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    Disney’s ‘Aladdin’ creates
magical memories for all
By Gerry Beltz
Staff Reporter __
Disney has rubbed its magic lamp, and the
gift from that lamp is “Aladdin,” (Douglas 3,
13th and P Streets) a classic talc for young and
Aladdin is a street-smart kid who, along with
his playful monkey friend Abu, constantly is
avoiding the palace guards in his carefree
Still, he yearns to get inside the foreboding
palace walls to meet the beautiful princess
Jasmine, who is looking for a husband, but is
permitted to marry only a prince.
Meanwhile, the evil Jafar and his loud
mouthed parrot/sidckick Iago, voiced by Gil
bert Gottfried, arc scheming to retrieve a magi
cal lamp from the Cave of Wonders, but Jafar
needs a pure soul — a “diamond in the rough”
— lo get into the cave.
Enter Aladdin, who retrieves the lamp for
Jafar, but ends up keeping it.
Aladdin rubs the lamp to read an inscription,
and lo and behold, out pops the genic (hilari
ously portrayed by Robin Williams.)
The genie then grants Aladdin the standard
three wishes and “ixnay on wishing for more
What the genic truly wishes for is his free
aom, out that can only be granted by a wisn
from his master.
Aladdin promises to free the genic on his
third wish, but uses his first wish to become a
prince, and the romance-adventure story takes
off from there.
Director John Musker (“The Great Mouse
Detective”) keeps the moviegoer entranced
from the opening moments all the way to the
credits with superb animation, great characters
and an incredible trio working on the movie’s
The late Howard Ashman (“Beauty and the
Beast” and “The Little Mermaid”,) Alan
Menken and Tim Rice make a terrific team for
“Aladdin,” and bring forward great songs such
as “A Whole New World” (sung by Peabo
Bryson and Regina Belle) and “Friend Like
Me” (by Robin Williams).
Special note should be made to the charac
ters of Abu and Aladdin’s magic carpet—two
characters who don’t speak a single word, but
are a proverbial hoot.
Williams, however, walks away with the
movie in his portrayal as the genie. He’s a zany,
fun-loving genie fromwhom noone is safe from
characterization, including Peter Lorre, Jack
Nicholson and even Sebastian from “The Little
By the way, Disney has checked into the
chances of Williams’ eligibility at the Acad
emy Awards for Best Supporting Actor.
Yep, he is.
“A ladd in” looks to be a surefire hoi iday box
office smash.
Allwosneak preview showingsof “Aladdin”
at the East Park Three Theaters, the 252-scat
theater sold out at both showings, the first in 18
minutes, and the second in 13 minutes. During
Thanksgiving weekend, it was sellout after
sellout for both screens at the Douglas 3.
Definitely check it out. Heck, you’ll laugh
so much that you’ll want to sec it twice!
Gay radio station in Denver
expected to reach 7.5 million
DENVER (AP) — The manager of a new
coast-to-coast lesbian and gay radio station said
listeners would find plenty of music from ho
mosexual artists and issue-oriented news, but
those looking for titillation should tune out.
“People will be bored before they will be
titillated,” Clay Henderson said Saturday night,
soon after KGAY went on the air.
“There is nothing that will go out on the
airwaves that will offend my sweet, little, old,
Republican mother in Brazoria County, Texas,”
he said.
Broadcasting from a tiny Denver studio
crammed on opening night with television,
magazine and radio reporters, Henderson said
investors pumped $1 million into the station to
bring “mainstream radio for a gay and lesbian
audience” to market.
The station isn T available without a satellite
dish. Although the nation has other radio sta
tions that offer gay and lesbian programming,
KGAY is expected to reach an estimated 7.5
million homes in the United States, Canada,
Mexico and the Caribbean.
Direct broadcast satellite reception will be
an option on some late 1993 and 1994 automo
biles. The station also is working to encourage
cable systems to carry KGAY as background
music for their information channels.
Specifically lesbian and gay programming
is scheduled for about 65 hours each week,
coupled with 105 hours of progressive rock
music. The station’s news programming in
cludes reports from the Albuquerque-based
Gay Net News Service, Henderson said.
The station is not governed by the Federal
Communications Commission, but Henderson
said his staff — 12 people in Denver and eight
correspondents — has been instructed to be
“journalists first, gay journalists second.
“Wc have a responsibility to show both sides
of the story and to label opinion exactly that,”
he said.
Henderson said he expected advertising
volume on the station to be heavy.
“We offer a very brand-conscious, loyal
consumer,” he said. “Studies have shown that
advertisers that will invest in advertising to the
gay community, the gay community will re
KG AY doesn’t give out its station address to
the general public, partly because of anti-ho
mosexual sentiment in Colorado. The state’s
voters approved a measure in November that
invalidated gay rights ordinances in three cities
and prohibits any such laws from being enacted
in the future.
Continued from Page 13 1
Salazar also runs afoul of Alexis Ritter, head f
of a local nudist/New Age religious cult, who is r
able to come on to a man and then curse him like t
a sailor in the next breath. Her cull is in league
with the kook leader and, at first, indifferent to J
the logging. ]
Salazar finds the environmental destruction
not only aesthetically displeasing, but getting (
in the way of his thesis, and he begins a guerri 11a (
war against the logging interests, making a few i
onverts along the way.
The end is full of action and culminates at
he rim of a volcano.
De Camp does a fine job with the alien
ulturc by making them nonviolent with sev
ral interesting quirks. He lays on theenviron
ncntalism, but pro that he is, avoids com ing ofl
is preachy.
He also shows he can write a fair seduction
ccnc, something that never would have goiter
>ast the editors when he began writing.
“The Venom Trees of Sunga” is as fresh anc
urrent as anything done by a new writer—bui
>f course, the seasoning behind it makes it that
nuch better.
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at UNL”
Students, faculty and Staff are encouraged to participate.
Wednesday, December 2,1992
Noon-1:30 p.m.
Nebraska Union
Sponsored by MASA. UPC Chicano Special Events, the
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