The Nebraskan. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1892-1899, April 24, 1896, Image 3

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Junior ithomofi nro duo May 8.
Miss Umlly Vco1r was nUo HI to
first of the weok.
The out bud In the front of tho campus
Is coming on nicely.
i m
Tho next mooting of tho lOngllsh club
Will bo hold May 2.
Harry Shedd spent Hominy with his
parents In Ashlnnd.
Tho second batch of nrgumontntlvo
thomos went In Tuesday.
Tho senior prom. Is tho noxt big uni
versity hop to look forwnrd to.
Jlmmlo Sonrson will tonch In the
Snundors county institute this summor.
"Shorty" I.ohnhoff, who has leen laid
up with n sprained nnkle, is out wwiln.
n. Thayer hns returned to
whet ho will reside in the
Miss Kredn Schell entertained n num.
lior of university students Tuesday
Miss Conklln will offer n spockxl course
in beginning Froneh of six weeks this
Miss Alloc Slnughtor Is contemplating
permanently tnkliiR up hor residence
tn Omnhn.
The fnmlllnr form of "Umptle" Gard
ner Is missed nboul tho tonnls courts
this sprlnp.
O. 11. Allon wns n delegate io tho
free silver convention held In this olty
last Wednesday.
Clyde Peneost, a dental student of
Iowa university, was visiting about the
campus Tuesday.
Another military hop. this time at
Burllngto beach, by the ."non-coms" Is
being talked of.
Mr. Taylor will lend tho regular do
votlonnl meeting of tho Y. M. C. A.
Sunday at -1 p. m. In Dollan hall.
A number of the botany students
went to Walton Saturday forenoon.
The trip back was made on foot.
PimmMpig'?jMKWT .f??5tlrhreTn
tflMbflKW.'?- v- .-mm IB w -BMBft v shc a
Tho Christian associations pave a re
caption to the young people In the as
sociation's cottaRO last Thursday oven-
,n- . . .
Mrs. Manning's dramatic class Is pre
lmrimr a farce play, which will b&
,,u.n in he ehanol about the mldille
of May.
Wo are going to move May 1. See
what we can offer you before that time.
Lincoln Frame & Art Co., 220 South
IDlevonth street.
D. S. Dusonbury, county superin
tendent of Nuckolls county, has boon
thu guest of the Phi Kappa Pal fra
ternity the past weok.
Tonnis has commonoed In earnest.
Tho counts are finished and aro con
coded to be the best In Lincoln. They
aro full of players every evening.
Burt "Wilson, Fritz Korsmeyer. Clint
Norton. Harry and George Shodd, Ed- (
gar Clarke and Ernest Wlggenhorn will
spend tomorrow fishing near Ashland.
Professor McMillan of the Minnesota
university, and a graduate of our own
university, will speak boforo the
botanlonl seminar n weok from tomor-row-
. , .
Captain Guilfoyle very heartily en
dorsed the petition uslcing for tho ar
mory for university "dances. One of the
frnt mon has proserved the petitions as
sou van Irs.
A .masauorade was ihald at the con
servatory of music last Monday even
ing by the student of music. After
tho affair wns over the maiueraders
hud their picture taken.
II. L.. Piorson, who left college the
tlrst of the semester, writes from Iowa
that prohibition is ulte in harmony
with his theory, but nevertheless he
will bo In tho university usuin noxt
Tho non-coms of company "A" have
begun to put in tholr delinquency re
ports 1o oount on the records of the
members for the prizes offered by Cap
tain Rood and tho ex-captains of the
The Dollan girls held an enthusiastic
mooting Wednesday afternoon and or
ganized a debating club. Miss Horn
was elected temporary chairman, The
organisation will bo perfected In tho
Menr future,
Professor Ansloy's father has boon
vory 111 for somo time. Mr, Ansley
went to his Illinois homo during tho
early part of last week, but his father
had died boforo ho t cached him. Pro
fessor Shortnan has taken his class.
Tho Indies' Vacuity club cordially
Invites ' students from nil dopnrt
monts of tho Mnlvorslty to a reception
nt tho homo or Mr, nnd Mrs. V. M.
Hall, corner of lCloVonth nnd 13 streets,
Saturday evening, May 2, from 8 to 11.
Tho hoard of rogeuts appropriated
money to hnve tho campus watered and
taken care of this summer. Thoro Is no
doubt that this will Improve tho gen
eral appearance of everything about
the university.
