention from tho subject
In hand, nnd hence is more harmful than
good. So long as tho library is Instituted
for rending and rcforonco to periodicals,
lot us mnko It comfortnblo for tho most
earnest student. Much complnint hna
been mado of lots of thoso social vlslt:
occurring dally between tho alcovos.
Those who want to tako up co-education
must go olsewhero. If they will kindly
do that, possibly unpleasantness will bo
Of eourso the most intense interest is
taken in tho outcome of tho Missouri
game. Kveryono Is nwnro of tho fooling
thnt Missouri hns ngnlnst tho unlvei tally
of Nebraska. Missouri got so mnd last
year because wo bent them oven whon
they hnd Ullss of Ynlo to conoh thorn
thnt thoy nt oneo declared thoy would
pull out of the league. So thoy did. Rut
after they got to thinking It nil ovor,
they did not quite see how thoy could ovor
get even with us with them on the out
side. So they enmo In. And now thoy
are waiting for us wnlllng to givo the
tenm from the university such n drub
bing, thnt sne will nover recover. In
coming lmek into tho lengue, Missouri
showed her good sense, or rnther It wns
a reprimand to the hasty oflleers of tho
association who acted without authority.
As for Nebraska, she has tho bent feel
ing possliilr toward her nlster university,
nnd despite the unwarranted articles thnt
appeared in some the St Louis sporting
papeis, Missouri Is no doubt ready to
extend a very plensnnt welcome to tho
members of tho tonm whon thoy arrive
thoro noxt Monday. ,
Tho gold nnd sllvor factions In the uni
versity havo arranged for a sorlott of de
bates upon tho money question. It Is
needloss to say the discussions will bo
animated. Instructive and ontertnlnlng.
Roth sldos have put forward tholr ablest
campaign orators and a good thing awalt
overy student of political and economic
questions. It Is to be hoped, however, tho
debates will bo on a higher piano than tho
avorago public dlsausslons. Thoro is no
reason why thoy should not, but overy
reason why thoy should. Studonts aro
especially seokors of truth and ought to
aim to Inculcato It In the minds of others.
So much misrepresentation Is resorted to
daily, that it is hard to tell the false
from tho true argument. Let our boys
mnko these discussions worthy of univer
sity students. Look at tho questions
from an economic and public point of
View. And with such a lofty purpose in
view, tho debates cannot full to be pro
fitable to the most intenso partisan. Let
every student come out and hour thes.
economic discussions. Remember tho
wellbelng of our country is involved. In
euch exciting times no one can honorably
disregard the political thought of the
hour, t'ome and the logic and knowledge
of our boys will do you good.
Well It Is settled that the Thanksgiv
ing gnme Is to bo played In Omaha do
splto our hopes. Tho manager of the
University dub Is still domnndlng unrea
sonable tonus, but thoy havo lo bo mot.
The sporting editor of the World-Herald
aired himself last Sunday from an Omnhn
standpoint. In reference to an artlolo
which appeared In the Nobraskan some
thing mean about tho said management
ho says: "Tho young man who has
written for the Nebrnsknn hns certainly
been misinformed whon he talks of the
'outrageous terms' nnd 'subsidizing,' for
the terms on whloh tho two football elev
ens piny In Omfiha should certainly be
satlsfnetory to nny loam. The Univer
sity club through Frrmk Crawford, hns
the mnnnircmcnt of tho game, Tho club
furnishes the park, pays for nil advertis
ing, pnys the gatomen and ticket (tellers
and In fact benrs tho entire expense of
the two teams plnylng here with the ex
ception of their traveling expenses and
their hotel bills here. The net receipts
are cqunlly divided between the Nebras
ka nnd town teams nnd the University
Let's nnnly.e these "satlsfnetory" terms
a bit. "All tho expenses of advertising"
getting out some posters, probablo cost
flvo dollnrs. "Pays nil gntemen" this
menus that two men will be given each a
complimentary ticket, nnd possibly llfty
cents. "Pays all the ticket sellers." cost
about the same as the gatomen. All this
expense Is borno by tho University club.
