The Nebraskan. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1892-1899, November 22, 1895, Image 2

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ovkljr Npwtnirr Nmifil Bviry I'rlilny Noon
ci tli 1'nlviTHliy ol Niliriikn,
llMTMIKD MuMM'I.AM Mail. Mattkii.
V. T tlu.rr. Mnnnnlnn ISUltnr
MIm Jn l.nllrlil(o. .. Hncl.ttjr
0 .. Htmtf. .Mlllmry
J (' lliii iminiii Itttml
(' r. AiIiiimk. I.ticnl
1.. ) Mil. tin I.ocnl
litti nine li.
H II HUiiin, ... I'. I. Wild
I'rire per vrfir ."fi
llV lllllll K-'
1 rlii' mt tii'Hiih I"
Vulln-M llll tin Mill") illltllK til TlIK NlllllIACkAN,
I mIvkik" v ill Nci.rii-ku.
Tin' members t the team, the Htu-ili-ntH
nH a whole anil the faculty with
one accord, arc rryltiK out ngnlnHt the
number of match Ramon nohoduled for
our fiiotlmll team durliiR the pant two
'kx It hiiH alifii ) actod detrlmon
tallv t many huhIi-iHm, who hae not
Mt cmleti'd down from the Kiinnim ami
I)iaii- ifnmcK. Tin- player will have to
fa'-i' a number of "inlltl'inn If they are
not i in fill. besbltH the terrible (ihyHlc
nl hi iiiln they ha undeiKone.
V Kino Ih wlieiluled for HnatiiiKH
Monday. Popular opinion Ih almoHt
unanlmouHly nfjaliiBt taking tho team to
mien a little "one-horse" place. With all
due respect to HaHtlnK' elsce as a city,
It doen not boast of any Intollectual In
Htltutlon other than the nnylum for tho
Incurablo Insano. There Is absolutely
no Hense In nrrniiRiiiR a riuiic with our
first eleven with the Y. M. C. A. team
this city can put up. To be sure we will
play a number of substitutes who prob
ably will welcome the chance, yet In
such a case, there Is a possibility if dt-
fat. The Klory if a victory over smh '
a team amounts to nothing. We expect l
to win, of course what will It f?nln for
us ' Simply the trip, and the members
of the team are opposed to It.
It Is time that challenges from such
small fiy as Hastings nnd Donne be laid
on the table We havo satisfied Doane-
let this be the last time we nre to meet
her on tho gridiron. We should look for
bigger game, n antes with Minnesota
and Wisconsin could bo arranged If the
attempt bo made In the proper season.
Playing with professional athlotlc as
sociations and alleged Y. M. C. A. teams
dogrades the grid-iron. Football Is jucol-L1
lego game. It amounts to nothing
whon played by teams not having a fol
lowing of college men to urge them on.
when the glory of their Alma Mater Is
not the goal. Tho University of Ne
braska should not necourage the lower
ing of this noble spurt
Trips to Hutte and Denver we should
Ignore in the future There is a possi
bility of our meeting an eastern tenm if
the right steps are taken. An early ef
fort should be made for games with
Wisconsin nnd Minnesota beforo their
schodulos aro made out. Tho univer
sity will be considered "very big pota
toes" if we can glvo our northern and
eastern neighbors a tusslo on tho foot
ball team.
Neatly half the numbers had boon
dnnc d and the varied collection of per
manent wall flowers who sat helplessly
around the sides of tho hall olthor had
managed by this time to get their pro
grams filled or had given up hope. Tho
cluttered lights of the chandeliers throw
a soft lustro on the moving throng.
The girls in tasty ball dresses passed
bock and forth leaning on the arm of
their partners and talking busily of
nothing. There was a ring of boys
around each punch bowl filled with Ico,
Impatiently waiting their turn. The
noise of the musicians tuning their In
struments wns drowned by the continu
ous hum of the small talk and the groat
mom seemed full of the confused mur
mur. The Har me walked along tho side
of the hall with his loft hand in his
tr. niseis pocket. Ho wnlkod with tho
air of a man who was perfoctly satls
f'ed with himself and tho world in gen
eral He looked on his program and
saw that ho had two dances left with
the Sweat Creature, one with the Load
ing Lady and two with tho Professional
Flirt. Suddenly ho stopped short and
burst Into a half suppressed laugh. Tho
Amatour Thespian was loaning up
against the wall with a worried look
on his countenance, mopping his damp
face with a large silk handkerchlof
and trying not to pant audibly. "What
Is the matter?" asked the Baritone
with a broad grin on his face he knew
what the matter was as well as anyone
but It pleased him hugely to ask the
question. The Amatuer Thespian did
not answer at all. tlurMlldq't seem to
bo anything he cared to say beslden
hi Oath was a much too precious article
to waste Just when.
"I saw you dancing with her ami I
wondored how you llkod It you didn't
look at all happy." and ho broadened
hla smllo a little In .rPtnomlminco of
tho scene.
'I wish you wouldn't grin In that
Idiotic fashion" said tho Amaturo
Thespian testily. "You've no ika how
silly you look."
"I don't think I look any worso than
you do" suggested the Harltono.
Tho Amateur Thespian could not
very well deny this so ho choso to Ig
nore It. "I have always boon mulct tho
Impression that the boy Invariably led
In n dnne but I see my mlstako now.
