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‘Mouth’ speaks of predictability
By Joel Strauch
Film Critic
“In the Mouth of Madness” is <
fun horror film, but it doesn’t spit ou
any scary surprises.
The plot is interesting and hard t(
predict for a while, but the end of th<
film becomes so obvious it is almos
a disappointment.
Sutter Cane (Jurgen Prochnow) ii
a best-selling novelist with a distri
bution so large that he makes Stephei
King look like Richard Bachman.
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Information SuperHighway is all about?
Do you want to know how it would affect
your life and your career? Come find out
this Friday (2/10/95), 8:00 PM at the Centennial Room,
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Information Technology Talk
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bx&'f-’&Z "$5
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i MF A* .
l§|£i v ; - I;
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lunt STtU !
X. 322 S. 9th St. • Lincoln. NE 68508 • 476-8551
' ' -V-.' _ " ■ - ” ’ '
' . S' .. ,
His novels have also been found to
have a profound effect on readers.
People have been going crazy in an
i ticipation for his new novel, “In the
t Mouth of Madness.”
But the author disappears just be
i fore he is expected to deliver his
: latest manuscript. Hispublisher, Jack
t son Harglow (Charlton Heston), hires
John Trent (Sam Neill) to investi
5 gate.
But after Trent and Cane’s editor,
i Linda Styles (Julie Carmen), travel
to Hobb’s End, they find themselves
trapped in the pages of Cane’s newest
novel and face the horrors of Cane’s
warped imagination.
The two are unsure if they have
found some new reality, or if Cane
has been modifying their reality with
his writing.
Trent has no control over what
will happen to him and realizes it. His
learned helplessness passes apathy
on to the audience and the movie
decrescendos into mediocrity.
“In the Mouth of Madness”
Rating: R
Grade: B
Stars: Sam Neill, Julie Carmen,
Charlton Heston
Director: John Carpenter
Five Words: Mad mouth no
jaw dropper.
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about a month and a half.”
This sort of creative spurt is not
unusual to McClain, who said her
method of writing tends to be a bit
erratic and difficult to explain.
“I don’t know what happens to
me,” she said. “Usually, I’ll just be
doing something like driving or walk
ing or doing housework and I’ll get
an idea.”
Ideas, however, don’t always come
together. Overworked ideas tend to
self-destruct, she said. As a result,
most of her songs tend to be some
what spontaneous and unpolished.
“If I try too hard,” she said, “then
it just seems to mess it all up.”
The songs she does complete tend
to fall into the category of sentimen
tal folk music. Songs about child
hood, love and faith are common on
McClain’s latest album.
“I’m trying to say something posi
tive with the songs, and not just (com
I plain) about stuff, which I think I
' used to do a lot of,” she said.
“I think I was a lot more mixed up
about things when I was younger.
Things are a little clearer now, but
not totally clear.”
Lots of things have changed
throughout McClain’s life in music.
She first picked up a guitar at the age
of 12.
“I heard this song called ‘Suzanne’
by Leonard Cohen,” she said, “and I
still don’t know what it means, but I
really wanted to sing it. Of course, I
needed a guitar, too.”
Her stage career began at age 15 in
the Gaslight, a now-defunct melo
drama theater.
“It had an open mike night every
Monday, and there were just tons of
great folk musicians hanging around
down there,” she said.
“It was amazing. There were so
many good musicians in Lincoln at
the time. I was really young and
really green, and I can’t even remem
ber being up on stage half the time
because I was so nervous.”
Her first real musical job was at
the Freedom Lounge, a place McClain
described as “kind ofseedy.”
“It was really dark and it had this
long, skinny bar,” she said. “I got
paid $125 to perform six nights for
four hours each night. I thought it was
a fortune.”
Since then, McClain has spent time
on several stages at local venues in
both Lincoln and Omaha.
Becoming a major success is a
prospect she is still a bit wary about.
“If I could do folk music as a full
time job, I would,” McClain said.
“But it would have to be really low
key, because I would have to be able
to see my kids all the time. I don’t
know how realistic that is.”
“If it happens, it happens. I’ll just
keep on doing what I’ve been doing ”
Getting a band together is another
goal McClain hopes to achieve. But
that aspiration may have to wait, too.
“At my age, I have kids and all
these other responsibilities, and I meet
other musicians who have the same
restraints on their time,” she said.
“It’s kind of hard to find the time to
get together.”
Challenges like these are things to
which McClain seems to be accus
tomed. Whether it’s finding a band or
a hamster, she takes it all in stride.
“I have to relax,” she said. “It’s
hard to write when you don’t feel
completely in tune with yourself.”
