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COUNCIL from Page 1
involved than just the academ
ics,” he said. “We’ll be trying
to get them involved in student
life outside the classroom.”
Simerly said the council also
would sejve as “one more
group of people for the vice
chancellor to turn to for advice
on policies.”
But before council members
can serve as advisers, she said,
they must be educated about
student services.
Simerly, who now serves as
associate dean of the College of
Home Economics, said die has
worked in student services posi
tions in the past and probably
was selected for the council
because of her background.
Other council members have
vailing degrees of knowledge
of student services, she said.
For the first few weeks the
council meets, discussion will
focus on informing members of
UNL student services about
policies and issues, she said.
Once members become fa
miliar with UNL policies and
identify problems with them,
Simerly said, the council will
be able to advise Griesen
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UNL Wildlife Club and Natural Resources Law Society members clean up an indiscriminate
dump in the Cardwell Branch of Salt Creek Saturday near Yankee Hill Lake.
Wildlife club preserves resources
By Pattie Greene
Staff Reporter
Some students at the University of
Nebraska-Lincoln take their majors
out of the classroom and into the real
world on the weekends.
UNL Wildlife Club members get
out in the open on weekends to help
preserve wildlife with conservation
or social activities.
Club President Erik Wagner said
members help keep Nebraska’s
streams clean and practice wildlife
management techniques.
An annual activity for the club is a
stream clean-up in Lancaster County,
he said.
Wagner said the public relations
committee selects a polluted stream
and decides what type of tools will be
needed to clean it.
The Nebraska Department of
Health offers money to groups that
want to clean streams or lakes, Wag
ner said. With the department’s help
and money, the group has been able
to use bulldozers and other tools.
The streams aren’t just polluted
with bottles and cans, he said.
Members have cleaned up a
stream that had been used as an-indus
trial dump by farmers, in which they
had dumped concrete, he said.
Members also manage a 17-acre
plot of land near Mead owned by the
Lower Platte South Natural Re
sources District.
The plot gives members a chance
to practice wildlife management
techniques, Wagner said. They have
planted cattails on the shore to con
trol soil erosion, he said.
Members have a chance to prac
tice land relations with the farmer
who farms the area around the 17
acre plot, Wagner said.
“He plowed up some of the grass
we planted one year,” Wagner said.
This year the club set up an alumi
num recycling trash can in the East
Union, Wagner said.
“(But) most people think it’s a
normal trash can,” he said.
Club members teach outdoor edu
cation to elementary and junior high
school students with slide shows,
animal hides, bones and skulls.
Wagner said the club has taught up to
4,000 students in one year.
Members also have taught hunter
safely classes at the fairgrounds and
Antelope Park, Wagner said.
Working with the Nebraska Game
and Parks Commission, the club has
electroshocked area lakes to deter
mine fish species and population
The club’s concerns committee is
active in Nebraska Natural Resources
District legislative hearings testify
ing on environmental bills. For ex
ample, Wagner said, members have
testified at the Two Forks Dam hear
“It gives you a good chance to
practice your public speaking
skills,” he said.
In addition to all these activities,
members find time to have fun
Wagner said they have fall and
summer campouts, trap shoots, hog
roasts and other social activities.
The club’s awards banquet at
tracts about 200 professionals every
spring, Wagner said. At the banquet,
the Howard L. Wicgcrs outstanding
conservation award is presented to
the most outstanding conservationist
in Nebraska.
The club meets every second and
fourth Wednesday of the month at 7
p.rm in the East Union.
iri briftL
Panel discussion
set for Saturday
From Staff Reports
Jer/y Kosinski, author of the
book “Being There,” will dis
cuss freedom of speech at
Doane College Saturday in the
wake of efforts by some Ne
braska parents to ban his book.
Kosinski will debate the
censorship issue in a panel dis
cussion titled ‘‘Reading,
Teaching and the First Amend
ment.” He will speak at Heck
man Auditorium on the Doane
campus in Crete at 10 a.m.
The panel is sponsored by
the Nebraska CivU Liberties
Union and the Academic Free
dom Coalition of Nebraska.
A group of parents who ob
jected to descriptions of sexual
acts in the novel requested last
February that the book be re
moved from the Crete high
school curriculum. The school
board did not ban the book, but
did support guidelines for
closer scrutiny of the required
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