The Nebraskan. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1892-1899, March 01, 1895, Image 1

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Voi, III. No. 17.
Flno Prospects for a Strong
Toam This Year.
Much Intorast Hns Alrondy Boon
Arousod Trip to lown AsBurod
Prnotloo Commonood.
Tho outlook for baso ball in tho
Univorsity is brightor than over
boforo nt this timo of tho yoar.
Alrondy tho candidates havo bo
gun prnctico mid nro onthusinstio
in tho work. In past yoars tho
base ball team has begun praotico
bo lato in tho yonr that practically
nothing was done boforo tho ond
of tho school yonr.
13y thorough training nnd con
stant praotico thoro is no reason
why tho Univorsity of Nebraska
should not havo ono of tho best
teams in tho wobI. Wo havo a
good start. Practice games enn
bo played with tho Lincoln league
toam and various toams in tho vi
cinity. Thoro is no reason why wo
should not havo an oxcollent in
field and outfield as well from tho
number of candidates. Of course
it will bo hard to find any ono to
tako Barnes' place in tho "box."
Tho procuring of a strong battery
will be nbsolutoly necossary and
tho manngeinont should not ovor
look this important point.
Of tho old tenm, Hoald, Bene
dict, Randolph, Packard, Ray-
mond, and Hay ward are back. The
now men who aro candidates in
oludo Hamming, Fair, Porter,
Bowman, Frank, McCarthy, Ab
bott, Martin, Jones, Bliss, Noal,
Rickets, "Wilson, Rowo, Humph
rey, Thorpe, Matson, Rogers, New
branch, Loibman, and Wessol.
Any others desiring to become
candidates should hand their namo
to either Manager Hayward, or
Captain Hoald at onco.
There will bo considerable in
ducement for a man to strive hard
to get on the toam. Besides local
games and thoso played within
the state there has already boon
planned a tour through Iowa, to
include games with tho Univorsity
of Iowa, Grinnel College, Ames
College, and tho State Agricul
tural School at Des Moines.
In order to increase tho interest
in base ball and to bring out now
material, games between tho var
ious classes, fraternities, and so
cieties will bo arranged. Last
year groat enthusiasm was arousod
in a few days by this means but
the plan was adopted too lute in
tho season to accomplish much
good. If we aro to havo a team
at all, let us havo a good ono.
Nothing Done Yet.
Tho committee appointed at tho
last mooting of tho Athletic asso
ciation to revise tho constitution,
meet every once in a while, when
they happen to see each other at
drill or meet in tho hall, but thus
far nothing definite has been ac
complished. Tho old constitution
has been gono over and several
minor changes recommended but
tho most important ones have not
been touched upon yet, but proba
bly will be by tho ond of tho week.
Some of tho important points to
como up are, "Shall a committee
composed of members of tho fac
ulty havo tho veto power upon all
tho actions of tho board of direc
tors ?" "Should un advisory board
bo appointed, composed of alumni
and tho fnoulty, which shall havo
moroly advisory power but no
authority to voto any of tho ac
tions of tho board?"
It is such quostions as thoso
which aro bot boring tho committee.
Tho noxt mooting will probably
bo called as soon as tho committoo
is roady to roport, which will bo
at an oarly dato.
Third Artists' Recital
Tho chapel was woll fillod last
evening, tho occasion being tho
third artists' rooital, givon by
Murtinus Siovoking of tho Uni
vorsity Conservatory. Ho was as
sisted by Mr. John Randolph who
roudorod two baritono solos which
woro heartily appreciated.
Thoso rocilals soom to bo com
ing into popular favor as it was
noticod tho atlondanco has in
creased oach timo. Mr. Siovokhiir
responded to two oncoros, tho pro
gram othorwiso was carried out as
given bolow:
Harmonious Blacksmith
(Variations) Handel
Two Studies
Fantasio Impromptu Chopin
Air From "Samson,"
d TTonrv,. nml A ,D T-7,.,.,,.7
OULWA1WL MUSI .JLLJIiO .4.1. Itf 1111
Iutormozzo Polacca Padorowski
Rigaudon from the Suite Raff
Tho Beo Siovokhuj
Tho Erl-King Sohubavl-Liszl
Rooit. "A 'to Tostromo
Romanza "II Locorat
Spirito" Verdi
Etincolles (Sparks)
Etudo do Concert, G flat
Oratorical Election.
Tho oloction of tho president
for tho Inter-Stato Oratorical as
sociation falls to Nebraska this
year and alroady there is a scurry
ing around among tho various
colleges to got the plum. Tho
holder of this office gots a salary
of $100 for tho year which is a
sufliciont inducement to causo a
little hustling. The oloction will
bo hold March loth tho day of
tho state contest. It is more than
probablo that tho univorsity will
furnish tho president.
