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I U23 4ir
I Save 50c
J on Henry's
! Thurs. Oct. 10
I Fri. Oct 11
i -50c off-
In tern mm mm mm mm wm mm mm mm ww-tuupuu , '
bring this coupon
in Thurs. or Fri.
cnc A?
aim ov vi i
the price of a
great lunch
If so, we have some great ideas that will work.
Come in and see our convincing collection.
By MatxShack . York in
A my liSteae residence haH n the oOs,
i - according to Sally Johnson, a prisoner atJncreknrprpsa
! : . , : Johnso and tWb other prisoners from York, Teresa
j . ' Anderson and JpAnne Dixon , spokeon Women in
a prisons aiyvome. 'Z "I . .n ntrs the
- Anderson expiainea wnei wu., i,; 'atinn
. center, she goes through a three-week or.entatmn
'Drogram. The woman is segregated from other
brisoners for 10 days. She can't send or receive mail,
: S MM to her and her 1$"$
her. Rings, personal belongings and hair rollers are
. ; taken away from the prisoner, she said. n .pr fnr
; . The prisoner: stays in segregated hv g q" ; 0
..abdu-t -35 days. Ttien. she is moved o a prftrustee
'.: dormitory' whefS given her belongings . and s
- allowed . to itay VP lte ' two nights a week Prisoners
sleep -in individual rooms, which have green, wire mesh
- doors that are. locked nightly by supervisors.
Trustee dorms not locked
; ' ' ' f' a prisoner continues behaving well, she earns the
privilege to Iiv4 in a trustee dorm where the front doors
Ire never locked. The rooms in that dorm are wooden
. and there the . prisoners are responsible for getting
themselves up in the morning, she said.
There are 63 women now in the center, which has
- . capacity for 74. It costs $13-$15 daily to keep a woman
Dexter Shoes : :
The youngest woman Is 18 and oldest is 45, Johnson
Gallery Mall ,X
" I Tn tan.'or dark. prqvJ.n .
. iostl of BsWles.
I . in'colors.lcfr Pafl
I -.Special. $1.Sf.9o;
...IIivv ..jj ,
' tU iuArina ana ft nrKnnprs IS 4.
.Prisoners are given opportunities to be on worK
. release; finish high school requirements for a diploma;
attend movies, skate and swim in York; organize a
fashion show, talk with UNL law college students about
legal problems, attend Alcoholics Anonymous meetings,-learn
to play the piano, and attend church
regularly and take free university classes from a group
" that comes to the Centerfrom Concordia College.
'. Nine. prisoners work In; Omaha and six work in YorK,
- 'iAhdersori said. .. .:' - ' .
.. , :. Children may visit
' Rri'soner3' childrengirls from one to 15 and boys
, (rbnoqe to 10-7can.yfsit them for as long as a week,
V bixo'nth'e'othdr.speaker.'said.
' ' Vvomen w,ork in .the. kitchen, yard, sewing factory,
h '.'aHtniniftttinn' riff ir-- library and furnace room,
Ahdersor said.' Pay ranges from about 70 cents per day
'most nthpr nrisons. ares
Gnawed .tb.w,eaV.ntJ'eW.f heir own clothes, make-up
niOnn aiH.V 1
v . dHU'vyiyo, pjawii t',w-. . ...
... Prison 'not fun'
i w. . mmm - -m- m m m 11 m mi
' ij i'.i .1 ! ' !. . ' ' ' ' i J.,.'.,. . Lj-. .to't'og. Vri1rgrn-iarrtrhae!-joiH th'at nriqnn ii. "rinl n Int nf
"-ooocic . ' rf,-' .. v...' ".yrrr-'.- ..-. k-
1 ' ''' '. : .'llLC VJiw V.'.,i,;skviiik,, ':''iv.i V AndeV.son,VwKo"-w photographer before
!r SX ' H F VI WCjT' n(C3S! .M'-:' WWg,Ptor)V::.a,id--. she ' would like to see more
1 W s
fog A.Ar
1 wr
should establish a
prisoners' families to help
. . the prisoners fain
sausaQ8:sandwiGne does to a pers
delicious chicfensiad: la "ii?16
. ffi I C Lid VC . UU I C UU 1 UIU tlQ I lv l OU U .
sanawicnes, ana scrumpiouy
Bar-B-Que Beef sandwiches at
er or worse.
The sandwiches are served with
piping hot baked beans and a
beverane: all for ?1 &.'yi''il''L
Priffinr.fn-Chfaf: Jane Owens. News Editor: Wes AlberS
Manaaina Editor: Dave Madsen. Associate Nes Editor: Robrccf
Brite. Layout: Mary Beth Grange. Sports Editor: Steve Taylor
isArtainmAnt Editor: Grea Lukow. Niaht News Editor: Jane Hoge
Chief Photagrapher; Gail Folda. News Assistant: Lisa Brown
Editorial Assistant: Ann Owens.
': Disrtnrltorn' Harfi Baurnert. Chuck Beck. Deb Bettenhausen. Lor
CiperCon'nJ Spe Ga'skill, Randy Gordon. Dot) Gray, Ivy Harper,
Ifarfc' Hoffman ."Vorip KaiKowaki, fiuoiy ner.o, r.ox Sclir.c, Lynn
id be prepared'for Fastvfrast ,; ' v v 8 -j
Fast service at Henry's, next to- 1
Nebraska Bookstore -11 23 fRV:: v:i;.
(Bring your folks on game day v -.J
If- i
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"Artist: Ro'rn WheelVr.'
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.ecoT)o crass .posiage paioai umcoin, NeorasKa.
: '-.Address; The Dally Piebraskan, Nebraska Union 34. 14th and P
m.) Lincoln. Nebr. 63508. Telephone 402-472-2568.
' Tha Deify Ncbraskcn h oubiished bv the Puhiirati
ort Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday through the autumn
arjo.tpring semesters,-except on nouaays and during vacation.
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thuroday, October 10, 1974