The adjutant ha published the fol
lowing ortlers: "The cadets are requlrad
to provide themselves with duck trous
ers before May first. Said duck trousers
to be made from material having been
shrunk before making."
Professor Kllng delivered two nil
Ureases nl Aahkind Inst Friday. In the
afternoon bespoke to tho Woman's club
on the study of historical evidence and
In the evening nddressed n largo nud
ence on the rotation of democracy to
higher education.
The Commercial Gazette, the Clncln
nati owner on which Mr. Pates Is
employed, will be found on sale at tho
Lincoln news ngency, lSleventh nnd O.
Tho resignation of professors Allen
nnd Wilson, as well as that of Miss
Bobbins, wcro nccoptod.
Captain Guilfoyle hns suggested that
hereafter the name of tho winning
company, with the date on which tt
won Its victory, be placed on tablets
Instead of being put on n pennant thnt
may easily up uestroyeo. isi mm
hereafter the prize sword be given tor
some other quality than attendance.
The Pnllodlons will celebrate their
twenty-fifth anniversary some time
next fall. Circulars which have been
Issued nnd sent to old members of tho
soolety state that It will be "tho blggost
event In the history of the Institution."
A committee was appointed sometime
ngo b make preparations for tho celebration.
1 engln-
feTTtpoiislMe ror
cr In position before the library
ulldlng and before Professor Wolfe's
"bay window," an electrical plant and
a "current bush" Wednesday. Although
the electrical plant resembles a good,
healthy tree. It Is given out that It Is a
plant nevertheless. None of thf other
clnss organizations celebrated the holi
day, as college work went on as usual.
The Y. M. C. A. hnd n meeting Satur
day evening in Its room in the base
ment of university hall. The meeting
was called for the purpose of electing
a corresponding secretary o take the
place of Mr. Kuhns. who has resigned
because of his inability to be in college
next year. C. W. Taylor, one of thb ac
tive workers In the association, was
elected to fill the place. Plans for mak
ing the work of the association more
effective were also discussed.
lar feature of the meetings, are much
appreciated by the members, for so
far all select Iomh and performers havo
been unusually good. Ices wero served
by way of refreshment after tho pro
Rram. At tho business mooting Miss
Henry of tho Freshman clans wns
elected to tho club membership. Alto
Rother the ovonlng was one of tho
most pleasant of the year.
The Palladlau girls will rIvo tho fol
lowing proRrnm Friday evening:
Piano solo Nooturn. Chopin, Miss
Mno Colson.
Fan drill Misses Day, Cook, Sun
dean, Anthony, Wnllnee and Hutlor.
Vocnl solo "Ovor tho llonlher,"
Lyons; Double Loss, llolmoud, MIPS
Violin trio Seleoted, MIsbos Post,
llutchlngs and Olanvsr.
Itecltntlon "The Ms,rrtage of Flow
ers," Miss Mnryott.
Piano sole Selected, Miss Portor.
Play "The Comedy or Queens."
Vocnl duet "Whon the Wind niow.
oth in From the Son," Smart, Mlssos
Smnlls and Pollard.
Instrumental solo Selected, Lillian
Heading Selection from "Drift
wood." Mr. Lien.
Chnraeter Skotoh Ned Abbott,
Vocnl solo "Scotch Song," Burns,
Mr. Lehmer.
Blxby by Proxy Bertha PInkorton.
Vlollnn solo "Morcenu do Salon,"
Herman, Mr. Chrlstonson.
Joko genealogy J, W. Searson.
Blxby Ballad-Annn Anderson.
Ladies' Cloaks
Ladies' Underwear
Ladies' Hosiery
Ladies' Gloves
Gents' Underwear
Gents' Hosiery
Gent's Gloves
1235 to I239 O St.
Jeweler, Optician, and Engraver.
All goods sol 1 fiiqravcd froo f charge, and no chargo mnrto for examining
tho oyos.
Run Over.
1 1 will pay you to run ovor to Frank
M, Bector's, 1211 O street, nnd see his
window dlsplny. Mr. Friedman, his
new candy maker from Philadelphia,
Is proving himself n export In the
manufacture of sweots, nnd has on dis
play as fine a lino of toon bons. choc
lates, carmels. ota, as can be found in
the lending stores of the largest eastern
Mr. Bector's Ice crem parlors arc
the finost and most comfortable In tho
olty. Tho expert In chnrgo of his ele
gant soda fountain is dispensing some
thing entirely new in fancy drinks.