Arrangements for the program
havo not been fully decided upon
yet, but tho Univorsity Banjo club
will furnish some of tho music,
and our speaker will bo tho first
ono to deliver his oration. Tho
exercises will bo hold in tho
Funke theator.
Saw All There Was.
One of tho stores of Beatrice,
in tho way of advertising, sent
ton children to spend tho day in
Lincoln, tho store paying all tho
expenses. Ono of the places vis
ited was the State University.
What was soon is told in tho fol
lowing extract, a composition writ
ten by ono of tho little girls who
was along: "Wo took tho car and
went to tho hotel, and from there
to tho State Univorsity, where we
saw tho anatomy of various kinds
of animals. We thon wont to the
greenhouse, where we saw a great
lot of plants and a tree that they
make fans of."
Ideas Wanted.
Drawings for next year's an
nual will be in order from now
on. Ail people who can draw
aro requested to got thoir brains
in action, as woll as thoir pencils,
and help make Sombrero, Vol. 4,
a howling success. Do not think
it is too oarly, but come in and
avoid tho rush. If you havo any
bright ideas, whether you can
draw or not, bring them in.
Quant & Everett.
Sophs Make Arrangements
to Publish tho Annual.
Annunl Strlfo for Glnns Honors Al-
moHl n Hundrod OotToffothoi
Tho Emoted Cnndldntos.
Tho Bophomoro class oloctod tho
Sombroro board last Friday ond
ovory body in tho university know
it. It cannot bo said to tho credit
of tho class that quito a bittor
scrap was indulged in.
Thoro was an ovidout intontion
on tho part of tho majority to make
tho thing unanimous. Barb and
frat toolings woro laid asido, and
a ticket made out, giving oach
fraternity a representation and tho
literal y socioties two oach.
This did not soom to please cor
tain partios, not because ono of
thoir own mon was not given some
thing, but they had a personal
grudge against a member of a
rival organization which they
wished to bo downed at any cost.
Thoy swore a big oath to tho effect
that tho said individual would not
get said position but ho did by a
safo majority.
The loading "wire-pullers" did
not give thought to any of their
classes that morning, but haunted
tho halls, making lifo a burden to
ovory ono who had the least pos
sible chance of bomg a sophomoro.
Such determined work made it
possible to pass a prepared ticket
for tho first timo within tho his
tory of tho class. The opposition
was against tho editors-in-chiof
and tho business managers. There
were three candidates for the posi
tion of oditors-in-ohiof, R. W.
Thatcher, F. T. Riley and Henry
Lenhoff. Tho two former were
elected, tho voto standing 80, 70
and 30 respectively. H. Oury
and S. J. Coroy woro elected busi
ness managers The vote stood,
Corey 83, Oury 58 and Cutter 47.
Harry Everett and William Grant
were made staff artists and ten as
sociates were elected as follows:
Miss Nettie Philbrick, Miss Mae
Rhodes, Miss Mabel Ricketts,
Miss Anna Broady, H. C. Parme
loo, H. G. Shed, V. O. Barber,
O. H. Allen, J. P. Cameron and
D. W. Hawksworth.
Nearly ond hundred were pres
ent at the meeting over which the
newly elected present, Miss O'Sul
livan, presided.
The withdrawal of Mr. Thatcher
from college makes it necessary
that another editor-in-chief be
elected. Mr. Leo. C. Smith will
probably bo elected to fill tho
College News.
At a meeting of tho 'Varsity
crow candidates of Harvard held
Saturday afternoon J. R. Bullurd,
Jr., '00 was choson to fill tho po
sition of permanent captain. Bill
iard has been acting as temporary
captain since Fonoossy's resigna
tion, two months ogo.
Members of tho Harvard foot
ball toam have begun preliminary
practice in tho gymnasium.
Tho college papers of tho Uni
vorsity of Wisconsin aro urging
tho students of that institution to
labor with thoir legislators to got
a library bill through. Here is a
"Every studontl knows that a
bill for tho oroction of a now
library building is boforo tho leg
islature; ovory studont is interested
in that bill, and evory studont
should koop his oyo on it. Just
at prosont it looks as if thoro
would bo littlo or no opposition;
but it is too much to oxpoot that
tho ohronio backwoods oconoinizor
will not bo hoard from; thon, too,
it is whisporod that opposition is
liablo to dovolop in cortain quar
tors. Every studont has a duty
in tho matter of this bill.
