The daily Nebraskan. ([Lincoln, Neb.) 1901-current, September 12, 1988, Page 15, Image 14

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    Chicago, Louisiana bands to hit Lincoh
By Ken Havlat
Malt Reporter
Dully s Tavern anu me Zoo bar
arc splitting up the action this week as
the tall music season winds up.
On Monday, Miss Molly and the
Passions, a band from Lake Charles,
La., will play at the Zoo Bar. Miss
Molly has been tearing up the club
circuit in Houston.
The band plays a sophisticated
style of rhythm and blues, and appar
ently Miss Molly is something to
behold in both body and voice. “She
sings like an angel and talks like a
sailor.” according to the Houston
The Service, a Chicago band, also
will play Monday night at Duffy’s.
The Service has recorded three al
bums with Pravda Records and has
plans for a fourth.
The band played several limes at
the Drumstick, creating a fervor with
its rock-n-roll sound. Opening will be
the Wild Carrots, a local band made
up of former members of Holiday and
Tuesday and Wednesday at the
Zoo, the Vccs (the three sons of rock
legend Bobby Vcc) will be making
their Nebraska debut. They have a cut
on an album by various artists re
cently released by Pendulum Records
and should have a record coming out
soon on the same label. They have
been recording in their father’s St.
Cloud, Minn., studio, and working
with former Suburb guitarisi/vocalisl
Bcej Chaney.
The brothers, Jeff, Tom and Rob
Vcllinc, have been louring on occa
sion with Chancy.
Chancy has been able to get them
the exposure in the Twin Cities that
the Vees need as they work on their
pop/rock-n-roll sound. The style is a
definite departure for the Zoo.
Alice Donut, playing Wednesday
night at Duff\ s -eiiasci ..*• ,c
ill bum Iasi 'cat ot ■*. a * ,r i c
uicics, the torniei home t i the Du»u
Kennedys. With suen songs as ! ip
per Gore ’ and “World Pro! it, which
the band made into a video, the New
York City-based band has its political
com iciions in order.
Tom, the vocalist, sings w
high pitched voice and usualh wears
a raincoat on stage. Trout Mysten
opens tor the band.
The bands at the Zoo and Dul l > s
charge S3. The music starts at 9 p.m.
^Courteiiy of ZooVai
Entertainment and food
create nice atmosphere
at the Nebraska fair
Hy Mick Uyer
Senior Reporter
It was a great day at the Nebraska
State Fair.
It started at 8 a.m. The sun was
shining warm and the air was cool as
I rode my bicycle to Slate Fair Park.
T he Chinook winds were just begin
ning to blow mountain air down onto
the plains, creating the weird high I
always have this time of year.
The fair always
has a variety of
things to challenge
my senses.'
■8, mmmhm1 i
The winds energize me. My mind
races and it’s nearly impossible to
keep thoughts from leaping out of my
head to soar in that magic breeze.
Everything and anything seems pos
sible and I want to do it all.
At any rate, the fair always has a
variety of things to challenge my
I started by interviewing one of the
■■uuiy Mill |K. I mm Ills WHO was IIIUK
mg a special appearence at the lair.
We sat at a picnic table together,
sipping coffee and talking. Wc
w atc hed as the small trickle of people
wandering around the fair grounds
turned into a steady stream and then
an (xiean of faces.
There were all sorts of Nebras
kans. There were little kids squealing,
aroused by the energy in the wind,
harcly able to contain their excite
ment in their small bodies. There
were old people — couples walking
arm-in-arm, exploring the fair that
they have come to together for the
past 50years, remembering the famil
iar and discovering the new wonder
ful things.
fhere were young couples walk
ing slowly, hand-in-hand, the wind
gently kissing their peaceful faces.
And there were sounds. Bands
marching by in magnif icent forma
tions and horses braying and whinny
mg in stall al ter stall al ter stall. Carni
val rides compressing air and pushing
metal into the sky over and over again
and the fresh foot-longs popping and
sizzling on ihc grill. The wind make
it all sound bigger and fuller.
The food was my favorite.
I ate four comdogs. I reviewci
each one for freshness, quality of thi
breading, flavor of the dog and hov
much fun they were to eat. I ate ;
funneleake and a pretzel. I rcall;
loaded up on all the greasy, bad fo
you kind of food I don’t usually allov
myself. It was great.
My favorite thing about the fair
though, is the animals. I’m a city boy
and don’t get to sec many of th<
animals found on Nebraska farms.
I saw a cow. She was a lot bigge
than I thought they were. I stood ir
front of her and made mooing sound;
and tried to imagine what it was like
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