A flood ClK'P.o.
How true it is that fnmo and fortuno
both hinge on some trivial clrcum
BtnnrpB. The most J.VepR,!fiil Jrtlct at
tho annual exhibition of the French
Salon one year wns a young gentleman
named Baldwin Sowers.
Mr. Sowers' particular lino Is tho de
lineation ol still lifo, and so ho painted
a cheese.
After it was hung somo malicious
person slipped Into tho gallery the
night before tho exhibition nnd cut a
round hole in tho canvas, completely
romovlng the cheese. When tho exam
ining committee were on their rounds
they came to the defaced picture and
angrily sent for the artist to give an
explanation. An ordinary individual
would have been ovorcome with despair
at the outrage. Not so Mr. Sowers.
When tho chairman said, sternly:
"Where is the cheese?" he responded
"Alas, gentlemon! I perceive I have
painted it with too great fldollty. The
mlco havo eaten it." Exchange.
1 1 43 O Street.
Lincoln, Neb.
la tho PnoPEn Place to pot your Meals,
1130 N ST, A. G. OSMER, PROP.
zz sz
Dealer in all kinds of
C O L H-i'
Professor Burnet cnlls attention to
another recognition of the strength of
one of our professors. Tho following
is a translation of a comment of S.
Toorensen upon Professor Edgren's
work upon comparative philology.
"It would be a mattor of just regret
If tho author by reason of his present
position (In the university of Nebraska)
should be prevented from completing
it. What has appeared so far Is so
well adapted to Its purpose that a con
tinuance is very desirable."
Not very long ago a young lady of
Lincoln, who is treading the stony path
to Mahatmashlp In the Thoosophloal
circle of the olty, having hoard of tho
organization of a club bearing the
name of the WJsdam-rteligion In the
university, sent In on application for
membership. The city club, she avarrod,
was too far anlvancod for her under
standing; fllie would like to start lower
down. Hut when the member applied
to replied with laconic, "Can you play
whist?" the application was not pushed.
The Kngllsh club met last Saturday
evoning with Miss Julia Wort. 1317 13
street. The attendunoe was unusually
large, several visitors being present
besides the club members. The pro
gram consisted of a poem by Miss Mor
rlesey and stories by Misses Wort and
Smoyer and Mr. Alexander. Miss Maud
Hammond favored the club with a
piano solo and Miss Abbott sang a
dainty ballad. Thaso muslo numbers,
wbloh of late have been made a regu-
Flne stationery at Lelghton's.
A Gourmand.
MIsb Gushab My lord, during all your
American tour, which of the belles has
proven the most irresistibly alluring?
His Lordship The aw dinner bells,
I assure you.
Wife What do you mean by coming
home in this condition? You promised
that you would only drink two fingers
of rye this whole day.
Hubby Right you (hlo) are! I drank
it out of a (hlc) baking-pan.
Aci'oulilixl for.
Willie What does Chawloy walk with
his face In the air like that for? Is his
neck stiff?
Hoggy No; he's in love with a chorus
fay, and has occupied the front row
steadily now for a whale month.
Rack Springs,
Wier City,
Canun City,
Office, 1100 0 Street
Richards' Heck.
Yards, 14th fc Y Sts.
Nns. 343 & 345.
133 SoUth 12 SL
Calls special attention of the readers of
The Nebraskan, to the fact that they can gat
the best and cheapest meals there of any
place in the city. A square meal 15 cents
Short orders at all hours. 1 0 Per cent off on
$3 Tickets
L C. Holaday, Prop.
force and dl
artlole I left
Hit Dill.
Poet Did you feel the
reotness of that pointed
for you this morning?
Editor (fuilously) So it was you who
put that bent pin tn my ohalr, was it.
you scoundrel?
Undo Heuben Them's the most ex
pensive scarocrows I ever seen, and
they hain't no better than one made out
of old clothes and straw neither. N. Y.
A Hint to Doctor.
Invalid I don't believe that this med
icine Is helping me at all.
Wife What makes you think so? does not taste bad enough
to do me any good.
Telephone 199.
327-331 North Twelfth St.
1 r V.
(1 ' ' 2 V4-. PS-.'