The Nebraskan. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1892-1899, October 22, 1893, Page 24, Image 13

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F. J. H. Larson visited the Uni and shook The University has turned out some of the
hands with everybody, last week. He is leading politicians of the state. The latest
studying law with his uncle in Chicago.
T. E. Wing of '93 is at present under ar
rest in the Black Hills. Heprmably told
some realist that "this is a world of ideals."
The Unions have posted a notice of their
oratorial contest which takes place in De
cember. The .prizes are fifteen and ten dollars.
addition to the ranks is the genial Lee Ed
wards who is democratic candidate for co o
ner. We promise Lee all our business if he's
A ladies' mandolin club has been organ
ized. Miss Lucy Griffith and Miss Jessie
Leland, lirst mandolins; Miss Stella Curtice
and Miss Josephine Lottridge, second man
dolins: Miss Helen Hoover and Miss Mav
About twenty volumes on the period of Moore, uitars.
'6o-'65 have just been received at the library.
They are a welcome addition for American
history students.
Phi Delta Theta initiated three men on
Friday the 13th. They were W. II. Hay
ward ol Nebraska City, and Ralph and
Corwin Haggard of this city.
"What is the difference between ' Public
Opinion' and 'The Opinion of the Public?'"
was a question largely discussed in Profes
sor Fossler's classes last week.
The old cadets will be drilled in sabre and
artillery practice lor a few weeks until the
"awkward" squad have learned the differ
ence between right hand salute and order
The board of editors of the "Annual" has
met and got down to work. It is intended to
bring out the "Annual" on the first of May.
Every student should subscribe for at least
one copy.
Miss Blair, the new instructor in vocal
music, will train the Glee club. She is one
The foot ball field seemed to have lost
something for a few davs. Macfarland went
to Chicago. For six years he has got out
and practiced and it seems strange to see the
two elevens line up without him. His ex
ample is commended to some of our dilatory
Of the papers read in the organic branch
of the chemical congress at Chicago, but four
were written by Americans. It is is interest
ing and pleasing to note that two of those
were by Dr. Frankforter o( this University.
That an alumnus and professer of this college
should do as much as all the rest of the
country, which was considered worthy of
recognition by the congress, is indeed a
source of congratulation. Dr. Frankforter
is one of the rising chemists of the day. We
prophesy that he will rank with Prof. How
ard and Prof. Warner as one of our moat
celebrated alumni.
The long looked for appointments in the
military department were made last Monday.
The commissioned officers were as follows :
of the most popular of our new instructors Com pan' A Captain, F. F. Tucker ; First
and materially strengthens the musical de- Lieut., R. A. Bently ; 2d. Lieut., J. T. Bab-
partment. cock. Company B Captain, John Dixon ;
Kappa Kappa Gamma initiated two more 1st. Lieut., R. E. Johnston; 2d. Lieut., H.
new members and completed the initiation of Ricketts. Company C Captain, E.Gcrrard ;
their first two on Saturday the 14th. Miss eiu., v. j. oawyer ; 2a. J.ieut., Novell.
Dora Harley and Miss Ena Ricketts are the
latest addittons.
A. I. Weaver manager ol the foot ball
team, has gone to his home accompanied by
an incipient attack of typhoid fever. Win,
Company D Captain, Fred Clements; 1st.
Lieut., W. T. Westermann ; 2d. Lieut., A.
F. Montmorency. First sergeants : A Otis
Weeks. B C A. Elliott. C Foss Durell.
D L. Cheney. Of course there was some
disappointment. All the Lieutenant's West
Point mathematics could not enable him to
Johnston, ex-manager, will perform his duties make tjie four captaincies go round the seven
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