The Nebraskan. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1892-1899, December 01, 1892, Page 36, Image 8

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obliged to give up his studies on account of
eye trouble.
Miss Lizzie Bonncll visited in Lincoln a
few days last week.
1 Miss Day of Beatrice visited student
friends for two dnys recently.
" Fred GumI, lives at home now, nfe his par
ents have moved to Lincoln.
Professor Sherman is delivering sonic in
teresting lectures on Hebrew poetry.
Miss Josephine Trceman spent Thanks-
(Xvt anb ZTCuste
Sir Arthur Sullivan has nearly completed
a new opera.
M. Padcrcwski the great pianist, will com
mence his tour of this country at SanFran
cisco in December.
Dr. Hans Biilow opened the new Bcch
stein Concert Hall in Berlin with a piano
recital on October fourth.
Verdi's new opera "Falstafif" is to be giv-
giving with Miss Martha Hutchinson in en in Milan next season. It is rumored that
Ashland. Verdi is setting "Don Quixote" to music.
Professor Green, dean of the Kansas law john Philip Sousa has signed a five year
school, came up with the boys and saw the contract as director of a new military band
foot-ball game. with which next year he will make a tour of
H. A. Shannon of Omaha and Amos Per- this country,
rin of Roca are circulating among Lincoln Tne slyie of the World's Fair Art Build
friends for a few days this week. ing is ()f the Ionic of ,the most refied and
Mr. A. C. Fling who is teaching in the classic detail. There will be rich ornament-
DeWitt high school, spent his Thanksgiv- ntion of statuary and sculptured friezes.
ing vacation at the University. T ,,., j n
a J Mr. Zrellner received the thousand dolla.i
t Max Westerman visited in Chicago and pursc offered by the Saengerfest committee
saw the Thanksgiving game, and Miss Tuttle of Cleveland, Ohio, for the best American
witnessed the foot-ball game at Omaha. composition. There were over one hundred
Professor C. L. Ingersoll represented the competitors,
experiment station at New Orlean s in a re- The great work of Dr. William Mason
cent meetings f the directors of agricultural .Touch and Technic" is now completed,
college experiment stations. It is a standard work, and has superceded
The foot-ball boys had their picture taken a11 the older works of many writers on
Sunday morning, and while together elected this subject. It is in four volumes.
E. O. Pace as captain of the team for '93. Two hitherto unknown symphonies by
Hopewell was second choice for the place. Mozart have recently been discovered--one
Miss Sarah Wool Moore read a paper on m C and the other in F. They are dated
"Ethnic Limits of Art" at the congress of the 1772 vhen Mozart was in Tyrol. The
association for the advancement of women, works are said to admit of no doubt as to
Which convened at Memphis, Tenn., last their authorship.
In Boston there has been formed recently,
The Senior class has a "prominent" mem- the "Public School Art League." These
ber who attended one of the Keene plays at people believe that children should have
the Lansing Thanksgiving week. Several their aesthetic taste cultivated at as early an
"prominent students" witnessed Keene in age as possible, and that the refining and
"Pthello" at Omaha Thanksgiving night, educating effect in the school room of ob-
cbutj the society editor faU.ed to reach there. jects offart cannot (be .over-estimated.. ..