Only tholr hotel bills and tholr travel
ing expenses ?D00 has to be borno by the
teams. Yes this Is certainly very renson
able, very satisfactory to any team. Wo
havo to apologize Our 'young man' was
misinformed. He got his Informatlo.i
from tho manngor. Rut may'jo It was
only a mistake on the pnrt of the young
mnn's Judgmont. He couldn't toll ronson
ublo terms when he saw them. That's
where he was wrong.
A movement hns been Innugurnted by
the gleo club looking to tho publlcntlon
of a book of songs for tho gleo, mnndo
lln and banjo clubs to bo distinctive of
Stanford and its life. Tho plan Is to have
tho work undertaken by tho student body
through n commlttco nppolnted for tho
purpose. All the songn thnt hnvo boon
written will bo gnthorod together, nnd
now ones solicited; it Is posslblo that
somo Inducement mny bo offered to in
cite tho Stanford muso to action. Pro
fessor Pasmoro will havo supervision of
tho work nnd will arrango tho songs for
the various clubs. Palo Alto Dally.
(With proftiso apologies to Stephen
There stood beside my bod last night
A grim nnd ghnstly shapo,
With hollow eyes rimmed 'round with
And heavy lips ngnpo.
His hands woro tnloned like u hawk,
He grasped his livid breast
And tore it nnd 1 saw tho heart
(if my blood-freezing guest.
Twos black nnd wlthoroo ana it hung
As beHvy as a stone,
I shrieked with fonr nnd coworlng lay,
Tho heart II wns my own.
The gruesome slinpe passed out the door
1 awoke find rubbed my eyes,
And swore a solemn binding oath
To ent no more mince pies.
Wllllnm Reed Diiuroy, In tho October
Clack book.
The senior pressed his benrded lips
And scowled n scowl, dark dread and
For he was counting his credit slips
And slugtng, "I neod thee every hour."
Lives of croakers all remind us
We can make our lives a post,
And departing leave behind i
Peeling of relief and rest. Ex.
The Only Way. Ho had a worried look
on his face, nnd remarked, with a sigh:
"I suppose thore Is no use in expecting
that ovorybody will evor bo satisfied."
"No," roplled the man with tho campaign
buttons all ovor Mm, "not unloss this gov
ernment makes arrangomonts to havo two
or three vlco presidents Instead of only
ono." Washington Star.
Corporal (to soldier) "Why Is tho blade
of tho sabro curved Instead of straight?"
Prlvete "It Is curved In order to glvo
more force to tho -blow." Corporal
"Humbug! Tho sabro Is curved so as to
fit tho scabbard. If It was straight how
would you get it into tho crooked scab
bard, blockhead?" Fllegendo Blatter.
"Pat, what has become of tho potatoes
I told you to plant?" "01 got rid of 'em,
sorr. Tho potayty-bugs was threatened,
an' 01 tuk 'em up so's whin thoy got
here thoy'd pasn on. Whin they're
pashed on, O'll plant 'em agin. Th only
way to keep oft thlm netavtv-lnics. anrr
is to fool 'em." Bazar.
Have you nil thought what a hollow
thing Is fame? One painter paints her
ns nn ovor fleeing bvbblo; but we must
remember that many times thftl bubblo
Is caught onught nnd broken. Thon
what has mnn to pursuo? llls-hllbblo
is-gono. "liespnlr and die." says tho
tempter. "Llvo nnd leant the moaning"
of lire." whispers hop. Yes. he who
paints victory nnd fnmo with the snd
ness of all nges tmdor tho gny ribbons
nnd bright erown-ho paints truly.
In a orndlo, n bnby lay, with wldo open
eyes looking out Into tho world. Tho
babe seotned studying, woudorlng whnl
It desired. Suddenly It threw bnck Its
head, olonchod Its tiny lists nnd let out
a howl, piercing, discordant. Now, tho
babe Is happily drinking milk from ft
Utile spoon, llow engorly It onts, until
It wishes no more; nnd how 11 cooes and
laughs! 'How cute It Is! And now tl
, sloops; a pretty smile lights lis dimpled
Tho child Is ft youth now. He sits
with one of Coopc's novels In the coi
ner of a room near tho hearth. ".loseph,
Joseph come nnd finish your work, come,
quick now. Come or 1 shrill whip you."
