The Nebraskan. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1892-1899, October 26, 1894, Image 3

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Day board, $.5( nor wuolc, at
427 north lQth h(. '
Tho Y. V. C. A. rccoivod olovon
now inombors Sunday aftornoon.
It. JO. Dlngos '02 is employed as
molnllurgisl near Sponcor, Colo.
For '07 class pins call at E.
Floming'H, the jowolor, 1224 0 st.
Schuyler Miller, '1)4, hasaccoptod
a position in one of the ward schools
of Sohuylor.
Mr. 01 instead, a last yoar's
freshman, is lunching at "Woodruff,
Students who patronize Paine,
"Wnrfol & Jiuinstcad will uovor ro
grot it.
Tho English club moots at Miss
Edward's residonco to-morrow
Mend's news stand is tho stu
dents' headquarters for news, ci-
ml tu n4i
O") ""
Tho Capital Hotel barber shop
has reduced tho price of shaving to
ton cents.
Did you over seo a studont skip
ping Gorman class to read Flicgqidc
Jilattcr in tho library?
Prof. Davis in analytics: "Two
lines which meet with a gap be
tween them ."
Students can't got hotter meals
for 2.25 than McGuffy and Allen
put up, at 1507 P St.
Tho Dolian scorns nourishing, too,
this fall. They have rccoivod oight
now mombors this wcok.
An examination of tirsc year
Gorman students was hold Monday.
Tho results are yot dark.
Miller & Paiuo have now settled
in their new store whoro thoy aro
now prepared for business.
For rent: Steam heated rooms
at 425 north 10th streot. Como and
look at our placo before locating.
Tho Albion.
Go to Mrs. Gospor's, 1114 O st.
to look at millinery and at the
samo time have your hair dressed
in latest style.
Tho Browning Club moots to
morrow evening in room 7. "Lovo
Among (he Ruins" is tho poem un
der discussion.
Tho only horso in active opera
tion in tho uni. is tho horso used to
to run tho buzz saw down at the
carpenter shop.
Tho geology classes aro inter
ested at present in making arti
ficial glaciors by putting broken
ico in a big press and squeezing it
till it flows.
Tho Unions evidently still have
an artist with thorn dospito tho de
parture of Gu3 Chapman, if one
may judge from their programs in
in tho hall.
Hon. C. II. Marple, of Omaha,
an ox-regent, will address tho stu
dents, or rather tho republican stu
dents, in chapel Saturday evening.
All aro invited.
A brother of L. C. Smith will
bo m tho city Friday from that (lis
reputable town of Council Bluffs;
but it's all right since ho comes for
tho ball game.
Prof. Brunor goes to Washing
ton, D. C, next month to read a
papor before tho scientific conven
tion there. While ho is in tho east
ho will visit some largo museums
in order to classify a numbor of in
sects. Tho fact that Prof. Brunor
is a rising entomologist is recog
nized as far away as Washington.
His suit ho bought it at
and it was right.
The class in Journalism is doing
its best to help thu Uni. by writing
special artiolos to the' country
press about tho crowded condition
of affairs here.
Tho Palladians have ordered
some now pictures to bo framed to
adorn their walls. Bettor have
your curtains washed too, Pals, a
soon as possible.
Some people like to write funny
things to put on tho bulletin board.
Ono man had an illustration wherein
was depicted a fortain person in tho
act of stealing his hat.
Tho "Gymnasium Momoranda"
issued by tho physical dopartmont
is a model of neatness and contains
somo pointed truths that ovon stu
donts should read and oboy.
Tho Mandolin club mot last wcok
for thopurposoof organizing a now
club for this year. Quito a num
bor wero presont and a club as
good if not hotter than last year's
will bo formed.
Tho Unions aro steadily advanc
ing. Last Friday thoy olccled four
now mombors. Thoy have nearly
a dozon prospective mombors on
probation, as it wore Lookout
tor quality not quantity.
Havo you hoard about tho girls'
debating club and criminal law
court. Just wait till tho girls
bring Pullman up boforo tlioir
judges for trial. He'll recoivo
ptotty rough usage, wo assure you.
In tho leading scientific papor
of England, tho work of the som.
hot of tho U. of N. was very
favorably commontcd upon and
that of Messrs. Clements, Pound
and ltydborg was especially men
tioned. r At a practice foot ball game
Tuesday ovoning, Harry Frank
had the third linger of his left hand
broken. It is feared that when it
heals ho will not bo ablo to
straighten it It has not kept him
off tho fiold however.
Tho Univorsity Dobatinir Asso
ciation mot- Tuesday aftornoon at
5 p.m. in Union Hall. Tho resig
nation of President C. R Woldon
was read and accontcd. II. W.
Quaintaneo was elected to fill tho
vacancy. After a report on tho
progress of tho dobates bv tho sec-
rotary tho meeting adjourned.
The freshman history class feels
especially honored by tho presence
of their august seniors. Thoy aro
thoro to frighten tho props into
good behavior and to show them
what an exceedingly great amount
of work thoy can't copy into their
note books in tho required oight
hours. It's not brain, but tho quick
ponman that wins tho day. Nit!
A cosy little room which is ad
vancing into popular favor with
university studonts is tho apart
mont in tho Library building known
as Barrett's Retreat. It is fitted
up with all modern conveniences
and still has the subtle charm of
being tho most delightful study
room connected with tho university.
