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    Service Council drive urges students to rock the vote
Registering to vote may have never
been easier for University of Nebraska
Lincoln students.
With the help of three different
organizations, students can register to
vote without even leaving campus.
Every year, the Association of
Students of the University of Nebraska
sponsors a voter registration drive with
the aid of the Lancaster County Election
This year, with the help of the ASUN
Government Liaison Committee, the
Service Council - a group of student
representatives from student organiza
tions and greek chapters - is co-spon
soring the drive as part of its UNL Vote
2000 campaign.
The registration booths will be in
the Nebraska Union on Friday.
“Our goal is to hand out 7,000 regis
tration cards around campus,” said
Laura Hampton, president of the
Service Council.
UNL Vote 2000 is being held in col
laboration with a national campaign
put on by Youth Services called Service
Vote 2000. Youth Services, a national
youth organization, has the goal of get
ting more than 10,000 new voters.
The Lancaster County election
office also will be sponsoring registra
tion booths in Neihardt Residence
Center today and Friday.
Other events on campus in connec
tion with the Service Council's UNL
Vote 2000 will make it easy for students
to vote.
Students can attend an Election Day
Party at the Nebraska Union. It features
free food, speakers and bands celebrat
ing Election Day on Nov. 7.
Students also can participate in
Walk to Vote 2000 on Election Day,
where groups will be meeting on cam
pus to walk to the Bob Devaney Sports
Center to vote at the top of every hour.
“It’s starting that lifelong commit
ment to be registered and casting your
vote,” said David Shively, Lancaster
County Election Commissioner.
"We want to make registering to
“It’s starting that lifelong commitment to be registered and
casting your vote. ’’
David Shively
_Lancaster County election commissioner
vote as easy as we can for students.”
Shively said candidates on all levels
of government will have an effect on
lives of students.
Hampton said the issues this year
will affect all students - whether they
are going into the military or into edu
"I think students don’t realize that,”
Hampton said.
Lindsay Acklie, a sophomore
accounting major, said the registration
booths on campus would prompt her to
register and vote.
“I think it’s always easier to do
things when there is support,” she said.
a news outlet that
allows full touching
in Lincoln
Long hailed around the rest of the world for his pioneering dub
nights, ground-breaking remixes and his euphoric DJ sets,
‘'Oakenfold has finally added America to his list of conquests.
Perfecto Presents Another World includes classical scores, film
soundtracks, dialogue and ambient tracks alongside dancefloor
classics and a number of tomorrow's guaranteed dub hits. This
is a musical encounter of the most intriguing kind.
The Rising Tide
The new album is Sunny Day Real Estate's most accomplished,
musically rich and colorfully dynamic album to date. Lyrically,
the album explores dark themes with life affirming power.
Sonically, it is beautiful and sprawling. As Sunny Day Real
Estate continue to weave a history, one thread remains
consistent - their music has influenced countless others and has
branded them a definitively pioneering rock band.
Sing When
You're Winning
The lost two yeors have seen Robbie Williams consolidate his
position as the UK's most successful solo artist. His success with
his first US TV appearances, sold out club shows and spectacular
press was only the beginning * 2000 brings more Rob in the
form of the adlib dancer in a somewhat controversial video for
'Rock DJ', the first single from Sing When You're Winning.
Radiohead has once again stepped out of the box by removing
the constraints normally placed on bands by the media. Kid A is
an album that should be listened to as a body of work. The
songs are mesmerizing • heard as pieces of music, not just
songs. Enjoy as they take you on a picturesque journey of the
mind as they continue to prove that they are one of today's
leading creative musical forces.
Dogs Out
$12.88 CD
Boha Men ore o 9-member group from the Bahamas,
specializing in a hybrid of their native junkanoo rhythm and
R&B influenced pop. It's THE party album of the year with
"Who Let The Dogs Out* quickly becoming this year's summer
Height of
$9.88 CD
The Height of Callousness maintains the overall heaviness of
their debut album, it showcases the band taking a gigantic leap
forward intterms of songwriting and instrumental expertise. It
is full of depth and emotion, combining aggression and
melodicism to create an album which has already garnered
Spineshank a significant buzz among some of their musical
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Word of mouth via websites like Pimp Rock Palace and their
local fans hove caused a demand for their now out of print
independent release. The Detroit based heavy rockers, Factory
81 is comprised of four members, whose debut release will be
a re-vamped version of their self-produced independent release
' • . , '■
. .. J.
Coarse lyrics blasting over a rock solid musical epicenter, guitars
that run from hard core machine gun spray to metallic squall
and beyond, all grinding into the groove of the drums and bass.
Think Cypress Hill and House Of Pain meet Helmet on a full
metal stomp. Primer 55 address all that and more with a sound
that unites the intensity of minor threat, the street level passion
of true hip hop and unmistakable metal thunder.
$14.88 CD
The modem rock outfit return with their third studio album,
"Breach", the followup to 1996's quadruple-platinum "Bringing
Down The Horse", which spawned four top-20 hits on
Billboard's Modem Rock chart. Produced by Andy Slater and
Michael Penn and featuring guest appearances from such artists
as Elvis Costello and multtinsfrumentalist Jon Brion, Breach
contains more great songwriting, deft instrumentation and the
Wallflowers now signature sound.
The Januaries
$12.88 CD
All descriptions of the Januaries end up focusing on a key trait:
a simmering sensuality that lies at the core of each song. Their
music possesses all of the qualities found on any great record:
killer melodies, irresistible hooks, passionate performances,
memorable lyrics, soaring rhythms and a tendency to want to
listen to the album all the way through. Not since Barry White
has anyone made such a concerted effort to create music that
works as well in a horizontal position as it does in a vertical one.
King James
Despite their uncanny ability to write catchy songs and thought
provoking lyrics, Harvey Danger take nothing for granted. After
waiting 2 1/2 years to release the follow-up to their debut
album and with label politics and shuffling now behind them,
Harvey Danger can now get back to the business. Theirs is a
success story that includes a #1 modern rock single in "Flagpole
Sitta," an appearance on the Late Show with David Letterman,
an MTV Buzz Clip, and feature articles in Spin and Rolling
Guest Host
$11.88 CD
"After two wonderful albums with his cheekily named band the
Negro Problem, the brother from another planet (LA., actually)
delivers a solo debut brimming with wry, joyously tuneful pop
gems. Shall we call this talented oddball the black Burt
Bacharach? The inner-city Brian Wilson? The bastard offspring
of Arthur Lee and Phoebe Snow? Let's- and hope someone's
listening. (A)"
- Entertainment Weekly 9/22/00
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