The daily Nebraskan. ([Lincoln, Neb.) 1901-current, March 21, 1989, Page 5, Image 5

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    Letters ‘support’ tickets, killing homeless
System will help
stuff police wallets
In response to J.K. Purtzer’s letter
(Daily Nebraskan, March 15), it is
obvious that Purtzer has no idea what
a computerized ticket system will do
for the campus police.
The increased simplicity will al
low them to increase the number of
tickets issued and in the end get the
money faster. Not only will the police
and their ticket people have more
money to spend at the new U-Stop by
their station but instead of having to
buy new Porsches as mentioned by
Purtzer, they will be able to take on
the Don Johnson approach and drive
Ferraris (our police only deserve the
very best).
It would be stupid to improve the
parking situation at UNL because
thol rlAarlt/ rr*r% on nnm
her of tickets issued. That would then
force the police to cut back the fund
ing on the new U-Stop. I propose that
the number of parking stalls at the
University of Ncbraska-Lincoln be
decreased and also randomly rotate
the numbered lots throughout the day
as to allow more tickets to be issued.
In addition to this, I believe that cars
from the same county as the day of
the month should be towed.
Purtzer, now that you have seen
the other side of the story, I am sure
that you will agree that the computer
system needs to be implemented.
Troy L. Huffman
Arts and Sciences
Reader supports
change in format
I applaud Chuck Green’s column
on the need for a progressive radio
station here in Lincoln (DN, March
I have only one thing to point out.
Our dear friend Chuck doesn’t need a
few hundred thousand dollars lying
around. He just needs a few thousand
students with five minutes to spend.
KRNU is a university radio station
and it should serve the students of this
university. If students such as you and
I, Chuck, would write to professor
Richard Alloway or Larry Walklin in
the broadcasting department, per
haps we students can change the
music format.
It only makes sense; there are 10 or
so top 40 radio stations that serve
Lincoln. Why should KRNU com
pete in a market where it is not ca
pable of competing?
I urge every student who hates
Debbie Gibson, Def Leppard, Win
ger, Tiffany, Huey Louis and the
News and Guns ‘N’ Roses as much as
I do to write in and change it
I spend two hours a week in the
KRNU studios playing that dreaded
top 40 music and believe me, I’ve
contemplated suicide more than once
during those two hours.
So if not for the music, please for
my sanity write to the broadcasting
Mark Holt man
Reader: Homeless
will be ‘killed’
As the weather turns warmer, the
number of homeless people who
populate the streets is bound to once
again increase. A friend of mine from
North Dakota once told me that they
have a saying up there, “20 below
keeps the riff-raff out.” The riff-raff,
the street people, the homeless,
what’s in a name? Rather than the
conventional method of ridding our
streets of riff-raff by committing
them to mental hospitals, jailing
them, or giving them one-way bus
tickets to nowhere (greyhound ther
apy), I propose a method which will,
once and for all, eliminate the prob
lem of unsightly people bothering us
by asking for handouts or loitering in
the finer parts of town.
Kill them. Kill them all. The state
could pass a statute which would
proscribe death to anyone who could
not show they had permanent shelter.
A time limit could be set so all those
who are really just “free loading” off
government programs could get seri
ous about joining the rest of us in
living out some version of the Ameri
can Dream. I suggest a year, two at
the absolute most.
What would be the effect of such a
policy? I am not sure. My hope would
be that people would prioritize find
ing shelter for the homeless. With the
real threat of death imminent for
anyone to be found without a home,
maybe serious programs at the state
and federal levels would finally be
realized. On a more personal scale, in
passing the homeless on the street,
people might be moved to action
knowing that inaction would result in
death. The homeless would become
visible people, rather than the trans
parent population they arc now.
I can already hear arguments that
“such a proposal is ludicrous, it sim
ply can’t be done. After all,” some
would say, “the homeless are people
Inn iinH lh(*u hav#» f'lrvncti»iili/-vna1
rights. Why just recently they fought
in court and won the right to vote.”
Some would probably shout other
legal arguments, ‘‘Hey, you can’t
punish someone for having a particu
lar status, like homelessness. And
even if you could, the punishment of
death in this instance is cruel and
unusual,” etc, etc. I would even be
willing to concede some or all of
these points, but argue that the plan is
still not fatally flawed. The
Constitution, after all, can be
amended or reinterpreted.
But there is one argument that
cannot be rebutted; that the proposal
is inhumane. What, I m ight ask, is the
current policy to deal with the home
less? The current policy is not to kill
them, but to let them die. Just as we
do not sec them live, we do not see
them die. We assume that all is, if not
well, then at least manageable be
cause we are not tripping over bodies
on the sidewalk. Granted the dying
process under the current policy may
lake more than a year or two, but the
result is the same. And what impera
tive does the current policy hold for
dealing with the homeless? None.
«’0AltT&ofv£ Ji'Lv
NO. 0.1.«». _ _
I at both »tor*»
1517 No. Cotner Y 2 locatioms^ 3321 Pioneers
464-6952 ^ * 488-2101
Hrs: So. Store — M-F 8-8, Sat. 8-5, Sun. 12-5; No. Store — M-F 9-6, Thurs. 9-8, Sat. 9-5, Sun. 1-4
At least under my proposal, our show those struggling to cope with
attitudes and concerns are made ex- life,
Mark Small
graduate student
Reader: Women
must have choice
In response to the controversy
which has surfaced in the editorials
and reader mail of the Daily Nebras
kan concerning the moral aspects of
abortion, I offer this contribution.
The sanctity of human life is an ideal,
a concept, a theoretical goal to which
we, as human beings, need to aspire.
Life’s realities are less clearly
defined, often cruel, and burdened
with the judgmental considerations
of relative worth. The potential for
humanity exists in the very fact of
fertility so certainly the conceived
unborn is viable as a future being.
Musi we, as a society, couny me
relative weight of worth assigned
mother and child as separate entities
while they physically exist as one?
Anti-abortion fervor seems all to
vociferous in its castigation and sub
tly lacking in its compassion.
Women who feel that they must
have abortions, for whatever reasons,
must be enabled by our society to
reflect upon and pursue that option as
they choose. Without this respect for
the relative weight of worth of the
physically mature female human
being in our, at best imperfect species
and civilization, than the relative
weights of worth given the embryo
and fetus arc meaningless. Those
advocates of reversal of the Roc vs.
Wade decision, please see through
the anger at the injustices of death to
the empathy Christ admonished us to
James L. Willns
Teachers College
Senator perturbed
by DN accusation
Once again, the Daily Nebraskan
has ferreted out a non-issue in order
to blast the Residence Hall Associa
tion. On Tuesday, Curt Wagner ac
cused the entire RHA Senate of being
unethical. I, for one, feel that a blan
ket statement has again been made
accusing the entire senate of having
complete disregard for their bylaws
and as you say, “any type of ethics.”
It is ironic that you w ould criticize us
for our lack of ethics when only a
week ago, in the same space, you
attacked us for our overt concern w ith
ethics. Are we ethical or unethical?
We know that the answer is “Yes!”
Dui uo you: i ne rsn/\ senate works
very hard for our constituents; and
most of us follow the rules and still
manage to get several things accom
plished each meeting.
I think what you were trying to say
was that a select few try to undermine
the true motives of the Senate. The
letters were not written from the
Senate, but from only select indiv idu
als with only personal motives in
mind. Instead you choose to accuse
all of us and that is wrong. I stand by
the current bylaws and have no prob
lem working within them. In the fu
ture I hope the DN will realize this
and write their editorials appropri
John Gibson
Cather senator
Editor's Query: You are ethical
and unethical?
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