She grabbed the shoulder of my oont
In one hand and took an Iron grip on
my hand with the other and wo went
down the iloor like a shot out of it
i cannon 'I tried to stop hor but 1
1 couldn't, so I gave up hope and hung
I nil. Wverv once In n while 1 would
come up analimt another couple with
i a crack that dislocated every cartlldge
1 In my M-rtebnie. I don't believe 1
touched the iloor twice during the whole
performance "
"I should have warned you against
her" said the Uarltone compassionate
ly, "she always tears a fellow up."
"That's tho Idea! That's the way I
i feel all tore up" assented the Amaturo
I Thespian with a rash disregard for
'grammar. "How do my clothes look?"
"Xot o vory bail. You didn't fall
down did you?" asked tho Uarltone.
"N'o 1 guess not" said he a, little du
biously. "That Is one thing I didn't
do I guess she got caieless and forgot
a little"
"I think It was by divine Interest
that I didn't get a partner for the next
lance" he athled. "I think I shall go
out doors and He down a while."
The musicians wore about to start up
the dance. The Professional Klirt sit
ting In one corner with the Studious
' Kl1 "8 '" remarkably "."let (for
hor) but when the llanjo Fiend and the
Commissioned Oillcer came up she be
came aulte ontottalnlng again. The
Professional Flirt was possessed of the
dramatlo Instinct and she never cared
to play to a small audience.
Tho next dnnco had begun and the
Ijarltono began to look around for the
Sweet Croat tiro. He saw her sitting
calmly between two ardent adorers who
were trying to beat each other tit say
ing nice things to her. The Uarltone
stopped and gazed at her admiringly.
"That girl Is a marvel" he soliloquized
"She takes attention ns a matter of
' coursx
1 verilv believe that it is ns
much a part of her existance to be nd
mired as it Is to eat and sleep. She al
ways has been admired and I think
she always will bo as long as I continue
to breathe." He walked quickly to her
side and claimed his dance, and she
gae him one of her dazzling smiles
part of " hor stock In trade."
Attention of the most pronounced
and serious kind never worried the
vldually and collectively, she would not
Sweet Creature. If a half a dozen of
the most excitable of her host of Jeal
ous adorers had arranged a hexagonal
duel antl massacred each other indi
be at nil surprised. It would not be bo
causo she was hard hearted cither. It
was simply a part of hor delightfully
Iriesponslble nature.
Tho Hnnjo Fiend came up to the
Amaturo Thespian who had by this
time regained some of his customary
composure. Just then tho dance closed
abruptly and tho Amaturo Thespian
saw the Uarltone release tho Swoet
Creature reluctantly and como straight
toward him.
"Oreat balls of smoko" ho ejaculat
ed mentally, "hero comus that boy to
rave over the Sweet Creature. I think
I will escape him since I am not wild
ly desirous of hearing him reclto tho
catalogue of her charms." Ho turned
and was about to stnrt In tho opposlto
direction whon he saw tho Social Stron
ger standing alone and looking about
for a new victim.
"I can't go that way olthor as I don't
care to fall Into hor clutchos. I think
I will olude thorn both and at tho sumo
tlmo pleaso mysoP" and ho walked
across tho floor and sat down by tho
Queen of Hearts. II. S.
Mr. Cump, tho popular right half
back of the Kansas team, said when In.
torvlowed ns follows: "The game was
won chiefly by the superior work of
our backs, although our lino excelled
that of Nebraska. Most of our gains
were made between Nebraska's tack-
to and entl. Tho game was fought
hard. There was hut llttlo slugglnft
done. The average weight of our team
Ih 171 pounds. Tho lino a-erago Is 183
pounds. Tito combined weight of tho
three centro mon being Gil pounds. We
came here expootlng to win tho game,
but under the circumstances It would
not have been surprising at nil If we
had lost. Throo of our men were tin
ablo to play. We oxpectod a hard gamo
and our expectations were fulfilled.
As to winning tho Missouri gnmo on
Thnnksglvlng day, I think our chancos
aro veiy good. Our men will all be In
good condition by that tlmo and we
hope to bo able to play tho gamo of
our lives that day. Wo cannot speak
too highly of tho treatment wo havo ra
colvod hero. Tho Nebraska boys, are
all gentlemen and next to ourselves we
would llko to seo them win the pen
nant." aitlNNKhli 21; IT. OF N. 0.
It wnH a sorry crowd of studpnts that
received tho news of Nebraska's defeat
at Orlnnell Inst evening. Not much Im
portance was attached to the gome, yet
Nebraska thought she had such a
cinch that everyone believed the score
had been turned around by carelessness
of the telegraph operator. ISven when
a second telegram came the boys
thought that Whipple sent the telegram
for n "Josh." Tho University of Nebras
ka defeated by little firlnnoll? They
could not bollovo It.
The only explanation Is thaftho game
was played In a blizzard and that Orln
noll used her mass plays. Our team re
fused to piny Donne for this reason, yet
they forgot to stipulate under what
rules we would play with Orlnnell. This
evens Orlnnell with Nebraska for Inst
ear when she was beaten 'i'i to 0. It Is
now assured that the Hastings game
will be cancelled.
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