You may think you havo littlo
influonco with your roprosontativo,
but go and toll him your viows on
tho mattor, and that you aro
watching his cotirso with regard
to it. Thoro is no district that
has not eight or ton students in
the institution. When a legisla
tor has boon interviewed a few
times by peoplo from his district
he is very hkoly to begin to think
aomo now thoughts. -
A kg is.
Battalion News.
During this pleasant weather
tho members of tho artillery and
cavalry detachments will drill with
thoir companies.
Li6ut. Ponn of Fort Omaha was
oxpected horo to address tho offi
cers' club Tuesday night but was
not able to come. He will bo here
noxt week.
The commandant promises some
promotions for next week, a quar
termaster, quartermaster sergeant,
some lieutenants and several mi
nor officers.
Tho artillery detachment has
been re-organized with ono de
tachment from each company.
xnis win give a spirit or competi
tion ii the men and will undoubt
edly make thorn put up a bettor
drill than heretofore.
It is very evident to an observer
that there will be no walk-a-way
in tho competitive drills this year.
Tho companies aro very nearly
matched in the efficiency of thoir
officers and guides, and the mark
ings will be very close.
The question of the whole bat
talion being furnished with duck
trousers is now ogitating the ca
dets, It has been loft to tho bat
talion to decide whether or not
thoy shall bo bought. Tho chan
cellor, the lieutenant and all of
the girls are in favor of seeing
the boys in duck trousers. There
aro only a few students who are
holding out. The vote taken last
Monday showed that the cadets
woro almost unanimous in favor
of them, and orders will be taken
in tho near future.
Owing to tho recent disaster in
Butte, Montana, in which forty
fivo peoplo woro killed, it may hap
pen that our base ball team will
not go there this year. Managor
Hay ward has received a letter from
their manager which states that two
of their players lost their lives and
that tho present prospect for enjoy
ing a game there is rathor gloomy.
However, tho game is not positively
cancolled, and will probably yet
tako place. An offer has been re
ceived from Grinnoll and Iowa City
which will undoubtedly be adopted.
It provides for tho expenses o
olevon men. Promises for a
tling good team and sonio good
games ab oad arc assured and there
will bo some competition in getting
on tho team this year.
Those students of tho slate uni
versity at Iowa City who woro re
cently suspended for participation
in the hazing of freshmen havo
addressed petitions to the faculty
asking for a reconsideration of tno
matter, promising better conduct
in tho future.
Pr jbnbllltlos nrHHHHP
Soon no It 'Bn
The University HHHHggl
n oarer to tho possos&Hra
propriation from thoi
turo than it was tho ll
urv. Tho socond bill tl
traduced, providing for
priation of $80,000 still
in the hands of tho wajj
moans committoo, and soemE
to remain buried thoro for
timo yot. Tho majority
which the first bill received fr
tho members of tho senate, is
suranco that no obstacle will bl
met with here in the passage
tho other one. Many members
tho house who woro not in favc
of levying a lax, do not object
making the appropriation, and
is almost certain that when thj
bill comes from the hands of tl
committee, which by the way,
three Omaha men on it, it will
passed by a safe majority,
can only wait.
Special Programs.
Last Friday evening the Pall
dian and Union literary sociotj
gave special programs.
n.Tiniin.l---HAW -mrtnihnrw -nr
was the attraction in Palladit
" .w r"o'
Hall. The program consisted
a representation of the Unit
States senate as it will be in 200
Of course Womans' Rights hr
triumphed. So thoroughly hni
tho country accepted the inevitable
that m all that august body, bi
one man could bo found. Ev4
the president of the senate, t
vico-presidentof the United State
wore skirts and corsets. As migT
be expected under such circunl
stances the proceedings were hai
monious and almost ideal. Wol
mans' hand was seen at the helm
and her influence was visablo in
every direction. Tho society is tt
be congratulated on its new mem
bers. Tho special feature at the Union,
hall was a musical intersperse
with recitations. Especially wei
the solos of tno glee club boy
Messrs Martin and Albers wel
received. The whole prograil
was a decided success and reflect!
credit on tho society. The only"
dissapointmont was the non-ap
pearance of Mr. Lehmor '93 who
was on for a whistling solo, Mr.i
Lehmer's many friends and hi
mirers wished very much to heai
his merry "whistle" once morei
The Commencement Oratior
Tho class of '95 seem to be es
pecially favored in the way
getting the best the country
fords. The Rev. Gunsaulus ol
Chicago has been secured to dc
liver the commencement oratioj
It will be remembered that thl
duty was performed by Professc
Herron for the class of '94an(
his address stirred up quite a lit
tlo row. It is given out officially,!
however, that no one can tako ou
fonse at the orator engaged fc
next commencement day.
Tho largest salary given ai
college professor in the world,
Professor Turner, of Edinbuj
$20,000 per year.