Down goes the book with a slam.
"Hnng It nil mother! Whnt makes yon
nlways call me Just whon I'm In the most
Interesting part?"
The work Is finished and how happily
tho boy tnkes up his book lo continue
his broken story.
The boy Is n mnn uOw. All dny long
he hns been looking over his book
shelves nnd thoso of the city's grent li
brary. All Is so oil. All thnt Emerson
Browning, Cnrlyle, Christ, had to teach
him he has mastered; and, yes, they nre
tnsteless. In his soul tho gront mnn
longs for food. "Glvo mo, oh give mo
more," he cries nnd ever his cry grows
louder mid eer liin uiy grows deoper.
When his trouble Is lenrncd by his
wife she sits nnd tnlnks long nnd enrn
estly, long nnd earnestly she thinks.
"Oonrest where did Emerson nnd Christ
find their great truths? Maybe thero Is
somowhat thero for you to learn." And
the grent mnn pondered.
The next day ho wns ngnln hnppy and
as ho camo homo to his wife ho rover
ently kissed her brow nnd whispered,
"Dearest you are my savior." nnd so
(mother grent man was born Into the
world, a now king, and ho knew It not
nor cared,
Havo you over seen dogs play Jokes
on each other and havo you ever seen
naturo play Jokes on her subjects? Yet
the poor fly which sticks to tho fly paper
sees not the joko therein; nor do we. f
Nor do wo seo tho Joko In pulling ono
wing off of a fly nnd watching It buzz
as many a small boy does. Wo call
somo, many Jokos, pure cussed meanness.
Howover, when wo gel a good Joke
we laugh at It. Thus as boys wo laughed
when a smnrty walked about with "A
Pool" pinned on his bnck. or "lClok Me"
on his coat tall.
And whon wo woro young wo looked
with great awe on Polonlus, who could
rs.tle off so many wise bits of advice
to his son. Yes Polonlus wns a sort
of god. Rut when wo grow oldor, we
only considered Polonlus ono wlso mnn,
nlnng with the r"t of them And now,
ns we look back ( nt him we lnugh nt
the old pompous guy. What! Is our gold
en Imnire liecome our foolish jester!
Why Is It Polonlus has so ohnnged?
lie symbols n gront man to himself; to
us ho is nn nss.
Thore is still ziothor wny or looktiiR
at Polonlus, which nfler nil is the trut
way. PulouiuB thought his long list of
memorized sayings nnd tho quoting thero
oC ahows what a little man he Is rnfl
we (are we great enough) can only be
orry for him So nil Jokea are things
for tears not for laughter; onn we but
see them In their highest symbolism.
E. A. O.
The Annual board Is hard at work and
Is gradually getting a start at collecting
matter for the book.
Contributions aro needod badly. Con
tributions of every kind and from every
body Is what Is wanted. Send In Jokes,
drawings, suggestions, thoughts, pict
ured stories, poems, nnd any old thing.
If any one has any annuals from other
colleges which thoy would kindly lot the
board use during tho spasm, thoy will
bo very gladly roenlvod by tho editors.
Any such loft with Mr. Barret In tho
historical library, bnsomont of library
building, will bo snfoly nnd cnrofully
Juniors should havo tholr plotures tak
en at onco. Arrangomonts havo been
mado with tho Elite Studio to do this
work. If any Junior wants a dozen pho
tographs, ho can get them now for $2.60,
regular prlco, $1.00. If you don't want
any pictures, go and sit for ono any way,
and it will cost you nothing. Every Jun
ior must have his plcturo in tho Annual,
and this way will accomodate all. Ow
ing to tho low prlco, tho photographer is
anxious not to have second sittings nec
essary, so all aro. urged to go for their
picture In their choicest nttiro and to
"look pleasant."
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