If ono has tho good luck to bo a
favorito with tho professor ho may
bo invited into this sanctum whoro
ho may enjoy blissful quietude
among hooks and flowers which is
extremely soothing.
The Chancellor will talk to tho
studonts of tho conservatory of
music this aftornoon regarding tho
relation of that academy to their
othor sources of musical education.
It is not gonorally known that tho
conservatory is ready to tako pupils
at any stage of advannomont, and
to allow thorn to pursue a highor
courso in tho samo way that a pu
pil passes from a high school to tho
university. Tho Chancellor will
dwell upon this point. All aro
urged to invito thoir frionds to in
spect tho now building.
A reception was given tho Grin
noil foot ball players by tho con
servatory girls who came from
Iowa collego when Prof. Kimball
W thoro. Tho parlors of tho con
servatory woro tastily decorated in
tho colors of both 'colleges. An
adjournment was taken at LO
o'clock to Sutton & Ilollowbush's
ico cream parlors, when delicate
refreshments woro served.
Tuesday ovoning several of tho
alumni of tho university, among
them Sam Cox, Judgo Field, and
Attornoy Ilolmos mot in tho chan
cellor's oflico to doviso ways and
means to mako known tho crowded
condition of tho collego. Thoy
arrived at ono conclusion, that was,
that tho univorsity was pretty well
Now books aro continually com
ing in for tho library, and tho need
oi moro room tor thorn is sovoroly
folt. A largo box of Gorman
books purchased by Prof. Fling
while in Europo last summer,
Bartlott's Concordances of Shakes-
)oaro, books on Amorican History,
?olitical Economy, English and
Psychology aro among tho latest
A zoological club will soon bo
organized undor tho guidanco of
Prof. Ward. Tho zoology dopart
mont is rapidly growing and is at
tracting a "rent deal of attention
outside of Lincoln. (Tho subjects
discussed also attract attontion in
tho basement of Nebraska hall.
What did Hall do with that poor
canine last wcok?)
Tho senior boys havo boon having
several meotings lately, and have
indulged in much worry over tlioir
canes. Thoy want them all alike
of courso, but each follow wants
tho size that will fit his own mouth.
The dopartmont of zoology has
received about twenty now dissect
ing lenses which woro patterned by
Prof. Ward. Thoy aro a great im
provement on anything heretofore
secured for that purpose.
Prof. Clark is to have an "awk
ward squad." Tho Profs, havo
formed a gymnasium class whioh
will bo undor his direction.
President A. N. Norton and
wife from tho State Normal School,
woro present at tho Chancellor's
reception Saturday night.
It is noticed that ono of tho fair
haired co-eds is sporting an ani
mal of tho bovine species for a
watch charm,
It is understood that Lieutenant
Pershing's next move is to start a
bicycle brigade.
It has been suggested that tho
senior boys compromise on "sport"
lead pencils.
Sydney Whito made a flying
ousinoss trip to ralrayra Tuesday.
Gonung's rhetoric is to bo intro
duced into tho Omaha schools.
Miss Wilder spent Saturday and
Sunday at Kansas City.
Billgreon has registered for five
hours moro bench work.
Rufus Steon spent Sunday at his
homo in Wahoo.
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'' ' ' ' ' ' IP . . .
(D. OP N, '01,;
At 1100 0 Street, Biohards Blook. Telephone 343
Has been engaged for the season by the
Misses Furguson and JSvans)
!! W ! !! i tm I...(
who have opened a Dnncing School for LadiesS
men, and Children. University Students are
invited to call and learn terms, etc.
Third floor o Lansing Theatre Building.
We do not Offer
To give students or any other class of people
discounts, but sell to all at the same low prices.'
invite you to our new store, 1235 to 1239 O
and tliink we can please you.
Miller & Paind
I). G. DA.WES, Prenlrtont.
W. 11. DAWES, BecraJ
Conl dollvorod to students
In any qnuntlty tlcnlrod.
1045 O Streel
When you want
Come to
Corner 13th and O Streets.
Take the
tfiij !!!',ljfjj3l 2sr tm m
w 1 1 1 irwi r."
v -
all points East, Kansas City,
and SOUTH,!
Denver and all Colorado points, Ogden, Salt Lake, Butte and
Helena, Portland and Spokane Falls, Seattle, Tacoma and ft
A In air o Ran Pronnioon ond T.rta Aniralao I
For illustrated descriptive books, time cards, or any infor- f
mation, call on or address,
E. B. SLOSSOH, Gen. Agt., J. T. MASTIN, City Ticket, ilgt.,
1044 O Street, LINCOX.S, VBB. ,
maxvodVs rum yrk.
The Oboloest of Candies and Con
footions. Pure Ice Cream and Ices.
130 South 12th.
Livery and Boarding Stables.
1027 and 1020 Q Streot.
If you want
to Look Neat
SHOES . . . .
: 1215 O ST. :
Do You
at the
Telephone 147
- i FOR
Work the Finest.
1029 O St.
75 Cents per Year,
10 Cents per MM$k'.
We have 'em
V A,
... vr-ri
-i. -t . ! ' I -
. ,-J " '-!
w .
'. ". . "'' - .....'
M&.-:' di