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over a counseling group formerly led
by his recently-murdered friend and
colleague, and is drawn into an erotic
web of danger and mystery ... as
“The Color ofNight” lacked merit,
( plot and most everything else. Only
, see this piece of garbage if you’re
curious to see Willis’ HP smokie (in
1 the unrated version).
“Blankman” (PG-13) — Oof,
another poor piece of cinema that
only takes up space, this one courtesy
of Damon Wayans.
- Wayans plays a geek with an un
canny ability to make gadgets out of
the stuff around him. He has always
fantasized about becoming a super
hero, so he dons a pair of boxer shorts
and a shower curtain and becomes
. Braid your pets’ hair rather than
watch this movie.
Sweeping music, great costumes, and
overall, a feeling that you would be
seeing its star again.
Remember when some muscle
bound guy named Arnold
Schwarzenegger starred in “Conan
the Barbarian?”
It was a Marvel Comics hero on
the big-screen, headed for revenge
against Thulsa Doom (James Earl
Jones), the snake-god that killed his
parents and enslaved Conan.
The film is a wee bit long, and is
not for the weak-stomached (lotsa
blood, giant bleeding snakes, etc.),
but is an incredible film nonetheless.
The real question here is: does Ah
nold say “I’ll be back” at any time
during the film?
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f? e , 203 Spring Break Trfpe
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70 Ticket Exchange 220 KTrtairs
90 Vehicles _ 230 Student Government
240 Personals
245 Lost & Found
- 250 Wanted
100 Adoption 260 Fundraising
105 Alterations & Sewing —‘—1"" —
110 Automotive
115 Bicycle Sen/Ice -—p
120 Bridal 300 Help Wanted
125 Catenng 310 ChHd Care
128 Child Care 320 Work Study Jobs
130 Cleaning/Laundry 330 Summer j6bs
131 Cleaning/Households 340 Internships
135 Computer Service -
140 Entertainment
145 Gift Ideas _
150 Hearth's Witness 400 n°ommaf®8
53 Insurance n9SS 410 Housing Wanted
S ntr^n/T.rtorinn *20 Roomsfaent
158 Job 9 430 Houses/Rent
60 Uwnrafe 440 Duplex/Rent
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75 PhrtMr^hr9 470 Mobile Homes/Rent
175 Photography 430 Vacation/Rent
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$.15 each additional word.
$.75 billing charge.
Personal ads must be prepaid.
Found ads may be submitted free of charge.
DEADLINE: 2:00 p.m. weekday prior to publica
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tisement which discriminates against any person
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religion, age, disability, marital status or national
The Daily Nebraskan reserves the right to edit
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does not comply with the policies and judgments
of the newspaper.
The advertisers agree to assume liability for all
contents of all ads printed, as well as any claim
arising therefrom made against the Daily Nebras
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Hundreds of new county, rap and rock tapes just arrived.
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Are you interested in
Sponsoring an
Election Debate?
Come to the information meeting to get details about
hosting a debate for the upcoming Student Government
Thuradey-Feb. 9
5:00pm Nebr. Union
Room to be posted
INFORMATION BOOTH-City Union, Mon. Tues, Wed
Feb. 6,7,8, from 1030 a.m. to 230 p.m. INFORMATION
AL MEETING—City Union, Tues. Wed-Feb. 7, 8.
730p.m. (room Dosted)
Attention Marching Band
Important information meeting. Wed. Feb. 8. 930p.m.,
WMB (Rm 130).
Aviation Institute
Offers 4 year degrees, graduate courses, and non-credit
flight programs. For more Information call 402-554-3424
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Join us February 8th at 530forafunfilled meeting located
in the basement of the Health Center. Everyone is WeF
1 in 250 Nebraskans have HIV. Get educated now! Can
Jill Fazzini to set up presentations for your Greek house
or residence hall, 436-0398.
A former nun talks on Catholicism and Protestantism
Tonight 7 p.m.
Filina Deadline
For upcoming
ASUN Student Government election
430 p.m.
115 Nebr. Union
Over $6 Billion in private sector grants & scholarships is
now available. AH students are eligible regardless of
grades, income, or parent's income. Let us heb. Call
student Financial Services: 1 -800-263-6495 ext. F57781
Floor Hockey Officials
The Office of Campus Recreation is currently hiring
officials for Intramural Floor Hockey. Startlngpay Is $5.00
an hour, 6-12 hours per week. If interested, please attend
the Intramural Officals' meeting Wednesday, February 8.
The meeting will begin at 430 p.m. in the Nebraska Union.
CaH 472-3467 for more Information.
Floor Hockey Managers
The Manamr Meeting for Men's. Women's, and Co-Rec
IntramuralFloor Hockey wiH be held Thursday. February
9, at 430 p.m. in the mbraska Union. Each team must
have one representative present to be eligble for compe
tMon. Catt 472-3467 tor more information.