The Nebraskan. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1892-1899, December 01, 1892, Page 35, Image 7

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since Iowa bentitliim 2 (to oithejlast Thanks- Increase is most gratifying and'will make 'a
giving, so they proceeded to credit their forcible uppenl to the legislature this yertrfor
side, Iowa surely has a team that should increased revenue.
have a better showing, but a combination of Last Tuesday Miss Rissur gave a party in
misfortunes has laid them low. Flippin ia honor of her friend Miss Snider of Mount
the mainstay of the local team and made a Pleasant, Iowa. A conversational pro
majority of the plays for his side. Hisbril- gramme t and "An Art Gallery" made the
liant runs outshone everything else, and it evening pass pleasantly for all.
was through the gains thus made that Ne- Mis8 Maud Hnmmod entertained a few
braska got over the line twice. Yet he could fi. ml w wnl. nt hlr hnm nn Spvonnnti.
not do so well without being well supported
by the remainder of the team. Captain
Johnston directed the plays in good shape,
and showed his ability in this direction bet
ter than in outward playing. He was handi
capped by injuries received at a previous
The teams lined up against each other as
follows :
Oliver Left end and right Hull
Howe Left tackle and right. . . Van Oosterbout
Yont Left guard and right Zollman
Hopewell .Center Aldrich
Jonea .Right guard and left. Riggs
Sinclair Right tackle and left San ford
Church Right end, and left Johnson
Psce....s Quarter back Sawyer
Johnston, capt. . . . Right half back Elliott
Flippin Left half back Dawson
Moaner Full back Larrabee
Lieutenant Prince of Fort Omaha acted
as umpire, while Chas. Wilson of Omaha
Nebraska made a touch down, and Iowa
two touch downs and a goal in the first half,
while Nebraska alone-made a touch down
and a goal in the second.
It was nearly dark when time was called.
street. Cards and dancing were the amuse
ments of the evening. Miss Qehan and Mr.
Guilmette were the winners at cards.
Iowa college, at Grinnell, wanted to play
play our team in their city on November
19th, and guaranteed expenses if we would
come. Of course it was too near the
Thanksgiving game with Iowa to accept.
Several of the Cadets lost parts of their
uniforms in the fire at E. Hill's tailor shop
Saturday. As the boys had not accepted
them on account of misfits, the Pettibone
company will be responsible for the loss.
Phi Delta Theta fraternity entertained at
their hall two weeks ago. A number of Phis
from Kansas were present. A very delight
ful musicale programme was rendered by the
members of the fraternity, assisted by a 'few
The students of the composition class,
English No. 5, are looking for that "dead
corpse" which was spoken of in a. Shake
speare class recently. If captured, Professor
Bates will immediately disect it with apen
and some red ink. 1
Our gymnasium was much admired by the
Kansas boys. It is one of the finest equipped
buildings in the west, and visitors are not
slow to measure its worth.
The young ladies of the physiology and
Miss; Roberts and Miss Gere visited (Rising
last week. u"u :
Miss Risser was in Council Bluffs Thanks-
hygieneclass were very surprised to have an givin week. ,
examination last Friday vening. After this Miss Lau spent Thanksgiving with Miss
more attention will be paid to the lecture. Burks in Beatrice.
Nine hundred aiid twenty-three students E. W. Brown came back to school'ifrom
were emrdlled'by December 'i at. "The 'late the' Norfolk sugar -factory, but'hasbee'n